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Is Empirepoker.com trust worthy?


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Okay so I was wading through an online poker forum and I found an offer that will give you $25 to start up an account, it's here for those wondering however I'm a big believer in that there is no such thing as free money. However looking at how the offer runs it is all through the actual empirepoker website. As such as long as they are legit and trust worthy the deal would be good. So does anyone play on empirepoker? Are they any good? Is there something I'm missing?

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Okay I've signed up. It says that it will be 2-4 days before I get my money. If it doesn't come I don't really care, since I live in Australia I don't think I'm going to be to heavily bothered, the most they will do is spam the fuck out of my e-mail account which is fine by me. I gave them my real address since we'll be moving out in a couple of months anyway. I'll keep you all updated on how it goes.

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Got my money this morning, and already down $3 :(

Doesn't help to always be dealt mid-connectors, and more 7-2 offsuits than I've seen in my lifetime.

Plus, the players at my table are relatively tight, so even if I got a hand, I wouldn't be able to win much.

Ugh. :(

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7:33 PM tonight will make my fourth day, I hope it comes. I just plan to build it up until I can withdraw and then transfer the money from there to FTP.

Hmm. You got your's this morning, Magus? When did you sign up?

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