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King Kong game sports alternate ending

Ape Escape...

Besides the novelty of being able to tear up New York City as the titular great ape, the game adaptation of the King Kong movie now has another draw. Ubisoft has announced that Peter Jackson's King Kong: The Official Game of the Movie contains an alternate ending to its filmic inspiration, "in which players can save the giant ape from his cinematic death, pilot an airplane, and discover Kong back home on his native Skull Island." Players who finish the game and then earn 250,000 points while replaying it will be able to access the alternate ending. Ubisoft did not say which versions of the multiplatform game had the ending. Surprisingly, the alternate conclusion was made with director Jackson's express blessing. "I wanted the game to be able to take the audience a bit further than what the film could," said Jackson.

I always get so sad seeing the big guy die in films, now I can save the fat bastard :wub:

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