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***SPOILERS*** Rescue Me

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Did any one catch it? Thoughts? Likes? Dislikes?

Personally the first time I watched it I was stunned, a lot of shit hit the fan. I'm just wondering what the hell could happen next. I mean Tommy's life every time it seems to be slowly fixing itself goes even further down the shitter. Teddy it's obvious is going to jail and more than likely Tommy's dad. Hell it be short of a miracle if Tommy didn't get sent with them.

Really there was other things I was going to discuss but I'm still kind of in shock over the final scene. For some reason I thought Tommy was actually going to mae it to Teddy and his pops in time.

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I really liked the finale. It was very good. The entire series was good. It's nice to see Laura gone, as her voice just annoys me, but sadly, she is going to be on Numb3rs which I also watch. I did not like that Janet and the two girls left again. Last season they left at the season finale. This season they leave on the season finale.

That scene with Tommy's little girl (Katie?), Mike, and Sean was pretty weird. The ending was cool (I just hope this doesn't mean the end of seing Teddy. I think they can make some funny scenes with him in jail, at least I hope so). I figured what happened to Lou was going to happen. It sucks for him as he wasted all his hard-earned money that he saved up on someone who did not care at all. I can't wait for season three.

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Oh so Laura is gone for good? Wasn't sure if that was the case or they were going to have Franko go looking for her some more next season. But yeah if that is the case I'm with you, I won't really miss her. Her character hasn't really done much of note in the two seasons. And again as you said her voice was annoying as sin.

Katie, Mike and Sean was a interesting interaction and I am curious what will come of it. Well it's obvious it's making Mike and Sean not quite so "stereotypical meat heads" they have been. They've started to question things and actually open their eyes to the world around them. Though some thing tells me with how Katie seemed to "zone out" and talk about no Heaven or Hell while drawing that drawing of her's some thing is brooding there. Perhaps she ends up in a psy ward not being able to cope with her brother's death? Be another gentle push to send Tommy closer to the edge.

I didn't really care for Janet and the kids leaving either, it felt kind of just stuff repeating itself. And they haven't really justified Janet's reason for being too angry with Tommy yet in my opinion. It just didn't seem enough or logical to have that be just the justification for her leaving and hating him. Then again perhaps as shown Janet not being too sane it made pretty damn good sense to her.

Lou is another guy that I think may end up the route Tommy is going, down the drain. It almost be interesting if next season Lou is right along with Tommy losing their minds and getting closer and closer to the edge. Or if by watching that guy die Tommy has snapped out of it and is trying even harder to keep things from falling apart completely. And while doing this tries to help Lou keep it together(kind of the reverse of their friendship's roles from the last two seasons).

Teddy in jail could produce some classic comedy scenes. More so if they have the dreaded "shower moment".

Really I'm just excited to see the next season and can't believe we have to wait until some time next year to see it.

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