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WWF 1995

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(it's my first time - you'll probably tell)

(i have kept the history as compact as possible but trying to summarise 510 shows is hard - sorry but I like writing in detail)

If you don't want to read all the boring history then just read the red bits they're most important.

If you just want to be familiar with the recent goings-on in the WWF (late '94) read where the green starts.

The WWF has been under new ownership since 1991, and things improved until 1994, after they bought out WCW, when there was a massive slump in ratings - the WWF must try to work their way out by adding a more risky aspect to their shows and putting on better storylines.



A History Lesson of the WWF over the 90s

April 1, 1990: WrestleMania VI. Supposedly the start of the new 'Ultimate Warrior era' when he defeats Hulk Hogan for the WWF Heavyweight Prize. The WWF says goodbye to the career of Andre The Giant when he retires after the event.

Spring 1990: The Ultimate Warrior is not performing. The fans haven't taken to him in the way they took to Hulk Hogan back in 1984. Hulk Hogan is degraged to second-rate feuds with Earthquake, and Rick Rude is constantly battling The Warrior concluding in an OK Cage Match at SummerSlam.

January 1991: At the Royal Rumble, Sergeant Slaughter defeats The Ultimate Warrior for the title, ending a 9 month title reign. Hulk Hogan wins the Rumble - the WWF may be thinking of giving him the Title again.

March 1, 1991: The Game Begins.

March 23, 1991: Lion Heart and Lance Storm, future superstars, make their debut from WCW against Hercules and Paul Roma.

March 24, 1991: Hulk Hogan triumphs and defeats Slaughter to win the Title.

June 1, 1991: Hunter Hearst Helmsley wins the Intercontinental Title in his debut

June 9, 1991: Andre The Giant makes a surprise return and defeats both Barbarian and The Warlord on the same night Ric Flair makes his debut, defeating Jake Roberts.

October 27, 1991: Ric Flair pins Hulk Hogan to win his first ever WWF Title.

January 25, 1992: Sting debuts and the WWF is at new heights with so many top superstars.

March 3, 1992: Hulk Hogan gets into a heated argument with Vince McMahon and is fired on the spot. The main event of WrestleMania VIII (Hogan vs. Sting) was ruined.

March 15, 1992: WrestleMania VIII delivers despite the fact that there is no Hulk Hogan. A double main event of Andre The Giant vs. Undertaker & Sting vs. Bret Hart, Rick Rude and Lion Heart in a match for the vacant title makes the show one of the best 'Manias ever. Sting is given the Championship.

May 1992: Hulk Hogan returns.

January 10, 1993: Bret Hart turns on Owen Hart, making one of the most talked about storylines of all time. WWF swims in money again after the event.

January 27, 1993: Andre The Giant passes away, a memorial show was broadcast the next day.

May 1993: WWF buys out WCW for a disclosed sum of money. WCW was experiencing money problems at the time, The Owen vs. Bret story was destroying them, but it was reported that the WWF blew more than double the amount of money they made altogether from the '93 Royal Rumble on the WCW name.

Summer 1993: Ratings start to slip, die-hard WCW fans try to turn fans away from the WWF by claiming they got assaulted by Sting after they called him a "traitor."

August 1993: WCW fans invade a house show that Vince McMahon was in attendance and during the main event (Lion Heart vs. Ric Flair) the fans invade the ring and attack Lion Heart, Flair rushed in and grabbed them while security rushed to ringside.

September 13, 1993: Sting walks out of the WWF and heads to Japan after the bad press about assault.

January 2, 1994: Randy Savage wins the Royal Rumble.

March 20, 1994: Randy Savage defeats Ric Flair in the main event of WrestleMania. The first ladder match was broadcast between Shawn Michaels and Jake Roberts, kicking off a mega feud.

May 15, 1994: Shawn Michaels gets his first taste of the WWF Title, defeating Randy Savage, giving him the push of his career.

June 27, 1994: Rick Rude cheats his way to a victory over Shawn Michaels to win his first WWF World Title.

July 1994: Renegade nWo style faction "The Clique" forms - including HHH, Diesel, Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon.

July 27, 1994: 1-2-3 Kid joins the faction, turning heel.

August 21, 1994: The Undertaker defeats Rick Rude to win the WWF Title in a match also involving Lion Heart. Taker pinned Lion Heart to win the title, kicking off a feud between the two.

Also, Big Bossman & Tatanka - two people "randomly chosen in a draw" to face The Von Erichs - leave with the Tag Titles.

September 19, 1994: Randy Savage defeats Ted DiBiase to win an Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Savage turns heel soon after and bullies Robbie V - leading to many highly competitive matches between the two.


January 1, 1995: The DIARY BEGINS........





The Champions

World Heavyweight - The Undertaker

Tag Team - Tatanka & Big Bossman (Native American Lawmen) lol

Intercontinental - Randy Savage

Main Eventers

Mr. Perfect

Bret Hart

Ted DiBiase

The Undertaker

Hulk Hogan

Ric Flair

Lion Heart

Upper Midcarders

1-2-3 Kid

Jeff Jarrett

Randy Savage

Shawn Michaels

Wild Pegasus

Arn Anderson

Jake Roberts

Robbie V

Marty Jannetty



Ultimate Warrior



Tully Blanchard



Jerry Lynn

Kerry Von Erich

Kevin Von Erich

Razor Ramon




British Bulldog

Big Bossman

Lance Storm

Owen Hart

Al Snow

Lower Midcarders

Brutus Beefcake


Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Jim Neidhart


Raymond Rougeau

Jacques Rougeau

Adam Bomb

Bob Backlund

Sgt. Slaughter

Ahmed Johnson

Bam Bam Bigelow

Black Tiger

God (Warlord)

Giant Gonzalez

Mick Foley

Marc Mero

La Parka

Ricky Morton

Robert Gibson


Sable Claw

Marc Mero

Sensational Sherri

Shawn Michaels

Paul Bearer

The Undertaker



The Clique

1-2-3 Kid


Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Razor Ramon

Shawn Michaels

The Heenan Family [inactive]

Bobby Heenan

Mr. Perfect

The Barbarian

Tully Blanchard

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WWF Superstars (01/01/1995)

The show starts off immediately with in-ring action.

La Parka vs. IRS

La Parka jumped into the ring and immediately knocked IRS off his feet with a dropkick. Parka body slammed IRS and went to the top rope, but Brutus Beefcake (who has been feuding with Parka for a couple of months now) appeared, distracting him. IRS capitalized and hit a spectacular version of the Razor's Edge off the top turnbuckle, allowing him to pick the win in a major upset of a match.

Winner: IRS

The Unveiling of The Million Dollar Team

Bobby Heenan came to ringside with a smug look on his face.

Heenan: I am here because i have, a very special announcment to make. It's something that will change the WWF forever! Ladies and Gentlemen, and I use that term loosely, may I, no, I will, introduce to you, better than Howard Finkel could, THE MILLION DOLLAR TEAM!

"It's all about the Money" Ted DiBiase's theme tune plays as he, Jeff Jarrett, Barbarian, Crush and Adam Bomb follow.

Heenan: The most talented wrestlers to ever live, Jarrett and the Million Dollar Man, they are gearing up the three already big names to become HUGE STARS! And I think you should appreciate them for that.

The crowd boos the new stable. DiBiase laughs then takes the microphone.

Ted: Yeah you can boo us now, but at the Royal Rumble, you will have no choice, but to notice us as the dominant stable in the WWF. And with my money, this stable is subject to change because more and more people want to work for me!

DiBiase laughs then takes his stable backstage as his theme tune plays again. The crowd boo the stable out of the arena.

Native American Lawmen vs. The Hart Foundation

for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Tatanka and Bret start the match and Tatanka is dominant, but Bret uses cheap tactics and distracts the referee while Neidhart chokes and beats down Tatanka in the corner. Bret hit a double arm suplex and nearly got the three count.

Bret tags out to Jim Neidhart but Neidhart gets met with a huge powerslam, Tatanka is too worn out to make the cover. The Bossman cheers Tatanka on as he crawls over and manages to get an arm over Neidhart's chest.

Referee: 1...2..

Neidhart kicks out. Tatanka tries to crawl towards Bossman but Neidhart grabs the leg and drags him to the middle of the ring and drops an elbow. Jim Neidhart tags out to Bret who immediately locks in the Sharpshooter. Tatanka crawls slowly but surely to the ropes and gets there - the referee reached the count of three before Bret broke the hold. Bret stomped away at Tatanka then spat at the Bossman. Bossman came in but the referee restricted him from entering - while this was happening Neidhart pummels away along with Bret on Tatanka.

Bossman pushes past the referee and assaults both Bret and Neidhart - but the referee calls for an instant DQ. Native American Lawmen are disqualified!

Winners: The Hart Foundation by DQ

The Parking Lot

A long limo pulls up outside the arena. Appearing out of the back door is none other than...

Mr. Perfect

J.R. : That's Mr. Perfect!!

Vince: It sure is! Mr. Perfect what the hell is he doing here! We haven't seen him on WWF Television for a couple of years now!

Randy Savage vs. ???

for the WWF Intercontinental Championship

Randy Savage came out showing off Intercontinental Championship.

Savage: Whoa yeah! The Macho Man is once again - Intercontinental Champion. Now I know there's not one lil' runt back in the locker room who can beat me - but as i know that i'm the best ur .. i'm gonna issue an open challenge! Yeah!

Mr. Perfect appears from behind - hits a bulldog on Savage and pounces off the top rope - delivering Savage's own Elbow Drop - a referee quickly counts to three. Savage looks shocked.

Fans are even cheering for Perfect as he quickly shut up top heel Randy Savage.

Winner: Mr. Perfect

New Intercontinental Champion

Ric Flair Interview

Ric Flair talked about his upcoming WWF Title Match with The Undertaker.

Flair: Well they say he can't be beaten - they say he can't be hurt - they say he's the DEADMAN - WOOOO! Well tonight - (laughs) I'm going to prove those people wrong - WOO - and I'm gonna leave here with the WWF Title around my waist for the 6th time - o yeah - WOOO - that's a record baby! When you're talkin' WWF main eventers you gotta be talking The Undertaker, but when you're talkin' representing the WWF as the best company in the world - you have to be talking, RIC Flair. WOOOOO!

(fans mimic wooo)

The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

Cage Match for the WWF World Heavyweight Championship (Flair must pin Taker to win the title, it cannot be won by escape)

Ric Flair got in the ring met with a huge uppercut from Taker. Taker rammed Flair into the cage and beat him around the ring. Undertaker chokes Flair down in the centre of the ring. Flair low blows him but it has no effect. Flair chops and chops away at Taker but it has no effect either. Flair clotheslines him and Taker eventually goes down.

Flair bounces off the ropes and gets grabbed by the throat and hoisted up for an extremely powerful Chokeslam. Taker backs against the ropes while Flair crawls to Undertaker's urn - and he smacks Undertaker over the head with it. Taker lays on the floor unconscious - then he sits up and grabs Flair - only to be hit in the kneecap by the urn.

Lion Heart appeared and smacked Taker with a flying forearm but he missed and knocked out the ref. Taker nailed Lion Heart with a tombstone then tried to grab Flair but he'd already escaped. Taker followed him out and they fought until the referee revived, and the ref called for a draw.

Winner: No-one


give me feedback but remember it is my first attempt

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Just things I want to know, which should of been explained:

1) Why is The Undertaker Champion? Who Did he beat? How? When?

2) Same with the Tag Team Champions? Why are Bossman and Tatanka a tag team?

3) Again with Savage, why is he the IC Champ?

4) This game has been running for 4 years. What has happened in that time? Who's quit, been fired, retired etc?

5) You brought out WCW, so what? That is the only mention of WCW I see so why should I care about you buying WCW?

6) Who is the Lion Heart? I'd guess Jericho so if so why is he in the main event?

7) Why are Sabu, RVD, Benoit and the Von Erichs on the roster?

8) Sensational Sherri manages the Undertaker? Why?

Now on to Superstars:

9) "IRS capitalized and hit a spectacular version of the Razor's Edge off the top turnbuckle, allowing him to pick the win in a major upset of a match" - On your roster report you claim IRS is a midcarder and La Parka is a lower carder so how is it an upset?

10) I like the Million Dollar stable, but again why should I care about the member? I have no idea as to why Jeff Jarrett and The Barbarian are on the same page

11) Mr. Perfect just turns up, apparantly been off air for some reason. Why was he off air?

12) Even worse he comes out and squashes the Intercontinental Champion, an upper midcarder. All without any build up what so ever.

13) When did Flair become a 5 time champion? Explanation?

14) A cage match on Superstars for the WWF World Title? Ok...

15) Why is Lion Heart attacking The Undertaker?

And finally...

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Answer to #1 - The Undertaker defeated Ravishing Rick Rude at SummerSlam 94.

Answer to #2 - Big Bossman and Tatanka are tag champions because they beat the Von Erichs also at SS94. The reason they are a tag team is because they work well together - it's not as if wrestlers don't change from tag to single wrestlers in four years.

Answer to #3 - Randy Savage won a tournament in September by defeating Ted DiBiase. He was a face at the time but got cocky and became heel.

Answer to #4 - Andre The Giant's quit - Sting's been and gone after holding the WWF Title for 14 months in 92, Piper has been and gone after a memorable feud with DiBiase. But the diary starts in 1995 - i can't remember all the way back to 91 and 92 - so do you really need to know?

Answer to #5 - The reason about the buying out of WCW was to tell you about how there was no competition and fans had got bored of the WWF.

Answer to #6 - Yes. Lion Heart is Chris Jericho. He is in the Main Event because when he left WCW in 1992 - they had signed him as a main eventer. I'm hardly going to sign his as an lower carder or opener now am I?

Answer to #7 - I don't know if you know, but my diary does not follow the "real life" WWF storylines - there are bound to be changes over four years.

Answer to #8 - Sensational Sherri is managing The Undertaker to get back at Owen Hart, her former client - Undertaker assaulted him along with Sherri.

Answer to #9 - The reason it was an upset was because it was a very fast opening match.

Answer to #10 - As far as the fans go according to the storylines, Ted DiBiase is the Million Dollar Man so he has supposedly bought the stable members so that's why Jarrett and Barbarian are in the same stable.

Answer to #11 - The surprise that Mr. Perfect turning up created was because of the fact that he hadn't been on WWF TV since May 1993 when he lost the title to Randy Savage [who has lost it since] when he returns he wants revenge on Savage but quickly gets back to his rulebreaker days.

Answer to #12 - Mentioned above.

Answer to #13 -

Ric Flair's title reigns -

27/10/1991 Def. Bret Hart - lost to Crush (15/12/1991) causing him to disappear for months

07/03/1993 Def. Randy Savage - lost to Randy Savage (13/03/1993)

21/03/1993 Def. Randy Savage - lost to Lion Heart (20/09/1993)

27/02/1994 Def. Hulk Hogan - lost to The Undertaker (20/03/1994)

Answer to #14 - Ok?? it does state clearly at the top that WWF are trying to win fans back.

Answer to #15 - The reason Lion Heart is attacking The Undertaker is because he and Flair are former tag partners and tag champions and also because Lion Heart and Taker had a long feud in the end of 1994.

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As far as the answers along the lines of "it's not as if wrestlers don't change from tag to single wrestlers in four years.", "i can't remember all the way back to 91 and 92 - so do you really need to know?" and "I don't know if you know, but my diary does not follow the "real life" WWF storylines - there are bound to be changes over four years.", I can answer them all similarly. They do matter and people would want them answering. I'm not knocking the idea or the writing so far, but the backstory needed far more explanation than what it did. To most people, me included, it read:

I've been playing the WWF for 4 years, I brought out WCW and here's the roster and champions.

With that explanation, we know very little. As for the tag team response, where you say a lot can happen over 4 years I am aware of that, that's why I asked. I want to know why it changed. For me to enjoy reading stories such as this, I need to have a very good understanding of what has happened, otherwise I just have no interest in the storylines. I am sure that other people will be the same. 2 good examples of informing the reader what has happened in diaries are the ones being run by TGC and Naiwf. Both fully explain what happens in their alternate reality. Now the detail wouldn't need to be like that, but even a couple of paragraphs about the main stories in each of the 4 years would have been a big help

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by the way so far I have only got up to beginning of Feb if you have any ideas (matches, feuds, storylines etc.) using the roster available then feel free to speak now and I will try some out on the game - some may reach here!

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January 2, 1995

The Royal Rumble date is settled. The venue is Madison Square Garden, New York, the date is January 22nd, 1995. Mark the date in your calendar!

Here is the card....(some things may change)

>> La Parka vs. Brutus Beefcake vs. IRS

>> Eddy Guerrero vs. Jerry Lynn

The Clique vs. Million Dollar Team

>> Diesel vs. ???

Tag Team Championship

>> Native American Lawmen vs. The Hart Foundation

No Disqualifications

>> Randy Savage vs. Robbie V

WWF Championship Match

>> The Undertaker vs. Owen Hart

>> The 30-man Royal Rumble Match


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Now that backstory is a lot better. It clears a lot of things up and some of the things seem quite interesting. In particular the WCW fans invading, and scaring Sting off to Japan.

While the Royal Rumble is yet to stand out, that is because you haven't given the matches time to develop. If the rumble was in 3 weeks say, then that card could be really good. Out of curiousity, who's in the Royal Rumble match

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Glad you like it. In no particular order the participants of the 1995 Royal Rumble are

Hulk Hogan

Ultimate Warrior

1-2-3 Kid

Ric Flair

Bret Hart

Dustin Rhodes

The British Bulldog


Lion Heart

Razor Ramon

Shawn Michaels


Arn Anderson

Unknown P (Al Snow)

Wild Pegasus (Chris Benoit)



Jake 'The Snake' Roberts


Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Big Bossman


Kevin Von Erich

Kerry Von Erich

Ted DiBiase

Adam Bomb

Jeff Jarrett

Mr. Perfect

Mick Foley

And one special mystery guest.

Pretty good idea about the rumble being later - I think I might postpone it for a week or two. The 2nd is a Monday anyway.

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WWF Monday Night Raw (02/01/1995)

The show starts, Ric Flair struts to the ring.

Mic Battle

Flair: I am here, WOOO, the Nature Boy, the uncrowned Heavyweight Champion! I trust that all you Nature Boy wannabees out there watched me defeat The Undertaker. [fans cheer] It was just [shouting] the stupid referee.... couldn't drag himself up and watch me win the title!! So I had to go and escape so I don't get the title!

"Sexy Boy" plays as Ric Flair looks shocked. Shawn Michaels appears from the curtains, judging by the crowd they really don't like him.

HBK: Well, well, well! If it isn't the Nature Boy! WOOOO... Ric Flair! I have something to say to you. Why don't you get back in your wheelchair, start the steering, and wheel your frail old ass out of that ring right about now!

[fans boo as Michaels taunts to them]

HBK: And.... [Flair interrupts]

Flair: Just who the hell do you think you are? What are you security now? Trying to get me to leave the ring, hey listen, you don't want to mess with me, I thought I showed you that when I brutalised your little Clique the other week. Yeah. WOOOO!!!

HBK: Yes. You sure did. I'm like... SOOOOOO... scared of you now. I'm afraid the dinosaur won't be coming back for a while folkes. [Michaels points to Flair - nWo style]

All of a sudden, HHH, Diesel and the 1-2-3 Kid beat down Ric Flair. Helmsley grabs a steel chair and smacks him in the face with the weapon. Then all of a sudden ... the lights go out as Michaels leaves the arena. Bells toll... the lights come back... no sign of Flair whatsoever.. The Clique are freaked out.

Sgt. Slaughter vs. Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Helmsley remained in the ring and waited for Sgt. Slaughter to appear. Slaughter started off with mean right hands to HHH - taking advantage of the fact that Helmsley was traumatized by the "lights out" incident just moments ago.

HHH came back though - locking in a Sleeper Hold on The Sarge. Slaughter quickly escaped though and slammed HHH. Helmsley hit a low blow on Slaughter without the referee noticing and attempted a Pedigree but got back dropped over the ring ropes.

The brawl spilled out to ringside with Slaughter ramming HHH into the ringpost. He pounded away at Helmsley then threw him in the ring a split second before the double count out. He got a close two count and Helmsley rolled away. Slaughter followed but Helmsley rammed him into the steps. An obvious trap. He threw The Sarge back in the ring and nailed him with a dropkick - then a Pedigree to get the win.

Winner: Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Video angle - Hype for the Royal Rumble

A video is played hyping the Royal Rumble card, including the Robbie V/Randy Savage feud.

Vince: Yes you can bet it will be something to see, The Royal Rumble!

J.R.: Indeed Vince, it will be a must-see. Randy Savage vs. Robbie V, Undertaker vs. Owen Hart - and of course the Rumble match itself. The tradition lives on, 7 years and still going strong!

Vince: You should become a poet Jim Ross!

J.R.: Thank you, McMahon.

Robert Gibson w/Ricky Morton vs. Tully Blanchard

Tully evaded a flying forearm and went straight to work on Robert Gibson. Pounding away at him he tried for the pin but Gibson got a foot to snag on the bottom rope. Blanchard bounced off the ropes but was met by a Chin Kick from Gibson. Gibson fired up - the crowd cheered as he used throat thrusts and uppercuts to floor Blanchard. He climbed the top turnbuckle but Blanchard threw him off.

Ricky Morton eventually pounced on the ring apron allowing Gibson to hit a Roll Up and get the win.

Winner: Robert Gibson

Razor Ramon & The 1-2-3 Kid vs. Native American Lawmen

for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Razor and The Bossman started the match. Razor tried both a left and right hand but both were countered and Bossman hit an elbow to the forehead. Bossman whipped him into the ropes then smacked him with a Big Boot sending Razor flying backwards over the top rope.

As Bossman walked over the other side of the ring, 1-2-3 Kid tried to grab him from behind but fell over the top rope. Bossman stomped away at him and beat him down in the corner as Tatanka leaps off the top rope and nails Razor with the Tomahawk Chop.

Bossman nails The Kid with a huge headbutt sending him gasping into the corner. But as Bossman is beating the hell out of the 1-2-3 Kid - THE HART FOUNDATION interfere and assault Tatanka with a chair. Razor Ramon and The Hart Foundation beat down Tatanka and Razor quickly enters the ring to fend for The Kid as Bret and Jim Neidhart hold their hands up in innocence. The referee was totally distracted by The Hart Foundation until they were noticed trying to grab Tatanka's leg late in the bout.

After the bout, The Hart Foundation assaulted Native American Lawmen with a steel chair - then Bret took the microphone.

Bret: The Tag Team Champions don't look so tough now do they? Well guess what. If you got the gall - We're challenging YOU to a fight at the Royal Rumble - for the titles. Then we'll see that The Hart Foundation will rule the WWF yet again.

The Hart Foundation clap each other's hands and high five as they leave the stage.

Winners: Native American Lawmen by DQ

Ted DiBiase Interview

Ted DiBiase talks about his new Stable.

DiBiase: Well, I once again outdo Vince McMahon, outdo The Clique, outdo EVERYBODY! My Million Dollar Team is going to be the DOMINANT force ever created in the wrestling world. And with my money - remember there will be lots more people who fall into the "luxury" of getting some o' this. Maybe like ur... Bob Backlund!

[DiBiase flashes dollar bills and cackles]

Bret Hart vs. The British Bulldog

The Bulldog knocks down Bret with a powerful clothesline - followed by numerous more. Bret powers back with powerful shots to the stomach. Jim Neidhart slowly walks down to the ring as Bret suplexes Bulldog. Neidhart constantly distracts the referee but 9 times out of 10 the cheap shots don't work on The Bulldog - he powerslams Bret to the canvas. Moments later Tatanka limps down to the ring to even the sides out for British Bulldog.

Bulldog hit Bret with the Running Powerslam later in the bout, but Neidhart distracted the ref by attempting to get in the ring - Tatanka came over and nailed him with a huge chop.

Bret Hart countered a charging Bulldog with a kick to the face - then a bulldog. Bret tries to set in the Sharpshooter but The Bulldog uses all the force in his legs to push him backwards. The Bulldog clotheslines Bret as he staggers into the middle of the ring, then tries a huge elbow drop off the top turnbuckle but Bret dodged at the last millisecond, softening The Bulldog up - he picks up The British Bulldog and nails him with a Shoulderbreaker making for an easy pin.

The Hart Foundation stand tall in the ring as the show goes off air.

Winner: Bret Hart

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Sting Sues the World Wrestling Federation

We have exclusive reports that Sting, the top wrestler who has fleed to Japan after so much bad press about alledged assault on old WCW fans for calling him a "traitor", causing him to walk out of the WWF in September 1993 with manic depression and stress, has sued the WWF.

Sting has always totally denied the remarks, and all of a sudden he sues the WWF for what is reported to be a 5 or 6 figure sum.

Sting assured ITWW that the sue was no offence to Vince McMahon.

"I am simply sueing the WCW half of the WWF," Sting said in an excluse interview that was conducted in Japan just yesterday. "I feel that the dead company should pay for what their fans did to me."

The fans emotionally destroyed Sting, causing him to take up alcohol - something the old Sting would never have done. He was turning up to shows minutes before his matches, often drunk. He fell out with Bret Hart - his new friend when he pushed him over in a drunk rampage.

Sting had joined the ranks of the wrestlers who turn up drunk - Razor Ramon appeared drunk in May 1991 but was given a warning and has not since. Some wish they were as lucky as stars like Andre The Giant - who in his heyday could put away pint after pint of beer and wrestle normally as if he hadn't drunk a drop. But Sting's quitting was broadcast on WWF Television - they thought they should actually talk about something this big even on the airwaves - but it was described as a "vacation to Japan" and few fans even noticed that Sting would never return.

After escaping to Japan, Sting is apparently back to normal. Working for AJPW [All Japan Pro Wrestling] he is a top draw. "The fans over here don't care about your past. They just care about your performance." He said.

According to Sting, Vince McMahon has also asked him to brave a return back to North America to put a kick-start in the WWF's battle to boost ratings, but he has always refused.

"He has offered me top money and guaranteed title reigns for me to come back." Sting said. "But I'm not going back. I've settled in here in Japan. I live here, I plan to have a family here and I'll probably end up dying here. It'll take something pretty special for me to turn around."

But the question is, does Sting really not want to get at Vince? And if he does, why? After all, it was WCW's fans that ruined him. So why sue WWF now?

Vince McMahon was almost lost for words when he heard about the news, and ITWW caught up with McMahon to get his side of the story.

"I am at a complete loss," Vince said. "I never imagined someone like Steve [steve Borden - Sting's real name] would do something like this, when he knew the situation the Federation was going through, it's just not him at all. And I have nothing else to say."


Superstars Results - January 1, 1995

IRS def. La Parka

Tag Team Championship

The Hart Foundation def. Native American Lawmen by DQ - therefore titles did not change hands

IC Championship

Mr. Perfect def. Randy Savage

WWF Championship

Ric Flair def. The Undertaker - Flair escaped and pre-match stipulations stated that Flair could not win the title by escaping the cage

Monday Night RAW results - January 2, 1995

Hunter Hearst Helmsley def. Slaughter

Robert Gibson def. Tully Blanchard

Tag Team Championship

Native American Lawmen def. Razor Ramon & 1-2-3 Kid by DQ

Bret Hart def. British Bulldog

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WWF Superstars (08/01/1995)

The show kicks off with its first match.

Ricky Morton w/Robert Gibson vs. Jim Neidhart w/Bret Hart

Ricky and Neidhart locked up in the centre of the ring and Neidhart pushed him backward. Neidhart grabbed the arm of Morton and threw him for a big hiptoss. Ricky Morton sped back up though and hit Neidhart with a dropkick to the knee, causing him to stumble and fall to one knee. Morton then hit a spectuacular two footed running dropkick to Neidhart's mouth, getting a two count from the referee at this early stage.

Neidhart fought back though and rammed Morton into the turnbuckle. Neidhart then body slammed Morton in the middle of the ring and dropped an elbow. Ricky Morton countered a pin attempt and rolled Neidhart over for a small package, but Bret Hart jumped on the apron. Robert Gibson sprinted over and grabbed Hart and hit him with a mean right hand.

Ricky Morton capitalized on the brawl outside and rolled up a distracted Jim Neidhart to get the win.

Winner: Ricky Morton

Lion Heart Interview

Lion Heart talked about teaming with Lance Storm again in his upcoming match.

Lion Heart: Well you know Gene [Okerlund], maybe it's just not the tag team division's year. It certainly wasn't in 1991, when we made our name for ourselves on WWF TV - and now that Lance Storm is back in the WWF to save it - we will teach Mr. Perfect, we will teach Wild Pegasus, that we are the Perfect ones, and we are most certainly, the Wild ones! And if you're the little children who haven't seen us before, you can expect something more than just a wrestling match, it's going to be a brutal war!

Gene: How do you feel about not being in the No. 1 Contender 10 man Royal Rumble here tonight?

Lion Heart: I don't have to win some stupid #1 Contendership Royal Rumble to get the title. I can get it my own way! Anyway I think Owen Hart'll keep that spot. He wants the title. And I think he deserves it.

The Thrillseekers vs. Wild Pegasus & Mr. Perfect

Lion Heart and Wild Pegasus start the match - Lion Heart bombardes Pegasus with forearm attacks then some mean kicks to the ribs. Pegasus comes back though, pushing Lion Heart to the floor and beating away at him with huge right hands. Pegasus tried to lock in a Crossface, but Jericho managed to wriggle out of it. Pegasus tries to clothesline Lion Heart but he ducks and flies halfway across the ring to tag Lance Storm./

Lance ducks a Pegasus right hand and uses some rights of his own, then a huge Super Kick to knock him down. Storm got a two count, then locks Wild Pegasus in a headlock - but Pegasus quickly escapes, and rushes to Mr. Perfect for the tag.

Mr. Perfect and Lance Storm lock up and Mr. Perfect uses a left hand shot to the stomach and then starts pounding away on Storm. A body slam by Perfect keeps Storm on the mat, so Perfect utilizes a kneedrop. Only gets a one count on the cover. Mr Perfect backs Storm in the corner and uses his knee to stomp him. Lion Heart walks down the ring apron and drops Perfect off the ring rope.

The referee warns Lion Heart about the illegal interference while Pegasus quickly assaults Storm with Perfect. Pegasus stays in but the referee kicks him out and Perfect must come back in. Perfect knocks Storm down with a clothesline. Extremely close two count.

Mr. Perfect drops an elbow - then goes outside and fetches his Intercontinental Belt. Stands poised ready to clock Storm with the title - but he ducks and the belt flies out of reach as Storm responds with a quick Super Kick, covering Perfect for a surprising end to the match up.

Winners: The Thrillseekers

The Undertaker vs. Tatanka

For the WWF Championship

Tatanka came into the match looking focused and pounded away at Taker with mean overhand chops and right hands, but they had no effect on the Deadman. The Undertaker returned with a chop of his own and a mean uppercut.

Tatanka slammed The Undertaker but he got straight back up. He pounded away at him more - leaving Taker slightly dazed. Tatanka climbed the top rope and delivered the Tomahawk Chop, it pushed The Undertaker backwards but he didn't fall over.

Tatanka tried the move again and it still had no effect. It took him 3 times to finally floor The Undertaker. But he only got a one count on the cover.

Undertaker sat up and delivered a chokeslam on Tatanka, then two consecutive Tombstone Piledrivers for the obvious three count.

Winner: The Undertaker

Shawn Michaels interview

Shawn Michaels talked about Ric Flair.

HBK: Well... The Nature Boy had it coming. You see, he was running his mouth off about how he should have done this and how he should have won this when no-one even cares! Or is his sight to bad to notice that? Talk about an old has-been.. you're lookin' at one when you look into the wrinkly face of Ric Flair.

Owen Hart appears behind him.

HBK: Whoa! Scary. Was that supposed to scare me? Little Owen Hart. Are you still crying about how Bret finally saw the light and left you behind? Awww...

Owen: Shut up Shawn. I just want to tell you that you don't wanna underestimate me in this Royal Rumble tonight, or you're gonna be regretting it.

Owen storms off.

HBK: Poor, poor Owen Hart. That's the kind of attitude you get when you haven't won a title - how big headed can he be? I'm allowed to be big headed - I've won the WWF Title - he hasn't.

We leave with Shawn looking confused.

10 Man Royal Rumble

for the No. 1 Contendership at the Royal Rumble

Contestants: Bret Hart, Shawn Michaels, Robbie V, Owen Hart, Randy Savage, Hulk Hogan,

Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase, Arn Anderson, Jake Roberts

Entry #1. Bret Hart

Entry #2. Robbie V

Bret Hart tries to attack Robbie V but gets kicked in the chin for a superb spinning heel kick. Robbie tries to eliminate Bret there and then, but Bret rakes the eyes.

Bret executes a double arm suplex into the middle of the ring, then stomps away at Robbie and drops an elbow. Robbie V rolls out of the way of another elbow drop attempt and kicks Bret in the face, followed by lots of forearm shots. Out of nowhere, Bret hits a low blow, then locks in the Sharpshooter for around 30 seconds. Robbie V taps out after about 20 but the match can't end.

Entry #3. Shawn Michaels

HBK sprints down to ringside and hits the Sweet Chin Music to Bret while the Sharpshooter is applied. Then he tries to eliminate Robbie and he goes over the top rope but hangs on and swings himself back in. Shawn thinks he's eliminated though, until he is dropkicked in the back.

Bret Hart runs in and clotheslines Robbie V. All three men are down. Shawn Michaels powers to his feet - and grabs Bret, who pushes him away into the corner and kicks away at his chest. Robbie comes in and uses a back suplex on Bret.

Entry #4. Randy Savage

Savage enters the ring and Robbie tries to mount an attack but he's too worn down. Savage takes advantage and pounds away and chokes Robbie. He bounces off the far ropes and clotheslines Robbie over the top rope but the force sends him over too.

Randy Savage and Robbie V are eliminated

Bret Hart pounds away at the stomach and ribs of HBK - HBK answers back with a huge right hand. Both men hit a clothesline and they are both down. Bret Hart slowly gets up and tries to lock in the Sharpshooter but Shawn recoils and springs Bret back to the turnbuckles.

Bret walks into his second Sweet Chin Music.

Entry #5. Jake Roberts

Jake Roberts comes in and tees off on HBK - knocking him down. He hits Bret Hart with the DDT straight after. As Jake pounds away on Bret, Shawn runs in and tries to eliminate Jake but can't. Jake uses his trademark Short Clothesline on HBK then signals for a DDT. Jake gets him in position but HBK counters it into a brilliant Northern Lights Suplex.

Entry #6. Ted DiBiase

DiBiase and HBK team up on Jake Roberts and beat the hell out of him - but HBK turns on DiBiase and hits him with the Sweet Chin Music when he least expects it. Bret Hart returns out of nowhere and almost eliminates HBK - but he hangs on and backward rolls over the top rope. DiBiase locks in the Million $ Dream on Bret, But HBK runs in and dropkicks both of them sending DiBiase out of the match but Bret valiantly hangs on.

Ted DiBiase has been eliminated

Entry #7. Owen Hart

Owen Hart runs in and uses axe handle attacks on a grounded HBK but Jake comes in and assaults Owen.

Jake tries a DDT but Owen throws him over the top rope.

Jake Roberts has been eliminated

Bret Hart runs over with a dropkick to the knee of Owen - he calls HBK over. Bret uses an Irish Whip sending Owen into the ring while HBK hits the Sweet Chin Music.

HBK holds Owen up while Bret Hart tries a Sweet Chin Music of his own - but Owen falls to the ground and Bret smacks HBK - almost sending him over the top rope.

Owen uses a spinning heel kick on Bret, taking him out.

Entry #8. Hulk Hogan

Hulk Hogan taunts his way to the ring the usual way, then pounds away at HBK then Owen Hart and finally Bret Hart. HBK attempts a SCM but Hulk catches his leg then punches away at him, scoop slams him then hits the Leg Drop.

He and Owen Hart stare each other down as both Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels lay worn out on either side of the ring.

Entry #9. Arn Anderson

Hulk turns his head only to be blindsided by Owen Hart - who smacks Hogan with an Enziguri.

Arn chops away at Owen but Owen evades a shot and tugs Anderson over the top rope.

Arn Anderson has been eliminated

Hulk Hogan and Bret Hart beat the hell out of each other as Owen Hart dropkicks HBK over the top rope. Hogan tries a Leg Drop on Bret but Bret moves out of the way.

Shawn Michaels has been eliminated

Shawn returns to the ring and assaults all three men with the Sweet Chin Music. Then he uses an Elbow Drop from the top rope on Owen Hart before numerous referees escort him to the backstage area.

Entry #10. The Ultimate Warrior

Warrior powers to ringside as he eliminates Bret Hart almost immediately.

Bret Hart has been eliminated

The Ultimate Warrior powerslams Hulk Hogan then hits a Splash. Owen Hart comes back into the match and scoop slams the Warrior but he gets straight back up again and almost eliminates Owen with a huge right hand. Owen gets hit in the back then the Warrior looks to have him eliminated - but Hulk Hogan comes in and incredibly scoops The Warrior out of the match.

The Ultimate Warrior has been eliminated

Hulk Hogan whips Owen Hart off the ropes but Owen ducks a Big Boot and retaliates with a spinning heel kick on The Hulk. Owen hits a spinning heel kick to the stomach of Hulk, then another, and again, then he finally floors Hogan and locks him in the Sharpshooter.

BRET HART suddenly returns to the ringside area, powers through referees and gets in the ring and pushes Owen off of Hogan, then hitting him, and helping Hogan up, only to be hit with right hands from Hogan. Hogan throws Bret over the top rope and celebrates but Owen Hart comes in with an axe handle off the top rope and knocks out the Hulkster.

Winner: Owen Hart

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The Federation coughs up for Sting - but not single handedly

The World Wrestling Federation has asked for negotiations for Sting's amount of "compensation" for the bad treatment he suffered towards the end of 1993.

They have negotiated at $885,000, which means that Sting's offer could have easily been well over the $1,000,000 mark. The Federation is experiencing bad ratings and business at the moment and needs to keep as much money safe as possible.

Vince McMahon wants the WCW fans responsible to give him a majority of the compensation.

"I hope that the people who were responsible for Steve's leaving are happy," Vince McMahon said. "I will not take $900,000 out of the WWF funds. It's just not going to happen. I'm going to pay some, but them fans are going to pay - whether we have to settle this in court or not. They're the ones that pushed Sting away and went to the papers, not me, so I shouldn't have to pay."

The Federation are obviously in no motive to hand Sting the $885,000 but they are willing to pay a percentage.


Ahmed Johnson signs with the WWF

Wrestler "The Nightbreeder" aka Ahmed Johnson has signed with the WWF. He has signed a two year contract which will keep him there until after WrestleMania XIII.

Ahmed has been wrestling since 1988 and has enjoyed multiple tenures with WCW before moving on to the Independents in 1992. Now he feels he's ready to step back in the global scene.

This week on Monday Night Raw

Giant Gonzalez vs. Barbarian

Mick Foley vs. Tully Blanchard

Tag Team Championship

Native American Lawmen vs. Demolition

Owen Hart vs. Shawn Michaels

The Undertaker vs. Ric Flair

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WWF Monday Night Raw (09/01/1995)

Giant Gonzalez vs. Barbarian

Barbarian starts off trying to attack Gonzalez, but Gonzalez grabs him and throws him backwards. Gonzalez grabs Barbarian and picks him up then hits an overhand punch. He bounces off the ropes then out of nowhere throws himself in the air and attempts a huge elbow drop, but he misses.

Barbarian starts to mount a comeback, punching and kicking away at Gonzalez while he tries to get up. The Barbarian tries to lift Giant Gonzalez up for a slam - but Gonzalez falls on top of Barbarian for the easy three count.

Winner: Giant Gonzalez

Ted DiBiase Interview

Ted DiBiase talked about the previous match.

Ted DiBiase: Well little man, you could not get more of a fluke than that match that we all saw because I bought The Barbarian and I know that he can beat anybody. And that Giant Gonzalez is one cheap man who I could buy for peanuts if I wanted to.

DiBiase storms off.

Mick Foley vs. Tully Blanchard

Mick Foley starts off with right hand after right hand on Blanchard, then he clotheslines him over the top rope. They brawl around the ring for a long time, the referee not quite counting them out before they get back into the ring.

As Mick enters the ring, Blanchard attacks him with an axe handle attack then scoop slams Foley. Tully drops an elbow on Foley and gets only a one count before he powers out of the pin. Mick Foley comes back and DDTs Blanchard.

Mick clotheslines Tully from out of the corner then Blanchard stumbles into a Claw Hold [1st time he performs Mandible Claw] for an immediate Submission.

Winner: Mankind

Backstage Angle

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer are doing an interview [indistinctly] and out of nowhere Ric Flair appears and attacks Undertaker with a steel chair then stomps away at him.

Announcer: We need some help over here! Let's get some security over here! Quick!!

Paul Bearer appears from the corner of the camera and smacks the urn over Flair's back.

Announcer: Flair's beating down Undertaker, and wait a minute, Bearer just hit Flair in the back with the urn! Let's get some medical help and some security here fast!!

Native American Lawmen vs. Demolition

for the WWF Tag Team Championship

Tatanka and Ax start the match. Both strengths are even, Tatanka chops away at Ax while Ax pounds away with stiff right hands on Tatanka. Ax replies with a clothesline that knocks Tatanka down.

Ax uses his trademark axe handle attacks on Tatanka while he is down then swiftly tags Smash who uses a straight right hand to once again floor Tatanka. Tatanka powers back though with shots to the chest and stomach then a huge chop that sends Smash to the canvas. Tatanka then tags The Bossman.

Big Bossman comes in with a huge impact on Smash with a massive headbutt. Bossman slams Smash down in the centre of the ring then delivers an elbow drop. Ax climbs the Demolition corner turnbuckle but Bossman catches him by the throat and delivers a Chokeslam to Ax. While he rolls out of the ring, Smash rakes the eyes of The Bossman and fires off with hard right hands. Bossman retaliates with a huge clothesline then tags Tatanka back in.

Tatanka leaps to the top turnbuckle then delivers the Tomahawk Chop to Smash, but Ax comes in and clotheslines him. Bossman then delivers the Boss Man Slam to Ax and then places Tatanka on top of Smash for the three count.

Winners: Native American Lawmen

HBK talks trash before his match

Owen Hart's entrance music plays, as he makes his way to the ring and stands ready for his match with Shawn Michaels.

HBK appears with a mic and stands by the entrance curtain. The Clique then appear behind him.

HBK: You see, Owen, after that match that you cheated to win, [fans boo] I think that you should pay a price. Now I haven't discussed anything with the brains of the operation, but that's what The Clique does. Look. You just, don't want to face me. You saw what we can do to people when we commanded The Undertaker to destroy that old dirtbag has-been Ric Flair. [fans boo] It's career suicide.

Owen: Hey I don't care who I have to face, I'll beat them, just so I can wipe that smug look of your face.

HBK: Now just wait a second? What did I hear? Did you say 'anyone'? Whoa! Thanks for the idea. This is what I'm going to do - and there's no point you spittin' the dummy because, you don't have a say! If you can beat big ol' Diesel here [Diesel raises his arms] then you get me immediately afterwards. Got it? Oh and by the way, if, err... yours truly... or anyone else interferes, there will be no DQ!

Diesel w/The Clique vs. Owen Hart (If Owen wins he gets Shawn Michaels straight after)

Diesel gets hit with a huge dropkick by Owen to start the bout off. Owen punches away at Diesel while he is down but Diesel hits him with a Big Boot. Then he drops an elbow, followed by two more.

On the 4th attempt, Owen moves. Then he locks in the Sharpshooter but Diesel reaches the ropes before tapping out. Shawn Michaels gets in the ring and beats up Owen Hart. Owen fights him off but Diesel comes in with a huge right hand backing him into the corner. Diesel stomps away at Owen then chokes him down. Diesel tries to drop a legdrop but Owen moves out of the way.

Owen then hits Diesel with a huge Piledriver, Diesel lays not moving on the canvas. At this point both Hunter Hearst Helmsley and Razor Ramon interfere and beat Owen down - they whip him off the ropes but Owen comes back with a double clothesline.

Diesel comes back - capitalising on the interference once again and hits the Jackknife Powerbomb on Owen for the win. HBK then climbs to the top rope and delivers the Elbow Drop - they leave Owen down on the canvas.

Owen does not get HBK one on one!

Winner: Diesel

Gorilla Monsoon Authority Angle

WWF President Gorilla Monsoon comes to the ring on the microphone.

Gorilla: I am disgusted by what I have just saw. I order that Shawn Michaels' stable get out here right now.

The Clique's music plays as they slowly make their way to, and get in, the ring.

HBK: Incase you didn't notice through them 80s tinted shades of yours - we have a name! We're the Clique -old timer, the biggest and best stable in this industry.

Gorilla: I don't care who you think you are. I am the president here incase you haven't noticed... and....

HBK: Wait a second! You see, I think, you're the one who hasn't noticed something [gets in Gorilla's face] We dont bother what rules you blabber on about - we're not gonna follow them!! [gets out of his face]

Gorilla Monsoon looks shocked.

Gorilla: Well in that case... I have no choice but to suspend you from the WWF [fans go nuts] until after WrestleMania XI!

The other members of The Clique erupt. Then Ted DiBiase's theme tune plays as he enters the ring, leader of the other stable "Million Dollar Team"

DiBiase: Now just wait a damn second there Gorilla. Listen. I know that I own the better stable and if it were 5 years ago, I could beat them all in 10 seconds - but there are a number of reasons why its IMPOSSIBLE for you to suspend Shawn Michaels until after WrestleMania. [fans boo] Number One, think of the Royal Rumble. They want to see the Stable vs. Stable match-up between Diesel here, and my mystery buy - but if Shawn is gone - who's gonna be in Diesel's corner. Hunter Hearst Helmsley? No offence Hunter, but I think Shawn is a little more experienced.

Hunter: As much as I hate to admit it, you're right. And another thing is if you suspend HBK, we're gonna make your life a living hell until the day you die! [fans boo]

Gorilla: Ok..ok.. calm down. The only way to resolve this another way is that we have Shawn Michaels.....vs. Owen Hart [fans cheer] and that match will take place next week on Superstars!

The Undertaker w/Paul Bearer vs. Ric Flair

The Undertaker starts off with uppercuts and right hands, then focuses on Ric Flair's injured back. Flair rolls around in pain as Undertaker adjusts his gloves and slowly paces over to Flair. He picks him up but falls victim to a Low Blow.

The Undertaker, still standing, gets chopped and chopped again but Taker grabs Flair and launches him with tremendous speed into the corner. He grabs Flair's arm and walks the top rope. As he is about to jump off Flair steps the opposite direction of the ropes and Undertaker crashes to the canvas. Flair rolls outside and grabs a steel chair.

As he is about to crack The Undertaker with the weapon the referee grabs the chair and refuses to let him use it. Flair attacks Taker then goes outside and gets yet another chair. Undertaker uses a Big Boot to repel the chair back in his face, the ref does not disqualify him.

Flair stands up - his face is covered in blood as he valiantly tries to fight back but to no luck as Taker pounds away and violently grabs Flair and "claws" away at the cut on his forehead. Undertaker grabs Flair then tries to hit the Tombstone but Flair slides out of the back. Taker turns round and knocks him out of the ring. Flair doesn't return until a late eight count.

The Undertaker tries a Big Boot but Flair ducks and uses stiff right hands on Taker, staggering him. Flair bounces off the ropes but Taker grabs him by the throat and hurls him up for a huge Chokeslam. The bloody Flair lays not moving as Undertaker gets the three count.

Winner: The Undertaker

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Bob Backlund re-joins the WWF

Former longtime WWF World Champion Bob Backlund has returned to the World Wrestling Federation sometime this week. He is expected to debut soon, near the Royal Rumble.

Backlund doesn't feel that the WWF is going to stay in financial trouble for very long.

"If I know Vince McMahon from the past," Backlund commented. "It's that he will, somehow, he will get the WWF out of the black hole they're in at the moment. It feels great to be back. If there was one company I felt safe and happy working for, it's the WWF."

Things have definitely changed since the time he quit the Federation back in 1984 - the fans expect a lot more glamorous approach to things and things are certainly given a more cutting edge approach in the ways that matches last longer and the match types are getting "riskier".

Will Backlund be able to draw crowds? Only time will tell.


Hunter Hearst Helmsley injury blow

WWF mid-carder Hunter Hearst Helmsley was sidelined yesterday in a house show event after breaking his leg in a match against Owen Hart. Helmsley would have continued on but he couldn't stand up so Owen Hart laid on him gently to end the match quickly and safely.


Superstars Results - 8th January 1995

Ricky Morton def. Jim Neidhart

The Thrillseekers def. Mr. Perfect & Wild Pegasus

WWF Championship

The Undertaker def. Tatanka

#1 Contendership 10-Man Royal Rumble

Owen Hart def. Hulk Hogan, Shawn Michaels, Jake Roberts, Bret Hart, Ted DiBiase, Robbie V, Randy Savage and Ultimate Warrior to keep his Royal Rumble title shot

Monday Night Raw Results - 9th January 1995

Giant Gonzalez def. Barbarian

Mick Foley def. Tully Blanchard

Tag Team Championship

Native American Lawmen def. Demolition

Diesel def. Owen Hart [shawn Michaels refused to fight Owen and got Diesel to]

The Undertaker def. Ric Flair

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this is an ok diary but i think somethings missing. it needs to be more exciting i think but then again i am new to these diaries.

i like the storylines though that gorilla monsoon vs the clique angle was quite good but i dont really think that would have happened back in 1995 more like 1998 the wwf was not risky enough back then to do something like that.

the same with the flair bleeding angle. i admit they used to use the blood angles back then way before then but i think that they would have been saved for PPVs - also i dont think they would be hitting each other with urns

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WWF Superstars Spoiler for 15th January [next show]

Giant Gonzalez will be taking on Adam Bomb w/Million Dollar Team - yet another member of the Million Dollar Team. With the Rumble just one week away - will the Team learn how to work effectively in one of their last opportunities to do so?

Crush w/Million Dollar Team vs. Big Bossman w/Tatanka - two huge mammoths get it on it what looks to be a competitive match-up. Will Tatanka be able to keep the Million Dollar Team at bay?

Mr. Perfect vs. Marty Jannetty vs. Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Championship - this looks to be the highlight of the night with HBK and Jannetty's past bad blood, who will emerge as IC Champ?

The Undertaker vs. Lion Heart - this old feud could produce a fantastic match between the two. We saw their highly competitive matches in the Autumn and this match won't disappoint.

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