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Guitar solos


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Yeah so, technically im a bassist, and have been for the last 4 years, so i like to think im pretty good, i got offered a spot in a band playing rhythm guitar, and never being one too turn down a chance to play in a band, i took it.

So im doing fine and all, but i really want to learn some solos, yet i can never seem to get them to sound right. Is there a special trick (in terms of picking and pressing down notes) or is it jsut a case of getting really fast?

Also, can anyone reccomend some easier solos for me to learn, just make sure they are actual solos, as opposed to say the solo in seven nation army, which is basically the same riff moved up with an effect on.

Any help/advice?

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Speed has little to do with soloing as far as I am concerned. Sometimes the key is the space that you leave between the notes. I recommend checking out some Pink Floyd, they are a great example of emphasis over speed.

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