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One day, I was sitting home all alone, watching Smackdown. I was furious because I read Kidman was released, along with the Dudleyz, Charlie Haas and others... My dad, who is a rich business man, came home with a big surprise for me! I was expecting a present, because he hadn't bought anything for my birthday, which was two days ago!

"Son", he said, "you know I don't like that wrestling-thing all that much, do you?". I replied that I liked it and didn't want to shut it off... "No no", he quickly said, "that's not what I meant. I have a big surprise for you! I just bought my own wrestling-fed!"

I couldn't believe what he was saying. My dad buying a wrestling fed? I started dreaming about the WWE, or TNA. My dad continued: "I will do all the financial stuff, but I was wondering... would you be interested in a booking role?". I looked upon him with amazed eyes and ... then I started cheering!

But troubles were about to come to the surface. We did have a ring, a booker (me) and some financial staff, but we hadn't any wrestlers, referees, etc... After a long two weeks, I finally have managed to contact some people. And now it's up to me, to make EWE (that's my fed) a big powerfull federation...

(ok, that's my introduction. Sorry for any language errors, I'm dutch-speaking but I hope my english is good enough to understand. I know the story isn't very original though... Any language errors may be reported as that will help my knowledge of the english language!)

Breaking news will be reported soon!

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Several sources claim Mark Perrish, an important businessman (owner of several IT-firms) has started a new wrestling fed! According to Perrish himself, his son will have an important booking role and he's close to a TV deal already! Most insiders think the fed will have a very short life and someone even called Perrish a total lunatic!

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Mark Perrish, the businessman who recently started his own wreslingfed EWE, is planning to make a serious impact with his wrestling-fed. In an interview on the official website he claims he has reached a tv-deal! In addition, several staff members (including Alvin Guerrero, Tommy Carlucci and Billy Silverman) have been given a contract.

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WWE has sacked several staff members! Amongst the released are famous names as Lance Storm, Dean Malenko, Sgt. Slaughter, Ricky Steamboat, Brian and Dave Hebner and Mike Chioda! Some of these staff members will probably sign contracts with TNA or EWE! Check back soon for more info!

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Stone Cold stays with WWE!

To squash a rumour, Stone Cold Steve Austin didn't contact Mark Perrish! He confirmed on his website he is happy to stay at WWE!

Most sources don't believe Rock would be tempted to go to EWE either. He is currently very busy as an actor!

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EWE announces first PPV! More signings!

Mark Perrish, the owner of the new EWE-fed has just announced that the first PPV of his fed will be called EWE Risin! Although the federation is not yet very famous, Perrish believes lots of wrestling-fans will order the PPV to check out what the fed has to offer. Also stars like the Dudleyz, Test and Charlie Haas could draw some fans!

In other EWE-news, Bart Perrish has confirmed the signings of Akio and Kenzo Suzuki. In an interview with a famous wrestlingsite he said he would love to see Billy Kidman as a champion. This could mean Kidman already signed for the company but nothing is confirmed so far...

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EWE Nightmare to debut TONIGHT! More signings!

Tonight will feature the debut of EWE Nightmare, the weekly show on Spike TV. Although not much is known of the new federation, expect several former WWE-stars to show up! Already confirmed are the Dudleyz, Akio, Kenzo Suzuki, Charlie Haas, Test and Shannon Moore.

In more news, the official EWE-website has been updated with bio's from several of its superstars. New names in the list are those of Villano III, IV and V. The Villano's were former minor stars in WcW and it is expected they will be used mostly as jobbers.

The new federation is still the n°1 topic on the internet. Rumours are floating around. The list of expected talent for tonight's show is seemingly endless with names as Hogan, Rock, Austin, Lesnar and Goldberg topping the list. It is unlikely anyone of these guys will show up. The first three already confirmed they're staying with WWE.

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EWE NIGHTMARE: Road To The Risin

The lights fade out. Mark Perrish makes his way to the ring. He says he has bought this company for the pleasure of his son and the fans! Because he has alot of work to do in his other company's he has found someone to take over his role as General Manager of EWE. Out comes... Ivory!

Ivory says she wants to give the fans what they want, and she's gonna start doing it tonight! But first she has a major announcement for EWE Risin! On that PPV eight man will battle it out in a tournament to determine the first ever EWE Universal Champion! First there will be 4 singles matches with the winners facing each other in an elimination final! And to kick off things here in EWE, let's begin the first match:

68% - most fans didn't seem to like Ivory as the new authority

Dudleyz Vs Villanos

Out come the Dudleyz! The audience is divided as they remember the filthy things the Dudleyz did last in WWE. But the Dudleyz act cool and fun, and it seems the dark Dudley-era is finally over! Their opponents are the Villanos (IV & V). Dudleyz make quick work of them and finish Villano IV of by slamming him through a table and pinning him afterwards!

65% - Good opening bout! Dudleyz rule!

Out comes... Billy Kidman! He's dressed in jeans and white shirt, like he used to do in WcW. He says he's sorry about all the messed up things he did in WWE. Fans didn't like him because he was not likeable anymore. He was pretty boring. His firing came to his suprise, but it got him thinking. He wasn't on the right track anymore. So he decided to go back to his roots, and do the things the fans want him to do. Billy Kidman, the Filthy Animal, is back!

53% - Although Kidman isn't a good talker, fans reacted positive about his turn!

Test Vs Air Paris

Another squash match. Test is destroying the former tag-team partner of AJ Styles. After the match he takes the mic and says he's here to win the Universal Title!

58% - Oops, this isn't going very well... looks like Test needs some work on his gimmick

Billy Kidman Vs Akio

Prior to the match, Ivory comes out and says this match will decide the eight competitor for the tournament this sunday.

Billy Kidman wins with the shooting star press after a high-flying match!

71% - At least the main-event was reasonable! Looks like Kidman enters the tournament!

After the match, a mysterious man destroyed both Kidman and Akio and revealed himself to be none other than ... Scott Steiner! He says guys like Kidman and Akio aren't championship material. There's only one real contender and that's Big Poppa Pump, the Freak, Scott Steiner!

Overal Rating: 64%

Looks like I've got some work to do, but at least I managed to debut some of my talents.


EWE Risin, the first PPV will feature an eight-man tournament to decide who is the first EWE Universal Champion. Already confirmed are Scott Steiner, Billy Kidman and Test. Look for the website for more names to be revealed!

Plus the Dudleyz get a shot at the Tag Titles against opponents yet to be named!

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WWE roster cuts continue!

It looks as if the roster cuts WWE has planned are not yet finished. The couple of days several development talent has been released. Today yet another group of superstars are released. Among them there are lots of diva's (Maria, Michelle, Alexis Laree, Candice) and development deals including Tough Enough winner Daniel Puder and the Shane Twins!

More roster cuts are expected...

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WWE is fastly reducing it's roster number and has now decided to end the contract of several major superstars. Included in the list of releases are Jerry The King Lawler, Al Snow, The Coach, Romeo, Steven Richards, Frankie Kazarian, Garrison Cade, Johny Swinger, Matt Capotelli and even more development talent!

Questions rise on who will be the announcer for Raw, now that both The Coach and Jerry Lawler have been fired...

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Several superstars have been added to the long list of released talent. Some of them are HUGE!

THE ROCK: The wrestling-icon, currently an actor

STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN: one of the most famous wrestlers ever!!!

MICK FOLEY: the hardcore legend!

Tyson Tomko: The sidekick of Christian and an important member of RAW

Daivari: The manager of Hassan, important Smackdow-member

Christy Hemme: Winner of the Diva Search 2004

Lillian Garcia: The famous ring announcer, had a love affair with Viscera

Sharmell Sullivan: The wife of Booker T

Viscera: The enormous ex-vampire, had an important comedy-role on RAW

Chris Masters: The Masterpiece played a role on Raw the last couple of weeks

Antonio: His tag-team partner Romeo was released yesterday

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Well... I don't want to sign em all... those are just the wrestlers I know that are available... I think it's difficult to write a diary about wrestlers you don't know so I won't be writing things about CM Punk, Low Ki or others, since I haven't seen many of their matches...

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EWE NIGHTMARE II: Big Poppa Celebration

Before the show Ivory announces Kenzo Suzuki will battle against a mystery debuting opponent tonight!

Test comes to the ring and asks Goldust to the ring. He says Goldust cost him his title shot last week and that he can handle Goldust anytime. He challenges him to another match! Goldust accepts! It's not for this week though...

70% ---> Test and Goldust... first EWE-feud ever!

Billy Kidman Vs Spike Dudley

Before the match footage is shown from Sunday's Risin main-event where Kidman gets eliminated by Kid Kash and Kidman attacking Kash afterwards.

A cruiserweight match with not many high-flying moves. Kidman ends it with the shooting star press. After the match Kid Kash attacks Billy Kidman. He then grabs the mic and laughs with the Filthy Animal for believing he could team up with him. He leaves a bloodied Kidman in the ring. This calls for revenge!

64% --> Damn... this is not a very good start for the Kidman-Kash feud...

Scott Steiner is shown backstage. He's holding a party to celebrate his win at Risin. He proudly shows his Universal Championship to the other stars who are celebrating with him: Test, Kid Kash, Kenzo Suzuki, Sean O'haire and Molly Holly.

82% --> The people seem to hate Big Poppa Pump!

Kenzo Suzuki is coming to the ring, accompanied by Akio. Nobody knows who his debuting opponent will be. He comes out and it's Charlie Haas! Fans don't know what to do with him. Is he face now? Or a heel?

Kenzo Suzuki Vs Charlie Haas

The match starts with Haas gaining the upperhand. Then, Akio interferes a couple of times so Suzuki gets the upperhand. He tries to finish it but it's reversed. 1-2-3 and the pin! Charlie Haas wins his debut match here on EWE!

75% ---> Good opening bout for Haas! He definitely has a future here!

Test and Scott Steiner Vs Dudleyz

This is a non-title match! The Dudleyz gain the upperhand on Test. Steiner brawls outside with D-Von while Bubba sets up a table for Test. Test is able to avoid the splash and Bubba crashes through the table. Test tags Steiner in and he's able to pin Bubba. Scott Steiner and Test win the match! Afterwards Steiner poses to the crowd while Test mocks Goldust!

82% ---> Great main-event for a good show!

Overal Rating: 75%

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Preview for EWE Nightmare III

Next week Goldust and Test will face for the second time! Will the freak win it again or can Test make it 1-1? Tune it for Nightmare to find out!

Also, General Manager Ivory has promised she will bring a new opponent for Big Poppa Pump! Who can this guy be?

Further on, Charlie Haas will do an interview to tell the fans what his objectives in EWE are!

Plus... Dudleyz & Kidman Vs Kid Kash, Akio & Kenzo Suzuki

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EWE Nightmare changes timeslot!

EWE Nightmare has changed timeslots, so don't forget to tune in earlier this wednesday for this week's episode! It will be a bit longer than the past 2 episodes! Confirmed already are:

Goldust Vs Test (Revenge Match)

Ivory's new picked opponent vs Scott Steiner

Kidman/Dudleyz Vs Kid Kash/Akio/Kenzo Suzuki

Charlie Haas speaks out

but expect some more surprises due to the show being somewhat longer!

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EWE Nightmare: A new boss!

The show starts with Ivory in her office talking to her picked opponent Tyson Tomko. They are discussing things and Ivory doesn't seem happy. Tomko says there's no way he's gonna face the freak tonight. That's not why he came to EWE. Suddenly Sean O'haire enters the room and laughs with Tomko. He calls him a coward and a creepy little cocksucker... Ivory says Tomko will face O'haire later on...

not rated due to not booked :D

Charlie Haas is getting interviewed. He says back in WWE he was a hell of a team together with Shelton Benjamin. But where Benjamin made it to the main-event he got stuck in midcard. Now, he wants to prove to all the fans he still is a good wrestler and he wants the tag titles back. But first, he needs to find a tag partner! When they finally win the gold, he will be part of The World's Greatest Team once again!

Then Goldust shows up and greets Haas. But before they can talk, Test attacks Goldust and a brawl begins. Haas comes to the aid of Goldust! Test runs away, looking angry at the duo of Goldust and Haas...

77% Haas is now officially a good guy! Fans love it!

Akio/Suzuki/Kash Vs Kidman/Dudleyz

Quick six-man tag match that didn't quiet work out as I planned it. What did succeed was Kid Kash pinning Kidman after Suzuki interfered as the ref was occupied with Akio attacking the D-Von...

65% - The audience wasn't in it sadly...

Tomko Vs O'haire

Tomko made his debut in a battle of big men. I think those two could make a hell of a feud but then I would have to turn one and I don't want to for the moment. O'haire uses his power to defeat the ex-sidekick of Christian and pins him after a neckbreaker.

49% - Why the hell did those people buy tickets? They clearly didn't come to see wrestling.

Test Vs Goldust

Brawling bout with neither one getting the advantage. Test wins it after pinning Goldust with his feet on the ropes...! Damn cheater!

71% - Look-y-look! The crowd is awakening!

Scott Steiner comes to the ring, prepared for his match against the mystery opponent. Ivory comes out saying she hasn't found anyone ready to face the freak. Suddenly music starts to play and out comes Charlie Haas! He looks ready!

Universal Championship Match: Scott Steiner Vs Charlie Haas

A brave Charlie Haas tries to pin Steiner a couple of times but the freak is too strong for the former WWE tag champion. Steiner finishes him off with the Steiner Recliner! Big Poppa Pump is still the champ!

71% - decent main-event. Steiner continues to perform well...

After the match, Steiner is celebrating when... glass breaks! Out comes Stone Cold Steve Austin!!! He takes a mic and starts talking to Ivory. He says she's a beautiful lady but isn't ready for such a big task. She couldn't even find a decent opponent for Steiner. That's why from now on, the Rattlesnake is running the show! And he's got some news for Steiner. Since Ivory didn't find an opponent, Austin will find one! And it's not for next week, it's for the next PPV, called Rage in a Cage! Steiner will defend his title in a steel cage!

81% Nice finish to this show! And that's the bottom line...

Overall rating: 70% - Decent show although I was very dissapointed in Tomko and O'haire. Next week they'll be getting a second chance, but not against each other!

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Nightmare IV Preview

This week, Nightmare kicks off with a tag match! The Villano's will face a debuting tag team! Who will this newcomers be?

Also, Stone Cold has made a big impact last week. Shall we get more news on who the opponent for Steiner at Rage in a Cage will be? And what else has the rattlesnake planned?

Tune in at Nightmare to find out!

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Nightmare IV: It's all about the money

The show opens with an interview. It's Sean O'haire who introduces an old buddy of his: Mike Sanders. Sanders talks about the great times he, O'haire and the others had back in WcW where they were known as the Natural Born Thrillers. He said it was time the NBT came back, so he's here with O'haire and they're ready to kick some *sses!

67% - Not bad, but this is starting to look as a WcW-remake!

Villano's Vs The West Hollywood Blondes

The Villano's make another Nightmare appearance, this time against two former WcW stars: Lenny and Lodi. The Blondes win in a comedy match after Lenny kisses Villano IV and the mexican guy gets totally confused.

62% - Actually I signed West Hollywood Blondes to feud with the Heart Throbs, but they're in development now!

Akio Vs Shannon Moore

Cruiserweight time. This match will probably make up my decision on making a cruiserweight title! Akio wins it by cheating! Those damn bad guys!

66% - Well, cruiserweight title is coming, although the match wasn't that good!

Kid Kash comes out to make a challenge. He says he's not only called Kid Kash, he also has a lot of cash! Not everybody is rich tough. Footage is shown of Billy Kidman doing his own laundry, eating dry bread, sleeping on the ground... Kid Kash claims Kidman has a little bit of money problems and Kash wants to solve them. He challenges Kidman to a match at Rage in a Cage. The winner receives $25000 from the other competitor. This could be a winning lottery ticket for Kidman! Offcourse, if he loses, he's in big shit!

72% - This feud is going the good direction!

Tag Team Titles: Dudleyz Vs Tyson Tomko/Sean O'haire

Tomko and O'haire are accompagnied by Mike Sanders. The match starts equal but then Tomko makes an unwanted tag. O'haire is mad and Sanders tries to get him back in the match. In the meanwhile Tomko is searching the tag but nobody is in the corner. The Dudleyz are setting up the tables! And that's the end of the match! Dudleyz are still champions!

[77%] - Wow! This is a lot better than expected! Tomko and O'haire made up for last week's poor performance [/77%]

After the match Tomko and O'haire/Sanders argue

In the back Goldust and Charlie Haas are preparing for the main-event, a match signed by SCSA against Test and Scott Steiner. Haas is excited and claims he has found his partner. Goldust and he will prove tonight they're the World's Greatest Tag Team!

Charlie Haas & Goldust Vs Test & Scott Steiner

Unfortunately for Goldust and Haas, the bad guys win this match when Test manages to pin Goldust!

77% - Nice main-event! Guess Haas has not yet found his World Greatest Tag Team partner![/77%]

After the match Test brags about beating Goldust twice! Out comes Stone Cold who says he's tired of hearing Test! He sets up a match to finally settle the score. At Rage in a Cage, it will be Goldust Vs Test!

Overall: 71% --> Decent, though there's room for improvement!

Current Rage in a Cage card:

Universal Championship: Stone Cold's pick Vs Scott Steiner

$25000 match: Kidman Vs Kash

Goldust Vs Test

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