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Who Sings This Song?

Mike Ockizitchy

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I can't find out who sings this song. It's called "Under The Tracks" and says its by Coldplay off of the OC soundtrack. At first I kinda thought it wasn't Coldplay and then when I showed it to my bro he said the same thing. So I looked all over the Fox website and on the 4 soundtracks that have come out for the show but no song even called "Under The Tracks" or a song by Coldplay for that matter. Does anyone have any idea what it is?

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Now I could be wrong here but IF it is Coldplay it COULD be 'Fix You'. I'm only saying that because I heard the song playing when a preview of the OC came on the other day. So I could be majorly wrong here and probably am. So maybe it's the wrong track title or maybe it's not even Coldplay and I'm leaning in the wrong direction.

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Guest KidDiamond

Looking through Rhapsody I've found three tunes called Under the Tracks

They are by:

Creeper Lagoon

Chris Eric

Life of Crime

Don't know if it helps you, and there may be another one out there.

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