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NHL 2006

The Sultan of Swank

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Can anyone help me out a bit?

In my game, I finished my first season 52-15-0-15, which was good enough for #1 in the east and #2 in the league. The problem I'm having is that in the dynasty mode, even though I was winning, and we were projecting 20,000+ per game, each month I made less and less money and less and less people came to the games. But in my finances screen it still said that they were projecting 20,000 + for the next game.

What's going on and can anyone help me fix it?



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Indeed. You have to modify your ticket prices as you continue to win.

It's the Devils syndrome. If you consistently win, the fans get bored and will wait until the playoffs to come to games. So, jack up the prices and get your moneys worth from the hardliners.

If you suck, just leave them constant. Attendance will continue to fall the worse you get, and lowering prices will have a very minimal effect.

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