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  1. I have an Xbox, so the option file stuff is a non issue to me, but Jesus, I've started a master league with the default players and it's like pes 4 all over again. Struggling to score but when I do it's so so satisfying. Went three games without scoring and jumped out of my chair when I managed it in the fourth game. The best thing for me is that I never felt frustrated at the ai when I couldn't score. I'm sitting at fourteenth in the league after ten games and considering the skill of my squad it feels about right. Can't recommend this enough in terms of gameplay. Having said tha
  2. So I drunkenly purchased the digital editions of Assasins creed and Dragon Age the other night. The problem I've got is that Assasins Creed has the dragon age logo on the dash and when I try to play it it starts to load up but kicks me back to the dashboard before it even gets to the main menu. Anyone know what's causing this?
  3. Does anyone know if gmg charge your card now? Or do they wait until release?
  4. Sturridge is injured again. Doesn't Rodgers realise he needs two full days off?
  5. Yeah unfortunately there's a dodgy batch going round that are doing that. You should be able to get another one no problem, Microsoft are aware of it.
  6. It's getting to the point that employing the man is borderline irresponsible.
  7. 6. Is a yes. I forget exactly how you do it and I'm at work and can't check, but you can go to the edit roster page, choose a wrestler, and remove them from particular rankings. So as was already said, it's a yes to everything except brand specific mitb matches.
  8. Has anyone had a crack at the new Broken Sword?
  9. 1. Bruce Springsteen 2. Guns N Roses 3. The Misfits 4. Pearl Jam 5. The Doors 6. Gaslight Anthem 7. Ramones 8. The Beatles 9. Elton John 10. Kiss 11. Motley Crue 12. Alice Cooper 13. Van Halen 14. David Bowie 15. Metallica 16. Joni Mitchell 17. Aerosmith 18. The Clash 19. AC/DC 20. Tom Waits
  10. By that logic Brad Guzan is responsible for Villa finishing so low last season.
  11. They managed to play two songs! It was absolutely beautiful
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