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The Yardbirds


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Keith Relf (vocals), Paul Samwell-Smith (bass/vox), Chris Dreja (rhythm guitar/bass), and Jim McCarty (drums). Original lead guitarist was Top Topham, then Eric Clapton, then Jeff Beck, then finally Jimmy Page.

As for songs...gotta go with something from the Beck era (the Clapton stuff was generic, and the band was dying by the time Page joined up). As Relf was a subpar singer, I'd go with an instrumental track like "Jeff's Blues". But if you *have* to hear a song with vocals, try "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago" or "Stroll on", as the guitar work was *awesome*.

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Guest Angry Baboon

Yes, They're rather good, but I still wonder how Relf managed to get through 3 of the best guitarists ever and still not recieve any substantial measure of fame. Idiot.

By the way, get 'Evil hearted you', tis there best song.

Also, fun fact. My dad used to work with Chris Dreja making plane parts at Dowty. I can't imagine the Yardbirds were exactly financially sucessful, 'cause my dad was poor as shat at Dowty.

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