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Converting vhs-c to vhs.


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I've got some old tapes that i recorded using my movie camera, and i now want to convert them onto vhs. easy enough. you'd imagine. VHS-C are small tapes that need a converter to be played back in vcr's. I want to try and get them recorded onto a vhs. I have no idea how to do so. The only way i can connect the movie camera to anything is those white and yellow colour coded cables. I can hook this up to my vcr through that connection, but i cant get the video back up on the screen.

i know thats vague and a ramble, but im stuck and have no idea what the lingo for this type of thing is.

and yeh, if its the wrong forum, it can be moved.

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Don't you plug the three sockets (or possibly only two if it isn't stereo) into the front of the VCR, set the VCR's channel to whichever AV port the sockets are in. Then press play on video camera and record on the VCR?

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