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All-Canadian Wrestling


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Warning - This is my first diary ever. I’m unsure if the background is any good, or whether I can book anything that will work. The actually date in game that the diary starts is September 1st 2005. Feedback is welcome.

Breaking News - A New Wrestling Promotion for Canada!

August 01, 2005

This has just come out of Toronto, Canada, and is huge news for fans of professional wrestling in Canada. A new promotion, called All-Canadian Wrestling has been formed, based out of Toronto. The details are sketchy as of now, but sources are saying that this company, going by the initials ACW, is going to tour all across Canada. Other rumours state that the company has already secured a television deal, and that it has a large financial backer. Who is running this company, which workers are going to be signed, and who the financial backer is are still important questions.

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PRESS RELEASE - ACW Head Booker Named

August 11 2005

CEP Inc. and ACW are proud to announce that former head of marketing and PR for CEP Inc. and writer for such hit Canadian television shows such as “Canadian Lovers” and “The Hours Of The Week” Bradley Hutchison has been named head booker of All-Canadian Wrestling. We here at ACW have the utmost confidence in Bradley’s skill and hope that all Canadians will have a chance to see ACW Wrestling very soon!

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All-Canadian Wrestling Roster (Courtesy of ACW-Canada.com)

ACW Roster

Note - These are all names signed to appear, as of October 1st 2005

Lex Luger

Diamond Dallas Page

Andrew Martin

Steve Corino

Lil' Spike (formerly Spike Dudley of ECW and WWE fame)

Shawn Stasiak


Petey Williams

Bobby Roode

Joe E. Legend


Matt Rude

Pierre Carl Ouelette

Quiet Storm

TJ Wilson

Will Damon


October 1st, 2005

ACW is proud to announce that, starting on October 4th 2005 ACW will be holding an 8 man tournament to determine the first ever ACW Heavyweight Champion! Already, Lex Luger has been quoted as saying "The belt is as good as mine!", but with brackets like these, anything can happen!

October 4th Episode of ACW Pro Wrestling will feature two tournament matches. Shawn Stasiak will square off with Diamond Dallas Page, while Lil' Spike will have to go one on one with a mystery opponent. ACW officials are tight lipped about this secret, so the only way to find out will be to tune in!

On the October 11th episode, the tournament continues! The cocky Lex Luger will go against Canada's own Bobby Roode, and "The King Of Old School" Steve Corino will, as happened the week before, face another mystery opponent! ACW is all about surprises, so tune in every week!

All of this will come to a close on October 30th, when ACW will be on PPV for the first time! On October 30th, ACW presents to you Canadian Beginnings, where a new champion will be crowned! Order now from your cable provider!

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You have my attention. You seem to have a good mix with your roster and being on TSN is a plus! I hope you have some great events on Ottawa. You could call it "Capital Carnage" or something.

On a side note, replying to feedback by posting in your diary is usually frowned upon around here. I don't get bent out of shape about it but many others do. If you want to talk to someone about feedback they left you then use the PM function or MSN.

I just got an idea. Have a big event in front of the parliment buildings on Canada Day! I would be there, front row for sure! Think of the crowd you would draw! over 1,000,000 people go downtown for the Canada celebrations.

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Sorry for no show yet. I saw CKY in Toronto, had the most amazing time ever but completely wrecked my neck. It is almost done, then I want some feedback on the writing style. Thanks for all the support though!

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One gripe with the backstory, WWE would never allow TSN to show any kind of wrestling other then WWE. No matter how big or small the fed may be, recall TNA trying to send Impact to TSN a while back when they were still on FSN? Yeah, WWE wouldn't allow that.

Other then that it's pretty good, the roster is a little much for an indy fed out of Canada. Oh well.

I'll see how the first show goes.

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ACW Pro Wrestling On TSN

October 4th, 2005

Generic Rock music plays over a video showing wrestlers doing pretty generic moves. Vampiro, Stasiak and Luger are all featured in the video as the opening credit sequence rolls. The camera moves to the announce table, where Scott Hudson and Don Callis are sitting. The set for the show is very generic, with the ring surrounded by steel guard rails, and a ramp leading from the entrance way. Above the entrance is a large television monitor, much like most other large wrestling promotions have. The production values are top-notch, as the picture is very clear and the sound is great.

Hudson - I’m Scott Hudson, and welcome to the debut of All-Canadian Wrestling! Sitting next to me is Don Cal…

Callis - I can introduce myself, you non-Canadian! I’m the always insightful Don Callis, and tonight is the night wrestling fans have been waiting for, the debut of ACW Pro Wrestling here on TSN!

Hudson - And what a night it is going to be! The first two matches of our ACW Heavyweight Title tournament will be taking place tonight! We have Shawn Stasiak squaring off with former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page, while Lil’ Spike will be facing a mystery opponent!

Callis - Well, I know who it is, but I’m not telling you, Hudson.

Hudson - Let’s get this night started, and Billy Kidman will be facing Canada’s own Petey Williams! This should be good!

Billy Kidman vs. Petey Williams

Decent match with lots of high-flying spots from the corners. Kidman was playing the heel, taunting Williams whenever he was down and jawing with the fans when they went outside. The fans who knew Williams from TNA cheered for him, because of his Canadian background. To end the match, Kidman went for a power bomb, but Williams pushed him away, scored with a kick to the gut and nailed Kidman with the Canadian Destroyer. Williams went to the back, but an obviously pissed off Kidman wasn’t done. He grabbed the referee, and clotheslined him in frustration before heading to the back.

Winner - Petey Williams

Hudson - What a match! However, Kidman didn’t have to do that to the referee.

Callis - He didn’t have to do it, but he did, and that’s what makes that man great, Scott!

Hudson - I don’t agree with you there Don, but right now is not the time to argue. We send it to the back where ACW’s very own Pamela Paulshock is with James E. Cornette and…Shawn Stasiak?

Interview with Jim Cornette and Shawn Stasiak

Pamela - I’m here with Jam..

Cornette - Shut up butter cups, and get out of here!

Pamela looks shocked, but backs away from Cornette who now has the microphone.

Cornette - I’m here in ACW to represent Mr. Stasiak here, to make sure he gets his fair chance at gold! Now, if I remember correctly, Shawn will be facing off against “Diamond” Dallas Page in just a few minutes to kick of the ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament. Why must we go through this mundane process? We all know that Shawn Stasiak is the only real man, besides myself of course, in this whole damn operation! But no matter, tonight in that very ring, Shawn Stasiak will show DDP why he is the rightful heir to the ACW Heavyweight Title.

Stasiak - DDP, your nothing but a washed up has-been! It’s time for you to step aside and let the new blood rise!

Hudson - Strong words from Shawn Stasiak and Jim Cornette. That match is coming up next, right after the break.


ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One

Diamond Dallas Page vs. Shawn Stasiak w/ Jim Cornette

Good match, considering the people involved. DDP went for the Diamond Cutter many times during the match, but Stasiak would block it or get into the ropes before DDP could hit it. About halfway through the match, Stasiak hit an amazing looking spine buster that could have ended the match, as it really got the crowd going. However, it didn’t, and that kind of hurt the match. To end the match, DDP finally hit the Diamond Cutter, but the referee was distracted by Cornette. As DDP turned the referee around, Cornette slipped Stasiak his signature tennis racquet. With Cornette yelling at the referee, Stasiak managed to hit DDP upside the head, scoring the 123. Afterwards, DDP and Stasiak exchanged words as Stasiak backed up the ramp with Cornette smiling beside him.

Winner - Shawn Stasiak

Hudson - Stasiak and Cornette cheated to advance! This is despicable!

Callis - I like these two guys! They do anything to win. Stasiak seems to have gotten good representation for himself!

Hudson - Well, I don’t like it one bit! The referees are going to have to watch out for these two next time!

Callis - Come on, are you telling me that if the opportunity presented itself, you wouldn’t carpe diem?

Hudson - I have more honour then that, Don.

Interview with “Old School” Steve Corino

Hudson - And now we send it back to Pamela Paulshock again. Hopefully Steve Corino won’t be as rude as Stasiak and Cornette were earlier.

Pamela - Thanks Scott. I’m here with “Old School” Steve Corino, who next week will square off with a “mystery opponent”. Steve, what do you think your chances are in this tournament?

Corino - My chances? I think my chances are great. Nobody in this damn company possess the skills I do. I don’t care if your someone like the a$$hat Shawn Stasiak or the egomaniac Lex Luger. I am better then everyone here, and the ACW knows it. That’s why they are trying to throw me for a loop. That’s why “The King Of Old School” has to face a mystery opponent. No matter. I am going to advance, and I am going to win ACW gold.

Corino storms off.

Pamela - Strong words from Steve Corino. Back to you Scott.


Hudson - Thanks for that….hold on. I am getting word that something is happening in the back! Let’s go there now!

Suddenly, we are backstage. The camera man turns the corner to see Billy Kidman throwing Petey Williams into a up-standing ladder. Kidman is obviously upset, and is yelling obscenities at Williams about how he was embarrassed in front of all of Canada. Throwing a few punches to a downed Williams to seal the deal, Kidman walks off with his head held high as ACW officials rush to attend to Williams.

Hudson - Damn that Kidman! He just can’t take a fair loss can he!

Callis - This place is full of my kind of people, isn’t it! Kidman got his revenge!

Hudson - That is just horrible. Hopefully next week Pamela will be able to ascertain why Kidman is acting the way he is. Up next it’s the second match in the first round of the ACW Heavyweight Title tournament!

Callis - I can’t wait to see who the mystery opponent is, Scotty boy!

Hudson - Please don’t call me that.

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One

Lil’ Spike vs. Mystery Opponent

As Spike headed to the stage, Scott Hudson and Don Callis took random guesses as to who could be the mystery opponent, with names like Scott Hall, Terry Funk and TNA’s Jeff Jarrett coming up. Hudson also brings up that Spike will be no pushover, no matter who enters because Spike is a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion. They were both proved wrong however as hard rock music paved the way for the original man beast to come through the entrance way …… VADER! Vader annihilated Spike at the start of the match, hitting many stiff shots and tossing Spike around like a rag doll. About 4 minutes in, Spike rallied after Vader missed a charge into the corner, with Spike managing to get the always fun 10-punches in the corner, and signalling for the Spike Bulldog. Vader tossed Spike away though, and smashed Spike with a double power bomb before pinning Spike for the 3 count. After the bell, Vader climb the ropes and hit a huge splash to the downed Spike, which obviously got the crowd to boo even more loudly.

Winner - Vader

Hudson - Oh my god. VADER is now in ACW! The debut show of ACW Pro Wrestling will have long lasting repercussions on the wrestling world!

Callis - Thanks for tuning in. Next week, the debut of the Total Package and Steve Corino beats his mystery opponent to a pulp!

Hudson - You don’t know that! Thanks for tuning in, Canada!


1. Kidman vs. Petey Williams, Williams wins, Kidman attacks the referee in frustration afterwards

O-65% CR-59% MQ-72%

2. Interview with Cornette and Stasiak insulting DDP


3. Stasiak beats DDP after interference by Cornette

O-70% CR-71% MQ-71%

4. Interview with Corino putting himself over, saying no mystery opponent could beat him


5. Kidman attacks Williams from behind to avenge his lose earlier


6. Vader destroys Lil' Spike, and attacks him afterwards to debut

O-68% CR-71% MQ-63%

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October 05, 2005

11:08 am, Waterloo Ontario

Well, I thought it went well. I enjoyed watching Vader throw Spike around like a lawn dart, and Cornette go off like it was the mid-90's again. TSN liked it too, we got a great rating too! I had spent the time since getting the job trying to get my mind wrapped around "booking" a wrestling event. I watched a little WWE, rented some old tapes from the old video store down the street, went on the internet even. I thought I knew what I was doing. But after the show, I checked the net. Ouch, people hated the show. The only things they liked was the interviews, and they said that Kidman and Williams was just "decent". Fuck me. I loved the show, but I guess I am biased. Well, I guess next week will just have to be better. I had a meeting with the owner of the company, who is also the owner of my original employer, CEP Inc. He said this was the "WWE of Canada" and that maybe, if I was successful, this was the "WWE of the future". I hate pressure, you know that?

Next week, I have a huge suprise prepared. But damnit, I bet it will fail. I'm always the optimist. Can't you tell? Where did I leave that bottle of JD anyways?

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ACW Pro Wrestling - October 11th 2005 Preview

The card for the second edition of ACW Pro Wrestling is looking great! The first ever ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament continues with two matches -

Lex Luger takes on Canada's own Bobby Roode

"Old School" Steve Corino must face a "mystery opponent"

Also scheduled for the second edition of ACW Pro Wrestling is a rematch from last week, where Billy Kidman will square off with Petey Williams again to try and get revenge. Last week, Williams beat Kidman fair and square, but later in the night Kidman got his revenge. Now it's Petey's turn to get revenge. Tune in on Tuesday October 11th to see all this, plus the debuts of former WCW star Vampiro and Joe E. Legend! You never know who will show up on ACW Pro Wrestling, so tune in at 10 pm!

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Guest DiamondDust

Interview with “Old School” Steve Corino

Hudson - And now we send it back to Pamela Paulshock again. Hopefully Steve Corino won’t be as rude as Stasiak and Cornette were earlier.

Pamela - Thanks Scott. I’m here with “Old School” Steve Corino, who next week will square off with a “mystery opponent”. Steve, what do you think your chances are in this tournament?

Corino - My chances? I think my chances are great. Nobody in this damn company possess the skills I do. I don’t care if your someone like the a$$hat Steve Corino or the egomaniac Lex Luger. I am better then everyone here, and the ACW knows it. That’s why they are trying to throw me for a loop. That’s why “The King Of Old School” has to face a mystery opponent. No matter. I am going to advance, and I am going to win ACW gold.

Corino storms off.

Pamela - Strong words from Steve Corino. Back to you Scott.

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it was a decent first show.

the match writing was kinda good,

i liked it.

but at the end of each match have a:

"winner: ???" thing, i was confused who won the first match,

i couldnt tell it even ended.

Vader was a surprising choice.

Rashid's Rating for show 1: 6.4/10

ps: i hope you come to Newfoundland some time.

go to "Mile One Stadium" in St.John's.

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ACW Pro Wrestling on TSN

October 11th 2005

“Sniped” by CKY plays as an entrance video showing the likes of some of the ACW wrestlers hitting moves plays. Some pyros go off as the camera goes to Scott Hudson and Don Callis who are at ringside awaiting the start of the show.

Hudson - Welcome to ACW Pro Wrestling on TSN!

Callis - What a night this is shaping up to be, eh Scotty?

Hudson - We have Lex Luger taking on Bobby Roode, Steve Corino against his “mystery opponent” and just recently announced by the ACW Commissioner, Billy Kidman will square off one-on-one with Petey Williams in a return match from last week.

Callis - And what an opener we have for you! Vampiro vs. Joe E. Legend is next!

Vampiro vs. Joe E. Legend

This match started the show off on the right foot, as these guys gelled pretty well and entertained the crowd. Joe managed to control the match early after Vampiro missed a splash to the floor about 2 minutes in. Scott Hudson and Callis were busy hyping the main event of Corino vs. “Mystery Opponent #2” as Joe E. managed to hit a quick snap suplex with a beautiful float over for a 2 count. To end the match, Joe whipped Vamp into the ropes, missed a clothesline and got a kick to the gut for his trouble. NAIL IN THE COFFIN …..and it’s over. Vampiro wins.

Winner - Vampiro

Hudson - Great match! What a brutal move by Vampiro to finish that last match.

Callis - Not even someone with the talent of Joe E. could get up from that one!

Hudson - I think Vampiro made a statement right there to ACW management, if he can continue on like he did tonight then there is no way he can’t be considered a contender for the ACW Heavyweight Title.

Callis - No argument there, but only because Vampiro’s dressing room is next to mine.

Hudson - Next up, we have Lex Luger with Pamela Paulshock. Pamela?

Interview With Lex Luger

Pamela - Scott, I am here with former WCW and WWE Champion Lex Luger, who later on tonight will be facing Bobby Roode in the first round of the ACW Heavyweight Title. Lex, what are your…

Lex grabs the microphone, and stares at Pamela before she leaves. Luger looks into the camera, microphone in hand.

Luger - Bobby Roode? Who the hell is Bobby Roode? I came up here all the way from my home south of the border, thinking that this place was a serious wrestling promotion, only to be booked in a match with some nobody named Bobby Roode. I’ve looked at the tournament brackets. Just a bunch of losers, nobodies and more losers. You know what? When I win the ACW Championship, I think I am going to take this title and hang it on my wall. Because it doesn’t seem like this place is worth beans. After I go out there a beat Bobby Roode into a pulp, you will all know that I am telling to truth.

Luger throws the microphone down, and storms off.

Hudson - Why is he employed here Don? He just called this place a dump!

Callis - I know why he is here! He is “The Total Package” and he can say what he wants!

Hudson - When we return from commercials, Petey Williams will be going one on one with Billy Kidman in a return match that should not be missed!


Hudson - And we are back! Last week, in a great match, Petey Williams managed to beat Kidman fair and square in the middle of the ring. However, Kidman attacked Williams backstage, leading to this, the return match!

Callis - The first time was just a wrestling match, but now these two guys REALLY don’t like each other! This could be good!

Petey Williams vs. Billy Kidman - Rematch from October 4th 2005

Unlike last week’s match, this match started quickly with both men wailing away on each other as soon as the bell sounded. Each wrestler brought the stiff, with many stiff kicks and chops being exchanged in the center of the ring. About 3 minutes in, Williams hit a flying dropkick from the top that sent Kidman through the ropes and to the floor! As Kidman stumbled to his feet, Williams ran up the turnbuckles and leapt from the top turnbuckle to the floor with a picture perfect cross body. Kidman had his spots too, as he caught Williams napping on the top turnbuckle, hit him in the gut and nailed him with a DDT from the top. To end the match Kidman reversed a suplex attempt into a roll-up, grabbing the tights AND putting his feet on the ropes. Kidman quickly rolled out of the ring, with a huge smile on his face making it seem like he had just won the lottery. Williams was disappointed, but after Kidman went to the back he rolled out of the ring to high-five the fans at ringside.

Winner - Billy Kidman

Hudson - Even though he lost, AND he lost to a cheating jerk, Williams still keeps his head up high. He truly is the type of athlete that should represent this sport!

Callis - Again Hudson, you are absolutely wrong! Any one who would resort to anything to win is my kind of man! If I was in there, I would throw my mother from the ring just to distract the referee!

Hudson - And for some reason I don’t doubt the fact that you would! I hope your ready Don, because up next is the continuation of the first round of the ACW Heavyweight Title tournament!

Don Callis - I can’t wait to see Lex Luger beat the snot out of Bobby Roode!

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One

Lex Luger vs. Bobby Roode

Before the match even began, Luger attacked Roode in the aisle, smashing his head into the steel guardrail, and then irish whipping him into the side of the ring. The referee managed to get Luger to haul Roode in to officially start the match. Luger held the advantage early, hitting a clothesline then a …… really long rest hold. After about a minute of one long headlock, Luger gave up on it and moved Roode into the corner, hitting a couple forearms. Luger then continued with his usual offence. At about 6 minutes in, Roode came roaring back as he reversed an attempted clothesline into a shoulder tackle. Roode managed to hit Luger with a spine buster, snap suplex, german suplex, and a hip check (which really appealed to the crowd), but he only managed a two count after each hold. Roode then went for a power bomb, but Luger reversed into a back-body drop. Luger then pulled Roode up, and locked in the Torture Rack. After one check of the arm, the referee called for the bell. However, Luger would not drop the hold! The referee, and two others who entered the ring, tried to get Luger to let go of the Torture Rack, but he refused, to the boos of the crowd. After about a minute of arguing, the referee went to the timekeeper, and announced that he had reversed his decision, making Bobby Roode the winner!

This did get Luger to drop Roode, and go after the head official, who wisely ran to the back. Luger, in a surly mood, managed to contain his anger and march to the back as EMT’s and referees checked on Roode.

Winner by DQ - Bobby Roode

Hudson - Luger had the match won, but because he is a heartless SOB, he lost! It’s good to see the referees stand up to him. But I am unsure if Roode will be able to continue next week! Luger held that Torture Rack on for quite a long while!

Callis - What? The referee had no right to do that! Now Luger is out of the tournament!

Hudson - Well, good riddance! Coming up nex…..hold on.

Callis - What is it?

Hudson - I am getting news from the back, straight from the ACW Commissioner! Signed for ACW’s first PPV, Canadian Warfare on October 30th 2005, Billy Kidman will square off with Petey Williams in the rubber match, a No DQ match!

Callis - That’s great news! Now Kidman can show that punk Petey Williams what for!

Hudson - I can’t wait! And coming up next is the final match of the first round of the title tournament, Steve Corino against a “mystery opponent”! Who could it be?

Callis - We will see in just a sec Scott, calm down!

ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament - Round One

Steve Corino vs. “Mystery Opponent”

Corino stood in the ring, looking extremely confident as he watched the entrance, wanting to see his opponent for the first time. Suddenly, Metallica’s “Seek & Destroy” started to play over the arena’s speakers……and STING appeared at the entrance way! Corino goes nuts, arguing with the ref about how unfair this whole situation is as Sting makes his way up the ramp, high-fiving the fans as he goes. The match begins, and Corino is obviously unsure about what to do, as he circles around Sting. Sting goes for a collar-and-elbow, but Corino drops to the map and rolls to the outside. He takes an 8 count before rolling into the ring. Again, Sting goes for a tie up, but Corino rolls out. Sting comes after him, but Corino floors him with a hard left hand. Corino takes control, using the ring post and the guard rails several times before throwing Sting back into the ring. Inside the ring, Corino starts to work on Sting’s knees, using kicks to the back of the knees, boots in the corner and a dragon screw leg trip. Corino sinks in a figure-four, and the crowd really rallies behind Sting. Slowly, Sting manages to turn the hold around until he reverses it. Corino let’s go of the hold, and both men get to there feet. Corino charges at Sting, but Sting hits him with a backdrop! Corino stands up, and is backed into the corner…..STINGER SPLASH! Corino does a Flair flop out of the corner, and Sting locks in the Scorpion Deathlock! Corino quickly taps and rolls out of the ring, as the referee raises Stings hand! As Sting celebrates however, an irate Corino sneaks back into the ring, and chop-blocks the left knee of Sting! Corino locks in the Sharpshooter!

Winner - Sting

Hudson - Oh my god! Sting wins, but Corino has attacked Sting and has the Sharpshooter hooked in! He isn’t letting go!


Hudson - I’m sorry fans, we have to go!

The show fades out as Corino has Sting in the Sharpshooter, surrounded by referees trying to pull the two apart.


1. Vampiro beats Joe E. Legend

O - 74% CR - 65% MQ - 83%

2. Interview with Lex Luger about Bobby Roode

O - 69%

3. Billy Kidman cheats to beat Petey Williams

O - 70% CR - 59% MQ - 82%

4. Luger beats Roode, but referee reverses decision when Luger refuses to stop the torture rack, Luger attacks the referee

O - 66% CR - 67% MQ - 66%

5. Sting beats Steve Corino but Corino takes out Sting at the knees after the match.

O - 79% CR - 83% MQ - 72%

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ACW Pro Wrestling - October 18th  2005 Preview

Round one of the ACW Heavyweight Title Tournament is now in the books, and round 2 will kick of on the October 18th edition of ACW Pro Wrestling when Sting takes on Vader. In what shape is Sting’s knee after Corino attacked him last week? Also in round 2, Shawn Stasiak will face Bobby Roode. Like Sting, ACW officials are unsure what shape Roode is in after Luger refused to let go of the Torture Rack last week. Will Roode and Sting even be able to wrestle? Tune in to find out!

That’s not all though. Vampiro and TJ Wilson will face Joe E. Legend and Matt Rude in a tag team match, while Andrew Martin will be going one on one with Lil’ Spike. Everyone is jockeying for a shot at however wins the ACW Heavyweight Title, so every match here is important! Petey Williams will be preparing himself for his match at Canadian Warfare by taking on newcomer Adam Windsor. Will Williams make the mistake of looking past Windsor?

All this and more, on ACW Pro Wrestling, live each Tuesday night from 10 pm to 11 on TSN, Canada’s Sports Network.

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