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  1. So apparently Jerry is willing to tag Dak again in the off season if rumors are to be believed
  2. Well Tom Brady could for sure poke fun at himself
  3. Nascar is getting a big boost now as a new team is going to be created which shall have a primary owner of His Airness, Michael Jordan.
  4. Waking up to Vegas getting through put a smile on my face. Now to see what happens for Philly.
  5. https://www.mlb.com/news/luis-garcia-first-player-born-in-2000s-to-homer
  6. This upcoming week is the final week of League 2020 with FIVE videos totaling over 90 minutes of action. 9th - High Jump 11th - Aquathlon 13th - Collision 15th - Marble League Showdown 16th - Marathon + CC All shall release at the 3 PM EST / 8 PM GMT timeslot according to the announcement.
  7. Giants released their kicker and are looking into veteran Chandler Catanzaro who previously was the Jets kicker
  8. https://jellesmarbleruns.com/hub/
  9. According to MLBs Mark Feinsand, Yasiel Puig will be signed by the Braves
  10. Thursdays and Sundays 3 PM EST from here on out for league 2020 will be events. July 9th Newton's Cradle July 12th Long Jump July 16th 5M Hurdles July 19th Block Pushing
  11. I was shocked at that ending, I didn't expect it to go that way at all but cant complain.
  12. @Mr. Meacon Moneybags what's wrong with Hamlin? Haven't followed Nascar like used to but I used to root for him over anyone and haven't heard bad about em, but I also don't look for Nascar news as much either
  13. https://sports.yahoo.com/crew-chief-for-nascar-team-running-back-the-blue-car-suspended-by-nascar-after-assault-arrest-225409472.html Cant help but laugh at the stupidity
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