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WWF 2003


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A little background, this diary was written from December 2002-May 2003. It covered the WWE from January 2003 up until King of the Ring 2003(yes I know there wasn't a real King of the Ring 2003, but I did not know that at the time of writing). The first couple of months, for lack of a better term, either sucks or is very dissapointing. However this repost would be confusing without it. So let's do this thing again. I will be continueing this after KOTR 2003 because I recently found my floppy disk with the saved game on it.

Smackdown 1-2-03 :

Qualities of Mattitude

Shannon Moore is sitting in the back when Matt Hardy(Version 1.0) comes in.

Matt Hardy V1:Shannon, since I have a match with Brock Lesnar tonight, I did you a big favor. I got you a match tonight as well. It is up next.

Shannon Moore:Who is it against?

Matt Hardy V1:It is against....Chris Benoit. No need to thank me. Only do what is best for my junior M'Fer. You could catapault yourself to stardom with a victory of Benoit like I did with my two victories over the Undertaker. The first step of achieving Mattitude is a victory over an established main event star.

Shannon Moore looks a little flustered that he has to take on Chris Benoit on such short notice.


Notes:Matt Hardy Version 1.0 lost overness from this segment.

Shannon Moore vs Chris Benoit

Highlights:Benoit attacked Moore at the bell. Benoit with a release German Suplex and then he slapped on the Crossface. Shannon Moore taps and Benoit wins less than a minute in. * 1/2

59(56, 77)

A surprise video

We here fans chanting "Rocky" in the background. Then we here "The Rock Says" and The Rock giving Rock Bottoms and People's Elbows to various opponents.

Voiceover:Finally The Rock returns to Smackdown. Next week on UPN.


Its True, Its damn True

Kurt Angle is backstage sitting in a chair. the WWE World Title belt is laying on his lap.

Angle:Last week was a night of great sucess. Why. Because of the formation of Team Angle. They showed that little Canadian punk Chris Benoit what being a true hero is all about. And at the Rumble, Crippler, I will make you tap. Oh its true, its damn true. I will never lose this title. I will hold it to I retire. As for Brock Lesnar, YOU WILL NEVER GET A TITLE SHOT. Even if you do, I will make you tap. Oh its true, its damn true.


Rikishi vs Bull Buchanan

Highlights:Long story short. Buchanan attacks at the bell. Rikishi comes back, Bull attacks some more. Bull misses a flying legdrop. Rikishi hits a superkick for the pin. Rikishi dances. End of match. *


Non-Title Match:Kaientai 2003 vs Los Guerreros

Highlights:Kaientai 2003 are Funaki and Tajiri. The Guereros had control for most of the match. Funaki was put in the Lasso from El Passo from Eddie, and Tajiri misted Eddie. Eddy tags to Chavo and Funaki rolls him up for a surprise pin. Kaientai 2003 have upset Los Guerreros. Too bad it was a non-title match.


Guerreros are PISSED

Eddie is shouting something in spanish.

Chavo:We got screwed. I know. CALM DOWN EDDIE.

Eddie:Those two will not get away with this. We will put up the titles next week to prove that their victory was a fluke. We will kick their asses.

Los Guerreros will face Kaientai 2003 next week. This time the tag team titles will be on the line.


Team Angle vs Billy Kidman and Edge

Notes:Shelton got speared but Charlie Haas hit Edge with a chair causing the DQ. After the match Team Angle hit the superkick/german suplex combo to both men.



Matt Hardy is standing in the back.

Hardy:Well Shannon Moore failed to defeat Chris Benoit. He is still an M'fer in training. I will not fail at my task to defeat Brock Lesnar. I will prevail. My Mattributes will prevail over that gorilla Brock Lesnar. Justice will be served, V1 style.


Brock is WALKING

The title says it all. The main event is next.


Todays Mattfacts:

V1 is better than F-5.

The Rock is not the People's Champion, Matt is.

Brock Lesnar vs Matt Hardy Version 1

Notes:Brock tossed Matt around like a rag doll for the portion of the match. Paul Heyman made his way out and razzed Brock. This threw Brock off of his game long enough for Matt Hardy to throw powder in the eyes of Brock. Matt Hardy rolls up Brock pulling the tights. Matt Hardy scored the win. He is the second person ever to beat Brock. Brock pulls Heyman into the ring and The Big Show enters the ring. The Big Show attacks Brock, laying him out with a Choke Slam. These two have some unfinished business. Big Show just saved his agent from getting an F-5 ** 1/2

71(82, 73)

Notes:Matt Hardy Version 1 gained overness from this match.


Smackdown Rating:5.23

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WWE Velocity 1-4-03

Cousin Nunzio vs Chuck Palumbo

Highlights:Nunzio worked on Palumbo's right leg throughout the match. Palumbo made a comeback with a pair of belly to belly suplexes but Nunzio caught the superkick and turned it into a dragon screw. Trailer Hitch got the submission for Nunzio. ** 1/2

Winner:Cousin Nunzio(via the Trailer Hitch)

69(63, 75)

Brock is not a happy man

Brock Lesnar:Last Thursday I had a match with Matt Hardy, and Paul Heyman decides to come out and distract me, causing me to lose the match. I was going to attack Paul Heyman but the one thing that stopped me was that seven foot waste of air, The Big Show. We have crossed paths before, Show, but this time it is personal. You denied a chance to get revenge and now you will pay. I don't care if I have to run through your fat ass to get to Heyman and Kurt Angle. You will be destroyed if you stand in my way.


The Rock shall return

We here fans chanting "Rocky" in the background. Then we here "The Rock Says" and The Rock giving Rock Bottoms and People's Elbows to various opponents.

Voiceover:Finally The Rock returns to Smackdown. This week on UPN.


Crash Holly vs John Cena

Highlights:Like you really don't know how this match will end. Well Crash got a few punches in but it was all Cena. Record Breaker(the move formally known as the Proto Bomb) gets the duke for Cena.

Winner:John Cena(via the Record Breaker)

65(62, 69)

What is Mattitude?

Matt Hardy is sitting backstage.

Matt Hardy:What is Mattitude. Mattitude is the thing to achieves greatness. Without Mattitude you would be nothing. You would be just an empty shell. That is what Mattitude is.

This concludes this weeks edition of What is Mattitude? Tune in every week on Velocity for a new installment.


Bra and Panties Match:Dawn Marie vs Torrie Wilson

Highlights:Basic Bra and Panties Match. Torrie got her shirt torn off and Dawn then got her shorts torn off. Dawn missed a splash and got DDTed, allowing Torrie to take Dawn's shirt off. Torrie Wilson wins.

Winner:Torrie Wilson(via removing Dawn Marie's shirt)



Velocity Rating:5.75

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WWE Heat 1-5-02


Stacy:You are the greatest. You have millions of little Testicles out there. You are number one.

Test sits in the background and nods. Test will open up Heat. Stacy and Test leave the lockeroom area.


Justin Credible vs Test(w/Stacy Keibler)

Highlights:Credible made some lewd comments at Stacy before the match, causing Test to just him. Test pounded Credible for about three minutes and finished him off with the big boot. This match was a total squash. **

Winner:Test(via big boot)


Jericho talks trash about the Heartbreak Kid

Jericho:Well once again I have to face a washed up hasbeen. I had my problems with Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair. Now I have problems with Shawn Michaels. I would have no problem with him wrestling but he can't cut it any more. Losing is unacceptable and that is what he did to Triple H at Armageddon. I will put HBK out to pasture when we meet. I will prove that I am the Larger Than Life Living Legend.


Flair talks up Batista

Flair:You see this man(points at Batista). Wooo!!! He is best big man since Andre The Giant. I have stumbled upon a gold mine here. The best big man in this sport today. I am giving him my years and years of knowledge and he will be unstoppable. No offense to my good friend Triple H, but watch your back because the World Heavyweight Title belt is going on Batista. WOOO!!!


Steven Richards vs Jeff Hardy

Highlights:A back and forth match. Jeff missed the Swanton Bomb and Steven waylayed him with the Steven Kick to score the surprise pin. **

Winner:Steven Richards(via Steven Kick)


Notes:Steven Richards gained overness from this match.

The Game

Triple H:Scott Steiner thought he was cute beating me in an arm wrestling match a couple of weeks ago but I will get the last laugh. I am your God and the reason why you watch the WWE. Some buffoon like Scott Steiner is not going to steal my thunder because I am the Game, your god, and I am that damn good.


Maven vs Sean O'Haire

Highlights:Maven got a few punches and a dropkick but that was it. O'Haire creamed Maven with a fireman's carry into a spinebuster for the pin. He calls that the Cruel Intentions. **

Winner:Sean O'Haire(via Cruel Intentions)

65(62, 69)

Notes:Maven lost overness from this match. Sean O'Haire gained overness from this match.


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WWE Raw 1-6-02

Main Event Made:

Eric Bischoff is sitting in his office smirking.

Bischoff:Have I got a man event for you fans to kick off the new year. Chris Jericho will team up with Triple H to face Rob Van Dam and Scott Steiner. and you fans think I don't care.

Bischoff smirks as we fade to the arena.


Notes:Chris Jericho lost overness from this segment

Raven's Masterpiece:Not what you think

"Caw Caw Caw"

Out comes Raven in his old school ECW attire. He has a gym bag. What in the hell.

Raven:Tonight on Raw, my materpiece finally is revealed. However it is not what you thought it was or anything. This is my masterpiece.

Raven reaches into the gym bag....and pulls out the old WWE Hardcore Title. Wasn't that belt made extinct by Eric Bischoff.

Raven:Yes the hardcore title belt is back and I am going to defend the belt against the first person who comes out.

"What Does Everyone Want"

Out comes Al Snow to the ring. A former multi time hardcore champion in his own right. Snow runs to the ring and we have a match.


Notes:Raven gained overness from this segment.

WWE Hardcore Title:Raven vs Al Snow

Highlights:Some stiff weapon shots in this match. Raven was hit with Head but kicked out. Snow tried to blast Raven with a fire extiguisher but couldn't get it to work. Raven creamed Snow with a trash can lid and hit the Evenflow DDT on a piece of wood for the pin to retain the Hardcore Title. ** 3/4

Winner:Raven(DDT on plywood)

73(71, 76)

Notes:The WWE Hardcore Title has gained in image.

The hottest free agent in wrestling:

Eric Bischoff is sitting at his desk when Rhyno walks in.

Bischoff:Rhyno. The hottest free agent in wrestling. You were in the WWE before the brand extension but got injured. So you are neither contracted to Raw or Smackdown. Well it so happens that I have a spot open on Raw that could use some filling.

Rhyno:I know what you are doing, Bischoff. Sucking up to me, so you can sign me to your brand. Well I may or may not sign. I want to hear what both sides have to offer and I will make my choice in due time. I will make what is best for ME and not for any brand.

Rhyno walks off. Bischoff has a frown on his face.

Bischoff:I don't care what I have to do but Stephanie is not signing him if I can help it.


Three Minute Warning vs William Regal and Lance Storm vs The Dudley Boys-winners face the tag champions at the Royal Rumble

Highlights:The winner faces Bookdust at the Rumble. All six men brawled and Three Minute warning gets eliminated after a 3D from the Dudleys pins Jamal. Storm got hit with the 3D but he was not the legal man. This allows Regal to hit D-Von with the Power of the Punch and score the pin. Regal and Storm face Bookdust at the Royal Rumble. ** 3/4

Winners:Regal and Storm(via Power of the Punch)


Kane vs Rico

Highlights:Poor Rico. Kane's punching bag tonight OR IS HE. Kane pounds Rico for about a minute and KEVIN NASH COMES FROM THE BACK. Nash assaults Kane with a baseball bat. Kane wins by DQ and Nash keeps up the assault with more bat shots. Kane is left a bloody mess in the ring thanks to the returning Kevin Nash. ** 3/4

Kane(dq after Nash murders Kane with a ballbat


Nash reveals the truth

Nash is on the stage. He has a microphone.

Nash:You know that man in the ring. HE IS A FRAUD. He isn't the brother of the Undertaker. I will tell you who the hell he is. The Undertaker did have a brother named Kane, but he DID die in the blaze that killed The Undertaker's parents. That imposter is a man by the name of Glen Jacobs. He was just hired by Paul Bearer to play Kane. And 7 years ago the WWE got the bright idea to replace Kevin Nash with this moron. Diesel II. So Glen, paybacks are a motherf*****.

Nash throws down the microphone. The announcers are shocked at this. Nash just blew "Kane's" cover.


Goldust vs Dave Batista(w/Ric Flair)

Highlights:Goldust tried to defeat Batista, who is undefeated in the WWE. Goldust failed to take the big man down after Flair tripped Goldust up. Goldust went after Flair and Batista hit him with the Trip to Hell(Sitdown Powerbomb). Batista remains undefeated. ** 3/4

Winner:Dave Batista(via the Trip to Hell)

75(76, 73)

Molly Holly vs Trish Stratus

Highlights:Trish and Molly had a good little match until Victoria ran in. Victoria attacks both women causing a no-contest. A three way brawl occurs and no winner is determined. ***

Winner:None(due to Victoria attacking both women)

78(88, 55)

After the commericial it is announced to Victoria will face Trish and Molly both for the Woman's Title at the Royal Rumble.

Christian vs Booker T

Highlights:Christian hit a reverse DDT for two and misses a flying elbowdrop. Booker T made a comeback. Pair of ax kicks and a spinaroonie. Spinebuster Slam and then the Houston Hangover gets the duke. Booker T scores a big win. *** 1/4

Winner:Booker T(via Houston Hangover)

83(84, 81)

Scott Steiner and Rob Van Dam vs Triple H and Chris Jericho

Highlights:RVD played Ricky Morton and he made the hot tag after a spin kick to Jericho. Steiner smoked Jericho with a couple of suplexes and Steiner brawled with HHH to the back(RVD got tagged back in, on Steiners way out). Jericho tagged RVD with a chair but HBK comes out. The referee is meanwhile trying to break up the fight between Steiner and The Game. Jericho swings at HBK with the chair but HBK ducks. HBK yanks the chair away and creams Jericho with it. RVD hops up and Five Stars Jericho for the win. *** 1/4

Winners:Scott Steiner and RVD(via Five Star Frog Splash on Jericho for the pin)

82(85, 77)


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Smackdown 1-9-02

A trade

Stephanie McMahon comes out to the ring with a microphone.

Stephanie:A trade has been made between Raw and Smackdown. At the request of Dawn Marie, Torrie Wilson has been traded to Smackdown for this man.

"Stand back there is a Hurricane Coming"

Out comes The Hurricane. He left Smackdown and now he is back.

Stephanie:Yes I took you back but I am going to make sure your loyality never sways again. Tonight you will face Bill Demott. This is a reminder to all that defect to Raw and then come crawling back, you will get back but not without some punishment.


Notes:Bill DeMott gained overness from this segment.

Bill DeMott vs the Hurricane

Highlights:Hurricane used his quickness to dodge DeMott. DeMott gained advantage with power however. DeMott missed a splash off the top and the Hurricane hit two superkicks and went for the Hurri-Chokeslam. Mistake. Demott beat up the Hurricane and shoved the referee. DQ win for The Hurricane. Afterwards DeMott powerslams and hits the moonsault to the Hurricane. ** 1/2

Stephanie:Welcome back to Smackdown, Hurricane. Now we are even.

Winner:Hurricane via DQ


Kurt is ready for the Rumble and attempts to rap

Kurt:Benoit, you had your brush with greatness when you teamed with me. Now you will tap like the sap that you are. So the WWE World Title will remain in my lap and the fans will clap. So it ends this rap, Benoit you will tap next Sunday. and thats a wrap.


WWE Tag Team Titles:Kaientai 2003 vs Los Guerreros©

Highlights:What a match this was. A camel clutch/dropkick to the face combo on Chavo nearly snagged the titles. An elvated missile dropkick got another nearfall. Eddie however clocks Tajiri with a tag title belt to score the pin. Los Guerreros retain. ***

Winners:Los Guerrero(via a beltshot to Tajiri)


Notes:The WWE Tag Team title has lost image.

A match signed for the Rumble

The Guerreros are celebrating in the back when Stephanie McMahon comes in.

Stephanie:You think you are cute ruining a tag title match. Well here is something to think about. You will defend those tag team titles at the Rumble against Kaientai 2003 AGAIN. This time the belts will be hanging above the ring and it will be a ladder match.

The Guerreros are protesting but Stephanie has made her ruling.


Notes:Stephanie McMahon gained overness from this segment. Eddie Guerrero gained overness from this segment. Tajiri gained overness from this segment.

Spanky vs Albert

Highlights:Debut for Spanky, the newest signing of Smackdown. Spanky was thrown around like a rag doll but Spanky hit a surprise sunset flip and scored the pin. Spanky than ran to the back before Albert could get revenge. Spanky could be a big star in the Smackdown cruiserweight division. ** 1/2

Winner:Spanky(via sunset flip)

67(61, 74)

Notes:Albert lost overness from this match.

Finally the Rock has come back to Smackdown

"If you smell what the Rock is cooking"

The crowd pops big time and out comes the Rock. He has returned. The Rock enters the ring.

The Rock:Finally The Rock has come back....to Smackdown.

The crowd cheers.

The Rock:It is great to be back. 2003 is going to be the year of the Rock. The Rock will regain the WWE World Title this year if you smell what the Rock...

Mattitude facts:

Matt Hardy was originally the favorite to play the Scorpion King in the Mummy Returns and the Scorpion King but he turned down the part.

Matt Hardy can do the People's eyebrow better than the Rock.

Out comes Matt Hardy Version 1.0 with his junior M'fer Shannon Moore. What business does Matt Hardy have out here. He enters the ring. The Rock looks a little upset.

The Rock:Before you speak let the Rock ask you one question, WHO in the blue hell do you think you are.

Mattitude:I'm Ma...


The crowd cheers.

The Rock:You intruded on the Rock's comeback so you have three seconds and The Rock means three seconds before the Rock lays the smackdown on you.

Matt Hardy:You listen Rock. You are no longer the star of Smackdown and 2003 is not the year of the Rock. It is the year of Matt Hardy....Version 1.0. By the time I have achieved total greatness, the fans will forget all about you Rocky. But I admit one thing. You are great. But you are lacking one essential thing.

The Rock:What is that pray tell, you rooty poo?

Matt Hardy:Mattitude. You are too late to be saved so I will do you a favor by putting you out of wrestling.

The Rock:So you want a match tonight, jabroni?

Matt Hardy:Not tonight. I have a hangnail. I cannot wrestle tonight...you will fight my junior M'fer, Shannon Moore. Shannon, you have another chance to become a full fledged M'Fer. Do not blow it this time.


Notes:Matt Hardy Version 1.0 gained overness from this segment.

Shannon Moore(w/Matt Hardy Version 1.0) vs The Rock

Highlights:The Rock layed the smackdown on Shannon Moore with punches at the bell. The Rock threw Moore to the outside and Moore looks to have landed on his leg. Matt Hardy throws him back into the ring and Moore walks right into the Rock Bottom. The Rock scores the pin. The Rock leaves but after the match, Matt Hardy slaps Shannon Moore around a bit. So the Rock comes back to the ring and lays out Matt Hardy with a Rock Bottom. The Rock stands tall but Mattitude will not live this one down. ** 3/4

Winner:The Rock(via The Rock Bottom)

73(69, 78)

Rhyno sees what the Smackdown side has to offer

Stephanie is in her office when Rhyno walks in.

Stephanie:Rhyno, Smackdown's hottest free agent. I saw you talking to Eric Bischoff on Raw. A piece of advice, do not sign with that piece of slime. He only will use you for his own gains. I will however give you main event matches and title shots. I...

Rhyno holds up his hand.

Rhyno:Just bring a contract to the Rumble. I will tell the Bischoff the same thing. I will read them both and see what is the better offer. I will make my decision at the Royal Rumble. The decision will be best for me and not for any brand.


Notes:Rhyno gained overness from this segment.

The Big Show vs Edge

Highlights:Very few because it is a Big Show match. Edge hit a spear off the second rope but Heyman got involved. Edge attacked him and Brock entered the ring. Brock wiped out the Show with a chair and Edge scored the pin. After the match, Brock hit the F5 on The Show and stalked Heyman. ** 1/2

Winner:Edge(help from Brock)

71(78, 57)

Brock Lesnar and Chris Benoit vs Team Angle

Highlights:Team Angle used some great technical wrestling skills but so did Benoit and Brock even busted out some moves that he learned from his amauteur days. Benoit suplexes Charlie and Kurt Angle ran out and broke a crutch over Benoit. DQ happens. Afterwards Kurt, Charlie, and Shelton beat up Benoit and Brock. Big Show came out as well and choke slammed Brock. Team Angle stood tall as Smackdown went off of the air. ** 3/4

73(67, 79)


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WWE Velocity 1-11-03

Crash Holly vs John Cena

Highlights:Rematch from last week. Much of the same happens except Crash got a two count on the Crash Landing. Crash misses a top rope splash and Cena hits the Record Breaker for the pin. ** 1/2

Winner:John Cena(via the Record Breaker)

68(62, 74)


A video showing Rhyno goring various opponents. At the end it asks what side will Rhyno choose. Find out at the Royal Rumble.


Notes:Rhyno gained overness from this segment.

What is Mattitude II

Matt Hardy is sitting in the lockeroom.

Matt Hardy:What is Mattitude? Mattitude is not just a state of mind, it is a way of life. That is what Mattitude is.

This concludes this weeks edition of What is Mattitude? Tune in every week on Velocity for a new installment.


Shelton Benjamin(w/Charlie Haas and Paul Heyman) vs Rikishi

Highlights:Rikishi with a superkick after Shelton controlled the match with mat based tactics. Rikishi decked Charlie and went after Paul. Shelton hits a spin kick knocking Rikishi down. Benjamin picks up the win over Rikishi. **

Winner:Shelton Benjamin(via spin kick)

63(62, 65)

Notes:Shelton Benjamin gained overness from this match.

Rikishi is upset

Rikishi:Paul Heyman. Your life will be a living hell when I get done with you. My goal in life is you put your head between my cheeks. You will get a stinkface and I will not rest until you get one.


WWE Cruiserweight Title:Jaime Knoble(w/Nidia) vs Billy Kidman©

Highlights:Kidman is depressed because his girlfriend Torrie got traded to Raw for the Hurricane. Knoble hit some suplexes but he made the fatal mistake of trying to power bomb Kidman. When will everyone learn. One bulldog later and Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press to retain the gold. Afterwards Nidia tries to console Knoble. ** 3/4

74(62, 87)

Notes:The WWE Cruiserweight title has gained in image.


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WWE Heat 1-12-03

D'Lo Brown vs Test(w/Stacy Keibler)

Highlights:The Testicles were in full force tonight on Heat. D'Lo misses the Lo Down and Test hit a big boot for the pin. Test scores another win. Test has been on a roll as of late in the WWE. **

Winner:Test(via a big boot



The Rhyno music video from Velocity was reshown. Who will he join Raw or Smackdown.


Notes:Rhyno gained overness from this segment.

HBK shoots off his mouth about Chris Jericho

Shawn Michaels:Chris Jericho calls me a hasbeen. Well I think Chris Jericho is jealous because he is a Shawn Michaels wannabe. He isn't good enough to carry my bags. The Heartbreak Kid will rock on and win the Royal Rumble. No one will stop him, not even a punk like Chris Jericho


Notes:Shawn Michaels gained overness from this segment.

Johnny Stamboli vs Spike Dudley

Highlights:The announcers played this match up as a match between two possible competitors of the revived hardcore division. Stamboli hit a spinning DDT but he misses a flying legdrop. Spike hit some punches and Dudley Dawged Stamboli for the duke. ** 1/2

Winner:Spike Dudley(via Dudley Dawg)

70(63, 77)

Highlights from last Monday:

Footage of Kevin Nash attacking Kane and accusing him of being a fraud is shown. Will Kane respond this Monday. Tune in to find out.


Notes:Kevin Nash gained overness from this segment.

Justin Credible vs Jeff Hardy

Highlights:The mighty have fallen haven't they. Jeff Hardy manages to blow two spots about every 30 seconds. Credible superkicks Hardy but he gets the foot on the rope. Credible missed a fistdrop and Hardy "hits" the Whisper in the Wind and hits the Swanton Bomb for the duke(first move by Hardy hit full on in this match) **

Winner:Jeff Hardy(via the Swanton Bomb)

64(59, 69)

Maven vs Christopher Nowinski

Highlights:Two of the standouts from Tough Enough I battle on Heat. Maven hit two dropkicks and then flew off the top with a crossbody. Nowinski however rolls through and pulls the tights for the pin. Maven dropkicks Nowinski out of the ring after the match and Nowinski runs to the back. ** 1/2

Winner:Christopher Nowinski(via reversing a crossbody and pulling the tights)

69(71, 67)


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Guest It's 999

Matches aren't nearly detailed enough, and the promos ain't much better. Also, when somebody speaks, your laying it out like this:

Nowinski:I'm more clever than you.

When it should be:

Nowinski: I'm more clever than you.

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Guest rinkle

Matches aren't nearly detailed enough, and the promos ain't much better. Also, when somebody speaks, your laying it out like this:

Nowinski:I'm more clever than you.

When it should be:

Nowinski: I'm more clever than you.

If you read his first post Matt puts a reason behind that. Anyway, I like your booking style and I'm sure shit will be picked up

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WWE Raw 1-13-03

Tonight: Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho and the offical contract signing for the World Title match at the Rumble.

A challenge

"Can You Dig it, sucka"

Out comes Booker T and he doesn't look in a very good mood. He enters the ring.

Booker T: Batista, last week you defeated Goldust and screwed him out of the win. Well I want a little payback so tonight how abouts you and me sucka. I can dig that.


Out comes Ric Flair and Batista.

Flair: Booker T you got your match tonight. You will just be another notch on the undefeated streak of Batista. You can't take on the monster, Booker. He will crush you underneath his heel just like he did to your buddy last week. Wooo!!!


WWE Woman's Title:Torrie Wilson vs Victoria©

Highlights:Torrie made her debut after being traded to Raw for the Hurricane at the request of Dawn Marie. Torrie tried and only got a two count off of her swinging neckbreaker. Victoria destroyed Torrie with two clotheslines and hit the Widow's Peak for the win to retain the Woman's title. Trish Stratus ran out to save Torrie from further beating and Molly came out and attacked Trish. Victoria attacked Molly and it will be a three way woman's match at the Rumble for the title between Molly, Trish, and Victoria. * 1/2

Winner: Victoria(via the Widow's Peak)

59(69, 39)

Notes: Torrie Wilson lost overness from this match. Victoria gained overness from this match.

]Kane RIP(1997-2003)

Kane is backstage. He is wearing a t-shirt and blue jeans with his mask.

Kane: Last week Kevin Nash said something that got to me. He more or less said that I can't do well in being something I am not. and what has Kane done for me. A one day reign as WWE World Champion, a few tag team reigns, and some controversy that Triple H stirred up that I am not even getting into. So Kane is no more. I will do something that Kevin Nash did, be myself. I will win the Royal Rumble and then capture the World Title at Wrestlemania. I will destroy Kevin Nash however in the process to prove that I am the best big man in this sport today.

Glen "Kane" Jacobs takes off his mask and throws it into a garbage can. We fade out.


Bubba Ray Dudley vs William Regal

Highlights: Regal outwrestled Bubba but he misses a corner charge. Bubba hit a series of clothesline but Regal got the brass knuckles. Bubba went for a suplex but Regal popped him with the brass knuckles and fell on top for the pin. Regal and his partner Lance Storm will face Bookdust for the tag gold at the Rumble. ** 3/4

Winner: William Regal(brass knuckles punch)

75(73, 78)

WWE Hardcore Title:Raven© vs Jeff Hardy

Highlights: Jeff Hardy showed some flashes of his old self. Maybe he has a ninch in the Hardcore Division. Jeff brought a ladder into the match and Jeff set up Raven on a table. Swanton Bomb off of the ladder misses and Raven hits Hardy with the Evenflow DDT onto a trash can lid to score the pin. ** 1/2

Winner: Raven(via Evenflow DDT on a trash can lid)

70(68, 72)

Notes: The WWE Hardcore title has gained in image.

Contract signing

Usual contract signing fare. Steiner signs and then HHH signs. Then HHH decks Steiner with a cheapshot and overturns the table on him. HHH now goes underneath the contract signing table to reveal a sledgehammer. HHH hits two shots to the chest and a shot to the head. Steiner is spitting up blood. HHH pedigrees Steiner and stands tall. Will this be what we see at the Rumble.

(Editor's Note:I have no idea why I didn't transcribe this when I first wrote the diary. )


Notes: Triple H lost overness from this segment.

Christopher Nowinski and Sean O'Haire vs Tough Enough

Highlights: Not much to write home about here. O'Haire hits the Cruel Intentions to both Snow and Maven. Nowinski picks up an easy pin on Maven because of it. ** 1/2

Winners: O'Haire and Nowinski(via Nowinski pinning Maven after an O'Haire Cruel Intentions)

70(67, 73)

Notes: Al Snow lost overness from this match. Maven lost overness from this match. Sean O'Haire gained overness from this match. Chris Nowinski gained overness from this match.

Christian vs Glen Jacobs

Highlights: Jacobs had ditched the bodysuit for red and black striped tights. Christian bumped his ass off and even got some offense in. Jacobs powered out of the Unprettier and hits the Choke Slam to score the pin on Christian. ***

Winner: Glen Jacobs(via Choke Slam)

79(81, 77)

Kevin Nash vs Spike Dudley

Highlights: Nash makes his in ring return. Nash with a big boot, side slam, and snake eyes to Spike. Nash bearhugged the rest of his way through the match. Spike got a brief advantage with a clip to the leg but Nash kicked and punched Spike. Nash went for the Jackknife but Glen Jacobs enters the ring and attacks Nash. Nash wins via DQ. Jacobs clotheslines Nash to the outside and Nash staggers to the back. **

Winner: Kevin Nash(via DQ)

63(67, 57)

Booker T vs Dave Batista

Highlights: This was Booker T bumping for every little punch or kick of Batista. Batista went for the Trip to Hell but Booker T backdrops out of it. Booker T with a pair of ax kicks and spinaroonie but Batista clotheslines him as he spins up. Booker T and Batista brawl and the referee gets knocked down. The referee calls for the bell DQing both men. They brawl to the back afterwards. *** 1/4

Winner: No One(Double DQ)

81(82, 80)

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Jericho

Notes: Another great match. Jericho played a jackass heel to profection. Everytime RVD cartwheeled or flipped, Jericho popped him with a clothesline. Jericho hits a lionsault but only gets a two count. Second Lionsault misses. RVD hits a pair of spin kicks and the rolling thunder. Five Star misses and Shawn Michaels runs out and decks Jericho. Five Star hits this time and scores the pin. Jericho sulks as HBK celebrates the win with RVD. *** 1/4

Winner: Rob Van Dam(via HBK interference and Five Star Frog Splash)

84(85, 83)


TV Rating:6.11

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WWE Smackdown 1-16-02

A main event made tonight

Kurt Angle enters the office of Stephanie McMahon.

Kurt:What do you want Stephanie? I am a busy man.

Stephanie: Well the doctors have cleared you to wrestle so how about a little tuneup for the match at the Rumble. Non-Title you vs Edge.

Kurt: This is bullshit. BULLSHIT. How dare you treat an Olympic Gold Medalist like this? I thought better of you Steph.

Stephanie: And by the way...your match with Chris Benoit is now an I-Quit Match. We will see who the better submission wrestler is at the Rumble.

Kurt walks out of the GM's office sulking. What a main event for tonight and a stipulation for the WWE World Title Match at the Rumble.


Tough Love...Mattitude style

Shannon Moore is in the rockeroom when Matt Hardy hits him from behind with a chair. Hardy slaps him a couple of times and rubs his face into the floor.

Hardy: You screwed up again. You will not achieve Full Mattitude if you keep doing this. You were to beat the Rock last week and you failed. You have nothing but a failure. You are a disgrace to the cause of Mattitude. So tonight I shall set an example for you. So I am going to win the Cruiserweight title tonight from Billy Kidman and you better be taking notes. I will show you what you should do to achieve greatness.


Notes:Shannon Moore gained overness from this segment.

WWE Cruiserweight Title:Billy Kidman© vs Matt Hardy Version 1.0

Highlights: Hardy pulled the old "fake a knee injury" trick about a minute in to gain the advantage. Hardy scores several nearfalls but made the age old mistake of trying to power bomb Kidman. Moron. Kidman reverses into a faceslam and Mattitude rolls to the outside to regroup. Shannon Moore comes out and rolls Mattitude back in. Kidman catches a dazed Mattitude with a short power bomb for the pin. After Mattitude got up, he wasn't pleased. He slapped around Shannon some more for screwing up again. ** 3/4

Winner: Billy Kidman(via a short powerbomb)

73(66, 80)

Notes: Matt Hardy Version 1.0 lost overness from this match. Billy Kidman gained overness from this match. The WWE Cruiserweight title has gained in image.

A Rocky Rumble

The Rock is backstage with Mark Loyd.

Loyd: Rock...

The Rock puts his hand up and cocks his head up.

Rock: Finally the Rock has come back to...Tampa.

The crowd cheers.

Rock: In over a weeks time the Rock goes into a WWE ring with 29 other superstars. Raw and Smackdown alike. The Rock will come out of the Rumble and go to wrestlemania.

The crowd cheers.

Rock: I don't care if it is Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, or that little bitch Mattitude, The Rock will plow through the field and earn the right to be in the Main Event at Wrestlemania. The Rock shall toss 29 other jabronis over the top rope and go onto Wrestlemania to capture the WWE World Title.

The crowd cheers.

Rock: If you smellll what the Rock...is cooking.


If Rikishi wins, he gets five minutes alone with Paul Heyman: The Big Show(w/Paul Heyman) vs Rikishi

Highlights: The Show pounds Rikishi but Rikishi hits the Big Show with two superkicks. Heyman is on the ring apron and Rikishi knocks him off. Big Show grabs a chair and smacks Rikishi with it twice. Big Show lays out Rikishi but Rikishi gets five minutes with Paul Heyman. **

Winner:Rikishi(via DQ)

63(70, 47)

Paul Heyman vs Rikishi

Highlights: Heyman gets a two count and Rikishi quickly makes a comeback and hits a samoan drop. Before Rikishi gets the Stink Face, Team Angle comes out and he has to fight them off. Paul Heyman throws powder in the eyes of Rikishi but before anything else can happen, Brock Lesnar runs out and spears Paul Heyman. Brock goes for the F5 but the Big Show kicks Brock in the face. Big Show choke slams Brock and does the same to Rikishi. Brock and Rikishi are layed out in the center of the ring. **

Winner:Paul Heyman(via DQ)

63(73, 43)

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Tajiri

Highlights: A preview to the tag team title ladder match at the Rumble. Chavo low blows Tajiri on a ten count punches and hits a brainbuster but that only gets two. Frog Splash gets two and an attempted Tornado DDT gets mist. Tajiri kicks Chavo hard in the head and scores the pin. ***

Winner:Tajiri(mist and Buzzsaw Kick)

80(70, 91)

Mattitude and The Rock and Shannon round 2

Out comes Matt Hardy with Shannon Moore behind him. Todays Mattfacts are:

Matt Hardy did not suck in his Rookie year unlike the Rock.

Jeff Hardy steals Lita's hair dye.

Matt Hardy: Well The Rock ran his mouth off about me earlier so I want him one on one tonight. I want him, NOW.

"Do You Smell What The Rock is Cooking"

Out comes the Rock to cheers.

The Rock: You want to go one on one with the Great One. Sure you aren't going to get a mysterious injury this time. I don't have my gear but lets do this.

Matt Hardy: Lets go. Bring it and I shall educate you in the priciples of Mattitude.

Hardy takes a step foward but then kneels down holding his right leg.

Matt Hardy: OWW my leg. I think I bruised something in it.

Rock: The Rock thinks you have a case of "youwillgetsmackeddownbythegreatoneitis".

Matt Hardy: Do you think I would lie about something like this? Shannon, you can fight him tonight. I am in no condition too. I already had a match anyway.

Rock: I already beat this little punk last week. and speaking of which, Shannon sounds like a name for a little girl so I am going to smack you down like the bitch you are again.

Hardy: Fine. How about both of us in a handicap match since I am injured. Or is that too much Mattitude for you to handle.

The Rock: The Rock says you got a deal. Ring the damn bell.


Notes: Matt Hardy Version 1.0 gained overness from this segment.

Handicap Match: Shannon Moore and Matt Hardy Version 1.0 vs The Rock

Highlights: The Rock layed the smackdown on Moore but Hardy hopped up and dropkicked the Rock. That is the second time tonight he faked a knee injury. Hardy and Moore stomp the Rock and Hardy uses some great moves on the Rock and Moore leaps off the top with some bodypresses and elbowdrops and the like. Hardy held Rock and Moore went up for the Halo. But The Rock moved and Hardy got hit. Rock Bottom to Moore and the pin was made. The Rock scored the pin. Mattitude attacks The Rock after the match hitting him with the Mattitude Adjustment(the move formally known as the Twist of Fate). Then Matt Hardy backhanded Shannon as he got up. ** 3/4

Winner: The Rock(via The Rock Bottom to Shannon Moore)

75(76, 76)

Shelton Benjamin vs Chris Benoit

Highlights: Technical masterpiece of a match this was. Shelton worked on the neck of Benoit with various suplexes. Benoit bused out the Triple Germans and Charlie Haas ran from the back for the DQ. Team Angle stomped Benoit and Edge ran out and made the save. Spears for all and Edge grabbed the microphone.

Edge: Kurt, get out here so I can totally beat your olympic dork ass.

** 3/4

Winner: Chris Benoit(via DQ)

74(68, 80)

Non-Title Match: Edge vs Kurt Angle(w/Paul Heyman)

Highlights: Some great moves were busted out in this match. Top-Rope spear from Edge. Triple German from Angle. Edge with the Edgecation but Paul Heyman eats a spear. Edge countered the Angle Slam into a spinning DDT. Edge with his own Angle Lock. Team Angle came out but they were held off by Chris Benoit. The ending came when Edge went to spear Angle but Edge hit his shoulder on the ringpost. Angle rolled up Edge using the tights and the ropes for the pin. Angle then Angle Slammed Edge as he got up and Chris Benoit enters the ring and takes down Angle. Benoit with the Crippler Crossface on Angle and he taps out like there is no tommorow. If that happens at the Rumble, Benoit will win the WWE World Title. *** 1/4

Winner: Kurt Angle(via Illegal Rollup)

84(86, 80)


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WWE Velocity 1-18-03

Chuck Palumbo vs Albert

Highlights: Do you really care. IT is Chuck Palumbo vs Albert. Just to fill a slot on Velocity. Well Palumbo missed a superkick and gets Baldo Bombed for the pin. ** 1/2

Winner: Albert(via the Baldo Bomb)

67(65, 70)

Highlights from Smackdown

Highlights of the Mattitude, Shannon Moore, and Rock stuff are shown from Smackdown. Will Mattitude and the Rock get into it again this week on Smackdown? Tune in to find out.


Notes: Matt Hardy Version 1.0 gained overness from this segment.

Jaime Knoble vs the Hurricane

Highlights: Some great cruiserweight action on Velocity. Knoble goes for the Tiger Bomb but Hurricane fights out. Hurricane with some dropkicks and Hurricane with the Shining Wizard for the three. ***

Winner: Hurricane(with the Shining Wizard)


Kurt and Benoit hype up

Highlights from all the events involving Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit leading up to the I-Quit Match in the Rumble. What will happen.


Notes: Kurt Angle gained overness from this segment.

Crash vs Cousin Nunzio

Highlights: Nunzio worked over the arm of Crash nearly the whole match. Crash fought back but went for the Crash Landing. Nunzio shifted his weight and turned it into an armbar submission. Crash taps out and Nunzio gets the win. ** 1/2

Winner: Cousin Nunzio(via an armbar submission)

69(54, 85)

Eddie Guerrero vs Funaki

Highlights: A preview to the tag team match at the Rumble. A bit rushed because the match started 4 minutes before the end. Funaki nearly got the win with a tornado DDT. Eddie hit Funaki with the title belt and put his feet on the ropes as he covered for the pin. Eddie cheats to win. ** 3/4

Winner: Eddie Guerrero(via a beltshot and feet on the ropes)

73(70, 77)

Overall: 79

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WWE Heat 1-19-03

Steven Richards vs Test(w/Stacy Keibler)

Highlights: Steven is a whacko and Test is on a roll. This basically sums up the Storyline for this match. Steven goes for the Steven Kick but Test ducks it. Test with the Big Boot to score the pin. **

Winner: Test(via the Big Boot

62(62, 63)

A Batista video

A look at Batista destroying nearly everyone on Raw. Batista is one of the favorites to win the Rumble.


Notes: Dave Batista gained overness from this segment.

A look at Jacobs vs Nash

A look at the war between Glen Jacobs and Kevin Nash is shown. Will these two have a confrontation on Raw. Tune in to find out.


Notes: Glen Jacobs gained overness from this segment.

Justin Credible vs Goldust

Highlights: Time for your weekly Justin Credible job. Credible was pounded by Goldust but made a short comeback. It was short lived as Goldust hits the Curtain Call for the pin and thats a wrap. **

Winner: Goldust(via the Curtain Call)


A look at the Shawn Michaels vs Chris Jericho wars

A look at the recent events involving these two. Another possible confrontation for this Monday on Raw.


Notes: Chris Jericho gained overness from this segment.

Ivory vs Trish Stratus

Highlights :A little tuneup for Trish for her match at the Rumble. It went like this. Ivory pounds on Trish for two minutes, Stratusfaction out of nowhere, pin. **

Winner:Trish Stratus(via the Stratusfaction)

65(78, 35)

Notes:Ivory didn't really sell very much, which hurt the match rating. (strike one for Ivory)

D-Von Dudley vs Lance Storm

Highlights: An okay match. D-Von hit the Reverse DDT but Storm gets into the ropes. D-Von argues and William Regal comes out and gives Storm his brass knuckles. Storm pops D-Von with them to score the pin. Lance Storm is your winner. ** 3/4

Winner: Lance Storm(via brass knuckles)



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WWE Raw is War 1-20-03

One Angry Scott Steiner

The sirens blare and Scott Steiner enters. He grabs the ring announcer and shoves him down. Steiner punches the camera man. Steiner has the microphone.

Steiner: TRIPLE H. I am not leaving this ring until you come out and face me like a man.

Steiner waits. He is armed with a pipe.

Steiner: Come on HHH. I'M WAITING.

"I'm Back" plays and out comes Eric Bischoff with a couple dozen cops.

Bischoff: You are not getting Triple H tonight. He is defending the title against someone who deserves a shot. You will find out who later.

The crowd chants R-V-D. R-V-D. R-V-D.

Bischoff: However I don't want you interfering in the main event so officers, ARREST HIM.

The cops swarm in the ring and mace Scott Steiner. One of the cops takes off his hat to reveal HHH. HHH pounds Scott Steiner with a nightstick as the cops cuff him. Steiner is being lead out of the building by the (corrupt) cops. HHH stands tall and he has bloodied Scott Steiner again.


Notes: Eric Bischoff lost overness from this segment. Scott Steiner lost overness from this segment.

WWE Hardcore Title: Raven© vs Tommy Dreamer

Highlights: A great match between two Hardcore Icons. A few "ECW" chants broke out during the match. The ending came when Raven blasted Dreamer with a chair and hit the Evenflow DDT on a cookie sheet for the pin. Raven retains the Hardcore Title. ** 1/2

Winner: Raven(via an Evenflow DDT)


Jericho is the King of the World and don't you forget it.

Shawn Michaels is backstage with Terri.

Terri: HBK what are your thoughts about Chris Jericho saying he is better than you and the King of the World.

HBK: Jericho has like maybe five years before he can be as half as good as me. He is not the King of the World. He isn't even the King of his own neighborhood and...

CHRIS JERICHO ATTACKS SHAWN MICHAELS FROM BEHIND. Jericho smacks Michaels across the face with a pipe. Jericho does it again and again. Michaels is busted open and juicing big time. Jericho goes for the back with the pipe but Jeff Hardy shoves Chris Jericho away.

Jericho: You want a piece of the King of the World, rainbow bright. You got a match tonight and don't be late. I have other legends to beat. I will give you a beating you will never evvvverrr forget, a-gayne.


Notes: Chris Jericho gained overness from this segment.

HHH is the Game and he reveals his opponent for tonight.

HHH: Tonight I will defend my WWE World Heavyweight title. The question is against who. Well it is one of the top ten superstars on Raw. This man is a highflyer(crowd chants R-V-D) and is a fan favorite. He is....Maven(the crowd boos and their R-V-D chants get higher). WELL TOO BAD. That asshole RVD is not getting anywhere close to the main event. He is not a tenth as good as me. Last time I fought him, I demolished him. I proved that he isn't good enough to lick the slime off of my boots. I will beat Maven tonight and Scott Steiner at the Rumble because I am the Game and I am THAT DAMN GOOD.


William Regal vs Goldust

Highlights: Preview for the tag title match at the Rumble. Regal went for the Brass knuckles but Goldust knocked them out of his hand and to the outside. Goldust went for the Shattered Dreams but Lance Storm ran out. Lance Storm slid a backup pair of knuckles to Regal. Goldust fought off Storm and got the Power of the Punch. Regal wins and Storm and Regal stomp Goldust. Booker T makes the save afterwards with a chair. ** 3/4

Winner: William Regal(via the Power of the Punch)


Kevin Nash calls out Glen Jacobs

Out comes Kevin Nash. He stands on the edge of the stage.

Nash: I want Glen Jacobs to come out right now. I want to settle our score. Come on Glen, I know you are back there. Come out and let Big Sexy give you a beating that is big but not so sexy.

Out comes Glen Jacobs and he stares at Nash. Nash takes a step backwards and crumples holding his quadricep. THAT IS THE SAME QUAD HE INJURED. Glen Jacobs looks concerned and is calling for help but Nash gets back up. He was just faking. Nash grabs one of the pryo devices and BLASTS JACOBS IN THE FACE WITH SOME PRYO. Jacobs falls back holding his face.

Nash: HOW DO YOU LIKE THAT. Ever heard of karma. Well pretending you are a charred freak worked but now you really all one.

Nash leaves and the crowd boos. Will Glen Jacobs be 100 percent for the Royal Rumble?


Lance Storm vs Booker T

Highlights: Good technical match. Storm goes for a springboard dropkick but Booker T drops down. Booker T hits a couple of ax kicks and the Houston Hangover for the pin. Both teams are 1-1 leading up to the tag match at the Rumble. *** 1/4

83(79, 87)

Al Snow gives Maven a pep talk.

Al Snow: This is it Maven. You can do it. This is the big one. If you beat Triple H, your career springboards to the next level. If you fail, it is another setback. Now go out there and try your best. That is all I am going to ask.

Maven walks out.

Al Snow: Poor kid. He is going to get creamed.


Notes: Maven gained overness from this segment.

WWE World Heavweight Title:Maven vs Triple H©

Highlights: Triple H shoved Maven around before Maven came back with TWO dropkicks. Maven goes for a high cross body but HHH powerslammed him. HHH hit a series of knee related moves and finished Maven off with the Main Event Sleeper. HHH retains the World Heavyweight Title. ** 3/4

Winner: Triple H(via the Main Event Sleeper)

74(78, 68)

Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho

Highlights: Jeff Hardy hit some spots on tonight. Jericho proved to be a bastard by pounding Hardy. Hardy hits the Swanton Bomb towards the end but Jericho put the foot on the rope. Jericho rolls up Hardy for the pin, pulling the tights. After the match, Jericho lays out Hardy goes for the Walls of Jericho but Shawn Michaels makes the save. Michaels raises the hand of Hardy as Jericho goes ballastic. ***

Winner: Chris Jericho(illegal rollup)

80(83, 76)

Main Event Interview:

Out comes HHH. What is he doing. HHH comes out.

HHH: This Sunday I will face Scott Steiner. But I don't want to wait. I want to do it right now. So Steiner...oh wait. You are in the big house. I can't wrestle you tonight. Tough luck.

The sirens blare and HHH's eyes go wide. Scott Steiner runs out with a pipe and swings at HHH. Sercurity intervenes. Someone must of posted bail. It will all come together at the Rumble.


Overall: 79

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WWE Smackdown 1-23-02

Tonight: Kurt Angle goes one on one with the Rock in a non-title match. Tune in and stick around for Smackdown like on UPN.

Another shot at being an M'Fer

Shannon Moore is sitting in the back when Matt Hardy Version 1.0 comes in.

Mattitude: Shannon tonight you have another chance to becoming an full fledged M'Fer. Tonight you will face Billy Kidman for the WWE Cruiserweight Title. I want you to bring the gold to Camp Mattitude.

Shannon gets up and walks to the ring. Shannon Moore has a chance at greatness tonight.


Notes: Matt Hardy Version 1.0 lost overness from this segment

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match: Shannon Moore vs Billy Kidman©

Highlights: Standard cruiserweight fare. Shannon Moore tries to power bomb Kidman, you know the drill. Kidman went for a leapfrog but Moore headbutted him in the groin. Moore, exhausted, fainted on top of Kidman for the pin. Matt Hardy Version 1.0 comes out and snatches the Cruiserweight Title to hand to a dazed and confused Shannon Moore. When Moore saw the replay, he refuses the title. He leaves and Matt Hardy leaves confused. ** 1/2

Winner: and New WWE Cruiserweight Champion Shannon Moore(accidental headbutt to the groin)

67(51, 83)

The Rock is ready for the Rumble and tonight.

Mark Loyd is backstage with the Rock.

Loyd: Rock...

The Rock puts a hand up to silence him.

The Rock: Finally the Rock has come back...to Houston.

The crowd cheers.

The Rock: This Sunday at the Rumble with 29 other jabronis and one Rock, The Rock will toss them one by one over the top rope. But tonight The Rock faces the cueball himself, Kurt Angle. Kurt has the belt but this is a non-title match. But don't fret. When I win the Royal Rumble I will capture the WWE World Title at...Wrestlemania. IF YOU SMELLL WHAT THE ROCK....IS COOKING.


Cousin Nunzio and Jaime Knoble vs Kaientai 2003

Highlights: Some great cruiserweight action here. Kaientai 2003 gets a nice tune-up before the Rumble. The ending came when Tajiri pinned Nunzio after an elevated missile dropkick by Funaki. Afterwards Los Guerreros came down and beat up both teams. ***

Winners: Kaientai 2003(via an elavated Missile Dropkick)

77(63, 92)


Edge: This Sunday at the Royal Rumble I am the underdog. However I will come out on top for all the Edge-Heads. Whether it be Cueball Kurt or Chris Benoit, I will win the Rumble and then get the title shot at Wrestlemania. That is totally awesome.


A Rhyno Video

Rhyno's decision at the Rumble is hyped up and some of his most vicious Gores are shown. Will Rhyno choose Raw or Smackdown? Find out this Sunday.


Notes:[Rhyno gained overness from this segment.

Brock Lesnar and Rikishi vs Matt Hardy Version 1.0 and The Big Show(w/Paul Heyman)

Highlights: This match is set up because Rikishi and Brock have had problems with the Big Show and Brock has had some problems with Mattitude and Mattitude has had some problems with everyone. Anyway Brock was more content stalking Heyman around the ring and that opened up Rikishi to a two on one assault. Rikishi made a comeback and tagged Brock. Brock wipes out Mattitude with a spear nearly snapping him in half. Brock goes after the Big Show but Heyman distracts him. Brock goes after Heyman and Rikishi is somehow the legal man again. Rikishi superkicks the Big Show out of the ring but gets a face full of powder by Mattitude. Mattitude covers with the feet on the ropes scoring the pin. Big Show attacks Brock on the ramp, knocking him down long enough for Heyman to make the escape. ** 1/2

Winners: The Big Show and Matt Hardy Version 1.0(via powder to Rikishi's eyes and feet on the ropes from Mattitude)

71(76, 60)

Notes: Rikishi gained overness from this match. Big Show gained overness from this match.

Los Guerreros hype up their tag team match at the Rumble.

Chavo Guerrero Jr: Let me tell you something Eddie, we will kick off our PPV record for 2003 with a bang.

Eddie: Thats right Esse. We will kick some jap tail in that Ladder match at The Royal Rumble. We will prove that once again we are the greatest tag team on Smackdown. We will let are LATINO HEAT run wild.

Chavo: We shall win. We are the force on Smackdown.

Both: Viva La Raza


Team Angle vs Chris Benoit and Edge

Highlights: A great display of wrestling by Benjamin and Haas. Benoit hits the Triple Germans to Benjamin and Edge spears Haas. Kurt Angle runs out and decks Benoit with the title belt. Angle does the same to Edge. Team Angle and Kurt Angle beats up Edge and Benoit to send a message to them. ** 1/2

Winners: Chris Benoit and Edge(via DQ)

70(65, 76)

A look at the WWE World Title I-Quit Match

An extensive look at the I-Quit Match for the Royal Rumble. Benoit vs Kurt for the gold this Sunday at the Rumble.


Notes: Kurt Angle gained overness from this segment.

Non-Title Match: The Rock vs Kurt Angle(w/Paul Heyman)

Highlights: Classic match. Kurt worked on the leg of the Rock early on but the Rock hit a pair of lariats to knock our Olympic Hero off balance. The Rock hit the spinebuster but Angle played possum tripping the Rock on a People's Elbow attempt and grabbing the Angle Lock. The Rock got to the ropes and Angle nearly sealed the match with a pair of overhead belly to belly suplexes. Angle with the Triple Germans and another nearfall. Angle goes to the top but gets slammed off ala Ric Flair. The Rock hit his own version of the Angle Slam and Paul Heyman runs in. Paul eats a Rock Bottom for his troubles and Angle hits The Rock with an Angle Slam. Now thats how you do an Angle Slam. Nearfall however and The Rock sidestepped a charge and Rock Bottomed Kurt. The Rock drops the People's Elbow but it only gets two. Mattitude runs out but the Rock fights him off quickly. Angle rolls up the Rock and bumps the referee in the process. Angle with a low blow and his version of the Rock Bottom but no referee. Angle went for the Olympic Elbow but The Rock kipped right up and Rock Bottomed Angle. Matt Hardy however smacks the Rock with a chair. Chris Benoit ran out and knocked Mattitude out. Benoit now smashed Angle over the skull with the title belt. The Rock rolls over and gets three. ****

Winner: The Rock(via help from Chris Benoit)

90(95, 75)

Overall: 79

FINAL Royal Rumble Card:

Royal Rumble Match:

Raw: Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Glen Jacobs, Kevin Nash, Dave Batista, Christian, Test, Jeff Hardy, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Spike Dudley, Jamal, and Rosey.

Smackdown: Edge, Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, The Rock, Matt Hardy Version 1.0, The Undertaker, Cousin Nunzio, Jaime Knoble, Albert, Spanky, John Cena, Rikishi, and Chuck Palumbo.

WWE World Title I-Quit Match:

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle©

WWE World Heavyweight Title

Triple H© vs Scott Steiner

WWE World Tag Team Titles:

Bookdust© vs William Regal and Lance Storm

WWE Tag Team Title Ladder Match

Los Guerreros© vs Kaientai 2003

WWE Woman's Title:

Victoria© vs Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly.

Plus Rhyno will make his choice.

Predictions are Welcomed

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Guest Jebus

Am I the only one wanting Matt to win the rumble and Rock to win the WWE Title at No Way Out?

EDIT: Oh yeah,

Royal Rumble Match:

Raw: Shawn Michaels, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Glen Jacobs, Kevin Nash, Dave Batista, Christian, Test, Jeff Hardy, Raven, Tommy Dreamer, Bubba Ray Dudley, D-Von Dudley, Spike Dudley, Jamal, and Rosey.

Smackdown: Edge, Brock Lesnar, The Big Show, Charlie Haas, Shelton Benjamin, The Rock, Matt Hardy Version 1.0, The Undertaker, Cousin Nunzio, Jaime Knoble, Albert, Spanky, John Cena, Rikishi, and Chuck Palumbo.

WWE World Title I-Quit Match:

Chris Benoit vs Kurt Angle©

WWE World Heavyweight Title

Triple H© vs Scott Steiner

WWE World Tag Team Titles:

Bookdust© vs William Regal and Lance Storm

WWE Tag Team Title Ladder Match

Los Guerreros© vs Kaientai 2003

WWE Woman's Title:

Victoria© vs Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly.

Plus Rhyno will make his choice. Raw

Edited by Jebus
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I look at this Pay Per View and I regret not writing the Rumble out. In 2004, I will indeed write up the rumble and I hope it won't suck. Anyway only the final four was written out. This Pay Per View will indeed look rather weak when compared to other Pay Per Views that will happen later. Anyway let's not dwell on this right now. Let's get on with the show.

WWE Royal Rumble 2003

We see both sets of commentators at their tables. Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler will commentate for Raw Matches and Michael Cole and Tazz for Smackdown. A coin toss will be held for each commentary team and then a commentator from each team will commentate the Rumble Match.

We go first to Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler.

Ross: What a night for tonight at the Rumble. Lets kick things off with a bang. A triple Threat match for the WWE Woman’s Title will be the first match of 6 tonight at the Royal Rumble.

Lawler: Puppies!!!

Ross: Lets get down to the ring for the first match. This should be a slobberknocker.

WWE Woman’s Title Triple Threat Match:

Molly vs. Victoria© vs. Trish Stratus

Both Molly and Trish went after the champion at the bell. Victoria dumped Trish to the outside and Molly nearly won the title in the first minute with a cradle. Trish reentered the ring and dropkicked both women but only got a two count on Molly. Trish hit a high kick on Molly but walks into a clothesline from Victoria. Victoria hits a vertical suplex to Trish but gets a two count after Molly breaks it up. Molly hits a power bomb to Victoria and the Twin City Twister but Trish breaks up the pin this time. Trish bulldogs Molly and hits Victoria with a frankensteiner. Trish fails to win the title however on a pin attempt on each woman. Trish focuses on Molly with chops and kicks. Trish hits a bulldog to Molly but Victoria knocks Trish out of the ring. Victoria then hit the Widow’s peak for the pin on Molly. ** ¾

Winner:Victoria(via the Widow’s Peak on Molly)

73(80, 60)

Notes:The WWE Woman's Title has gained in image.

Victoria celebrates her win. We go to the Smackdown Announce team for the next match.

Michael Cole: Welcome to the first Smackdown match of the Rumble. I am Michael Cole and this is my partner Tazz.

Tazz: Let me tell you something Cole, this match will be highflying and death defying. A ladder match between the two top highflying teams on Smackdown, Los Guerreros and Kaientai 2003. Should be a classic.

WWE Tag Team Title Ladder Match:

Kaientai 2003 vs. Los Guerreros

We pan to the belts hanging above the ring and the Guerreros jump Kaientai as they enter the ring. Funaki gets a vicious DDT on the floor by Chavo. Eddie beats on Tajiri and slams him headfirst onto one of the ladders stationed at ringside. Chavo and Eddie double-team Tajiri some and a ladder is slid in the ring. Chavo holds Tajiri but Tajiri ducks the shot and Eddie hits Chavo. Tajiri with some buzzsaw like kicks and he sets up the ladder in the corner. Tajiri sets up the ladder in the corner. Tajiri hip tosses Eddie into the ladder. Chavo follows. Both Guerreros are stunned and Tajiri sets up the ladder underneath the title belts. Tajiri climbs up but Chavo pulls him off. Funaki is back in and he missile dropkicks Chavo. Chavo collides head on with the ladder. Eddie is pushed into the corner and the ladder is set up by his crotch. Kaientai 2003 with a double baseball slide sending the ladder into the crotch of Eddie, and boy is Eddie in pain. Funaki sets up the ladder and goes up near the title belts. Tajiri stands guard. Chavo goes after Tajiri but Tajiri dropkicks Chavo out of the ring. Eddie pulls Funaki off the ladder. Eddie goes for a power bomb but Funaki flips him over with a frankensteiner. Tajiri throws another ladder in the ring. Tajiri sets up the ladder but Chavo hits him with a clothesline. Chavo hits Tajiri with a Gory bomb but Funaki is trying to sneak off of the ladder.

Chavo climbs up the other end and both Funaki and Chavo trade punches. Funaki and Chavo both fall off the ladder and crotch themselves. Eddie is up and Eddie is now trying to climb up the ladder. Tajiri pulls himself back up and sprints up the ladder. Eddie is at a fingers reach of the belts but Tajiri spits mist in his eyes. Tajiri then kicks Eddie off of the ladder in the Head. Eddie free falls to the canvas. Tajiri has his hands on the belts but Chavo tips the ladder over. Funaki catches Chavo with a leaping Swing DDT and all four men are down. Funaki gets up first and sets up the ladder. He tries to climb but one ladder step snaps in half. Funaki has to jump off and set up the other ladder. By the time he climbs half way up Eddie sprints up and hits Funaki with the Sunset Flip Power Bomb off of the ladder. Funaki folds up; he may be dead from that vicious move. Eddie rolls to the outside. He is underneath the ring for something. He pulls out the Jeff Hardy memorial ladder™. This is about a 25 ft ladder. Eddie slides it into the ring and sets it up. Tajiri however is up and he hits Eddie in the legs, ribs, and face with a series of kicks. Tajiri now drops Eddie with a brain buster and now Tajiri is going up the ladder. Tajiri may reach the belts on this tall ladder without jumping. However both Guerreros are up. They pitch Funaki to the outside and both sprint up the ladder. Chavo, then Eddie. Chavo hits Tajiri with a gutshot. Eddie and Chavo get on the same rung and they hook Tajiri. DOUBLE SUPERPLEX OFF OF THE 25 FOOT LADDER TO TAJIRI. That is one for the highlight reel. All four men are down and Chavo pulls himself to his feet. Chavo slowly climbs up the ladder and grabs the tag team title belts. Chavo drops down exhausted. Los Guerreros win. **** ¼

Winners: Los Guerreros(Chavo grabs the gold)

91(86, 97)

Notes:The WWE Tag Team titles have gained in image.

What a match! The crowd gives both teams a standing ovation and boy do they deserve it. Lets go over to the Raw team.

Jim Ross: All right King; coming up next, Booker T and Goldust defend the World Tag Team Titles against Lance Storm and William Regal. Regal and Storm could finally upset the champions to win the gold.

Lawler: It could be the night for Regal and Storm but I think Bookdust will come out on top.

World Tag Team Titles:

Bookdust© vs. Regal and Storm

Brawl to begin and the challengers get pitched to the outside. After some brawling, Goldust plays Ricky Morton. Storm and Regal beat down Goldust with chops and uppercuts. Regal chin locks Goldust and punches away at his face. Regal holds Goldust and Storm superkicks the Golden One. This only gets a two count. Storm hits a vertical suplex and Storm works over the knee. Storm with the Straight Shooter but somehow Goldust gets to the ropes. Regal holds Goldust for another superkick but this time Regal got clobbered by mistake. Goldust wipes out Storm with a clothesline. Goldust tags in the Book. Booker is in with some chops and kicks. Storm eats an ax kick and Booker T spins up. He hits Storm with a Side Kick but Regal is the legal man. Regal hits Booker T with the power of the punch. Regal raises his hands in victory but he drops the knuckles on accident. The referee calls for the bell disqualifying Storm and Regal. ***

Winners: Bookdust(as a result of a DQ)

80(81, 79)

Regal and Storm beat on the champions after the bell, leaving them down in the ring. They leave with the tag team title belts even through they didn’t win them.

Notes: The World Tag Team Titles have gained in image.

We go to the ring where there is a table set up in the ring.

“I’m back” plays and out comes Eric Bischoff with a contract. It is time to see which side Rhyno chooses, Raw or Smackdown. Bischoff sits on a chair at the table. There are three chairs.

“All grown up” plays and out comes Stephanie McMahon. Stephanie has a contract for Rhyno to sign as well. Which side will he choose, we will find out in a few minutes.

“Man Beast” plays and out comes Rhyno. Rhyno stalks to the ring and he enters the ring. Bischoff gets up to shake the hand of Rhyno but Rhyno blows him off. Stephanie laughs at Bischoff and Bischoff just gives her an angry glare. Bischoff has a microphone.

Bischoff: Mr. Rhyno, sir, how are you? Hope you are fine. You ARE the top free agent in the company and Raw would be to your benefit. Look at this contract and see for yourself.

Rhyno takes a look at the contract and reads it. Rhyno looks satisfied about something.

Bischoff: I see you are pleased. So just sign your name, here.

Stephanie: Hold on, Bischoff. Rhyno hasn’t seen the Smackdown contract yet.

Bischoff: Rhyno, a word of advice. Don’t sign with Smackdown or you might be her coffee boy within two weeks. You did see what happened to poor Chris Jericho last year, I assume.

Stephanie shoots Bischoff an angry glare but quickly regains her composure..

Stephanie: Just read the contract, Rhyno and I am sure Smackdown will be your new home.

Rhyno reads through the contract. He looks pleased at this one as well. Rhyno lays both contracts side by side and appears to be considering. RHYNO SIGNS THE SMACKDOWN ONE. Stephanie looks pleased and Bischoff looks pissed.

Bischoff: You pulled one over on me, Steph, but I will get back at you. Some way, somehow you little conniving bitch.

Bischoff leaves the ring and Stephanie gets up to shake the hand of Rhyno. She does and we see turns around, Rhyno slides the table out of the way and he is poised. RHYNO GORES STEPHANIE AS SHE TURNS AROUND. Stephanie falls to the mat and the crowd reaction for Rhyno is rather mixed. Rhyno leaves. Rhyno has signed with Smackdown and gored the boss. Not a good start but Rhyno is tough enough to make it on his own.


Tazz: I can’t believe what we just saw, Cole. Rhyno Gored our boss, Stephanie McMahon. He is on her bad list right out to start with.

Cole: Rhyno however is a great addition to the Smackdown roster and I know I am looking forward to calling his matches.

Tazz: What a match we have next, Cole! It will be an I-Quit Match between Chris Benoit and Kurt Angle. Who is the better submission wrestler? We will find out tonight, Cole.

WWE World Title Match I-Quit Rules:

Kurt Angle(w/Paul Heyman) vs. Chris Benoit

Both men circle each other. They lock up and they trade waistlocks for a couple of minutes. Angle gets the first takedown and rides over into a front face lock. Benoit powers out and hits some chops on Angle, reddening his chest. Benoit headbutts Angle and takes him down with a hiptoss. Benoit steps over the arm, twisting it. Angle refuses to give in. Angle grabs the leg and Angle with a leg ride. Benoit chops out of it. Both men trade more chops. Benoit with a knee to the midsection and three rolling snap suplex to the WWE World Champion. Benoit grabs Kurt’s leg(the same one Kurt injured) and rolls it over into a half Boston crab. Angle is trying to fight the pain. Angle makes to the ropes and the Wolverine Machine has to break the hold. Benoit pounds at the leg with punches and Benoit with a dragon screw. Benoit drags Angle over to the ring post and wraps his leg around it three times. Benoit now with a ring post figure-four to Kurt Angle. Benoit may get a submission but Paul Heyman pulls him off. Benoit attacks Heyman and goes back after Kurt.

Benoit rolls Kurt back into the ring and Kurt surprises Benoit with a low blow. Angle hits an overhead belly to belly almost dropping Benoit on his head. Angle now wraps up a neck crank. He is working on Benoit’s neck, which was injured a year and a half ago. Benoit fights up and Angle reverses a corner whip. Angle with a dragon sleeper to Benoit, once again working over the neck of the Wolverine Machine. Benoit gets to the ropes and Angle hits the rolling Germans to the Crippler. Angle then puts Benoit in a headlock. Yes, he puts Benoit in a simple headlock. This may be a submission however because Benoit got dropped on his head a couple of times and it got worked over in that neck crank earlier. Benoit elbows Angle in the groin breaking the hold.

Benoit hits some vicious chops to Angle. Angle’s chest is beet red from those chops. Benoit smokes Angle with a lariat and hits his version of the Rolling Germans. Paul Heyman enters the ring and eats a series of chops for his troubles. Benoit hits a vertical suplex to Heyman taking him out of the match. Angle trips Benoit and goes for the Ankle but Benoit rolls out. Benoit with an enzugiri to Angle, taking him down to the canvas. Benoit hits a vicious release power bomb to Angle. Angle was drilled. Benoit now rolls Angle over into the Crippler Crossface. Angle may be tapping but Team Angle runs out from the back. Heyman has the referee distracted on the other end. Benoit grabs a chair and lays out both members of Team Angle. Angle takes Benoit down into his own Crossface. Benoit counters into his own version of the Angle Lock but Angle rolls out of that and both men are up. They trade chops and Benoit drops Angle on his head with a dragon suplex. Angle flops over onto his face and Benoit grabs Angle for the Crippler Crossface. Heyman enters the ring but Benoit attacks him and locks Heyman in the Crossface. Benoit doesn’t see Angle and Angle grabs Benoit’s ankle when Benoit has the Crossface on Heyman. Ankle Lock. Benoit has to release the hold but Kurt is really cranking. Benoit is refusing to give in. Benoit reaches over and grabs a chair that was lying in the ring. Benoit hits himself with the chair and Benoit falls to the canvas motionless. He is refusing to give Kurt Angle the pleasure of making him say I-Quit or tap out. The referee calls for the bell. Angle retains the title. *** ¼

Winner: Kurt Angle (Benoit knocks himself out while in the Ankle Lock)

84(85, 85)

Notes: Chris Benoit lost overness from this match. The WWE World title has gained in image

Angle celebrates to chants of “You Suck”. Lets go to the Raw team for news on the main event for Raw.

Jim Ross: Coming up next, King, Scott Steiner tries to take the World Heavyweight Title from the Game, Triple H. Just who is the top wrestler in the game. We will find out soon enough.

Jerry Lawler: I think Mr. Steiner has bit off more than he can chew.

World Heavyweight Title:

Scott Steiner vs. Triple H©(w/Ric Flair)

Both men circle each other to start. They lock up and Steiner with a full nelson to Triple H. HHH cannot find away out it. This goes on for a few minutes before HHH gets to the ropes. Steiner hammers HHH some and whips him into the ropes. Clothesline by Steiner, kiss of the bicep, elbow drop, and push-ups. HHH rolls to the outside to regroup and talk with Flair. HHH enters the ring and they lock-up again. HHH with a headlock and Steiner powers out easily. HHH goes to the outside to pace some more. HHH reenters again and HHH with a kick to the midsection. HHH fires off about a dozen punches but Steiner absorbs them all. Steiner slaps HHH and whips him into the ropes. Steiner slams HHH to the canvas and Steiner with a sitting full nelson to HHH. HHH is dragging himself underneath the ropes. Steiner pounds HHH with forearms but HHH low blows Steiner. HHH delivers the Main Event Sleeper to Steiner but since Steiner is not a midcarder or RVD, he counters with a back suplex. Flair hands HHH a pair of brass knuckles and HHH pounds Steiner with them. HHH tosses the knuckles back to Flair. HHH only gets a two count. HHH hits a series of knee related moves and goes for the Pedigree but Steiner powers out. Steiner wipes out HHH with a couple of clothesline and Steiner with the Steiner Recliner. Flair enters the rings and eats a T-Bone suplex, taking the biggest bump in the match. HHH has rolled to the outside and he grabs his sledgehammer. HHH drills Steiner in the face with the sledgehammer. HHH hits the Pedigree to Steiner but Steiner kicks out at two and just stands up. That didn’t look to be part of the show. HHH hits Steiner again with the sledgehammer and the referee fast counts Steiner. Steiner no-sells the second shot again but HHH wins and retains the title.

Winner: Triple H(after hitting Scott Steiner with a sledgehammer)

Overall:73(83, 50)

Notes:Scott Steiner didn't really sell much which hurt the match


{editor’s note: For The Rumble, only the final four will be written up in full form)

Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler get to commentate the Rumble.

Royal Rumble Order of Entry

1. Shelton Benjamin

2. Test

3. Chris Jericho

4. Edge

5. Rosey

6. Albert

7. Shawn Michaels

8. John Cena

9. Jaime Knoble

10. Tommy Dreamer

11. Charlie Haas

12. The Undertaker

13. Rikishi

14. Cousin Nunzio

15. Chuck Palumbo

16. Jeff Hardy

17. Dave Batista

18. Bubba Ray Dudley

19. The Rock

20. Glen Jacobs

21. Jamal

22. The Big show

23. Kevin Nash

24. Rob Van Dam

25. Brock Lesnar

26. Raven

27. D-Von Dudley

28. Christian

29. Matt Hardy

30. Spanky

Order of Elimination

1.Shelton Benjamin(via Edge)

2.Test(via Edge.)

3. Jaime Knoble(via John Cena)

4.Tommy Dreamer(via Rikishi)

5.Chuck Palumbo(via Shawn Michaels)

6. Albert(via John Cena)

7. Jeff Hardy(via John Cena)

8. Jamal(via Shawn Michaels.

9. The Undertaker(via The Rock)

10. Cousin Nunzio(via Kevin Nash)

11. Shawn Michaels(via Chris Jericho)

12. Big Show(via RVD)

13. Bubba Ray Dudley(via D-Von Dudley)

14. D-Von Dudley(via John Cena)

15. Spanky(via Dave Batista)

16. Edge(via Chris Jericho)

17. Rikishi(via RVD)

18. Raven(via John Cena)

19. John Cena(via Glen Jacobs)

20. Matt Hardy Version 1.0(via Brock Lesnar)

21. Charlie Haas(via Christian)

22. Christian(via The Rock)

23. Glen Jacobs(via Kevin Nash)

24. Rosey(via Dave Batista)

25. Kevin Nash(via Chris Jericho)

26. Dave Batista(via Brock Lesnar)

Final Four: Brock Lesnar, Chris Jericho, The Rock, and Rob Van Dam are your final four. One of these men will go to Wrestlemania to face the champion on their brand. RVD and Brock form an alliance to take out Jericho and Rock. They pound their opponents but RVD gets dumped to the outside after missing a roundhouse kick.

27. Rob Van Dam(via Chris Jericho)

We have three left. We are down to three. One of these men will be in the Main Event at Wrestlemania. Jericho accidentally hits the Rock and they get into a tiff. Brock clotheslines them both but the Rock hangs on when he attempts to dump him. Brock hits the F-5 on Jericho but the Rock lays Brock out with the Rock Bottom. Rock has to pick up Brock to dump him however. Matt Hardy Version 1.0 runs out from the back and the Rock fights him off. The Rock turns around and Jericho spin kicks him over the top rope. The Rock has been eliminated.

28. The Rock(via Chris Jericho and interference from Matt Hardy)

Jericho jumps Brock and hits him with the Breakdown. Jericho hits the Lionsault to Brock and tries to toss him out. Brock hangs on and reverses the toss. Jericho skins the cat to get back in. Matt Hardy meanwhile is working over the Rock with a chair on the outside. Jericho hits a spin kick to Brock and Jericho unties the corner pad from the buckle exposing the steel bolt. Jericho goes to whip Brock in but Brock reverses. Jericho hits head on with the bolt. Brock picks up Jericho and hits him with the F-5. Brock now picks up Jericho above his head and throws him to the outside. Brock Lesnar is the winner of the 2003 Royal Rumble. Jericho lasted over an hour in the ring if Jericho got a higher number, he could have won. ** 3/4

29. Chris Jericho(via Brock Lesnar.

Winner: Brock Lesnar

72(73, 72)

Overall: 81

Royal Rumble buyrate: 1.69

Scott Steiner has been fired by WWE. The reason of this is unknown at the time. Someone with the initials H.H.H. had something do with it is what is rumored on the Internet. The official word is “conflicts beyond our control”.

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WWE Raw 1-27-02

Tonight: Jeff Hardy and Chris Jericho tie it up one more time and Tommy Dreamer faces Triple H in a non-title match.

Bischoff makes a ruling on the Wrestlemania contendership

Bischoff: As you know Raw does not have a number one contender for its World Belt at Wrestlemania. So I am making a four corners match for No Way Out. Four of the top superstars on Raw go after a shot at the Gold. Chris Jericho gets into the match by virtue of being the last Raw Superstar in the Rumble last night. Three qualifying matches will take place. Tonight:Batista will face RVD for a chance in the match. The other two qualification matches will be Glen Jacobs vs Kevin Nash and Booker T vs Goldust. Those will take place in the near future. Thank you for your time. I am sure it was YOUR pleasure.


Notes: Eric Bischoff lost overness from this segment. Rob Van Dam lost overness from this segment.

WWE Woman's Title: Victoria© vs Trish Stratus

Highlights: A bit faster paced version of last nights match minus Molly. Trish went for the High Kick but Victoria ducks. Victoria drops Trish with the title belt causing a DQ win for Trish. Victoria still keeps the titles. Victoria then hits the Widow's Peak to Trish after the match. **3/4

Winner: Trish Stratus(via DQ)

74(78, 66)

Notes: The WWE Womans title has gained in image.

A return

Spike Dudley is out in the ring for his match with Test but the RNN news update comes up.

This is an RNN news update.

Orton: The shoulder is 100 percent. Randy Orton offically makes his return. NOW.

This has been an RNN news update.

Randy Orton comes from behind and clobbers Spike. Randy hits the O-Zone to Spike. Randy now pulls out a table and Randy power bombs Spike through it. The other Dudleys run out before Randy can do any further damage.


Notes: Spike Dudley lost overness from this segment.

Jericho shoots his mouth off.

Jericho: Last night at the Rumble I outlasted everyone. I threw HBK over the top rope to prove who the real showstopper is. and tonight I have to face Jeff Hardy AGAIN. Where is my title shot? Triple H is obviously ducking the top threat to his spot....as Champion. I will win the Four Corner match at No Way Out and get what is rightfully mine at Wrestlemania. Because I am the larger than life living legend and the king of the WORLD!!!!!


WWE Hardcore Title:D-Von Dudley vs Raven©

Highlights: Raven brought a shopping cart of weapons and D-Von pulled out a couple of tables. D-Von set Raven on top of a table and flew off but Raven rolled off. D-Von puts himself through a table and Raven scores the pin. ** 1/2

Winner:Raven(after D-Von put himself through a table)

70(68, 72)

Notes: The WWE Hardcore title has gained in image.

Kevin Nash badmouths Glen Jacobs

Nash: Glen Jacobs we will meet soon to get into the number one contendership four corners for the World Heavyweight Title. Tonight I will team up with Christian to face you and that wierdo Al Snow. I put you over the top rope at the Rumble and I plan to dish out more pain and agony tonight and when we meet one on one.


Glen Jacobs and Al Snow vs Christian and Kevin Nash

Highlights: Snow and Jacobs have team up in Smokey Mountain Wrestling so they are no strangers to each other. Snow played Ricky Morton but tagged out to Jacobs who came in a house of fire. Jacobs destroyed Christian with a choke slam but got smacked with a wrench by Nash. Nash pins Jacobs. Nash hit Jacobs with a power bomb after the match. ***

Winners: Christian and Kevin Nash(when Nash pinned Jacobs after hitting him with a wrench)

76(79, 70)


A look at Test(basically highlights from his matches of the past month on Sunday Night Heat)


Notes: Test gained overness from this segment.

Rob Van Dam vs Dave Batista

Highlights: Van Dam used his quickness against Batista but Batista drilled Van Dam with a power bomb. Batista would not cover and instead choked RVD until the referee called for the bell. The referee got attacked as well. ***

Winner: Rob Van Dam(via DQ to get into the four corners match at No Way Out)

78(76, 81)

Jeff Hardy vs Chris Jericho

Highlights: See last week. Hardy went for the Swanton Bomb, Jericho rolled out of the way. Jericho rolled up Hardy pulling the tights for the pin. Jericho layed out Hardy but HBK made the save. *** 3/4

Winner: Chris Jericho(via illegal rollup)

81(83, 77)

Non-Title Match: Tommy Dreamer vs Triple H

Highlights: Just a routine HHH match against a midcarder, right. WRONG. HHH got the Main Event Sleeper on but the referee got bumped. HHH blasted Dreamer with a chair and he had to revive the referee. HHH goes to hit Dreamer again but Dreamer ducks. Dreamer takes the chair away and smacks HHH with it for the DQ. Dreamer attacks HHH after the bell and lays him out with a Spicolli Driver. A title match for Dreamer in the works next maybe. ** 3/4

Winner: Triple H(via DQ)

73(75, 70)

Overall: 73

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WWE Smackdown 1-30-03

Match Making Session by the GM

Stephanie McMahon sits at her office chair. The Old WWE Interconinental Title belt is laying on her desk.

Steph: As you know, this belt was rendered inactive a few months ago however Smackdown is bring it back. An eight man single elimination tournament where the semifinals and the finals are to be held at No Way Out. Tonight Albert will face Chris Benoit in the first round. Both men have held this belt as you know. Smackdown will promote some of the best wrestling out there over this belt. Other matches will include:

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 vs Billy Kidman

Eddie Guerrero vs Edge

Chavo Guerrero Jr vs Rikishi

Steph: The first round matches will happen on Smackdown all throughout the month of Febuary. Also the World Title will be defended at No Way Out when Kurt Angle defends against the man who pinned him in a non-title match just last week....The Rock(big pop for that announcement). Also tonight a match to determine a challenge for the tag team titles next week will take place:Team Angle face Kaientai 2003. The tag titles will also be on the line tonight when Los Guerreros face Edge and Billy Kidman for gold. Thank you and enjoy Smackdown.


Notes: Stephanie McMahon lost overness from this segment. Albert gained overness from this segment.

WWE Cruiserweight Title: Spanky vs Jaime Knoble vs Shannon Moore©

Highlights: Tazz and Michael Cole promoted that you cannot see the cruiserweights on no where else but Smackdown. Standard Triple Threat fare with several high spots. The ending came when Spanky hit Knoble with Sliced Bread #2 to score the pin. Spanky is the new WWE Cruiserweight Champion and Moore wasn't even pinned to lose the belt. ** 3/4

Winner and new WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Spanky(Sliced Bread #2 on Knoble)

72(61, 83)

Kaientai 2003 vs Team Angle

Highlights: Not as good as the tag team ladder match at the Rumble but few matches could be. Funaki got isolated and pinned with the superkick/german suplex combo. Team Angle will face either Los Guerreros or Kidman and Edge next week on Smackdown. ** 1/2

Winners: Team Angle(via superkick/German Suplex combo to Funaki)

67(58, 76)

Notes: Funaki lost overness from this match. Tajiri lost overness from this match. Shelton Benjamin gained overness from this match. Charlie Haas gained overness from this match.

An Undertaker video

A look at the Undertaker is shown. The Undertaker will be at Smackdown next week and will have a majour announcement. Could it be his retirement or something else?


Notes: The Undertaker gained overness from this segment.

Battle of the Titans

Brock Lesnar comes out to the ring to some cheers. He will face the WWE World Champion at Wrestlemania whether it be Kurt Angle or the Rock.

Brock: At the Rumble I conquered and won. I will take back what is mine, the WWE World Title and....

Out comes Rhyno. What the hell is this? Rhyno enters the ring and Brock and Rhyno stare each other down.

Rhyno: BROCK!!! You won the rumble for one reason and one reason only. I WASN'T IN IT. I would be the number one contender if I had been in there. You wouldn't even be in the WWE if I hadn't got injured. I can do the same stuff you can do but do it ten times better. You are a cheap Rhyno imitation Brock. I want you to HAND ME OVER the Wrestlemania title shot and about 95 % of your paycheck for the rest of your career because YOU OWE ME. Without Rhyno there will be no Brock Lesnar and that is a motherf****** fact.

Brock: First of all who in the hell do you think you are to demand anything. Sure you were the last ECW champion and you were on the verge of superstardom but you got injured and have to start from square one. I earned this title shot and you are getting it OVER MY DEAD BODY.

Rhyno: That can be arranged, bitch.

Rhyno goes for the Gore but Brock side steps it. Brock clotheslines Rhyno and is punching away at him but Rhyno gets up and absorbs it. Rhyno now clotheslines Brock and does the same. Brock pops up and a bunch of referees and sercurity come out. They seperate the two and out comes Stephanie McMahon.

Stephanie: Since you two are so eager to fight each other you can do it at No Way Out. The Wrestlemania Title shot will be on the line at that event. You are not to touch each other or the match is off. However Brock, if you touch Rhyno you forfeit the Wrestlemania title shot to Rhyno. Rhyno if you touch Brock first, you are stripped of your chance for the Wrestlemania title shot.

Another great match signed for No way Out.


Notes: Brock Lesnar lost overness from this segment. Rhyno lost overness from this segment.

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 and The Big Show vs Rikishi and The Rock

Highlights: Big Show and Rikishi are having issues as is Mattitude and The Rock so we make a tag team match out of it. Nothing much happens, Mattitude is running away from the Rock the entire match. Rikishi pins the Big Show with a superkick and after the match Mattitude lays out out both the Rock and Rikishi with a chair. ** 3/4

Winners: The Rock and Rikishi(Rikishi pins Show with a superkick)

73(79, 60)

Chuck Palumbo vs Rhyno

Highlights: Rhyno makes his offical in ring return. Brock watches on the monitor backstage. Palumbo was pounded but makes a comeback with a pair of belly to belly suplexes. Rhyno no sells the Superkick and Gores Palumbo for the pin. ***

Winner: Rhyno(via the Gore)

77(78, 76)

Kurt Angle talks about the Rock.

Kurt Angle has the WWE World Title belt over his shoulder.

Kurt: It is funny that even after sucessfully defending the title last Sunday, people give me no respect. You people should really show some respect to your Olympic hero I beat Chris Benoit to prove who the top submission wrestler is and now at No Way Out I have to defend against the Rock. I will go one on one with the Great One and come out on top like I should. Two years ago at No Way Out 2001 I was heading into Wrestlemania but the Rock cheated me out of the gold. I will right the wrong of that night, at No Way out by making the Rock tap. Its true, its damn true.


WWE Tag Team Titles: Billy Kidman and Edge vs Los Guerreros©

Highlights: Great match here all the way. Not Rumble 2003 ladder match qualities but few could be. Edge speared Chavo but neither was the legal man. Eddie popped Kidman with a tag title belt to score the pin. Afterwards Team Angle came in and layed out all four men. Next week on Smackdown will be Los Guerreros vs Team Angle. ***

Winners: Los Guerreros(via Belt shot to Kidman)

79(77, 81)

Albert vs Chris Benoit in the first round match for the WWE Interconinental Title Tournament

Highlights: Albert pounds on Benoit before Benoit busts out the Triple Germans. Benoit locks in the Crippler Crossface and Albert taps. Before Albert could attack Benoit REY MISTERIO JR MADE HIS RETURN. Rey dropkicked Albert in the groin and Rey hit a DDT to Albert. Rey stomps Albert and hits him with a springboard legdrop. Rey has made his return. ** 3/4

Winner: Chris Benoit(via Crippler Crossface)


Overall: 75

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