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WWF 1993


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WWF in 1993

1992 was a year of changes for the WWF. Bret "Hitman" Hart became the WWF champion, one of the most unlikely happenings in a company filled with big men. Several guys where released under the shadow of the steroid scandal. Yokozuna was slowly being groomed for the main event and Lex Luger arrived from WCW as, perhaps the biggest name to jump to the WWF in a very long time(well, since Flair and Sid). 1993 could see many more changes or be more of the same....which road will history choose.

Road to the Royal Rumble

The WWF had appointed a new head booker in time for 1993. Vince, Patterson and many of the big backstage workers where busy with the steroid trial and the feds on their tails. Hulk Hogan was out of the equation, but with plans to return as one of the many mistery entrants at the Royal Rumble. But some things never change. As soon as January rolled around, it was rumored backstage that some of the recent releases, like British Bulldog and The Legion of Doom where coming back to the WWF. The new booker, Armando Rodriguez, wanted them back and got his wish. Not only this, but persistent rumors of Sting leaving WCW at the end of his contract for the WWF where causing stirs backstage.

Another of the big problems, no pun intended, was Yokozuna. He was being groomed for the title, so Hogan could take it back, but now the new booker wanted to go on a new direction. Not to mention the fact that Hogan, Savage and Flair where trying to maneuver their way back to the WWF Title and a main event spot at Wrestlemania. The political happenings would no doubt change the way we look at the WWF forever.

Other news that started to break out where the return of the Women's Division and the creation of a WWF European Title to be contested at the European Rampage PPV. Things where turning for a change and it seems this will be one of the most tumultous years in WWF history.


WWF World Champion: Bret "Hitman" Hart

WWF Tag Team Champions: Money Inc

WWF Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels

WWF announces "The Action Zone"

The Action Zone? That's right. Starting this Monday, January 2nd 1993, Monday Night Raw will be split in two. Hour one will be the typical action you expect from Monday Night Raw, but hour two becomes "The Action Zone" with guaranteed quality matches and the apperance of your favorite WWF Superstars. And what better way to kick off the Action Zone that with a WWF World Title match? That's right, Bret "Hitman" Hart will put the WWF Title on the line aganist Razor Ramon in the very first ever main event of "The Action Zone".

Tune in this Monday and prepare to see wrestling television revolutionized!

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Monday Night Raw

Announcers: Vince McMahon and Ron Barlett

From Tucson, AZ

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

McMahon and Barlett(ugh) welcome us to the new year and the new WWF. Vince announces that this will be his final Monday Night Raw for some time as he will take some time off to spend with his ill wife. Yeah Vince, just say Steroids! They hype the debut of the Action Zone and an announcement from Jack Tunney!

Barry Harowitz vs The Genius

What a great way to start us off!!(Sarcasm) McMahon and Barlett discuss The Genius and his comeback tour and his first stop is Tucson, where he tries to read a poem and gets booed off. Nothing but a squash and Genius wins with the Honor Roll, a Roll the Dice type move.

Winner: The Genius (Rating: 22% F)

Hacksaw in the Rumble

Hacksaw Jim Duggan with Mean Gene. He becomes the first man to announce his entrance to the Royal Rumble. He says that he saw many old friends and new faces signing themselves up for the Rumble and this will be the best Rumble ever. Year of the Hacksaw....HOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Rating: 79% C+)

Hacksaw Jim Duggan vs Brooklyn Brawler

Another squash. Brawler gets some punches and kicks in, but nothing else. Not that Duggan did anything of note either. 3 Point Stance and goodnight.

Winner: Hacksaw Jim Duggan(Rating: 48% F)

Tunney makes a #1 contender Tournament?

Jack Tunney backstage infront of the WWF logo. He says that Money Inc has a stranglehold on the tag team division and he has decided to make a tournament to determine the #1 contenders at the Tag Team Titles. The tournament begins tonight during the Action Zone with a match between The Nasty Boys and The Beverly Brothers. Very uninspired promo from Tunney, he needs to go. (Rating: 59% F)

PJ Walker vs Bam Bam Bigelow

Squash city rolls by. Three belly to belly suplexes and a Diving Headbutt later and Bam Bam wins. McMahon hypes Bam Bam as a Rumble entrant.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow(Rating: 56% F)

The Bulldog is back!

Video plays to end the first hour. It hypes the return of the British Bulldog to the WWF. It ends with a bite sound and barking as the Bulldog flexes his muscles. Way to go Vince, show off what steroids can do.(Rating: 70% C)

The Action Zone

#1 Contenders Tournament:

The Nasty Boys vs The Beverly Brothers

Match sucks all kinds of ass. Is this is what the action zone is all about, it' crap. Boring match full of kicks, punches, stomps and chinlocks. The Nasties have some troubles working together and Sags eats a Flying Clothesline from Blake and that ends the match for the Beverlies. Yes, a Flying Clothesline was the most exciting move the whole match. Knobs, Sags and Jimmy Hart argue after the match.

Winners: The Beverly Brothers(Rating: 53% F)

Bossman gunning for the IC Title

Big Bossman with Mean Gene. He mentions that he will enter the Royal Rumble. But he has another belt on his mind and is the Intercontinental Title. The WWF released their rankings for the new year and he is 3rd on those rankings, only behind Kamala and The Mountie. He will make it to #1 and challenge Shawn Michaels and it all starts tonight in his match with Kamala. Ugh....(Rating: 70% C)

Big Bossman vs Kamala

Yes, because when you think Action Zone, you think about two three hundred pound slowpokes kicking each other around. Kamala lost to the Undertaker at Survivor Series in that Coffin Match and Bossman got rid of Nailz, so they have nothing better for them. Match is slow and ugly, altough have some decent moments thanks to the Bossman. Bossman Slam wins it at over eleven minutes.

Winner: Big Bossman(Rating: 61% D)

Hitman talks!!!

Bret "Hitman" Hart with Mean Gene and the WWF Title. I will cherish every minute of Bret's run 'cause God knows the Orange Goblin is getting it back. Bret mentions it is an honor to main event the Action Zone in is very first episode. Razor Ramon and him have met before and Bret knows he can win and if Ric Flair makes his presence felt, The Hitman is ready for him too. Bret uses his Best their is, Best their was and Best their ever will be catchphrase to a huge pop. Please bookers, listen to the crowd and not to Hulk Hogan.(Rating: 92% A)

WWF World Championship: Bret "Hitman" Hart vs Razor Ramon/with Ric Flair

Great match with Flair interfering several times to get the crowd even more riled up. Very back and forth match at first, with both men on a flurry of offense and taking turns kicking each other. Ramon looks really good and will be a star soon, I can feel it. He works the heat segment on Bret and after a Snake Eyes in the corner, Flair makes sure to choke the Hitman with the ropes. This happens several times. Bret finally makes the comeback at around 12 minutes and manages to get several surprise two counts during roll-ups. He starts working the leg and manages to lock the Sharpshooter, but Flair distracts the ref!!! Bret releases the hold and goes after Flair, knocking him down with a big right hand. Flair removes his jacket and begs for the Hitman to come down and fight him, but it was all a distraction as Ramon attacks Hitman from behind and proceeds to put him in position for the Razor's Edge!!! Hitman slides out and gets a Victory Roll for the pinfall win!!! As the ref hands Bret the title, Flair attacks him from behind!!! He starts to work the leg in preparation for the Figure Four, but Bret battles back!! Razor Ramon joins up and attacks The Hitman and they finally subdue him, long enough for Flair to lock the Figure Four!!! Officials rush into the scene as Action Zone fades!

Winner: Bret "Hitman" Hart(Rating: 83% B)

Overall: 64% D


- Bret vs Razor was solid and builds up to a Bret-Flair match

- Angles and buildup to the Rumble


- Bossman/Kamala and Nasties/Beverlies sucked all kinds of ass and they are supposed to be ACTION ZONE matches!!!!

- Too many squashes....they need to reduce the jobbers because WCW did and are kicking them in the ratings.

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WWF Superstars

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan

From Tucson AZ

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

Owen Hart vs Brooklyn Brawler

Owen comes out with a big smile and giving high fives. He is over due to being Bret's brother. Nothing to write home about other than Owen showcasing his trademark spots like the sunset flip from the top rope. Owen finishes with the Rocket Launcher, a spinning wheel kick from the top rope.

Winner: Owen Hart(Rating: 54% F)

The King of Wrestling

Jerry "The King" Lawler backstage with Mean Gene. He is the King of Professional Wrestling and he will be the Royal Rumble winner. No one could take him down in Memphis and no one will here in the WWF. He takes shots at everyone from Bret Hart to Hulk Hogan. Very nice promo that got him a lot of heat.(Rating: 86% B)

Barry Harowitz vs Jerry "The King" Lawler

Nothing match. King offers a handshake and then cheap shots Barry, just to add more heat. After his trademark series of punches, he climbs the top rope and delivers the Memphis Fistdrop for two, since he pulls Harowitz back up. Piledriver and that does it. He poses around and gets more heat.

Winner: Jerry "The King" Lawler(Rating: 42% F)

The Genius....or not?

The Genius backstage with Mean Gene. He proclaims that The Genius is dead. He drops his trademark book and roll, his honor hat and his toga. He is Lanny Poffo and he is here for one reason only....to prove his worth in the ring to his family. No more will he walk ashamed with his head down. He will triumph and they will cheer him.(This is followed by boos). "You hear them Mean Gene? They are cheering alredy!!". He leaves looking cheerful.....whatever. (Rating: 57% F)

PJ Walker vs Lanny Poffo

Crowd is dead. Poffo does his best to shake hands(people pull them away) and look like a hero. He outclasses Walker easly and wins with the Roll the Dice. The angle has potential as long as they dont screw it up.

Winner: Lanny Poffo(Rating: 44% F)

Red Rooster vs The Berzerker

Who had the bright idea? Rooster and Berzerker do horrible selling jobs and they do nothing of note outside of kicks and punches. A freakin' Shoulder Tackle wins this one for Berzerker. SHIT is not enough to describe this steaming pile of it.

Winner: The Berzerker(Rating: 31% F)

Tatanka the Native American Warrior

A video plays hyping the Undefeated Tatanka. Can you believe they showed him running trough the woods and making an indian warcry? Or what about standing face to face with a bear? Whatever!!! (Rating: 65% D)

Tatanka vs Kamala

This is our main event and hyped as Tatanka's biggest challenge yet!! Off course, Kamala doesnt sell shit and ends up making another turd of a match with the very limited Tatanka. A chop from the top rope finishes this crap.

Winner: Tatanka(Rating: 57% F)

Overall: 54% F


- Jerry Lawler!!! Too bad he debuted on Superstars


- Everything else!!!

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWF News

- Mr. Fuji was released from his contract yesterday, joined by jobbers Iron Mike Sharpe, Barry Orton, Reno Riggins, Butch Stanley and Glen Ruth. The WWF seems to be on a transitional period as of now, with the new head booker basically in charge of everything. With Vince and Linda McMahon, Pat Patterson, Gerald Briscoe and several other top figures involved in the steroid investigation, the new booker seems to have all the power and is slowly cutting on the jobbers, hoping to beat WCW with high quality matches. WCW took the initiative and have produced better TV shows than the WWF and this might lead to the abrupt change. Only 4 jobbers are on the WWF payroll: The Kamikaze Kid, Barry Harowitz, PJ Walker and The Brooklyn Brawler.

- Damien Demento was also released. He was not getting over and his ring skills sucked big time.

- Giant Silva, who was working as Giant Gonzales in the WWF house show circuit and was supposed to work with the Undertaker in the road to Wrestlemania was also released without making an official debut. No word on why he was cut, but it most have been a change of plans from the new booker.

- Rumors indicate that Lex Luger will turn face soon. The WWF are planning a huge push for Luger. Rumors also indicate that Hulk Hogan will return at the Royal Rumble....and turn heel? I said RUMORS!!!

- The Legion of Doom and Jake "The Snake" Roberts are also back aboard. Their return dates are yet not known.

- Beutiful Bobby Eaton has agreed in principle to jump to the WWF once his WCW contract expires in three months. That explains why the WWF signed "Sweet" Stan Lane away from Smokey Mountain Wrestling, so we might see the Midnight Express reunited.

- The WWF is still on negotiations with Sting, whose WCW contract expires in three months. So far, nothing has come of it.

WCW News

- Sid Justice made his WCW return last week, attacking Big Van Vader and possibly setting up a feud between them.

- The Ultimate Warrior has agreed to a contract with WCW and is expected to show up this week and challenge World Champion Rick Rude based on their past history.

- ECW lost two of their most over wrestlers when Terry Funk, the ECW Champion showed up in WCW TV last week, attacking Cactus Jack and setting up a program between them. The ECW title is now vacant. "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka also agreed to a contract with WCW and will make his debut this week.

- "Rowdy" Roddy Piper is also rumored to have agreed to a contract with WCW. Piper has been disgusted with the way his name came up in the WWF steroid scandal and how WWF did nothing to protect him. He cancelled his negotiations to resume working for the WWF and apparently agreed to work for WCW. His debut date is yet unknown.

- AWA Leged Nick Bockwinkel also agreed to a WCW contract to work a program with fellow AWA alumini Larry Zbysko.

- Dean Malenko and SMW star Chris Candido will make their WCW debuts soon.

ECW News

- Tito Santana is expected to win the ECW Title tournament, even with persistent rumors of Santana negotiating with both, the WWF and WCW.

- New talent includes Dwayne Johnson, son of Rocky Johnson, Andrew "The Test" Martin, Brian Armstrong and Chris Kanyon

Smokey Mountain News

- Vampiro, Scott Borders, Bubba Ray Dudley, Christian Cage, Nikolai Volkoff, Nightstalker, Norman Smiley and Tommy Dreamer all made their debuts this past week. Dreamer will work double duty as he also works for ECW. Borders debuted as "Sexy" Scott Borders, a copy of the Rick Rude gimmnick. Christian Cage debuted as an obnoxious heel. Dudley is a guy with stuttering problems that gets pissed off easly and destroys does who make fun of him. Smiley is your typical happy go lucky babyface. Volkoff works the same russian patriot gimmnick.


- Even with his WWF debut, Jerry Lawler owns USWA and will continue to book the company trough the phone. He also got permission from the WWF to work selected events.

- Former WWF talents Danny Davis, Captain Lou Albano, Honky Tonk Man, Hillbilly Jim and Fabolous Moolah debuted this past week on USWA TV. It seems McMahon gave Lawler a few contacts of his former contracted talent.

GWF News

- GWF and SMW on a talent exchange agreement? Bubba Ray Dudley( and his brother Devon) Christian Cage, Tommy Dreamer and D'lo Brown debuted this past week on GWF TV.

- USWA talents Brian and Scott Armstrong alongside Dirty White Boy also showed up on the show. Are the little people uniting aganist the WWF and WCW?

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WWF Monday Night Raw

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

From: Phoenix, AZ

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

No explanation for Barlett's dissaperance. Is he McMahon's ill wife? TUNE IN TO FIND OUT!!! Altough Heenan and Monsoon are better. They hype the Royal Rumble and the Main Event of the Action Zone, Marty Jeanetty vs Ric Flair!!!

Kamikaze Kid vs Lanny Poffo

The announcers hype Poffo’s return to the ring and the fact he is undefeated since then. C’mon people, it’s only two matches!!! Poffo again tries to shake hands with the fans and entice them to cheer for him, but it doesn’t work. Kid gets more offense than the typical jobber, but it’s outsmarted by Poffo who plays possum and Kid misses a moonsault!!! Roll the Dice and it’s over in five minutes.

Winner: Lanny Poffo (Rating: 55% F)

Poffo talks…and no one cares!!

Poffo rushes backstage where Mean Gene is waiting for him. They discuss his win streak and how the fans are not responding to him. Poffo cuts Mean Gene off…”Don’t you hear them Mean Gene? It’s Poffomania!!!” even tough nothing could be heard. Funny stuff….this gimmnick has potential. They hype up a match with Virgil next week on Raw. (Rating: 70% C)

Bulldog is back

Mean Gene with the British Bulldog. He came back with the goal of winning the Royal Rumble and going to main event Wrestlemania. They discuss how Bulldog was invited by Jack Tunney and was granted a spot in the Rumble. Mean Gene says that this might be considered unfair by wrestlers who depend on the rankings to be invited. Rankings? Since when? Bulldog then says that he doesn’t think anybody has a problem with his accomplishments. They end with Bulldog hyping up his match next!! (Rating: 81% B)

British Bulldog vs Brooklyn Brawler

Brawler pearl harbors Bulldog to start, but it goes nowhere and he is quickly taken down. Bulldog runs trough his trademark spots to pop the crowd including the Vertical Suplex that takes forever to come back down and finishes with the Running Powerslam in less than three minutes. Squash alright….

Winner: The British Bulldog(Rating: 59% F)

PJ Walker vs Doink the Clown

They run down Doink as being undefeated since he arrived on the WWF(cant be true) and how this has earned him a spot in the Rumble. Doink works comedy style making fun of Walker all the time. Walker makes the comeback and gets some decent offense. Doink gets the old “Flower that spits water trick” and “blinds” Walker, then drops him with a vertical suplex and gets the Whoopie Cushion for the win. Nothing match

Winner: Doink the Clown(57% F)

LOD to return?

A video plays to hype the return of LOD next week as competitors on the WWF Tag Team Title #1 contenders tournament. Crowd didn’t react at all….that’s bad news. (Rating: 69% D)


Tag Team Title #1 Contenders Tournament:

The Steiner Brothers vs Natural Disasters

Big fat people no sell….a lot. That makes the match kinda boring and slow. Big slow work on Scott for most of the match. Hot tag, big house on fire segment with Rick. Match slows down again and then we have a pier 6. Typhoon ends up running into Earthquake in a big miscommunication spot and Rick catches a dizzy Typhoon with the Steinerline for the win. The Disasters argue with Jimmy Hart in a scene reminiscent from last week with the Nasty Boys and Heenan says that Jimmy better keep his clients under control.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers(Rating: 66% D)

Bossman for the Gold?

More talk as Mean Gene interviews the Big Bossman. Bossman runs down his opponent for the night, The Mountie and how he will beat him to become the #1 contender at the Intercontinental Title and challenge HBK at the Royal Rumble. Bossman looks really hyped up and this might mean that he will win the gold. (Rating: 73% C)

Big Bossman vs The Mountie

HBK joins Heenan and Monsoon on commentary. Bossman demolishes Mountie….to think that they used to go toe to toe in the past and then see how Mountie is now a jobber to the stars. Bossman wins with the Bossman Slam in around nine minutes. Almost no offense for Mountie. HBK sarcastically claps Bossman on as Bossman asks for him to fight in the ring.

Winner: Big Bossman(Rating: 68% D)

Ric Flair talkin’ time

Ric Flair with Razor Ramon and Mean Gene. Flair has one thing on his mind and that is the World Title. That’s why he made sure to get Bret Hart’s attention last week and now Bret has asked to face Ric at the Royal Rumble and the match is on!! But tonight, he will send a clear message to the Hitman….”Bret Hart, watch closely what is going to happen in my next match because the same thing will happen to you at the Royal Rumble….WOOOO!!!” (Rating: 96% A+)

Marty Jeanetty vs Ric Flair

This could have been so much more…but Marty was clearly stoned or something. He does a good enough selling job as Flair works the leg for most of the match. He does his trademark 360 oversell of a running knee to the face from Flair. Marty makes the comeback and the crowd roars, but he is cut short by a field goal kick from Flair that gets him warned. Figure Four time!!! Marty makes some effort, but taps out and Flair wins!!! Flair keeps the hold locked and refuses to let go. The music of the Hitman plays and he runs down and brawls with Ric!!!! Crowd is going apeshit!!! Take that Hogan!!! Pull apart brawl to end the show.

Winner: Ric Flair (Rating: 75% C)

Overall: 69% D


- Flair-Marty was good and the buildup to the Rumble rages on!!!

- Bossman-HBK might be interesting

- The Poffo angle has a lot of potential


- Squash matches!! WCW got rid of them altogether, why not you too?

- Typhoon and Earthquake no selling the Steiners

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Wrestling Observer Newsletter

Problems in the WWF? Special show and more

- The January 28 edition of Superstars will not air, in it's usual timeslot will air a special "Prelude to the Rumble" show that will showcase how the Rumble contestants where chosen and why, in addition to several matches and Rumble hype.

- Bret "Hitman" Hart vs Ric Flair for the WWF World Title and Big Bossman vs Shawn Michaels for the Intercontinental Title have been added to the Royal Rumble card. Other rumored matches include Legion of Doom vs Money Inc for the WWF Tag Team Titles and Tatanka vs Doink the Clown in a clash of the undefeated.

- The house show circuit could be revealing the upcoming plans for the WWF. The Undertaker has been working a lot with The Berzerker and Yokozuna, which could mean that any of those two will end up in the slot that was once reserved for Giant Gonzales. Lex Luger has been having problems with Bobby Heenan and this might lead to an eventual face turn.

- SPOILER WARNING!!!! Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart has been working WWF house shows alongside Owen Hart as The New Hart Foundation. This means that Anvil is back aboard and the tag team might be used on TV.

- According to inside sources, the Wrestlemania debate has alredy began. Hulk Hogan was at the offices in Connecticut this past week and was pushing heavily for Yokozuna to win the title prior to Wrestlemania, so that he can work the main event and win the title from him at the show. Hogan dislikes the idea of turning heel and working the preliminary match with Lex Luger, something the new booker has been pushing for. Hogan has also been pushing for his friend Ed "Brutus Beefcake" Leslie to be brought back into the company. Hogan left in a very bad mood and this seems to indicate that he did not have his way. This might lead to Hogan going to Vince McMahon and a war of power between owner and head booker erupting. Stay tuned to WON for more details as they become avalible.

- The conversations between Sting and WWF came to a halt and rumor has it that he is staying in WCW. The WWF threw a Hogan-esque money offer to Sting and also the guarantee of creative control, but Sting believes that WCW is gaining momentum with their "no jobber matches" policy, while the WWF is stuck in limbo. Sting believes that WCW is the better product right now.

- Rick Martel was taken off the road last night after arriving stoned at the Raw taping. He admited to have a cocaine habit. The new head booker talked with Vince and he agreed to pay for Martel's rehab. Martel was expected back on TV after the Rumble, where he was going to be teamed up with Jacques Rogeau, The Mountie, in a new reincarnation of the Amazing French Canadians tag team. Mountie was selling injured ribs after his match with Bossman, so he could be taken off TV. Those plans seem to be off due to Martel's problem.

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WWF Superstars

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

From: Phoenix, AZ

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

Monsoon opens the show on his own since Heenan is walking down to the ring with his client. They hype Shawn Michaels vs Koko B Ware as the main event and that I think will rock!!!

PJWalker vs "The Narcissist" Lex Luger/with Bobby Heenan

Luger and Heenan are arguing in the ring as Luger refuses to pose in front of the mirror and Heenan basically begs him to do so. Luger looks disgusted. Quick squash as Luger has his way with Walker and finishes with the Running Forearm at 3:55. Heenan orders Luger to attack Walker, but Luger just looks his way and leaves.

Winner: Lex Luger(Rating: 65% D)

Heenan goes back to the announcers table and Monsoon asks him what was that about. They end up arguing as we head to the next match.

Jim Powers vs Lanny Poffo

Powers is in JTTS mode(Jobber to the stars). Very bland match with Powers refusing to sell for Poffo. It breaks down into punches, kicks and chinlocks. Poffo manages to counter a neckbreaker into the Roll the Dice for the win at 4:27. Poffo again tries to shake hands with people and is ignored. But he pretends to be over with the crowd anyway. "Poffomania!!!" he shouts in the aisleway. Funny stuff, bland match.

Winner: Lanny Poffo(Rating: 44% F)

Ramon talking time

Razor Ramon with Mean Gene. Razor hypes Action Zone's main event this Monday when Bret "Hitman" Hart and Marty Jeanetty team up aganist Ric Flair and him. Continuity? Ramon says that Flair will win the World Title at Royal Rumble and he will win the Rumble, which will lead to the perfect main event at Wrestlemania. He then runs down the Kamikaze Kid, his opponent for the night. "I have two words for you chico kamikaze, Razor's Edge!!!". He makes the Edge motion and spits his toothpick to Mean Gene. Good Stuff!!! Star in the making?

(Rating: 82% B)

Kamikaze Kid vs Razor Ramon

Surprisingly competitive match. Kid gets some decent offense in and then gets treated like a ragdoll. He escapes the Razor's Edge into a roll-up a la Bret Hart, but only gets two. Ramon gets pissed and rips his head off with a clothesline. Fallaway Slam!!! Razor's Edge and Kid is done at 6:33. Surprised to see it go that long!!! Ramon beats Kid down. Kid gets up and asks for more? Ramon with more punches and kicks, stomps Kid down and goes to leave. Kid wants more? Kick to the gut, Razor's Edge!!! Kid is knocked out again!! Ramon leaves. The crowd then cheer Kid on once he gets up. This might lead to something.....

Winner: Razor Ramon(Rating: 71% C)

Money Inc talking time

DiBiase and IRS with Mean Gene. They hype themselves up and then proclaim no fear to any team in the WWF. They run down the #1 contender tournament contestants and how they have defeated all of them. Mean Gene mentions the Legion of Doom returning this Monday and DiBiase runs them down as well. Nothing can beat money because money equals power. Bland promo.

Rating: 74% C

The Bushwhackers vs Money Inc

Boring, horribly slow match. Butch and Luke no sell a lot. Then the match breaks into punches and kicks for the faces, who control most of the match. Then the heels make the comeback(something wrong here right?) and a pier six brawl breaks out, ending with IRS nailing Butch with the Write Off at 5:12 to mercifully end this crap.

Winners: Money Inc(Rating: 59% F)

HBK is sexy...Bossman is fat

HBK with Mean Gene. HBK runs down Bossman as "another fat, slow, boring, overweight, donut eatin', fun stopping, county cobb officer" and he asks the crowd who they think will win "that oversized donut" or "the sexiest man alive". This leads to a mixed response as the chicks absolutly cheer him on. He runs down Koko B Ware as another man who just wants to be like HBK and "I promise to end the match early so you and your right hand can go back and play with your Koko...alone of course". Sexual innuendo? Hot promo.

Rating: 83% B)

Koko B Ware vs Shawn Michaels

Why does Koko no sell? Why HBK fools around the ring so much? The match was nothing like I expected. Something was definetively wrong and the match ends very quick with a Slingshot Suplex around 2:35. Koko was treated like a total jobber.

Winner: Shawn Michaels(Rating: 65% D)

Overall: 67% D


- Poffomania!!! But the match sucked ass

- Hot Promos from Ramon and HBK

- Kamikaze Kid......pushed?


-All the matches minus Kid/Ramon

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WWF Monday Night Raw

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

From: Milwaukee, WI

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

Monsoon and Heenan hype up the most action packed episode of Raw and Action Zone ever!!! As Lex Luger walks down the ramp for the opening match, Monsoon questions Heenan about last Saturday at Superstars and they replay the footage. Heenan says that Luger is a little confused and that's all. As Heenan gets up to walk Luger down the ramp, Luger motions Heenan to stay at the booth and this pisses him off. Heenan sits down with a grin and Monsoon questions what is going on inside his head. Then they replay the Kamikaze Kid footage from Superstars about him getting up and asking for more from Razor Ramon and eventually getting ko'ed again with the Razor's Edge. After all that, they head to the match.

The Kamikaze Kid vs "The Narcissist" Lex Luger

Follows a similiar formula from the Kid/Ramon match, Kid all fired up on offense, then receiving one big blow, in this case a powerful clothesline that knocks him down and turns the tide. Luger actually gives a clean break in the corner as Heenan yelled from the booth for him to attack. Eventually Luger wins with the Running Forearm at 5:15. Extended squash. As Luger celebrates, Kid gets up and asks for more. Luger looks his way with amazement. Luger extends his hand? Kid shakes.....they shake? Heenan is irate on commentary and Luger rises Kid's arm!!! Luger then leaves as Heenan yells at him from the commentators booth, Luger motions a "I dont care" hand gesture and walks to the back.

Winner: Lex Luger(Rating: 74% C)

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake vs Skinner

This is the Barber's official return, to a mild pop and without hype or even an interview. Might be the new booker trying to please Hogan, but still getting his way by making sure not to do anything to put Barber over. I love politics. Monsoon hypes Barber as a Rumble contestant. Nothing too bad here, but follows the basic punch-kick formula and has long dead spots in the middle. Barber wins with the freakin' Sleeper Hold at 6:24.

Winner: Brutus "Barber" Beefcake(Rating: 60% D)


Lanny Poffo with Mean Gene to hype his match with Virgil. He says nothing but Poffomania and "listen to them cheer" followed by a chorus of boo's and runs away. Nothing promo (Rating: 59% F)

Virgil vs Lanny Poffo

Randy Savage! walks out to scout the match. Brothers reunite? Monsoon wonders why is the Macho Man here? Virgil no sells a lot and this seems to be a recurrent problem in the WWF..hey new guy in charge, do something about it!!! Nice ending as Virgil goes for the Sleeper Hold, but Poffo counters out of nowhere to the Roll the Dice for the win. Savage leaves before Poffo spots him.

Winner: Lanny Poffo(Rating: 47% F)

Action Zone

#1 Contenders Tournament:

The Steiner Brothers vs The Beverly Brothers

Winners will meet the winners of the LOD-Headshrinkers match next week for the #1 contendership. Whatever...did LOD and the 'shrinkers had a bye in the first round or what? I dont know why the WWF is so incapable of good matches anymore. This one was mildly entertaining, but too dull in spots, specially when the Beverlies controled the bout and worked a heat segment on Scott. Rick got the hot tag and cleaned house, then knocked out Beau with the Steinerline for the win at 7:24. DULL!!!

Winners: The Steiner Brothers(Rating: 63% D)

What a Rush!!

LOD with Mean Gene. Animal says they are back for two things...the WWF Tag Team Titles and the Royal Rumble and they will suceed in both. Hawk runs down the Headshrinkers and Money Inc and finishes with his trademark "OOOOOOOOOH What a rush!!!" catchphrase.

(Rating: 71% C)

#1 Contenders Tournament:

The Legion of Doom vs The Headshrinkers

When LOD and The Islanders have a better match than the Steiners, we got a problem. Both teams worked very stiff and looked very real in the ring. Heat segment on Animal as always. They keep selling that Samoans have hard heads and everytime he was about to make the comeback, a well placed headbutt ended the rally. The Headshrinkers try a double team and get doubled clotheslined down, which leads to the hot tag. Pier 6 erupts, Hawk cleans house and Samu falls prey to the Doomsday Device for the face win at 8:34. Very formula match, but it worked.

Winners: The Legion of Doom(Rating: 74% C)

Rest in Peace

The Undertaker and Paul Bearer with Mean Gene. Bearer says that this will be the year of the Undertaker and he will become a two time WWF Champion at Wrestlemania when he wins the Royal Rumble. Undertaker: "Paul, start digging because at the Royal Rumble, 29 other men will.....Rest...In....Peace...."

(Rating: 83% B)

The Undertaker vs Repo Man

Believe it or not this was a great match. Repo tried to outsmart Taker by attacking the legs and using his smaller size to escape whenever Taker tried to grab him. Repo had a good four minutes of offense here!!! Nothing but Repo doing his thing and Taker failing to recover!! A Repo push? Repo nailed a hard DDT, but Taker did the zombie situp!!! Chokelift!!!! Taker drops him and now pounds him into the corner. Stiff uppercut almost beheads Repo. GOOZLE!!! Chokeslam!! Taker lifts him up....Tombstone Piledriver. Repo rests in peace at 7:21. Solid bout!!! I loved to see Undertaker selling, but the superman comeback was expected. Barry Darsow looked great here. I am going to pray for a Demolition reunion.

Winner: The Undertaker(Rating: 79% C)

Hitman and Jeannetty

Marty Jeanetty and Bret Hart with Mean Gene. Marty thanks Bret for saving his leg. Bret says that Ric Flair wont get away with that as long as Bret lives. Bret hypes their Rumble encounter as Sharpshooter vs Figure Four.

(Rating: 76% C)

Bret "Hitman" Hart & Marty Jeannetty vs Ric Flair & Razor Ramon

Razor and Marty start to build hype. Marty gets the advantage using his speed. Two minutes later Razor gets a few punches in and mounts the comeback. Tag to Flair. They work Marty's leg. Nice bit as Ric slaps Bret and as he comes in and the ref stops him, Razor pulls Marty to the corner and drives his leg into the ringpost. Marty sells the leg really good here. Marty makes the comeback and drops Flair with a Neckbreaker....he reaches for the tag....Flair with a chop block to the leg and Marty drops like a sack of potatoes. Nice bit as Flair pulls Marty to the center of the ring and Woo's in Bret's direction. Marty catches Flair with an enziguri and finally makes the hot tag!!!! ROOF BLOWS UP!!! Bret is a house on fire on Flair, he begs off but Bret just smacks him in the face!! Bret goes for the Sharpshooter, but Razor breaks it up with a clothesline to the back of the head. Two on one is broken up by Marty. Flair just nails him to the back of the leg and Marty falls down, almost crying. Great selling here. They kick him out of the ring. Flair wants the Razor's Edge. Ramon tries to do it, but Bret blocks and backdrops him!!! Flair with a clothesline. He works the leg, but Bret counters into a roll-up!!!! 1-2....Ramon pushes Flair over!! 1-2-3!!! Flair pulls this one up.

Flair and Ramon bail as Bret gets up and they exchange threats.

Winner: Ric Flair and Razor Ramon(Rating: 82% B)

Overall Rating: 70% C


- The main event

- Taker/Repo was great (91% Match Quality!! WTF?)

- LOD vs Islanders

- Luger/Kid and their respective angles

- Poffomania keeps things interesting with Savage showing up


- Poffo/Virgil and Beefcake/Skinner

- Beverlies and Virgil no selling

- Holes in the #1 contenders tournament

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The Wrestling Observer Newsletter

WWF and WCW News

- WCW will have a special edition of Clash of the Champions going head to head with the Royal Rumble. The Blade Runners, Sting and Ultimate Warrior reunite to face WCW World Champion Rick Rude and his new backup, Roddy Piper. In addition to that, Nick Bockwinkel and Larry Zbysko will compete in a legends match, Sid vs Big Van Vader in a "Masters of the Powerbomb" match and a special six man tag team match in which Ricky Steamboat, Shane Douglas and "Superfly" Jimmy Snuka battle the new "Hardcore Alliance" of Terry Funk, Cactus Jack and Maxx Payne.

- Many media outlets are alredy hyping Hogan's return to the WWF this monday at Raw.

- Raw and Action Zone will feature several matches and angle developments. Alredy confirmed is LOD vs The Steiner Brothers for the #1 contendership at the WWF Tag Team Titles. The Main Event will be a 6 Man Tag Team Match pitting Bret "Hitman" Hart, Big Bossman and Marty Jeannetty aganist Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon!! Also Lex Luger and Bobby Heenan will discuss their issues on Live TV!

- WWF has trademarked the name "Savage Brothers" and this might indicate a reunion between Randy Savage and Lanny Poffo.

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WWF Superstars

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

From: New York City, NY

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

This is from MSG and the crowd is pumped up since this was taped prior to the Raw that will air on Monday with Hogan's return. Monsoon hypes the World Champion Bret Hart wrestling in the main event tonight. God bless MSG shows as they put all their big guns even on the little show. Big Bossman will also be in action and so will be Animal of the LOD aganist one half of the Tag Team Champions, IRS. That kinda gives away the result of tomorrow's match, doesnt it?

Kamikaze Kid vs The Berzerker

Kamikaze does his opening act: He is all fired up on offense, then takes a huge clothesline and pinballs for the big guy the rest of the match. Nothing more than stomps and kicks with the HUSS! shouts thrown in. Shoulder Tackle of DOOM finishes for Berzerker at 4:21. Kid does his schtick, asks for more and gets knocked down again and again by Berzerker until he cannot get up anymore.

Winner: The Berzerker(Rating: 49% F)

Butch vs Lanny Poffo

Randy Savage shows up again in the aisleway. Crowd chants his name and he begs them to shut up. Lanny spots him and gets distracted, Butch pearl harbors him. Punchy-Kicky stuff. Poffo makes the comeback by moving away from an incoming charge. He plants Butch with a Neckbreaker for two. He then sizes up Butch and plants him with the Roll the Dice for the win. Two moves from Poffo? Must be the WWF punishing the 'Wackers for their lack of selling. Savage stares Poffo down and leaves, Poffo keeps his eyes set on the Macho Man and then does his typical "Poffomania!" shout and jumps around a bit, amusing the crowd who still pull away from him.

Winner: Lanny Poffo(Rating: 46% F)

IRS and the Million Dollar Man

Money Inc with Mean Gene. IRS and DiBiase run down the LOD and how they have failed before and will fail again in their attempts to win the Tag Team Titles. Typical stuff from DiBiase and IRS, then they whisper on each other's ear and leave with a smirk. (Rating: 81% B)

Animal/with Hawk vs IRS/with Ted DiBiase

Crowd is pretty hot for this match. Formula stuff here. Animal pounds the shit out of IRS, then IRS comes back with cheating, in this case a low blow. DiBiase distracts the ref and allows IRS to choke Animal with his tie. "Pay your taxes!" and gets a chorus of boo's. Animal makes the comeback by tackling IRS down. Powerslam gets two. He sets IRS up for a Gorilla Press, but DiBiase pulls his leg and IRS lands on top!! 1-2...kickout! Hawk and Ted get into it outside. IRS gets the briefcase, but Animal boots it on his face and covers for the win at 8:45. Decent enough. LOD and Money Inc brawl, The Steiners show up and attack Money Inc, sending them scurrying. Then a staredown between LOD and The Steiners.

Winner: Animal(Rating: 74% C)

Bossman pissed off at HBK

Bossman with Mean Gene. He runs down HBK for insulting cops across the nation. "This men get shot at, this men get insulted, this men get spit at, this men put their lives on the line day in and day out to guarantee our security and this little punk, with his fancy jewelry and his pretty boy looks thinks he can insult them and get away with it? Not as long as Big Bossman is here to clean up his act! After I win the Intercontinental Title at the Royal Rumble, Shawn Michaels will be rockin' to jailhouse rock!!! And once in there, I cant imagine what the prisoners will do to such a lovely lady!" Intense promo. (Rating: 75% C)

Big Bossman vs Skinner

Bossman actually gets booed by the ladies for his comments towards HBK. Nothing match here, full of punches, kicks and restholds. Bossman Slam kills Skinner at 5:28.

Winner: Big Bossman(Rating: 61% D)

Hitman video

A video of Bret Hart plays. It begins with an early look at the Hart Foundation days, then the Intercontinental Title win and finally his World Title win over Ric Flair. It finishes with " Hitman vs Nature Boy II at the Royal Rumble"

(Rating: 85% B)

Bret "Hitman" Hart vs Repo Man

Repo gets the chance here after impressing in his match with Undertaker. He is allowed the first couple of minutes on offense, basically hammerin' on Hart. Bret makes the comeback and here they come: FIVE MOVES OF DOOM! Vertical Suplex, Russian Legsweep, Second Rope Elbow, Backbreaker and the Sharpshooter for the tapout at 5:10. Hitman celebrates with the fans to end the show.

Winner: Bret "Hitman" Hart(Rating: 77% C)

Overall Rating: 69% D


- Promo Time! All of them well executed.

- Hitman/Repo and Animal/IRS where decent matches.


- Berzerker!

- Butch no sells!

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And so it was....

1992 was a year of changes and problems for the WWE. The whole steroid scandal caused such a stir backstage, that no self respecting backstage worker of any importance wanted to be dragged down with it. How did I ended up in this mess?

I was a third generation servant so to speak. My grandfather had served McMahon Sr by being the chief of staff, the man in charge, of keeping McMahon's properties running. From his house, to his farm, my grandfather was the man who kept everyone working and everything fine. It was not that way for ever. He began in the lowest of the totem pole, just another worker in McMahon's estate. His responsabilities where outside the house. He was part gardener, part plumber,part farm worker. But Sr and him clicked since they first talked. McMahon Sr learn a lot about farm work and stuff from my grandfather and my grandfather learned a lot about business from him. When McMahon's chief of staff retired, he inmediatly named my grandfather for the job. It was great for him, he was given a house inside McMahon's estate and the relationship between the McMahon's and this little caribbean family grew over time. My dad was the smallest of six kids my grandfather had. Vince Jr was close with my uncles, Edson and David and rumor has it that he dated my auntie Carmen for some time behind their father's back. But by the time my dad was born, Vince Jr was almost twenty years old and they where never as close. As a matter of fact, all my uncles lived on McMahon estate as well, doing whatever job they got assigned to. But not my dad. He hated the McMahons. I never knew why, but he hated the idea of working for them. Once he turned 18 he signed with the Army and left the USA for Panama. He returned with my mom and me, when I was about three years old. He had been in Panama for seven years and then left to work in Puerto Rico for the National Guard. There he met my mom, who was a nurse and married her and they had me.

All during this time, my grandfather had been the chief of staff and his sons worked for McMahon in some capacity. Dad had to go back after things got tough in Puerto Rico and he needed a secure job. Vince Jr, now in charge, used his military experience and gave him a job as house security. My mom and I moved into Vince's estate as my mom became somewhat of a house keeper to them.

During this time I grew up in this estate, watching my family devote themselves to McMahon and my dad curse every second of it. To me Vince was always a cool person. I pissed him off more than once with typical childlish stuff, but he never ever did anything aganist me. He always praised how smart I was and how I could become a lawyer or doctor. But my passion was wrestling. Growing so close to the McMahons, I was introduced to wrestling at the tender age of four. My grandfather used to watch it all the time and I got hooked on it by default. My grandfather would have liked to work in the business in some capacity. He was always talking about how much he wanted to be part of it. Those are the few memories I have about him, since he died that same year, before I was five.

In a surprise move, Jr named my dad the new chief of staff, even tough he knew my dad didnt like him. I remember Jr showing up at our house a week after the funeral. He looked at my dad eye to eye and said "Armando, I need you. You are going to be my new chief of staff. I think you are the more responsible of your brothers and since you where the smallest one, you where closer to your dad when he began working as my chief of staff and you have a better knowledge of how things are handled " Dad saw it as an opportunity to sent me to college, make good money. So he took it. He had to see Vince everyday for all that time and they never looked eye to eye. They didnt like each other for whatever reason, but they respected each other.

Vince Jr always remembered me for christmas. He always sent me expensive presents, the kind of toys my dad could not get me. He also always remembered my birthday and once brought Bruno Sammartino and Bob Backlund to my birthday party. I was very close with Stephanie, but not so much with Shane. Shane liked me, we used to talk sports a lot, but he was out of the house too much and therefore I didnt knew him as well. But Stephanie and I where real close. I used to piss her off by ripping the heads out of her dolls, but she would not cry. She was tough. She would look for a chance to strike her revenge and she would do it, she would step on my cars and break them, or she would steal my marbles and flush them down the toilet. It was strange, but the McMahon family always trusted me with Steph. She was very smart, specially in math, and would help me a lot in school, while I tought her how to ride a horse or how to start a fire.

When I turned 18 we went our separate ways. I had the chance to go to a Junior College in the area, she just stayed home. But things like college where not for me. I had more than one problem with the wrong people and I was kicked out. It was back to the McMahon estate. At first, I was working with my Dad, hoping to one day take his spot as the chief of staff. But then an opportunity came. I was watching wrestling one sunday and I was imitating Mean Gene, introducing the wrestlers. Vince came in and heard it, liked it and told me to come with him. Next thing I knew, I was the ring announcer in the B shows. This got me closer to the business and I was able to learn more from people.Pat Patterson took a liking to me(NOT THAT LIKING!) and eventually I learned more than I needed to. I ended up as part of the agents in the house shows,helping the guys to decide finishes for matches and so on. I never expected much.

But then this whole mess with the steroids happened. Every person in the backstage area was implicated one way or the other and no one could keep control. One good day, I noticed Patterson and Vince talking and looking to me. Then Vince came over."Hey kid. Listen....I knew you wanted to be my chief of staff once your dad stepped down...is that still in your plans?" I said "Yes of course...but I like what I am doing now. I feel this is what I was meant to do. I love it here." He looked me straight in the eyes and said "Then how about being chief of this staff!"

I could not believe it!! For three weeks I was given a crash course in booking and business. Vince, Patterson, Briscoe, Wahoo...they where all there. Then like nothing had happened, the company was handed to me. I was introduced to what Vince called "The new generation", the people who where controlling until things where back to normal. I didnt knew most of this guys. Kathy Jane Myers, Sophie Corbett, Art Johnson...nobody ringed a bell. Then they introduced me to the people I had to report to.....Shane and Stephanie McMahon!! They where in charge so to speak.

Shane was not that interested. He basically handled production and merchandise. But Steph was all over me all the time. She wanted to make sure everything was alright and running smooth. She was hell on me!!

And it all came to this. One week to the Royal Rumble and so many people trying to pull me into making them the main event. Specially Hogan. God how I hated Hogan!!! Someone I admired so much was my worst nightmare. He tried to control what I did and make it all seem like he was watching my back. Son of a bitch!!

Here we are. The plans have been written down. Two hours until the last Raw before the Rumble. I still didnt knew who was going to win the damn thing!! Steph walks over.

Steph: "Have you decided yet?"

Armando: "No...."

ackward silence...

Steph: "You have to decide!!! You have to decide today!! You have to decide before everyone goes home and it has to be before Raw goes off the air. Get it? Now do your damn work!

She turned her back on me. I was used to her yelling like a shriek with that horrible voice. It was better now than when she was six, let me tell you that.

Armando: "Why you push me like this? Why dont you decide?

She turned back to me. Dropped the papers she had in her hands. She came closer and put one hand on my face, like she had done so many times before whenever I didnt pay attention to what she was saying.

Steph: "God Armando...sorry, I know this is not easy for you and it is not easy for me okay? But somoene has to do something...and by God I believe you are the right man for the job okay? I tried talking to Shane, but he doesnt care at all!! Dad is out of limits. Mom is lost to this as well, she can handle business, but not the book, never the book. And me? Do you really think I could? Dad named you for this job, over his own children and wife!! That is how much he thinks of you!! And I do too. I do. So get your head straight and do what you have to do. "

She then got away from me and when she was close to the door, she turned back to me.

Steph: "Because if not I will fire your ass!!!"

She said with a wink and a big smile. She liked working the boys, that's for sure. I had only one man to go too, one man that was given something he knew was worth a lot of trouble. Someone on a similiar situation to mine. That someone was Bret Hart.....

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Guest blueblood

I'm liking this. I was just scanning through looking for a nice old school diary and this is it.

Your cards are realistically booked with the jobber matches and are shorter just like they were in 93. Keep up with this man. (Y)

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It was an hour and forty five minutes to Raw. Kathy Jane Myers and Art Johnson where assigned to go over to Hulk Hogan and discuss his return and promo work that was supposed to set up a heel turn. Hogan agreed to turn, after Vince and him talked for a while and Hogan realised that it was not up to Vince. I think Hogan overheard a conversation I had with Vince on the phone in which I stated that I believed that we didnt need Hogan and if he wanted to take his ball and go home, I would let him. But Hogan is not an easy guy to work with and I knew he felt that the heel turn might put him back on the map and in the road to the World Title.

The rest of the guys where ok with everything. Randy Savage stopped being on my tail once I started to push Lanny and discussed them working together. At the end of the day, Savage knew that this might be his brother's only chance at stardom and if he had to take a backseat and help him, by God he would. That was enough to take one guy of my tail.

Then it came Undertaker. Believe it or not, Taker was very respectful and not such a bad guy at all. He idolized McMahon and realised that if McMahon was trusting me, well, he would too. He never had any intention of working with Silva and once I told him that was off, he felt relieved. I gave him a choice of three guys to work a program with: The Berzerker, Yokozuna and Curt Henning. Taker loved the idea of working with Henning, but felt it would not go over well. I promised to keep the other two strong until he made a decision and that kept him cool. I hated Berzerker, but Taker likes to work with big men and that "HUSS" thing is over with the fans, so I gave him a break there. So Taker was easly taken of my tail.

Then came Yokozuna. He was groomed for the main event, no doubt. The push of a lifetime! But I felt that Bret and him wouldnt draw and that I should delay his title run for later. The plans for him to win the Rumble where off in my book. Boy was he pissed!! I promised him a top program going into 'Mania and that seemed to keep him off my tail as well. But with who? That I dont know yet.

Lex Luger loved the idea of a face turn and working with Hogan. Hey, it was better than "Narcissist" for sure. Something that surprised me of Luger was that he was not as hard to work with as many claim. At least now he was cool and not being a problem.

Flair also was very kind with me. I told him, "Mr. Flair, what if I told you that you wont main event Wrestlemania this year?" and he, as cold and calm as anyone told me that he expected that and his only request would be to work with Curt Henning if he was not in the main event. That much I could do.

But like I said, I had three hours at best to decide who was going to meet Bret at Wrestlemania. So I went to Bret himself about it. It was not the first time we discussed this. Bret was very smart and kind, he discussed scenarios that involved everyone from Yoko and Taker to REPO MAN!!!! That is how good he was, making ideas and helping me decide. So I went to him again tonight. Bret was alredy in his ring gear, minus the boots. He liked walking barefooted in the cold floor, he said that relaxed him. Right now he was sitting with Owen and Anvil, discussing their debut as a team tonight. I made him a small gesture, right after I shook hands with Owen and Anvil and off we where.

Armando "Well Bret, you know what this is about. I still have not decided and I have three hours to report my plans to Shane and Steph. I really want your input here, so I will ask you straight out and I want an honest answer. Who DO YOU want to work with?"

Bret "Gosh Mandy boy, if it where up to me, it would be Owen, but I realise that wont draw just yet. I told you I could work with anyone. I wouldnt mind Yokozuna or Undertaker or whoever else. I understand this is business and Hogan wants the damn belt off me. I think Flair and I could keep this up until Wrestlemania if you want..."

Armando "Dont worry Bret. I have perfect hearing and I know the crowd loves you. Hogan is past his prime. I might give him the belt at some point, but not now. It's your time Bret! Listen, you gave me an idea with the Flair thing....it might work. What do you think about this......."

and so I went into detail of what the idea was. I hated them calling me "Mandy", but I suppose everyone pays their dues one way or the other. That was my nickname. I finally had some sense of clarity in my head as of what I wanted to do. Now it came the hard part: DOING IT! Politics are a bitch aint they?

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  • 2 weeks later...

WWF Monday Night Raw

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan/Mr. Perfect

From: New York City, NY

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

MSG is packed for what is supposed to be one of the most memorable editions in the Road to Wrestlemania. This is the final Raw before the Royal Rumble! Monsoon and Heenan welcome us to Raw! Heenan says he will be leaving us shortly to go and prepare for his face to face meeting with Lex Luger later tonight! Monsoon hypes the debut of "The King's Court" with Jerry "The King" Lawler and his guest for the night...the returning Hulk Hogan!! Also Jake "The Snake" Roberts makes his official return to the WWF tonight! Plus, The Legion of Doom face the Steiner Brothers in the finals of the #1 Contenders tournament and the Action Zone main event will see a huge six man tag with Bret "Hitman" Hart, Big Bossman and Marty Jeannetty taking on Ric Flair, Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon!!

Mr. Perfect vs The Kamikaze Kid

Handshake before the bell. Nice little match here. Perfect and Kid have a nice chain wrestling sequence and the Kid even manages to surprise Perfect off guard several times. Kid has Perfect down and goes for the Moonsault, but Perfect moves, however Kid is able to turn himself mid-air and land on his feet! Then he knocks Perfect down with a nice Spinning Kick(Which Perfect sold masterfully) for a very close two count. Kid goes up top for a Missile Dropkick, but Perfect is able to deflect him in mid-air. The Kid lands hard and is briefly stunned, which allows Perfect to set him up and deliver the Perfectplex for the pinfall win at 6:03. Perfect helps Kid to his feet and they shake hands again, Perfect rises Kid's arm for the crowd to see. Then Kid opens the ropes for Perfect is a gesture of respect and they walk side by side until Perfect heads for the announce table and Kid walks backstage.

Winner: Mr. Perfect (Rating: 68% D)

Perfect now joins Monsoon in the booth since Heenan has left to prepare for his meeting with Luger. Perfect puts over the Kamikaze Kid and promises the crowd that the next time the Kid is in the ring, he will finally win a match because starting tonight, Perfect is taking him uder his wing.


Lanny Poffo is backstage with Mean Gene. He hypes his upcoming match with Max Moon. He discusses the winstreak and how they will all cheer him! Some cheers are heard, but mostly boo's from the crowd. Poffo walks to the ring while chanting "Poffomania! Poffomania!"

(Rating: 64% D)

Max Moon vs Lanny Poffo

Poffo walks out with the Poffomania chants and trying to shake hands with people. Looks like Matt Borne(Doink) is under the mask of Moon tonight. He is likely a placeholder for the character until the WWF gets someone to replace Konnan. Steve Lombardi(Brooklyn Brawler) has been under the mask at recent house shows, but he is also a place holder. Randy Savage walks out as soon as the bell rings. Poffo and Moon get a decent wrestling sequence to start and Poffo gets a near fall with a back suplex. Match goes trough the motions, nothing memorable happens. Poffo finally puts it away with the Roll the Dice at 6:23. Savage and Poffo stare down and Savage just nods in Poffo's direction and leaves.

Winner: Lanny Poffo(Rating: 54% F)

Heenan vs Luger

Bobby Heenan walks out with a mic in his hand and is joined seconds later by Lex Luger. Luger has his old, black WCW tights and that kinda foreshadows the turn. He is not in the Narcissist trademarked all white, altough he has the same white boots.

Heenan:" Well, this idiots are wondering what are we doing here, but I know and Luger knows what we are here for. Lex Luger, I brought you to the WWF and turned you into a superstar. However, for the last couple of weeks, you have been ignoring my commands, you have been ignoring my phone calls and you have been ignoring me...your manager, your agent, your friend. I don't know what is going on in that head of yours, but I want to know right now."

Luger: "You want to know? Well, let me run it down for ya. I signed with the WWF with the goal of becoming the best wrestler in the world today. I came from that other promotion looking for a real challenge, 'cause everybody knows that the best are in the WWF. I hired Bobby Heenan as my manager and agent, because he had managed some of the best and most sucessful superstars in this business. He managed Ric Flair and led him to the WWF World Title! But then you came up with this whole Narcissist gimmnick. I am not a Narcissist Heenan. I am a wrestler and that is what I do best. "

Heenan: "So this is what it's all about? The Narcissist character? Fine, forget about the character, forget about the mirrors and the poses and just wrestle. That's what you like right? Well that's it, problem solved. "

Heenan goes to leave, but Luger pulls him back in.

Luger: "No....that's not it Heenan. You see, tell me what have I achieved under your guidance? Nothing. One good day I started to wonder why I was still stuck in the opening matches. You had guided Flair to the World Title, but why not me? Then it stuck me like lightning. You are not a good manager Heenan. The reason Flair made it to the title was because Flair started doing things on his own accord. Flair did things by himself and that is why he is not with you now. The fact of he matter is, I dont need you Heenan. The only thing you made was make this fans hate me. So Bobby Heenan....you are fired!"

Crowd pops for that.

Heenan: "Me? Fired? Hold on you ungrateful bastard!! I made you!! I made you into a WWF superstar! I brought you from that other, second rate promotion to the biggest stage of them all!! And this is how you pay me? Definetively, you are nothing but a brainless idiot, a big goof with muscles, a monkey...."

Heenan doesn't get a chance to finish his tirade as Luger KILLS him with the Bionic Forearm. Crowd pops for that, but the reaction is not as earth shattering as the WWF wanted. (Rating: 74% C)

Action Zone

The return of the Snake

Jake "The Snake" Roberts with Mean Gene. Snake loves to be back home in the WWF. He announces his participation in the Royal Rumble and hypes his match with Kamala tonight. Decent little promo. (Rating: 75% C)

Jake "The Snake" Roberts vs Kamala

Kamala is in full No Sell Mode tonight. Snake looks either, pissed or stoned, too hard to figure out which one. Finish happens when Kamala misses a charge into the corner and Snake puts him away with the DDT at 5:20. Snake then releases his snake and Kamala runs. Crap...

Winner: Jake "The Snake" Roberts

(Rating: 64% D)

The King's Court

Red carpet and a throne in the middle of the ring as Lawler walks down the ramp. They replay his debut match at Superstars and run him down as a true legend in this business. He insults the fans a little bit and then proceeds to introduce himself. Nothing of note happens until he annunces his guest, Hulk Hogan!

Real American blasts over the speakers to a mixed reaction, mostly cheers, but some fans are not to thrilled.

Lawler: "Yes ladies and gentlemen, two legends in one ring! The King of Wrestling and The Inmortal Hulk Hogan! Too bad I never got the chance to face you and put you out with the piledriver, but what can you do?"

Hogan: "That could be arranged, King. The Inmortal and The King one on one!! Would you like that?

Lawler:"I would...but not tonight..you see, this is your return!! This is supposed to be a huge night!! If I beat you, I would kill your momentum and that wouldn't do your career any good. Let's get on to business Hogan. You make your official return to the ring this Sunday when you compete in the Royal Rumble match. I bet the fans want to hear your toughts?"

*At this point some "we want Piper" chants break out. I bet it has something to do with this feeling a lot like Pipers Pit*

Hogan:" My toughts? I am just going to do what I did in 1990 and 1991 and that is go out there and toss 29 other men over the top rope and move on to Wrestlemania. I will defeat the WWF Champion and pose with the crowd, the Hulkamaniacs to send them home happy. That is what I am going to do brother!"

Lawler: "Hulkamaniacs? Do they even exist? I mean, Bret "Hitman" Hart has taken most of your audience Hogan. I bet they call themselves the Hitmans or something equally ridicule. I am sorry to be the bearer of bad news Hulk, but that is the way it is!"

Hogan:"What did you just say? Are you trying to tell me that Bret Hart is a bigger star than Hulk Hogan? That is not true brother! That is not true! Bret Hart might make a good champion, but that is because Hulk Hogan was not around. If I had been the WWF Champion, Bret Hart would have not stood a chance! But my words won't mean a thing to those who have betrayed me, those Hulkamaniacs who burned their shirts when I was gone and embraced this, so called new hero! I will win the Royal Rumble this Sunday and then beat Bret Hart at Wrestlemania!"

Hogan leaves irate and we hear some "We want Bret" chants. Was that a heel turn?

Rating: 89% B

Hype Video

Promo work of the #1 Contenders Tournament. It chronicles all the matches and ends with the LOD vs Steiners still shot. (Rating: 74% C)

The Legion of Doom vs The Steiner Brothers

Now this is more like it! Hands down the best tag team match in the WWF in a very long time! Both teams had their fair time in control. Final moments as a Pier 6 erupts! Money Inc walk down to ringside. Rick gets dumped and LOD set up Scott for the Doomsday Device!!! IRS trips Animal!! Scott rolls up Hawk for the three count at 12:39! The Steiners will face Money Inc at the Royal Rumble! LOD is unhappy and they exchange words with the Steiners before leaving.

Winners: The Steiner Brothers(Rating: 87% B)

Rumble Hype

Long video package that chronicles the main events for the Rumble. Bret/Flair, Bossman/HBK, Steiners/Money Inc and the Rumble Match itself! The 29 faces where shown at record speed and it was difficult to see who they where, but you should know. They hype the special "Road to the Rumble" edition of Superstars this Saturday! New match added to the Rumble: Marty Jeannetty vs Razor Ramon.

(Rating: 80%)

Bret "Hitman" Hart & Big Bossman & Marty Jeannetty vs Ric Flair & Shawn Michaels & Razor Ramon

Another excellent match and great way to close the show. Flair and Hitman left brawling midway trough the match. They came back close to the end, both of them really tired and still kicking each other. The finish has Hitman and Flair outside, Marty jumps on a nice suicide plancha on Ramon, who was also outside. In the ring HBK tries the Slingshot Suplex, but can't lift Bossman. Bossman whips him to the ropes and puts him away with the Bossman Slam at 11:45!! The show closes out with last minute hype and wether or not this result foreshadows the Rumble!

Winners: Hitman/Bossman/Marty(Rating: 84% B)

Overall Rating: 74% C


- Great Rumble Hype

- Two kick-ass main events

- The Kamikaze Kid angle seems to take shape


- Hogan's half-baked heel turn and the less than stellar reaction for Luger's face turn

- Roberts/Kamala and Poffo/Moon

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WWF Superstars: Road to the Rumble Edition Preview!

WWF Superstars comes live from Los Angeles, CA! One night away from the Royal Rumble! Tonight the official 30 men list will be revealed!

Plus a new team debuts as The New Hart Foundation of Owen Hart and the returning Jim "The Anvil" Neidhart take on The Beverly Brothers! In addition to this, the undefeated Tatanka takes on another undefeated superstar, Doink the Clown! All of this and more tonight on Superstars!

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WWF Superstars Special: Road to the Rumble

Announcers: Gorilla Monsoon & Bobby Heenan

From: Los Angeles, CA

Sponsored by Sports Ilustrated, Nintendo, Castrol and Subway

Monsoon and Heenan hype up the show with the main event of Tatanka vs Doink in the clash of undefeated! Also they hype up the Rumble and the official list of entrants to be revealed at the end of the show!!

Virgil vs Bam Bam Bigelow/with Luna

They put Bam Bam over as an early favorite to win the Rumble. Virgil gets token offense in and falls pray to the Flying Headbutt at 5:21. Nothing match and Virgil seems to be relegated to jobber duty.

Winner: Bam Bam Bigelow

(Rating: 49% F)

Perfect and the protege!

Backstage, Mean Gene is with Mr. Perfect and the Kamikaze Kid. Perfect says that tonight Kid will finally win a match. Perfect calls Kid a diamond in the rough and he will be the one to polish it, direct it and take it to the very top. Kid is all pumped up. Decent promo (Rating: 64%)

The Kamikaze Kid vs Skinner

Skinner is all over the Kid to start with his mindless punching and kicking. First few minutes is all Skinner. Kid finally makes the comeback around the three minute mark and gets several near falls. Skinner gets tired of that and slams the kid down, but gets rollled up for two. Skinner decapitates Kid with a clothesline and tries a Death Valley Driver, but gets countered into a crucifix pin!!! 1-2...3.... The Kid wins!!! Kid jumps around the ring like a little kid and jumps into Perfect's arms!! We go to commercial as the celebration continues.

Winner: The Kamikaze Kid (Rating: 52% F)

The celebration continues

We go backstage as Kid continues to celebrate and thank Mr. Perfect. Perfect tells Kid that he needs a name change, since Kamikaze means suicide and he is not a looser anymore. Kid tells Perfect that it would be an honor if Perfect named him. Perfect comes up with "The Lightning Kid" and that sticks. Same name he used in the GWF. (Rating: 64%)

The New Hart Foundation

Mean Gene with Owen and Anvil. This is Anvil's official return. He is pumped up and ready and is glad to be back in the WWF. Owen is happy that Bret brought his brother in law back to be Owen's partner and this time The Rocket is going straight to the top. Tonight the New Hart Foundation will make their mark. (Rating: 73% C)

The New Hart Foundation vs The Beverly Brothers

Owen and Anvil show black and sky blue as their colors. Same old Hart Foundation attire with new colors, to reflect the color Owen was using in his singles career. The Beverlies suck so much ass and drag this one down. Anvil also shows ring rust and looks slow and lost compared to Owen. They even do the Hart Attack and that wakes up the crowd. They debut their new finisher, The Launch Pad, in which Owen gets all the way to the top and from Anvil's shoulders delivers a top rope Splash. That gets the win at 7:20. Matches like this really make the wait for the eventual Midnight Express reunion seem like an eternity. The WWF needs teams that can work in the ring and badly!!!

Winners: The New Hart Foundation (Rating: 55% F)

Tatanka promo

Tatanka with Mean Gene. He talks some nonsense about the Gods and the spirits of the forest. He calls Doink an evil spirit dressed like an angel. A rotten egg that wants to inflict pain dressed like someone who wants to make you laugh. He goes into more metaphors and this sounds like a Jimmy Snuka promo. Not THAT bad.(Rating: 73% C)

Tatanka vs Doink the Clown

Tatanka is made to look like a world beater. I smell a push. Doink controls early on with some clown tricks, mainly squirting Tatanka with a flower and Monsoon notes that it is not water. They can smell that thing in the booth!!!(wink wink, nudge nudge). Tatanka makes the comeback and in less than a minute puts Doink's undefeated streak to rest with the End of the Trail(Modified Samoan Drop) at 3:55. Bye bye Doink, nice to see ya! Tatanka poses for the fans and at least gets a decent reaction.

Winner: Tatanka(Rating: 59% F)

Overall: 60% D


- I like Tatanka, so a push makes me happy

- The Kid angle gets started

- A new tag team


- The end of Doink? He is an interesting character that was murdered!!

- The Beverlies ruining the Hart's debut

- Do we need more Virgil/Bam Bam matches?

- I think the Kid angle is going too fast.

Official list of Rumble Contestants: (In no particular order)



Big Bossman

Bob Backlund

British Bulldog

Brutus "The Barber" Beefcake


Doink the Clown



Hulk Hogan

Jake "The Snake" Roberts

Jerry "The King" Lawler

Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Lex Luger

Marty Jeannetty

Razor Ramon

Lanny Poffo

Randy Savage

Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner

Shawn Michaels

Ted DiBiase



The Undertaker




Mr. Perfect

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Guest Jorden Vandal

You've got a pretty decent diary going on here but I'd say two things that stick out like a sore thumb are the inclusion of Stephanie and Shane McMahon being backstage as 'go to people' when it comes to passing ideas along.

Stephanie was born in '76, and being that your diary takes place in '93 that'd make her just 17 years old. I highly doubt anyone is going to give two shits about what she has to say at 17, if she was even traveling backstage with Vince and the company then. Chances are she was at home in Stamford attending high school for her junior or senior year.

Shane was born in '70 which again only makes him 23. I realize that's a bit older but again I have to think Shane was probably still attending college or something at this point in time. I find it hard to believe he would have had any influence or pull backstage.

Just two things that stick out when reading this that bothered me greatly. Other then that you've done a good job re-capturing the idea of a jobber match, and well having that stacked of a roster like WWE had at the time your doing good working with all of the stars though I can't imagine how Macho would have felt working an opening feud, even if it was with his brother :D

Anyways, goodjob so far keep it up and I'll read it.

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Los Angeles,CA- Bret "Hitman" Hart apparently injured his left hand in a freak accident backstage at the Superstars taping, less than 24 hours to his main event match with Ric Flair at the Royal Rumble. Bret is expected to miss two weeks of action. The injury was reported as minor, but could get worse with the slightest bump. Bret wanted to proceed and work the match anyway, but the new staff went aganist it. Bret is going to be the champ heading into Wrestlemamia and they dont want to jeopardize those plans.

Flair will be in action aganist Mr. Perfect in a "special attraction" match. Plans where heavily changed due to the injury.

Original plans had Bret and Ric going at it for 25 minutes, with Bret countering Flair's cheating with some of his own and getting the win. Frustrated, Flair would force his buddy Razor Ramon to give him his entry ticket into the Rumble. Flair would have come in at #30 with only two people left in the ring and won the Rumble for the second straight year and head to the 'Mania main event. Those plans are now off.

Jack Tunney is expected to announce that since the Bret-Flair match didnt take place, Flair is still the #1 contender. The winner of the Rumble will face Flair in a #1 Contender's Match at the Saturday Night's Main Event: Road to Wrestlemania event on February. But who is winning the Rumble? That is completly unknown to us at this time.

More info as it becomes avalible.

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Shane was born in '70 which again only makes him 23. I realize that's a bit older but again I have to think Shane was probably still attending college or something at this point in time. I find it hard to believe he would have had any influence or pull backstage.
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