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By crikey, what a day!


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Wow...I just got in from the Jersey Live Music Festival, and I have to say it was probably the best night of my life. It was opened by a load of (fantastic) local bands, followed by The Black Velvets.

Now, aside from being fairly naff anyways, I dislike the Black Velvets on personal grounds because they were dicks to my friend's band when he supported them in Exeter, so I wasn't too fussed about seeing them. I ended up lounging around with one of the local bands, when who should wander over and start chatting to us but Eddie Argos and Ian Catskilkin from Art Brut?! I got them to sign my program, and we ended up spending a good hour and a half chatting to them, before The Futureheads came on, who were just fantastic.

Art Brut then played, and they were fucking incredible, probably the best live band I've EVER seen. As part of his between song banter, Eddie mentioned me and all the other guys he was with, amongst other things, and they were just tremendous, I've never seen anyone quite that good. At the end of one song, Eddie lept into the crowd and my friend Gavin jumped on him, and he just hugged him then grabbed me and hugged me too, then raised my arm in the air!

After that were The Ordinary Boys, who rocked out fairly impressively, and The Bravery and Kasabian, who are naff.

Basically...I met, spoke to and touched ART FUCKING BRUT! End of story.

EDIT: I also spoke briefly to Pete from the Futureheads.

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