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PWX! Let the WAR Begin...

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Guest slimlayzie

The following is taken from a press release, which was released by 20th Centuary FOX.

August 2005.

20th Century FOX.

FOX Broadcasting Network "Gets in the ring" on Wednesday nights!

20th Century FOX held a press conferance today to annouce it's latest venture. The Fox Broadcasting affiliates will begin airing professional wrestling in the first quarter of 2006. The wrestling promotion will be owned by FOX Broadcastings parent company, 20th Century FOX.

20th Centuary FOX has always been one of the top media companies in the world, and it's FOX Network has become one of the top networks in the world. With top rated programming such has "The Simpsons", "American Idol", "24", "House", "That Seventies Show", "The O.C.", and many more. FOX is confident that the time is right to add professional wrestling to it's networks.

Therefor 20th Centuary FOX announces Pro Wrestling X! A brand new wrestling promotion that will feature hard hitting wrestling action, without the more risque and adult situations that have become the norm in WWE. FOX hopes a more family orinted wrestling broadcast will be able to draw in a large crowd.

Pro Wrestling X will feature the top grapplers in the sport, the grapplers that have that "X Factor" to them that makes them stand out from thier counterparts. The company will begin running shows in Febuary of 2006, and will run large events on Pay Per View begining in March or April of 2006.

Pro Wrestling X (PWX) will broadcast on Wednesday nights begining in Febuary at an 11pm time slot on the east coast, immediatly following the local news. No time slot has been set on the west coast has of yet.

"We are very pleased to add this new form of entertainment to the FOX networks." President of programming for FOX Networks Dan Smith stated. "All someone has to do is look at wrestling's past ratings to see that pro wrestling has always had a good audience, and we beilive that with our networks capabilities it could only get better."

"With PWX being apart of the FOX family, it made this decision even easier, that now was the time to pull the trigger and welcome professional wrestling to the FOX Network"

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image


Male Roster

AJ Styles

Alex Shelley

Austin Aries

Charlie Haas

Chris Jericho

Chris Sabin

Christian Cage

Christopher Daniels

Frankie Kazerian

James Gibson

Jay Lethal

Justin Credible

Kid Kash

Low Ki

Matt Bently

Mikey Whipwreck

Petey Williams

Rey Mysterio

Roderick Strong

Samoa Joe

Sonny Siaki

Steve Corino

Female Roster

Alicia Webb

Carmella Decesare

Christy Hemme

Dawn Marie

Jackie Gayda

Jaime Koeppe

Joy Giovanni

Michelle McCool

Alexis Laree

Tag Team Roster

Collyer and Stryker (Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker)

London and Kendrik (Paul London and Brian Kendrik)

The Briscoe Brother (Mark and Jay Briscoe)

The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas)

That is the current PWX roster has of The last week of January. With PWX debut a mere two weeks away everyone is getting geared up and ready for the show.


Here is the ACTION! LOGO!

IPB Image

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

The following was taken from PWXwrestling.com concerning PWX first PPV! and First Champions!

Good Morning wrestling fans, we here at PWXwrestling.com have some exciting news regarding our upcoming promotion and who be the first to wear the gold that symbolizes PWX! We here at PWX Online have been able to confirm that the first PPV, which will be entitled "PWX: X-Factor" will take place on March 26, 2006! The weeks preceeding X-Factor will bare witness to two seperate tournaments in order to place PWX Gold around the waistes of three worthy competitors.

The PWX Tag Team Championships will be decided in a straight forward eight team elimination tournament. ALL Matches will take place on PWX ACTION! leading upto X-Factor, where the final two teams will do battle in an attempt to crown the first ever Pro Wrestling X Tag Team Champions!

Six (6) of the eight (8) teams have already been announced for the tournament. Former NWA Tag Team Champions Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, collectivly known has The Naturals would have to be considered early favorites. But that's not to undermind the other five teams already announced, cause there is some serious competition ahead. Former teammates will come together again in Matt Bently and Frankie Kazerian. A very well traveled duo has entered thier names into the pot in Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker. And don't forget about beloved Independant stars the Brisco Brothers, Mark and Jay. The highflying duo of Paul London and Brian Kendrik where a successful tandem in WWE, and hope to bring thier experience together into PWX and tag home the gold! Rounding out the six announced teams is a rather odd pairing. Justin Credible announced he wanted in, looking to regain some of his former success in ECW's tag team division. Justin put out an open invitation and it was excepted by the young Samoan, Sonny Siaki.

The above mentoned six teams will be joined by two soon to be announced teams, and one of the eight will make history by becoming the FIRST ever PWX World Tag Team Champions!

PWX X-Factor will also feature more history in the making, has it will be Main Evented by the final two competitors in a very unique tournament to determine the FIRST ever PWX World Heavyweight Champion!

PWX Officials have dubbed this unique tournament The PWX Stage Five Invitational Tournament. Eight lucky combatants recieved invitations to compete, and all ofcourse eagerly accepted. This unique Tournament has been split into Five Stages, hence the name, with one warrior ultimately claiming the top prize in PWX! Rules for this tournament are slightly complex, so bear with us here at PWXwrestling.com and we'll explain the rules of the tournament for you.

We will start off with the previously stated eight lucky competitors, the competitors themselves will be named a little further into our explaination. Stage one will feature four straight up singles encounters. Winners advance into bracket A. The four losers however, will still be elegiable to claim the top prize in PWX!

Stage two will feature the four winners from stage one compete in two one on one encounters. The four men who failed to pick up wins in the first stage will be paired together, and then faced off against eachother. So the four "losers" from Stage one will then be placed into a tag team match. randomly decided, wrestlers A and B will face off against wreslters C and D. The team that wins that tag team Wild Card match, will move on, and still have a shot at obtaining thier goals. The two losers of the Wild Card tag team match will be eliminated from the Tournament.

Stage three will feature two winners from bracket A doing battle in one on one competition. winner moves on, loser is headed to Bracket B in Stage four. Stage three's B bracket will feature the winning duo from Bracket B in Stage two taking on the two "losers" from Bracket A in Stage two. The winning duo moves onto Stage Four, while the losing duo is eliminated from the Tournament.

Stage Four will afford The winner of Bracket A a nice break from competition. The thusfar undefeated competitor will get the night off, while Bracket B takes center stage. So, if you've been able to follow along thusfar, you would already know that Bracket B now contains three competitors. Each of them with one loss. The tag team duo that was victorious from Bracket B in Stage Three, and the "loser" of Bracket A in Stage three. Here's where things change a little. With only three competitors left in Bracket B, clearly a tag team encounter is out of the question. So we're gonna take the "team" that won the tag team affair in Stage three of Bracket B and split them up. Now we've got three seperate competitors, all eager for thier chance to Main Event PWX's first PPV and wreslter for the PWX World Heavyweight Championship. We have ourselves a triple threat match. One pinfall, one winner. The winner will be the winner of Bracket B.

And now it's showtime folks...Stage Five is simple, The winner of Bracket A faces off against the winner of Bracket B with the PWX World Heavyweight Championship up for grabs!

Now, we here at PWXwrestling.com know what your thinking, the winner of Bracket B has already been defeated once in this tournament, whereas the winner of Bracket B hasn't lost a fall yet. True, which is why PWX has decided to add a special stipulation to the Main Event at X-Factor. It will be a special two out of three falls encounter. PWX officials figured that should even the scoreboard abit. Ensuring that Bracket B's entrant won't win the belt on one quick counter or rollup. You will have to pin your opponant twice to walk away with the PWX World Heavyweight Championship!

We hope you have understood our explaination of the Stage Five Invitational Tournament. If you have any questions hopefully they will be answered shortly when the official brackets are released. Until then, we would like to thank everyone for thier interest in PWX wrestling!

Brackets and ACTION! Preview still to come.

Don't Miss PWX X-FACTOR!

IPB Image

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Guest slimlayzie

The Following is from PWXwrestling.com

Here you are wrestling fans, the announcent you've been waiting for. The official PWX Stage Five Invitational Tournament Brackets and participants. The action all starts this wednesday night. Without further hesitation, here are your brackets.


Bracket A

1- "The Phenominal" AJ Styles -vs- "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage

2- Rey Mysterio -vs- "King of Old School" Steve Corino

3- "The Samoan Submission Machine" Samoa Joe -vs- Charlie Haas

4- "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels -vs- Chris Jericho


Bracket A

5- Winner of Match 1 -vs- Winner of Match 2

6- Winner of Match 3 -vs- Winner of Match 4

Bracket B

7- Losers of Matches 1 & 4 -vs- Losers of Matches 2 & 3


Bracket A

8- Winner of Match 5 -vs- Winner of Match 6

Bracket B

9- Winners of Match 7 -vs- Losers of Matches 5 & 6


Bracket A

Winner of Match 8 Wins Bracket A. Gets night off.

Bracket B

10- 1/2 Winning Team of Match 9 -vs- Loser of Match 8 -vs- 1/2 Winning Team of Match 9


Winner of Bracket A -vs- Winner of Bracket B (PWX World Heavyweight Championship)

Official Preview for Wednesday Night's debut of PWX ACTION!

IPB Image

PWX Premiere Edition of Wednesday Night ACTION! Preview:

Wrestling fans, prepare for the ultimate in Professional Wrestling Action! X truly marks the spot for Professional Wrestling fans the world over when PWX hits the airwaves this wednesday night at 11 eastern! Those on the west coast please check your local listings.

One of the greatest wrestlers in pro wrestling history will be in attendance this Wednesday night at PWX's innagural event. The man known has "The best there is, The best there was, and The best there ever will be" Bret Hart will be in attendance to help PWX kick off it's run. PWX Officials are thrilled that Hart has volunteered his services and will be giving PWX his blessings and support has we begin our journey into wrestling history. Don't miss a moment of Bret Hart's return to the business he once made his life. Only on PWX ACTION!

But that's not all wrestling fans, PWX ACTION! will be known stop and ACTION! packed! Four HUGE Matches will take place, gaurenteeing the fans non-stop wrestling action!

The first four matches in the Stage Five Invitational Tournament will air this Wednesday night when PWX ACTION! debuts! Don't miss it when eight of the best in the business begin thier quests at attaining the ultimate goal, the PWX World Heavyweight Championship! Chris Jericho, Christian, Rey Mysterio, AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, Steve Corino and Charlie Haas will all be in ACTION against eachother! There's no time to waiste, and no time for talking when eight of the best in the business tear up your television screen this wednesday night!

Get ready for the most ACTION packed hour on TV! And has an added bonus catch a special look at the remainder of the this season of 24! All that this wednesday night on PWX wednesday night ACTION!

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Action - Febuary 8, 2006

Mike Johnson and Alicia Webb open us up and they run down the card for tonight, which is:

Steve Corino -vs- Rey Mysterio

Samoa Joe -vs- Charlie Haas

AJ Styles -vs- Christian Cage

Christopher Daniels -vs- Chris Jericho

Alicia talks about how honored she is to be asked to work the announcers booth, it's something she's always been interested. She thanks PWX for the oppertunity. They both talk about how exciting it was to see Bret Hart backstage before the show. Quick 45 second video is shown of Hart mingeling with some of the wrestlers backstage.

Match one

Rey Mysterio -vs- Steve Corino

Pretty decent opening match, thier styles are quite differant, but they managed to put on a decent match even though Corino didn't seem to have his heart in it. Mysterio did alot of high flying and took a nice bump over the top ropes. Corino stuck to mainly brawling and mat work, locking on several submissions. At the 3:47 mark Petey Williams made his way to ringside and looked on. Mysterio got the upperhand around the 4:35 mark and went onto the apron to drop the dime, but Williams grabbed Mysterio's leg and Rey dropped to the mat face first. Corino saw this and looked upset at first, but then shrugged his shoulders and hit a Perfect Plex on Mysterio to pick up the victory. Corino stared at Petey and then slide to the outside. Williams slide into the ring and taunted Mysterio briefly, then nailed the Canadian Destroyer on Rey to add insult to injury. Petey gloated and PWX went to commercial.

Winner: Steve Corino @ 5:37

Rating: ** stars

Back from commercials with a replay of what had just happened. Sneak peak at Fox's hit 24 and it's time for the second match.

Match Two

Samoa Joe -vs- Charlie Haas

This a better and more intense affair than the first match. Joe was stiff like usual, and Haas took what he gave him and delivered a few shots of his own. Nice spot saw Haas counter a suplex attempt by Joe and hit an impressive Exploder suplex on the bigger man. Cover got only a two though. Joe hit his leaping yakuza kick and running senton splash to a nice reaction from the fans. Haas got back into it with a spin kick and several loeg drops, then applied an indian death lock. An attempted Haas of Pain was shaken off by the bigger man, and Joe took over slightly following that. Joe hit a hard snap powerslam has Haas returned from being whipped against the ropes, and that got a two count. Haas fought back with punches and a nice dropkick, then went up top and hit a missle dropkick for a two count. Haas went back up and hit a second one, but Joe popped right back up and clotheslined him inside out. Cover got a two, Haas rolled Joe up out of nowhere for a two, then superkicked the big man down. Charlie attempted to go to the well once too many times however, has he climbed the turnbuckles for the third time in the match. This time it cost him, Joe recovered and caught Haas on the turnbuckles, and hit the Muscle Buster resulting in a three count. Joe stared into the camera leading to a commercial break.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 7:41

Rating: *** stars

Back from commercial and Alicia Webb is backstage with Christian Cage and Chris Jericho to get thier opinions on PWX and why they decided to sign. They two pretty much joke around the whole time, making innuendo filled comments towards Alicia. Christian says it's nice to have the C+C Connection back in full force. They joke about who's innitial is the first C. Jericho says Christian will be PWX World Champion someday, just not until Jericho hangs up his boots. Christian makes a crack about Fozzy. Overall just the two of them having fun and goofing off. pretty funny segment though. Christian leaves for his match, and Jericho makes another crack about Alicia.

Rating: 8 of 10

Match Three

AJ Styles -vs- Christian Cage

Both men where in top form tonight for this one. They started off with a nice counter wrestling sequence. Styles ended up getting the better of Christian, and applied an armbar. Christian fought out though and they did a simuliar sequence except Cage got the better of AJ this time. Christian kept up the offensive for a few minutes, wearing him down with alot of suplex variations and submissions. Styles reversed an irish whip and hit a beautiful dropkick at the 4:02 mark and played the crowd. The crowd cheer for both men with each manuever they hit. Styles catapulted Christian to the outside, and then hit a sweet senton dive over the top to the outside on Cage. Back inside Styles went for the Styles Clash But Christian countered by kicking AJ in the face. Reverse DDT followed and Christian dumped AJ outside. Cage then hit a suicide dive onto AJ on the outside. Back inside and Christian Cage hit a double underhook backbreaker, taking a page out of Jericho's book. He then smiled into the camera. Styles hit the Pele' Kick out of nowhere for a two. suplex into a hangman's neckbreaker was performed nicely. Christian tried to fight back by Styles enzigeried him to regain the advantage. AJ kept on the offensive until Christian countered an attempted moonsualt into a reverse ddt and went to hit the Un-Prettier, but Styles countered and hit the reverse DDT anyway. Styles went to the top and singlaled for the Spiral Tap, but Christian moved in the nick of time and quickly rolled Styles up to pick up the win. Styles immediatly leaped up, looking very disapointed with himself. Christian Cage raised his hands in victory, and then offered his hand to AJ, but Styles just smirked and refused to extend his hand. Cage looked confused, and Styles just turned and walked away, shaking his head the whole time.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 9:17

Rating: ***1/2 stars

Match Four

Christopher Daniels -vs- Chris Jericho

A very strong showing from both these men, both of whom can go anyway. Daniels jumped out to an early advantage by attacking prior to the bell. Daniels remained agressive throughout, with quick snap punches and kick. he hit afew signature moves including the Last Rites to get a near fall. Jericho fought back though and hit a snapping DDT on Daniels for a nearfall. Jericho played the crowd and contiued to apply pressure to Daniels, hitting a sleeper drop for a near fall. Jericho went for the lionsault after a facebuster but Daniels rolled out of the way, and Jericho landed on his feet. Jericho dropkicked the leg of Daniels and applied a figure four. Daniels reached the ropes and they fought back and fourth, exchanging chops and punches. Jericho got the upperhand and hit a leaping back elbow. Jericho looked for the Walls of Jericho but Daniels kicked him off, Jericho charged and Daniels caught him with a Sambo suplex drop. Jericho slowly got up and Daniels hit a running STO for a two count. Best Moonsualt Ever missed, but Daniels landed on his feet and caught Jericho with a fireman's carry into a rib breaker. Jericho fought back and and caught Daniels with a spinning wheel kick. Lionsault connected for a two count. Jericho with a Reverse DDT drop into a back breaker, taking a page out of Christian Cage's book. He smiles at the camera and goes after Daniels again. Daniels tries to fight him off but Jericho hits a brainbuster and applies the Walls of Jericho! Daniels is able to make it to the ropes though, so Jericho just does it again. Again Daniels makes the ropes. Daniels fights off a third attempt, and counters a clothesline attempt with a boot to the gut, Angel's Wings is countered, Jericho jumps up and catches Daniels offgaurd with a crussafix rollup for a two count. Daniels charges wildly at Jericho and Jericho ducks it school boys Daniels to pick up the victory! Daniels punches the mat and Jericho slides out, celebrating with the crowd.

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 10:13

Rating: **** stars

A Hit on the Hitman

We're closing the show with Bret Hart in the ring. He talks about his carear briefly, and says that he likes what he's heard of PWX. He thinks the roster is top notch, and likes the emphasis on wrestling, and not all that other crap you see elsewhere. Hart thanks the fans for being so receptive to them, and tells everyone that fans like them are the reason he fell in love with the business. Hart is about to sign off when Austin Aries walks out with a micraphone. He introduces himself to the crowd, and says that he's here to make a name for himself, unlike Hart...who's here to pretend he's still important to this business. Aries says PWX officials told him there was no room on the card for him tonight, because they had to give time to Hart. Aries calls Hart a washed up has been, and tells him to get the hell out of the ring. Hart responds by refering to Aries has a great talent, with a terrible attitude. Hart tells Aries he needs to learn to repsect those who came before him. Aries tells Hart to "respect father time, and realise your nothing but an old memory now". Aries says he didn't come here to run Hart into the ground...he came here to watch his friends do it. Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong jump over the railings and attack Hart from behind. Both men put the boots to Hart, while Aries introduces them to the audience. Aries enters the ring and slaps Hart while Shelley and Strong are holding him. The PWX locker room heads to the ring, and Airies, Shelley, and Strong make thier exit while wrestlers and officials attend to Hart. We see the three men laughing, while Johnson and Webb tell everyone how appaling thier behavior was. End of Show.

Rating: 7 of 10

Final Thoughts: A nice strong opening show in my opinion. The tournament is ready for Stage two, while the Hart segment helped Strong, Shelley, and Airies get more over with the PWX audience. All of the matches pretty muched delivered what I was expecting. Corino's moral was a bit low, which effected his performance, but after the win he's better and shouldn't be a problem...hopefully not anyway. I would rate it a strong B.

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Wednesday Night ACTION! Preview:

Last wednesday night PWX kicked things off with a bang! Featuring the first Stage in the PWX Stage Five Invitational Tournament to crown the first PWX World Heavyweight Champion.

Things may of started off with an incredible bang, but the night ended with a sickening crash! Austin Aries distracted PWX's guest of honor Bret Hart while Aries companions Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong blinsided the wrestling legend. But the question on everyone's mind here in PWX is why!? Why did these three outstanding young athletes attack The Hitman like that? PWX Officials want to know the answer to that question, and have demanded that all three men be in attendance to explain thier actions this wednesday night.

Stage Two of the Stage Five Invitational Tournament will take place this wednesday in the form of three seperate matches.

Chris Jericho, hot off his victory over Christopher Daniels will face the man who defeated Charlie Haas last week. Don't miss a minute of the ACTION when Samoa Joe does battle against Chris Jericho to determine who moves on in Bracket A

Last week also saw Christian Cage pick up a hard fought victory over AJ Styles to advance in the tournament. This week "Captain Charisma" will go head to head with Steve Corino, who last week defeated Rey Mysterio, with the winner moving on in Bracket A

Speaking of Rey Mysterio, last week on ACTION! Mysterio fell victim to an unprevoked attack at the hands of Petey Williams! However Mysterio will have to keep his head clear when he teams with Charlie Haas to take on the duo of AJ Styles and Christopher Daniels to determine who moves on in Bracket B, and who is eliminated from the Tournament.

Don't miss all the ACTION! this wednesday night, on Fox, when PWX ACTION! invades your TVs!

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX ACTION! - Febuary 15, 2006.

The show opens with Mike Johnson and Alicia Webb recapping what happened last week. Johnson says he has an Important announcement regarding tonights telecast. Steve Corino sustained an injury during a tour of Japan over the weekend, and will be unable to compete for several weeks. As a result he has been removed from the Stage Five Invitational Tournament, and replaced with a Mystery entrant who will debut tonight and face Christian Cage.

Match One

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels -vs- Charlie Haas & Rey Mysterio

Styles and Mysterio started us off in what would end up being an excellant tag team affair. Mysterio always seemed to be just a step ahead of Styles, and two but on a short wrestling clinic in the art of chain and counter wrestling. Daniels then got in and Mysterio seemed to always be a step ahead of him aswell. Daniels wasn't able to gain the advantage really until Styles kneed Mysterio in the back when Rey was whipped against the ropes. Daniels took it to Rey hitting several high impact moves of the smaller and lighter opponant. A high point in the match saw Mysterio countered an attempted Angel's Wings by flipping up and snapping off a hurricanrana. Haas entered the frey and took it too the Fallen Angel. he locked on the Haas of Pain but Styles dropped a springboard knee drop on Haas to break it up. Mysterio entered and took it to both Styles and Daniels, he backdropped Daniels to the outside and set up Styles for the 619! Mysterio went for the maunever when he spooted Petey Williams who was about to enter the ring, Mysterio hit a sliding dropkick on Williams, and then went to hit the 619. Styles leaped to his feet at the last second and hit the Pele' on Mysterio. Daniels attacked Haas, and Styles nailed the Styles Clash on Rey for the win for himself and Daniels.

Winners: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels @ 10:21

Rating: ****

The Future Legends of Pro Wrestling

Mike Johnson is standing center ring and announces that he's there to get the answers that everyone wants to have. He runs down what happened last week to Bret Hart and announces that Hart is doing fine, and is back in Calgery.

Austin Aries, Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong make thier way to the ring, cockily posing the entire time. The threesome enter the ring and Airies rips the microphone from Johnson's hands. He says that everyone wants to know why they would attack Bret Hart like they did last week, and explains that it's Hart's own fault. he says Hart is what's wrong with this business, an old has been who takes every oppertunity to steal the spotlight from the younger guys. Aries gets into Johnson's face and tells him that PWX Officials told the three of them that there wasn't any room on the card to place them, because they had to make sure Bret Hart had all the time he wanted. Airies says that they did what they did to get what they wanted, because if they hadn't done it last week, no one would want hear anything they had to say. Aries finishes up by saying they are the Future Legends of Professional Wrestling, and that Hart did what someone his age should do...help some younger guys make a name for themselves.

Chris Jericho makes his way onto the rampway, and tells Aries that he and his girlfriend's made a mistake by putting thier hands on Bret Hart last week. Jericho says that Hart is what the three of them will never be, a man who is respected by everyone in the business. Aries says Jericho is in the same class as Hart, and The Future Legends of this business may have to do to Jericho what they did to Bret Hart last week.

Aries, Shelley and Strong all make thier way up the rampway and look to attack when a swarm of PWX Officials enter the scene and manage to get between the four men.

Rating: 8/10

Match Two

Mystery Opponant -vs- Christian Cage

The Mystery entrant was former TNA star Low Ki, and he and Christian put together a very solid matchup. Low Ki was impressive and he really went at Cage with his martial arts abilities. At one point Cage dared Low Ki to kick him again, and Ki nearly knocked Cage's head off. it wasn't enough though as Christian Cage fought back after the nearfall and nailed Ki with some kicks of his own. A russian leg sweep followed and Christian kept up his pace and controlled the next few minutes of the match. At one point gaining a close nearfall after hitting a frog splash on Low Ki. Ki countered an Un-prettier attempt and went for the Ki Krusher, Cage countered though and hit a ddt for a two count. Low Ki went right back on the offensive with a nice screwdriver for a two count. Low Ki went for a tumbling martial arts splash into the corner, but a groggy Christian was able to get out of the way just in time, and hit the Un-prettier for the win. Cage helped Low Ki up after the match, and the two shook hands.

Winner: Christian Cage @ 8:53

Rating: ***

Back together again.

Backstage we see Matt Bently talking to PWX Road Agent/Trainer Lance Storm about what occured ealier between Jericho and Aries/Strong/Shelley. Storm is saying goodbye when from out of the camera's view we see a hand reach out, and slap Bently in the back of the head. Bently spins around, and then cracks a big smile, the camera pans out to see Frankie Kazerian. Bently and Kazerian shake hands and joke around about traveling together before. Kazrian tells Bently that he entered thier names into the Tag Team Tournament together, in hopes of reclaiming thier former success has a tag team. The duo continue to joke around as we go to commercial.

Match Three

Samoa Joe -vs- Chris Jericho

Jericho and Joe put on another solid match for the fans, and the fans certainly were into it. This match was mainly controlled by Samoa Joe, as Jericho took a lickin' and kept on tickin'. Jericho took the early advantage and hit a nice missle dropkick and followed it up with ab early Lionsault, however Joe kicked out at one! Jericho attacked with fists, but Joe no sold them all, and nailed a hard overhand chop on Jericho. After working Jericho over in the corner Joe hit a running mafia kick into a downed Jericho. Hard irish whip into the corner, was followed by a running knee lift. belly to belly suplex got a two count. Joe suplexed Jericho, and then dropped a big legdrop accross his throat for another nearfall. Joe continued the assault with stiff blows and high impact power manuevers. Jericho attempted to fight back but Joe caught him with a hard snap powerslam. Snap powerbomb by Joe, into an STF. Jericho fought for the ropes, and Joe turned it into a crossface. The crowd popped, and Jericho reached for the ropes, Joe then shifted into a rings of saturn. Joe released the hold and applied a boston crab, but Jericho reached the ropes. High sidekick nailed Jericho, and Joe snapped back with a running Yakuza kick, completely leaving his feet in the process. Running senton bomb gets a two count. Muscle Buster is attempted, but Jericho wiggles out and rolls him up for a two count, both men up and Joe turned him inside out with a clothesline! Joe climbed to the second turnbuckle, and hit a senton bomb, for a very close two! Irish by Joe, Jericho ducked the attempted clothesline and hit a leaping spin wheel kick to stagger Joe. Double armed DDT followed, and Jericho locked in the Walls of Jericho, but Joe managed to get the ropes. Jericho hit a running bulldog, followed by a facebuster, and went for the Lionsault. Joe kicked the ref into Jericho's path though and Jericho nailed the ref! Joe leaped to his feet and tossed Jericho into the corner, setting him up and nailing the Muscle Buster, but there's no ref to count. Joe snaps and grabs a chair on the outside, he brings it in and grabs Jericho for another Muscle Buster on the CHAIR!! Jericho counters though, and hits the Breakdown on Joe, face first onto the chair! Lionsault onto Joe's face, which was on the chair! the ref revives himself and counts the three count giving an exhausted Jericho the victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho @ 11:47

Rating: ***1/4

The show ends with a video detailing Bret Hart's day in PWX last week, and the attack that concluded it.

Final Thoughts: Nice second show, not quiet as good as the first show in terms of the overall rating, but very close to it. Only three matches, but it allowed for more time per match. Corino's injury doesn't really effect anything off the bat here, has Christian was schedualed to win anyway. The plus side was it enabled me to debut Low Ki two weeks sooner than I had planned to. The Generation neXt segments have been getting better overall ratings than I expected, with all three being only in the lower 60s for overness, I was expecting 70s at best for thier segments. both the Hart and Jericho segments with them scored in the upper 80s. Overall, I was pleased with the show.

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Guest slimlayzie

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PWX ACTION! Preview for Febuary 22, 2006

The Stage Five Invitational Tournament reaches the halfway point this week, as Stage Three will take center stage this wednesday night on Fox! It's down to Christian Cage and Chris Jericho in Bracket A of the Tournament, and these two long time friends will meet head on with the winner being in the Main Event of PWX: X-Factor wrestling for the PWX World Heavyweight Championship!

Meanwhile, Bracket B will see the four remaining stars in the bracket battle it out to see which duo will move onto Stage Four next wednesday night. Don't miss what is sure to be an incredible affair, when AJ Styles reteams with Christopher Daniels after thier victory last week, to face off against the duo of Samoa Joe and last weeks Mystery Entrant, Low Ki!

PWX Wrestling Online has also discovered that Austin Aries, Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong, who have been refering to themselves as Generation neXt backstage, will be in attendance this week on ACTION! Apparently there mistreatment of Bret Hart two weeks ago has gotten them noticed outside of PWX. An old friend of Bret Hart has contacted PWX about appearing at one of the shows inorder to confront Genteration neXt about thier actions. We will hopefully have more on who this "old friend" is, this wednesday night.

Also, the PWX World Tag Team Tournament will kick off this wednesday night, when two of the four first round matches will take place. the highly impressive young tag team of Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas, collectivly known as The Naturals will look to advance in the tournament when they face off agianst the duo of Paul London and Brian Kendrik. Also Justin Credible enters PWX to team up with Sonny Siaki, the duo will face off against the long time pairing of Chad Collyer and Matt Stryker, an impressive tag team no doubt.

Don't miss all the action this week, on Fox!

Schedualed Matches

Collyer & Stryker -vs- Credible & Siaki

The Naturals -vs- Kendrik & London

Styles & Daniels -vs- Low Ki & Samoa Joe

Christian Cage -vs- Chris Jericho

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Guest slimlayzie

OOC: Ok, so here we are at show number three, and I'm still tweaking my format a little bit. I have decided to now add comments after each match or segment, they will be my opinion on how the match or segment came accross, The Booker's Thoughts you could refer to them as. This is no revolutionary, plenty of other people have and currently do add these, but I thought they would help the flow of the show a bit, all the while giving you an insiders look at what is going on in this head of mine. I hope you readers, like myself, feel that these add to shows. Or at the very least...do not take away from them.

I still kept the Final Thoughts at the end of the show, summing up the show and the state of PWX in general.

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PWX Wednesday night ACTION! - Febuary 22, 2006

PWX World Tag Team Tournament - Round 1

Chad Collyer & Matt Stryker -vs- Sonny Siaki & Justin Credible

Stryker and Siaki start off with Stryker taking the early advantage. A couple of clotheslines and a few backdrop variations and Stryker makes a quick tag to Collyer. Chad continues the advantage with a nice leg submission, Credible runs in to break the hold, but Collyer goes right back to working on the legs of Siaki. Siaki counters an irish whip and hits a "Rock"-like spinning DDT, he sells the legs, and tags in Credible. Chad tags in Matt, and he and Justin go head to head, exchanging blows before Justin begins to gain the upper hand. Suplex for barely a two, Stryker comes back and hits a stalling suplex. Tag to Collyer and Chad hits a backbreaker for two. Credible with a small package for two, then tags in Siaki. Siaki with the Siakolypse Now, but Matt saves it. Brainbuster on Siaki and Stryker tosses him outside, then follows with a crossbody to the outside. Back inside Chad whips Siaki against the ropes and Credible makes a blind tag, Siaki is tossed over and Credible gets caught with a fall-a-way slam. Siaki and Stryker fight on the outside, while Collyer looks for a superplex on Credible. Siaki sends Stryker into the ring stairs and slides in the ring, breaking up the superplex attempt by Collyer. Collyer delivers several shots before sending Siaki outside, but turns around and walks into a Superkick by Credible, allowing Credible to pick up the three count.

Winners: Sonny Siaki & Justin Credible @ 5:07

Rating: **1/2

Thoughts: Perfectly good match for the short amount of time. these two teams blend well together. A short program down the line is very possible after the surprising chemistry they showed in the ring together.

PWX World Tag Team Tournament - Round 1

Paul London & Brian Kendrik -vs- The Naturals

Chase Stevens and Brian Kendrik start us off, and the duo go toe to toe and have a nice counter wrestling sequence. Kendrik gets the upperhand and tosses Chase outside, and he follows with a slingshot crossbody. Any Douglas enters and he hits a flying cross-body onto Kendrik. London climbs to the top, and hits a leaping 450 Splash on all three men! When they get up Brian and Chase get back in the ring and Chase counters an eziguri by ducking, and applies an STF. London springboards and drops a legdrop on Chase, before heading back to the apron. Chase tags in Douglas, and Kendrik tags in London. These two go at it, and London hits a nice springboard dropkick onto Douglas. Douglas fights back and hits a suplex into a stunner, for a two count. London is whipped against the ropes, and springs off the ropes hitting a tornado DDT! tag to Kendrik who looks for the Sliced Bread #2, but Douglas tosses him to the outside. Kendrik lands on his feet though, and slides back in...Douglas doesn't realise he's back in, and Kendrik runs up behind him, and hits the Sliced Bread #2 for the quick three count.

Winners: Paul London & Brian Kendrik 4:15

Rating: **3/4

Thoughts: Very fun little spot fest here. The one hour time table for the show limits some of these undercard matches, but I'm sure I'll be able to get these two teams in the ring again together sometime in the near future.

The Hitman has re-enforcements

Generation neXt make thier way to ring, and Austin Aries grabs a microphone. He challanges Chris Jericho to make his way to the ring, so they could finish what they started next week. Chris Jericho makes his entrance, and grabs a microphone. Jericho looks like he's about to speak, but instead he throws the mic at Aries and attacks. Aries, bails and Jericho sends Roderick Strong over the top and to the outside, where he lands hard. Alex Shelley and Jericho go toe to toe and Jericho gets the upperhand, when from behind Aries comes back in and labels Chris with a forearm. Shelley and Aries start to double team Jericho when from the back, carrying a steel chair, comes Terry Funk! Funk slides in and swings the chair at Aries, Aries aviods it though and slides out of the ring. Shelley does the same and Funk helps Jericho to his feet before grabing a microphone. Funk says he came because of the total disrespect that Generation neXt showed to his long time friend Bret Hart. Funk says he's here on Hart's behalf, and that he wants to teach generation neXt about respect. Since Aries seems to be the ring leader of the group, Funk is challanging him to a match at X-Factor. Aries is shown shaking his head approvingly, as Aries and Shelley help Strong to the back.

Rating: 9/10

Thoughts: Excellant segment, came accross even better than I had hoped. Funk/Shelley/Aries all gained overness from it.

PWX Stage Five Invitational - Stage three (B Bracket)

AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels -vs- Low Ki & Samoa Joe

Styles and Joe start off and have a staredown, they then slug it out with rights back and fourth. Kicks to the midsection by Styles, Joe shrugs them off and shoves AJ to the ground. AJ back up with more rights, but Joe ducks one and takes him down in a nice wrestling takedown, they do a short amature wrestling sequence, which the bigger and stronger Joe wins. Joe drops a couple elbows on Styles and then hits a long, stalling suplex. Legdrop followed by a mafia kick by Joe. AJ fights back and hits a spinkick to the midsection, doubling Joe over. off the ropes and a nice hard one handed swinging neckbreaker. Old school AJ Styles there. Tag to Daniels and Daniels works Joe over in the corner, Joe fight backs though and finally is able to hit a sidekick to gain some seperation. Tag to Low Ki who cleans Daniels clock with a stiff kick to the doom, snap suplex is followed by another. Clothesline, and then Daniels rakes the eyes to regain the advantage. STO by Daniels, who then plays the crowd. Styles is tagged in and AJ with a springboard spinning wheel kick. Styles Clash attempted, but Ki counters it and turns it into a Ki Krusher attempt, but AJ counters that into a spiinning ddt attempt, Ki counters that by holding onto the ropes, and then hits a nice northern lights suplex for a two count. Stiff series of kicks and chops by Ki, irish whip and a flying leg lariat by Ki. Low Ki follows that up with a running enziguri, cover gets a two count. Styles battles back and counters a low ki hurricanrana attempt into a powerbomb, for a two count. Tag to Daniels, double axe handle off the top, and scoop slam by the Fallen Angel. Sambo Suplex gets a two count. Daniels calls the BME, but Ki kicks his knee cap, dropping him to one knee. Boots to the head by Ki, and Ki tags in Joe. Clothesline turns Daniels inside out, AJ runs in and takes the same. Wicked snap powerslam by Joe on Daniels. Powerbomb plants Daniels for a two. Styles back in gets cut off by Low Ki, Ki sends him over the top, and suicide dives to the outside onto AJ. Joe grabs Daniels, and looks for the Muscle Buster, but Styles gets back in time to break it up. Dropkick and Joe stumbles to the outside, Styles follows with a suicide flip over the top, onto Joe. Low Ki grabs Daniels and hits the Ki Krusher! Pin is broken up by Styles though, and Ki quickly disposes of AJ. Joe climbs back onto the apron, just as Ki is looking to clothesline Daniels. Daniels moves and Low Ki levals Joe, then turns into an Angel's Wings, allowing Daniels to get the pinfall for himself and Styles. Post Match - Samoa Joe gets back in the ring and stares down Low Ki. Ki and Joe start yelling at eachother, and it escalates to shoving. PWX Officials swarm the ring and hold the two apart.

Winners: AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels @ 9:09

Rating: ****

Thoughts: With these for in the ring, how could it not be good? Ya know if I can find a reason to get these four in a nice 20 minute ppv match, we're looking at a MOTYC.

619 -vs- Canadian Destroyer!

We return from a commercial with Rey Mysterio already standing in the ring, microphone in hand. Mysterio goes over the events of the last two weeks, with Petey Williams interfering in, and costing him, two seperate matches. Williams cost him his shot at becoming the first ever PWX World Champion. Mysterio wants to know why Williams saw fit to stick his nose in his business those times. Petey Williams makes his way onto the rampway and tells Mysterio that he did what he did, because he could. Williams tells Mysterio that the his reasoning isn't of Mysterio's concern. He did what he did, and Rey needs to deal with it. Mysterio responds by challanging Willaims to a fight, anytime, anywhere. Petey says X-Factor is a good place, and having his first apperance on ppv with PWX being a victory against Rey Mysterio would be a great way to start. Williams smirks and leaves, with Mysterio challanging him to come to ring.

Rating: 5/10

Thoughts: This one just didn't work. I think I gotta find a manager for Petey, his mic skills are lacking. I was hoping Rey would be able to carry the segment, but he wasn't able to do so.

PWX Stage Five Invitational - Stage three (A Bracket)

Christian Cage -vs- Chris Jericho

Staredown to start, they circle around and then shake hands. Lock up, and Jericho backs Cage into the corner, clean break and they do it again...this time Cage backs Jericho into the corner. After another clean break they lock up again, Jericho with the go behind, reversed by Cage, takedown by Jericho, Cage counters and they do a small chain wrestling sequence. Both men back up, and they shake hands again...they lock up again and Cage with a go behind, takes out Jericho's legs and applies a chinlock. Jericho eventually fights his way to a vertical base, back suplex by Jericho and an elbow drop misses. ACTION! goes to a commercial with both men eyeing eachother again. Back from commercial with Jericho attempting to apply the Walls of Jericho, Cage fights it off, and clotheslines Jericho down. off the ropes with an elbow drop gets a two for Christian. Jericho reverse an irish whip, but Christian back elbows him down. Cover gets two. Vertical suplex is reversed by Jericho, into a Breakdown for a two count. Jericho puts the boots to Cage, and then backs him in the corner where he works him over with fists and chops. Snapmare by Jericho, then a hard kick to the back. Scoop slam, and Jericho looks for the Lionsault, but Christian moves, and Jericho hits the canvas. Cage drops a few elbows, then hits a vertical suplex. Picks him up and hits a reverse DDT. Cover gets a two count, and Jericho rolls outside to regain his composure. Cage follows outside and sends him into the gaurdrail. DDT on the matts, back inside a cover gets two. Cage looks for the Un-Prettier but Jericho counters and applies a sleeperhold, Cage fights it off though and dropkicks him down. Scoop Slam by Cage, and he climbs the ropes looking for a Frog Splash, but takes abit too long and Jericho moves. Rollup by Jericho gets a two, then Jericho forearms him down. Irishwhip into a flying forearm by Jericho, then he hits a running senton splash. Jericho plays the crowd when suddenly Austin Aries hits the ringside area and climbs onto the apron, Jericho nails him, sending him to the floor. Christian climbs to his feet and Jericho charges, Cage moves and looks for an Un-Prettier, Jericho shoves off sending him into the ropes, but on the return Cage and Jericho but heads, knocking both to the canvas. Cage moves first, crawling to the ropes, Aries gets to his feet, and Cage sees him. Cage grabs Aries and Aries blindly nails him, sending him backwards. Cage stumbles into Jericho, who turns and hits a DDT. Aries realises who he hit, and throws a small tantrum, then climbs onto the apron. Jericho knocks him off again, and then hits the Lionsault on Cage for the victory! Post Match- They show the replay, and Jericho realises that Aries had nailed Cage. Jericho helps Christian up and begins apologising, but Cage doesn't want to hear it at first. But Cage eventually calms down, and they shake hands. Aries angerly heads back up the ramp, and the show goes off the air with Christian Cage raising Chris Jericho's hand in victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho

Rating: ***1/2

Thoughts: Not the blow away main event I was hoping for, but a strong match no doubt. The fans responded well enought to it, even with two faces competing against eachother, the two TOP faces no less, so overall I was fairly pleased with it. Generation neXt is poised to be a big part of the first several months of PWX. All these segments and run ins are slowly building them up to where I hope to have them.

Final Thoughts: This event got the best overall rating of the three shows thus far. All the matches where good or very good, and everything is progressing as planned. Jericho is in the main event of X-Factor now, he is easily the most over guy on the roster. Having him in the main event clearly made the most sense. Not only is he highly popular, but he can go in the ring with damn near anyone you put him with. Styles, Daniels, and Christian will now move onto Stage Four, with the winner facing Jericho at the first PPV. I can honestly say I would have no doubts about putting the World Heavyweight Championship on either of the four men.

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Guest slimlayzie

OOC: Ok, this is something I will be doing at the end of each game month, posting an "end of the month news recap" which will focus on news tidbits and/or rumors that have found thier way onto wrestling sites accross the web. If any MAJOR stories happen in the game, I will post them seperate accordingly. Not everything you read will be true, sometimes I may make something up to throw the reader off, but most of it is factual. Enjoy the first edition of the monthly recap.

Montly Newsboards Recap

Bret Hart not done with PWX

Sources say Bret Hart is not done with PWX, and is expected to be a part of the angle involving Generation neXt. PWX has released a statement to Canadian media outlets stating that Hart will be at the X-Factor pay per view in March. Although PWX's Wednesday night Action! is currently only available in the U.S., thier pay per view broadcasts will be telecast in several countries, including Canada. PWX Officials hope that releasing a public statement to Canadian media outlets, such as TSN, will allow for word to spread in the country of Canada. Thier ultimate goal is to pop a good buyrate in Canada, where they hope Hart's celebrity status will encourage fans to purchase the ppv. They are also running adds featuring Hart in the Calgary Sun newspaper.

Corino to return in March

PWX roster member Steve Corino is penciled in for a return in March. His injury was minor, and he is physically able to wrestle right now, however previous commitments have him wrestling in Japan prior to his return to PWX.

TNA Roster News

TNA wrestling is reportably worried about losing more talent to PWX or WWE. In an attempt to prevent such loses, alot of thier top talents are being pressured to sign written contracts if they do not already have them. Sid Vicious was recently signed to a written contract.

Lynn departs from TNA. Close to signing with PWX

TNA X Division star and road agent Jerry Lynn reportably refused to sign a written contract with TNA. TNA officials demanded a written contract be signed when they learned PWX had contact Lynn about appearing on thier telecasts. After recieving pressure from the front office, Lynn decided to simply cut his ties with TNA, and is currently negotiating with PWX.

WWE Fires Lawler

Problems in WWE land again, has during thier recent tour overseas, there was apparently another incident on a plane. This one involved Lawler harassing a flight attendant. WWE released a statement on WWE.com stating that the two parties reached a formal agreement, but reports indicate Lawler was unwillingly terminated. TNA is apparently in negotiations with Lawler, no word on if PWX is interested yet.

Generation neXt to grow in numbers?

Early speculation on PWX's Generation neXt faction is that it's not expected to feature just Austin Aries, Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong. PWX apparently has interest in expanding the angle to involve more "young lions" in an effort to get them over. PWX Officials are all very high on Shelley, Aries and Strong, and head of booking operations Patrick Quinlan is said to be a huge fan of all three. He beleives they could all be big stars someday, and has toyed around with the idea of adding other names to the faction. No names are known at this time, but it'll be interesting to see who, if anyone, is added to the faction.

Current PWX X-Factor Card

The current PWX X-Factor pay per view, which will occur on March 26 (about a month from now), features the following already announced matches:

AJ Styles/Christopher Daniels/Christian Cage -vs- Chris Jericho -PWX World Heavyweight Championship-

Petey Willaims -vs- Rey Mysterio

Austin Aries -vs- Terry Funk

Final two teams in Tag Team Tournament facing off -PWX Tag Team Championship-

Jericho will face the winner of this weeks Triple Threat match at the ppv for the Title.

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Guest slimlayzie

OOC: So here's the deal guys -n- gals, EWR has this thing, where you lose a good chunk of public image if you do not have an event during any given month. My dilema is I only want to have a ppv every other month for now. Seeing as I would only have like four, one hour telecasts to build them up if I did it each month. So at the end of each month that does not have a ppv, I will run a large house show. A little explaination:

House shows will not have anything significant happen during them. They're just an oppertunity for me to get some current/potential fueds in the ring with eachother to see how they interact in a match. I will post the results here, but they will not be mentioned on tv or anything like that. The results will also be very short, and not detailed. I'm not a very fast typer, and would much rather use my time to type out the important televised shows than spend an hour or two typing up a house show.

I will also have wrestlers who are yet to debut on TV appear on house shows, just to keep them happy and working.

But without further ado, PWX's first House Show Event.

PWX House Show Results: The X-Factor Lead in - Febuary 27, 2006.

1 - Charlie Haas defeated Justin Credible via Haas of Pain @ 8:24

2 - Alex Shelley defeated James Gibson, Sonny Siaki, Paul London via Rollup w/ tights @ 11:53

3 - The Naturals defeated Collyer & Stryker via Natural Disaster @ 8:07

4 - Alicia Webb defeated Carmella Descare via Crowd decision in a bikini showdown

5 - Low Ki drew Somoa Joe via time limit draw @ 20:00

6 - Terry Funk & Rey Mysterio defeated Austin Aries & Petey Williams via Super-Rana on Williams @ 12:38

7 - Christy Hemme defeated Joy Giovanni via Stripping in a Bra & Panties Match @ 6:06

8 - Christian Cage & Chris Jericho defeated AJ Styles & Christopher Daniels via Walls of Jericho on Daniels @ 19:47

Thoughts: The Main Event got a near perfect rating in EWR, including a 100 match quality. This turned out to be one of those shows where "things just don't click", which worked out. Better at a house show than on a ppv. I including some divas because I have 8 on the roster, yet nothing to do with them yet. I do have angles planned for some of them, but right now the two tourneys and building towards the ppv are the most important aspects of PWX. Haas and Credible worked better together than I thought they would, it was really just a match I threw together for the hell of it, but may possibly lead to something down the road. Low Ki and Joe drew another near perfect rating, not that I expected any less though. The Funk/Mysterio -vs- Aries/Williams match got a good rating, and a good crowd reaction...which has me feeling good about the ppv match between Aries and Funk. Overall, for a show that has no real importance, it turned out to be a worth while venture.

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Wednesday Night ACTION! - March 1, 2006

PWX World Tag Team Tournament - Round 1

Matt Bently & Frankie Kazerian -vs- Chris Sabin & Jerry Lynn

Lynn is Sabins mystery partner, and the fans seem to approve. Sabin and Kazerian start off and go into a cruiserweight reversal sequence right off the bat. Stand off into a chain wrestling sequence, which leads to another stand off. Both men circle eachother and lock up, a nice roll up by Sabin leads to a pinfall sequence with each man reversing the others' pinfall attempts into one of thier own. Lock up and go behind by Kazerian, clubs to the back and a back suplex attempt...Sabin lands on his feet and dropkicks Frankie from behind sending him into the corner. Kazerian mouths off to Chris, and they lock up again...this time Sabin with the go behind. Kazerian with a jumping snapmare, but Sabin right back up and they lock up once more. knee to the gut by Kazerian, snapmare and a kick to the back. Dropkick to face for barely a two. front headlock, Sabin backs him into the corner..on the break Kazerian pokes him in the eyes. Side suplex on Sabin, tag to Bently. Bently picks up Sabin, who then quickly rolls away and tags in Lynn. Bently and Lynn stare off, arm drag by Lynn, one from Bently, Lynn with another, then Bently again. Snapmare by Lynn, same from Bently and they both lock up...dropdown takedown by Bently, Lynn then returns the favor and both men go for a standing dropkick and hit the mat. Back up and a staredown. They lock up and Bently with a headlock takedown, but Lynn flips out and misses an elbow drop. Bently with a kick to the head of Lynn, then picks him up and punches away at him, irish whip into a back elbow by Bently. Vertical suplex and Bently poses for the crowd. Tag into Kazerian who applies a chinlock on Lynn. Lynn fights it off and runs against the ropes, but is then meet by a dropkick on the comeback, cover gets a two. Kazerian with a kick to the gut, then a front chancery...tags in Bently who kicks the midsection of Lynn, and applies an arm wrentch. Suplex into a cover gets a two count. Bently with an irishwhip, looks for a manhatten drop but Lynn floats behind and hits a german suplex. Hot tag to Sabin who cleans house, sending both Kazerian and Bently to the outside. Sabin's gonna fly...Suicide plancha over the top and onto Bently! Lynn takes out Kazerian with a suicide dive through the ropes! Lynn drags Kazerian back inside and hits a tornado DDT on him. Sabin in looks for the Future Shock on Bently, but Bently slides off and hits the Bently Superkick on Sabin. Lynn in breaks up the pinfall, and Bently crawls over and tags in Kazerian, while Sabin tags Lynn. Kazerian goes for a dropkick, but Lynn sideswips it and looks for the Cradle Piledriver, Kazerian counters...Wave of the Future attempt, Lynn counters...Cradle Piledriver connects! Sabin with a springboard dropkick halfway accross the ring on Bently, and Lynn covers for the three count!

Winners: Chris Sabin & Jerry Lynn @ 9:09

Rating: ***

Thoughts: This was a solid tag team match, nothing spectacular, but very solid no doubt. Kazerian and Bently are solid has a tag team, and will no doubt see more time together. Lynn was a nice pick up for PWX, and I like him and Sabin teaming together abit more than the original plan of teaming Sabin with Low Ki. All four men have a history with eachother, which I think added to the match.

A Strong Style Situation

Backstage PWX Bombshell Jamie Koeppe is standing with Samoa Joe for an interview. Joe says that he should be in the main event tonight, and if he actually had a competant partner he would be. He says it's Low Ki's fault that Styles & Daniels were able to win the match, and that he knows he could beat either of them with no problem. Low Ki walks into the picture and gets right in Joe's face. He tells Joe that his mouth is too big for his own good, and Joe needs to either put up or shut up. Joe makes a comment about Low Ki losing both his matches in PWX. Ki and Joe both shove eachother, and look ready to explode when PWX Road Agent Lance Storm quickly steps in between them and tries to hold them apart. He is soon joined by a hoard of officials who manage to keep Low Ki and Samoa Joe from going at eachother.

Rating: 7/10

Thoughts:A very acceptable reaction for this segment. Joe and Low Ki are both tremendous athletes, and the fans seem to be taking to them pretty well. Storm is PWX's head trainer and a road agent, but I'm a huge mark for him, so I like to add him into some backstage segments from time to time.

PWX World Tag Team Tournament - Round 1

The Briscoes -vs- Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong

Mark Briscoe and Alex Shelley start things off, and Shelley quickly attacks. Mark ducks and nails a few rights, followed by a standing dropkick knocking Shelley down. Armdrag into an armbar by Mark Briscoe. Shelley gets up but Mark just knocks him back down, then drops an elbow. Vertical suplex by Mark, who plays the crowd...that allows Shelley to lock in the testicular claw...then drop Mark with a DDT. Tag to Strong who hits a t-bone suplex. Mark gets to his feet and walks into a spinning kick, then a running senton. Torture Rack into a front backbreaker by Strong, followed by a front face lock into a NASTY looking backbreaker. Strong plays the crowds reaction to that move, and tags in Shelley. Shelly with a double underhook driver...then locks him in, and bangs his face against the mat a dozen or so times. Jay runs in to save but Strong catches him in a firemans carry into a death valley Backbreaker! Shelley hooks Marks legs, and catapults Mark into the on coming Strong who nails a WICKED running leaping Yakuza kick! Shelly picks up Mark as Roderick tosses Jay to the outside, ShellShock! and that's all she wrote.

Winners: Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong @ 3:53

Rating: **

Thoughts: yes, A squash. I'm not a huge fan of straight squashes...but I felt this was the right way to go with this match. The Briscoes are talented, but thier not over, and they are not a part of my current plans...unlike Generation neXt. Mark and Jay will have a spot on the roster though, and maybe down the road will be able to turn thier apperances into something more here in PWX.

He's Coming...

"Chaaaaavooooo" is heard throughout the arena and a short video clip of various clips of Chavo Guerrero talking and training plays.

Rating: 6/10

Thoughts: A very short, and poorly recieved video for the upcoming debut of Chavo Guerrero. Maybe the fact that most people know he's not eligible to appear until the middle of the month had something to do with the poor reaction.

What's neXt for Jericho?

PWX Bombshell Jackie Gayda is backstage to interview the man who will main event X-Factor Chris Jericho, about his thoughts on the upcoming triple threat match. Jericho says he would like Christian Cage to be his opponant at the ppv, so they can have a rematch without Aries sticking his nose in it. He thinks Styles and Daniels are both great athletes, but both have serious attitude problems. Gayda asks him about Generation neXt and Jericho just smirks...before he can answer, WHACK! Austin Aries clubs him from behind, Jericho fights back but then Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong come into the scene and all three start punching and kicking a now downed Jericho. Aries directs Shelley and Strong to pick Jericho up, they do and Aries labels him with a nearby chair. PWX officials hit the scene and quickly shove the threesome away from the fallen Jericho. Aries mouths off about Jericho being yesterdays news, and the three leave. Generation neXt just did a number on Chris Jericho!

Rating: 8/10

Thoughts: I love having Jericho on the roster. He's highly entertaining, and can coach the younger, less over, and less charismatic members of the roster into producing entertaining segments as well as matches. I think having Generation neXt involved with Jericho is going to do wonders for thier tenure in PWX.

PWX Stage Five Invitational Tournament - Stage Four - Bracket B Finals

AJ Styles -vs- Christopher Daniels -vs- Christian Cage

Styles and Daniels start by both attacking Cage. Both men with rights, while Christian tries to fight back, but to no avail. Irishwhip by Styles and Daniels results in a double back elbow smash to Cage. Double team suplex and both men play the crowd. Daniels picks up Cage and snapmares him over, kick to the back of head by Daniels, followed by a dropkick to the face by Styles. Daniels with right hands to Christian, and Cage begins to fight back...back and fourth they go, Styles looks about to hit Cage...but then he just leans against the ropes and smiles...watching on. Cage drops Daniels with a hard right, then another one. Vertical suplex by Cage. Back up and they start exchanging blows again..then both stop and see AJ just standing there, currently not even paying attention. Both men nail Styles with overhand clubs...irishwhip and double flapjack on AJ! Cage and Daniels pick up AJ, and drop him with a double chop. AJ picked up and tossed to the outside! Cage and Daniels exchange punches, then chops...Cage gets the upperhand and has Daniels realing against the ropes from the chops. Irishwhip by Cage is reversed, and Daniels holds on...then dropkicks the knees of Cage. AJ makes his way back into the ring, as Daniels goes to lock up with Cage, Cage turns Daniels around and shoves him towards AJ who nails Daniels with a leaping Enziguri! AJ consetedly poses for the crowd, then turns right in a clothesline from Cage! Cage works him over in the corner with boots, then mounts AJ and punches away. Cage poses for the crowd and punches away at AJ, AJ ducks a wild swing and grabs him in a rear waistelock, Daniels charges and both men duck backdody dropping Daniels while still keeping the waistelock in tack. AJ then german suplexes Cage! More posing by AJ backfires when Daniels nails him from behind with a clothesline. Chops and punches by Daniels on AJ, then a frontlock, and a face first suplex drop by Daniels. Cover is broken up by Cage. Cage with a backbreaker to Daniels, sends him to the outside. Punches and chops on AJ, irishwhip is reversed, AJ drops down and on the return goes for a dropkick, but Cage holds onto the ropes and AJ hits the mat! Cage goes to get AJ, who amazingly nails a hurricanrana on Cage out of nowhere, while he's lying on his back! AJ picks up Cage in a torture rack like position, and then drops him face first accross the knee! Daniels on the apron springs in and clotheslines AJ to the mat! Daniels applies a side headlock for a little bit, and AJ begins to fight out of it. Cage then comes from behind them and clubs them both...then drops both with a DDT! Cover on AJ gets a two, cover on Daniels gets a two. Manhatten drop by Cage on AJ, then an atomic drop on Daniels, clotheslines them both down and poses for the peeps. Daniels to his feet stumbles into Cage who hits an inverted DDT lift. Daniels rolls to the outside and Cage grabs Styles from behind...German attempt is blocked, AJ grabs hold of the ref to block his view, then back kicks Cage with a lowblow! Off the ropes for AJ and a one handed swinging neckbreaker. AJ mouths off to the crowd, and then boots Cage for awhile, knocks Daniels back outside and looks at the fallen Cage with a smirk. Double underhook into a faceplant! AJ goes uptop and is looking for the Spiral Tap...Cage moves out of the way though, and AJ hits the mat! Cage gets to his feet and and irishwhips AJ, catches him with a powerslam for a two count. Daniels back in clubs Cage from behind. Vertical suplex by Daniels, he holds on and hits a second. Daniels positions him and calls for the BME! Uptop...Best Moonsault Ever connects for a very close call! Daniels argues with the ref a bit, then bigs up Cage and measures him...STO! Poses then covers for a two count. Daniels picks up Cage and measures him again...Hurricanrana attempt is countered mid-move into an X-Factor facebuster by Cage! Cover gets a two count! Cage picks up Daniels and locks him up...looking for a reverse DDT, but AJ is back to his feet and springboards off the ropes with a moonsault, landing on his feet and catching Cage in a reverse DDT! Styles just reversed DDTed Cage, who reversed DDTed Daniels! All three men are down for a 7 count, AJ is first to his feet and he slugs it out with Cage. Daniels gets back up and clotheslines them both down. Daniels backs AJ into the corner, and hoistes him up..Superplex attempt, but Cage comes in and gets into a powerbomb position on Daniels...Superplex/Powerbomb and Cage is the only man standing! Cage picks up AJ, looking for the Un-Prettier, but AJ shoves him off, boot to the gut by Cage though, this time the Un-Prettier connects! 1...2..Broken up by Daniels! Daniels grabs Cage, Last Rites! ..1...2..AJ breaks it up! Styles grabs Daniels, Vertical suplex into a hangman's neckbreaker! ...1...2..Cage breaks it up! Cage grabs AJ, and hits a reverse ddt into a neckbreaker. Cover gets a two count only. Cage with a scoop slam on Styles, goes uptop and hits the FrogSplash on AJ! Daniels grabs Cage before he can make a pin and locks him in a front chancery...Cage backs him into the corner but the ref is conviently there and takes the blunt of the blow. Cage drops Daniels with a fist and checks on the ref, then walks right into a low blow by Daniels! Angel's Wings! Cover...but no ref. Daniels gets up and Styles clotheslines him up and over the ropes to the outside. Styles checks the ref, who is still down but starting to stir a bit, Cage gets to his feet and grabs Styles for the Un-Prettier but AJ shoves him off and then kicks a field goal between the legs of Christian! Styles Clash! Ref is moving, .....1.....2....3! AJ Styles picks up the win!

Winners: AJ Styles @ 19:18

Rating: ****1/4

Thoughts: Great match, one of the best so far, and the most fun I've had writing. I felt the write up made all three men look like competitors, and doesn't kill any heat from anyone, including Cage who is the most over of the three. By far my favorite match thus far...how bout you?

Final Thoughts: The opening tag team match was good enough, and the other tag match served it's purpose of putting Generation neXt over. The video segment was a dud. and the Low Ki/Samoa Joe segment was decent. Jericho and Gen neXt was another good segment with all four men. Overall the lowest rated show, though not by much, but the best main event.

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Wednesday Night ACTION! Preview - March 8, 2006

This wednesday night is being dubbed a "Night of Debuts" by PWX official as three PWX stars are set to make thier TV debuts.

James Gibson, formally of the WWE, will be making his televised PWX debut this wednesday night when he faces off against Steve Corino in one on one competition. Corino has been walking around with a new, yet many say not improved, attitude around PWX since losing out on his oppertunity to continue on in the Stage Five Invitational. He feels PWX officials cheated him out of the oppertunity and is determined to climb back into contention. He will have to go through the new comer James Gibson this week on PWX ACTION!

Also debuting this week will be a new segment, hosted by one lovely Bombshell! Don't miss the premiere of Dawn's Diary this week on ACTION! with the beautiful Dawn Marie. She's starting this off on the ring foot, as this week she will have BOTH contenders for the PWX World Heavyweight Championship on her Diary segment. Don't miss AJ Styles and Chris Jericho in the same ring this week for the debut of Dawn's Diary.

Also PWX Officials have named PWX's first Commissioner, and the new Commish will be in attendance this week on ACTION! The internet is running rampant with rumors over who it will be. Will he be dug out from the Pit? Will he be Big and Sexy? Will he be a Kingly man? Will he be an Immortal Legand? or will he be a real Macho Man? Tune into ACTION! this wednesday night to find out for yourself!

Also this week on ACTION! we will find out which team will be the first to cement thier way into the PWX World Tag Team Championship match at PWX X-Factor. Either Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin or Justin Credible and Sonny Siaki will find themselves wrestling at the big pay per view for the honor of being the first Tag Champions in PWX History!

Don't miss all the action, plus apperances by Petey Williams, Low Ki, Samoa Joe, Rey Mysterio, and Generation neXt all this week on PWX ACTION!

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Wednesday Night ACTION! - March 8, 2006.

Petey Williams -vs- Low Ki

Lock up to start and Petey with a kick to Low Ki, Ki answers back with a stiff kick! Petey and Ki then exchange kicks briefly, before Ki gets the better of the exchange. Double arm chop by Ki, and a back elbow that rocks Petey. More stiff kicks from Ki, then a double underhook suplex. Boots to Petey, cover gets barely a two. Snap suplex, and Ki heads uptop. Missle dropkick connects! Cover gets only a two count. Petey rolls outside to regain his composure, but Ki follows and the chase is on. Petey suckers Ki into rolling into the ring blind for a moment, and pounces on him with kicks and them punches to the back of the head. Double underhook into a back breaker by Petey. Fireman's carry into an inverted DDT gets a two count. Snap suplex and Petey is proud of himself. He takes too long though and Ki dropkicks the knees. Then a stiff shot the chest, another stiff kick, and the third has Petey seeing birdies. He gets his foot on the ropes to break the pin though, and Ki goes back on the attack. Chops, kicks, knees, and more stiff and painful looking blows. Boots to the fallen Petey, pick up and a snap suplex. Snap Elbow drop...Ki does it awesomely by the way...gets a two count. Samoa Joe is now seen standing on the rampway, and slowly walking towards the ring. Ki sees him and stares him down, this gives Petey time to label Ki with a clothesline. Sharpshooter by Petey, but Ki makes the ropes. A series of chops rocks Ki into the corner, knees to the gut, and a nice Superplex by Petey! Cover gets only a two. Petey starts mimmicking Ki's martial arts poses, and goes for a kick, but Ki catches his leg and enziguri's him! Irish whip into a tornado backbreaker by Ki. Cover gets a two count. Snapmare into a few kicks to the back of head, and a high leaping knee drop to the forehead. Cover gets a two count. Low Ki hoistes Petey on his shoulders, but Petey swings around and hits a russian leg sweep. Petey heads to the corner and makes his way up..he takes too long though, and Ki catches him...looking for the Ki Krusher, but Samoa Joe is now on the ring apron...Ki drops Petey and goes after Joe...the ref gets in the way and tells Joe to get out. Low Ki turns and walks into a low blow though, and the ref was busy with Joe, so he didn't see it. Canadian Destroyer...it's academic after that folks. Three seconds later Petey picks up the win. Samoa Joe makes his way up the ramp, smiling the whole time. Petey celebrates in the ring, when Rey Mysterio is suddenly on the apron...springboard dropkick to the back of Petey and he's sent flying to the outside. Petey stares up and Rey from the floor, and the two exchange words.

Winner: Petey Williams @ 7:37

Rating: **1/2

Thoughts: Fairly solid opening contest. It advanced the Low Ki/Joe and Rey/Petey angles though, so it did its' job. Getting Petey a victory over a more known opponant was nice too.

A Fallen Angel Un-Caged

Christian Cage makes his way to the ring, and he has a few words to say. He congratulates Jericho on his success, and says it's a shame he won't be joining him in the main event. But Styles and Daniels both felt to need to kick him in the -BLEEP- to make sure he didn't win the triple threat match. He goes on to say that it's a shame to talented athletes like Styles and Daniels have to resort to being nothing more than pathetic cheaters. But all is well, Jericho will win the title at the ppv and then they can have the match that should be happening, Jericho -vs- Chrstian Cage.

Christopher Daniels heads to the ring, and tells Christian to stop his pissin' and moaning. He thinks Chrstian should go on Oprah and talk about how he was wronged, because she always likes a good sob story. Cage gets in his face, and tells Daniels he'll give him something to sob about. Daniels didn't come here to fight, he came here to prove to everyone that Christian is nothing but a mere curtain jerker...he's not on the same leval as the Fallen Angel, and Daniels wants the oppertunity to prove that to everyone. Cage says he needs to put up, or shut up...and is now really in Daniels Face. Daniels backs away...and then starts smiling. He says now is not time, and he wants to do it on a grander stage...like say, the ppv? Christian accepts, and Daniels tells him that he's about to find out why he's known as "God's gift to professional wrestling". Christian says he's going to give the fans of professional wrstling a gift, by finally shutting Daniels' mouth. Daniels laughs, and exits the ring...smirking the entire way up the ramp.

Rating: 9/10

Thoughts: Two very gifted workers on the microphone. This was an entertaining segment, and came accross how I had hoped it would.

Steve Corino -vs- James Gibson

Corino starts off by attacking Gibson as soon as the bell rings, rights and lefts galore. Corino unleashes a few chops, and whips Gibson against the ropes, knee to the gut flips James over. Knee across the throat until the ref breaks it up. Pick up and a vertical suplex by Corino. Corino takes him time going for a lazy cover, but Gibson is out at one. A few stiff shots, and corino scoops up Gibson, then drops him with a backbreaker. Vertical suplex attempt, but Gibson falls behind and locks a full nelson on Corino, then floats over into a front facebuster. Gibson puts the boots to Corino and then hits a vertical suplex of his own. Follows that up with a snap suplex, cover gets barely a two. Forearms shots by Gibson, irishwhip and Corino ducks a clothesline, then nails one of his own on the return. Corino walks it off, and applies a sleeper hold to Gibson. After some stalling Gibson makes it to his feet and connects on a few elbows to the sternum. Headlock takedown by Gibson...Corino stretches out and gets his foot on the ropes. Gibson with some punches, but Corino rakes the eyes, and throws him down to the mat by the head. Corino climbs to the second turnbuckle, and comes off looking for a double axe handle, but Gibson catches him and hits a belly to belly. Back up but Corino just clotheslines him down. Piledriver by Corino gets a two count. Corino drops Gibson accross his knee stomach first, and plays the crowd. some hard boots, and Corino hits a side suplex. Figure four attempt, but Gibson rolls him up for a two count, and then gets superkicked to the canvas. Belly to belley by Corino, then a DDT. Corino calls for the Old School Expulsion, but is very cocky in his approach, and Gibson quickly rolls him up for a three count! Corino can't beleive it and tries to attack post match, but Gibson side steps him and sends him outside. Gibson challanges Corino to get back in, when from behind CW Anderson slides in and Gibson walks into an Anderson Spinebuster! CW and Corino embrace afterwards.

Winner: James Gibson @ 5:04

Rating: *3/4

Thoughts: The lowest rated match in PWX's short history. I'll mark it off to an off night by both men though, as they both have what it takes. The mismatched styles I'm sure effected it too. CW Anderson was a last minute addition, and actually Corino's idea. I was lost with what to do with Corino, and he suggested bringing in CW to team with him.

A King-sized Announcement

Terry Funk makes his way to the ring and asks for a mic. He says he asked for this time to get a few things off his chest. He realises he's not the wrestler he once was, and that age has caughten up to him. But he believes whole-heartadly in this business, and would do anything for it. And now he feels like he needs to defend a friend's honor, and try and smarten up a few young punks.

Before he can get any further, Austin Aries steps out from the back. He tells Funk to sit down before he hurts himself, and says he's facing a real moral dilema here. Funk clearly needs to be dealt with, but he's never been one to beat up senior citizens. But that is friend, he never had a problem with it. Alex Shelley clobbers Funk from behind and starts working him over. Aries makes his way into the ring and starts kicking Funk too. When from the back comes Jerry Lawler! and a hoarde of PWX Officials. They clear the ring of Aries and Shelley, and Lawler says it's time for Generation neXt to answer to the King. The Law will be laid down, and it starts at X-Factor. Since he;s the new commissioner of PWX. He's making the match between Funk and Aries a No DQ Street Fight! And just to add to it, Shelley and Strong are banned from ringside, and Bret Hart will be the Special Guest Referee! Aries smiles...and heads up the ramp with Shelley while Lawler helps Funk to his feet.

Rating: 9/10

Thoughts: I wasn't interested in Lawler when WWE released him two weeks ago, but I saw that TNA was still yet to pick him up, and thought he'd make a good Authority Figure. He's pretty over, and very charismatic. I just hope he keeps it in his shorts, and behaves himself in PWX. Better warn all the bombshells. All four men gained overness from this segment, and the live audiance ate this stuff up. I had planned to have Hart involved in the ppv from the get go, and this is the perfect way to do it.

PWX World Tag Team Tournament - Round two.

Justin Credible & Sonny Siaki -vs- Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin

Justin Credible and Jerry Lynn start us off...lock up and Justin with a headlock takedown, sintches it in, but Lynn quickly gets to his feet, elbows but Credible tosses Lynn to the mat by his hair. After laughing at the refs' warning, Justin puts the boots to Lynn. Scoop and a slam, and Credible drops a first. Tag to Siaki who hits a belly to belly, then a second. Suplex by Siaki, irish whip and he clotheslines him down. Sidewalk slam follows and a quick tag brings Credible back in. Lynn fights back with rights, and ducks a Credible right...applies a rear waistelock, wrestling takedown and Lynn applies a headlock. Credible back to his feet, elbows to the gut and Lynn goes to return the favor from earlier, grabbing Credible hair and whipping him down...forgetting Credible has no hair. Justin realises what he tried to do, and stops to laught at him. So Lynn just kicks his legs out from under him. Lynn backs Justin into the corner, and tags in Sabin. Chops to the chest by Sabin, then a scoop slam. Sabin goes uptop and hits a missle dropkick. cover is broken up by Siaki, who then hits a Diamond Cutter variation on Sabin. Both men are down, and both make tags at the same time. Lynn and Siaki exchange blows until Lynn gets the upperhand, irishwhip is reversed by Siaki who hits a flapjack into a samoan drop on the returning Lynn! Sabin gets up and is folded inside out with a clothesline. Siakolypse Now is countered by Lynn into a German Suplex. Credible back in Superkicks Lynn. Sabin springboards off the apron and clotheslines Credible! Lynn makes the tag to Sabin who runs in and attacks Siaki. Sabin places Siaki in the tree of woe...running delay dropkick to the face! cover is broken up by Credible. Lynn in and he clotheslines Credible over the top rope, then dives over the top and onto Justin outside. Siaki back up looking for the Siakolypse Now again, countered by Sabin...hoistes him up...Cradle Shock and that's all she wrote.

Winners: Jerry Lynn & Chris Sabin @ 8:07

Rating: **3/4

Thoughts: An average match for the positioning. Generally you hope for a bit better for your shows Main Event, but it served it's purpose just fine. Lynn and Sabin are slotted in the Tag Titles match at the ppv.

Dear Diary...You know what, is about to hit the fan

PWX Bombshell Dawn Marie is standing in the middle of the ring looking beautiful like always, with a very femineme looking set around her, she starts off with "Dear Diary..." and thanks everyone for watching her show. She's a superstar people, and everyone loves her. She thanks PWX for realising a show without her is incomplete, and loves all her Dawnites...think the ditzy stuck friends of Buffy's in the Movie and you've got Dawn Marie's character. She wishes should talk about herself all day, but needs to get down to business.

She introduces Chris Jericho, and after his entrance it's AJ Styles making his way to the ring. Dawn asks them how honored they are to be in her diary, Jericho makes a crack about her being in his little black book. She doesn't get it. Styles snatches the mic from Dawn and she sits there and poouts. AJ wants to know why everyone is counting him out of the main event. He says everywhere he goes people are picking Jericho over him at X-Factor. Jericho gets a second mic, and tells him it's probably because AJ Sucks. Styles smirks, and says the he doesn't suck...Chris Jericho does, and more so, Fozzy Sucks! Jericho says AJ would say that about any type of music that didn't include a banjo. Styles says Jericho must be living in a fanasty world...but it'll soon become a land of terror and nightmares. Styles is walking out of X-Factor PWX World Heavyweight Champion...and that's that! Jericho gives AJ a sarcastic golf clap, and makes a crack about AJ being about as interesting on the mic as Lance Storm. Styles tells Jericho he needs to look at the bright side, after he ends Chris's carear...Chris could always work the local comedy clubs. Then adds that he'd ofcourse have to stick to Amature nights. Jericho says he's going to make AJ look like an amatuer in the ring at the pay per view. Styles laughs, then SLAPS Jericho.

Jericho charges and they exchange punches. Dawn Marie is now jumping up and down, pulling a hissy fit. Jericho gets the upperhand and sends AJ realing...Styles stumbles into a chair that's a part of the set, and then tosses it at Jericho. Chris blocks it but AJ uses the momentary distraction to enziguri kick Jericho to the crowd. He stomps away at him and picks him up...hitting a beautiful dropkick. Styles grabs him for the Styles Clash but Jericho backflips AJ and then grabs his legs, looking for the Walls of Jericho. PWX officials hit the ring and pulls Chris off of AJ, and get in between the two of them. Styles gets up with a huge smile on his face, while Jericho is fuming. Officials get them out of the ring, and Dawn Marie is left asking "What about me?" as we fade out.

Rating: 7/10

Thoughts: So sue me, I absolutly love Dawn Marie. I had to get her involved, I was dying to bring back her old dizty ECW persona, and thought having her ditz her way through hosting her own little segment would be a good way to do it...fun too. This didn't come accross as well as expected, but it certainly didn't come across bad either...just average. I'm hoping Jericho can help Styles polish up his mic skills.

Final Thoughts: This was the only show not to contain a three star or better match, but was helped big time by the great segments involving Gen neXt/Funk/Lawler and Cage/Daniels. And like I said, the Styles/Jericho segment wasn't bad either. The ppv is like 18 days away, and starting to take form here. Overall, I was pleased with the show. The inring quality should be improved next week, we do have Shelley & Strong -vs- London & Kendrik afterall.

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Presents: X-Factor - March 26, 2006.

Current Card

PWX World Heavyweight Championship

two out of three falls

AJ Styles -vs- Chris Jericho

PWX World Tag Team Championship

Chris Sabin & Jerry Lynn -vs- Roderick Strong & Alex Shelley OR Paul London & Brian Kendrik

No DQ, Street Fight

Austin Aries -vs- Terry Funk Special Referee Bret Hart

Christopher Daniels -vs- Christian Cage

Low Ki -vs- Samoa Joe

Rey Mysterio -vs- Petey Williams

-Card is subject to change-

Already began working on the next ACTION! show, Snow Storm today...being lazy and staying inside. the hell with the snow. Preview in awhile, followed by the show.

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Wednesday Night ACTION! Preview - March 15, 2006

With just 11 days until PWX X-Factor this wednesday night is bound to full of emotion and hard hitting action! PWX's brand new commissioner Jerry Lawler will be in a meeting with PWX Officials and will not be in attendance, but will surely be keeping an eye on things from the PWX home office in New England.

We do know that this week on ACTION! Generation neXt will take center stage! Our main event this week features members Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong taking on Paul London and Brian Kendrik. The winning team will find themselves in the PWX World Tag Team Championship match at X-Factor! Jerry Lynn and Chris Sabin are already in the tag title match at the pay per view, find out who they'll be facing before ACTION! goes off the air this wednesday night on Fox!

Also this week we will see the PWX inring debut of Generation neXt's ring leader, Austin Aries. Aries has gauranteed victory this week, and is looking for some momentum leading into hiw Street Fight against Terry Funk at the pay per view.

The two men who will meet in 11 days for the chance to make history and become the first ever PWX World Heavyweight Champion will both be in attendance this week. Chris Jericho has stated that he will head to the ring and share his thoughts on potentially making history at X-Factor. No doubt his oppisition, AJ Styles will surely be interested in what Chris Jericho has to say. But can the two men keep thier cool? All hell broke lose during the first edition of Dawn's Diary last week on ACTION!, and one has to wonder if these two will be able to avoid the urge of trying to get the upperhand going into thier sure to be classic encounter at X-Factor.

All this, plus Samoa Joe in action! And apperances by Christian Cage, Christopher Daniels, and Low Ki...all this week on PWX ACTION!

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Wenesday night ACTION! - March 15, 2006

Jay Lethal -vs- Austin Aries

Aries attacks before the bell and unloads a series of violent clubs and forearms. Hard back suplex by Aries, who then yells at someone in the crowd. Kicks to the fallen Lethal, and Aries drags him to his feet...Hard overhand chops. Irishwhips into a kitchen sink knee flipping Jay over. Aries stays on the assault with a delay brainbuster, which gets a two count. Soft slaps to the face of Lethal, followed by some trash talking. Irishwhip is reversed and Lethal connects with a dropkick. A second dropkick knocks Aries back down, leg drop cover gets barely a one. Exchange of fists with Aries getting the upperhand, back elbow drops Lethal! Vertical suplex attempt is countered and Lethal rolls him up for a two count. Both men up and Lethal clotheslines him down. Aries up gets kicked in the gut, Lethal Rolls the Dice and then heads uptop. Missledropkick connects! Aries to his feet swings wildly and Lethal blocks it and hits a DDT! Cover gets barely a two though. Irishwhip is blocked, and Aries whips Lethal into the corner HARD! Follows up with a stiff high heel kick to the face of Lethal. Cover but Lethal just kicks out. Aries hoistes Lethal up into a fireman's carry...and turns it into an inverted facebuster. STF applied by Aries and Lethal fights for a few seconds...then Taps out. Aries tosses Lethal to the outside and celebrates in the ring.

Winner: Austin Aries @ 3:56

Rating: **1/2

Thoughts: Quick, action packed, and effective. Aries looked strong, and Lethal didn't look like a total jobber either. It was important to make this close to being a squash, without making the talented Lethal look too bad.

Charlie Haas -vs- Steve Corino

Corino charges at the bell but Haas gets out of Corino's path and unloads some right hands to the jaw of Corino. European uppercut by Haas, followed by a few forearm smashes. Wrestling takedown, and Haas rides Corino, then slaps the back of his head a few times. Corino to his feet mouths off at Haas, and Charlie just laughs about it. Steve SPITS at Haas, and Haas levals him with a clothesline. Another clothesline followed by a knee lift. Armdrag and Haas keeps the armbar locked in. Corino works his way to the ropes, and Haas breaks. Corino SPITS at him again, and Haas charges at him again. Corino ducks the clothesline this time and hits a few left jabs, before flooring Haas with an overhand punch. Pendalum backbreaker by Corino, cover gets nothing. Boots to the head of Haas, Corino with a scoop slam, measures him and drops a fist. Front suplex by Corino who celebrates. Against the ropes Corino works him over with punches and knees, irishwhip is reversed but Haas puts his head down too soon and Corino hits a fisherman's suplex for a two count. Fisherman's DDT now, gets another two count. A few punches from Corino, and he follows that up with a shoulder breaker. Armbar by Corino now...Haas fights his way back up to a vertical base, and hooks Corino, delivering a nice underhook overhead suplex throw. Haas goes for the Exploder, but Corino elbows his way out of it, rib breaker by Corino. Ols School Expulsion is countered by a snapmare into a rear headlock. Haas keeps the pressure on, and Corino gets to the ropes. Wild punch by Corino, Haas ducks it and hits an atomic drop, Corino then walks into a manhatten drop. Flapjack by Haas, and then he locks in the Haas of Pain. Corino looks to be about to tap when CW Anderson slides into the ring and clubs Haas with an axe handle. The ref calls for the bell and DQs Corino. CW pounds on Haas with clubbing blows, then sends him against the ropes and hits the Anderson Spinebuster. CW helps Corino to his feet, as we see James Gibson enter our pictures. CW and Corino are anaware then Gibson is now on the top turnbuckle. Both men turn around and Gibson flies off with a crossbody block catching both men in the process. CW and Corino roll to the outside as Gibson helps Haas to his feet.

Winner: Charlie Haas @ 5:12

Rating: **

Thoughts: I had nothing really planned for Haas or Corino at the moment, so I figured a small program between the two of them will keep them occupied until other situations arise. Adding Anderson and Gibson I thought would make it a bit more entertaining, and allow for more outcome possibilities.

A Man Named Callis

We come back from commercial with Mike Johnson and Alicia Webb hyping the main event and the X-Factor PPV. When suddenly from the back comes Don Callis with a microphone in his hand. He enters the ring and tells everyone that although Jerry Lawler wasn't able to be here tonight because of the meeting, PWX still wanted to keep an eye on things, and he's here to do just that. He says he has serious business to attend to, and wants to speak to Rey Mysterio, because he has an important announcement for him.

Rey Mysterio hits the ring and poses for the fans for a few moments. He asks Callis what the announcement is, and before Callis can say anything Petey Williams slides into the ring and he and Mysterio go at it, exchanging fists until Mysterio starts to get the upperhand. Callis then sneaks up and nails Rey with the microphone in the back of head. Williams uses the distraction to low blow Mysterio, and Wham! Canadian Destroyer! Williams stands over Mysterio's limp body and raises his arms in the air. Callis walks up to Mysterio and leans down, putting his face close to his before saying "here's your announcement Rey...you're an idiot!" Petey and Callis pose for a moment before heading to the back.

Rating: 7/10

Thoughts: I'm a huge Don Callis fan, he is incredibly charismatic and believable on the stick. Petey needs a mouth piece if he's gooing to escape the lower midcard ranks, and Callis may be just the guy to help him in his quest.

Mikey Whipwreck -vs- Samoa Joe

Low Ki is doing commentary for this match. He quips in about his match against Joe at X-Factor, but for the most part doesn't talk awhole lot. Joe and Mikey lock up and Joe simply overpowers him, tossing him into the corner. Joe yells in Mikey's face, and then backs off. Mikey goes for the lockup again, and once again gets tossed into the corner and yelled at. Mikey's motions for one more time, and they go for the lock up, this time Mikey drops down and goes around to the backside of Joe, then dropkicks him in the back sending Joe stumbling. Joe stares at Whipwreck, who is laughing about it. Joe charges and Mikey ducks a clothesline, off the ropes for Mikey and back with a jumping high calf kick. Joe stumbles and Mikey dropkicks him. Mikey ducks a swing and hops onto the second turnbuckle...then leaps off with a stagedive onto Joe. Joe kicks out right away and Mikey dropkicks the legs. Ducks a clothesline attempt and a head-scissors takedown on Joe. Joe gets to his feet and Mikey catches him with a hurricanrana, flipping the big guy over. Mikey ducks another Joe clothesline and bounces off the ropes, but this time Joe catches him with a jumping Yakuza kick! Running Senton by Joe! Joe takes Mikey into the corner and chops and kicks away. Running high knee on Mikey. Joe stomps a mudhole in him, and then uses his boot to rake the face of Mikey. Off the ropes with a Mafia kick. Cover gets a two count. Joe with a fireman's carry into a rib-breaker. Locks in a front headlock, and clubs away at the back of Mikey. Delay vertical suplex by Joe. Cover gets a two. Joe rakes his elbow accross the face of Mikey, and barks at the ref. Joe sets Mikey on the top turnbuckle and motions for it...but Mikey fights back. Clubs and kicks finally send Joe stumbling, Tornado DDT by Mikey! Cover gets a two count. Up top and Mikey with a crossbody for a two count. Hurricanrana by Mikey, kick to the gut and Whippersnapper, but no..Joe catches him in turns it into a Kokita Clutch! Mikey fights...but then taps out. Joe gets to his feet and stares at Low Ki at the announcers table.

Winner: Samoa Joe @ 5:01

Rating: **1/2

Thoughts: Joe and Ki is seriously going to rock at the ppv, and is a serious contender for match of the night. Whipwreck is a good worker, who is well liked backstage and doesn't mind helping the younger guys whenever he's asked. Match itslef was decent, nothing to write home about.

PWX World Tag Team Championship Tournament - Semi-Finals

Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong -vs- Paul London & Brian Kendrik

Strong and London start the match off, circling eachother before they lock up. London with a go behind into a school boy for almost a two count. They lock up again and Strong with a small package for barely a two count. Lock up, and Strong with a knee lift. Overhand slap, followed by a few punches. Headlock takedown and Strong keeps the headlock locked in. London back to a vertical base, chops and a standing front dropkick on Strong. Flyng forearm knocks Strong back down. snapmare by London, dropkicks the back of the head and covers for barely a two. Vertical suplex into a front facebuster by London. Tag to Kendrik who hits a spinning wheel kick. Floatover suplex gets a two count. Strong blocks another suplex attempt, and hits one of his own. Tags in Shelley, and Shelley axe handles Kendrik to the mat. Leg scissors locked in, and Kendrik flips out of it. Both men back up and Brian sweeps the legs for a two count, Shelley returns the favor for a two. Rollthrough by Brian into a singled legged dropkick. Headlock takedown by Kendrik and Shelley rolls through for a pin attempt that gets a two count. Both men back up and Shelley with an armdrag, Kendrik armdrags Shelley and Shelley answers by dropkicking the legs of Kendrik. Shelley poses, and then locks in a fujiwanna armdbar. Kendrik gets the ropes and Shelley waits for the full ref count til he breaks it. Stomps away and tags in Strong. Roderick turns Kendrik inside out with a clothesline. Fireman's carry...flips it into a nice backbreaker. Cover gets a two. T-Bone suplex by Strong for another two count. Go behind by Strong, German suplex but Kendrik lands on his feet and bulldogs Strong. Kendrik goes for the tag, but wasn't able to recover in time and Strong stops him inches before he can reach London's hand. Kendrik with punches, and more punches, Strong catches one and turns it into a Rockbottom Backbreaker! Cover gets a two count. Tag to Shelley, who taunts Kendrik before hitting a side suplex. Shelley locks Kendriks head between his legs, rolls over, and repeatidly bangs his head into the canvas. Poses for the crowd, and hits a butterly suplex toss. Cover gets a two count. Tags back in Strong, double underhook, flipped into a backbreaker. Cover gets a two count. Strong goes for a powerbomb but Kendrik counters it with a rollthrough into a pin for a two count. Both men up and Kendriks ducks a clothesline and tags in London. London springs off the ropes and dropkicks Strong. Shelley comes in and backdropped. Clothesline sends Shelley outside. Kendrik recovers and gets on the apron, Asia Moonsualt onto Shelley on the outside. London with a King Kong Buster on Strong! Cover, but Strong barely gets escapes. Irishwhip against the ropes and a hurricanrana on Strong, Clotheline sends Strong to the outside. Strong gets to his feet, and London is waiting for him...springing off the ropes with a Shooting Star Press to the outside! Shelley reverses Kendrik on the outside and sends him into the ring stairs. London rolls Strong back in and heads up top. Shelley crotches him though, and then DDTs him off the ropes! Strong stumbles to his feet and along with London, a dazed London walks into a Dragon Suplex from Strong for a three count. Shelley tosses London to the outside, and poses along with the still a bit shakey Strong.

Winners: Alex Shelley & Roderick Strong

Rating: ***1/4

Thoughts: Good effort by all four men, leads to an entertaining match. Aries/Shelley now move on to face Lynn/Sabin for the Tag Team titles at X-Factor. Another great looking match on paper, and I'd be shocked if they didn't deliver a great tag match at the show.

History will be made! But first...

We end the night with Chris Jericho in the ring ready to say a few words. Jericho says he's looking forward to becoming the first PWX World Heavyweight Champion at the pay per view. He says that Styles may be a hell of an athlete, but he's not one his leval, and in a week and a half he hopes to prove that to AJ. He says it's every wrestlers dream to help build a company up from scratch, and be the man to carry the companies first world championship. Christian Cage interupts and asks Jericho if he thinks he might be under estimating Styles? Cage says AJ did whatever it took to win the right to face Jericho, and he'll do whatever it takes to win the title. Jericho isn't worried about AJ though, and thinks Christian shoould know better than to think Jericho would underestimate anyone. Christian says he hopes that Jericho wins, because he wants the first shot at him. Their last match ended with unfortinate interferance, and he wants another crack at Jericho. Jericho thinks Christian should be careful...or he may get what he asks for. Cage and Jericho and get face to face and stare eachother down.

AJ Styles steps onto the stage with a mic in hand. He says the two ladies in the ring need to take some mydol. He tells them if they want to get physical, they just need to hitch thier skirts up and say the words. AJ is ready to take on the world, even if he has to do it himself. But lucky for him...he doesn't. Christopher Daniels comes out and stands beside AJ. Daniels' thinks Christian is getting ahead of himself. Christian is 0-2 in his last two matches, that doesn't translate to title shot in anyone's rule book but Christians. Everyone else would agree that Daniels is inline for a title shot before Christian is. Jericho interupts, saying that AJ and Daniels need to just get over themselves, and get thier asses in this ring, so he and christian can wipe the mat with them. Daniels' says going down there and kicking both thier asses sounds like a good idea...but he has a better one. Next week on Action, Daniels and Styles against Cage and Jericho. Cage agrees and Daniels and Styles leave. Jericho and Cage look eachother up and down as the show goes off the air.

Rating: 9/10

Thoughts: Jericho, Christian and Daniels are all excellant on the mic! Styles isn't too bad either, but having the other three in there helps him out in that regard. The segment itself came off without a hitch, and it sets up a great main event for the last show before the ppv.

Final Thoughts: A Pretty Solid show overall. The Corino/CW angle was continued, now to involve Haas and Gibson which is good for now. Aries was established in his match, Joe looked strong going into the last show before the ppv. Callis is in PWX now, and it continued the Williams/Mysterio angle. The main event for next week should be solid too. Shelley/Strong are now in the tag title match against Lynn/Sabin at the ppv. Another solid match to a card that is full of them. Overall a positive show for us.

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Guest slimlayzie

Pro Wrestling Newswire Report

WWE Goes on Spending Spree - Posted March 16, 2006.

World Wrestling Entertainment went on a big spending spree yesterday, resulting in the six new contracts.

Hulk Hogan agreed to a deal that will take the Hulkster out of the retirement an back to active compatition.

Steve Austin signed a new deal with WWE today aswell. The former Icon of the WWE had parted ways with the company awhile ago, but is now back in Titan Land.

After being rumored to be in talks with PWX about appearing on thier broadcasts, the former Macho Man Randy Savage also inked a deal with WWE earlier today. The deal was reportidly faxed to Savage last night, and he waisted no time signing on.

Dusty Rhodes also signed on with WWE today, in the form of an on screen character, aswell as booker for the Smackdown Brand.

Sharmell Sullivan was also resigned today. The diva was released last month, and her husband, WWE star Booker T, reportidly pushed hard for the WWE to bring her back.

Finally, in another case of "back so soon", Heindenrich returned to the WWE today after he too parted ways only two months ago. After asking for a release to "get his head straight, and deal with personal issues" his tag team partner, Road Warrior Animal, was released from WWE. Now that Heidenrich has returned, no word yet on Road Warrior Animal's status.

TNA spending big money too! - Posted March 18, 2006.

Just a mere two days after WWE went on a six person spending spree, shelling out some big bucks in the process. Total Nonstop Action also went on a little spending binge of thier own yesterday and today.

Former WCW staple and TNA performer Diamond Dallas Page has been brought back into TNA in an effort to keep TNA the second promotion in the country. PWX has been pretty hot since it's debut, but almost everyone feels they are still a long ways from catching TNA. No word on how DDP will be used, but he is expected to show up very shortly.

The man formaly known as Kanyon, Chris K signed today with TNA too. Chris K had a one night apperance with the company back in December, but hadn't appeared since.

Former ECW mainstay The Sandman was also signed by TNA wrestling today.

All this comes after TNA signed a few midcard players to thier roster yesterday. Those signings, for those who missed it, consisted of L.A. Park, Glen Gilbertti, Molly and Japanese Star Shinsuke Nakamura. TNA also signed pay per apperance deals with Raymond Rougeau, and Mando Guerrero. NOAH regular Michael Modest also signed on to appear on several broadcasts.

PWX Roster Additions, and potential additions

Pro Wrestling X also did some minor spending this last week in order to strenghten thier mid and lower midcards. The general feeling in PWX was that there were not enough midcard faces on the roster. 2/3 of thier "midcard" guys were portraying heels. So the decision was made to find some cheap talent to strenghten the lower ranks of the PWX roster.

Ring of Honor Champion Bryan Danielson has signed a pay per apperance deal with PWX. Danielson says ROH is still his top priority, and will he would never leave the company while holding thier belt. Danielson is not expected to debut until several weeks from now.

PWX also acquired the services of The Amazing Red on a per appearance deal aswell.

And PWX also signed CZW regular Chris Hero, that deal is also pay per apperance.

In other PWX roster news, PWX has been sending officials and scouts to several smaller companies' events in order to check out talent. PWX's head of talent relations and booking duties Patrick Quinlan was seen sitting front row last week at Ring Of Honors' event. In exchange for the tickets and the front row scouting change, PWX signed workers appeared at the event. AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, Samoa Joe, and Jay Lethal where all ROH regualrs until each signed written deals with PWX. Each is allowed to work elsewhere aswell, but must obtain PWX's permission to appear at other shows. Also wrestling at the ROH event was Chris Sabin and Jerry Lynn.

PWX Scouts are said to be very interested in about a dozen available wrestlers at the time. Although we are unaware of who all of them are, several workers have been contacted about potential PWX try outs. Those workers include CZW's Sexxxy Eddy, ROH regulars Homicide, Jack Evans, and Jimmy Rave. Rave is very close to several PWX roster members, who have all been pushing for Rave to get a try out. AJ Styles, Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong have all personally lobbied for Rave. Also on PWX's watch list is known to be Matt Hyson. The former Spike Dudley has a work ethic that impresses PWX scouts. Former WCW Cruiserweight Champion Mike Sanders has also been being watched. PWX scouts love his charisma, and that alone could get him a contract offer.

OOC: The preview for last action show before the PPV will be up tonight or tommorrow, and followed up by the show itself. The PPV however may take a couple days. I'm a slow typer, and with it being the first PPV I'm going all out. I may tone it down abit after. So far I wrote the Main Event for the ppv, most of it anyways, andabout half the size of my normal actions.

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX Wednesday night ACTION! - March 22, 2006.

Mike Johnson and Alicia Webb open us to talk about the PPV. They do a quick rundown of the card, and Johnson expects it to be a memorable event, like no other PPV in recent history. Alicia says she's getting all the Bombshell's in the ring at the ppv to show off thier boobs. Johnson says you can't do that, and Alicia says she knows...but she's trying to help the buyrate. They joke back and fourth about it and it's time to head to the ring.

Jay Lethal -vs- Mikey Whipwreck

Whipwreck and Lethal are both in the ring, when Generation neXt hits the ring and attacks them both! Alex Shelley grabs Lethal and hits the Shellshock!! Austin Aries hits Whipwreck with the Crucifix Bomb! and Roderick Strong applies the Strong Stretch on him. Whipwreck and Lethal get tossed to the outside and Aries grabs a microphone.

He says that history will be made tommorrow, and that the wrestling world will be shaken at it's very core. He says the history will begin when Shelley and Strong defeat Chris Sabin and Jerry Lynn to become the first ever PWX World Tag Team Champions. He then continues, saying that's just the begining of it all. Terry Funk's carear will do what it should of done ten years ago, finally come to an end. Aries says he will take great pleasure and ending his over rated carear, but that's not all. He is then going to send Bret Hart packing back to Calgery, and he'll rip his heart out in the process. Shelley interupts, and tells Aries he's really going to enjoy studying the tape of what Aries does to Funk and Hart. Aries wants everyone to know that Generation neXt is the real deal, and he has the answer to once ever popular question. "Who's next!? Generation neXt...is next! Because it's our turn to shine". The trio leave the ring, as Whipwreck and Lethal stare them down from the floor.

Winner: No Contest. (Match never took place)

Rating: 5/10

Thoughts: This segment simply did not come accross good. Aries speech was fine, although he's still rather stiff on delivering them. But as a whole, the segment was not recieved well at all. I'm chalking it up to thier being alot of Lethal and Whipwreck fans in the arena. Hey...ya never know.

Matt Bently & Frankie Kazerian -vs- The Naturals

Bently and Stevens start us off, and they dance around a bit, each trying to catch the other off gaurd. Finally a lock up and Stevens simply trips Bently up, and stands there and chuckles about it. Off the ropes by Chase, Matt ducks under, back and leapfrog by Mattt. Shoulder block drops Matt. Back off the ropes for Chase, leapfrog again, and Bently goes for the Bently Superkick, Stevens puts on the brakes and catches it, trips him, and jackknive pinfall attempt gets a two count. Back up and a lock up, Bently with a go behind, clubs to the back of Stevens, backdrop is flipped out of, Chase hits a backdrop of his own. Tag to Douglas, and Andy with an standing armbar, a couple of shooulder thrusts. Bently reverses into an armbar of his own, and a boot to the gut follows. Tag to Kazerian, Douglas tries to fight his way out of the corner, but they both just club away at him. Backbreaker by Kazerian. Cover gets barely a two count. Vertical suplex by Kazerian, then he hits that nice neckbreaker drop that Randy Orton uses. Cover gets a two count. Tags Bently back in, and Matt with a series of knuckle punches to Douglas. inverted atomic drop, and Bently clotheslines him down. Cocky slaps to the face, and that riles Douglas up. Right hands by Andy, blocks one attempted by Bently, Nothern Lights suplex, cover gets a two count. Douglas drops alegdrop on Bently. Off the ropes, but too close to Kazerian, and he knees him in the back, allowing Bently to clothesline him down. Bently drags him to the corner, and stomps away on him. Tag to Kazerian, snap suplex by Frankie. Cover gets a two count. Fireman's carry by Kazerian, he rolls through and hops up onto the second turnbuckle. Corkscrew legdrop onto Douglas. Cover gets a two count. Kazerian whips him off the ropes, then ducks his head too soon and Douglas small packages him. Only a two count though, and Kazerian dropkicks him down afterwards. A couple of right hands rock Douglas, Kazerian bounces off the ropes and swings at douglas, Douglas catches him though, and a Catatonic! Both men are down, and they both make tags at the same time. Stevens and Bently are in...clothesline by Stevens, back up and another clothesline. Scoop slam on Bently, Kazerian is back up and Stevens with a diving clothesline on him. Douglas gets back to his feet, DDT plants Kazerian. Stevens does the same to Bently. Douglas and Kazerian both tumble to the outside on a Douglas clothesline! Fireman's Carry by Stevens, and he just drops backwards. Douglas gets to his feet and crawls in the ring...They got Bently set up...Natural Disater looks imminate, but Alexis Laree is now at ringside, and she grabs Stevens' legs. The ref sees it, and he slides out and grabs Laree. Larre has been tossed. Kazerian back in the ring...Wave of the Future! on Douglas! Stevens clotheslines Kazerian to the outside, and then turns smack into a Bently Superkick! Cover and the ref is back in to count the three count. Laree comes back down and hugs Bently and Kazerian.

Winners: Matt Bently & Frankie Kazerian @ 9:07

Rating: **3/4

Thoughts: Perfectly good match. Nothing great mind you, a nice strong tv match. I wanted a female manager for Bently and Kazerian, but one that could kick a little ass like Trinity. Trinity has no charisma though, and Laree's is good enough. It was also important for the Naturals not too look like jobbers in this one, I have plans for them begining shortly, and they couldn't lose this one cleanly.

An Old School Enforcer

We cut backstage and we see James Gibson talking to PWX Bombshell Dawn Marie. They both make a crack about how much it sucks in the "E". Suddenly Steve Corino walks into the scene, and starts mouthing off to Gibson. He tells Dawn to "bounce those silicon things elsewhere", and Gibson gets in Corino's face. From behind comes CW Anderson and he clubs Gibson in the back. Dawn Marie yells and runs away, and Corino and CW continue to pound away on Gibson. Corino picks up Gibson and holds him, allowing CW to get some clean shots to the side of the head. Corino then whips Gibson into CW and he hits the Anderson Spinebuster on the CONCRETE! Gibson isn't moving, and Corino gets in his face and yells at him about sticking his nose in his business. Dawn Marie and Charlie Haas run into the scene, but Corino and Anderson split. Haas attends to Gibson as we see EMTs closely behind.

Rating: 6/10.

Thoughts: I think the biggest problem on this was the fans don't have much reason to care about Gibson yet. It's awhile removed from when his Jamie Noble gimmick was successful in WWE, and I think the fans have started to forget about him. Hopefully this injury angle will allow him to come back stronger when he does.

Mike Johnson and Alicia Webb schill the ppv some more, and we see Don Callis sitting in the front row, taking notes about something. Johnson and Webb discuss what happened with Callia/Williams/Rey. and talk about the Williams verse Mysterio match at the ppv.

Sonny Siaki -vs- Low Ki

Ki and Siaki lock up and Siaki over powers him, throwing him to the matt. Ki gets up and charges into a clothesline by Siaki. Back to his feet and Ki unloads him some hard kicks, Mongolian chops to Siaki, and then a snap suplex. Cross arm breaker by Ki, and Siaki gets to the ropes. Ki with some chops, irishwhip is countered and Siaki hits a flapjack into a somoan drop. Fists to the temple of Ki, suplex by Siaki. Off the ropes and Siaki turns him inside out with a clothesline. Some posturing by Siaki, fireman's carry into a DDT by Siaki gets a two count. Full nelson by Siaki, then he turns it into a full nelson slam. Cover gets a two count. Suplex attempt is blocked with some shots to the cut, hard kicks by Ki. Low Ki winds up, really connecting with a martial arts kick to the chest of Siaki. Cover gets a two count. Brainbuster by Ki, cover gets a two count. Fireman's carry roll through, and Ki drops a snap elbow. Stomach Breaker by Ki, cover gets a two count. Snapmare and a hard kick to the back of the head. Cover for another two count. Low Ki pounds away on the back of Siaki, then snaps off a nice dragon suplex! That only gets a two count, and Ki applies a Texas cloverleaf. Siaki is able to get to the ropes, though so Ki snaps off and hits a hard powerbomb. Cover gets another two count. Off the ropes and Siaki ducks the clothesline attempt and hits a diving shoulderblock on the return. Pumphandle slam by Siaki gets a two count. Siakiolypse Now is counter by Low Ki, Ki Krusher is countered by Siaki, lock up and a go behind by Siaki, Ki quickly reversed, and kicks the legs out of Siaki, then leaps on him and applies the Dragon Clutch. Siaki fights to the ropes, but isn't able to get all the way and taps out.

Winner: Low Ki @ 5:09

Rating: **1/2

Thoughts: Short, but action paced and hard hitting. Siaki has alot of petential, he just hasn't been able to make anything of it yet. Hopefully here in PWX he'll finally realise his potential. Low Ki is Low Ki. Stiff, yet graceful. One of the best all arounders in the business. Good match for both of them, and a good tune up for Low Ki with his match against Joe coming up. It's also Low Ki's first win in PWX. Yep, he's 1-3 now.

Backstage we see Christian Cage getting ready for his match, doing a few stretches and the like. He finishes and grabs a towel to wip his forehead off. He turns around and bumps into Austin Aries, chest into chest. Aries gives him a little shove and tells him to watch where he's going. Cage tells him he nees to get out of his face...and quick. Aries and Cage share an intense stare...standing nose to nose. Cage tells him to actually hit someone who's facing him for once. And Aries draws back, like he's about to throw a punch. Then stops. He tells Cage he's gonna be late for his match if doesn't hurry up. Cage smirks, and then walks into Aries before heading towards the ring area. The camera zooms in on Aries..."be seein' ya, buddy".

Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles -vs- Christian Cage & Chris Jericho

Daniels and Cage start us off, no wrestling holds to start, they just go at it. Cage gets the upperhand with a series of hard rights, short arm clothesline knocks Daniels down. Cage mounts him and punches away, until the ref breaks it up. Sanpmares him over, and drops a knee to the forehead of Daniels. Legdrop by Cage gets a two count. Christian tosses him into the corner and goes crazy with rights and lefts. Series of hard back chops and Cage tramples the face of Daniels. Irishwhip by Cage, shoulderblocks Daniels to the matt. Stomps away on the Fallen Angel, and then applies a traingle hold. Cage is fired up, he waits for Daniels to get to his feet and then boots him in the head, cover gets a two count. Cage picks him and applies a sleeper hold. Daniels wiggles out and hits a backdrop. But Christian leaps right back to his feet and Pounces on Cage, furiously punching away. Daniels grabs the ropes and yells for the refs help. Cage pulls him back to the center of the ring and applies an ankle lock. Styles springboards in and nails Cage with a forearm. Styles back to the corner and Daniels crawls over to him, finally making it there and tagging in AJ. AJ in and clubs to the back of Cage, snapmares him down and rubs his forearm into Cage's face. Off the ropes and AJ connects with a double knee drop. Cover gets not even a two though. Vertical suplex into a hangman's neckbreaker by Styles. Cover gets a two count. Styles sends Cage off the ropes and connects with a high dropkick. AJ poses to the crowd, and covers for a two count. Rear chinlock applied by Styles, Cage eventually makes it to his feet and elbows away at AJ's sternum. DDT by Cage. Cage tags in Jericho and AJ and Jericho exchange punches, Jericho gets the upperhand with a series of chops though. Suplex by Jericho, then a double underhook suplex. Double underhook backbreaer gets a two count. Daniel's still hasn't gotten to his feet, and PWX officials are down to look him over. Faceplant by Jericho, cover gets a two count. Styles counters a scoop by sliding off the back of Jericho and hits a neckbreaker. Styles looks to tag Daniels, but he's still down and now being looked at by EMTs. Styles turns into a running enziguri by Jericho. Tag in to Cage, and Cage hits neck crusher on Styles. Austin Aries has now appeared, and he makes his way down the ramp drawing the attention of everyone in the ring. Jericho and the ref hop outside and Jericho goes to attack him, but the ref gets between them and orders Aries to leave. Un-Prettier by Cage. Daniels suddenly rolls into the ring and stands up. Cage turns around and is caught with a boot, Angel's Wings! by Daniels. Daniels pulls Styles to his corner as the ref slides back into the ring. Jericho is still yelling at Aries who is finally starting to back up the ramp. Daniels' tags himself in and rolls Cage up, clearly grabbing a handful of tights. The ref counts the three count and Daniels rolls outside, celelbrating and telling everyone how smart he is. Jericho chases Styles out of the ring, and then attends to Cage, as we see Aries smiling. End with Jericho staring at Styles.

Winners: Christopher Daniels & AJ Styles @ 10:38

Rating: ****1/4

Thoughts: About has perfect as a ten minute tv match can possibly be. It got ***** in EWR, but I can't give out ***** for a ten minute match. All the tv matches a lower the rating about a star or so from what EWR gives them, because they just don't have the time mostly. But the ppv will be straight forward. So now Cage will be looking for revenge at the ppv, and neither Styles or Jericho have pinned eachother. So they're pretty much even going into it.

Final Thoughts: Easily the worst show I've booked to date. And hopefully the worst I'll ever book. I didn't want to go crazy with the hard sell, so I included some workers who weren't on the ppv card, and that probably wasn't the smartest move. But everyone strikes out sometimes, so I'm not too concerned about it. The PPV is my first real test. If it comes off as strong as I'm hoping, everything in PWX should be perfectly fine. Just look at all the potential **** matches on the card. Styles/Jericho. Cage/Daniels. Joe/Low Ki. Sabin & Lynn/Shelley & Strong. Even williams/Mysterio should atleast crack *** stars. Anyways, the PPV is just a couple days away. I hope you all enjoy it.

OOC: So, no prewview for this show but it's ok. The PPV preview will be up in a little, and the show itself is coming along. The show should defiantly be a worthwhile read for all that partake. I hope you all enjoy these shows, and I'll continue to work at making this a top diary. Comments/suggestions are welcome, and like I said earlier there is no definant time table on the PPV. It's gonna take me some time to finish, and with the weekend here, no idea how much time I'll have. It'll be out in the next few days at the most, tonight or tommorrow at the earliest. The PPV preview will be up in a few hours probably. Well, til next time, farewell.

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Guest slimlayzie

IPB Image

PWX X-Factor Preview: March 26, 2006

This Sunday night will be a historic night in the world of professional wrestling, when Pro Wrestling X makes it's first apperance on Pay Per View! History will indeed be made this Sunday night, in more ways than one.

PWX will crown it's first ever PWX World Heavyweight Champion when two of the biggest and most exciting stars in wrestling today go at it, one on one, in a two out of three falls contest! The first superstar to gain two pinfall or submission victories will be declared the winner, and will get to walk out of the arena proudly carrying the hardware that represents the very best in this sport! It started with eight men, all vying for thier shot at history, and now we find ourselves down to the final two. "The Phonominal" AJ Styles and "Larger than Life" Chris Jericho will surely both bring thier "A" game when they step into the ring for a chance to take home the ultimate prize. Will the twenty-six year old Phenom known as AJ Styles walk out wearing the gold? Will the veteran Chris Jericho take home the gold and the glory? Jericho has been a staple of the pro wrestling business for the last half decade, and he's looking to once again write his name in the history books.

PWX will also have the honor of bringing you four of the best inring stars in the sport today, competeing in one match for thier oppertunity to make some history aswell. There was once eight tag teams looking to make history by becoming the first PWX World Tag Team Championships, now there are just two. Generation neXt members Alex Shelley and his tag team partner Roderick Strong look to put a stamp on Generation neXt's position in PWX by taking home the tag team straps. It's not going to be easy though, in thier path stand two of the best in all the sport. The sixteen year veteran Jerry Lynn, and the twenty-three year old sensation Chris Sabin are going to show up ready for action. Most importantly, they will show up ready for gold!

On PWX's first broadcast almost two months ago, wrestling legand Bret Hart stopped by to show his support for the new promotion he was eager to see succeed. His reward for his support? An attack at the hands of Austin Aries, the so called "ring leader" of Generation neXt. Hart's old friend Terry Funk went out of his way to make sure he would be able to get to Action! in the following weeks, and when Aries attacked him aswell...the line had been crossed, twice! Now the legand of hardcore wrestling will step into a match he's very used to, a no holds barred street fight against Austin Aries. Commissioner Jerry Lalwer also added Bret Hart to the fray in the form of special guest referee for the contest. With Alex Shelley and Roderick Strong barred from ringside too, will the big talking Austin Aries be able to conquer the wrestling legand?

Two of PWX's biggest stars have been at eachother's throats since it's inception, and this Sunday night they will finally get to settle it in the middle of the ring. "The Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels and "Captain Charisma" Christian Cage are set to collide live on Pay Per View, and this one has "grudge match" written all over it. Last wednesday night Daniels one-upped Christian Cage and stole the victory in a tag team encounter featuring the two. Now Christian Cage will be looking for revenge, while at the same time catapulting himself up the ladder in PWX, making sure he's inline for a title shot in the near future. Will the Captain be able to best the Fallen Angle?

In what many Strong Style fans consider to be a dream match, Samoa Joe and Low Ki will meet in the middle of the ring this Sunday night at X-Factor! While these two have meet in the past, this will be thier first encounter in a PWX ring, and will surely be a Strong Style classic. These two were once dubbed two of the biggest names in the indapendant wrestling scene, well now they're both in the big leagues. And they are both eager to bring thier style into PWX and climb the ladder of success. Which one of these amazing athletes will take the first step?

During the first Stage of the Stage Five Invitational Tournament to crown PWX's first champion, Rey Mysterio was defeated thanks inpart to the outside interferance of one man who wasn't even in the tournament. Petey Williams apparently thought it an injustice that Mysterio was in the tournament instead of himself, so he took apon himself to cost Rey in every way he could. Now with Don Callis in his corner, will Petey Williams be too much for Rey Mysterio? Or will the dazzling Mysterio wow not only the crowd, but Petey Williams this Sunday night?

Finally, in a match that was just announced, four of PWX's most talented duo will step into the ring in a Tag Team Gauntlet match. The rules? Simple. Two teams start, when one is eliminated another team jumps in. When one of those two teams are defeated, the fourth and final team jumps in. The Teams? The Naturals, Paul London & Brian Kendrik, Justin Credible & Sonny Siaki and Matt Bently & Frankie Kazerian. One "X-Factor" in this match might be Bently and Kazerian's new found companion Alexis Laree. Eitherway, it's bound to be a hard hitting, and exciting matchup featuring the best in the art of tag team wrestling. Luck of the draw could prove very vital in this one wrestling fans. Which duo will out last the others?

Mark your calanders wrestling fans, this will certainly be a night you will not want to miss out on. If PWX's short history has taught us anything, it's that you can almost certainly expect a few surprises this Sunday night when PWX hits the Pay Per View airwaves.

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