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Xbox Game For Xmas

Scott McFly

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I'm not normally a big fan of these threads where people ask for help making a decision, but here we go...

I need an Xbox game for Xmas, or for my birthday, which is pretty soon after. I'm tossing up between 3:

Burnout Revenge, Capcom Classics or Mortal Kombat: Shaolin Monks

At the moment I'm leaning towards MK because I don't really have any other games in that genre, plus I could maybe persuade my bro to play co-op (if I can tear him away from his 360 <_< ). I read the MK thread too, and read what's in that. Although I read the Burnout thread that was knocking about and lots of people are saying very good things about it, also I have Burnout 3 and quite enjoyed it. Capcom Classics is just one that I kinda came across by accident and there seems to be a lot of arcade goodness in there, including Final Fight, which I've played in the past and quite liked. I could also go for some old school shoot-em-ups, but I can probably get a lot of those as freeware on the web. Plus, I've already got Midway Arcade Treasures 2, but it seems to be a different style of game on Capcom Classics.

Xbox Live is irrelevant as I never play on it (it's my bro's subscription), so what do you recommend? Or is there something better that I might have overlooked or is coming out soon? King Kong? Shadow The Hedgehog? Already got Half-Life 2 on the PC before someone brings that up. (Y)

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Oh, sorry, I'm from Scotland btw. (Y)

Is that because of the lack of MKII in the PAL version Benji? Because that's on Midway Arcade Treasures 2, so I'm not bothered.

Then get Burnout Revenge, it's bloody fun ^_^

I'm still pissed at Shaolin Monks, I'm not going to recomend it even to Americans from now on just to spite that fucking company.

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