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  1. I just recently got a new PC for myself. I went looking and saw that Dealzon is no longer active in posting deals for different gaming stuff. is there any other site that has taken over trying to combine alot of the deals into one place to find?
  2. Here is the Brazil trailer, look at the last 10 seconds if you want to discuss something for sure Discussion point
  3. Poor guy takes a year off to help in the pandemic and now gets traded away to help another.
  4. Browns with a penalty I never even knew of
  5. I've been reading rumors and watching some videos of possible plot points after each episode and this is where have come to after episode 3 so far.
  6. Watched the game last night and the Habs clearly are out matched here it seems against Vegas. The end was fun to watch them go empty net to try and make anything up, but damn does Fleury ever impress me almost every time I see him play and how skilled he is.
  7. Speaking of Disney+, the price shall be raising to $7.99 come April 19th for those who have it. Not a monumental increase and still so cheap for the value, but has to be noted.
  8. Houston GM coming out and saying they aren't trading Watson, so that shall be interesting to see how it plays out then. Also found an interesting clip from Alex Smith describing more about his return to the game
  9. While I didn't know until just now, making it even more fitting that Washington won the East is that Brodie Lee was a fan of the team as well.
  10. Now the question is how long until Urban Meyer is named the new head coach
  11. And am hearing is a confirmed signing apparently
  12. So apparently Jerry is willing to tag Dak again in the off season if rumors are to be believed
  13. Well Tom Brady could for sure poke fun at himself
  14. Nascar is getting a big boost now as a new team is going to be created which shall have a primary owner of His Airness, Michael Jordan.
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