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WWF 2002: A New Era Of Sports Entertainment

Guest Sesame Seed

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Guest Sesame Seed

Writer's Note: I won't be writing full detailed results for TV shows, and I will just be writing WWE.com type results, so basically what the WWE do, lol. For PPV's however I shall write out lengthier reports. If this puts you off the diary, then so be it, but I think that it is a quicker and less-stressful way of results writing. Thank you.
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Guest Sesame Seed

The following pieces of information and news has been taken from lordsofpain.net and are copyrighted:

Changes Made To The Roster

- Tuesday 2nd April 2002

Over on WWF.com they had an article regarding the stars who they wanted to promote to the full roster, and even though the names still need to get the all-clear from McMahon and company, it should be interesting to say the least. The names are:

Charlie Haas

D'Lo Brown

EZ Money

Jamie Noble

Johnny Stamboli

Sean O'Haire

Shelton Benjamin

TAKA Michinoku


It is likely that Haas and Benjamin will form some sort of team as they have become the best of friends in OVW, many are calling them the next worlds greatest tag team already, and they have been complemented by Kurt Angle and the Big Show to say the least. D’Lo looks set to be a regular in singles action, fighting for either the European or Intercontinental title, though it looks like a feud between him and Regal could be imminent. EZ Money will most probably join the Hardcore division due to his ties with ECW. Jamie Noble is a very talented Cruiserweight, which means that he’ll probably go straight to the Smackdown roster. Johnny Stamboli is a tough powerhouse, and many are unsure as to what the WWF will do with him. He is very talented, but will most likely end up in the Hardcore division too. Sean O’Haire has requested to go to Smackdown to team with Stamboli or someone (as they have the tag team division) but WWF higher-ups- including Vince himself- have all stated that they’d like him over on RAW. Shelton Benjamin we have already touched on and you should really watch out for him as he will be a star one day- along with Haas- though he is the better of the two charisma wise. TAKA Michinoku is heading to Smackdown, perhaps to reform Kaienti, only God knows why he was in OVW for so long. And (Queen) Victoria is likely to head to RAW to be a legitimate contender for the Women’s title.

However with all these promotions it is more than likely that either some cuts will be made, or people will be getting demoted or a significant pay decrease. More on this as it happens folks.

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Guest Sesame Seed

World Wrestling Federation Superstars

Last Updated (Game time): 03/05/2002

Non-Brand Superstars (Face/Heel/Tweener)(Reason):

Hulk Hogan (Face)(WWF Undisputed Champion)

RAW Roster

Main Event

Steve Austin (Face)

Triple H (Face)

Upper Midcard

Booker T (Heel)

Eddie Guerrero (Heel)

John Bradshaw Layfield (Heel)

Kevin Nash (Heel)

Rob Van Dam (Face)

Scott Hall (Heel)

The Undertaker (Face)


Brock Lesnar (Heel)

Bubba Ray Dudley (Face)

D'Lo Brown (Face)

Goldust (Heel)

Jeff Hardy (Face)(Injured at the hands of Brock Lesnar)

Kane (Face)

Matt Hardy (Face)(Injured at the hands of Brock Lesnar

Mr. Perfect (Heel)

Raven (Heel)

Trish Stratus (Face)

William Regal (Heel)

Lower Midcarders

Charlie Haas (Face)

Crash Holly (Face)

EZ Money (Heel)

Jacqueline (Heel)

Jazz (Heel)

Johnny Stamboli (Face)

Justin Credible (Heel)

Kanyon (Heel)

Molly Holly (Heel)

Sean O'Haire (Heel)

Shelton Benjamin (Face)

Spike Dudley (Face)

Tommy Dreamer (Face)

Victoria (Heel)

Authority Figures

Ric Flair (Heel) [Head of RAW]

Shawn Michaels (Tweener)


Lita (Face) [Manages: Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy](Injured at the hands of Brock Lesnar)

Paul Heyman (Heel) [Manages: Brock Lesnar]

Tag Teams

Benjamin & Haas (Charlie Haas & Shelton Benjamin)

The Hardy Boyz (Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy)


Team Xtreme (The Hardy Boyz & Lita)

The nWo (EZ Money, John Bradshaw Layfield, Kevin Nash & Scott Hall)

Smackdown Roster

Main Event

Kurt Angle (Heel)

The Rock (Face)(In Hollywood)

Triple H (Face)

Upper Midcarders

Chris Benoit (Heel)

Chris Jericho (Heel)

Edge (Face)


Al Snow (Face)

Albert (Face)

Billy (Heel)

Christian (Heel)

Chuck (Heel)

D-Von Dudley (Face)

Lance Storm (Heel)

Maven (Face)

Rikishi (Face)

Ron Simmons (Face)

Scotty 2 Hotty (Face)

Tazz (Face)

Test (Heel)

Val Venis (Heel)

Lower Midcarders

Billy Kidman (Face)

Chavo Guerrero (Heel)

Funaki (Face)

Hardcore Holly (Face)

Jamie Noble (Heel)

Juventud Guerrera (Heel)

Perry Saturn (Heel)

Psicosis (Face)

Rob Conway (Heel)

Super Crazy (Face)

Tajiri (Heel)

The Godfather (Face)

Authority Figures

Vince McMahon (Tweener) [Head Of Smackdown]


Diamond Dallas Page (Face)

Rico (Heel) [Manages: Billy & Chuck]

Stacy Keibler (Heel)

Torrie Wilson (Face)

Tag Teams

Albert & Scotty

Billy & Chuck

D-Von & Simmons (D-Von Dudley & Ron Simmons)

Psicosis & Super Crazy

The UnAmericans (Christian & Lance Storm)

Tough Enough (Al Snow & Maven)


The Groom Team (Billy, Chuck & Rico)

The UnAmericans (Christian, Lance Storm & Test)

OVW Roster

Chad Collyer

David Flair

Doug Basham


Eric Angle

Hugh Morrus


Jackie Gayda


Kenny Bolin



Linda Miles

Matt Morgan

Mr. Black

Nick Dinsmore


Randy Orton

Rodney Begnaud

Ron Waterman

Steve Bradley

The Damaja

The Prototype

Last 10 Superstars to be Released:

Sharmell Sullivan


Big Bossman


Shawn Stasiak


Steven Richards

Terri Runnels

Shane Helms

Sean Waltman

WWF Title Histories

WWF Undisputed Championship:

Triple H [5] (def. Chris Jericho at WrestleMania X8, 17/03/2002-21/04/2002, 35 Days)

Hulk Hogan [6] (def. Triple H at Backlash, 21/04/2002-)

Intercontinental Championship:

Rob Van Dam (def. William Regal at WrestleMania X8, 17/03/2002-22/04/2002, 36 Days)

Eddie Guerrero [2] (def. Rob Van Dam on RAW, 22/04/2002-)

Hardcore Championship:

Bubba Ray Dudley (def. Raven on RAW, 01/04/2002-08/04/2002, 7 Days)

Brock Lesnar (def. Bubba Ray Dudley on RAW, 08/04/2002-)

WWF Women's Championship:

Jazz (def. Trish Stratus on RAW, 04/02/2002-)

United States Championship:

Chris Jericho (def. Chris Benoit & Edge to win vacant title at Backlash, 21/04/2002-)

European Championship:

William Regal [3] (def. Diamond Dallas Page on Smackdown, 21/03/2002-08/04/2002, 18 Days)

Spike Dudley (def. William Regal on RAW, 08/04/2002-21/04/2002, 13 Days)

WWF Tag Team Championships:

Billy [9] & Chuck (def. Spike Dudley & Tazz on Smackdown, 21/02/2002-)

WWF Cruiserweight Championship:

Tajiri (def. Billy Kidman on RAW, 22/10/2001-21/04/2002, 181 Days)

Jamie Noble (won Flying Four Way Match at Backlash, 21/04/2002-)

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Guest Sesame Seed

The following preview has been taken from WWF.com and is copyrighted to the World Wrestling Federation:

WWF RAW Preview

April 8th 2002

Phoenix, AZ

Last Monday night was the first edition of RAW under the guidance of Ric Flair, following the shock announcement from Linda McMahon that the WWF was to undergo a brand extension. So, tonight is the second week running where only RAW Superstars will be in attendance. Tonight we have two championships on the line. Firstly Bubba Ray Dudley shall defend his Hardcore Championship against whoever wants to face him.

And second of all, against William Regal's wishes, Spike Dudley has been named the number one contender for the European Championship, and will get a shot tonight on RAW, LIVE! Can the Dudley Dogg outdo the British gent, watch RAW tonight to find out!

Our Main Event shall be featured around the nWo who are still falling in members. However tonight Ric Flair has forced "Stone Cold" Steve Austin into a Handicap match against Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. Ric Flair says that anyone can step and become Austin's partner- if they dare. Will anyone step up to the challenge and risk perhaps their position on RAW, or will Steve Austin be left to fight it out on his own? RAW will have the answers!

And we have one VERY unhappy American Badass. The Undertaker is said to be livid with Vince McMahon after his title shot was handed over to Hulk Hogan last week, and has said that he will do whatever it takes to get that title shot back. Tonight he has been given a non-title match against Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam as a way to let off some steam. Rob Van Dam might not want to make the American Badass too angry too soon though.

And last but not least Trish Stratus has something to say to Jazz regarding the Women's title. However will any other diva have a message for the current- and dominant- Women's champion. Watch RAW tonight to find out.

Confirmed Matches:

Hardcore Champion Bubba Ray Dudley's Open Challenge

European Championship: Spike Dudley [VS] European Champion William Regal

Non-Title Match: Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam [VS] The Undertaker

Steve Austin [VS] Kevin Nash & Scott Hall

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Guest Sesame Seed

user posted image


April 8th 2002

RAW came live from Phoenix, Arizona this Monday night. And what a night it was. We kicked off with the mood somber as the American Badass, The Undertaker made his way down to the ring to address Vince McMahon regarding his shot at the Undisputed Champion. However McMahon was not in attendance, and instead out came The Undertaker’s opponent for later on tonight, Rob Van Dam. The match up kicked off got to a head start as a very angry Undertaker went toe to toe with the Intercontinental Champion. The two took the fight to the outside; however The Undertaker would eventually get the pinfall after the Last Ride. Afterwards Hollywood Hulk Hogan’s music would hit the arena, but it was a joke, as nobody came out.

Elsewhere, Brock Lesnar made a shocking appearance along with his agent Paul Heyman. Lesnar would answer Hardcore Champion Bubba Ray Dudley’s Open Challenge, and destroy him with that deadly F5 right onto the title belt to win his first championship in the WWF.

Success continued throughout the night, and gold was definitely the colour on everyone’s lips. We learned of two matches for Backlash. As Rob Van Dam lost to The Undertaker, Ric Flair gave in to Eddie Guerrero’s requests, and granted him a shot at both Rob Van Dam and the Intercontinental Championship at Backlash on April 21st in Kansas City. And after a telephone call with Vince McMahon, Ric Flair announced that The Undertaker would face Steve Austin at Backlash with the winner becoming the number one contender for the WWF Undisputed title at Judgment Day on May 19th.

The Undisputed Champion himself, Triple H would show up later on in the evening, and grab a microphone and tell the fans exactly what was on his mind. He talked a lot about his match with Hulk Hogan at Backlash in two weeks time. However The Game was interrupted by that sick freak, Goldust- who said that he wanted a chance to prove himself right here on RAW tonight against Triple H. The Game- never one to back down from a challenge- agreed immediately, but said that his title would NOT be on the line and we had an impromptu match set up. The Bizarre One took Triple H to his limits, and despite his best efforts, The Game finally nailed the Pedigree and got the three as the crowd went wild. Afterwards The Game taunted in the ring and mocked Hulk Hogan’s famous crowd-pleaser before leaving.

However the big event of RAW last night was the change of Bradshaw. Ric Flair reminded us at the top end of the evening that whoever chose to be Steve Austin’s partner would be making a terrible mistake and that as much as he hates the nWo he dislikes Steve Austin more. However a brave Bradshaw- a long time friend of the Texas Rattlesnake would accept the challenge and would team with Steve Austin, and help him get the pinfall over Scott Hall after he knocked Nash out with a Clothesline From Hell, and that gave Austin enough time to Stunner Scott Hall and win the match. However straight after Steve Austin got the pinfall, Bradshaw would turn his back on Austin, and just watched as Hall and Nash beat him down- and then he would eventually join in on the assault! Bradshaw and his new associate, EZ Money made it very clear to Austin that from now on he was on his own.

But more shocking than that was a white limousine pulling up at ringside and former ECW alumni, EZ Money stepped out and greeted Bradshaw and the two got into the back of the limousine as Austin was ambushed by the nWo in the ring, as RAW came to a close!

Elsewhere in the evening, Trish Stratus made her intentions clear with regards to WWF Women’s Champion, Jazz. However her intentions were cut short by the self proclaimed “greatest diva in the world” Victoria. The diva made her RAW debut by attacking Trish, and Irish whipping her into the steel steps.

The European title was also on the line on RAW as Spike Dudley finally managed to make an impact, and win the European Championship from William Regal after a Dudley Dogg.

Match Results:

The Undertaker def. Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam in a non-title match

Brock Lesnar def. Hardcore Champion Bubba Ray Dudley to win the Hardcore Championship

Undisputed Champion Triple H def. Goldust in a non-title match

Spike Dudley def. European Champion William Regal to win the European Championship

Bradshaw & Steve Austin def. Kevin Nash & Scott Hall

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Guest Sesame Seed

Note: Sorry for not updating in over a week, glad you didn't think that I was dead, hehe. I was simply on holiday, that is all.
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Guest Sesame Seed

user posted imageOR user posted image


April 11th 2002

Smackdown came from the Tuscan Convention Center, just miles away from where RAW stemmed from earlier this week. Tonight was all about ego’s, as both Kurt Angle and The Rock clashed in the ring, and had to be separated by Smackdown superstars and officials. Kurt Angle began to boast about being one of the top picks for Smackdown, and then, shocking the WWF fans as he did so, The Rock made his way down to the ring and grabbed a microphone. The People’s Champion let rip on Angle, calling him a “phony” as well as a jabroni several times. Things started to get a little heated, as Angle made things a little more personal, insulting legendary WWF superstars such as Jimmy Snuka and Rocky Johnson. It ended in Kurt Angle delivering three German Suplexes to The Brahma Bull, before being Rock Bottomed. Officials split the action up, and Vince McMahon announced that the two would face each other at Backlash in a Icon vs. Hero match.

Elsewhere on Smackdown, Vince McMahon made his presence known, as he interrupted the Hollywood Hulk Hogan interview, and said that on Smackdown they do things in the ring face to face. Triple H made his way down to the ring, and for a second it looked as if Triple H would “cross the boss”, and take a shot at McMahon, but he backed away as soon as the famous opening chords of Hogan’s music hit the arena, and Hogan appeared in front of HHH and McMahon. Hogan would go on to insult both of them, and then send them both out of the ring and scurrying up the ramp. Their Backlash match is certainly shaping up nicely.

Also, Vince McMahon dropped a bombshell on the Smackdown fans and superstars as he announced that at Backlash a new United States Champion would be crowned in a match between the returning Chris Benoit and Edge. However, the first-ever WWF Undisputed Champion, Chris Jericho made his presence felt, demanding that he be added to the match immediately. While Vince didn’t like the former champion’s tone, he liked the idea, and gave Y2J a chance to be in the match- if he could defeat Rikishi. Jericho managed to get the win after avoiding the Stink Face and making the 350 pounder submit to the Walls of Jericho. Backlash now has a Triple Threat Match added to its card.

Vince McMahon was very outspoken on new Smackdown superstar, Jamie Noble’s debut match, and instantly declared him the number one contender for the Cruiserweight title, in another match added to the Backlash card, which is looking great already.

In other action, Al Snow and Maven defeated the unlikely duo of former Dudley Boy, D-Von Dudley and former member of the APA, Ron Simmons. They will now meet Billy & Chuck at Backlash with the WWF Tag Team Championships on the line.

And Hardcore Holly made a rare appearance on Smackdown, with a victory over The Godfather (and all his hoes) via pinfall after an Alabama Slam. Afterwards Holly, in an act of evilness would deliver the Alabama Slam to one of The Godfather’s hoes as the crowd looked on appallingly. Holly stated that he still has issues with The Godfather, and will be making it his “mission” over the next few weeks to take him, his hoes and everything he stands for out.

Next week’s Smackdown should be interesting for sure, as Billy & Chuck have promised to “treat” the audience to a public grooming session. They declined comment on their new challengers at Backlash, Al Snow and Maven, as Rico said that he refused to talk about anything, until Maven became in fashion. The effeminate manager then left.

This weeks Smackdown was surely a hot one, and join us next week in Houston as we will be just 72 hours away from Backlash, and with the high selection of Smackdown superstars as well as Vince McMahon should be MORE than enough to keep you satisfied.

Match Results:

Hardcore Holly def. The Godfather

Al Snow & Maven def. D-Von Dudley & Ron Simmons to become the #1 contender’s for the WWF Tag Team Championships

Jamie Noble def. Scotty 2 Hotty to become the #1 contender for the WWF Cruiserweight Championship

Chris Jericho def. Rikishi


[Card subject to change]


Chris Benoit [VS.] Chris Jericho [VS.] Edge


Jamie Noble w/ Nidia [VS.] Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri w/ Torrie Wilson


Eddie Guerrero [VS.] Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam


Kurt Angle [VS.] The Rock


WWF Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck w/ Rico [VS.] Al Snow & Maven


“Stone Cold” Steve Austin [VS.] The Undertaker


“Hollywood Hulk Hogan” [VS.] WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H

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Guest Mike Awesome Fan

Like I told you I think you should write longer shows and not just theese short recaps, because I know you can do better than this and I also know that you have a lot of great angles planned like with brashaw, but I think you need to the shows kind of like the show in you're backstory. Else its looking decent, I just think you need longer show recaps.

now for SD I cant really give you feedback on anything else than rock/Kurt because I think that was the segment with most to it. It was good, but again you need to make it longer than just telling us that they traded trademark moves and dissed legends.


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Some good stuff here... kind of makes me want to do it all again on my own. Those were some crazy days back then.

Can I ask where you got the scenario and if everyone's stats are proper to the time?

(Unless you just used an old stats update, that is.)

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Guest Sesame Seed

I used the 2002 scenario that is going around everywhere. The stats aren't too good, but they are playable once you edit them. They are for around this time too, and so the roster split isn't quite 100% yet, but it is decent. And thanks for comments, they are much appreciated mate.

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Guest Sesame Seed

WWF Weekend Report

April 15th 2002- AM

WWF Excess Notes:

- The show was once again hosted by Jonathon Coachman and Terri Runnels.

- This weeks guest was Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam, who naturally spoke about his match at Backlash with Eddie Guerrero. They also showed a video hyping him.

- They showed a match from a house show the other week where the Big Show picked up the win over The Big Bossman, though we're not too sure why, since they are both fired.

- Highlights from RAW were also shown.

Sunday Night Heat Results:

The Hardy Boyz w/ Lita def. Benjamin & Haas

Mr. Perfect def. Spike Dudley

EZ Money def. Bubba Ray Dudley

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Guest Sesame Seed

WWF RAW Preview

April 15th 2002

College Station, TX

Last weeks RAW was full of surprises. And most surprisingly of all we saw Bradshaw turn on Stone Cold in the most bizarre fashion during a match with the nWo. However there are many questions on everyone's lips. Firstly, is Bradshaw now a member of the nWo? How will Austin feel? Who exactly is "EZ Money", the man who escorted Bradshaw into the limo last week? And how much havoc will Austin cause? Bradshaw has a lot to explain to the fans (and Austin) this week, that's for sure. It will be hot inside, if it isn't outside.

In the ring things will heat up as Stone Cold is in action against the bizzarre one, Goldust. Stone Cold should definitely watch his back tonight with regards to Bradshaw and EZ Money, not to mention his opponent at Backlash, The Undertaker.....

And we will be treated to a very decent supporting Main Event as Rob Van Dam takes on nWo member, Scott Hall, who will be accompanied by Kevin Nash. The title will not be on the line on this ocassion, but nevertheless expect former Intercontinental Champion, Scott Hall to take Mr. Monday Night to his limits. And also expect both fellow nWo member Kevin Nash and RVD's challenger at Backlash, Eddie Guerrero to make their prescence felt in this match in whichever way they can do.

Also tonight, new Hardcore Champion, "The Next Big Thing" Brock Lesnar will "do a Bubba" as he makes an open challenge to anyone for his Hardcore title. The animal will definitely be a hard nut to crack, especially with the deviant Paul Heyman at his side.

EZ Money (who gets his debut match tonight against Kane) was not the only new face on RAW last week. Last week, new diva on the block Victoria made her prescence felt by attacking former WWF Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, clearly showing her hatred for the good-looking diva. Will the equally good-looking Victoria have anything to say to the diva she attacked, or better yet will Trish have anything to say to her sneaky attacker? Watch RAW tonight to find out!

And you can perhaps expect to see other RAW stars such as new European Champion Spike Dudley, William Regal, Bubba Ray Dudley, Raven, Booker T, Mr. Perfect and The Undertaker!

All this and much, much more, only on WWF RAW this Monday night, LIVE from College Station, Texas!

Confirmed Matches:

Hardcore Champion Brock Lesnar's Open Challenge

Debut Match: EZ Money [VS] Kane

Non-Title Match: Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam [VS] Scott Hall

Goldust [VS] Steve Austin

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Guest Sesame Seed

user posted image


April 15th 2002

JBL- John Bradshaw Layfield. Call him a million and one things, but this is the preferred name for this rising RAW superstar. RAW emanated from College Station, TX, as we took the final step to Backlash, and what a shocker of an evening it was from start to finish. JBL made his way down to the ring, along with EZ Money to answer the questions on everyone’s lips: why?

He explained that ever since joining the WWF- some eight years ago now- that he always had a burning hatred for Steve Austin, and was angry as he watched the rise and rise of Steve Austin to the biggest start in the WWF. JBL asked for a shot- one shot at Austin, to prove the world right- that he is better. Ric Flair made his way out, and thought things over, as JBL (along with EZ Money) continued to beg. Flair agreed to give JBL that chance, and allowed him to become the third man in Sunday’s #1 contender’s match at Backlash. To say JBL was happy was an understatement. And the roll continued in the ring with his assistant, EZ Money getting a win over the Big Red Machine, Kane in his debut match. Later on in the evening, JBL did the unthinkable; he interfered heavily in Austin’s match against The Bizarre One, Goldust, and almost cost him the match. But a Stunner on Goldust was enough to get the victory. However afterwards JBL and EZ Money attacked, leaving Austin down after a massive Clothesline From Hell. JBL then placed an arm over Austin as EZ Money “counted” the three, with JBL having a huge ear-to-ear smile on his face. However, these celebrations were stopped sharply by The Undertaker, who made it very clear to both JBL and EZ Money that this was “his yard”, and RAW left Texas in a rather somber mood.

Elsewhere on RAW, the Women’s division will really heat up, as we learned that we will be treated to a great diva contest this Sunday at Backlash. Victoria made another attack, this time choosing top diva, Lita. She attacked; along with WWF Women’s Champion Jazz- who she has now associated herself with- and then using a whip that they somehow managed to acquire they both whipped the hell out of Lita and then her down to her underwear, embarrassing her in front of the live crowd. Top diva, Trish Stratus then came out and issued a challenge to Jazz and Victoria for Backlash, and they abruptly accepted to a Whip-On-A-Pole Match. So, this Sunday it will be, new diva on the block, Victoria teaming with WWF Women’s Champion, Jazz to take on the team of Trish and Lita, in the first-ever Whip-On-A-Pole Match!

And speaking of Team Xtreme, we also discovered that Lita won’t be the only person going to Backlash. The Hardy Boyz will be going too. “The Next Big Thing” Brock Lesnar issued an Open Challenge for his WWF Hardcore Championship, and none other than Matt….. AND Jeff replied! However Brock made quick work of them, nailing both men with F5’s and pinning them both after less than one minute in the ring. However, this Sunday things will be much different as it will be Brock Lesnar versus Matt Hardy……… versus Jeff Hardy- for the WWF Hardcore Championship!

Also, the feud between Rob Van Dam and Eddie Guerrero escalated by going into the personal ranks as RVD commented on Eddie Guerrero’s former drug dealing days. Eddie was irate after hearing RVD’s comments, and so sat through his non-title match with Scott Hall- which RVD won- and insulted him from the announce desk. But, as good old Jim Ross said, tonight on RAW they were metres apart- but this Sunday at Backlash they will be in the same ring. The battle of the Frog Splashes is this Sunday at Backlash folks, and the Intercontinental title will be on the line!

Also, since Spike Dudley managed to get a shocking win over William Regal last week on RAW, and win the European title, word has spread quickly as to who his next challenger will be. Certain Smackdown superstars have been pitched to be top contenders too. And so Linda McMahon made one of her scarce appearances on RAW, and announced that this Sunday night on Heat a four man elimination match would be held for the European Championship- with a twist. Spike Dudley would represent RAW as the champion, and D’Lo Brown will be involved in the match too, also representing RAW as challenger number one. However two Smackdown superstars, who have been recommended by Mr. McMahon himself will also be placed into the match. Rikishi and Test are the chosen superstars; and they will represent Smackdown. However, Spike Dudley isn’t just fighting to keep the title around his waist, he is also fighting to keep the title on RAW, because if a Smackdown superstar manages to get the win, then the European title will head over to Smackdown! The odds are certainly stacked heavily against the runt of the Dudley litter, but he has managed to do amazing things before in the WWF, and so you never know what could happen...

“Mr. Immunity” Test made his presence felt tonight, and took full advantage of his opportunity, as he shockingly appeared on RAW, right before Spike Dudley was to have a “friendly” match against D’Lo Brown. He attacked them both, knocking them out, meaning that the match never took place.

So a lot went on this Monday in College Station. A lot of matches were set in stone for Backlash this Sunday. So, don’t miss RAW next week, live from St. Louis, Missouri to watch the fallout from this Sunday’s Backlash Pay Per View. Because, by the looks of things, it’ll certainly be a very hot atmosphere!

Match Results:

EZ Money def. Kane

Brock Lesnar def. Jeff Hardy & Matt Hardy

D’Lo Brown vs. Spike Dudley never officially got started

Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam def. Scott Hall in a non-title match

Steve Austin def. Goldust


[Card subject to change]


Chris Benoit [VS] Chris Jericho [VS] Edge


WWF Hardcore Champion Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman [VS] Jeff Hardy [VS] Matt Hardy


Jamie Noble w/ Nidia [VS] Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri w/ Torrie Wilson


Eddie Guerrero [VS] Intercontinental Champion Rob Van Dam


Kurt Angle [VS] The Rock


Jazz & Victoria [VS] Lita & Trish


WWF Tag Team Champions Billy & Chuck w/ Rico [VS] Al Snow & Maven


John Bradshaw Layfield [VS] “Stone Cold” Steve Austin [VS] The Undertaker


“Hollywood Hulk Hogan” [VS] WWF Undisputed Champion Triple H




D’Lo Brown [VS] Rikishi [VS] European Champion Spike Dudley [VS] Test

Edited by Sesame Seed
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Guest Sesame Seed

Thanks for your comment, they are heavily valued. And the premature JBL push is an idea I've had brewing for ages, just thinking about what kind of diary to do it in. I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the diary and stick around. Backlash will naturally be longer more detailed results, though I am glad you like the shorter WWF.com style results. They are sooo much easier to write, and less time consuming too which is a bonus (in my books anyways), as I never really have a lot of time. Thanks a million for your comments, and keep reading. :)

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Guest Sesame Seed


Reportedly, should the WWF lose their current lawsuit to the World Wildlife Fund over the right to the initials "WWF", the company's leading choice is to rename the brand WWFE, their current business name. The one area losing the lawsuit would affect the most would be the use of WWF.com, their official website. However, the WWF does have WWFE.com registered and that domain currently redirects to WWF.com. The World Wildlife Fund wants WWF.com to redirect to their official site but if they were to win and the WWF would be forced to turn over WWF.com, they could request a period of time from the court to notify their visitors of the domain change.

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Guest Mike Awesome Fan

Confirmed Matches:

Christian & Lance Storm [VS] D-Von Dudley & Ron Simmons

Billy & Chuck's "Heavily Anticipated" Public Grooming Session!  :blink:

Billy Kidman [VS] Test

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Guest Sesame Seed

Well, Spike actually won the European title at this time anyways, I just decided to go ahead with it- because at Backlash you'll find out.

And JBL didn't get an official pin over Austin. He just knocked him out, and then mockingly pinned him. Nothing official. Smackdown should be up shortly, hehe.

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Guest Sesame Seed

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April 18th 2002

Smackdown kicked off in a very angry mood as several of the Cruiserweights decided to let Mr. McMahon know how they felt. Billy Kidman, Chavo Guerrero, Funaki and Scotty 2 Hotty protested against McMahon’s decision to allow the newcomer, Jamie Noble to face WWF Cruiserweight Champion Tajiri for the belt at Backlash. McMahon made his presence felt, and said that the Cruiserweight’s were getting on his nerves as they would not allow the show to go on. But McMahon gave them an opportunity, in something which has never been done before. He would allow two of them to join Noble and Tajiri in the match, making it a Flying Four Way Match at Backlash. However, it wouldn’t be him, or the board of directors, or the champion deciding which two- it would be the WWF fans over on WWF.com. Click /forum/index.php?showtopic=27628">here to vote now, as the two with the highest number of votes would enter the match on Sunday at Backlash!

WWF Undisputed Champion, Triple H also appeared on Smackdown, and came to face to face with Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Triple H just wanted to shake Hogan’s hand prior to their match at Backlash on Sunday, and said that he wanted nothing more than the best man to win. However he said it with a look of certainty on his face and left without saying anything else. Hogan looked on confused, but gave a killer speech in the ring which was targeted directly at Triple H. Hogan joined Michael Cole and Tazz at the commentary desk for the remainder of the show.

In a shocking turn of events, Chris Benoit made a return to Smackdown, after almost a year out of action. The superstar, who broke his neck, last May was happy to be back. And most happy of all to see the Smackdown fans. However, he wasn’t too happy when he’s old buddy and tag team partner, Chris Jericho. Instead of doing what Jericho considered to be the right thing- to step down from the match- he challenged Jericho to an impromptu match up for the Main Event! Naturally, Jericho accepted, claiming that he’d get the win, just like he would do on Sunday at Backlash. But he failed in his quest. After a great near twenty minute encounter, Benoit managed to make the “King of the World” submit to the Crippler Crossface. Afterwards Edge tried to stop Jericho from beating the hell out of Benoit, but it turned out to be a set-up after all. Edge came down, trying to stop Jericho, but soon after he came down, it was a two-on-one affair with Edge getting busted open at the hands of his two challengers on Sunday! This match at Backlash should be a great one to say the least.

Great things also developed in the ever growing rivalry between Kurt Angle and The Rock. The Rock, claiming that he was going to embarrass Angle, did so, in his usual way- below the belt. The Rock wanted to bring out Kurt Angle for the fans- however his version of Kurt Angle was about two or three feet smaller than the actual Kurt Angle. Mini-Angle came complete with Kurt’s trademark catchphrases as well as a not-so-fresh-looking glass of milk. This eventually led to the real Kurt Angle coming out and laughing his head off in embarrassment as his miniature counterpart stood in the ring. Kurt Angle wasn’t too happy at being embarrassed once he got in the ring. He ordered The Rock to take Mini-Angle away- before he did himself. He kicked Mini-Angle out of the way, thinking that he didn’t have a heart. But he packed a punch, and delivered it “below the belt” as they say, and then Angle was a victim of the Rock Bottom, just days before their Backlash encounter. Mini-Angle got really excited by this, but was a victim of the Rock Bottom too. The Rock definitely left the building in good spirits.

In the ring, not only were we treated to an awesome Main Event, we were treated to an interesting tag team contest. Christian, Lance Storm, D-Von Dudley and Ron Simmons have all been involved in one half of a great tag team before, yet tonight they were in different teams, and it led to a very interesting match between the two teams. Whining Christian however, didn’t like the finish. After nailing an Unprettier on Ron Simmons, Simmons kicked out so close to the three count that he couldn’t believe it and started arguing with the referee. Simmons soon got back up and rolled Christian up for the three count and got the pin. However, not only did the referee’s count seem to be faster, it also became apparent that Christian’s shoulders were not on the mat properly. Nevertheless the odd duo of D-Von and Simmons managed to pick up the win and looked happy about it. Christian and Lance Storm were irate about it, and cursed the United States of America as they made there way back up the ramp.

Also, the “heavily anticipated” and more frequently advertised public grooming session featuring Billy and Chick (with Rico) didn’t go along as planned. Al Snow and Maven interrupted straight away, and brawled around the beautifully decorated ring, eventually tossing the tag team champions out of the ring, and then Rico. The challengers certainly showed the champions and their stylist who was boss going into Backlash this Sunday.

And, in other action, despite his best efforts, top Cruiserweight Billy Kidman lost to “Mr. Immunity” Test in a rather short encounter. Test delivered a Big Boot to Kidman post-match as well, before being stopped by Rikishi who earlier on in the evening managed to secure a victory over Perry Saturn at the top end of the evening. The European title match on Heat this Sunday should certainly set the tone for Backlash which follows.

And that was it. Just three days to go until Backlash, and with six championships on the line, the number one contendership on the line, a Hero versus Icon match as well as a Diva Tag Team Match, things are certainly looking good. We shall see you as always, on Sunday night on Pay Per View. As RAW and Smackdown present Backlash!

Match Results:

Rikishi def. Perry Saturn

D-Von Dudley & Ron Simmons def. Christian & Lance Storm

Test def. Billy Kidman

Chris Benoit def. Chris Jericho

Note: The final Backlash card shall follow this post. :)

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