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If you want an easy goal, take the puck deep into their zone(behind the redline) do a small circle to get the D to back off a bit if needed.

You come in towards the post, pull out, sweep across the front of the net and shoot.

I've found that to be the easiest way to score. I only use it when playing my friends now because its just cheap.

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Guest Bluesman

I've been having the same problems. I adjust the difficulty to balance out things like puck control and shots on goal, only to find that I lose with the computer getting 8 shots while I get 30. I don't understand how, I have my goalie sliders all the way up and it doesn't seem to do a damn thing.

As far as for scoring goals, one-timers across the goalie are the best. I also score lots of goals crashing the net and going for a wrister or backhand. If the player you're controlling has high enough puck handling and hands, jiggle the stick (no other way to explain it) a little to fake out the goalie. I've noticed that if the goalie is screened heavily you have a very good chance of scoring, regardless of who you're controling. I don't think it can be abused like in NHL '96 (skate around, wait for the d-man to get in the crease, and then shoot), but the oppurtunities will present themselves. Another suggestion is to cycle the puck around and be patient. This becomes more effective the more experience you have using it. I'd recommend relying heavily upon your best puck handler/passer while doing so. Also while doing this I'll take a good skating/passing/puck handling defensemen and charge the net looking to pass or shoot. Very rarely is the other team able to get the puck and start a rush up ice before the defenseman can recover enough to get back into position on the rush.

Overall just try different strategies. I used to only rush up the ice and get in a quick shot or two, and do that over and over to score. I've moved now towards sitting in the zone and cycling the puck around. Try doing things like this, as well as going for wrap arounds, slap shots when open, etc. Also have a general idea of your players strengths when it comes to shooting...are they good on the backhand, do they have a strong slap shot, etc.

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