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WWE: Enter The Chandler Zone


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Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Total Extreme Wrestling 2004 and 2005 and should not be misconstrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumors, or results. Any images, logos, banners, avatars used in this forum are copyrighted by the organization they come from.

IPB Image

Welcome to the new World Wrestling Entertainment…under the control of Ryan Chandler. Chandler has been a wrestling fan since the age of 12 and has had ideas up the yin-yang for years. He worked out for years to get his body into super tip-top shape for his sports years during junior-high and high school. After graduating, Chandler moved to NY to concentrate on acting and stumbled across a chance to intern with World Wrestling Entertainment. After some resume padding (and upping his age a few years from 18 to 22), Ryan joins the WWE during the summer of 2004. During his time there, he’s worked with various producers and even became a member of the junior creative team. One day while working in his office, he overhears an argument between WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and his booking team..

Vince: I am starting to get sick and tired of our decreasing ratings. We average less ratings than some of the daytime soap operas. This is ridiculous. I hire former soap writers who’s just is to add more “drama” to our product and breakdown writers to improve our ratings and nothing happens. The IWC wages war on us each week, we have employees who can’t keep their mouths shut and spill to online sites and we have workers cheating on their wives! What in the hell is going on in my company!

Linda: My company

Shane: Dad’s company

Stephanie: Our company.

Vince: Our company. You know, I’ve been checking out some of these so called “internet news sites” and it’s amazing how accurate their information is. I’ve also checked out some e-feds. Those inexperienced people have better ideas than some of the people we have had on staff. What does that tell you?

Shane: It tells us that our creative team needs to be revamped. This isn’t a case of being “creatively drained”. We hire people who do what we want them to.

Linda: We need to do something soon. Our stock is dropping, fans are turning away from us, and because of that, we are losing leverage with the TV networks. What do you think Stephanie?

Stephanie: I agree that things need to change. I am overworked and I’m surrounded by ‘yes’ men. I mean, that’s not a bad thing, but we need a team of writers that will stand up to me and the other head writers (in a respectful way of course) and still get their point across.

Marissa: There are things that need to be done, but no one in here has any ideas. Where’s Triple H by the way Stephanie?

Stephanie: He’s at home right now. There was no need for him to be here today.

Linda: The board of directors isn’t too happy either Vince. If things don’t improve soon, I see some changes happenings….around the top of the company.

Chandler continues to eavesdrop and decides do the unthinkable. For months he’s submitted storyline ideas to the creative team and all his requests have been shot down due to him being a “junior member”. He takes a deep breath and decides to crash the meeting.

Shane: What we need to do hire a new --

Ryan: A new creative team head.

All of the McMahon’s turn towards the door and sees Ryan Chandler standing at their door. None of them look too happy.

Linda: Excuse me, but what are you doing in here. This meeting is private.

Ryan: I’m sorry. I couldn’t help but overhear your meeting. No disrespect, but if you want the meeting to stay quiet, maybe next time you all should keep it down. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Ryan Chandler. I started working here last year and I am currently on the junior creative team. Now before all of you have a fit. I would like you all to hear me out.

Shane: I don’t think th--

Vince: Let him speak. And make it quick.

Ryan: Thank you. For the past year the junior creative team and I’ve submitted storyline ideas and all were shot down by Dave Lagana & Brian Gerwitz. We were repeatedly told that we were there only to “learn from the masters”. Those men Mr. McMahon, are only some of your problem. No offense to those in the room, but the main writing team sucks.

Vince: EXCUSE ME?!!!

Ryan: Let me change that. The main writers aren’t connecting with the fans. You’re wasting money hiring these soap writers to write wrestling ideas. Don’t get me wrong, these people may be great soap writers, but as much as people consider the WWE to be a soap for men, this is totally different from a soap. The Katie Vick storyline?

Stephanie: What about it?

Ryan: It sucked…not to mention it was creepy. The Kane/Lita/Matt storyline…with her ending up “pregnant” with his baby and was forced to marry him, was totally ripped from General Hospital. It’s these types of storylines that are driving the fans away. And guess where they’re driving to.

Marissa: Where? Where’d they get directions from?

Shane: Oh god.

Linda: You married her.

Ryan: There are going straight to our competition. TNA. And if they aren’t turning to TNA, they’ll just tune us out completely. Sure they’ll occasionally watch, but they will continue to tune out when certain wrestlers are the focus of everything. I love Triple H. I think he’s a great character and performer, and I understand that he’s the top guy, but he don’t need to always need to be the center of every show.

Stephanie: Well…..he makes good TV.

Ryan: Yes, he does, when you aren’t pimping him to the fans.

Vince: Will you get to the point?

Ryan: The point is Mr. McMahon... I am what you need. I, Ryan Chandler, along with the help of the entire creative team, can help save World Wrestling Entertainment from completely alienating the fans.

All of the McMahon’s and the creative team laugh.

Ryan: Oh great, real mature. All you have to do is check the ideas I submitted. You’ll see that I have what it takes to save the WWE. The ideas were done with the help of the junior creative team.

Vince then has his secretary Sophie, search in the cpu database for storyline ideas submitted by WWE employees. When she brings him Ryan’s file, Vince is intrigued.

Vince: I’m not gonna lie to you kid. Your ideas are damn good. But how do I know you’ll be able to continue with this.

Stephanie: Oh come on dad, you aren’t seriously considering this---

Vince: Hush. I’ll tell you what. I’ll give you a shot Mr. Chandler. Your first 3 months will be on a bi-weekly basis. Every two weeks, I’ll evaluate your performance, and if things are on the up and up and stay that way, we’ll offer you a full-time contract. Until then, I’m willing to offer you a recurring contract. At any time if you screw up, I will fire you. Are we in agreement:

Shane:I’m for it.

Linda:It can’t be any worse than what we’ve been doing.

Ryan: Before you’re finished Mr. McMahon, I need to know that you are behind me 100%. I’m going to need complete discretion when it comes to hiring and firing workers. Do I have you support.

Stephanie: For the record, I want it to be known that I am totally against this decision. But I’ll go along with it for now….

Vince: I can’t say that I back you 100%. Though your ideas are great, I still don’t know if you can continue your stream of creativity. Once your three month period has passed, I will decide whether or not I back you 100%. For the record, you will have complete discretion when it comes to hiring and firing workers, though Stephanie will have to sign off on it. You’ll become an official member of the creative and booking team next month. Get ready Chandler. You’d better not let me down.

Ryan: Thank you Mr. McMahon. You won’t be disappointed.

All though no one expected him to last, little did they know that almost one year later, he would have made such an impact on them all. So get ready everyone. There’s a new guy in charge, and he’s taking the world of Sports Entertainment by storm.

Edit: I have edited this diary a lot due to me now using the TEW 2005 program. I will inform you all when things transfer to TEW 2005.

Ryan's sitting in his office remembering his first offical day on the job....

A Flashback…..

June 2nd, 2005- First Official Staff Meeting:

Ryan: Good morning everyone. Most of you know me. Some more than others (glares at Brian Gerwitz). Before we start, I just want to make a few things clear. By order of Vince McMahon, I have the authority to make changes at will and change whatever it is that I think will help the WWE.

Writer: And that means?

Ryan: Basically, what that means is, I have the power to make things happen. Congratulations, you’re fired.

Writer: Excuse me? You can’t just come in here firing people. My firing isn’t justified.

Ryan: Yes it is, you aren’t too bright. You’re the idiot that helped pen the Katie Vick storyline. And…if I’m not mistaken, you are one of the writers who used to steal the ideas that the junior members had and claim them as your own. So yes, you’re fired.

The writer turns to Stephanie and she nods her head. The writer gets up and leaves.

Ryan: Does anyone else want to speak up? I know exactly what most of you helped write. And trust me, if it sucked, I’ll call you out on it, and then you’re fired. So can we move on?

Everyone nods in unison.

Ryan: Good. Now my first official act of duty is to get rid of some dead weight. Effective immediately, Chris Nowinski, Marc Lloyd, Jason Roberts & Lauren Jones will no longer be needed by the company. Please inform them so they can be free to work elsewhere. There’s no need to have people who I will never use on WWE TV.

Brian: Done.

Ryan: Moving on. Before I became a full member of the creative team, part of my job was to float from department to department helping out and learning more about this business. Well, some of the execs that I have worked with has moved up our move to USA. Our last airdate on Spike TV will be 7/17/05. The final paperwork was signed last week. Per our contract w/ USA, RAW will debut the Monday. Heat will end 7/31/05 on Spike and will be moving to the USA network as well. We will also be leaving UPN and putting SmackDown on Spike TV. The WWE managed to work some things out with Spike and they agreed to it. Of course, we’ll be set back a few hundred thousand dollars, but that’s nothing.

Writer: What did they agree to?

Ryan: The WWE will pay for all advertising. Obviously we didn’t want to be moved to Friday Nights, so someone came up with the idea of showing SmackDown on Spike TV. I don’t know who it was who suggested that, but that means our writing has to improve a lot more. SmackDown will be live from now on. Also per our agreement, we will not be permitted to promote the USA Logo on Spike or vice versa. We can only say when our shows will be shown. All other info needs to be added to WWE.com

Brian: Anything else.

Ryan: Yes. Per our negotiations with USA, Heat will now be a half-hour show, starting at 7:30.

Dave: And the reason for this was…..?

Ryan: Because an hour show that really has no significance will bore the hell out of our fans. I mean, it’s not like they watch it anyway, so why not make the matches on that show matter. Talent wise, Smackdown has the better roster. This is why Velocity will stay one hour. It also forces us to focus on getting our goals met. So if our goal is to hype Shelton Benjamin, we’ll start off w/ an interview of him, a video or two and end the show with either a match or an angle. Either way, at least one match needs to be on the show. This will also force the editors to change the way promo packages are created. I don’t like the idea of padding an hour long show with fluff. We need to get right to the point. Also, I don’t like the idea of Todd Grisham being a commentator. I think we need to have faces that the fans can relate to. Todd Grisham should be more of an interviewer. Jonathan Coachman and Jerry Lawler will now host the show.

Stephanie: And on RAW?

Ryan: Jonathan will be the temporary third man, and if the fans react well, then he’ll our third chair permanently. The same with Josh Matthews. I like his style of commentating and I want him to be our lead announcer on Smackdown. No objections about it. I know what I’m doing. Based on a recent poll on WWE.com, over 62% of fans find Michael Cole to be annoying. Moving on to Velocity, that show will be hosted by Tazz, Steven Romero and Josh Matthews. I’ve sent a correspondent to work with Josh and his announcing has been improving.

Stephanie: Anything else?

Ryan: I intend on signing a lot of new talent…and as more comes in, more will be let go. This includes development talent as well. And speaking of OVW, I’ve arranged for OVW to have a weekly TV show and a weekly PPV event as well starting on October. The weekly shows will improve the overness and skills of our workers better. Remember, if there are no shows, how will they improve?

Brian: What about TNA?

Stephanie: We use them to our advantage.

Ryan: You’re right Steph. We will raid their talent as much as possible. But unlike your father Stephanie, we will not try to crush the competition. Not yet anyway. If TNA gives better shows than we do, it’ll force us to come up with better ideas, and force the wrestlers to perform better. I will be assigning a viewing panel. That panel will watch TNA and indy footage to see who we should pick up and also check out some of their current storylines. Their TV Deal with FSN renews very soon. The ratings have been well enough for FSN to give them a primetime slot. TNA Impact airs Wednesday in a primetime slot. Their weekend show Xplosion will go up against Velocity when it goes to UPN.

Brian: You just seem to have all the answers don’t you.

Ryan: No Brian, I don’t. I am just well prepared. Checking into other companies was part of my job before I became head of the creative team Brian. Plus, I’m a fan of TNA. I like their boldness to go out and compete against the WWE. Now, if there’s nothing else to talk about, we can adjourn the meeting. For the next three months, you all will still come up with storyline ideas. But all must pass through me and Stephanie. We have the final say on everything after my three month probationary period is over, I will be fulltime head of the creative team. Meeting adjourned.

Following the meeting, things around the WWE begin to improve dramatically. Morale appeared to be improving; the company was making money, and new talent, both former employees and new joined the company. Fast forward to 8 months later in the year 2006, the WWE is in a better state than it’s been in a long time.

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Because I was fighting with myself on whether or not to do a diary or not, the diary will officially begin February 19, 2006 game time. There will be some things that I add before I go into booking the PPV. Giving some backstory on the most recent storylines.

  • Randy Orton won the Royal Rumble and will face Batista at WrestleMania XXII in the main event. Batista is currently in a feud with Brock Lesnar, who Randy Orton paid to take out Batista at the PPV, not realizing that the World Title would be up for grabs. Chris Benoit, who was the man Orton beat to win the Royal Rumble, is currently in a short-term feud with Orton. Their feud is a result of Orton disrespecting the older wrestlers Their feud should end tonight.

  • Over on RAW, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles are battling for a shot at the WWE Championship…anytime they want. They are having are participating in the second “Money In The Bank“ gimmick match. The winner will be able to challenge the WWE Champion at anytime for up to one year. Their match will take place at WrestleMania.

  • Shawn Michaels & Triple H are in a storyline for the winner to face WWE Champion John Cena at WrestleMania. Their match will take place on the RAW Supershow, the week after No Way Out.
The following information is based on TEW 2004 Data. I will more than likely edit this when I continue the diary using TEW 2005 Diary.

Company Information

Owner: Linda McMahon

Head Booker & Head of Creative Team: Ryan Chandler

Founded: May 17, 1963

Based In: Connecticut

Money: 50,695,779

Portrayed As: Sports Entertainment

Most Popular Workers:


Shawn Michaels

Sho Funaki (don’t know how)

Mick Foley

Triple H

World Overness: 88.7%

Top 5 Promotions In The World

WWE (88.7%)

TNA (75.0%)

OVW (58.1%)

ROH (51.2%)

Z1-MAX (25.4%)

Top 5 Most Over Workers in The World:

Triple H (93.6%)

Hulk Hogan (93.5%)

Sho Funaki (98.3%)

The Rock (91.0%)

Sting (90.9%)

Booking Team:

Stephanie McMahon (Assistant Head Booker)

Vince McMahon

Paul Heyman

Vince Russo

Dusty Rhodes

Pay Per Views

WWE New Year’s Revolution (RAW)

WWE Royal Rumble (Joint)

WWE No Way Out (SmackDown)

WWE WrestleMania (Joint)

WWE Backlash (RAW)

WWE Judgement Day (Smackdown)

WWE Vengeance (RAW)

WWE Great American Bash (Smackdown)

WWE Summer Slam (Joint)

WWE Unforgiving (RAW)

WWE Taboo Tuesday (RAW)

WWE No Mercy (Smackdown)

WWE Survivor Series (Joint)

WWE Armageddon (Smackdown)


Ohio Valley Wrestling (OVW)

- OVW Livewire (Weekly PPV Event held every Tuesday)

- OVW Nitro (Weekly TV Event, airs Fridays on TBS)

Ohio Valley Wrestling Training Center

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IPB Image

RAW Brand Information:

TV Shows:

RAW- Airs every Monday at 9:00 PM on USA

Heat: Airs every Sunday at 7:30 on USA


WWE Champion: John Cena

WWE Intercontinental Champion: Shelton Benjamin

World Tag-Team Champions: NBT (Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire)

World Women’s Champion: Lita

Road Agents:

Paul Heyman

Stephanie McMahon

Ricky Steamboat

John Laurinaitis

Sgt. Slaughter

Main Eventers


AJ Styles

John Cena

Shawn Michaels

Stone Cold Steve Austin


Chris Jericho



Kurt Angle

Ric Flair (manages Chris Masters)

Triple H

Upper Mid-Carders


Big Show

Christopher Daniels


Shelton Benjamin


Teddy Hart





Chavo Guerrero

CM Punk

Gene Snitsky



Eugene Dinsmore

Mike Sanders



Sean O’Haire

Steven Richards

The Hurricane

Tommy Dreamer

Val Venis


Chris Masters


Kenzo Suzuki

Matt Morgan


Rene Dupree

Lower Mid-Carders


Garrison Cade

Mark Jindrak






Chet & Dean Javlin




Gail Kim

Alexis Laree


Candice Michelle

Torrie Wilson (Personality)

Lillian Garcia (Backstage Staff)



Alicia Webb (a.k.a. Ryan Shamrock)



Tracy Brooks (A Tweener, but always plays the Heel Role)

Stephanie McMahon (manages Triple H)

Authority Figures

Eric Bischoff (Current GM)

Vince McMahon (WWE Chairman)


Evolution (Triple H, Stephanie McMahon, Ric Flair & Chris Masters)

Natural Born Thrillers (Mike Sanders, Sean O’Haire, Mark Jindrak, Garrison Cade

Rated X (No members)


Jim Ross

Jerry “The King” Lawler

Jonathan Coachman

Todd Grisham

RAW Announce Team

Jim Ross (Lead Announcer)/Jerry Lawler/Jonathan Coachman

Heat Announce Team

Jonathan Coachman (Lead Announcer)/Jerry Lawler

Joint Brand PPV Announce Team

Jim Ross (Lead Announcer)/Josh Matthews/

The above information is based on TEW 2004 Data. I will more than likely edit this when I continue the diary using TEW 2005 Diary.

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IPB Image

Smackdown Brand Information:

TV Shows:

SmackDown airs every Thursday at 8:00 PM on Spike TV

Velocity airs every Saturday at 11:00 PM on Spike TV


World Heavyweight Champion: Batista

United States Champion: Rob Van Dam

Cruiserweight Champion: Alex Shelley

WWE Women's Champion: Christy Hemme

WWE Tag-Team Champions: Christian & Tyson Tomko

Road Agents:

Vince McMahon

Stephanie McMahon

Dean Malenko

Arn Anderson

Ric Flair

Main Eventers



Chris Benoit

Mick Foley (43 Dates Left on contract)

The Undertaker




Brock Lesnar

Eddie Guerrero

John Bradshaw Layfield

Randy Orton

Upper Mid-Carders


Bubba Ray Dudley

D-Von Dudley

Frankie Kazarian

Juventud Guerrera

Paul London

Rey Mysterio

Rob Van Dam



Daniel Puder (overness increased dramatically in OVW)

Joey Mercury

Johnny Nitro

Johnny Swinger

Muhammad Hassan


Orlando Jordon

Simon Diamond

Super Crazy



Alex Shelley


Brian Kendrick

James Storm

Kid Kash

Shannon Moore



Chris Sabin


Billy Kidman


Danny Basham

Doug Basham


Robert Conway

Sylvain Grenier

Tyson Tomko

Lower Mid-Carders


Chad Toland (a.k.a. Chad Wicks)

Chris Harris

Tank Toland



Joey Ryan



Christy Hemme

Trish Stratus

Kirsten Vaughn (a.k.a. UPW Desire, Shelley Martinez)

Sharmell Sullivan (Manager)

Stacy Keibler (Valet)





Molly Holly

Dawn Marie

Authority Figures

Shane McMahon (Current GM)

Vince McMahon (WWE Chairman)

Ryan Chandler (Alternates in the same role as Vince & WWE wrestler. Also my user character)


Michael Cole


Josh Matthews

Steve Romero

Bobby Heenan (officially has no brand, but mainly appears on Smackdown)

Smackdown Announce Team

Josh Matthews (Lead Announcer)/Michael Cole/Tazz

Velocity Announce Team

Josh Matthews (Lead Announcer)/Steve Romero/Tazz

Smackdown PPV Announce Team

Michael Cole (Lead Announcer)/Josh Matthews/Tazz

Joint Brand PPV Announce Team

Jim Ross (Lead Announcer)/Josh Matthews/

The above information is based on TEW 2004 Data. I will more than likely edit this when I continue the diary using TEW 2005 Diary.


Ohio Valley Wrestling Development Information

Territory Information:

Ohio Valley Wrestling

Developmental Territory

Based in Kentucky

Portrayed As: Traditional

Head Booker: Vince Russo

Creative Team:

Ted DiBiase

Brian Gerwitz

Linda McMahon

Dean Malenko

Marissa Mazzola-McMahon


Vince Russo (Lead Announcer)/Michael Hayes/Linda McMahon

Road Agents:

Vince Russo

Dean Malenko

Ted DiBiase

Danny Davis

Linda McMahon


OVW World Heavyweight (Assumingly Defunct)

OVW World

OVW Television

OVW Tag-Team

5 Most Popular Workers

The Rock

Booker T


Bill DeMott

Ted DiBiase

OVW Roster:


Arn Anderson

Bamm Bamm Penders

Beth Pheonix

Bill Behrens

Bill DemMott

Blaster Lashley

Booker T

Brent Albright

Brian Black

Brian Carlucci

Brian Gerwitz

Da Beast

Danny Davis

David Finlay

Dean Malenko

Gerald Brisco

Goose Mahoney


Ian Cage

Ian Stamboli


Jerome Crony

Joel Maximo

Johnny Jeter

Jose Maximo

Ken Doan

Lance Storm

Linda McMahon

Mac Johnson

Marissa Mazzola-McMahon

Matt Striker

Michael Hayes

Mike Mizanin

Mike Taylor




Ray Ramsey

Ricky Steamboat

Robert Brisko

Ryan Reeves

Seth Skyfire

Steve Lewington


Ted DiBiase

The Inferno

The Rock

Theodore Long

Tony Stradlin

Vince Russo

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*Current title holders are always the last name listed*

World Wrestling Entertainment Title Histories

World Heavyweight Championship:

Batista- Unknown to August 15, 2005

Chris Jericho- Won on August 15, 2005 in Montana

*Batista- Won November 28, 2005 (in New York)

*- Title officially became a SmackDown championship

WWE Heavyweight Championship:

John Cena- Unknown to June 26, 2005

Eddie Guerrero- Won on June 26, 2005 in Vancouver

The Undertaker- Won on October 9, 2005 in Glasgow

*John Cena- Won on December 1, 2005 in Tokahoma

Title officially became a RAW Championship

Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin- Unknown to July 11, 2005

CM Punk- Won on July 11, 2005 in New Jersey

Chris Benoit- Won on August 8, 2005 in North Carolina

Randy Orton- Won on August 21, 2005in New York

Val Venis- Won on November 28, 2005 in New York

Vacated on December 12, 2005

Rhyno- Won on December 12, 2005 in Kentucky

Shelton Benjamin- Won on January 8, 2006 in Vermont

Steve Austin- Won on January 30, 2006 in Missouri (an accidental booking error. Austin wasn’t supposed to be in match)

Vacated on February 13, 2006

Shelton Benjamin- Won on February 13, 2006 in Florida

United States Championship

Orlando Jordan- Unknown to June 26, 2005

Booker T- Won on June 26th, 2005 in Vancouver

Kurt Angle- Won on August 21, 2005 in New York

Charlie Haas- Won on October 9, 2005 in Glasgow

Vacated November 26, 2005

Rob Van Dam- Won on November 27, 2005 in South Carolina

Ryan Chandler- Won on February 2, 2006 in Montreal

Paul London - Won at No Way Out 2006

Cruiserweight Championship

Paul London- Unknown to June 12, 2005

Rey Mysterio- Won on June 12, 2005 in New York

Super Crazy- Won on June 26, 2005 in Vancouver

Paul London- Won on October 9, 2005 in Glasgow

Akio- Won on November 27, 2005 in South Carolina

Alex Shelley- Won on December 11, 2005 in Connecticut

WWE Women’s Championship

Trish Stratus- Unknown to August 8, 2005

Christy Hemme- Won on August 8, 2005 in North Carolina

*Melina- Won on August 21, 2005 (in an interpromotional match)

Molly Holly Won on October 9, 2005 in Glasgow

Christy Hemme- Won on November 27, 2005 in South Carolina

*-Title officially became a SD Championship on August 29th

World Women’s Championship

Victoria- Won on August 29, 2005 in Connecticut

Alicia Webb- Won on September 18, 2005 in Oklahoma

Gail Kim- Won on November 27, 2005 in South Carolina

Lita- Won on January 8, 2006 in Vermont

World Tag-Team Championship

Superheroes (The Hurricane & Rosey)- Unknown to July 24, 2005

La Resistance- Won on July 24, 2005 in Missouri

Natural Born Attitudes (Mark Jindrak & Garrison Cade)- Won on October 25, 2005 in New York

Matt Morgan & Carlito- won on December 18, 2005 in Michigan

Natural Born Thrillers (Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire)- Won on December 19, 2005 in Maine

WWE Tag Team Championship

MNM- Unknown to June 16, 2005

Dudley Boyz- Won on June 16, 2005 in Michigan

Kaz & Haas (Frankie Kazarian & Charlie Haas)- Won on August 21, 2005 in New York

AMW (Chris Harris & James Storm)- Won on November 24, 2005

Christian & Tyson Tomko- Won on December 11, 2005 in Connecticut

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-Credit WWE.com

IPB Image

WWE Releases Two Superstars

February 17, 2006

World Wrestling Entertainment has come to agreements on the release of the following Superstars. WWE would like to wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Jackie Gayda

Charlie Haas.

Charlie Haas has agreed to do an interview later on today on WWE.com

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IPB Image


Last week on RAW, Shelton Benjamin regained his Intercontinetal Championship in a very intense Fatal Four-Way Chavo, CM Punk and Christopher Daniels. Will his luck stay the same this week when he defends his championship one on one against Christopher Daniels?

WWE Champion John Cena again fended off Gene Sntisky in another gimmick match. Who will his oppnonent this week be? Will he finally prove to himself that he deserves the WWE Championship?

In what was a classic match last week, Shawn Michaels & Triple H battled each other to a draw. With neither man getting the best of each other, can we expect more blood to be shed between these two superstars?

Find out LIVE this tonight when RAW eminates from Louisiana.

Confirmed Matches:

Alexis Laree v. Lita © for the World Women's Championship

Shelton Benjamin © v. Christohper Daniels for the Intercontinental Championship

John Cena v. Mystery Opponent in another high profile match

Also Triple H, Shawn Michales, Kurt Angle & AJ Styles are in action as well!!!

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After this PPV, I began writing the results instead of relying on the game to write it's own results due to criticism I received. I was told it was lazy and uncreative to rely on the results and I agreed.

IPB Image

Heat Card

Antonio v. Steven Richards

Alexis Laree v. Alicia Webb

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IPB Image

WWE RAW Results


8, 129 in Attendance

New Orleans, Louisiana

[The RAW opening video plays in the arena as thousands of fans prepare for another exciting edition of RAW. The fireworks and pyros explode throughout the arena and the fans are on their feet.]

JR: Ladies and gentlemen welcome to Monday Night RAW! Tonight’s show is guaranteed to be explosive!

Coach: I agree with you on that JR. One match I’m looking forward to tonight is the Intercontinental Championship match.

[The video graphic of Shelton Benjamin and Chris Daniels appears on the Titan Tron as The Coach is talking.]

JR: I don’t know if I agree with Benjamin’s agreement to defend the IC title against Daniels one week after regaining the belt in an intense Fatal Four-Way match.

King: One match I’m looking forward to is the Women’s championship match.

JR: Alexis Laree has worked so hard to get a title shot.

Coach: And speaking of Miss Laree, here she is!

[Alexis makes her way to the ring first. Lita comes out next, accompanied by Edge. The ref calls for the bell as both ladies begin to square off.]

Singles Match for the World Women’s Championship

Alexis Laree v. Lita

Pretty decent match with no women getting the fair advantage. Alexis showed that all her training paid off by selling more than she ever has. Lita’s in-ring work was quite sloppy, but Alexis managed to cover up Lita’s laziness. The fans started off quite interested in the match, but towards the end began to chant BORING, BORING! Alexis finally begins to dominate the match for about 3 minutes. Alexis knocks Lita down and climbs on the turnbuckle. Edge sees this and goes to push Alexis off. She pushes him off the stairs with her foot and begins to balance herself. She leaps off the turnbuckle while attempting a body splash. Lita sticks her foot in the air and kicks Alexis directly in the mouth. Alexis covers her mouth with her hands and Lita takes advantage of this and rolls her up with her feet on the ropes. Referee Mike Chioda doesn’t see Lita’s feet on the ropes and counts to 3.

OR: 71%

[After the match Lita calls Edge into the ring and stands over Alexis. She pulls Edge close and gives him a disgusting kiss.]


Evolution Arrives

[The camera cuts to parking lot as a limo pulls up. The limo driver gets out and opens the door. Chris Masters & Ric Flair are the first ones to step out of the limo. The driver goes to the other side and Triple H steps out, then reaches for Stephanie’s hand and helps her out. Stephanie fixes Triple H’s suit, and grabs his arm. All 4 members of Evolution then begin walking to their locker room.]

OR: 84.1%


[back inside the arena, the theme of the RAW General Manager hits as Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring.]

Bischoff: Oh give it a rest. There’s no need to boo me. I won’t be out here for that long. The faster you idiots shut up, the quicker I can make my announcement and get out of here.

[The fans boo.]

Bischoff: Now. For the past few weeks, we’ve seen Triple H and Shawn Michaels beat the hell out of each other. And I do mean beat the hell out of each other. However, there’s been no big payoff. I made a 15-Man Battle Royal and the eliminated each other simultaneously. The next week they squared off again and they both got disqualified for beating each other with chairs. Here we are, less than 8 weeks away from WrestleMania and we still have no #1 contender for the WWE Heavyweight Championship. And until we have one, there will be no RAW Main-Event for WrestleMania XXII. Being the genius that I am, I’ve come up with a brilliant idea for next week’s RAW SuperShow. So, next week, live on RAW’s SuperShow, it will be Triple H v. Shawn Michaels…in a No Holds Barred Match and the winner will go on to WrestleMania and face John Cena for the WWE Championship. No count-outs, no DQ’s. There must be a victor.

[The fans cheer with the end of that sentence.]

Bischoff: Now as far as tonight goes. I’ve decided to give Triple H & Shawn Michaels some warm up matches. So, Triple H will face my nephew Eugene. And Shawn Michaels will go one-on-one with Evolution member, Chris Masters!

[The fans cheer with anticipation of seeing Shawn Michaels in action. Bischoff drops the microphone and goes to the back.]

Coach: It looks like the boss has everything covered. See, this is what I like about our General Manager. He’s always thinking ahead.

JR: Well, next week’s RAW is guaranteed to be a “no miss” show.

OR: 86.0%

[RAW goes to commercial.]


[When RAW comes back from commercial, the team of Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree are in the ring with Mike Sanders & Garrison Cade getting ready to enter the ring].

Tag-Team Match: #1 Contenders Match For the World Tag-Team Championship

Natural Born Attitudes (Mike Sanders & Garrison Cade) v. Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree

It was a very blah match. The fans didn’t seem to care about Kenzo or Rene. Kenzo’s in-ring work was very lazy and blah. Dupree worked most of the match. Garrison appeared to be injured when Dupree dropped him on his face outside the ring. Out of the blue, Kenzo grew some life in him and proceeded to dominate Mike Sanders. Kicks and punches to the abdomen and lower body weakened Sanders. Kenzo goes for a pin and Cade breaks it up. Dupree runs into the ring and drops Cade on his head (literally) in a botched back body drop. Sanders looks around a sees he’s all alone and takes out both guys. Sanders attempts to hit the 3.0 on Dupree, but he reverses it and throws him into Kenzo, who is waiting for Sanders and hits him with a super kick to the jaw. Sanders is down, Kenzo cover s him and gets the pinfall.

OR: 68.5%

JR: Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree will meet Sean O’Haire & Mark Jindrak next week for the World Tag Team Championship


Styles & Heyman Speak

[AJ Styles hit’s the ring with Paul Heyman and the fans jump to their feet.]

AJ: By now, you all know that the match between the Olympic Gold Joke, Kurt Angle and I, will be taking place at WrestleMania, the grandest stage of them all. This will be my first WrestleMania and I intend on making my Mania debut be one to remember. Kurt and I both want the WWE Championship more than anything, but I have something he doesn’t have. Do you know what that is Heyman?

Heyman: I’m pretty sure.

Styles: What about you Kurt? Do you know? What I have that you don’t have Kurt is the support of the fans. From the first day that I stepped foot into a WWE arena, the fans were behind me. And why is that? Well, it’s because I’m AJ Styles. And that’s something you’ll never be Kurt. I am the future of the WWE, while you are, well…old news. Your so called glory days ended a long time ago Kurt. And come WrestleMania, when you step into the ring with me, your entire career is going to flash before your eyes.

[“Medal” hits as Kurt Angle makes his way onto the stage]

Kurt:Well wupdeedo AJ. You have fan support. I don’t give a damn about the fans. They’ll turn on you the same way the turned on me!

[The fans in the arena chant ‘What’ at the end of Kurt’s sentences]

Kurt: You claim that at WrestleMania you’re going to make my entire career flash before my eyes? Well Styles, you may do that. But after it happens, I’ll make you tap like the little bitch you are! I’ll tell you what AJ. Why don’t we do something together.

Styles: Sorry Kurt. I don’t really like you in that way.

[The fans begin to laugh]

Kurt: You..damnit it Styles. You know what I mean. I have an idea. For the next four weeks. Why don’t we pick out each other’s opponents. You know. Sort of a….challenge.

JR: A challenge?

King: I wanna know where Kurt’s going with this.

Styles: Hmm…over a period of four weeks, we’ll face handpicked opponents, and then what.

Kurt: The person who has the best record gets to change the stipulation of our match.

Heyman: So let’s say AJ wins. He could then choose to keep the match stipulation the same, or he could change the match to let’s say….a Ultimate Ladder match?

Kurt: Right. Or if I win, I could change the stip to a …. Ultimate Submission match. So how about it Styles?

Styles: You’re on!

[Kurt Angle’s music hits once again as both men stare each other down]

Coach: This seems pretty interesting. Two enemies handpicking opponents for each other. Sounds good in my opinion. I’m sure whoever Kurt picks to go up against AJ will completely demolish that wannabe WWE Superstar.

JR: You can’t count our Styles Coach. He has the sometimes evil genius Paul Heyman on his side. Can you just imagine if Styles won the challenge?

King: Heyman is the former owner of ECW. I’m sure he could think of some pretty brutal matches, and he’s safe because he doesn’t have to take part in it.

JR: Ladies and gentlemen, when we come back, Triple H is in action against Eugene!

OR: 100%

**I combined the challenge segement with Kurt Angle and a threatening interview from AJ w/ Heyman and got the rating that I got.**

[RAW goes to commecial]


[before the match begins, Shawn Michaels is shown watching his monitor.]

OR: 93.1%


Singles Match

Triple H v. Eugene

A very good match. Triple H and Eugene work well together in the ring. Triple H dominated for most of the match, but Eugene refused to give up. There were plenty of times when Triple H came close to being pinned by Eugene, but Stephanie always managed to somehow help Triple H kick out. Eugene goes to hit the Stone Cold Stunner on Triple H, but HHH counters. While the referee isn’t looking Eugene kicks Triple H right in the gonads. Triple H falls to the ground and the referee goes to check on him. The fans rise to their feet as Eugene prepares to finish off Triple H. Stephanie McMahon climbs into the ring while Eugene’s back is turned to her, and she kicks him in the gonads as well. Triple H capitalizes on her interference and hit’s Eugene with the Pedigree. Triple H goes for the cover and gets the win. The fans boo Triple H and Stephanie all the way to the back.

OR: 87.1%


Torrie Talks to Bischoff

[Torrie Wilson is shown walking into Eric Bischoff’s office.]

Eric: Yeah. You need to find him right now. He was supposed to be here over an hour ago.

[bischoff acknowledges Torrie and points a finger at her to wait]

Eric: Uh-huh. Ok. Yeah. Well you tell him that if he isn’t here by the end of the show, I’m fining him $30,000. You got it? Good.

[bischoff closes his cell phone and looks at Torrie.]

Eric: What can I do for you today Mrs. Wilson.

Torrie: Hi. Mr. Bischoff. I was sitting in the Diva locker room when I had the best idea.

Eric: Oh really. And what would this idea be?

Torrie: Well…

[Torrie leans in really close to Bischoff while he’s sitting down, with her cleavage right in his face.]

Torrie: If you go with my suggestion, I’ll do…

[Torrie whispers something in Bischoff’s ear. He smiles as the camera man slowly starts to make his way out of the room. The door shuts, then RAW goes to commercial.]

OR: 76.1%


Singles Match

Carlito v. AJ Styles.

Pretty decent match. Thought the match quality wasn’t great, the crowd was totally into it. After battling back and forth for a few minutes, Carlito managed to take the lead. While attempting Standing Vertical Suplex, Styles reversed it and hit the Styles Clash for the win. After the match, AJ Styles was attacked by Kurt Angle. A dazed Styles staggered around into Kurt Angle. Angle then hit the Angle Slam.

OR: 89.7%


Singles Match: Intercontinental Championship

Christopher Daniels v. Shelton Benjamin

Easily the match of the night. Benjamin & Daniels have amazing chemistry in the ring. Though match had some occasional high spots, it was mainly a grounded match. Shelton proudly walked to the ring with his IC title and showed it off to the crowd and got right in Daniels’ face. Daniels started off the match with a bang and immediately began to take control of the match. 5 minutes into the match, Daniels hit a modified version of the Last Rites, and went for the pin. Benjamin managed to kick out and he then took control of the match. They eventually ended up in the crowd. The referee begins his 10 count. Daniels throws Benjamin over the barricade. 4.……Daniels climbs up the steps, and leaps off with a flying dropkick. 6.…….Both men slowly get up. 7.……Daniels climbs into the ring, and slides back out. He throws Benjamin back in the ring and goes for the pin. 1.….2.….KICKOUT! Daniels shows frustration and starts to get desperate. He climbs the turnbuckle and goes to hit a moonsault…..MISS!!!!!! Benjamin moved out the way in the last minute. Shelton has been playing possum for the past few minutes. Shelton had to hit three body splashes and two Dragon Whips to keep Daniels down. He finally as able to get the best of Daniels and scored the pinfall.

*The crowd reaction wasn’t as high as it would have been, had Daniels been the heel during the match. Even though it was a face v. face match, both workers got a good reaction.*

MR = 77.5%

MQ = 87.6%

OR = 93.6%

[RAW goes to commercial]


[A promo video is shown hyping the Triple H & Shawn Michaels storyline.]

OR: 93.2%


>Main Event<

Singles Match

Shawn Michaels v. Chris Masters w/ Ric Flair

Thank god for OVW’s weekly PPV and tv shows. Masters has improved so much since July of 2005. It wasn’t the greatest match in the world, but the men involved gave the crowd a good main event. Michaels pulled out all the stops to win this match. Even with blatant interference from Ric Flair. Towards the end of the match, HBK is on the turnbuckle getting ready to hit a diving elbow drop when Triple H runs down. HBK sees him in the corner of his eye, and leaps off with a leaping body splash. The fans rise to their feet as HBK begins to feed off of their support. Michaels drops Masters with big right hands, followed by a spinning heel kick. He goes to the corner and begins to tune the band. Masters staggers to his feet and HBK stalks him…SWEET CHIN MUSIC!!!!!! HBK dares Flair and Triple H to come into the ring, when they don’t, HBK pins Chris Masters and gets the win. After the match, Michaels grabs the chair that Triple H brought down with him and takes out Ric Flair and Hunter. As RAW gets ready to go off the air, HBK stands tall in the ring over a bloody Triple H.

OR: 87.3%





Lita defeated Alexis Laree

Kenzo Suzuki & Rene Dupree defeated The Natural Born Attitudes to become the #1 Contenders for the World Tag-Team Championship

Eugene was defeated by Triple H

Carlito was defeated by AJ Styles

Shawn Michaels defeated Chris Masters


So there we go. My first RAW show. I hope people like this format better. And I want to thank Thatz & Vitamin E for being so blunt and telling me what I should do (based on what I did on the old board). I really appreciate that. The reason why these results took so damn long was because I wanted them to be really good. But I think they'll come easier and easier the more I do them.

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IPB Image.com

WWE No Way Out Seemed To Be Hard on Superstars

February 20, 2005

At last night's No Way Out PPV, many superstars were banged up as a result of their matches. Both Mick Foley and Muhammed Hassan suffered bruises and cuts. Foley, while used to these types of matches, says that "I'm getting old man. I don't think I have too many more of these hardcore matches left in me". Muhammed Hassan however, has never been in a Hardcore match on WWE TV before. He is quoted as saying "Never again. Never ever again".

One of the scariest moments of the night had to be the injury Brian Kendrick sustained while falling off a ladder to the outside of the ring. While falling, Kendrick hit his head on the security railing, then hit his back on the floor. Kendrick suffered a severe concussion and a sprained arm. In addition, he had to receive 18 stitches for a cut sustained on the back of his head.

Simond Diamond is currently suffering through years of wear and tear. He's just in need of rest. Expect him to be out for a week or two. Christian sustained a minor back injury, but should be good to go before Smackdown this week.

No other injuries to report, I'm finished for this week.

-Dr. Jim Andrews

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Post PPV Meeting

February 21, 2006

Stephanie: Last night’s SmackDown Pay Per View was one of the best we’ve done in a while. I think the angles were written well and the wrestlers pulled off a very good show.

Ryan: Overall I’d say there were some pretty good matches, however I wasn’t too pleased with the WWE Tag Team Championship match or the Women’s Championship match. Everyone here pretty much considers Christian & Tyson Tomko to be the perfect champions for the time being and I agree with you on that. But The Dudley Boyz have been putting on less than average matches. I don’t know whether they are tired or what, but something needs to be done about it.

Heyman: I’m surprised you aren’t too pleased with the match involving Christy. You’re normally one of her biggest supporters.

Ryan: Just because I happen to be very…friendly with Christy doesn’t mean that I won’t be honest when it comes to her performance. The fans weren’t very involved with it and I blame us for that. We didn’t build their feud up. Nor did we hype their match until the night before the PPV. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t too happy with my match either.

Russo: I think you did a good job of letting Christian & Paul London be the “stars” of the match. You sold everything pretty well.

Ryan: I didn’t “let” Christian or Paul be the stars of the match. They are damn good by themselves. All they did was be themselves. Those two have some amazing chemistry in the ring. I just let them do their thing. Besides, I think my run as a "semi-active" wrestler is over. I can admit now and will forever admit that they carried my ass in the ring. Besides, that chapter is my life is over for now. If I ever decide to get back in the ring, I'll go through the proper training.

Stephanie: Well it's done and over with now. There’s no need to look back. So we all agree that the PPV was a success right?

All in the meeting say “yes”.

Stephanie: Good. Now on to RAW. My dad made the change last night that AJ and Kurt would face each other at WrestleMania, so that’s one storyline that we can still continue. Paul and Shawn will have their storyline end next Monday on RAW’s SuperShow. Based on the fans and workers we polled, as well as the fans in the arena, last night’s Sunday Night Heat got an overall rating of 57.5% and the fast results for Heat shows that our ratings are up from the week before.

Heyman: There were 16,374 in attendance and the buyrates for No Way Out should be in either tomorrow or by the end of the week. What a difference a year can make huh? It’s a good thing that we can get the buyrates much earlier than before.

Ryan: Well, compared to the Royal Rumble, this PPV was a huge success. We got a pisspoor buyrate for RR 2006, even with months and months of hype. RR 2006 received 270,038 buys. Anyways, kudos to the wrestlers.

Russo: We will book next week’s RAW with PPV caliber matches, to get the fans interested. There’s a few rumors going around that TNA is close to getting their show moved to counter our RAW.

Stephanie: I wouldn’t be too worried about TNA right now. Hulk Hogan is currently out with an injury, and since his injury, their ratings have been dropping.

Russo: Don’t forget that you have an interview coming up with Wrestlezone.com Ryan. I’m pretty sure they are going to ask you about the release of Charlie & Jackie Haas, as well as hit on a few other things.

Ryan: Don’t worry. I got it covered. Moving on. What’s going on with Smackdown Stephanie?

Stephanie: We can officially start the storyline between Randy Orton & Batista. I consider Randy to be one of the future stars of the company and I believe he can handle being in the WM main event. I’m glad we had him working with Ric Flair and had him spend time in OVW. Their work is paying off.

Heyman: We pretty much know how each brands main event is going to be, but what about the other matches. We have two months to pull everything off the way we want. We also need to make sure we have the Undertaker appear somewhere on the card in a big way. He’s been expressing some his unhappiness to me and the other bookers. He works Smackdown and Velocity on a regular basis and he wants to have a reduced schedule. Even if we just put him in backstage segments, that’s better than keeping him off TV.

Ryan: I agree.

Russo: I think Goldberg would be good. He hasn’t done anything major since being signed. I think this is a good way to get him involved before WM. We need major star power for the PPV. And based on the dark matches he and The Undertaker had a few months back, the fans react really well to them.

Stephanie: Ok, then set it into motion. I’ll talk to him and inform him that he’ll be working with Bill for the next two months. Now we need to set up the US and IC Title matches.

Heyman: We should talk with a few wrestlers about that.

Ryan: Fine. Then if that’s all for now. Meeting adjourned.

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I haven't read the shows yeat, but I have to say that I liked the backstory. The only thing that I don't like is waht you're doing with the announce team, but whatever. And another thing that made me laugh was the two women's championships, like one wasn't more then enough, but again, it's your desicion, I'll see where you go with it. I'll read No Way Out and RAW later, keep up the ggod work.

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**Here is a more in-depth backstory of what’s been going on in my game.**

Triple H has been battling to become the RAW’s top champion since June 2005. After working his way up the ranks in June, he became involved in a storyline with Chris Benoit and battled to a draw at WWE Vengeance. After Benoit was injured, he moved onto a feud with Chris Jericho and Batista, where battled to a draw with both Chris Jericho & Batista in weeks leading up to the event. During SummerSlam, Chris Jericho defeated Triple H & Batista, thanks to help from Chris Benoit. Benoit and Triple H’s feud continued until Unforgiven where lost to Chris Benoit in a 2/3 Falls match, but defeated him at Taboo Tuesday in a Triple Cage Match. He then moved onto a feud with Chris Jericho where he was defeated at the 2005 Survivor Series in a Last Man Standing Match. The World Title was then brought to SmackDown and Triple H began feuding with AJ Styles after Styles targeted him and Stephanie McMahon once Style signed a contract.

Styles defeated Triple H at New Year’s Revolution and their feud continued on until the Royal Rumble where Triple H defeated Styles in a No DQ match. By defeating AJ at the Rumble, HHH earned his spot in the Royal Rumble Match. He was eliminated by Shawn Michaels and that’s how their feud started. The next night on RAW, Eric Bischoff held a 10-Man Over The Top Rope Challenge match where the winner would become the #1 contender and face John Cena at WrestleMania XXII. Triple H & Shawn Michaels were the last two men in the ring and the match ended in a double elimination. On the 2/13/06 edition of RAW, Shawn Michaels & Triple H battled to a draw and Eric Bischoff decided that the only way to decide a #1 contender was to have the men battle in a steel cage, which will take place at the RAW SuperShow. There must be a named winner.

Coming off a great series of matches that Kurt Angle & Shawn Michaels had, Angle took a liking to beating the hell out of AJ Styles. Both men had a shot to win the 10-Man Challenge match but lost, and Eric Bischoff decided to come up with a great WM XXII match. It’ll be Kurt Angle v. AJ Styles in a “Money In The Bank II” Ladder Match. Suspended above the ring will be a briefcase and inside will be the contract guaranteeing the winner one shot at the WWE Champion. If he chooses to use his challenge, then that’s it. After he uses it, he needs to earn another shot.

Over on SmackDown, Batista has been a marked man since joining the brand after the Survivor Series. His first feud was against JBL after Eddie Guerrero was injured. During each of his matches, Orton would somehow work his way to ringside and watch the match. Over the next two months, he faced JBL in a series of matches that finally ended at the Royal Rumble. He will face Randy Orton in the main event at WrestleMania.

Randy Orton’s major feuds have been with The Undertaker, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit, all who put over Randy Orton (with some forcing on my part). After working his way up the RAW ranks, he was traded to SmackDown and began a feud with The Undertaker, then Chris Benoit. Orton’s lack of respect for the veterans brought in the short-term feud between he and Chris Benoit.

I normally create two major feuds from each brand, maybe three and about one or two minor ones. I then have un-official storyline that take place. I should have done a better job of keeping track of the feuds that I’ve held so far, but the ones that are listed have been pretty much the major ones. I know I left a few out, but they had no future bearing. They were only meant to serve a purpose at that moment in time.

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**Over the next few days, I will periodically post more backstory information on various wrestlers.**

Here’s some more backstory on what’s been going on with the Undertaker and Brock Lesnar.

When I signed Brock Lesnar, he was immediately thrown into a main-event feud with then WWE Champion, The Undertaker. The title of their storyline was called “Undertaker v. Lesnar II”. The story was, as everyone knows, Lesnar defeated the Undertaker a few times to retain his WWE Championship. Well, this time the roles were reversed and The Undertaker was the champion. Lesnar decided to make The Undertaker the first big name that he’s defeated since his return to the WWE. For weeks Lesnar battled on SmackDown and Velocity defeating guys by stoppage from the referee. When he finally met the Undertaker, he had his *** handed to him on a silver platter, only for him to win by DQ. In the weeks before and after Undertaker & Lesnar’s first encounter, Lesnar played mind games with the Undertaker and attacking him. This caused The Undertaker to go darker and darker, causing the rebirth of the “Ministry of Darkness” Undertaker. Undertaker played games with Lesnar from that point forward.

For months they were embroiled in a bitter feud and whenever Lesnar got the best of The Undertaker in a title match, it always ended in either a draw or a DQ. Undertaker’s physical condition began to drop drastically, as he was fighting on every SmackDown and damn near every Velocity. Their match quality began to drop as did fan interest. Something told me that The Undertaker was getting ready to get injured, so I had Undertaker defeat Lesnar at SmackDown’s PPV, then had Undertaker drop the title to Batista on the following SmackDown. Then I gave Undertaker a month off. And when he returned I continued the feud with Lesnar. Their finally ended at the Royal Rumble with Lesnar going over the Undertaker. I then pulled The Undertaker off-screen to give him some more time to rest.

On to Kurt Angle:

Kurt Angle has pretty much been confined to mid-card and upper-mid card matches. Before his first major feud, I used him in a vet role. Having matches with younger wrestlers and using him to build their skills. After defeating then-US Title Contender Charlie Hass (with no storyline) at WWE Vengeance, he moved on to his first major feud with Booker T and he won the United States Championship at SummerSlam. After seeing Charlie Hass improve very much and get over with the fans, I put him in a storyline with Kurt Angle. Their storyline was entitled “The Student Faces The Teacher”. Both men wanted to work together, but their first few matches on SmackDown were pathetic. Crowd reaction and quality weren’t as good as they should have been, so I amped their feud up more. Every match they had would be a type of shoot fight, that dealt with the technical specialty. While the match quality and crowd reaction began to improve, the overall quality was only in the low 70’s to low 80’s. In the end, Angle put Hass over and Hass became the new US Champion at WWE No Mercy.

After that, I put Kurt Angle on RAW, and he began a 3 month feud with Shawn Michaels. Those two had some amazing matches. Their storyline ended at the Royal Rumble with Kurt Angle defeating Shawn Michaels in a Lion’s Den Rules Match.

The former connection between my user character and Christy Hemme (which is now over due to my decision not to create a "Ryan Chandler" wrestler in TEW 2005. I didn't want to continue to put my user character in angles or matches even though it does happen in real life. Who's to say down the line it won't happen.)

Christy Hemme started out on RAW in a much needed wrestling capacity. I edited her wrestling style from untrained to gymnastics before I started then game and sent her to OVW Training and OVW (Angle & Benoit were her trainers). Her stats increased dramatically and she gave some average and pretty good matches. It was a good mix. She eventually ended up on Smackdown. I then tried to pair her up with various wrestlers to try and start a romantic storyline between the two. Well, things didn’t gel. She ended up disliking whoever it was she was working with. So while letting a friend of mine play (who didn’t understand how to play) he was pairing up Christy Hemme and my user character Ryan Chandler. The segment ratings were good. And when I told another friend of mine (who plays TEW religiously) that I was considering doing a Promoter Diary, he suggested that I have my character and Christy Hemme begin to date on-screen, to create some backstage problems for my diary, so I did.

Other Divas

I sent many un-trained Diva’s and low-stated divas to OVW Training and OVW. I also had to split the talent that was left onto both shows (or try to anyway). So after the women I was trying to sign didn’t respond in time, I just had her appear in romantic storyline with my user character and Vince McMahon. Needless to say the matches weren’t that great, but I ended up having my user character (me) win Christy and they’ve been paired together since. I did this as a way to create backstage storylines that will be addressed on my version of WWE.com and wrestling news sites. It was also done as a way to justify the pairings and sometimes backstage relationships that ended up on-screen.

The decision to have two separate women's titles was because I wanted to re-establish a women's division and couldn't do that with nothing but eye candy on one show.

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IPB Image

Submitted By: Brian LeAgo

Sources are telling Wrestlezone.com that Kurt Angle is very upset with the way he is being used. Backstage workers tell us that he was offered a contract by the WWE execs, but has yet to sign on the dotted lines. Angle is rumored to be upset with his current storyline and wants out of it. Though no one can prove this for sure, those close to him expect that he may approach TNA about working for them.

In other contract news, expect 3-4 WWE wrestlers to sign contract extensions by the end of the month.

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IPB Image

It’s Our Super Show!!

February 27, 2006

Last week, Kurt Angle came up with a brilliant idea for he and AJ Styles’ match at WrestleMania. Over the next 4 weeks, Kurt Angle & AJ Styles will hand pick each other’s opponents. The person with the best record gets to change the stipulation of the ‘Money In The Bank II’ match. This week, AJ Styles takes on CM Punk, and Kurt Angle takes on Kane!

After meeting with Eric Bischoff last week, Torrie has convinced the RAW General Manager to have Lita defend her title in a 5 Way Bikini Challenge. Will Lita walk out of Calgary the Women’s World Champion?

During the main event last week, Triple H and Ric Flair did everything they could help Chris Masters defeat Shawn Michaels but nothing worked. At the end of the match, Shawn Michaels stood tall over a bloody Evolution. The tension between Triple H & Shawn Michaels come to a head as these two huge egos collide in a No DQ match for the chance to face the WWE Champion at WrestleMania XXII!

Fans in Calgary will get a special treat at the RAW Super Show. All the titles are on the line!

Confirmed Matches:

5-Way Bikini Challenge for the World Women‘s Championship: Torrie Wilson v. Lita © v. Alicia Webb v. Tracy Brooks v. Maria

Kurt Angle v. Kane

Rene Dupree & Kenzo Suzuki v. Mark Jindrak & Sean O’Haire © for the World Tag Team Championship

AJ Styles v. CM Punk

John Cena © v. Chris Jericho for the WWE Championship

Shelton Benjamin© v. Edge For the Intercontinental Championship

Triple H v. Shawn Michaels for the #1 Contendership for the WWE Heavyweight Championship

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2/22/06 by Jesse Martin

Cena to drop title?, WWE Media Appearances & More!

-John Cena has been scheduled to appear on The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno. He is expected to promote WrestleMania XXII and RAW.

-Speaking of John Cena, some of the rumors floating around online is for him to drop the title to Chris Jericho on RAW, setting up a feud with Shawn Michaels. The original finish was for Cena to go into WrestleMania XXII as the WWE Champion, then drop the title to his challenger, giving him a few months off to rest. However, with his recent no-show on yesterday's RAW, he may be forced to lose the title on RAW's SuperShow as punishment.

-In other WWE news. Former WCW and WWE Wrestler Chuck Palumbo has signed a new 1 year contract with the WWE. It is expected that he will team up with Tony (formerly Johnny Stamboli). Palumbo's signing is contributed to the WWE wanted to rebuild their tag division. Expect Stamboli to be called up from OVW and debut on this week's Smackdown with Chuck Palumbo.

- Sources tell us that the WWE has offered Josh Matthews a 2 year contract worth about $210,336 that will be paid over his three years with the company. Management appears to be very high on Matthews as of late. He is considered to be the new voice of the WWE.



OVW Livewire Results (Weekly PPV) (Overall Show Rating: 65.9%)

Matt Striker beat Mac Johnson for the OVW Television title (58.1%)

Beth Phoenix beat Passion (57.2%)

Steve Lewington beat Drew Hankinson for the OVW World title (61.6%)

Mike Mizanin and Bamm Bamm Penders beat Brian Black and Ken Doan (66.3%)

Dean Malenko and Ian Cage beat The Suicide Solution (70.1%)

Tony Stradlin beat Blaster Lashley (61.1%)

Jose Maximo and Ted DiBiase beat The Omega Men (75.5%)

Joel Maximo beat Lance Storm (77.1%)

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WWE Smackdown Results


11,246 In Attendance

East Rutherford, New Jersey

[The WWE intro video plays, following a recap of the main event from WWE No Way Out]

Lesnar attempts to hit Batista with the F-5, but Batista counters out of it. Batista goes for the Batista Bomb, but Lesnar hits a backdrop. Batista hit Brock Lesnar with a right hand punch...Batista sent Lesnar down with a kick to the side of the head...A right hand from Batista put Lesnar down...Batista chopped Lesnar...Batista punched Brock Lesnar in the face...Lesnar slammed Batista... Lesnar clotheslines Batista, then throws him into the corner. Lesnar charges, Batista moves, and Lesnar hits his face on the turnbuckle.

Batista clotheslines Lesnar as he staggers out of the corner...Brock Lesnar staggers into a huge sidewalk slam from Batista...Batista blasted Lesnar with a big forearm to the jaw...After ducking a clothesline, Lesnar bounced off the opposite ropes Batista follows up with a HUGE spine buster. Batista signals for it….and attempts a Batista Bomb. Lesnar Counters out of it and puts Batista in the Brock Lock. Batista reaches the ropes after almost being in the hold for two minutes. Lesnar charges at Batista and Batista hits him with the Spinebuster again. Batista stalks Lesnar, then sets him up for his finisher. BATISTA BOMB! Batista covers Lesnar and Shane counts to 3, giving Batista another successful title defense and cementing the main event for WrestleMania XXII!

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Goldberg Returns to Action!

Last week during SD’s main event, Goldberg made his return with a bang by interfering in the match and spearing the Undertaker. After Jackhammering The Undertaker onto a steel chair, Golberg stood laughing at a broken Undertaker. The last time we saw Goldberg, he was eliminated at the Royal Rumble. This week on SmackDown, Golberg will tell you in his own words why he did what he did. Per order of Shane McMahon, these men are not to come in contact with each other until he sorts things out.

With WrestleMania only a few weeks away, things between Randy Orton & Batista don’t appear to be dying down. Last week, Orton told Batista to “Fear the R.K.O.”. Randy Orton told WWE.com that by the end of Smackdown, Batista would find out what they means. With these two men in the building tensions will be high!

Confirmed Matches:

Alex Shelley © v Chris Sabin for the Cruiserweight Championship

MNM V. The Dudley Boyz

Chris Benoit v. Brock Lesnar

The Undertaker v. Goldberg

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Totally Toland (Chad Wicks, aka Chad Toland & Tank Toland) w/ Stacy Keibler def The Basham Brothers via pinfall - Overall Rating = 84.6%

Psychosis d. Joey Ryan via submission - Overall Rating = 84.4%



Super Crazy def. Rey Mysterio via pinfall in the opening match of Velocity. Both men put on a good opening match. Super Crazy got the pinfall after reversing the West Coast Pop into a powerbomb. - Overall Rating = 80.7%

[backstage, Brian Kendrick is talking with Frankie Kazarian about the concussion he received at No Way Out. Kazarian tells him that tonight they can get some type of revenge against Johnny Nitro & MNM.] - Overall Rating = 81.4%

Christy Hemme© def. Melina via pinfall to retain the WWE Women’s Championship. One more boring women’s match. Christy pulls Melina’s shirt over her head, then rolls her up to get the win. - Overall Rating = 73.7%

*SmackDown Rebound*

Orton takes out Booker T, then chases after Sharmell. Orton throws Sharmell to the floor and crawls under the ring. Booker T gets up and leans in between the ropes to check on his wife. Orton slides into the ring and stalks Booker T. Booker turns around and…RKO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Orton hit the RKO!!! He then puts one foot on Booker T and gets the win. Orton climbs on the turnbuckle and begins to celebrate and sees Sharmell tending to her husband. Orton walks over to her and starts to mutter something. He seems to look genuinely concerned for her and helps her up. He apologizes for knocking her down and touches her head. He walks away, and she turns her back to him. Orton turns, spins Sharmell around and hits her with the RKO as well.
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