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WWE 2006

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx


You could say that Armageddon was a very fitting name for the WWE and December, it was the worst month of the year for them, the the final PPV didn't make things any better. World Champion Batista was set to have surgeory after Armageddon, but his career took a threatening bump when he botched a Powerbomb attempt on the monster Kane. Batista feared the worst after a devastating double chokeslam by Big Show and Kane, ending the match, and possibly Batista career. After the match, Batista didn't get up from the chokeslam which resulted in several road agents and medical staff to stretcher Batista backstage. This was a huge loss to Smackdown, their World Champion and top superstar was severely injured and could be out for most or even all of 2006!

Another huge blow came at the Main Event Hell in a Cell encounter between The Undertaker and Randy Orton. The match was a complete blood-fest, Orton was busted open after a barbed wire bat to the head and Undertaker was busted open by an R-K-O onto thumb tacs. The match was going to plan though, until Taker and Orton were ontop of the cage, the plan was to have Taker tombstone Orton and pin, but Takers knee bailed out on him during the tombstone! Orton had to think fast as a huge main event was on his shoulders now, he quickly picked Taker up and R-K-O'd him and pinned Taker for the victory. It was revealed after the match that Taker needed surgeory on his knee, but was advised never to wrestle again.

Hell in a Cell Match

Randy Orton def. Undertaker

Grudge Match

MNM def. Psicosis & Super Crazy

World Tag Team Champions & WWE Tag Team Champions

Big Show & Kane def. Batista & Rey Mysterio

Match 4 of Best-of-7 Series for the United States Championship

Chris Benoit vs. Booker T

Cruiserweight Championship

Juventud def. Kid Kash

Grudge Match

JBL def. Matt Hardy

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I don't really care for this. It's too similar to the "Black Plague" diary. I don't like all of those injuries in the month of December alone, either. I mean, the ways the came up with the injuries to happen weren't even that realistic. It seemed as though you were just looking for excuses to screw things up for WWE.

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

IPB Image

WWE RAW! - Jan. 2, 2006

Show Rating: 76

TV Rating: 6.48

Mr. McMahon announces new GM (83%)

After Joey Styles, King and Coach welcome us to Raw, 'No Chance' plays and outcomes the WWE Chairman Vince McMahon. Vince looks happy as he struts down the ramp and enters the ring. He says that 2005 was a disappointing year for Raw, stating that Eric Bischoff nearly killed it like he killed WCW. Vince says that he can't trust anyone outside of the McMahon circle, so he introduces the new Raw GM to be his son.. SHANE MCMAHON! Shane comes out from the back smiling.

Shane Vacates the I.C Title (88%)

Shane says that it's no secret that Ric Flair is injured and wont be back for awhile, so he decides to VACATE the title. Vince looks shocked but Shane, still grinning, says that we will have an 8-Man tournament over the next few weeks on Raw, to determine a new Intercontinental Champion. Vince smiles as both men exit the ring and walk backstage.

Intercontinental Tournament Match (61% 69% 66%)

Val Venis vs Rene Dupree

A decent match between both competitors, Venis came out with short hair and his old porn star attire. Both men were impressive showing off their strengths and exposing each others weakness's. Venis capitlised from Dupree's missed elbow drop and hit him with a fishermen's suplex only to get two count. From their own it was an even battle, in the end though Venis hit Dupree with a spinebuster and climbed the turnbuckle for a money splash and the three count. Val advances into the next round.

Shane books a match (80%)

Shane McMahon is backstage in his new office with Shelton Benjamin and Rob Conway. Shane says that both men are impressive workers and deserve an equal chance to get higher in the WWE. Shane says their match is next and whoever wins will face Val Venis next week in the next round of the Inercontinental Title tournament.

Intercontinental Tournament Match (61% 70% 64%)

Shelton Benjamin vs Rob Conway

Both men looked focused before the match and had a staredown, Conway sucker punched Benjamin to start the match. Midway through the match Benjamin hit Conway with a flying body press from the top rope, but only got a two count. Conway got his own offence in and nearly got the htree from a swinging neckbreaker. It was Benjamin though who proved to be the strongest when he hit Conway with a springboard dropkick and finished him off with a T-Bone suplex for the win. Benjamin will be facing Venis next week on Raw!

Where is Edge going? (79%)

The cameras are backstage outside John Cena's looker room and their we see Edge. Edge calls for Cena, there is no answer, he sneaks in and smiles closing the door behind him.

WWE World Tag Team Titles Match (63% 73% 65%)

Big Show & Kane vs Snitsky & Tomko

It looks like the Tag Division on Raw is about to die off soon, Snitsky and Tomko arn't really a team, basically their are no more teams left. This match was a powerhouse match involving four monsters. It was a brawl, from start to finish. Kane busted open Snitsky's nose with a huge big boot, resulting in bood to splatter all over the match. Tomko got alot of offence in and impressed the crowd when he knocked Big Show off his feet with a running shoulderblock. The end came when Big Show threw Snitksy over the top rope, crashing into the barrier, Tomko ran at Show but he got caught when the 500lb monster wrapped his hand around his neck, Kane joined in and gave a devastating double chokeslam to retain their titles.

Ol' HBK showing respect for the Champ (90%)

HBK is backstage with Todd Grisham saying that he has a match with Cena later on and that he respects Cena and that title, but HBK wont give up on winning that title.. even if he has to win the Royal Rumble AGAIN!

Singles Match (79% 92% 79%)

John Cena vs Shawn Michaels

A great way to end Raw having these two superstars face off. Both competitors gave it their all to impress everyone. The crowd were hot and couldn't stop chanting for HBK, and boo'ing for Champion John Cena. Michaels hit Cena with old school moves nearly scoring a pinfall each time. Cena got alot of offence in but couldn't put Michaels away. In the end, Michaels went for some Sweet Chin Music but hit the ref instead. Cena kicked Michaels and got him up for the F-U but from out of nowhere Edge came and speared Cena, resulting in Michaels to fall on him. Jimmy Corderas came from the back and counted the three. Edge laughed as he pointed at Cena as Raw faded out.

Well I'm sorry if it sounds like the Black Plague, havn't read that so I didn't know!

Is there much point of me continuing? I don't want to copy anyone elses diary

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Guest Crossface

Yes, please continue.

A decent Raw with nothing too special.I liked the Michaels-Cena ending, as i hope Shawn will get a title shot in RR and Edge at mania.

I also liked the IC tournament idea as i hope for new superstars to rise.

Good luck.

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

IPB Image

WWE Friday Night Smackdown! - Jan. 6, 2006

Show Rating: 77

TV Rating: 5.79

Theodore Long strips World Title (75%)

The music of Smackdown's General Manager hits and out walks Theodore long carrying the World Heavyweight title! He gets the mic and explains that because of the Big Show and Kane, Batista has severely injured his upper back and neck, resulting him to be sidelined for a long time. He says that Smackdown would be nothing without a World champion, he apologises to Batista and officially vacates the World Title!

WWE Cruiserweight Title Match (74% 65% 84%)

Funaki vs Juventud

Great cruiserweight action from both men, each given a chance to shine and show off some spectacular moves. Funaki's highlight was a sommersault hurricanrana which earned him only a two count from the ref. Juventud's highlight was 450 leg drop which nearly gave him the win. The match itself was face paced, with both men hitting great cruiserweight moves. At the end, it didn't seem that anyone would win, so Gregory Helms came from out of nowhere and attacked both superstars ending the match in a disqualification due to interfearance. Helms hit Funaki with an Eye of The Hurricane, and then he gave Juventud his old WCW finisher, the Nightmare on Helms Street. Helms left the ring and pointed to Juve's cruiserweight title.

Melina hypes MNM (85%)

Rumours sparked backstage that Meline Perez was with Trish Stratus over the new year working on her charisma, for once the rumours were right. Melina was with MnM, being interviewed by new WWE interviewer Marissa Mazzola. Melina said that MNM were the hottest thing going on Smackdown, and that Joey Mercury would kick Nunzio's ass when they meet each other next.

Theodore Long calls someone (77%)

Theodore Long is backstage on his cell phone talking to someone. He is laughing and he tells the person that tonight he would make a huge impact and he could be a hit for the World Title plans he had.

Singles Match (59% 41% 77%)

Joey Mercury vs Nunzio

Nunzio was NOT going well getting over as a face, the crowd weren't liking it at all. The match itself was decent with both men showing off their submission holds. Melina distracted referee Chad Patrick and Nitro hit Nunzio with a superplex, Mercuty covered for the pin. Big Vito came running down the ramp for the save but was beat down by MNM

Booker calls Benoit "Lucky" (93%)

Booker T was backstage with Josh Matthews. Booker said that at Armageddon Benoit was just lucky when he got the win, he said that tonight he was going to end this best of seven, and become the United States Champion

Best of Seven Series - Match 5 (84% 85% 84%)

Chris Benoit (1) vs Booker T (3)

Both men had one aim tonight, win. If Benoit didn't defeat Booker then the Best of Seven series would end and Booker T would be crowned new United States Champion. The match got off to a fast start with Benoit wasting no time getting into Booker with razor knife edge chops which echoed through the arena. Booker got alot of offence in with a few backdrops and suplexes. Sharmell came running down the ramp, she hopped on the apron and tried to hit Benoit but missed and hit Booker! Benoit capitalised and locked in the crossface making Booker Tap out. It was now Benoit 2 Booker 3

Video of Orton's Hell in A Cell moment (85%)

A Video montage was Shown of Randy Orton's brutal match with Undertaker in the cell. It showed Randy being busted open by the barbedwire bat, then Taker being busted open by Orton's RKO on the tumbtacs. It ended with Orton pinning Taker and celebrating, with blood trickling down his face.

Possible World Title Match?? (82% 85% 78%)

John Bradshaw Layfield vs Randy Orton vs ???

Theodore Long came out after JBL and Orton and said that he had officially signed a new worker for Smackdown, someone who had been mistreated by Raw, he said that Smackdown in 2006 would be the WHOLE DAMN SHOW! Then RVD's music plays and the crowd go wild, as JBL and Orton look stunned to see RVD. The match starts off with all three men brawling, each man got their own advantage but it was Orton who got the upperhand by poking RVD in the eye. JBL nearly got a win after a fallaway slam on RVD, but he only scored a two count. Orton was also close in winning after hitting a top rope neckbreaker on JBL. It was, however RVD's right as JBL hit Orton with a clothesline from Hell, RVD leaped from the top rope and connected with a dropkick sending JBL through the middle rope, RVD pinned Orton for an impressive debut win.

Quick Results.

Juventud draw Funaki after Helms interfearance.

Joey Mercury def. Nunzio after Nito interfearence.

Chris Benoit def. Booker T via botched interfearence by Sharmell

RVD def. Randy Orton and John Bradshaw Layfield

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

The Ross Report

Hello and welcome loyal fans of the WWE, I'm good Ol' JR. First off let me just say thank you to everyone who has helped me through my difficult time dealing with my problems, your support is helping me greatly and hopefully you'll see me back on T.V sooner than later. WWE has entered a new year 2006 and it didn't look prosperous after the injuries of Triple H, Undertaker, Kurt Angle, Batista, Ric Flair and Ken Kennedy. Though this will be a difficult challenge for the WWE, it will be interesting to see some of our talent being put into the spotlight.

Juventud and Rey Mysterio are two of the most talented cruiserweights of this generation. Both these guys have great in ring skill and tey sure know how to work the crowd when it comes to big matches. It shouldn;t be long before Juventud breaks into higher and better things in the WWE, Mysterio also will be breaking into the Main Event scene hopefully this year so look out for that one.

On Raw this week we seen the introduction of a new GM, Shane McMahon. I can't help but smile when I see the Boy Wonder on television, Shane drips of charisma and he really knows how to play with the crowd. One big factor was the I.C Title Tournament he created, it will be interesting to see which superstars can break into the final. Also, Edge seemed to get on John Cena's nerves on Raw when he cost him his match against Shawn Michaels, don't forget that Edge still has his Money in the Bank shot at Cena which will expire at Wrestlemania.

Smackdown was a great show this week, and I'm glad to see RVD finally breaking into the Main Event spot alongside JBL and Orton. These guys have great talent and it will be interesting to see if anyone of these superstars will walk out World Champion.

Ohio Valley is a very interesting part of WWE. Talent is oozing out of this place with people from CM Punk to Ray Gibson to Spanky. It wont be long before these young guns break into WWE Television and impress the millions of fans who tune in each and every week.

Well folks, this is J.R with the Ross report, join me next week, until next time, Take Care.

Jim Ross

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

RAW Preview

Last week we witnessed the WWE entering a new year, and along with a new year we were presented with a new General Manager, Shane McMahon. Vince McMahon said that he can't trust anyone outside the McMahon family and so he said that his son will ahndle things from now on. Within minutes of his first day on the job, Shane immediatly vacated the Intercontinental championship saying that it's no use Ric Flair having it due to his injury, this prompted him to set up an 8-Man tournament which will be continued on Raw!

The Big Show and Kane have completly dismantled whats left of RAW's tag team division after they defeated the team of Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko last week on Raw. Will any tag team step into the ring with these monsters? or will the Tag Team Division die off at the hands of the Tag Champions? Find out on RAW

It looks as if Edge is ready to cash in his money in the bank shot at John Cena's World Title very soon. Edge cost Cena the match last week on Raw when he was against the Heartbreak Kid Shawn Michaels. Edge has kept his Money in the Bank right up until now and we could be seeing these two face off at The Royal Rumble.

Confirmed Matches

Intercontinental Title Tournament -

Carlito vs Eugene

Chris Masters vs Mark Henry

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

IPB Image

WWE RAW! - Jan. 2, 2006

Show Rating: 76

TV Rating: 6.48

Cashing The Money (89%)

After the opening fireworks and pyros go off, Jerry Lawler, Joey Styles and The Coach welcome us to another night of RAW. Styles goes on to say that we have the last two matches of the first round of the Intercontinental Title. Edge's music hits and he comes out to a huge number of boo's. He gets in the ring and says that last week he done what he had to do, and that was to make an impact. He goes on to say that he has been a Tag Champion before, an Intercontinental Champion, A King of The Ring, and now it's his time to be World Champion. He tells Cena that he has cashed in The Money in The Bank, and at Royal Rumble, Cena will be facing Edge for the World Title. John Cena's music hits and he comes out smiling and nodding his head at Edge. Cena says that Edge can cry about his accomplishments, but there is one thing he'll never have, and thats his World Title. Cena says that if Edge wants a match, he's got one!

Intercontinental Tournament Match (74% 72% 77%)

Eugene vs Carlito

Good match to start off Raw with Carlito talking rubbish about Eugene, prompting Eugene to attack. We get to see these guys brawl for awhile and Eugene workd the crowd really well when he pulled down Carlito's trunks. Carlito was in firm control towards the end and nearly had it won with a reverse DDT. Carlito locked in a sleeper hold that almost finished Eugene off, but the crowd worked a chant up for him and he broke the sleeper and delighted the crowd with a powerslam on Carlito, but he only manages a two count. The end came when Carlito missed a clothesline attempt and Eugene countered it onto a Rock Bottom for the win!! Carlito was furious and he gave Eugene a swinging neckbreaker.

Royal Rumble World Title Match (92%)

Shane McMahon is backstage in his office and he announces that Edge will face World Champion John Cena at the Rumble for the World Title.

HBK Encounter (77%)

HBK is walking backstage when all of a sudden Rob Conway interupts him and laughs at him. Conway says that HBK will be waiting a long time before he gets another World Title Shot, HBK laughs sarcastically and says that Conway will be waiting a long time for an I.C Title shot since he got knocked out of the tournament. Michaels says that if he has to, he will win the Rumble and be the last man standing AGAIN! Conway walks off shaking his head.

Intercontinental Tournament Match (68% 64% 73%)

Chris Masters vs Mark Henry

Mark Henry recently has been working well under the watchful eye of Ohio Valley trainers, Mark has lost weight and gained brawler status. This match was indeed an all out brawl with Henry basically shaking off everything Masters gave him. Henry started to throw Masters about the ring like a rag doll, which really worked the crowd. Masters however took the big man off his feet when he started kicking the legs from under Henry, this weakened him greatly and Masters was able to pull off a shocking backdrop, taking alot out of himself in the process. Masters eventually got the win when he locked in the Masters Lock on Henry. Masters will advance into the next round to face Eugene!

I'm going to Win!! (64%)

Eugene was backstage with Todd Grisham all excited, he said he couldn't wait to become Intercontinental Champion, and that it was his dream. He started to dance around and ge kissed Todd Grisham. (Todd wasn't impressed)

Unexpected match (85%)

Back from the commercials we see HBK warming up inside his locker room. A messenger boy walks in and gives him a letter, HBK laughs and says he's going to teach Conway to respect a legend!

Singles Match (78% 77% 79%)

Shawn Michaels vs Rob Conway

Great match by these two competitors who got the chance to show off all their moves. Conway worked on Michaels with his submission holds to try and weaken HBK down. HBK pumped the crowd with his aerobatic moves knocking Conway off guard and off his feet. Conway got a close two count after he gave Michaels a spinning brainbuster, but you cant keep a good man down. Michaels also got a close call after a pumphandle slam only getting him a two count. The end came though when Michaels reversed Conways dtt into a ddt of his own. Michaels worked the band up and delivered some sweet chin music to Conway to pick up the win.

Commercial Break

3 vs 3 Match (76% 78% 72%)

Cena, Big Show & Kane vs Edge, Snitsky & Tomko.

Cena and Edge have a match at the Rumble and you'll bet that these guys wanted to rip into each other. As you would expect, this was a big brawling match with Show and Tomko starting things off. Big Show took the upper hand when he gave Tomko a hard scoop slam, then followed that up with a pendulum backbreaker. Snitsky and Kane were at it next, but this time Snitsky was over powering the monster, trying to damage the ribs of Kane. In the end, Cena and Edge were about to explode but Edge tagged in Tomko who got his ass whipped by Cena. Tomko tagged in Snitsky and he was given an F-U for his troubles. Cena pointed towards who just shook his head and smiled trying to aggitate Cena, Cena wasted no time and pulled Edge in and started giving him hard lefts and rights, giving him a taste of the Rumble. The end came when Big Show and Kane took control of Tomko and Snitsky while Cena gave Edge the F-U for the pinfall.

A Triangle of Terror? (82%)

Cena is celebrating with his world title in the ring, Big Show and Kane join him and they work the crowd.. until Kane drives his boot into the face of Cena shocking the crowd. Big Show picked his up by the neck and he and Kane gave him a Chokeslam striaght to hell! Edge stands tall over Cena and laughs as The Big Show and Kane raise his arms as Raw closes.

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

Smackdown Preview!

Last week Smackdown General Manager gave a blow to RAW when he stole two of their superstars, Gregory Helms and Rob Van Dam. Gregory made his presence known when he interupted the Cruiserweight Title match between Juventud and Funaki. Gregory destroyed both competitors making his mark on the cruiserweight division. Helms has been booked to face Paul London this week on Smackdown.

Theodore Long also vacated the World Heavyweight title, saying that Batista is badly injured and wont be returning for a long while. At this point, nobody as any idea what Theodore will do with the title, only he knows and we may possibly find out on Smackdown.

Chris Benoit and Booker T will square off again on Smackdown in match number 6 of their Best of 7 Series. Benoit picked up a vital win last week to take the score to 3-2 to Booker, Benoit needs to win this week or Booker will be crowned the new United States champion. The odds are stacked against Benoit, especially when Sharmell is at ringside.

Rob Van Dam made a huge impact last week on Smackdown when he was announced as the third man in the Main Event between Randy Orton and John Bradshaw Layfield. What will Rob Van Dam do this week on Smackdown? Only way to find out is to tune in.

Confirmed Matches

Gregory Helms vs Paul London

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Good job, I'm liking this diary. But, the eye of the hurricane is the exact same move as Nightmare on Helms Street, when Shane Helms became Hurricane he changed the name of the finisher. So it sounded kind of stupid to say that he delivered the Eye of The Hurricane and then the Nightmare on Helms Street. There is no Chad Patrick, it's Nick Patrick and Chad Patton.

I like what you're doing with Edge, Big Show, Kane and Cena. I also like the RVD push, the push he lacked when he was on Smackdown! With the right push he will be able to make a good World Champion (if he wins the title). I like how you're hyping Michaels going into the Rumble, but hopefully he won't win the Rumble, because he's already won it twice, and the Royal Rumble has always been the big break that superstars were getting, and since Michaels has already achieved that I don't see the point of him winning again. Overall, it's a good read, keep it up.

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

IPB Image

WWE Smackdown! - Jan. 13, 2006

Show Rating: 76

TV Rating: 5.66

Tag Team Main Event (78%)

After the Smackdown opening, Theodore Long makes his way to the ring with the World Title belt over his shoulder. Theodore says that he doesn't know what to do with the World Title. He says that he has four competitors in mind who deserve a chance at wearing the World Title, so tonight he says he's going to make a tag team match out of these four superstars. He says that JBL and Randy Orton have to team up, against Rob Van Dam and his partner Rey Mysterio. The crowd go nuts at the announcement as Theodore leaves the ring.

Singles Match (77% 62% 93%)

Paul London vs Gregory Helms

Cruiserweight action at it's finest here between Helms and London. A fast paced match where both superstars showed off their high flying moves and excellent counter skills. London leaped off the top rope and it Helms with a flying neckbreaker to only get a 2 count from referee Chad Patton. Helms got the upperhand late in the match and eventually scored the pinfall with a Vertebreaker. Kid Kash came down to the ring and attacked Helms and London with a steel chair. The Cruiserweight division just got a little serious

The Next Big Thing (85%)

Paul Heyman is backstage with a huge smile on his face. He says that people laughed at him when he said that ECW would become Extreme and brutally hardcore, but he proved them wrong. He said people laughed at him when he said that Brock Lesnar would become the next big thing, he once again proved them wrong. In walks the monster Lashley and stands beside Heyman. Heyman says that Lashley is the next big thing on Smackdown and he was going to prove it NEXT!

Bikini Conest (75%)

Tazz is in the ring alongside Christy Hemme and Stacy Keibler, both ladies are wearing gowns. Tazz says that we're gonna have a bikini contest here on Smackdown. Christy goes first and struts around in her bikini getting a big pop from the crowd. Stacy goes next and the crowd roar with excitement. Tazz smiles and said looks like we have a winner folks, and declares Keibler the winner.

Singles Match (61% 50% 73%)

Lashley vs Hardcore Holly

Hardcore Holly got it taken to him tonight by the monster Lashley. Lashley beat down Holly to a pulp and nearly pinned him via a pumphandle powerslam. Holly got a little offence in but it was nothing to keep the big man down. Lashley got the win after a devastating running powerbomb. After the match Heyman screamed at Lashley to finish Hardcore off for good, Lashley nodded his head and nearly took Hardcore's head off with a massive big boot. Lashley and Heyman left the arena while Holly lay in the middle of the ring.

Booker calls Benoit a "Cheat" (79%)

Booker T is backstage with Josh Matthews and he is really ripping into Benoit. He says that Benoit only won last week because Sharmell hit him be a mistake and Benoit cheated by applying the crossface! Booker says that tonight he's going to end this Best of 7 Series and become the United States Champion... SUCKA!

Best of 7 Series - Match 6 (83% 82% 85%)

Chris Benoit vs Booker T

Another gret match by Benoit and Booker who were 100% focused on this match. Early on Booker took a breather outside the ring after being on the receiving end of Benoit's knife edge chops. Booker got back in and started some offence of his own, scoop slamming Benoit and dropping a knee to his chest. Benoit thought back into it with a series of 7 German Suplexes, but only got a two count. Booker slowly got his way back into the match and nearly tasted victory with a slapjack. In the end though Benoit came out on top after a diving headbutt from the top rope. The scores were now even at 3- 3

RVD and Mysterio are 'cool' (74%)

RVD and Rey Mysterio are backstage in their locker room, chilling out. RVD says that you have to relax before your matches so that your focused and alert. Rey says he just cant wait to kick some butt.

Bradshaw and Orton 'scheme' (80%)

JBL and Orton are backstage watching RVD and Mysterio's little chill out session. JBL says that Theodore thinks that us four are world title material. He says that all we need to do is take RVD and Rey out of the equation so it will be done to two men. Orton agrees and shakes hands with JBL.

Tag Team Match (84% 83% 85%)

JBL and Orton vs RVD and Mysterio

All four men are considered to be Title worthy by GM Theodore Long. It was JBL who controlled most of the match after beating down Mysterio and not letting him tag in RVD. JBL took Mysterio to his corner and started to pummell at him, the ref broke it up and as he was talking to JBL, Orton started to pummel and stomp on Mysterio. This caused RVD to run in but the ref soon stopped him and held him back, Orton and JBL double teamed Mysterio with a double suplex. Iin the end though RVD got tagged in and cleaned house with his deadly kicks to Orton and JBL. RVD went for a spin kick on Orton but missed and hit his partner, Orton took the advantage and gave him an RKO for the win. After the match RVD apologised to Mysterio.

Quick Results

Gregory Helms def. Paul London

Lashley def. Hardcore Holly

Chris Benoit def. Booker T

JBL & Orton def. RVD & Mysterio

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

The Ross Report

Hello folks I'm good ol' JR reporting to you in the Ross Report. We have received word back from Batista that he is set to undergo surgeory in May later this year. This is great news for the WWE and Smackdown, hopefully Batista will be fit and ready to step back into the ring before the end of the year. WWE wishes goodluck to Batista and everyone else that is out injured, hopefulyl each superstar will have a successful operation.

Gregory Helms is a major hoss in the WWE, watching this kid on Smackdown was just phenomenal. Gregory has the superstar look, the charisma and the talent, hopefully we will get to see more of Gregory in the up-coming weeks. Rob Van Dam also caught my eye on Smackdown, it's about time that he was pushed into the World Title picture, RVD is a great competitor who really impresses the crowd and staff backstage.

Edge and John Cena at the Royal Rumble is looking pretty darn good from where I'm watching. Edge has the clear advantage over Cena as he has two monsters by his side, Big Show and Kane. Edge has been slowly breaking into the Main Event of the WWE since his victory at King Of The Ring, he is being groomed well and hopefully all of his work and ours has paid off, we'll just have to see at the Rumble.

To squash a rumour that has been circulating all over wrestling sites, the WWE has not come to an agreement with Chris Jericho. Chris has his heart set on touring with his band and the WWE fully respect his decision and we have already told him that there is always a place in the WWE for him. We wish Jericho goodluck with his tour, and we would like to remind fans that Fozzy will be playing in The Hard Rock Cafe in Washington this on Saturday 21st, the day before the rumble.

Well thats this week Ross Report, I hope you will join me next week for more information on the WWE. Good day and take care folks.

Jim Ross

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

RAW Preview

On Raw we witnessed an alliance being formed between Edge and the Tag Champions Big Show and Kane. Big Show and Kane attacked Cena last week on Taw and gave him a devastating double chokeslam. We also found out that Edge will be facing John Cena at the Royal Rumble after he cashed in his money in the bank. What will Edge and his alliance have in store for Cena on Raw? Perhaps John Cena will get payback.

The Intercontinental Title Tournament continues this week with the semi finals matches, Val Venis is set to take on Shelton Benjamin while the Underdog Eugene will face off against 'The Masterpeice' Chris Masters. The winners of those matches will go on to face each other ar the Royal Rumble to determine a new intercontinental champion. Raw is set to be an explosive night.

Also Shane McMahon has announced that we will have a fatal four-way prior to the Royal Rumble. Shane said that whoever wins gets to choose what entry number they wish to have for the Rumble, but whoever gets pinned MUST enter at Number One. McMahon has said that the four superstars that will be facing off are Shawn Michaels, Rob Conway, Carlito and Mark Henry.

Confirmed Matches

Intercontinental Title Tournament -

Val Venis vs Shelton Benjamin

Eugene vs Chris Masters

Royal Rumble Entry Match

Shawn Michaels vs Rob Conway vs Carlito vs Mark Henry

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Guest xZ3nigmaZx

WWE RAW! - Jan. 16, 2006

Show Rating: 79

TV Rating: 6.81

One Man Army? (90%)

John Cena is in the middle of the ring looking pissed. He calls Edge a pussy, saying that he needs two big freaks to do his dirty work for him because he is afriad of Cena. Edge's music hits and out he comes with his two bodyguards Big Show and Kane. Edge points at Cena's title and says that at the Royal Rumble he's taking what he deserves. Edge clicks his fingers and Kane and Big Show walk down the ramp and enter the ring. Cena tries to defend himseld but Kane gives him a big boot. Both men pick up Cena and look at Edge, he nods and Kane and Show give Cena a huge double chokeslam.

Intercontinental Tournament Match (78% 70% 86%)

Chris Masters vs Eugene

Masters came out and told Eugene that he should lay down and let Masters pin him because they are friends. Eugene smiles and kicks Masters in the jewels and the match begins. Eugene got alot of offence in, suplexing Masters. Master's showed his strength though after a gorilla press slam on Eugene. Eugene had everything going his way and at the end he went for the Rock Bottom but Masters countered it and locked in the Master's Lock forcing Eugene to quit. Masters celebrates his advance into the final.

Big Valbowski is ready (69%)

Val Venis is backstage with Todd Grisham. Venis says that he's already been Intercontinental champion and life was great, he says that he's gonna advance into the finals and beat the hell outta Master's to win the title once again.

Who are you talking to? (85%)

Shane McMahon is backstage in his office on his cell phone. He is laughing and joking and he becomes serious. He tells the caller that it's their night if they show up.

Intercontinental Tournament Match (74% 67% 81%)

Val Venis vs Shelton Benjamin

Val Venis and Shelton Bejamin went at each other from the very beginning. Shelton got alot of early offence with a series of snap suplexes and a hard ddt. Venis worked his way back into it though with hard suplexes of his own and fishermen's suplex but only got a two count. Benjamin flew from the tope rope and conected with a cross body on Venis but only managed a two count. It was the night for Venis though, Benjamin missed the Dragon whip and Venis hit him with a Blue Thunder powerbomb for the win. Venis celebrated but through the crowd came Masters who locked in the Masters lock, sending a message to Val.

I'm Number One - or 30 (72%)

Rob Conway is backstage saying that he is going to walk out tonight the number one guy but number 30 for the rumble. He says that he will defeat Michaels and make him enter at number one just so he can be softened up for him.

Preperations (94%)

We cut to the backstage locker room and we see HBK Shawn Michaels doing some press-ups to get warmed up for his match.

Royal Rumble Entry Match (72% 73% 73%)

Shawn Michaels vs Rob Conway vs Carlito vs Mark Henry

Fatal Fourways are always interesting, this one was not an elimination bout. Conway started to put the boots in early on to HBK, and he gave him a gutbuster for his troubles. Henry entered the match and started to clean house, destroying anyone who came near him. It was Carlito though who took him down with a missile dropkick striaght to Henry's face. HBK cleaned Carlito off with some sweet chin music. Cony snuck up behind HBK and done aroll up grabbing a handful of tights in the process and he got the win!! Conway quickly escaped the ring while an enraged Michaels looked on. Conway said that he will enter at number 30 while HBK entered at Number ONE!!

Still not broken (83%)

John Cena is backstage with Todd Grisham, saying that Edge and his freaks can lace their boots up tonight, because Shane McMahon has granted him a 3 on 3 match. Cena said his partners are going to kick some ass. He also said that at the Rumble, Edge is gonna get his ass handed to him.

3 on 3 (81% 84% 76%)

Edge, Kane and Big Show vs John Cena and ???

After Edge, Kane and Big show made their way to the ring, Cena came out with a huge grin on his face. Suddenly the music of the Outsiders hit and the crowd roar as Kevin Nash and Scott Hall make their way out to join Cena. The match itself was a great main event and the fans were really buying the Outsiders. Hall looked great in the ring as he battled with Edge for awhile. Nash made his presence felt as he dismantled Kane. Big Show though got his team back into the game when he took control over John Cena, tossing him like a rag doll. The finish came when the Outsiders were battling Kane and Big Show outside, leaving Edge and Cena to face off. Cena scored the win with an F-U. After the match, Cena put the world title to Edge's face and told him that he'll never see it.

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