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Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and Protest The Hero


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Bad Religion, Anti-Flag and Protest The Hero

Capital Music Hall

Tickets : 35$ (Can)

It is freezing as hell waiting in line, but soon enough we are in the doors. We get inside and decide to get close to the stage. I am with a friend who is prone to seizures so I am sure I have to watch her. We go to the front and wait it out. Protest The Hero go on at like 7:55.

And man do they fucking rock. I have seen Protest The Hero before, opening for Sum 41 and they really are a site to behold. Get over the shrilling voice of the lead singer and you are in for a treat. The guitarist is amazing and despite their age (I think they are still in the teens) these guys fucking rock. Great stage presence as well, as they give you the impression that They play for a good half hour or so and they leave the stage. If you want to check out these guys [and you do], download These Colours Don't Run. Great, great song. They are from Toronto and might not make it to the great land of America, but if they do, don't pass up the chance to see them. B

Anti-Flag oddly took a long time for set-up and ... well, I was disappointed. There was just something totally lacking in their performance; perhaps it was the set-list which lacked a personal favorite's in A New Kind Of Army, Captain Anarchy, or Stars and Stripes . Or maybe it was the fact it was the last show and they were running low on energy. Or it could have just been an off night. Regardless I have huge expectations and it just seemed like Anti-Flag didn't deliver. Rushed through their songs and just didn't have enough time to click with the audience. But whatever. They were still decent, but I was let down given expectations. C+

Bad Religion took even longer to set up, but it was well worth it. Opened with my favorite Bad Religion tune in Sinister Rouge and than right into 21st Century Digital Boy. They played Sorrow, Generator, American Jesus, No Control, Suffer, You, I Want To Conquer The World. They played a good hour worth of tunes and every one of them delievered. I stayed away from the mosh to protect my friend who hadn't been anywhere near a mosh-pit before [she goes to Oasis concerts people] but it was definitely well worth it. Last time I saw Bad Religion I was stuck in constant shove or be shoved mode. This time I got a good listen and view of Bad Religion and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A-

Overall, probably worth the 35$ I paid, and I'll give the entire concert a B.

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