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If You Were To Make A Movie....


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Okay, the soundtrack to Mick's Life....


Okiedoke, got it.

01 - ER Theme

REASON: I'm addicted to the show. Hell, I wake up to the song every day (literally). Sad, yes...but still, just like the show, I see the (non family members) people that are important in my life, going through the opening sequence, just like the show.

02 - "Break Stuff" - Limp Bizkit

REASON: For when I go ballistic...

03 - Ironside Theme

REASON: The Ironside theme, for those of you that don't know, is the song in Kill Bill that plays when the Bride sees a member of the DIVAS. This belongs in my soundtrack since I have a list of people that I hate, and they hate me, and when we see eachother, you can tell the tension between us, silently, in my head, I hear the begining of the song.

04 - "Send Me An Angel" - Real Life

REASON: Great song, I love the lyrics, it could compete on the Romantic Edition of Mick's life for theme.

05 - "Man In The Box" - Alice in Chains

REASON: Eh...nothing in particular. I got a lap dance to this song....

06 - "Back in Black" - AC/DC

REASON: First day of tenth grade, I intenionally wore all black to school, while humming this song.

07 - "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" - AC/DC

REASON: I did it at the school talent show to recieve the pop of the night. I made an ass of myself....lol.

08 - "Fight for Your Right" - The Beastie Boys

REASON: This line alone: Your pop caught you smoking and he says "No Way!"; that hypocrite smokes two packs a day; Man, living at home is such a drag; Your mom threw away your best porno mag. True to an incident in my life....

09 - "City of New Orleans" - Arlo Guthrie

REASON: Well, to be honest, has something ever happend, where you hear a song in your head, while it happens? I don't want to be sick or anything, but on 9/11, watching all hell break loose, I heard the line "Good Morning, America, how are 'ya?" just going on repeatidly.

10 - "Touch Too Much" - AC/DC

REASON: I listend to this song a lot when I was stoned in High School.....not a very good point in my life.

11 - "Alive" - POD

REASON: Take the lyrics for what you will, but to me, this song is about finding Jesus, and all that kind of stuff. Kind of at a point when I rediscovred my faith.

12 - "Ghostbusters" Theme

REASON: Love the Ghostbusters when I was little....how could it not be in there?

13 - "HBK: Sexy Boy"

REASON: Okay, this is dumb, but when I would get dressed for school (usually around 6AM), I would listen to this song and do the whole Shawn Michaels routine. Good for a laugh.

14 - "Sweet Child of Mine" - Guns 'n' Roses

REASON: Reminds me of a girl I know.

15 - "Ride On" - AC/DC

REASON: Has to been on the CD, because I want this played at my funeral. Morbid, yes, but still, MUST BE ON THE CD.

There you have it. The tenative soundtrack to my life.

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