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Turn 'Use Your Illusion' into 1 great cd

Pander Opiate

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I know there are a lot of people here that love Appetite for Destruction. It's one of the few cds I adore from start to end. There are quite a few songs on the Use Your Illusion cds that I really like too but there are also songs that I can't help but skip. I've heard quite a few people say that if Use Your Illusion had been one cd instead of two it could be a lot better and I can't help but agree.

If Use Your Illusion had always just been one cd and I was given the job to decide what songs would be on it and where this is what it would look like.

1.) Right Next Door To Hell

2.) Don't Damn Me

3.) Civil War

4.) Double Talkin' Jive

5.) Dust N' Bones

6.) Don't Cry (original)

7.) Locomotive

8.) Back off Bitch

9.) Perfect Crime

10.)Knockin On Heaven's Door

11.) Shotgun Blues

12.) Pretty Tied Up

13.) November Rain

14.) You Could Be Mine

It's no Appetite for Destruction but it's still a pretty good cd and I wouldn't have to listen to The Garden again.

So what does everyone else think? Would Use Your Illusion be better as one cd and what songs would you have on it?

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I seem to be one of the only people who likes The Garden. Never mind.

Right Next Door To Hell

Dead Horse

Dust N' Bones

Double Talkin' Jive



Civil War

Shotgun Blues


Don't Damn Me

Bad Obsession

Pretty Tied Up

You Could Be Mine

Don't Cry (Original)


Quite hard to choose, because the only songs on the Illusions that I don't like are You Ain't The First and My World.

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