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Samurai Warriors


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I've heard a lot about this new game that's just a re-location of the Dynasty Warriors games, and i'd like to know if anyone here has actually played it or seen it played. I sent someone off with some money for the game today, since I liked Dynasty Warriors 4 so much.

I'm just asking what the changes are as in reference to:

- Changes in graphics.

- Changes in weapontry.

- Changes in any gameplay elements.

Thanks a lot.

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Guest Tommy M. Wing

Essentially its Dynasty Warriors except instead of being set in the Three Kingdoms China age it is set in Feudal Japan.

Accordingly there will most likely be different weapons, settings and storylines but no changes in gameplay as far as i know.

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I have it, it's pretty good.

We are back to the DW3 style of getting weapons

The RPG elements you are thinking of come at the end of a level when you use skill points earned to buy various skills.

There are some annoying castle levels however, and a very limited number of characters to choose from.

Overall, rent it first.

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I just got it and holy shit I couldn't put it down all night... right now i'm just waiting for MadTV to come on. I highly reccommend it to anyone as it's just a great game for stategy and most importantly action. You think you'd get tired after your 369th KO but holy hell it just keeps going.

Definatly my new favorite.

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