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Office Space sequel?

Guest Rygar Frost

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Guest Rygar Frost

I went to blockbuster today to rent a movie and they had this video shelf that said "watch the orignal before you see the sequel." On this shelf was movies like The Longest Yard and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory and various other movies with remakes or sequels coming out. The only thing that threw me off was that Office Space was on the shelf.

So, I ask this question. Is an Office Space sequel in the works or coming out soon? I haven't heard anything about it and I want to know if its true or not.

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Taken from IMDb.com's message board...

I too work at BB and our corporate office sends us the way they want the wall to look in all stores, so this being placed on the wall was a surprise to all of us in our store.

My best guess is like the other guy said that it is to coincide with the Special Edition version in August we did the same thing for Spaceballs, Casino, and Stripes.

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An Office Space sequel would be good if they would get the same actors back but since the main guy started working construction it really wouldn't work.

Although they could just have it with Michael Bolton and Samir.

Ah fuck it, a sequel could never live up to the first one.

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