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NoDQ.com>News>Former XPW owner Rob Black issues statement

Posted by Patrick Isword on 09/15/2005 at 11.05pm

Source: Extreme Associates

-Rob Black, if you needed to know the name and what it is about you most likely already know and if you don’t you will soon have a good idea if you stick around long enough for the words from my twisted but realistic mouth, I am a man with nothing to fear and nothing to hide, All of my dirty laundry has been hung out in the public eye, everybody saw it, all the mud dried off, all that dirty fucking mud, but guess what, the mud dried and hit the floor but Rob fucking Black the MAN is still standing, and you better fucking believe I am standing prouder then ever, because through all of my highs and all of my lows I have always stood tall and true to myself by being the man I really am inside, and no fucker out there can tell me different, I don’t care if you’re a bum on a street corner or a high paid FBI detective (and believe me I know a lot about the FBI), nobody can tell me different, NOBODY.

I have been dragged through courts; I have had my businesses tampered with, God Bless America my ass because America has fucked me in that very ass so many times I have lost count. Yes I am Rob Black the man who the critics made there public enemy number 1, Yes I am Rob Black the owner, and proud owner I should add, of Extreme Associates.com, and yes Extreme Associates is an adult entertainment company that has been inspected and tampered with from head to toe by the Government, but despite the hard times Extreme Associates is still in business, Rob Black the FUCKING MAN is still in business.

As much as I love to give a ‘big fuck you’ to my critics this statement is not about them, and it is not even about my next Adult Entertainment venture, this statement concerns all the wrestling fans out there. I am back in the wrestling game, but I am back in a way not even the most extreme of wrestling fan will be able to fathom.

From 1999 up until 2003 I ran a company called Xtreme Pro Wrestling, XPW for short, well as much as I loved XPW (and believe me when I say I fucking loved it, good times, good fucking times) it is time for me to say XPW is dead, I am saying that so XPW can officially rest in peace within the filthy cesspool of my mind it emerged from, but from the deceased remains of XPW comes my newest venture…D2M-W.


You thought XPW was something? I know some people out there hated it but some fucking loved it, and to those who loved it I am talking to you right now, if YOU fucking loved XPW then I promise you from the bottom of my heart you have seen nothing yet, and I am not talking about the bland mainstream stuff you get from the current wrestling companies out there today, I am talking EXTREME, and Extreme to the next level, D2M-W is the new home of Next Level cutting Edge Extreme, the most wild and uncensored action you have ever seen in a United States..no fuck that. I mean World Wide wrestling company, and do you know why I can make such a claim? Because D2M-W is 100% Rob Black from thought process to final product, no Hollywood writers, no fucking flip flop monkeys intent on pulling off a 5 star classic, I am not catering for that type of audience. I am catering for the Extreme audience, the beyond Extreme audience, the sick and fucking twisted Rob Black mind state alike audience. 

Fuck the 5 star ratings in the wrestling rag sheets and on the websites, that’s not what D2M-W is about, fuck the bland stale wrestling terms and standards, fuck your Smart Marks, fuck your Marks, and screw tradition. If you want wild unpredictable boundary pushing violence and concepts, come see D2M-W, if you want the sexiest ladies who will do anything you can imagine and beyond, come see D2M-W, If you want to give a big ‘fuck you’ to American standards and practices, the fucking censorship shit, you come see fucking D2M-W, do you get the damn point?

I am not scared to tell the world that I have been told by people that this D2M-W thing is not a good idea, but I am Rob Black a man who has never cared what people think, so I am not going to start now. I was told that if I really wanted to get back into the wrestling business I should scrap the Extreme concepts and form a traditional style wrestling company, a mainstream company, well fuck all of that, If I was to do a company like that it would suck and it would suck because my heart would not be in it, because that kind of shit is not Rob Black. D2M-W is 100% real to me and what I stand for.

Are you DEAD TO MORALITY? Well why not come join our wicked crusade because the D2M-W graveyard of sickness is full of LIFE.

Rob Black (D2M-W Owner)

(In the next news update: Information on the roster of D2M-W, and information on the first ever D2M-W show ‘All American Homecoming’)

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Earlier the website of D2M-W launched with the following statement on its front page..

#Welcome to D2M-W.com

The Dead 2 Morality Wrestling Media Campaign has now fully launched.

Los Angeles – September 17th

On Thursday the 15th of September 2005 the controversial Rob Black addressed Wrestling fans worldwide for the first time since the demise of XPW. Rob planted the teaser seeds for D2M-W into the minds of the entire wrestling nation, and now with permission of the great man himself the D2M-W web team are going to help those seeds form into a bundle of information overload, hold onto your wigs because this news will have you jumping from your seats, we have loads of information on D2M-W including the info you have all been waiting for the most, the information on the debut show, so without further ado….

# On the 16th October D2M-W holds its debut show…ALL AMERICAN HOMECOMING.

Join D2M-W for its inception on Sunday the 16th October at the D2M-W Arena (the Los Angeles Rockout Live Nightclub) located at 19908 Harleys way. Bell time will be 8.00pm with doors opening at 7.00; Tickets will be available at the box office on the night of the event or through advance via this every website, tickets will be on sale on this site from tomorrow morning at 9.00am. Prices are $15 for ringside and $10 for general admission.

Important notice: Although minors are allowed into our shows we do recommend caution, the D2M-W product is adult orientated and will not be to everybody’s tastes.

SPECIAL DEAL: the first 50 males over the age of 18 will have the option to join a special queue for an exclusive private striptease dance from one of the lovely D2M-W ladies. This deal goes for the first 50 no matter what type of ticket you have, all we ask is you’re over 18 (with ID to prove it) and your set.


We are pleased to announce that ‘All American Homecoming’ will be recorded and DVD production will begin in the days following the event for distribution via our website by late October/Early November. Fans live at the event will get an option to place a pre-order on the DVD and the option will be made online shortly after the event.

#Names for the Event

So far you know little on the names that will be on hand at ‘All American Homecoming’ and Rob Black has given us orders to make sure it stays that way for now, but when asked for comment on the roster for D2M-W Rob said the following which sheds some light on some of the names you can expect…

Rob Black: ‘Have you ever heard the saying keep your friends close? If you haven’t now is a good time to fucking memorize it because it applies to D2M-W and especially our first night, no matter who shows up at ‘All American Homecoming’ you can be sure that alliances will be formed that will shape the future events of the company, many of my friends will be on hand, I myself will obviously be on hand along with my charming wife the true fucking Queen of Extreme ‘Lizzy Borden’, after all if you cannot class your wife as a friend who the hell can you class as one? I have also given ‘Angel’ the Hardcore Homosexual a call, now he is not a friend as such, don’t think for one minute I hang in those kind of social circles, with that fact in mind you may be asking why the fuck I would hire a guy like Angel, its because I know if I need somebody to watch my wife when I am not around he is the type of person I can trust, its not like he will make a play on her is it?, he will be to busy having daydreams about Pat Patterson.

One more thing I should add, as much as I focus on friends I may also be tempted to bring some enemies into D2M-W, after all ‘Keep your enemies closer’ is another saying, and you may very well see some of my enemies at ‘All American Homecoming’”

Thanks for reading, we will update with more information as soon as it is made available to us, well…at least when Rob Black gives us permission to post it.

The D2M-W Web Team

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After no major updates since the 17th of September D2M-W.com updated today on October 2nd with the following news on its debut show set for the 16th.

#Welcome to D2M-W.com

#One half of the ‘All American Homecoming’ main event CONFIRMED

The D2M-W Web Team are pleased to reveal that one of the names in the scheduled main event for D2M-W’s debut show ‘All American Homecoming’ on October 16th has been confirmed, this news is so fresh the ink on the contract has not yet dried, but a very happy Rob Black came to our offices minutes ago and told us to get this news on the web as quick as possible, so without further hype or speculation we can reveal that former ECW, WWE, TNA superstar ‘RHINO’ will be one of the names in the scheduled main event match, yes you read that right, fresh off a TNA contract release the Man Beast is charging into D2M-W and you can be certain that he is charging at full speed 100% UNTAMED.

This Detroit native is dangerous at the best of times but he is now more dangerous then ever, he has lost jobs from two high paying companies in the space of nine months due to fear from both companies when it comes to keeping this wild son of a bitch tame within the little mainstream worlds they have carved for themselves, look at this guy wrong and he will fuck you up, as part of contract negotiations Rob Black offered Rhino some fine Extreme Associates ladies to get his horn stuck into, but Rhino turned the offer down and he told Rob Black that the only kind of fucking he wants to do is the ‘fucking somebody up’ kind, the kind that’s so bad they wont even be able to crawl back to there loved ones when the violence is all just a memory, this Rhino is PISSED, this Rhino is not focused on money, he isn’t focused on women, he is focused on inflicting new levels of pain.


Rhino’s opponent is expected to be announced in the coming days, whoever it is better be ready for a fight beyond any levels currently known to man.

# 2 former XPW title holders contact Rob Black

Earlier today the D2M-W Web Team received some interesting news, especially interesting to fans of Rob Blacks last wrestling venture XPW, we can confirm that two former champions from that company plan on being apart of D2M-Ws debut show ‘All American Homecoming’ on the 16th  after both of these names gave Rob Black phonecalls.  We have been given permission by Rob Black to reveal these two names…

‘’The Wonderkid’’ Jonny Storm

This British Highflying sensation is the former (and only) XPW European Champion, after defeating Jerry Lynn for the honour, Jonny has never failed to deliver on his promise of ‘Style in Action’ and has carved a respectable reputation worldwide, despite all of his successes following the demise of XPW Jonny was not one to leave his XPW success in the past like many other names did, he would instead remind fans worldwide that he was the one and only XPW European champion, as recently as January he was carrying a briefcase to shows and in this briefcase he claimed he still had the XPW European title belt, Jonny finally vacated the title and it seemed the legacy of the XPW European title would just be a memory, but now Jonny claims he is bringing the title out of retirement and it will be with him when he appears at ‘All American Homecoming’ on the 16th, the two questions that need to be asked however are the following, Does Jonny really have the title belt in his possession? And if he does have the title will it be recognized by Rob Black and D2M-W?? Find out the answers on the 16th.  

‘’King of the Deathmatch’’ Supreme

Demented, Sadistic, Malicious…these are three words that cannot be far from ones tongue when trying to describe the XPW Deathmatch champion Supreme; this man would give Charlie Manson nightmares, He has been in some of the sickest matches ever sanctioned on US soil, but maybe the years have desensitized Supreme, maybe he has found a new outlook on life and some goodwill towards fellow men…..are you fucking kidding??? Time has only made the mind of Supreme a more sick and twisted playground and unlucky for anybody who crosses his path Supreme is willing to share and extract the twisted thoughts from his mind into reality and for Supreme reality equals immense suffering. The D2M-W web team can confirm that like Jonny Storm who phoned Rob Black to ask if he could attend ‘All American Homecoming’ Supreme did the same, but we have heard that Supremes call was not as polite as Jonny’s. It would seem Supreme more or less demanded Rob allows him to be at the show officially or he would just show up anyway. Why does Supreme want to attend ‘All American Homecoming’? And what is his problem with Rob Black? I guess we will all find out one way or another on the 16th.

Thanks for reading this huge update; we will be back in the coming days with our final update before ‘All American Homecoming’ on October 16th, the update will include confirmation on Rhino’s opponent as well as information on more of the names you can expect to see on hand.

Remember…. Card is Subject to change, but certain to shock

The D2M-W Web Team 

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In the early hours of October 9th D2M-W.com was updated with a statement from company owner Rob Black, this shocking statement is quickly circulating around wrestling websites and forums, most fans seem disgusted with Rob Black over his comments, below is the unedited statement as it appears on the D2M-W site.

October 9th

Terry Fuck Up

This is Rob Black talking, not some web monkey paid to type shit up for me, it is me talking directly from the heart to keyboard just like when I announced D2M-W's inception, the web team have been put on a break, you should know by now that when Rob Black talks to you direct it is because something very fucking important is going down or in this case already has gone down, lets get right to it.

Last weekend I allowed my web monkeys to put up information regarding the signing of former ECW, WWE, and TNA superstar ‘RHINO’  for D2M-W’s debut show ‘All American Homecoming’ which is now only a week away, and to the credit of those over paid fuckwits who typed up the whole hype spiel regarding Rhino they did a good job of getting the points needed across, since the announcement of Rhino ticket sales have increased, but maybe I am giving those nerdy jackasses to much credit because a guy like Rhino hypes himself, and it is because Rhino + D2M-W equals reality, a real fucked up situation, and reality equals interest, the name of Rhino alone is enough to get most people talking, so not even the most foolish of web typing jack offs could fuck it up.

But as I ‘Rob Black’ sit in my Extreme Associates offices and type this, I am doing so because sadly with just a week before my show left, something has been fucked up, and it is not the fault of my web team, its not the fault of Rhino, it is the fault of an old jackass named TERRY FUNK.

Confused??, well allow me to explain or fuck off, because the situation is as follows, it is a shitty situation that’s not very pretty but I am all about reality so I am going to give you the D2M-W fans all the realistic and shitty info you need. Last week I signed Rhino up for the ‘All American Homecoming’ main event as you all already know, what you don’t know is I also signed Terry Funk the so called middle aged and crazy hardcore legend to face Rhino. I held off allowing my web team to post information on Terry Funks signing because I know that old bastard has a fan base and I was aware he would generate last minute ticket sales if I held off on his announcement, this was meant to be that very announcement, it was meant to be an update from my web team announcing Rhino vs. Terry Funk officially for ‘All American Homecoming’, it was meant to be a last minute surprise to get people talking, but earlier today the shit hit the fan when I got word from one of my talent that Terry Funk confirmed he would be at the D2M-W debut show in an interview for an Amarillo newspaper… LAST FUCKING MONDAY.

I am pissed off, not so much at what Terry Funk did but the fact he went ahead and did such a thing anyway against my orders, his bosses’ orders for fucks sake; I wanted that shit to be a surprise for the final week before the show, it is fairly fucking simple. Can’t that senile old bastard remember how to keep a secret anymore?  I suppose Terry may have thought it would not hurt the show based in Los Angeles by announcing his being there in a small time Amarillo newspaper, and he is probably right, but when I Rob Black tell somebody to keep a secret I expect it to be fucking kept, Terry I don’t give a fuck if you tell the Martians you plan on being at my show, I don’t care if you mutter the fact to your wife in your sleep, your still breaking my trust.

To the fans of D2M-W I am now officially telling you that you wont be seeing Terry Funk next Sunday at ‘All American Homecoming’, I know that fucking sucks but its not my fault an old bastard who is meant to be an old school professional fucked it up for everybody, Besides as much fun as it would have been to see Rhino mess that old shit up, I cant really be bothered paying for his medical expenses, nature will do the job of putting him out of his pain soon enough anyway.

Terry Funk I guess in a way I need to thank you, I need to thank you for opening my fucking eyes even further and making me see much clearer that no fucker in this shitty business can be trusted, not even an old timer like yourself. I find it kind of ironic that when I first tried to break into this business I was called a ‘money mark’ by veterans like yourself, yet you veterans seem to be doing more to disappoint the paying public then I Rob Black could ever do. Congratulations on being the first talent (and I use the word ‘talent’ loosely) to be BLACK listed from D2M-W, and you did it without even appearing on one show you stupid old fuck.

D2M-W fans a replacement opponent for Rhino in the main event of next Sundays show will be announced a few hours from now, if your sick of being fucked around like this you know who to direct all the blame to, and it sure isn’t me.

Rob Black

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October 16th 2005

Pre Show thoughts from a fan regarding the Private Striptease:

For those who may not know D2M-W offered a free striptease prior to the event for the first fifty over 18 year old guys from one of the D2M-W ladies. I was one of the guys who went for this deal, it really was a no catch situation, and all you needed was a ticket to the event no matter how cheap and identification to confirm your age. The actual dance was in a fairly small dimly lit room and the dancer was D2M-W’s own Veronica Caine. It was really nothing to get excited about but she did go topless, I doubt it was arousing to anybody especially with all the security presence in the room, but hey it was a cool little freebie to the fans, what other wrestling company out there gives you this kind of deal? I should also note that after we all left the dance a table was set up by the exit door selling Extreme Associates DVD’s, and I noticed many takers. Good business sense by Rob Black to cross over his two companies in such a manner in my opinion.

Pre Show thoughts from a fan regarding the set:

The show had a fairly professional look to it, nothing to fancy compared to what we see from the major companies on television currently but despite this D2M-W can certainly hold its own and probably outdo many of the independent companies in business today. What instantly caught my eye as I entered the venue and took my seat was the nicely lit entrance way with the W in a constructed stand up D2M-W logo forming the curtain that the talent would enter the ring to, a grounded steel walkway from this entrance led to the ring but at the actual ringside nothing was on the floor, no safety mats or anything of the sort. The ring featured D2M-W logos on its canvas and aprons and Red, White, and Blue made up the rope colours, I am guessing this was to go with the American homecoming theme of the event. I was a few rows back from ringside but I noticed some production members giving out little American Flags to audience members in first row.

The show itself

The show opened up with ‘Lets Dance’ by five playing over the venues PA system, because nothing says extreme like music by Five after all, Anyway ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm emerged from the curtain and headed down the ramp holding a black briefcase, Jonny stops to jaw jack with some fans (confirming that he is obviously in heel mode tonight) before grabbing a microphone from ringside and stepping into the ring, ready to speak.

Jonny Storm: It is a pleasure to be back in the Good old USA…yeahhhhhhh baby.

Jonny stops for a moment and he is met with some cheers, when the cheers die out he continues speaking...

Jonny Storm: Sorry maybe that came out wrong, I meant it is a pleasure to be back in the Good Old USA just so I can see the looks of jealousy from all of your faces when you realise the greatest talent you have ever seen is myself ‘The Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm, Mr Style in Action, and I know why you look at me with jealousy, you look at me in that way because your not only jealous of my talents, but your also jealous that I am not from this country, and the fact of the matter is a talent as good as myself could never possibly come from this shithole of a country. I am one hundred percent British grade A baby yeahhhhhh ha ha.

Jonny is cut off from the boo’s of the crowd

Jonny Storm: Hey come on; don’t get me wrong, I don’t hate everything about the United States. I actually find some enjoyment in coming over for these working vacations, but the best thing about a Holiday in America is when it is finally time to leave and you realise how fortunate you are that you don’t live in it.

Jonny Storms tirade is cut off as ‘I disappear by Metallica’ kicks in on the venues PA system, Rob Black emerges from the curtain to a mixed response from the crowd, Rob is followed out by his wife Lizzy Borden, Rob is wearing a Red, White, and Blue suit and Lizzy Borden is in a Red, White, and Blue bikini piece. They are followed out by Angel the Hardcore Homosexual who is just wearing his regular pink wrestling trunks. Rob Black is quickly handed a microphone by a production member and he begins to speak...

Rob Black: Alright Jonny, I have been sitting in the back listening to this boring shit and it is time you shut the fuck up or get to the fucking point already, as much as I may agree with some of your anti American sentiments due to the way I have been fucked over by the place myself in recent years, this is not the fucking time or place to air such sentiments ok?

Jonny Storm: Ok

Rob Black: You’re damn fucking right its ok you faggot ass motherfucker, maybe I should put your ass in a tag team with Angel.

Angel waves at Jonny Storm and winks at him, Jonny Storm looks shocked before composing himself and talking...

Jonny Storm: Really Rob there is no need for that mate; I have a plan that I think you will like.

Rob Black: You have one fucking minute to sell me on it, and you better sell it fucking well, because so far you have been boring the shit out of me.

Jonny Storm: It’s like this Rob

Jonny lifts up his briefcase…

Jonny Storm: In this Briefcase is the XPW European title, I am the undefeated XPW European title holder. I have continued representing XPW worldwide, out of loyalty to you Rob Black, I want to continue representing you Rob, and I want to continue representing Europe so…

Jonny Storm is cut off before he finishes by Rob

Rob Black: Ok Ok Ok, enough all fucking ready. I think I get the direction you’re going with this, so I am telling you something right now, that belt is no longer the XPW European title, it is now the D2M-W European title and you are the title holder, and you’re defending it next. Your opponent is…

Rob is cut off by Lizzy Borden who asks him for the microphone; Rob gives the microphone to her.

Lizzy Borden: Just one thing, before my husband makes the match I want to make sure Jonny really has the title belt in his possession, Open the briefcase Jonny.

Jonny Storm tries to open the briefcase but he does not seem to be able to, Jonny puts the briefcase down and talks on the microphone.

Jonny Storm: Oh shit, I just remembered I have left the key for the case at home, In Essex England. Shit I am sorry guys.

Rob snatches the microphone back from Lizzy and continues talking...

Rob Black: Fuck this shit; I don’t give a fuck if you have the belt with you or not Jonny, your taking up to much fucking Showtime, your recognised as my European champion alright, belt or no fucking belt.

Jonny Storm: Thanks mate

Rob Black: Now for your opponent tonight, I don’t know much about him but you’re going to have to make do with fighting his ass because he is the only other European I have under contract, I didn’t even hire him to be a fucking wrestler, I hired him to be an international piece of ass for Angel.

Angel smiles

Rob Black: Your opponent, from some Male Brothel in Turkey…BARISH

A Turkish wrestler by the Name of Barish makes his way down to the ring as Rob Black, Lizzy Borden, and Angel head backstage, Barish enters with no entrance music or fanfare; he appears to be a lightweight wearing a red singlet with the Turkish flag illustrated upon it. Jonny Storm puts his briefcase outside the ring as Barish steps into it, a referee runs down to the ring area and the bell is rung, starting the first ever match in D2M-W history.

(D2M-W EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH) ‘Wonderkid’ Jonny Storm (Champion) vs. Barish (challenger)

The two workers lock up and have a power struggle until Jonny gets the momentum by throwing Barish down to the mat via his hair. The referee sees this and gives Jonny a warning about it; Jonny starts to argue with the referee which gives Barish the opportunity to sneakily roll him up for a pin attempt…

1…2… Jonny Storm kicks out

Jonny Storm quickly jumps back up to his feet and takes Barish down to the mat with an arm drag. Barish shows speed himself by jumping straight back up and going for a successful kick to Jonny Storms midsection, Jonny Storm crouches holding his stomach allowing Barish time to go for a DDT, down to the mat head first for Jonny Storm, Barish runs the ropes and goes for a splash, he is greeted by two knees to his stomach thanks to a cautious tactic by Jonny Storm. Both men are down on the floor and Jonny Storm applies a grounded head scissors to Barish, Barish manages to move across the mat a little to grab a rope, forcing Jonny Storm to break the hold. Jonny Storm is quick to his feet while Barish uses the ropes to help himself up; he is obviously in quite a bit of pain in the early stages of this match. Jonny applies a Headlock on Barish, Jonny uses his free hand to reach down and grab his own foot, he uses this to bring his own foot up to kick Barish in the head while he still has him in the headlock, Jonny manages to do this successfully a few times but the momentum turns when Barish pulls Jonny Storm up for a side suplex. Jonny Storm is now down on the floor but the delivery of the move seems to have taken a great deal out of Barish who still seems to be in pain following the knees he took to the stomach earlier in the match. Barish decides to climb the top turnbuckle….flying elbow drop attempt, but it backfires as Jonny storm rolls out of the way, Jonny Storm quickly rolls over onto Barish for a pin attempt…

1…2…Surprising kick out from Barish

Jonny Storm gets up to his feet and yells at the referee claiming he cannot count as it was an obvious three in his opinion, Jonny Storm turns his attention back to Barish who is still on the floor following the missed elbow drop. Jonny Storm lays some vicious kicks into Barish’s midsection. Jonny Storm then climbs the top turnbuckle and hits a lovely moonsault onto Barish, Jonny is on top of him for the pin attempt…

1…2…Barish kicks out, Jonny Storm is visibly frustrated, what will it take to put the Turkish man away?

Jonny Storm pulls Barish up to his feet and sets him up for one of his trademark moves, The Wonderwhirl (Half Nelson Michinoku Driver), Barish tries to struggle free but Jonny Storm hits the move with wonderful precision. Jonny Storm goes for the pin attempt…


Following the match Jonny Storm celebrates to boo’s from the audience as his theme music ‘Lets Dance’ by Five plays. Jonny goes outside the ring and grabs his black briefcase, Jonny re-enters the ring with the Briefcase in hand, Barish gets up to his feet only to be knocked straight back down by a Briefcase shot to the head. Jonny Storm laughs to himself as he leaves the ringside area and heads to the back, Barish is helped to the backstage area by the referee, he gets a polite applause from the crowd but nothing amazing.

You’re Winner and still the D2M-W European Champion JONNY STORM

An instrumental version of ‘Another one bites the dust’ by Queen kicks in on the Venues PA system as Joe.E Legend makes his way down to the ringside area with a microphone in his hand, he is met by mainly cheers from the crowd but Joe does not play to the crowd at all, his focus at all times when walking down to the ring is on the ring itself, he looks very determined and deep in thought over something. Joe steps into the ring and begins to speak...

Joe E.Legend: As I am sure you all know I have been bought in to this show tonight as a replacement opponent, and I am proud to step up to such a task, I am proud to be in Dead 2 Morality Wrestling.

The fans cheer, Joe continues to speak following the cheers.

Joe E.Legend: My opponent tonight is not just anybody however, and I am not going to lie to you people I am going to be truthful, the man I am scheduled to fight tonight is a close personal friend of mine. The man I am talking about is RHINO.

The fans cheer at the mention of Rhinos name

Joe E.Legend: Now Rhino I know you’re in the back listening to me, I want you to know that I am well aware you can be one of the most vicious unforgiving calculating son of bitches in this profession, and I want you to know that is the type of Rhino I am expecting to meet inside this ring later this evening. I would be offended if you delivered any less. I know we are friends Rhino but right now in this setting we are businessmen first, and believe me when I tell you buddy, I am going to be all business tonight.

‘I disappear’ by Metallica kicks in on the venues PA System as Rob Black makes his way out to ringside, unlike earlier Rob is alone, he steps into the ring with a microphone and speaks to Joe E.Legend…

Rob Black: I applaud you Mr Legend for coming out to this ring and conducting yourself like a fucking man, I was scared you was going to hit this ring with that microphone in your hand and go all pussy on this audience with cheesy stories of friendship and all that shit, well there is no place for that shit in my company and I am glad you have fucking stepped up and realised that fact. Tonight you and Rhino are being paid for one reason and it is not to have the best wrestling match of all time, it is not to establish some shitty storyline or whatever the fuck, the reason your being paid is quite simply to fuck one another up, to leave these people talking long after this show is over about a fucking FIGHT they have seen. I want them talking about violence, I want them talking about new extremes, I want them talking about the new fucking level of….

Rob Black is cut off from speaking when ‘Desperado’ by the Eagles kicks in on the venues PA system. Rob Blacks mouth drops open in shock and the fans rise to there feet and cheer as they know straight away what this must mean, and there guess is quickly proven correct when Hardcore legend ‘Terry Funk’ emerges from the curtain and slowly walks to the ring, greeting the fans on his way. This is a man Rob Black had only a week earlier promised would not be at the show due to spoiling a surprise regarding his scheduled appearance. Terry Funk gets a microphone from ringside and steps into the ring to join Rob Black and Joe.E Legend.

Rob Black: What the fuck is this, what the mother fucking hell is this shit?

Terry Funk: You think that potty mouth of yours is cool Rob, well you just get me going you chickenshit and you will see my potty mouth is much cooler.

Rob Black: I will get you fucking going you old fuck, going straight out of this fucking venue, your not meant to be apart of this thing, I told you that your fucking blacklisted you senile piece of shit…Security get this fucking old fossil out of my building.

Terry Funk: Hang on a minute Rob, before you get Security and try and make this a legal situation, I have a few legal facts of my own for you boy, it is regarding contracts you dumb bush league chickenshit.

Rob Black: What the fuck?

Terry Funk: I will tell you what the fuck, I will tell you right now, you spent so much time and effort by ranting about me over the internet you forgot a little thing that is rather important in this business, but I guess you don’t know as much as you claim about this business Rob you dumb Money Mark chickenshit, you forgot to terminate the contract I signed for my appearance at this very show tonight.

Rob Black: My word is as good as a contract you motherfucker.

Terry Funk: You get your security out to this ring then Rob, I wont put up a fight, after all I am just an old man, but do you really want to humiliate yourself further and do you want to go down as having disappointed your fans on your new companies first show, by having Terry Funk kicked out of the venue when the fans have seen me and know full well I was willing to perform for them, if these fans want to see an old bastard like myself perform that is.

The fans cheer for Terry Funk showing there support

Rob Black: Ok Terry, I fucking admit it, I made a mistake. I am not going to disappoint these people, they obviously want to see you perform, god knows fucking why but they do, so I will put you in a fucking match tonight, I am not happy about it, but I will motherfucking do it.

Joe E.Legend who has been silent for sometime but is still in the ring begins to speak...

Joe E.Legend: Hang on Rob; I hope your not thinking what I think you are. I hope you are not considering changing the Main event match back to Rhino and Terry Funk like you originally advertised, leaving me in the dark, because if you are I am telling you right now I will take you through the courts for going against the contract I signed with you, I want my main event match, the main event match me and you contractually agreed on Rob. I don’t think you want anymore legal trouble Rob so I would seriously consider your next move wisely.

Terry Funk: Let me just say something to you Joe, no offence to you because I have all the respect in the world for you, but Rob signed the exact same deal with me it seems, the same as in I was also promised a Main event match with Rhino, I like yourself could also put my foot down and demand the match I was contractually promised, but seeing as this Money Mark chicken Shit has gotten himself into a big enough mess already I am going to make things a little easier for him.

Rob Black: What are you getting at old man?

Terry Funk: What I am getting at is this, I demand a match tonight but I am willing to go against the contract, I am willing to settle with any match, besides a young piece of talent like Joe is more worthy of the main event spot then me.

The fans cheer Terry Funk for saying this

Rob Black: Ok this is what I am going to do, the main event for this show is not being fucked up for a third time so it will go ahead as was decided last week, it will be Rhino facing Joe E.Legend, and as for you Terry it just so happens I have a guy sitting in the back tonight with no scheduled match, a sadistic fuck who could give any other psycho a good run for there money, I am talking about Pogo the Clown.

Terry Funk: Sounds good to me.

Rob Black: But I am going to spice this shit up a little more, the winners of each respective match will go on to face each other at our next show ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ in November, and that match will be to determine the first ever D2M-W World Heavyweight champion.

The fans cheer

Rob Black: but let it be known Terry Funk, I haven’t forgotten how you fucked me around and I am making no secret that I hate your old rotting guts. You’re in the D2M-W but don’t think for one second I am going to make it easy on your fucking ass. If you get fucked up so bad in one of my rings that you can never walk again, I will laugh in your face. I honestly fucking will.

Terry Funk: Knowing you Rob I don’t doubt that claim for a second, but don’t think I won’t go down without a good old fight, and if I go down your coming with me you horse manure mouth chicken shit.

Rob Black: Enough of this crap, hopefully I wont have to deal with you again after Pogo is done with you old man, but by some chance you survive this upcoming fight you can rest assured I will come at you harder then ever you fucking fossil.

Slow paced sadistic sounding Circus style music begins to play on the Venues PA system as Pogo the Clown makes his way down to ringside holding a staff, Pogo gets into the faces of some of the fans as he makes his way down nearer to the ring.

Rob Black: Terry Funk say hello to your opponent…POGO THE CLOWN, and I am making this a no dq match, any fucking thing goes without question.

As Pogo the Clown puts his staff down at ringside and steps into the ring Rob Black leaves and heads off to the backstage area, Joe.E Legend shakes Terry Funks hand before he also leaves the ring and heads backstage. The referee gets into the ring and calls for the bell, this match is on.

(HARDCORE MATCH) Terry Funk vs. Pogo the Clown

Terry Funk heads straight towards Pogo the Clown and swings at him with some quick punches, Pogo seems to just shake them off and he responds by pushing Terry Funk to the ground. Terry Funk crawls across the ring slowly which gives Pogo the chance to mount his back and applie a Camel Clutch onto him. Terry cannot seem to do anything to get the big man off him and the pain he is in is obvious for all to see. Pogo the Clown releases the hold and heads outside the ring, Pogo the Clowns big frame staggers around the ring as he looks under the apron, after a few moments Pogo pulls a big rucksack out from under the ring and he throws the rucksack into the ring, Pogo then pulls out a steel chair from under the ring and he heads back into the ring with it.

By the time Pogo is back in the ring Terry Funk has gotten up to his feet but he is staggering around in noticeable pain, Pogo shows no mercy by swinging the chair at Terry Funk, Terry takes the chair shot straight to his head without even getting time to put his hands up to somewhat lessen the impact of the blow, somehow after this vicious blow to the head Terry Funk is still standing, Pogo the Clown swings the chair once again, another chair shot, this time Terry Funk slumps down to the floor, his eyes glazed over. Pogo the Clown walks over to the Rucksack and he opens it up and he fumbles around inside the rucksack for a moment before pulling out a tube of glue, what on earth could this be for?

Pogo opens up the tube of glue and squirts it over the steel chair just used to knock Terry Funk down. Pogo then reaches into his rucksack again and pulls out a massive bag of thumbtacks, Pogo sprinkles the thumbtacks over the glue drenched chair, when Pogo picks the chair up many of the thumbtacks fall off of it but many of them stay on it, what Pogo is preparing does not look nice at all.

Terry Funk staggers up to his feet and he is now bleeding following the two chair shots he took to his head, but HOLY SHIT…. Pogo smashes the Thumbtack glue coated chair into Terry Funks head, Terry slumps down to his knees in agony and Pogo gives Terry another whack with the chair, this time across the back. Terry slumps straight to the mat with thumbtacks stuck into his shirt and his bloody forehead.

Pogo the Clown slowly gets down onto the mat for a pin attempt on Terry Funk

1…2…thr…NO NO. Terry somehow kicks out.

Pogo the Clown gets up to his feet and grabs the Thumbtack glue coated chair again, he leans down to hit Terry Funk with it but he is met with a desperation tactic low blow from Terry Funk, Pogo the Clown grabs his crotch area in pain and falls to one knee, meanwhile Terry funk rolls over to the ropes and uses them to pull himself up to his feet, the fans seem to be charging Terry up with there chants for him. Terry staggers for a moment but soon gets some bearing. Terry leans down and pulls the Thumbtack glue coated steel chair out of Pogo’s grasp, Pogo who is still on one knee gets back up to two feet but he is suddenly met with a chair shot to the stomach by Terry Funk, Pogo slumps back to one knee again before he is met with a chair shot across his head, Pogo slumps down fully to the canvas face first, Holy shit this is sickening, thumbtacks are now stuck in Pogo’s head.

Terry Funk places the steel chair on Pogo’s back, Pogo is still lying down face first and motionless, Terry Funk slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle, HOLY SHIT, Moonsault, Funk shouldn’t be pulling off that move at his age, especially not on a guy who has a steel chair with thumbtacks glued to it on his back, sickening impact for both Terry on landing and Pogo upon impact, both Terry and Pogo are lying on top of each other in a heap with only the chair between them. If only Pogo was on his back, Terry would have him in a pinning situation right now if that was the case. Both men remain down for what seems like an age, Terry Funk gets up very slowly and he leans down to try and turn Pogo over onto his back, but Terry does not seem to have the energy within himself to do it, a quick thinking Terry picks up the Steel Chair and wedges it under Pogo’s stomach, this seems like an attempt by Terry to give him more support in the effort to turn Pogo over onto his back, it works as Pogo rolls over onto his back, Terry Funk quickly falls on top of the clown for a pin attempt..


Terry Funk somehow pulls off the win, and the fans rejoice as the referee raises the hand of the battered and bloodied legend, the celebration is short lived however as Rhino enters the ring, Terry Funk turns around to see who is behind him…GORE, Terry Funk is down on the canvas clutching his mid section. Rhino sadistically kicks away at the floored Funker, as if things couldn’t get any worse Rob Black and his wife Lizzy Borden are now at ringside, they both reach under the ring and pull out a Table, Rob and Lizzy slide it into the ring as Rhino smiles, Rhino places the table into a corner of the ring, he picks up the weakened body of Terry Funk and slumps him back first so he is resting on the table, Rhino then backs up into the opposite corner of the ring, oh my this is going to be the sickest Gore ever, but WAIT, Terry Funk has hit the floor before Rhino begins to run, somebody has Terry Funks feet and is pulling him out of the ring and out of harms way, it is Joe E.Legend who is back at ringside. Rhino looks pissed off at the fact he did not get to Gore Terry Funk through the table, Joe.E.Legend gives Rhino a smirk, and it’s the ‘I look forward to kicking your ass later’ kind of Smirk, Joe.E.Legend and the referee help Terry Funk to the backstage area. Rob Black and Lizzy Borden enter the ring and attempt to calm down a pissed off Rhino. After a few minutes of talking Rhino, Rob Black, and Lizzy Borden all leave together, Security members help Pogo the Clown to the backstage area also.

Terry Funk will now face the winner of tonight’s Rhino/Joe.E.Legend match at next months D2M-W event ‘Keep the Morals at Home’

You’re Winner: TERRY FUNK

‘Living Dead Girl’ by Rob Zombie starts up on the venues PA System, to the cheers of the fans the ‘King of the Deathmatch’ Supreme makes his way out to the ring area. Supreme grabs a microphone and gets into the ring, he walks around the ring in pace to his music for awhile before it cuts off, he then begins to talk.

Supreme: WHO AM I???

The fans chant ‘Supreme’

Supreme: WHO THE FUCK AM I??

The fans once again chant ‘Supreme’

Supreme: Well it seems like none of you have fucking forgotten about me, lets see if Rob Black remembers who the fuck I am, in fact I know he remembers who the fuck I am, from that fuck faces reaction when I phoned his fucking office a few fucking weeks back, so Rob fucking Black lets see if you have got some fucking balls, step down that fucking entrance way, step in the fucking ring, stand man to fucking man with fucking Supreme, come on fuck face.

‘I Disappear’ by Metallica starts up for the third time this evening on the venues PA System, an annoyed looking Rob Black quickly walks to the ring with a microphone in hand, Rob decides not to get inside the ring, he instead remains standing at ringside.

Supreme: Get through those fucking ropes, into the fucking ring, show some fucking balls, come on fuckface I want to talk fucking business.

Rob Black: Damn it Supreme you swear more then me, calm the fuck down alright.

Supreme: You give me fucking reason to calm the fuck down then maybe I fucking will.

Rob Black: What’s this all about Supreme?

Supreme: You know what it is fucking about

Rob Black: I have an idea but remind me

Supreme: It is fucking funny to me how all these fans seem to fucking respect and fucking remember what I put on the fucking line for the fucking XPW some years ago, yet the fucking owner of that company doesn’t. I was the king of the fucking death match, I got fucked up with fucking razor wire, tacks, and fucking fire, I got fucking burnt Rob, for your company you fucker, and I never fucking bitched, but a bit of fucking respect from you is all I fucking wanted and I never fucking got it.

Rob Black: Look Supreme you have got your wires crossed somewhere alright, I did fucking appreciate you and I still do, you are the King of the Death match, hell… how could I forget some of the crazy shit you did, but don’t come down to my fucking ring and play the charity case saying you did all that shit for me, you did that shit for yourself mainly and you knew it then and you know it now.

Supreme: Maybe you’re fucking right, but not one phone call after XPW Rob, not one fucking phone call.

Rob Black: Give me a chance to make it up to you, I was a busy man back then with all that fucking legal bullshit I got involved in, I have had a fucked up night already Supreme, this was meant to be my big homecoming after all that legal shit, my big fuck you to America, but this night has turned to shit so far, that faggot fuck Jonny Storm stealing the spotlight with his Briefcase shit, and that old fucking piece of shit Terry Funk showing up. This night has sucked for me so far Supreme, but just give me a chance to make a positive out of something, for myself and for you, come on Supreme, let me make it up to you.

Supreme: I am listening

Rob Black: I have a contact in Japan, he has built a hardcore reputation for himself, he is a serious fucking head case like you, and he is into the entire death match shit. Sadly he had other commitments so he couldn’t be at this show tonight, he is on some bullshit tour with a fucking Japanese company, but he is coming to America Supreme, and when he comes to America he is wrestling for the fucking D2M-W.

The fans cheer

Rob Black: and if you’re up for it I want you to be his opponent, this will be your chance to show your still the King of the Death matches against one of Japans best, what do you say??

Supreme is silent but looks to be contemplating the offer

Rob Black: and I will throw in another bonus for you, I have some Extreme Associates ladies in the backstage area, they are fucking hot and they are all fucking yours tonight Supreme, all the pussy you could ever want.

Supreme: I don’t give a fuck about all that, I just want to fuck somebody up with violence, your on Rob Black, a fucking death match, get this fucking bitch boy from Japan over to this fucking country as soon as fucking possible and I will fuck him up…and as for your other fucking offer, I will take all the pussy on offer after all.

Rob Black enters the ring with a smile on his face and shakes hands with Supreme.

Supreme: but if you fuck me around with this whole Japanese deal, if it’s all fucking bullshit, I will fuck your life up Rob, you fucking understand?.

Rob Black: that won’t be an issue, you will get your opponent don’t worry, fucking trust me big fella.

‘Living Dead Girl’ by Rob Zombie hits once again on the venues PA system, as Supreme and Rob Black head backstage together as they seemingly discuss the deal together upon the walk to the back.

Following this segment a 10 minute interval is announced over the venues PA system.


Following the interval the show resumes… ‘Get Naked’ by Methods of Mayhem begins to play on the venues PA system, Veronica Caine makes her way down to ringside to a mixed response which mainly consists of cheers from the crowd, wearing office secretary type attire albeit with a see through skirt, Veronica grabs a microphone from ringside and takes her time bending through the ropes to get into the ring much to the delight of the fans in the first few rows, when Veronica finally enters the ring she looks around surveying the audience before she begins to speak..

Veronica Caine: Ladies and Gentlemen it is my pleasure, and you better believe me when I tell you its my pleasure, to introduce my client, he is the perfect specimen of a male, and he oozes so much sex appeal he is practically drowning in it, thanks to my managerial services, as well as services in other areas, he is going to make an impact in D2M-W, without further ado, I introduce to you…SEXXXY EDDY

‘Im too sexy’ by Right said Fred kicks in on the venues PA system as Sexxxy Eddy makes his way out of the entrance curtain, Sexxxy Eddy is wearing leopard skin trunks that are so small they are almost thong like, Eddy walks down to the ringside area with a smug look on his face, he gets into the ring and Veronica Caine hands him the microphone..

Sexxxy Eddy: Allow me to introduce myself, I am the man who isn’t afraid to rock out with his cock out, if you have got it why not show it and as all the women can clearly see, I have got it. You talk about sex appeal? That doesn’t do me justice, I am so sexually charismatic it is a fact that condom sales have jumped up by 95% in Los Angeles since I arrived, and I wasn’t even announced to be apart of this show, forget wrestling, those 95% are just ladies who saw me walking the streets, I imagine the sales will soon jump to 100% now you D2M-W ring rats have seen my amazing sexually enticing body, but by the looks of you sluts in this arena as I quickly stare around, I think I can safely say that you comprise of a 5% increase I wont be wasting my dream cream on.

Sexxxy Eddy throws the microphone to the ground and quickly embraces Veronica Caine, the pair tongue kiss as Eddy fondles Veronicas breasts in the middle of the ring for all to see, Veronica breaks up the kissing and fondling session, she begins to lick her lips while looking at Eddy, Veronica gets down on her knees and puts her hands around Sexxxy Eddy’s waist line, she slides two of her fingers into Sexxxy Eddy’s trunks and begins to slowly slide them down, luckily before she can reveal anything of Eddy’s they are both interrupted when ‘I’m Gonna love you just a little more, baby’ by Barry White kicks in on the venues PA system, the fans wonder who the music could be for but they do not have to guess long as freshly released WWE superstar ‘Viscera’ emerges from the curtain, this comes as a big surprise to most in attendance as he was not advertised beforehand, Viscera makes his way down to the ringside area dressed in a golden bed robe, he is holding a bunch of flowers and he enters the ring with a big smile on his face, Viscera hands the flowers to Veronica Caine who seems happy to accept them much to the visual disgust of Sexxxy Eddy, Viscera picks up the microphone from the mat and begins to speak while looking directly at Veronica, he seems to pay Sexxxy Eddy no attention…

Viscera: Hey sexy lady, you know, you look so dammmmmmnnnn fine tonight, I have been looking for something real in my life, a sexy lady who can help me sooth my soul following my recent contract release from the WWE, In that company I spread my love around if you know what I mean but I am not going to brag about that or name names, I was always raised to have good manners, especially when it comes to beautiful women, I shared my love and my soul with the women of the WWE, but I couldn’t find anything real, but I think I may be looking at the real deal right now when I look into your eyes Veronica. You set the fires burning in my heart baby, and I want to forget my recent contract release, the only release I want to be thinking about is releasing my load deep within you’re….

Sexxxy Eddy snatches the microphone from Viscera before he can finish speaking.

Sexxxy Eddy: Who the fuck do you think you are? You don’t cut in on my time, even though I have no problems going all night long, I go all night long in action with my ladies, I am not going all night long standing in this ring like a tool waiting for your fat ass to finish speaking. I know you probably believe this whole ladies man gimmick you had created for yourself in Stamford, but it looks like I am going to have to be the one to burst your little fantasy bubble, You don’t stand a chance with Veronica, she is mine, so why don’t you stand back and watch a real genuine ladies man takes care of business.

Viscera snatches the microphone back from Sexxxy Eddy

Viscera: I have got another idea, how about I beat the crap out of you in this ring right now, and following your beat down I have a little surprise for that pretty piece by your side, seeing as you claim Big Vis the ladies man is just a gimmick and you say I am living in a little fantasy bubble, I will take Veronica back to my hotel room, one…sixty nine, and I will show her that my big thick black magic love stick is no illusion.

Veronica Caine snatches the microphone from Viscera, she looks at Viscera for a few seconds and then she looks at Sexxxy Eddy, and she then begins to speak.

Veronica Caine: Look guys, I really don’t care which one of you fucks me tonight, how about you both have a match right now, if you win Eddy then I am all yours as always, but if you win Viscera, then I guess that will prove Eddy is not the man I have been led to believe he is, and if that is the case you can class my honey pot as being open to total penetration from your big black magic.

Sexxxy Eddy looks shocked at Veronica’s words, while Viscera looks to be very happy.

Veronica Caine: May the best man win, and hopefully that winner is also the best fuck.

Veronica Caine leaves the ring holding her flowers to ‘You’re a crackwhore’ chants from the fans, she places the flowers on the floor and sits down in a chair at ringside, a referee runs to the ring, the referee calls for the bell and this match is officially under way.


The match begins with Sexxxy Eddy trying to get a speed advantage by charging at the big man Viscera, not a very wise move as this does not phase the big man and Eddy gets the running into a brick wall effect, Eddy instantly falls down onto his back upon contact with Viscera and flops around the ring like a fish. Viscera laughs at Sexxxy Eddy before turning his attention to Veronica Caine at ringside, Viscera winks at Veronica and moves his hand down to his crotch, making some rude gesture towards Veronica in the process, Veronica responds with a smile obviously liking what she sees.

Viscera has spent to long focusing on Veronica and his opponent Sexxxy Eddy is now back up to his feet, Eddy goes for a sliding tackle into Viscera’s legs and the tactic seems effective as the big man slouches to one knee as his left leg has seemingly given out on him, Sexxxy Eddy climbs up to the top turnbuckle and waits for Viscera to get up to his feet, as soon as Viscera gets up he is met with an axehandle to the head from Eddy, Viscera falls down onto his ass and Eddy hits a knee drop to the left leg of Viscera, the same leg of Viscera he inflicted some pain upon moments earlier. Sexxxy Eddy continues the assault of the left leg with vicious kicks to it, Viscera clutches the leg and he seems to be in a great deal of pain.

Eddy once again climbs up to the top turnbuckle, while he is up on the turnbuckle he turns his attentions to Veronica outside the ring, giving her a wink, Veronica responds with a wave and a smile, Veronica is showing no allegiance in this match, it seems like she has no care for who wins, Sexxxy returns his focus to Viscera, he waits for Viscera who is now in a great deal of pain with his left leg to get up to his feet, Eddy goes for the same axehandle tactic he tried earlier, but it does not pay off as Viscera catches him by the throat with two hands, this is the setup for the Viscera driver, this does not look good for Eddy, but Viscera lets go of Eddy and falls to his back while clutching his left leg, it seems catching Eddy for a Viscera driver attempt only put more pressure onto the left leg of Vis, pressure he cannot take at this point. Sexxxy Eddy quickly jumps onto Viscera for a desperate pin attempt…

1…2..3, Viscera pushes Eddy off of him right after the pin but it is to late, in what could be called an upset Sexxxy Eddy gets the win. Sexxxy Eddy goes outside the ring and gets a microphone, he re-enters the ring and begins to speak…

Sexxxy Eddy: You’re in the position all of my bitches have come to know and love Viscera, right down on your back.

Sexxxy Eddy looks over to Veronica Caine outside the ring; he directs his next speech to her…

Sexxxy Eddy: Veronica you never doubted me did you? You always knew I could beat this fat fuck didn’t you???

Veronica Caine gets into the ring and Sexxxy Eddy hands her the microphone, Veronica looks to be in deep thought for a second but then she looks up to Eddy and smiles before she begins to speak….

Veronica Caine: As if I would ever see anything in that big 500 odd pound loser, I was just playing mind games with him sweetie, I knew all along that you’re the only fuck I need, you’re the most sexually charismatic man in wrestling, your Sexxxy Eddy, and I am proud to be your manager, take me to the back right now and I will show you just how proud I am.

Veronica attempts to hand the microphone back to Sexxxy Eddy but before he can take it from her he is met with a low blow from Viscera who is behind him, Eddy hops around the ring in obvious pain while holding his crotch, he rolls out of the ring seemingly forgetting about Veronica Caine who is still in there, and Eddy heads backstage in obvious agony. Veronica who looks concerned quickly sets off to follow Eddy but Viscera who is now up on his feet grabs her arm as she goes to leave the ring, Veronica still has the microphone in her hand…

Veronica Caine: Ahhhh, Get the fuck off me

Viscera throws Veronica to the canvas face first, Viscera who is still in some pain with his left leg limps over to her, he gets down on the ground, oh my god he has hiked up her skirt and DAMN he is humping her… and oh my… what the fuck is this… Veronica is smiling about it.

Viscera gets up as ‘I’m gonna love you just a little more, Baby’ by Barry White begins to play over the venues PA system, the majority of the fans cheer Viscera as he limps out of the ring and limps off towards the backstage area with a big smile on his face, and Veronica sits down in the ring watching him leave and she seems like she is trying to hide a smile. What on earth will Sexxxy Eddy think when he sees the footage of this??

Soon after Viscera has left Veronica gets up to her feet and heads off towards the backstage area to a mix of boo’s and cheers, she seems to have adopted an angry look on her face at this point but it is obvious she is faking this expression as a smile keeps coming through, it would seem she enjoyed the Viscera experience.

You’re Winner: SEXXXY EDDY

It looks like we are going to have another match next as the same referee for the previous Viscera/Sexxxy Eddy contest re-enters the ring.

“Down to me” by Jackyl starts up on the venues PA system as ‘Chris Hamrick’ makes his way down to the ringside area to mainly cheers from the audience, Hamrick taps the hands of some of the fans before he gets into the ring and does some last minutes stretches in the corner.

‘”Sun shining down on me” by Jackyl kicks on the PA system as ‘Evan Karagias’ heads down to the ringside area to mainly cheers from the audience although a few boo’s can be heard. Evan stops a few times on his way to the ring, mainly to show off and talk to some ladies at ringside. Evan eventually gets in the ring and the referee calls for the bell, we are underway.

Chris Hamrick vs. Evan Karagias

Both men take there time circling the ring, after a few moments they both walk up to each other and talk for a few moments, the chat does not look to intense as both men appear to be laughing at one another’s comments. Chris Hamrick puts his hand out, he is offering a handshake, and it is accepted by Evan who happily shakes the hand of Chris. After the handshake both men walk away from each other and begin circling the ring again, they are both playing a game of caution it seems.

Both men eventually lock up and Chris Hamrick seems to get the easy advantage, twisting an arm of Evan Karagias and then putting him into an arm bar, Hamrick lifts Evan up into the air for a few seconds while the arm bar is applied and Evan responds by shouting out in pain, Hamrick then brings Evan back down to the canvas before doing the same thing again for a few more seconds, Hamrick changes holds and applies a full nelson onto Evan but Evan kicks his legs up into the air and uses the momentum to send both Hamrick and himself falling to the canvas, forcing Hamrick to break the hold. Evan Karagias nips straight back up to his feet and Chris Hamrick gets back up only a split second following this.

Chris Hamrick runs over to Karagias only to be caught in an arm drag which sends him flying back down to the canvas, Hamrick gets back to his feet and Karagias jumps up and wraps his feet around Hamrick,s head, beautiful flying head scissors with a nice jumping sell of it from Hamrick, Hamrick is now down on the canvas as Evan Karagias jumps up to his feet, Karagias dances for a couple of seconds before going for a leg drop on Hamrick which he hits without any problems. Evan Karagias pulls Chris Hamrick back up to his feet but he is met with a shot to the stomach by Hamrick, Hamrick quickly applies a headlock onto Evan, textbook looking headlock takedown to the canvas by Chris Hamrick.

Hamrick keeps the headlock locked onto Evan while down on the mat, but Evan manages to struggle over to the ropes forcing Hamrick to break the hold without to much effort. Both men are now back up to a vertical base, Evan kicks Hamrick in the stomach and follows this with a suplex attempt, but Hamrick blocks the attempt by wrapping his legs around Evans. Both men break off realising that tactic is going nowhere due to the successful blocking, Evan has a speed burst and he backs up into the ropes and runs off them, jumping spin kick into the face of Chris Hamrick, wonderfully down, Hamrick hits the mat with impact. Karagias crawls over onto Hamrick for the pin attempt...

1…Hamrick kicks out

Evan sits up looking shocked that Chris kicked out so easily. Evan pulls Chris Hamrick up to his feet but Hamrick pushes Evan away, Evan goes with the back push and heads back into the ropes, he bounces off the ropes. But OH NO, he walks straight into a low Yakuza kick from Chris Hamrick. Evan hits the canvas and Hamrick dives onto him for the pin attempt…

1...2…Evan kicks out

This is a fine quality match but the crowd don’t seem to be as interested in it as I am sure was hoped when booking it, the audience are giving both men polite cheers but nothing more, maybe they are tired out so late into the evening’s proceedings.

Both men are once again back to a vertical base, Evan Karagias hits a dropkick on Chris Hamrick, Hamrick hits the canvas and Evan quickly springs back up to his feet and heads over to the post, he climbs the top turnbuckle….OH MY..CORKSCREW MOONSAULT..perfectly hit, Hamrick must be done. Evan with the pin attempt…

1…2…Thre…NO NO…it was a kick out..Hamrick kicks out

Hang on a second, Angel the Hardcore Homosexual is walking down to the ring, what business has this match got to do with him?? Oblivious to Angel’s appearance outside the ring, Evan Karagias once again climbs the top turnbuckle, but this time Evan is waiting for Hamrick to get up to his feet, Hamrick gets up and Evan jumps from the post, what he was planning we will never know as Hamrick catches him and plants him down to the canvas with a Rock Bottom type move. Hamrick goes for the pin attempt on Evan...

1…2…kick out

Chris Hamrick gets up to his feet and he seems frustrated that Evan kicked out, Hamrick sees Angel outside the ring out of the corner of his eye and he looks over to him, Angel blows Chris Hamrick a kiss, this seems to completely take Hamrick off guard, he looks repulsed…oh shit, Evan Karagias behind Hamrick with the sneaky rollup..

1…2…3, Evan Karagias gets it, thanks to a distraction from Angel.

Evan Karagias celebrates his victory as ‘Sun Shining down on me’ plays on the PA system, Evan notices Angel outside the ring and he seems puzzled to see him there, whatever Angels business was distracting Chris Hamrick, it does not look like Evan was in on it, Angel walks off to the backstage area, meanwhile Evan gets a cheer from the crowd as he shakes the hand of a pissed off looking Chris Hamrick, it seems both men are talking about Angel, neither seeming to have a clue why he got involved, Hamrick and Karagias shake hands once again and leave the ring and walk off to the back together, to polite cheering from the crowd.

You’re Winner: EVAN KARAGIAS

An instrumental version of ‘Another one bites the dust’ by Queen Kicks in on the Venues PA system and the fans cheer as Joe.E Legend makes his way down to the ringside area, it is now main event time. Legend, who looks extremely focused gets into the ring and awaits his opponent…

‘Superbeast’ by Rob Zombie begins to blare out of the venues PA system, Rhino emerges from the entrance curtain to a majority response of boo’s, the booing only grows louder when the fans can see Rhino is being followed down to ringside by D2M-W owner Rob Black and his wife Lizzy Borden. Rhino gets into the ring and stares Joe.E Legend down; Rhino looks to be physically shaking in an effort to contain his boiling anger. Outside of the ring Lizzy Borden sits down on a chair at ringside as her husband Rob Black grabs a microphone and begins to speak...

Rob Black: Joe E.Legend I had no issues with you, but earlier tonight you not only fucked around in your long-time friend Rhino’s business but you fucked around with my business, you signed your own death warrant when you came down to the ring earlier tonight and saved that old piece of shit Terry Funk from a Gore through a fucking table, well thanks to you Rhino is more pissed off then ever, and in his eyes and in my eyes you are a clone of Terry Funk, Rhino is going to fuck you up real good, and then next month he will go on to defeat the real Terry Funk to become the first ever D2M-W World Heavyweight Champion, enough fucking talking, it is time to get this shit started…oh by the way, I should add that this match is now a Hardcore match, anything thing goes. Start this match now referee...

Rob Black sits down at ringside in a chair beside his wife Lizzy Borden, the Referee calls for the bell and gets into the ring; the first ever Main event in D2M-W history is now underway…

(HARDCORE MATCH) Rhino vs. Joe E.Legend

Rhino instantly goes for a Gore but Legend dodges out of the way, Rhino sees Legend dodge and stops the Gore in progress, both men circle the ring looking at each other with hatred, no signs of friendship are visible at this point, the emotions of both men have been clouded with hatred and anger.

Rhino rolls outside of the ring and tells Rob Black and Lizzy Borden to stand up from the chairs they are sitting on, Rhino picks up both chairs and re-enters the ring with them, Rhino throws one chair over to Legend who catches it and he keeps the other chair for himself, both men make a charge for each other, Rhino swings his chair first but Legend blocks it with the chair of his own, Legend goes for a chair shot to Rhino’s stomach but he covers his stomach with his chair, both men continue to block chair attacks, this is like a sword fight with chairs, Legend gets lucky by knocking his chair into Rhinos chair with impact forcing Rhino to stagger back, Rhino loses the grip of his chair and he drops it, as he bends down to pick the chair up. SMACK, Legend gives Rhino a wicked chair shot to the head, Rhino falls to one knee but only momentarily, he is quickly back up to both feet, and he runs at Legend for a Gore, Legend once again manages to evade the Gore attempt and he smacks his chair across Rhino’s back, sending Rhino flying over the top rope to the unforgiving concrete floor at ringside.

Rhino quickly gets back up to his feet, Rob Black and Lizzy Borden walk up to him and start offering words of encouragement, but what’s this…Legend is outside the ring himself, he cannot wait for Rhino to get back in, Legend grabs hold of Lizzy Borden and Rob Black, he bangs there heads together and they both fall to the ground, the fans cheer enthusiastically for this, but Rhino rushes Legend with a knee to the stomach, Legend crouches down and Rhino Irish whips him into a ringside barricade, holy shit the middle section of the barricade which is made up of wire breaks away and Legend is impaled within the barricade, the upper half of his body is caught up trapped in the wire, and he is down next to the feet of some front row fans, Legend appears to be bleeding from the stomach, the wire must have caught him and ripped his flesh as he went through the barricade. Rhino walks over to the barricade and rips the wire away, freeing Legend and allowing him to crawl up to Rhino, Legend grabs hold of Rhino’s legs in an effort to use Rhino’s body to pull himself up, but as Legend is half way up he is met with a brutal elbow between the eyes from Rhino, Legend immediately falls back to the concrete floor in a heap, meanwhile Rob Black and Lizzy Borden are both back up to there feet, they walk over to Legend and join Rhino in laying kicks to his midsection, this is like a three on one at this point.

Rhino picks up Legend and rolls him back into the ring; meanwhile Rob Black and Lizzy Borden grab a table from under the ring and push it in the ring to Rhino, this is déjà vu of what we saw earlier, it seems like Rhino is going for the same corner table Gore plan he tried with Terry Funk earlier in the evening, Rhino sets up the table in the corner of the ring and he picks up Legend and slumps him into the corner back first so he is resting on the table, Oh shit..Rhino is backing up to the opposite corner…he runs….But Joe E.Legend falls and rolls out of the way at the last second, Rhino cannot stop himself. OUCH, he has gored himself through a table; Rhino falls to a heap in the corner of the ring amongst the table debris, Rhino seems to have cut his arm quite badly as well, it is losing a great deal of blood.

Legend rolls over onto Rhino for a pin attempt...

1….2….thre…hey wait a second. What the hell??

Rob Black has just reached in and pulled the referee out of the ring by his feet

Damn that bastard

Joe E.Legend gets up to his feet and turns around; he is met with powder to the eyes from Lizzy Borden who is now in the ring, Lizzy walks over to the corner of the ring and shakes Rhino, she is trying to talk him back into action, meanwhile Legend is staggering around the ring and he does not seem to be able to see, the referee Is back in the ring at this point, Oh shit, Rhino is up to his feet, Lizzy rolls out of the ring and rejoins her husband Rob, Rhino goes for a Gore on Legend…BOOM, it connects with sickening perfection, Rhino climbs onto Legend for the pin attempt…

1…2….OH MY, Legend kicks out, how the hell??

Rhino wastes no time, he pulls Legend up to his feet and sets him up for a Piledriver, down to the mat goes Legend with a sickening thud, Rhino goes for the pin attempt…

1…2….Legend kicks out, First a Gore now a Piledriver, how is he doing this??

Rhino mounts Legend and hammers him with a flurry of punches while screaming at him ‘Stay the fuck down’, Rhino then pulls Legend up to his feet and heads to the turnbuckle with him, Rhino climbs the top turnbuckle and tries to pull Legend up with him, Rhino cannot do this at first due to his cut up arm which is losing a nasty amount of Blood, Rhino tries to get the strength again and this time he does it, he now has Legend positioned under him on the Turnbuckle, and he is setting up for something sick, and he hits it, MY GOD, TOP ROPE PILEDRIVER, Legend lands so horrifically it is a wonder his neck is not snapped in two, he seems to start having convulsions on the canvas, this is a sickening sight to see.

Rhino gets up and arrogantly just stands over Legend and places his foot onto his chest for the pin attempt….


You're Winner:RHINO

Rhino is the winner, but more important right now is the health of Joe E.Legend, Paramedics quickly rush the ring with a stretcher and a neck brace, the medical crew immediately get to work on Legend, strapping him up to a stretcher and applying a neck brace, Rhino just stands watching with an almost orgasmic look on his face, he has really enjoyed causing this carnage, Rob Black and Lizzy Borden soon join Rhino in the ring and the looks on there faces are almost as sinister. Rob Black quickly leaves the ring to get a microphone; he re-enters with it and begins to talk.

Rob Black: Terry Funk I want you to consider this you old son of bitch, wherever you are right now, in some hospital I suspect, I know you will see this fucking footage sooner or later, and I want you to consider this you old fuck, if Rhino will do what he just did to Joe E.Legend, a man he considers a friend, I just want you to ask yourself Terry, ask yourself the question.. If he will do that to a fucking friend, what will he do next month to YOU??? With a title on the line??

Rhino snatches the microphone from Rob Black…

Rhino: FUCK, forget Terry Funk for now, I aint fucking done with Legend yet.

Rhino hands the microphone back to Rob Black, Rob and Lizzy watch on happily as Rhino grabs one of the paramedics and chucks him out of the ring, Rhino then hits a GORE... on a female paramedic, the rest of the paramedics clear the ring and Joe E.Legend is left alone, strapped to a stretcher with nobody to protect him, Rhino slides the stretcher over near to one of the ring corners, Rhino slowly climbs to the top turnbuckle,, oh my god this is to much, Rhino hits a splash on Joe E.Legend who is strapped up to the stretcher, Joe had no way to protect himself and that hard stretcher has no give, oh my this is looking seriously bad, Joe begins coughing up blood. Rhino gets up and stands in the middle of the ring with his eyes closed while he shakes in what seems to be an excited state, meanwhile Rob Black and Lizzy Borden laugh at the state Joe E.Legend is in and they begin to passionately kiss in the middle of the ring.

Rhino, Rob Black, and Lizzy Borden head off backstage shortly after this, and the medical crew get back in the ring and they get Joe E.Legend out of there and to the back as soon as possible, as he is wheeled to the backstage area he is still coughing up serious amounts of blood, it really was a horrible sight to observe.


Post show information from a fan

Audience members including myself began to file out at this point, the show was over, only thing of note as we left the show was how we got handed flyers advertising the next show ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ on November 13th.


All American Homecoming was attended by 3695 people!

We made $147800 from ticket sales.

Jonny Storm vs Barish = 41% Overall rating

Joe E legend/Rhino segment - 68% overall rating

Terry funk/Rob black/Joe E Legend segment - 78% overall rating

(Hardcore match) terry funk vs pogo the clown

overall rating = 57%

crowd reaction = 55%

match quality =  73%

Supreme/Rob black confrontation = 52%

Viscera vs Sexxxy Eddy

Overall rating = 41%

crowd reaction = 36%

match quality =  56%

Evan Karagias vs Chris Hamrick

overall rating = 56%

crowd reaction = 40%

match quality =  87%

Rhino vs Joe.E Legend

Overall rating = 54%

crowd reaction = 48%

match quality =  72%

Overall show rating = 58%

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I thought the matches were well written especially considering it's your first diary.

I think you need to work on the flow of the hardcore matches though. In the No-DQ match you seemed to stick with just a few different weapons. With Pogo and Funk I think you could have had more hardcore stuff. Like lighttubes and shit like that. Funk may not take a fall into the lighttubes but I'm sure Pogo would. Barbed-wire would have been cool.

The main event has a similar problem but not to the same extent. I've never seen Rhino do a top rope piledriver but he could have done the piledriver off the apron through a table. Small stuff like that.

I think you have a really good start to this diary. I hope Rob Black doesn't show up as often in the future shows. I can see why he would have so many promos on the first show talking to the wrestlers but I hope you cut back on him later.

I never watched XPW so I don't know what it was like that much. Black may have put himself over that much but I don't think it works so well in the diary.

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NoDQ.com>News>D2M-W owner Rob Black upsets some of his talent. 

Posted by Patrick Isword on 10/19/2005 at 3.05pm

Last night Rob Black appeared on a late night Los Angeles radio show ‘The Shooting range with Derrick Fullman’, this appearance comes just two days after his new company D2M-W put on its debut show ‘All American Homecoming’, Rob has apparently affected the morale of some of the talents who worked his debut show with some of his comments on the radio. 

The interview started in a fairly normal manner with Rob selling listeners on his    new company; he spoke coherently about things that took place at his first show, and he gave little plugs on the company's next show ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ which is set for November 13th.

The interview soon turned sour though with Rob slurring his words and obnoxiously speaking over the host Derrick Fullman while he was trying to ask questions, an increasingly drunken sounding Rob Black began to make some embarrassing comments regarding some of the talents working for his company, some transcripts follow with some words censored as they are unfit for display on NoDQ…

Rob on Terry Funk “I used to love that old guy, not in a ###### gay way, in a manly way, I used to love him so much I would think of him as a father, like a dad to me you know, a father, (at this point Rob was inaudible for a few seconds, slurring his words badly), but he messed my show up with backstage booking…erm you know what I mean, DEMANDS, backstage demands, he is a great guy when he wants to be but he can use that smart head of his to mess people around, but you don’t mess with me, not me cause I am Rob Black. I use him because the fans love him not because I still love him; he isn’t my father no more.

Rob on Angel that ###### is pure ####### real deal, no #### ####, he only has a job for that very reason, because some of the other guys on the roster swing that way most likely so he gives the (rob slurs words so bad he is in audible for a moment) service, yeahhh that’s his role, I am like the Rock, know ya role, but that Hollywood #### is not good enough for my company, You know Derrick this wrestling #### is more seedy then porn I swear, I don’t know why I am back in this #### business. 

Derrick Fullman seemed to get fed up with the increasingly incoherent Rob Black and he cut the interview after 35 minutes, Rob was scheduled to be on the show for an hour. This show was potential for a nice bit of publicity for D2M-W but this is not the kind of publicity the company needs, after an already shaky start with a debut show that saw mixed responses from critics the company needs all the good publicity it can get, this interview came off terrible and made D2M-W look poor in the process, and seeing this is from the owner of the company it does not set a good example for the rest of the roster.

Some talent associated with D2M-W who do not wish to be named have made it clear to various people that they feel very letdown by Rob Blacks actions, and if behaviour like this continues they will seriously consider no longer working for the company.

Could D2M-W be falling apart after only one show? More news as we get it

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Nice opening show, and the newsbits are very cool as well. Promos are done nicely and matches are pretty good as well besides the odd things pointed out by Magell. Definitely looking forward to reading more stuff, specially since I still haven't had the chance to see any XPW work or anything else with Rob Black.

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On October 22nd D2M-W.com was updated by its Web Team, with information on the post show fallout of ‘All American Homecoming’ as well as information on the companies next show 'Keep the Morals at Home' …

#Welcome to D2M-W.com

#D2M-W ‘All American Homecoming’ post show fallout

October 16th 2005 has passed, and for reasons right or for reasons wrong it is a night that will go down in wrestling history as the night anti moral forces resurfaced and made themselves known once again within the wrestling world, we know for a fact that the anti moral wrestling flavour is back, but we can only predict its future, but before we get to the future lets look back on ‘All American Homecoming’ and focus on the post show fallout…

#Injury updates

Following the severe beatings endured by Terry Funk, Joe E.Legend and Pogo the Clown, the concern from fans and other members of the D2M-W roster ran high, we are pleased to be able to inform you that amazingly nobody was seriously career threateningly injured; however, to say that nobody was badly hurt would be an understatement of what these performers suffered. All three men are suffering complaints that would be crippling to folk like you and I, but to these guys they are just minor problems that come as part of the job, lets take a more in depth look on the condition of Joe E.Legend who was the main concern of the evening…

(Update on the condition of Joe E.Legend)

The main fear backstage following ‘All American Homecoming’ was for Joe E.Legend who continued coughing up blood following the show as well as losing feeling in his right arm temporally, Legend received medical treatment at a nearby hospital and X-Rays determined that the temporary loss of feeling in the right arm was due to jamming his neck upon landing from the Piledriver he received from Rhino, doctors told Joe that he was lucky that this was just a stinger, the coughing of blood was due to bruising of the ribs, when contacted for comment by our web team Joe had the following to say..

Joe E.Legend: Rhino I want to make it clear I hold nothing against you for what you did to me during our match, I would have been offended had you not come at me with your best, I went in expecting a hard fought fight and that is what I got, the only thing that has shocked me and annoyed me is how you saw fit to continue your attack on me after the match was all said and done, is that how friends conduct themselves these days?

In my opinion the time for talking is over, I don’t want to waste my time talking when my actions will speak clearer on my feelings then any words can do justice to. You have already made your actions Rhino, and I give you credit because you made them well, but it is time I play catch up, and Rhino I am right on your tale, and when I finally catch up with you on November 13th and stand face to face with you, man to man, I promise you I will let my actions do the talking loud and clear.

Rhino already has one high stakes situation set for him on November 13th when he faces Terry Funk in a match to crown the first ever D2M-W World Heavyweight champion, but it sounds like Rhino now has a second high stakes situation to worry about when Joe E.Legend meets up with him, many points of interest now circle around Rhino going into this event, has he gotten himself into to many situations to handle?? Find out on November 13th at D2M-W ‘Keep the Morals at Home’.

#Terry Funk aiming to make history, eyes on the Gold

Terry Funk is not called the Hardcore Legend for nothing as he has proved countless times over his illustrious career, extreme situations are never far away from Terry and he has helped put companies such as ECW and XPW on the map in the past, two companies that both paved the way for D2M-W, it is safe to say that if it wasn’t for Terry Funk we would have no D2M-W today, Terry does not want to live on past glories however and he has told anybody willing to listen in the days following ‘All American Homecoming’ that he will not let this opportunity to become the first ever D2M-W World heavyweight champion slip through his fingers, when contacted for more of his thoughts Terry was happy to tell the D2M-W web team the following things…

Terry Funk: You know, I have seen so many wrestling companies come and go over the years, I have fought and bled for many of them as well, just like I fought and bled at All American Homecoming, but Rob Black do you seriously think I fought and bled to put your arrogant ass on the map? One day I probably would have done but not anymore, not now I know your true colours, I fought and bled for tradition, and I fought and bled for the fans, to give them memories to keep to tell there kids long after my old ass is gone, the fans are the ones who make me a legend Rob, they are the ones who decide to cheer for an old guy like myself, and if this company is going to become a success it wont be because of me Rob, I may help but it wont all be entirely down to me, and it sure has hell wont be down to you Rob Black, it will be down to the fans, because they are the ones who will make or break D2M-W, I think that gets to you Rob, I think it gets to you in the pit of your rotten stomach, and it does so because you know full well you cannot control these fans, at the end of the day you just cant do it no matter how hard you try, you can keep getting the likes of Pogo the Clown to try and kick my ass, but no matter how many times you try and put me down, no matter how savage a beating I get, the fans will never be in your grasp, they will never be your play things, Vince McMahon cannot control the fans, Eric Bischoff couldn’t do it, and Paul Heyman couldn’t do it, sure they can help form the impressions of the fans and they can do it damn well, but they sure as hell cant control what they feel at the end of the day, and you sure as hell cant do it either Rob, these fans aren’t like the hillside bimbos your used to dealing with, you dumb Money Mark attention craving son of a bitch.

As much as wrestling cannot be controlled I am a believer that it can be helped along, and I plan on doing that come November 13th, you call me old and crazy but you cannot call me a liar because I truly honest to God intend to go into the event on the 13th and walk out as the champion, I want to help this company’s title heritage along by giving it a traditional start, and in doing so I will hopefully teach you a lesson Rob.

The one block in my path to the title is Rhino, and by god is that a big block, but Rhino as big and strong and sadistic as you are I know I have few lessons mastered up my sleeve from over the years that you have never taken the time to learn, or maybe nobody has ever bothered teaching you, the main lesson I am talking about is humility, and win lose or draw I can promise you a lesson in humility come the 13th.

You will be around long after I am done Rhino, but while Terry Funk may be long gone you will still look back years from now and remember how you got taught a few lessons the hard way by an old veteran on a cold November night, but what will stick with you most Rhino is the following, how that same old man defeated you in an effort to start a new path in a profession he loved, and how he then paved that new path with tradition.

#Trouble in a freshly formed Paradise??

While nursing his groin area with an ice pack following All American Homecoming Sexxxy Eddy was not pleased by post match footage he was shown of Veronica Caine’s expressions towards the actions of Viscera, Veronica was heard in an argument with Sexxxy Eddy following the show, she was heard denying any feelings of enjoyment regarding Viscera’s actions and she also denied having a sexual attraction to him, Veronica tried to clear the air with Eddy by offering him a massage of his groin regions, Eddy apparently took her up on the offer despite being seemingly furious minutes before, is everything now nice and settled between Veronica and her new client?, or will Viscera and the events of All American Homecoming return to haunt the pair and the relationship they have in the future?? Only time will tell.

#Chris Hamrick in no mood for Angel talk

Chris Hamrick was having a match he could be proud of with Evan Karagias at All American Homecoming, but a distraction by Angel the Hardcore Homosexual which went on to cost him the match will forever taint Hamrick’s memories of the contest, Hamrick was seen sitting down backstage looking visibly annoyed following the show, a brave web team member approached Chris for some comments and he was greeted with the following…

Chris Hamrick: just leave me alone please, fuck, I will talk about pink shorts and his little head games when I am good and ready.

Following this brief exchange Chris got up and tapped our Web Team member on the back in what seemed like a forced effort to be friendly, he then headed off to another section of the backstage area, obviously not wanting to be disturbed. Word was going around in the backstage area that Angel vs. Chris Hamrick has been booked for ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ on November 13th,…on Angels request, which could be worrying for Chris Hamrick.

#Rob Blacks radio antics

D2M-W is all about reality and we the members of the Web team are not going to shy away from bringing you fans all of the information surrounding the company at all times, be it positive or as sadly is the case with this news snippet, negative.

As you may already know due to stories circulating on other wrestling websites, the owner of D2M-W Rob Black appeared on a late night Los Angeles radio a few days following ‘All American Homecoming’. The show is called ‘the Shooting range’ and it is hosted by Derrick Fullman, a man who is quickly gaining a reputation in the Los Angeles area for his daring and at times adult radio concepts, he has one of the fastest growing radio listener ships in the state of California.

The interview Derrick conducted with Rob did not go down very well sadly and this is for reasons we are not going to speculate on or discuss further on this website at this time, this is out of respect and privacy to Rob’s personal life, and in all honesty we ourselves know very little at this stage, Rob has not been seen by anybody on the D2M-W web team since the radio show appearance.

We can inform you of the following however, Rob’s wife ‘Lizzy Borden’ called the offices earlier and she told us to let the wrestling world know that her husband is not going to back away from this matter and hide his head in the sand until talk of it dies down, Lizzy also told us that we can expect a written statement regarding what went down on the Radio show from Rob himself in the next few days.

We promise you that if a statement from Rob Black does reach us we will have it up online as soon as possible.

#Update on the D2M-W: All American Homecoming DVD, plus Joey Styles and Joel Gertner sign a deal with D2M-W

We are pleased to confirm that DVD production for our ‘All American Homecoming’ event is well underway and those who pre ordered from either the show itself or this website will get there copy sent to them in Early November, we can confirm that Joey Styles and Joel Gertner will provide commentary for the DVD release of this event after signing a deal with D2M-W, having these men working with D2M-W is a big scoop, you can look forward to both of them providing commentary on future D2M-W DVD releases as well, we are proud to confirm that all of our shows will get releases via this format.

As well as commentary from the team of Joey Styles and Joel Gertner you can look forward to this selection of extras…

• Optional event commentary from Rob Black

• Backstage interviews with Viscera, Jonny Storm, Rob Black, Chris Hamrick

• Lizzy Borden and Veronica Caine swimsuit Photo Gallery’s

• ‘Supreme’ music video including highlights of his classic death matches in XPW.

Now the entire fallout from ‘All American Homecoming’ has been covered, it is time to move onto the future…

#D2M-W ‘Keep the Morals at home’ information

Last Sunday D2M-W gave the wrestling world a forceful tap with its debut show ‘All American Homecoming, but wrestling fans need to brace themselves as next month on November 13th D2M-W is going to aggressively shove the whole wrestling world out of orbit. The anti Morality ball has been set rolling and it shows no signs of stopping, instead it speeds up, knocking down any obstacle in its path and setting the bar to a higher level of extreme, the name for the November 13th event is a forewarning ‘Keep the Morals at Home’, and if you refuse to do so you better keep those morals well hidden, or else the anti Morality ball will roll right over you. This promises to be an event that will lay down a huge chunk of path in the history road of D2M-W, it will be looked back on for years to come, as the first World Heavyweight champion for the company will be crowned, Rhino and Terry Funk both won hard fought battles to get this opportunity, but both men will have to reach deeper in this fight, to unfathomable levels, rest assured they will reach as deep as possible within there beings to come out of this battle victorious, and walk away with the gold.

D2M-W is back at the D2M-W Arena (the Los Angeles Rockout Live Nightclub) for this event, if the foundations of that building got shook up last Sunday by the D2M-W crusade, the whole place will come falling down in heap only to be rebuilt and re-branded all in the space of one evening, and that evening will be November 13th, the D2M-W Arena is located at 19908 Harleys way, bell time will be 8.00pm with doors opening at 7.00, Tickets will be available at the box office on the night of the event or through advance via this very website, for those planning to order from the website the tickets will be on sale from tomorrow morning at 9.00am. Prices are $15 for ringside and $10 for general admission.

Important notice: Although minors are allowed into our shows we do recommend caution, the D2M-W product is adult orientated and will not be to everybody’s tastes.

#The early Card for ‘Keep the Morals at Home’

TERRY FUNK VS RHINO (To crown first ever D2M-W World Heavyweight champion)

CHRIS HAMRICK VS ANGEL (In a match requested by Angel)

SUPREME will be in action, will Supreme be facing the Japanese Death match opponent Rob Black promised for him at All American Homecoming?

Expect more details on the card in the coming days…

The D2M-W Web Team

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On October 24th D2M-W.com was updated with a statement from D2M-W owner Rob Black, this is the first time Rob has publicly addressed his widely talked about radio appearance on the ‘The Shooting Range with Derrick Fullman’… the statement is as follows..

October 24th Statement from 'D2M-W' owner Rob Black

The more things change the more things stay the same, at least that is how it seems to me, it is 2005 and I, Rob Black, have made my return to the world of professional wrestling, the landscape of the wrestling world looks very different on the outset since my last venture XPW, but as I took the time to have a good look within the current wrestling climate I peeked deeper into this business, and you know what I realised? I realised that this wrestling business is still the same sleazy cesspool of shit it has always fucking been, and that will never change, I swear on it. The Wrestling world may be full of sleazy shit but it seems I am the only man with enough balls to admit and stand proud to being just another piece of sleazy shit within it.

Just like I have the balls to admit to my real nature I also have the balls to admit that I FUCKED UP on the night of the 18th October, when I appeared on the Shooting range radio show, hosted by Derrick Fullman, so all of you writers for the dirty little geek ridden independent wrestling rumour mill sites can rest easy, you can fucking end your speculation theories, you can end your talk of D2M-W being dead after one show, but in all honesty I really should shut the fucking D2M-W down right now after just one show, and do you know why? Because you ungrateful fuckers don’t deserve a man like me in the wrestling business, and I can do without the fucking stress.

It may be the fucking stress you wrestling fans pile onto me with your expectations that led me to my alcohol intake before I went on Derrick Fullman’s show and made an ass out of myself and my company, but you fans are not entirely to blame, I can deal with you geeks, the people that really get me down are the fucking wrestlers who don’t appreciate the opportunities given to them, especially when they are old and washed up but they are still promised every opportunity in the world, all they have to do in return is keep a little secret, but one fucker couldn’t follow that plan, he couldn’t follow a simple formula, and that man is the cancer that is currently eating away at my current aspirations and dreams, he is killing the little love I have for the wrestling business off, and that man is TERRY FUNK.

Terry Funk you caught me in a loophole at ‘All American Homecoming’ over the whole contract shit, I am man enough to admit I fucked up in that respect just like I fucked up on the Derrick Fullman show, I am also man enough to admit to the fact that I am stuck with your ass in my company for a little longer thanks to that fat fuck 'Pogo the Clown' failing to get the job done, but it is only until November 13th at ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ ,because that is the day the Man Beast ‘Rhino’ will end your wrestling career and become the first ever D2M-W World Heavyweight champion and set the sparks for a new era in the process, your legacy will die on the 13th Funk, and the fading candle of tradition you clutch will burn out for good. Terry Funk your wrestling career will end as follows, when the match is all said and done and you open your eyes after the horrific beating you have endured at the hands of Rhino, you will be greeted with the site of myself standing over your useless old body, and I will smile the biggest smile possible and spit down on your old face. The 13th will be the day the world of wrestling gets reborn and it will be the day Rob Black is reborn, because I will be able to go about my future business in the wrestling world without dealing with you, because you will be well and truly done, and if the fans don’t like it they can kiss my ass, I am onto those ungrateful fuckers, they will march to my fucking drum, I don’t march to the beat they set. They will learn to be grateful to this company I have provided for them, they will come to learn how to love a D2M-W and an entire wrestling landscape without an old fossil like yourself.

Oh, shit I cannot believe it, I almost forgot something important and it regards a man by the name of Joe E.Legend, so I hope you are reading this Joe, I wasn’t born yesterday and I am well aware you probably have some plan devised to show up on the 13th and get revenge on Rhino, while helping Terry Funk gain a title he doesn’t deserve in the process. So as of now I am officially banning you from the D2M-W arena on the 13th, if you show your face and fuck with the title match I swear I will ban you from the company forever, and this isn’t some hype just to sell tickets, I fucking mean it Joe, you will be gone and it will without any hype or any speech, you will just vanish from the landscape of D2M-W without any mention, it will be like you never even stepped foot in this place. Don’t throw your future away over an old piece of shit Joe, you know deep down who deserves to win that title match. I hope I have made myself clear.

Now onto Derrick Fullman, Mr Radio Personality that you are, the man with the fastest growing listener ship in the state of California, I want to take this time to apologize to you, I can blame the wrestling fans and old shits like Terry Funk for leading me to drink, but I cannot blame you Derrick, you are an innocent man who did not deserve having to deal with my drunken shit. I hold no grudge against you Derrick and I am grateful for the D2M-W promotion you gave me on your show, I am just so sorry that I embarrassed your shows reputation, I was unfit for the airwaves, I have thought long and hard about my actions and I don’t think it is good enough just apologizing to you in this written statement, so I want to publicly invite you to appear on my November 13th show D2M-W ‘Keep the Morals at Home’, I want to shake your hand in the middle of the ring for everybody to see, man to man, then we can both put this unfortunate incident behind us.

I hope you accept my invite; I look forward to making my peace with you Derrick Fullman, almost as much as I look forward to the demise of Terry Funk at the hands of Rhino.

Rob Black

Edited by Lopro
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I'm not a big fan of extreme wrestling, but I am impressed by this diary. I don't really know if your portrayal of Rob Black is accurate, but I do have a definite idea of him in my head from your writing, which is impressive. Your Terry Funk promo's seem bang on - I love the smooth transition from potty mouth to chickenshit. You're Johnny Storm promo was also nice, I'd forgotten his regular use of 'yeah baby'. The FWA briefcase run was good, and I hope you continue it. The booking seems coherent, I like the way you handled the Rhino / Funk / Legend situation, and the radio DJ angle looks promising.

I agree that there was too much Black in the first show, but it does fit the character, and if you intend to push him as a heel then all well and good. I'm enjoying the backstage information and it adds a nice element to the diary. Keep u the good work.

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Definately digging the diary. You got the feel of XPW but somehow made it feel a bit bigger. I'd definately cut down on the Rob Black usage, though. The first show was alright to establish his dominance, but I think that he creates so much controversy outside of the ring that you don't need him inside the ring between every match. But you did get him spot on, though. Great stuff so far.

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Thanks to everybody who has provided feedback on this diary, I have taken all points made into account and I plan on cutting down on the Rob Black usage within show results, I plan to keep him a prominent figure within the news updates but when it comes to the shows I will aim on getting him into a pattern that will hopefully mean he wont become victim of any more over exposure, I do have a storyline coming up involving him but it will hopefully not overshadow other things on the shows.

As for making things more hardcore I aim to keep trying to top myself and with the first show the bar was set rather low with regards to how extreme I got, Expect to see the hardcore factor pick up a notch or two on the next show, but for those who may fear that I am going to just have shows full of hardcore you can stop worrying as I will always focus on writing traditional style matches to contrast the hardcore, I believe that if every single match was a hardcore weapons orientated deal the diary would soon lose any appeal.

I will have the final update regarding the 2nd show ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ posted later tonight; I aim to have the show itself posted by the end of the week.

Thanks once again for the support and feedback


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Look forward to seeing DTM-W second show. For those who say Rob shouldnt be on as much u gotte realize one thing. Black is always the foucus of his shows. In XPW Rob was on camera a high percentage of each show. Lower his appearnce time to me wouldn't make sense. Other then that comment Lopro keep up the great work. Love the diary.

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On November 12th on the eve of 'Keep the Morals at Home' D2M-W.com was updated by its Web Team, with a full run down on the card for the show.

#November 12th

#Welcome to D2M-W.com

#The final card for ‘Keep the Morals at Home’, full in depth rundown

Hi D2M-W fans, this is the final update from the Web Team regarding tomorrow’s huge show D2M-W ‘Keep the Morals at Home’, that’s right fans, it is now less then 24 hours away, but this site never rests just like the world of D2M-W, just when you think we may have some silence before tomorrows storm the news strikes us quicker and with more impact then ever. Below is not only a final rundown of the card, it is also littered with some brand new hot off the press news, this update features confirmed new matches including some huge names who will be stepping foot in D2M-W for the first time ever….Lets get right to it.

Rob Blacks invite accepted, Radio star Derrick Fullman confirmed to appear

On October 24th Rob Black issued a statement regarding his appearance earlier in that month on ‘The Shooting Range’ radio show hosted by Derrick Fullman, in the statement Rob issued an invite to Derrick asking him to appear live at the D2M-W ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ show so he can publicly apologise to the Radio show host for his on air conduct on his show, Rob claims he wants to shake hands with Derrick Fullman in the middle of the ring for all the fans to see, so the unfortunate incident can be put in the past, we can now confirm that Derrick Fullman the Los Angeles radio presenter with the fastest growing listener ship in the state of California will be on hand at the show, he has accepted Rob Blacks invite and he will appear on the night to shake Robs hand.

Now onto the matches...

Hot off the press, just signed....(D2M-W EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH) Jonny Storm vs. Jody Fleisch

Jonny Storm showed up on the debut show of D2M-W with one intention, this intention was to show himself as being one of the few men to proudly carry on the XPW legacy long after its demise. In between insulting the crowd Jonny happily bragged about how he has continued representing the deceased company worldwide by keeping his reputation of being the first and only XPW European champion alive and well, Jonny also claimed to have the XPW European title with him in a briefcase, unfortunately we did not get to see if this was the case (no pun intended) as he claimed to have left the key for the briefcase at home in England.

Jonny was given a makeshift match with a makeshift opponent by the name of ‘Barish’ by the D2M-W owner Rob Black, According to Rob ‘Barish’ was not even hired to be a wrestler in D2M-W, the Turkish man was simply hired as some amusement backstage for the Hardcore Homo Angel, despite this fact ‘Barish’ put up a decent fight against Jonny Storm, however one must argue if he presented a test worthy of Jonny Storm, a man who hate him or love him has proved countless times over the years that he is worthy of his reputation in the business.

On November 13th at ‘Keep the Morals at Home’, nobody will be able to argue if Jonny Storm leaves the show with his European title, because he will be tested by his on and off friend and rival, a man who knows Jonny better then anybody else in the wrestling business, a fellow Englishman who will be making his D2M-W debut…the high flying Phoenix JODY FLEISCH.

Jody Fleisch is a name that will be instantly recognizable if you know anything about the career of Jonny Storm, both men have never been far apart during the near 10 years they have been involved in the wrestling business. Both men trained in England under the tutelage of the highly respected Dino Scarlo and they both broke into the English wrestling scene in 1996, since that time the paths of Jonny and Jody have continued to cross and they have amazed fans with the highflying encounters they bring out of one another, the feud raged on British soil but later went worldwide, these men bring the best out of each other and they never fail to deliver an action packed spectacle.

Whoever wins when these two wage war on the 13th will without any question be worthy of the D2M-W European Title, the book of Jody Fleisch and Jonny Storms personal story is already a long one with many chapters yet to be written, and the next chapter will be written in D2M-W, on the 13th, if you call yourself a wrestling fan do not miss the chance to see this potential Match of the Year candidate.

Also just signed...(DOUBLE DEBUT HARDCORE MATCH) The Necro Butcher vs. Mad Man Pondo

What do you get when you hire two men with reputations for pushing the definition of the term ‘Hardcore wrestling’ to new limits? What do you get when you have these two men debut on the same night facing each other under hardcore rules? And what do you get when Rob Black informs both of these men that the winner of the match will be rewarded with the opportunity to fight for a D2M-W Hardcore title belt at a future date? The answer is something that we can not successfully predict but we can be safe in the knowledge that whatever happens will be memorable.

Make sure you have an empty notebook at hand on the 13th, because these men sure have a horrific story to tell, just make sure you don’t get any blood on the pages, and for fans at ringside, a little paper cut is the least of your worries, you should instead worry about the potential glass that may be flying in your direction, because these men have promised to bring an obscene amount of weapons with them, and light tubes are included.

Chris Hamrick vs. Angel

This match is probably the most unpredictable of the whole show as we head into it, because one mans intentions are a very confusing to us, and that man is Angel. Unless you have been living under a rock the sexuality of Angel is no mystery at all, what is a mystery is the behaviour of Angel on October 16th during a highly contested match between Chris Hamrick and Evan Karagias, a match that quite frankly had nothing to do with him.

What we do know is for some reason during that match Angel intended to make some sort of connection with Chris Hamrick, and he certainly did that by blowing a kiss to Hamrick and taking his mind off his match, which led to his loss to Evan Karagias.

We can speculate that maybe Angel is attracted to Chris Hamrick and he was just trying to give Hamrick some morale support in his own unique way, but we may not be giving Angel the credit he deserves, this could all be a well devised game for Angel, a plot to get ahead in the world of D2M-W, after all the antics of Angel sure leave people talking, maybe Angel realises this, and he may also realise he can use his outlandish ways to get inside the minds of opponents. Chris Hamrick could be the first in a long of line of many people that Angel plans to play mind games with.

Speculation has a habit of getting you nowhere nearer to the truth though, we could be way off with our ideas, the facts of the matter are the following, Angel distracted Hamrick with a kiss costing him a match, Chris Hamrick showed his annoyance over the matter backstage following the show and claimed he will talk about Angel when he is good and ready, maybe Chris plans to talk with actions, if that is the case he has the chance on the 13th, but it must mess with his head to realise that Angel requested this match, in what kind of manner does Angel wish to get physical with Chris Hamrick??,…oh dear, look what we are doing, we are speculating again, I guess Angel has a habit of making us D2M-W Web Team members do that. The one thing that is for sure about this match is NOTHING is for sure.

Just signed....(No Ropes 4 beds of pain DEATHMATCH) Supreme vs. Ryuji Ito

On the 16th of October at ‘All American Homecoming’ Rob Black eased the anger levels of an annoyed Supreme by promising him an opportunity to show he is still the King of the Death matches by facing a Japanese opponent who has also built a Hardcore reputation for himself with Deathmatches. Unfortunately for Supreme the mystery Opponent Rob was talking about could not appear at ‘All American Homecoming’ due to touring commitments with a Japanese company, Rob Black assured Supreme that the opponent would appear to face him on a future D2M-W show.

It would seem Rob Black has lived up to his word as we can now confirm that ‘Ryuji Ito’ of BJPW (Big Japan Pro Wrestling) has been 100% confirmed to appear at ‘Keep the Morals at Home’ on November 13th to face Supreme in a ‘No Ropes 4 beds of pain DEATHMATCH’.

The 27 year old Ryuji Ito has a cult following among American wrestling fans that have been fortunate enough to see footage of his crazy mind state fuelled antics in Japan. Ryuji has competed in some of the sickest matches the human mind can devise, you name the extreme match type and Ryuji has most likely been apart of it and if he hasn’t been apart of it he would be if asked without giving it a second thought.

Supreme and Ryuji Ito will both sacrifice everything they have on the 13th and the stakes have been made higher by Rob Black who we can now confirm has promised the winner of this contest a shot at a D2M-W Hardcore title belt on a future show, this is the same promise Rob has made to the winner of the Necro Butcher/Mad Man Pondo contest, will we be seeing the winners of both of these matches square off at a future date???

The No Ropes 4 beds of pain Death match is self explanatory, the ring ropes will be removed and outside of the ring four giant trays will be placed, one tray for each side of the ring. The trays will contain the following…

Tray 1: Broken Glass shards

Tray 2: Light Bulbs and Light Tubes

Tray 3: Thumbtacks placed on sandpaper

Tray 4: Strips of nails placed on layers of Salt

This is a sadistic match concept which fits perfectly with what this company is about; if this isn’t dead to morality nothing is…it sounds like we have all the ingredients needed for doing two crazy individuals like Supreme and Ryuji Ito justice, believe us when we tell you…they wouldn’t have It any other way.

Sexxxy Eddy vs. Evan Karagias

Two men who prevailed in there respective matches at ‘All American Homecoming’ will face each other in what is sure to be a fine wrestling display..

Evan Karagias won his match over Chris Hamrick on the 16th but due to circumstances that led to that victory (a distraction from Angel that cost Chris Hamrick the match) it will not go down in the record books as a victory Evan can be proud of, Evan wants to put that match behind him and go on to gain a successful victory over Sexxxy Eddy

Sexxxy Eddy also goes in the record books as being a winner by defeating Viscera at ‘All American Homecoming’ on October 16th, but as anybody who saw the show will see, he looked anything but a winner following his match, heading back to the locker room holding his groin area following a low blow from Viscera, and when Eddy was in the backstage area Viscera got involved in a little post match antics with Eddy’s manager ‘Veronica Caine’, right in the middle of the ring for all to see, and Veronica seemed to like the attention, Veronica also made it clear before the match took place between Viscera and Sexxxy Eddy that she would leave with whoever won, as she said before the match and this is a direct quote “I really don’t care which one of you fucks me tonight”, following Eddy’s win Veronica claimed that she did not mean this pre match comment and it was just an effort to play mind games with Viscera to give Eddy an advantage.

Despite an argument in the backstage area between Eddy and Veronica, it would seem everything settled down following a groin Massage from Veronica in an effort on her part to clear the air with her client.

Have Veronica Caine and Sexxxy Eddy really put the shaky start in D2M-W behind them? Is Viscera a forgotten factor? And if so will Eddy go on to achieve another victory?

Both Evan and Eddy have reasons to be very determined when it comes to gaining the victory when going into this contest, although neither man has any personal issue with the other the match is sure to turn intense as both men feel they still have something to prove to D2M-W fans. The man with the least distractions and the most determination could find themselves the winner of this contest.

(No DQ Match to crown the FIRST EVER D2M-W World Heavyweight champion) Rhino vs. Terry Funk

Last but defiantly not least is the main event, the big one that will set the path D2M-W will walk down throughout its future history, whatever the future may hold for this company it will all be traced back down to this match, the match that could serve to end or fuel personal vendettas, a match that could end careers, a match that could revitalise tradition or end it, and a match that WILL crown the FIRST D2M-W World Heavyweight Champion.

Terry Funk would love nothing more then to add another title to the already illustrious list of gold he has gained throughout his career, but the Gold is not the most important thing to Terry, the most important thing for him is to set a path of tradition D2M-W will be able to look back on in future years and be proud of, Terry wants to do his bit to give the fans a secure wrestling alternative to enjoy for years to come. Terry funk wants to be a symbol of tradition, not a symbol of tradition for Rob Black, but symbol of tradition for the fans. Terry also wants to humble and maybe even tame his opponent Rhino and teach him a few lessons that will stick with him in the process, mainly a new found respect for tradition, and it cannot be looked over that Terry Funk would also love to get one up on D2M-W owner Rob Black, giving him more sleepless nights.

As for Rhino, his cold blooded intensity and drive to get what he desires in this profession can not be denied, his actions have done his speaking so far in D2M-W, and the actions of an all out beating on his friend ‘Joe E.Legend’ during the final moments of ‘All American Homecoming’ spoke loud and clear, bare in mind this was a vicious post match assault following an already hard fought match. Rhino would not stop in his plans or let his drive for success be hampered by friendship, so just what will stop him on the 13th when he faces Terry Funk?

The only obstacle one can think of for Rhino is Joe E.Legend, In a statement in the days following ‘All American Homecoming’ Joe commented on how he wanted to confront Rhino face to face on the 13th over what occurred at ‘All American Homecoming’ and let his actions do the talking, one can only imagine the plans for revenge brewing in Joe’s mind.

Joe will not get the chance to fulfil his desires for revenge on the 13th however, and this is thanks to Rob Black who has made it quite clear that Joe E.Legend is banned from the D2M-W Arena on that night; Rob has said that if Joe shows his face and gets involved in the Title match he will be banned from D2M-W forever as a result, and Rob promised it would be with no hype or speech following his exit, Joe would just go on to vanish without any mention.

It seems like Rob Black has put a lid on any possible scenario involving Joe that could ruin his plans, and Rob has made his plan quite clear, he wants Rhino to go on to represent his company as the first D2M-W World Heavyweight champion, and Rob would also love to stand over Terry Funk following his loss to Rhino and spit in his face. Rob Black claims the 13th will be the day the World of wrestling is reborn, and the day he himself is reborn.

It is no understatement to say that Rhino vs. Terry Funk has shaped up to become a battle beyond the Gold, and that battle takes place November 13th at D2M-W ‘Keep the Morals at Home’.

The D2M-W Web Team

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