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TNA revised, remade, really rocking

Guest Daemon

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Most wrestling fans nowadays say that TNA has lost its flare, and that they need something new, somethign exuberant, somethign that will catch the fans attention. Sting coming to TNA was a start, but the real question was, can they use him right? There hasn't really been enough time to really see if they have used Sting the right way, but we won't find out if they would have used him right, because as of a few hours ago, Jason Livewire was put in place of chairman of the board of NWA: TNA. Livewire took this news very well, as he had quickly booked the first TNA Impact under his ownership, and it would be 100% live! (Excuse the fact that people live in different time zones, so it will be live in certain countries.

This glorius event will take place on the 4th of Febuary 06, and Jason Livewire has rpomised the Human Highlight Reel, Chris Jericho, to be at the show! This has already made the show sold out, and believe you me, this won't be the first sold out show.


Febuary, 04, 061st Match:

Alex Shelley vs. Roderick Strong

-Shelley gots lead with clothesline

-strong gets momentarily lead with a super kick

-Shelley reverses a backbraker into an armdrag

-strong goes for a crossbody, but shelley turns it into a border city stretch, and picks up the win


The camera views out the back, all is quiet when we hear the sound of limo pulling in, and out from the limo comes the man himself, Sting. Sting looks around for a few moments, and then heads of screen.


Samoa Joe is backstage with Mikey Tenay.

Miket Tenay: Samoa Joe, you have come to TNA wrestling for one thing and-

Samoa Joe swipes the mic from Tenay, and beings to speak on his own accord.

Joe: The one thing I have come to TNA for is respect. I get no respect when I tell someone I was the great RoH World champion that ever graced the planet, all I get is belittlement. Well now I have come to TNA to prove that I not only deserve respect, and I demand it!

????: Woah, woah, woah...

Chris Sabin and Austin Aries come onto the scene.

Sabin: Now Joe, I couldn't help but overhear your little interview going on here, and I must say, I am one of the people impressed by your RoH title reign, and I have to agree with you, it was the greatest reign on record. But that doesn't mean a whole lot around here. I mean Austin Aries here, was the man that defeated you for the title was he not?

Aries and Joe glare at eachother.

Sabin: And he really hasn't been getting handed title shots around here has he? So Joe, I got to say, that you have to start at the bottom here in TNA, just like everybody else does-

Joe: I bet you feel real smart just making all that up right now doesn't it, Sabin? Well if you, and your little X-Division prowers think your so great, how about we have a match, next week, in the impact zone, on the even of Against all odds, what do you say?

Sabin: You can call it a date...

Joe has a dark look on his face as he storms away from them.


2nd Match:

3 Man Tag:

Sonjay Dutt, Shark Boy & Matt Bentley vs. Team Canada (A-1, Bobby Roode & Petey Williams)

-Bentley gets ahead on A1 with a few armdrags

-Bently tags to Dutt

-Dutt gets hammered by a clothesline from A1

-A1 quickly takes Dutt out again in a backbreaker

-A1 tags to Roode, who spals around Dutt for a few moments.

-Dutt hits a european uppercut, tags in charkboy, roode tags in Petey.

-Sharkboy takes out willaism with a dropkick

-Sharkboy takes out an on-coming A1 with a drop toe hold

-ref puts roode, A1 back in their place

-while williams lowblows sharkboy, kicks Dutt and bently off the ropes

-Petey hits Canadian Destroyed on Shark Boy for the win


3rd Match:

Ron Killings vs. AJ Styles

-Stlyes gets the early going withs oem drop toe holds

-Killings gets an armdrag, then an armbar on Styles

-Styles breaks out of the armbar

-Killings gets Styles in a sleeper

-Styles counters into a stunner

-Styles hits styles clash for win


Christian Cage is backstage with Mikey Tenay.

CC: You know Mikey, some might say that tonight is going to be an impossible challenge for everybody in the main event, but JArret has an edge being the champion, but I have en edge as well.

Mikey Tenay: And what edge might that be?

CC: Well you see I am Christian Cage, do I need say more?

Mikey Tenay: Well yeah, that really isn't a-

CC: yeah I know, all this regular BS about me needing to say something about the match.

Mikey Tenay: Well yeah.

CC: Well lets put it simple Mikey. Jericho I have beaten before, Sting is a repected man, but hey? He is old, and Jarret is simply put, an un-talented lucky S.O.B


Main Event:

NWA World Championship:

Fatal Four-way:

Jeff Jarret vs. Sting vs. Christian Cage vs. Chris Jericho

-Sting is on fire, and takes down everyone with raging clotheslines

-Jericho takes out Sting with an enzuguri

-Jericho gets Walls of Jericho Sting, but Jarret breaks it

-Jericho puts walls of Jericho on Jarret, but Sting breaks it with a bulldog

-Christian Cage quickly dispatches Sting with a reverse DDT

-Jericho gets up first, and takes out a rising Jarret with a lionsault

-Jarret rolls Jericho sting, gets a two count

-Cage leaps of the turnbuckle and takes down Jarret in a clothesline.

-Cage and Jericho collide with two shoulders and Jericho is sent flying into the referee

-Sting gets up, gets baseball, takes out Jarret, Jericho, and Cage.

-AMW run down to rignside and take out Sting

-Jericho takes out AMW, and puts the walls on Sting

-Sting taps but no referee

-Cage unleashes a reverse DDT onto Jericho

-Ref is back in the ring, Cage goes for pin....

and gets a two count!

-Ref rolls off, trying to get wits back

-Jarret smacks Sting's bat over Cage's head behind referee. Ref sees pin, 1,2,3.


Sting is back up, looking furious. Jarret is celebrating with AMW, Jarret turns around, and is taken down in a splash, Sting is pulled off Jarret by AMW, and is silenced with a double suplex. Jarret puts the stroke on Sting, and begins to speak.

JJ: Sting, you came here, thinking that you could reign supreme over us all, just beucase some people call you a legend. Sting, you think that your so great, but the truth is, you WERE great. Sting nowadays you are nothing more then a man who needs to earn a few busk to pay for his weekly whores. Sting did you really think you could capture this title away from me? Well Sting you failed, so get use to being everyone's bitch, because the moment you rejected me, you sealed your fate...

The show ends with Team Jarret celebrating over Sting, Cage, and Jericho

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As fans around the world have stated before, and shall state again. Vince is an idiot. Most recetnly, he has realeased, CM Punk, Spanky, and James Gibson. There garbage bin, is our goldmine, as we quickly hire CM Punk as a midcard heel, and spank ad Gibson as midcard faces.

Also, with the recentl lack of competition, Jason Livewire has decided to add another title to the TNA belts. He calls it the TNA Ironman title, and we will se CM Punk facing off against James Gibson, and Spanky for that very title. A little bit risky pushing the new talent so early maybe? Jason is known as a risk taker, but will his risk really be worth it in the end? We will find out, come Impact.

Against All Odds: This Sunday!

Is he mad??? Jason has booked Against All Odds so early in the month, he will need to scramble to get a proper card ready! Will this rushed card prove anygood? Or will Jason fail in this buiness to early on? All we can do is wait, and watch Against All Odds.



Febuary, 11, 06

1st Match

NWA Ironman Title

Spanky vs. CM Punk vs. James Gibson

-The trio get in eachother's faces, and Gibson and Spanky soon form an alliance, and swing punk to the outside, his face taking a nasty bash on the barricade

-The alliance broken by a jawbreaker form Spanky to Gibson

-Spanky unleashed his arsenal quickly, as he tok as many strikes, and kicks at Gibson as he could, soon backing him into the corner.

-Gibson blocks a punch, and shoves Spanky offs him.

-Gibson walks away form the corner, but walks right into a Sliced Bread #2!

-Gibson turns the finishing manuveur into a backdrop, and goes for a pinfall, only receiving a two count.

-Spanky and Gibson quickly get to their feet, and start to brawl.

-Spanky ends the brawl by nipping up, and then dropping back down into a senton onto James Gibson.

-Spanky whips Gibson into the corner, and soon makes Gibson's chest a blood red with some angry chops.

-Spanky grabs Gibson's head, and runs up the turnbuckle.

-Punk is perched on that turnbuckle, shoves Spanky off a stanidng Gibson.

-Punk shoves Gibson's face between his legs, and unleashes the Pepsi Plunge

-Spanky has gotten up, as Punk goes for the pinfall

-Spanky goes to bring the pin, but Pin rolls out of the way, rolls up Spanky, places his feet on the ropes, and gets the cheap win, becoming the first ever TNA Ironman champ


Punk is walking backstage, the TNA Ironman championship perched on his shoulders. Someone pats him on the back, as Punk turns to say thanks. He turns around and walks right into an angry looking Spanky.

Punk: Hey, Spank. What's up?

Spanky: You know what's up Punk.

Punk: The ceiling?

Spanky: Very funny Punk, but do you really think you can become a champion by using the ropes?

Punk: uhh...

Spanky: Do you really think you can play dumb with me Punk? Well I guess what?

Punk: uhh, what?

Spanky: You are going to learn your lesson, right here, right now-

????: Chill, Spanky, chill!

Jason Livewire soon ran otno the scene stopping Spanky from giving Punk the beating of his life.

Jason: Spanky, you gotta chill man, actions like that won't get you rematchs.

Punk: Yeah Spank, calm down or else- umm excuse me?

Jason: You heardme right, Punk. Rematchs. Now Spanky, if you don't rip apart my Ironman Champion, then you get a rematch at Against All Odds.

Spanky nods, liking this.

Spanky: I'll hold my rage, Jason, so just book that match, and its clear sailing.

Jason: Right, oh and by the way, james Gibson is going to be the referee...

Jason leaves the two men stunned...


Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin

-Match starts off slow, with Joe getting Sabin in a few headlocks.

-Five minute point, Joe is still keeping Sabin down on the mat.

-Seven mintue point, Sabin shoves away form Joe, and then takes him down with a jaw breaking dropkick.

-Sabin climbs the top rope, and backflips of it, taking out Joe.

-Sabin bounces off the ropes, and lands a legdrop on Joe's throat.

-Sabin misses the crucifix pin, and slides through the ropes.

-Joe launches outside the ring, and brushes Sabin up against the barricade.

-Joe whips Sabin at the steps, the steps explode along with Sabin's shoulder.

-Joe dominates for the next few minutes

-Joe sets up Sabin for the muscle buster

-Austin Aries rushes down to ringside, and reverses the fall.

-Sabin crushes Joe face agaisnt the mat.

-Sabin gets the 1-2-3.

-Aries and Sabin brawl with Joe.


We see Mike Tenay run after Sabin and Aries, and stops them.

Mikey Tenay: Sabin, Aries, what was that all about? Joe just got layed out like he has never been before, what caused all that out there?

Sabin: Mikey, let me let you in on something. Joe broke the code of the X-Division, he disrespected us, and for that he payed. Joe broke the code of the X-Division, now he has to pay the price of that!

We hear the roars from the crowd reach the back as Sabin and Aries walk off, leaving Mikey in wonder.


Jeff JArret is seen storming out of the building. But he has a World title defense against Raven tonight! Jarret gets in his car, and flies out of the parking lot.


Johnny Fairplay hits the ring, and begins to speak.

JF: As you all just saw, we saw, Jeff Jarret sotrm out of this arena, and well, that is kinda funny. Since he did have a world title defense tonight, but I guess, Raven vs. Jeff AJrret will not happen tonight.

We hear a chorus of boos from the crowd, but JF plays it cool

JF: INstead we will see Raven vs. Sim Diamond, as Jeff JArret's replacement for the NWA World title!

The crowd cheered.

JF: And now, if Simond Diamond does indeed win, then he will be, the new NWA World Champion!

The crowd boo, but some cheer. JF leaves the ring

Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles

-Styles started it off with a handshake, and then took down Hardy as his back was turned.

-Hardy traded punchs with Styles

-Styles and ahrdy traded counters.

-Hardy climbed the turnbuckle quickly, and dropped on Styles in a whiper in the wind.

-Styles sent hardy through the ropes.

-Shootign star press of the ropes form styles to hardy.

-Hardy defeated the shooting star press with a dropkick to the gut.

-Hardy sent styles back into the ring.

Hardy went to the top rope, and went for the swanton bomb.

-Styles raised his leg between Hardy's, crushing his crotch.

-AJ covered Jeff for the win.


"Break The Walls Down" hits the loud speaker, as Chris Jericho makes his way down to the ring. The crowd cheer, but most of them boo. Jericho gets in the ring, and is handed a mic. He immiedietly starts to speak.

Chris Jericho: As you all saw last week, I was an inch close, to winning the NWA World Title! I even made the living legend, Sting tap out! But sadly, there was no ref to coun the tap, and if there was, I would be stanidng infront of all of you, NWA World champion! But no, I get the other end of the stick, I come up short because Christian can't kick out of a wimpy little bash over the back of the head with a baseball bat. Christian is the reason why I am not NWA Champion, but tonight, he will be the reason why I will go to Against All Odds, as the contender, and walk out as the champion! Tonight, infact just a few seconds from now, there will be a Triple Threat match, with myself, Christian, and... Sting. The winner will go to Against All Odds vs. Raven, Simon Diamon, or even the unlikely chance of Jeff Jarret. But for now ladies and gentleman, let the match begin!

NWA World title contenders match:

Jericho vs. Cage vs. Sting

-Jericho badmouths both men, who seem to team up on him, but Jericho takes them down wtih a double clothesline.

-Jericho climbs the top rope, and takes out a rising Christian with a back elbow

-Sting runs at Jericho, and misses a clothesline.

-Jericho takes down Sting in a side powerbomb.

-Jericho lifts up both Christian and Sting.

-Jericho bounces off the ropes, and turns around to meet a double clothesline by Sting and Christian.

-Sting takes down Chrsitian with a clothesline.

-Christian and Sting brawl

-Chstian catches Sting with a reverse DDT.

-Jericho coems out of nwohere, and takes down Christian with a lionsault.

-Sting gets up, goes for a clothesline on Jericho, misses.

-Jericho takes down Sting in a dropkick.

-Christian rolls up Jericho for the win.


NWA World Title

Simon Diamond vs. Raven

-Raven starts off the match with a few punches

-Diamond takes down Raven in a neckbreaker

-Raven and Diamond brawl

-Diamond takes down Raven in a series of clotheslines

-Raven gets the better of Diamond with a drop toe hold onto the bottom rope

-Raven put Diamon in an STF

-Diamond gets close to tapping, but rolls over into a pin, but only gets a two count.

-Raven gets to his feet, Diamonds runs at Raven. Raven takes him down with A Raven Effect!

-Raven goes for the pin, but Jeff Jarret comes down to the ring, and breaks the pin with a guitar!

-Jarret levels everyone in the ring with the guitar, making this match a no contest, and Jarret keeps the NWA World title.

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A Miracle! Jason Livewire had pulled out a miracle at Impact. He had made enougb matches to get enough hype for half the matches on the ppv! And even one match, that people will be talking about for ages, Kenta Kobashi (open contract) against Tito Ortiz! Both accomplished brawlers, the match should prove somethign interesting! What will happen with CM Punk and Spanky? Will James Gibson somehow make himself the champ? Will he side with punk? Will he side with Spanky? Its anybodies match!

Raven got screwed on Impact, so now, he and his parter, Cassidy Riley, will take on AMW at Against all odds! Any of you spotted the controversay between Hardy and Styles, well these two will see if friendship can get past hardship, as Styles defends his title against Hardy at Against all Odds. You all saw Sabin on Impact right? Well now its time for Sabin, and his partner Austin Aries to take out Joe in a handicap match. Has Joe's torture just begun? Or will Sabin and Aries take pity on him, and finish it Againt All Odds?

The second most idolized match on the card. Two men with identical styles, will face off against eachother. Sting vs. Jericho. The scorpian Death lock vs. The walls of Jericho. The Lionsault vs. The Scorpain Deathdrop. Who will come out the better? Will the legend prevail? Or will Jericho, The human Highlight Reel, prve why he was once, the first ever Undisputed champion? Tune into Against All Odds to find out!

And Finally, that matcha ll of you have been waiting. The Main Event, the match you payed to get tickets for, the match you ordered on your satelite dish, the match that will certainly tell us, if there will be a New Era on TNA, of if tradition will prevail. Christian Cage vs. Jeff Jarret for the NWA World Championship happens tonight at Against All Odds. Christian Cage clearly staes that this shouldn't be a problem, why? because he is Christian Cage!

Final Card For Against All odds:

Raven & Riley vs. AMW

X-Div title

Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles

Ironman Title

Guest Referee: James Gibson

CM Punk vs. Spanky

handicap Match

Joe vs. Aries & Sabin

Kenta Kobashi vs. Tito Ortiz

Jericho vs. Sting

Main Event:

Cage vs. Jarret

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Against All Odds:

Febuary, 12, 06

Raven & Riley vs. AMW

-Riley starts off with Harris

-harris takes down Riley in an armdrag

-Riley rolls to his feet, and takes down harris with a superkick

-Harris tags to storm

-Riley tags to Raven

-Raven cleans out the house

-Raven picks up Harris and takes him down in a Raven Effect for the quick win.


We see Raven and Riley walking backstage as Mikey Tenay comes up to them.

Mikey Tenay: Raven, Riley, I am sure both of you are very psyched after defeating the NWA Tag Team Champions, do you two plan on competing for the Tag Titles against AMW within the next few weeks?

Raven: Well Mike, after the display of me and my partner Riley easily dimantling the tag champions, I think that Zbyzko has no other choice then to put me and Riley-

???: Hold it, hold it!

Larry Zybyzko walks onto the scene.

Zybyzko: You think, just because you got lucky, you deserve a tag title shot, well Raven, maybe you do, but you do need a tag partner first!

Raven motions to Cassidy Riley beside him.

Zybyzko: Oh, I am sorry Raven but Cassidy will not be able to compete for the tag titles, atleast not until he comes back from Japan, which just happens to be where I am sending him.

Raven and Riley look angered at this, Zybyzko only holds up his hands.

Zybyzko: Raven if you can find a tag partner, then I will gurrantee you a shot at the NWA Tag Team titles at Destination X, but if you can't find one, then tough luck.

Zybyzko marches off with Riley and Raven looking angered.


X-Div title

Jeff Hardy vs. AJ Styles

-Hardy drops styles with a dropkick

-Styles takes down Hardy in an armdrag

-Hardy turns it into an armbar

-Styles reachs the ropes.

-Styles gets the upperhand with a dropsault

-Hardy bounces of the ropes and takes down styles in a clothesline

-Hardy unleashes a standing senton

-Hardy gets a two count form a Crucifix pin

-Hardy runs, styles puts Hardy in the Styles clash, but HArdy turns it into a Hurricarana to the outside.

-Hardy runs over ropes, and takes down a rising Styles in a huge front moonsault

-Hardy runs styles into pole

-Styles runs Hardy into barricade

-Hardy and styles both ram into the pole.

-Both men get back into the ring at the 8 count.

-Hardy takes down Styles in a clothesline

-Hardy goes to top rope, Styles school boys HArdy form the top rope, and uses ropes to gain the win.

-Jeff, who didn't know about the blantant cheating offered AJ Stlyes a handshake.

-Stlyes took the handshake, then leveled Hardy with the X-Division title!

Notes: AJ Stlyes turns face to heel


Ironman Title

Guest Referee: James Gibson

CM Punk vs. Spanky

-Gibson forces both men to shake hands

-Punk takes down Spanky in hip toss

-Spanky gets head scissors on punk

-Punk gets out of it.

-Spanky punk both get up

-Trading punches, which is soon stopped by Gibson

-Spanky turns around, and Punk charges, but SPanky turns right backa round and takes Punk out with a hurricarana

-Punk is on the ropes.

-Spanky goes to splash Punk throat first onto the ropes but Gibson stops him

-Punk rolls up Spanky

-Gibson sees Punk use of ropes, and rules a rope break

-Punk and Gibson argue, Punk shoves Gibson

-Punk shoves SPanky itno the corner, goes to the top rope

-Gibson walks Punk over the back with a chair, and rules Punk the winner via DQ.

-Spanky looks angered, but Gibson takes another shot at Punk as he takes up a fallen TNA Ironman title, and throws it to Spanky and says: "Get him next time"


Spanky is walking backstage, when Jason Livewire runs up to him. Spanky tries to walk away from the chairman, but Jason won't let him leave.

Jason: Spanky, listen, I know your pissed aout what happened out there, but you got to-

Spanky: I got to what, Jason? I tried my ahrdest to win that title out there, but I only got screwed again, this time by the referee!

Jason: Well I know what I can give you. A One-on-One match against Gibson for no. 1 contendership of the TNA Ironman title, what do you say to that.

Spanky growls.

Spanky: We'll see what happens at Impact...

Spanky leaves Jason.


Handicap Match

Joe vs. Aries & Sabin

-Aries and Sabin quickly overrtake Joe

-Sabin takes Joe flying over the top rope with a clothesline

-Aries suicide dives Joe

-Sabin rolls Joe back into the ring.

-Sabin flies of the top turnbuckle in a moonsault

-Sabin gets a two count

-Aries and Sabin unleash a double springboard moonsault onto Joe

-Joe kicksout of it with both men ontop!

-Joe is on fire!

-Joe takes down Sabin ina suplex

-Joe whips Aries over the ropes.

-Joe takes Sabin voer to the corner, and takes him back down in a Muscle Buster!

-Aries goes back in the ring, but Joe quickly takes hime out with a inverted Muscle Buster

-Joe lifts up both Sabin and Aries. He runs at the ropes and takes down in a double clothesline taking down the ref aswell!

-Joe turns around and Christpher Daniels kicks him in the gut, and takes him down in an Angel Wings!

-Daniels goes to the top, and unleashes a BME (Best Moonsault Ever)

-Daniels elaves Joe in ruins as both Sabin and Aries crawl onto Joe as a weary referee counts: 1-2-3!

-Daniels lifts Sabin and Aries arms into the air as he is handed a mic...


Christopher Daniels: Samoa Joe, all you talk about is how powerful you are. How great you are. About how you were the great RoH World Champ ever recorded, yet you can't even play with the big boys! Joe you are weak, you are worthless, and you are too full of yourself. You came in here, bashing the X-Divsion and now you are paying the ultimate price for it. You are up against the entire X-Divsion.

Joe slowly gains his consiousness as he looks up at Daniels, a dark look across his face.

Daniels: Joe you are pathetic, but just because I am fair man, how about I do this the X-Divsion way. If you can defeat Chris Sabin and Austin Aries, before Destination X, you will face me in a Steel Cage. It doesn't matter how many times it takes you to beat Sabin or Aries. It could be in a handicap match, or individually, but you MUST, and I cannot stress that enough, you MUST beat both men, alone.

Daniels drops the mic as Joe nods off, and he and his assoicates leave the ring.


Kenta Kobashi vs. Tito Ortiz

-Kenta starts the amtch off with a grapple into a headlock.

-Ortiz shoves Kenta away, and then grapples with him as he returns.

-Ortiz swings under Kenta's arm and takes him down in backdrop

-Ortiz and Kenta brawl with kicks and punches

-Ortiz turns on fire as he takes doen Kenta with three furious clotheslines.

-Ortiz argues with the ref about the clohteslines.

-Kenta rolls up the distract Ortiz, buit Tito kicks out at two

-Kenta goes to the top rope, and flies of it in a moonsault

-2 count, and Kenta goes back to work

-Kenta goes for a Burning Hammer, but Ortiz slides out of it, and turns it into an inversted slam facebuster.

-Tito gets 2 count, as he raises Kenta back to his feet

-Out of nowhere Kenta hits a half nelson suplex, and goes for pin: 1-2-3.


Jericho vs. Sting

-Jericho and Sting traded punches

-Jericho unleashes a european uppercut on Sting

-Jericho goes for early lionsault

-Sting raises knees and jericho crashes and burns

-Sting gets upperhand with a few punches to the face

-Sting bounces of ropes into Enzuguri

-Jericho gets two count.

-Sting gets to feet

-Jericho ducks a clothesline

-Jericho gets close to the walls of Jericho

-Sting kicks him away

-Sting gets a texas cloverleaf on Jericho

-Jericho gets ropebreak after five minutes of pain

-Sting waits near tunbuckle for Jericho to get up

-Jericho gets up at turnbuckle

-Sting runs

-Jericho ducks a splash

-Jericho rolls up Sting, but only gets 2 count

-Jericho goes for walls, but Sting counters intoa Scorpian Deathlock

-Jericho gets ropes again after 10 minutes of pain

-Jericho gets up, and manages to hit an enzuguri on a charging Sting

-Jericho gets 2 count

-Sting gets to his feet, Jericho's feet can't support him

-Sting lifts up Jericho, Jericho swipes Sting's feet away, and locks in the walls of jericho.

-Sting taps after Jericho holds the mvoe through rolls, and jumps.

-Jericho holds out hand to Sting. Sting takes Jericho's hand, and then takes him down in a clothesline!

-Sting quickly puts Jericho in a scorpain Deathlock, and doesn;t relent until security rips him off Jericho.

-The fans are silenced as Jericho is carried of in stretcher, and Sting is looking at him sadisticly


Main Event:

Cage vs. Jarret

-Match starts off with JArret putting an armbar on Christian

-Christian coutners with an armdrag, and drops on Jarret's spreadout arm with a knee

-Jarret and Christin trade armdrags

-Christian gets the upperhand with a european uppercut

-Christian lands a DDT on jaaret for a two count

-Jarret gians upperhand with a quick Russian legsweep

-Jarret launches Christian at the turnbuckle

Christian catches JArret's clothesline with an elbow

-Jarret drives a shoulder itno Christian.

-Jarret brings Christian to the top rope, and flies off it in a double underhook suplex

-Christian gets up, ducks a clothesline, hits a Reverse DDT

-Christian gets 2 count

-Jarret gets advantage with a quick Stroke

-Christian kicks out at 2 3/4

-Jarret knocks Christian down with a clohtesline, and Christian takes the ref down with him

-Jarret goes to the outside and grabs a guitar from under the ring

-Jarret gets in ring, runs, and Christian ducks!

-Jarret hits an oncoming Chris Harris and James Storm with it instead!

-Christian hooks in the Unprettier, and hits it!

-Christian rolls onto Jarret, but there is no ref so he reieves no count

-Christian gets up, and turns to see Sting coming down ot ringside!

-Christian smiles as he picks up Jarret. Christian calls Sting over, as Sting marches into the ring basebal bat in hand

-Christian tells Sting ot watch out for anybody else coming to Jarret's aide

-Christian turns Jarret around, sets in the unprettier and...

-Sting nails Christian in the face with the baseball bat!

-Sting drops the bat and puts Christian in the Scorpain Deathlock until the ref started to stir.

-Sting hit Christian once more with the bat for good measure, then grabbed the ref, grabbed Jarret and put them all together.

-The ref counted...




-Christian mirculosly kicked out, as Sting starts to tear at his hair with surprise and frustration

-Jarret looks to Sting with a look of horror.

-Christian slowly gets to his feet, AJrret grabs the baseball bat as the ref slowly gets his senses back

-Jarret runs at Christian, Christian ducks, and grabs Jarre'ts neck as he passes and takes JArret down in a side effect!

-Christian goes for pin as ref rolls over





-Jarret's leg had made it to the rope just before the ref's hand hit the 3 count.

-Chrisitan thought he won however and got up and started to celebrate!

-Jarret ahd enough wits about him to quickly hope up, and take Christian down in The Stroke

-Ref: 1-2-3! JArret retains! Sting and Jarret though start to immdeietly beat down Christian.

-Here comes Jericho!

-Jericho ran down to ringside and started to brawl with Sting.

-Jericho and Sting fightning and Jarret and Christian fightning.


Out comes Johnny Fairplay!

JF: Now now now, I can't ahve my top superstars ripping eachother apart, so I have an idea. Main Event, at Destination X, we will see a 4 man tag match. Chris Jericho, Christian Cage, and two partners of their choice against Jeff Jarret, Sting, and AMW. See you at Destination X boys!

The show ends with Sting and Jarret looking smug, and Christian and Jericho with a blank look on their faces.

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Febuary, 18th, 06

The Naturals vs. Team 3-D

-Douglas and Ray start of the match

-Ray takes down douglas with a clothesline

-Ray brings douglas up for another clothesline

-Ray tags to Devon

-Devon is floored by dropkick

-Ray stops Douglas from tagging

-Devon and Ray quickly double team Douglas with a double backdrop

-Devon puts on a boston crab on Douglas

-Douglas reachs teh ropes, and his tag partners hand

-Stevens comes in on fire.

-Floors Devon with some huge dropkicks.

-Takes Devon down in a hurricarana

-Ray comes out and Bubba bombs him, but Dougle frogsplashs Devon.

-Douglas takes Ray of the apron with a dropkick to Ray's knee.

-Douglas flies over the ropes and lands on Ray

-Douglas gets back in the ring, as Stevens gets up and sets Devon for the Natural Disaster

-Devon gets out of it

-Swings Douglas out of the ring

-Gets floored by Stevens by a dropkick, and is then flattened by a shootign star press

-Goes for pin, but it is broken by a huge splash by Brother Ray.

-Ray puts Devon on Chase

-Ref 1-2-3

-Raven's music hits...


Raven comes out to a roar of applasue as he paces the stage with a mic in hand.

Raven: Pretty impressive Team 3-D, pretty impressive. Now as I am sure you all saw last night at Against all Odds? Well if you didn't let me enlighten you. My partner Cassidy Riley was removed form the current TNA roster, so when Larry Zybyzko gave em a tag shot, i didn't have a parnter, and now I am forced to look for one. I saw the awesome play by Bubba Ray, and I though, hmm, he would make a good tag partner, so waht do you say Bubba Ray?

Ray: Well Raven, I gotta tell you, you got alot of spunk coming out here and asking that, because first off, Team #-D stays together, and if we are going after the tag titles, we go after it as a team... And of course for number 2... Well, we will reveal number 2 later on tonight, but just in case you didn't get it loud and clear. NO!

Team 3-D's music hits as they get a mixed reaction from the crowd.


No. 1 contendership TNA Ironman Title

Spanky vs. James Gibson

Spanky waits in the ring for James Gibson to come out, but after a few more moments, music hits, but it isn't James Gibson. We see CM Punk march out to ringside, with the TNA Ironman title. He is handed a mic.

CM Punk:Well, well, well, what do we have here?

Spanky was handed a mic.

Spanky: I'll tell you waht we have here Punk, a number 1 contenders match, now get lost!

Punk: Wait, wait, wait, doesn't a match, have to atleast consist of two people? Where is James? Oh wait, I know where he is!

Punk looks to the titantron as the screen goes to the back where we see people rushing to a downed figure. We see James Gibson lying down on the ground, blood pouring from his face. Punk has a cocky grin on his face, as Spanky looks frustrated.

Punk: James did the wrong thing attacking me in our match last sunday. And well eliminating James kind of did me a favour, as well as get me some revenge. You see, with no Gibson, there can be no match, and with no match, there is no numver 1 contender!

Punk starts to back away as Spanky grabs at his hair in frustration. Just then, Jason Livewire's music hits, and he comes out.

Jason: So punk, you think its funny that there can be no match for number 1 contendership. Well Punk, I thought oyu might do something like this, so I went ahead and booked a replacement for Gibson, just incase he couldn't compete. And that replacement is...

Abyss's them hits the crowd pratcically explodes.

Jason: Abyss!

Punk and Spanky both have ghostly looks on their eyes as Abyss makes his way to ringside.


No. 1 contendership TNA Ironman Title

Spanky vs. Abyss

-Abyss dominates Spanky

-Spanky gets some quick kicks in on Abyss

-Abyss sings Spanky head over heels in a flapjack

-Abyss splashs Spanky

-Abyss squishes Spanky with a legdropo

-CM Punk doesn't look to happy at ringside

-Abyss goes to finish it off.

-Abyss bounces off the ropes, but is taken off his feet by CM Punk!

-Abyss turns around, but as tehn taken down in a quick school boy

-Ref: 1-2-3

-Punk frowns as he walks to the back.

-Spanky has a fronw on his face as well, as he shouts over to punk: This isn't over!


Kevin Nash is backstage with Mike Tenay

Tenay: Well Nash, you have been gone a number of months, what do you have in your sites at the moment?

Nash: Well Mikey, all I can really say is: wow. I'm out for a few months and Larry Zybyzko has already replaced me with some two bit wrestlers, like Sting, Christian Cage, and Chris Jericho. I am Kevin Nash, baby! I am the franchise around here, and I plan to prove that, when I take out AMW in a handicap match, next!

Nash leaves Mike as he heads to ringside.


Kevin Nash vs. AMW

-Kevin Nash takes out both AMW members with a double clothesline.

-He rasies both men back to their feet, and then takes them down with a double side effect

-Kevin Nash raises James Storm to his feet, and takes him down in a bodyslam

-Nash raises The WIldcat to his feet, and takes him down in a bodyslam, same as Storm.

-Nash raises both men back to the feet

-He bounces off the ropes, and takes both men back down in a flying shoulder tackle

-He lifts up Chris Harris, and stuff him between his knees

-He lfits Harris up to his shoulders, and then plants him onto Storm in a huge powerbomb.

-Nash goes for the pinfall: 1-2-3


Monty Brown vs. Rhino

Review: Regular match, should have been the opener, or second match. Nice to see Brown jobbing to Rhino, though he did sell Rhino's gore pretty damn good.

Raven vs. Ron Killings

Review: Nice match, loved it, good competition, though it was good that Raven came out on top, and the handshake was a nice touch.


Raven and Killings raised eachothers hand into the air as if they had both won, and after the competition, they sure did. Only a pinfall seperated the recorded win. It is all happy, until Team 3-D's music hits... Brother Ray and Brother Devon come out onto the stage, Ray with a mic.

Ray: Raven, seems like you found yourself a buddy in Killings, thats nice, but too bad the celebration is going to be cut short. You see, Team Jarret, came to us with a nice proposition. Jarret himself told us, that we could have any championship match we wanted as long as we followed their rules until after Destination X! So we decided to start this week, and take out AMW's first threat! Get' em Spike!

Out of nowhere Raven and killings turn around to a double springboard clothesline from Brother Spike, also known as Spike Dudley! He had two chairs in both his arms. Raven and Killing sare down, blood coming down from there faces. Team 3-D hurry down to the ring. Spike sets up the chair. Team 3-d Grab Raven, and #-D him ont the chair, his gut being squashed, god knows how many ribs broken. Team 3-D grab Killings and do the same, as they leave the two men in the ring.

NWA World Title

Chris Jericho vs. Jeff Jarret

Review: Straight-up good match. Jericho though carried Jarret most of the way, it stillw as good. At the end Sting came out, but Jericho got him off the turnbuckle, and then put Jarret in the walls. I was marking out for like 10 mintues, even after Jericho got DQed for holding the move when Jarret got the ropes. It was was even awesome how Jericho foguth off Sting and Jarret, and even AMW. It sucked when Team 3-D came down and Jericho took them out except for that bastard Spike Dudley. Good match.

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Febuary, 25th, 06

TNA X-Division Title:

Spike Dudley vs. AJ Styles

Review: Good match. Styles got the win over Dudley by using the ropes. Hardy came out after and totally scared Styles right out fo the ring. The feud is shaping up to be good, lets hope TNA can keep it that way.


Jeff Hardy is stalking back to the lockeroom, a sping in his step, as an interviewer runs up to him.

IN: Jeff Hardy, you were screwed out of that X-Division title at Against All Odds, and as we just saw you aren't going to let AJ Stlyes get away with the win he got over you, what are your plans?

Jeff: Wat are my plans? What are my plans? My plans are simple. Until I recieve a shot at AJ Styles X-Division Title, I am not going to let AJ Styles win a single match! That is my plan! So watch out AJ, because I am gunning for you!

Hardy makes belt motions as we fade out.


Submission Match

Samoa Joe vs. Chris Sabin

Review: Never knew Chris Sabin could submission wrestle. Anyway good match, Joe got in to the Kokina Clutch on Sabin and everyone thought Sabin would tap, but Sabin got to the ropes. Sabin distracted the ref while Aries came down and dropped Joe with a missile dropkick, as Sabin went down for an ankle lock, Joe tapped after not being able to get out of it.


We cut to the backstage where we see a limo pulls in. Out fomr the limo comes Sting. He isn't booked tonight, but Jarret and Jericho are, what are his plans?


Punker is backstage with Mikey Tenay

Mike Tenay: Punk last week you helped Spanky get a win over Abyss, why? I mean Abyss would ahve destroyed Spanky, and then you would have some 'decent' competition for Destination X. But so far, you have only proved yourself a coward-

Punk: You know what, Mike? Your tiny little brain is to inferior to comprehend my actions. Yes Punk vs. Abyss would be an awesome match, but Spanky vs. Punk ll. That is an even more awesome match, and you knwo waht Mike? Maybe you never thought that Spanky would moan and whine baout being screwed, and amybe I didn't want to hear about it. So you know what, think before you speak! Tonight I am going to go out there, and defeat Austin Aries. You see Joe says that he is the greatest RoH champ on record. Sure just because he defeneded it every now and then, even against me a few times, when I was green. But yet Austin Aries defeated him, and I defeated Austin Aries. Does that not mean that I get am better then Joe? Well apparently Joe can't beat Austin Aries, again! Well I will show I am, better then Aries, and prove that Joe is just worthless, because he cannot even beat Aries once, while I can beat him twice...

Oh and Spanky, if you want to show your mug down at ringside, go ahead, because I won't be on your side this week, if you come down to rignside, you will leave with an off center nose...

Punk walks away, and heads to his match.


CM Punk vs. Austin Aries

Review: Best match I saw all night. I swear I hope management hooks these guys up with a feud later so we could see some more 5* matches like this one. It ended with Spanky coming out to help Austin Aries, and then Samao Joe came out and destroyed everyone.


Team 3-D are in the back with Mikey Tenay.

Mike Tenay: Ray, last week, we saw you and your two borthers destroy Raven, the man who once ran this comapny with his power. Do you have any feelings of regret?

Ray: mie, let me put this straight, Team 3-D destroyed Raven, simply because they could. Raven doesn't scare us. Besides, as long as we do what JArret and co tell us to do until Destination X, we can have a shot at any title we like, and its not like Raven could do that, could he?

The scene fades out.


The countdown hits the speakers, as Chris Jericho himself coems out to the ring, recieving some pops and boos from the crowd. He is soon handed a mic, and he begins to speak.

Jericho: In a few moments, we will see Kevin Nash, Christian Cage, And The Sexy beast, The Human Highlight Reel, The most glorified man in wrestling today, Chis Jericho take down Jeff Jarret, and Team 3-D in the form of Ray & Devon. Now I a saw, as I am surea ll fo you saw, Sting arriving here eralier on tonight. Now I am sure that comic book rip off has some plains to interfere in the match, and all I can say is let him come, because then i can kick his ass personally!

Just then however, Sting pops onto the titantron, getting the audience and Jericho's attention.

Sting: Jericho, you think you matter enough for me to come out there and destroy you tonight? Well guess again boy, because I am the last of your worries. because I won't come out and interfere. Though I do believe that you and your buddy Christian still have to find two partners for the four man tag match at Destination X. I believe right now, that it is Team Jarret, Jeff JArret, myself, and AMW vs. yourself and Christian Cage. LAst time I check four was bigger then two. So you better stop worrying about tonight, and start worrying about what is going to happen at Desination X!

Sting cuts out as Jarret's theme hits.


Jeff Jarret & Team 3-D vs. Chris Jericho/Christian Cage/Kevin Nash

Review: Decent main event, Jarret and Team 3-D came out ontop tonight, but like Sting said, he didn't interfere. Kevin Nash though could have stopped Jericho form being double teamed but his leg started to hurt or something. Anyways, Jericho got the last laugh as he enzuguried everybody after, and he, Christian and Nash celebrated, until Fairplay came out...


Johnny Fairplay: So you guys think you are all so hot, eh? Well how about next week, we see how alliances hold out, as we will see Christian Cage vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash, for no. 1 contendership of the NWA World title, and will recieve the match, the following week.

Fairplay leaves us the show ends with Jericho, Cage, and Nash with mixed looks...

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March, 04, 06

Samoa Joe & CM Punk vs. Spanky & Austin Aries

Review: Joe and Punk need to team more often, since this match came out pretty good, though it was blantly obvious that Spanky and Aries were letting themselves be carried, since I've seen them do better. Punk got the win over Spanky with a pepsi plunge from the top rope, as Joe was about to make Aries tap out. Well now we can see Joe trying to defeat Sabin so he can face Daniels at Destination X


We see Joe walking backstage as Shane Douglas comes running up to him.

Shane Douglas: Joe we just saw yourself and Punk dominate Aries and Spanky, but we still got to wonder, how do you feel about still having to beat Sabin to face Daniels at Destination X?

Joe: Shane, Daniels made a huge mistake when he attacked me. He thinks the X-Divsion is about a code of honour? Well he is damned wrong. The X-Division is about being the best at we do, and that is wrestling. I am a wrestling Phenom, and the Samoan Submission Machine. I will not be held down by these rats. They want a war, then I will damned give them a war! You saw at Against All Odds, I had finished of Aries with a Muscle Buster, and I had Sabin about to tap with the Kokina clutch, yet along comes Daniels and all of a sudden I lose. But at Destination X, it will be different. There won't be any interference, mostly because it is hard for a man to climb over 10 feet of Steel, let alone walk through it...

Joe walks away from Shane leaving us with many questions...


In the back we a see a limo pull in. The liscense plate is "Shamrock".


"CC" hits the speaker as we hit the arena once more. Christian walks out to a huge applause, as he makes his way down to the ring. He gets in the ring and he is handed a microphone as he soon begin to speaks.

Christian: Tonight I have a no. 1 contenders match for the NWA World title, and you all know how succesful I am at those.

The crowd cheers.

Christian: And you know who much more succesful I am at winning the titles I contend for, though Against All Odds was an exception, since I really was Against All Odds! You saw it! I kicked out of the bat, the double team, even the guitar! But it took all of Team Jarret to take down Christian finally, but this time, THIS TIME I will come out on top!

As the crowd cheers Jarret's theme hits as he, Sting, and AMW walk down to the ring, and stop at the ramp, as Jarret brings a microphone up to his lips and begins to speak.

Jarret: Christian it doesn't matter how you lost, all that matters is that you you lost, and it doesn't matter how many more title shots you get, you are still going to fail miserably for 3 reasons. 1) You are pathetic, 2) You do not deserve this gold, and 3)-

Christian: You still haven't grown any balls? Didn't think so!

This recieves huge pops from the crowd, as AMW roll itno the ring as Christian trades shots with them. Christian takes down Storm with a huge right hand as ducks Harri's punch thrown his way, and we see Harris punch Storm right to the ground. Christian takes out Harris with a low blow. AMW is down, and then Jarret and Sting hit the ring. Christian starts to fight them off, and manages to get Jarret down but Sting nails Christian with a huge blow to Christian's side with that black bat. Christian fell to the ground as AMW and Jarret got back to their feet. They surronded Christian though, but then a slightly familiar theme song plays across the speakers. Team jarret looks to the stage and we...

KEN SHAMROCK COME OUT ONTO THE STAGE! The crowd goes ballastic as Shamrock runs down to the ring, and takes out AMW as they come at him! He and Sting trade shots, but then Shamrock takes Sting down with a huge STO. Jarret backs away into the ropes as he rolls out of the ring. Shamrock stares at Jarret with an intense glare, as he regroups with Team Jarret and head to the back as Shamrock helps Christian up...


Roderick Strong vs. Ron Killings

Review: good match. Nice use of the X-Division the crowd went crazy wehn Strong dodged a Lie Detactor, but then only walked into an STO.


Shane Douglas is standing beside a happy looking Jeff Hardy.

Shane: jeff tonight, you get your chance, or a chance at your chance. Tongith you face AJ Styles, not for the X-Division Title, but for a match at Destination X for the X-Division title, what are your thoughts?

Jeff: Well Shane, I can't say I'm not feeling cocky, because I am. Tonight I am going to make the best of it, and take out that punk Styles. And I can gurrantee you, that he will not be X-Division Champion after Destination X, and Shane I am putting my reputation on that...

Shane looks shocked Jeff walks off to the stage.


AJ Styles vs. Jeff Hardy

(notes: If Jeff Hardy wins then he gets a shot at the X Division Championship at Destination X)

Review: OMG SHOCKFACTOR! Hardy didn't win! Styles got the cheap win vie ropes! Everyone saw it! Styles ran like a coward after the bell rang, and Hardy just had a look of shock on his face, what is going to happen now?


Raven is backstage with Mike Tenay

MT: Raven we all saw what Team 3-D did to you last week, and I gotta to ask how are you going to pay them back?

Raven: Do I really need to answer that? Fine, I guess I will. Let me put it this way, Spike, is just going to be a Spike, when I am done with him.

Raven walks off, everyone getting his meaning...


Raven vs. Brother Spike

Reviw: Nothing great, nothing bad, an alright match. He told a simple story, and that was Raven and and Team 3-D are going to feud!


We see Nash conversing with Jarret in the back. Nash turns around and sees us, then suddenly slaps Jarret, for no apparent reason... Me think Nash si up to something....


NWA World Title Contendership:

Christian Cage vs. Chris Jericho vs. Kevin Nash

Review: He was up to something! It wasn aweosme main event though Christian and Jericho carried Nash through some of it, it was still amazing! At the end I swore it was over, then Jericho got the walls of jericho on christian but Christian slipped out of it and hit a modified unprettier on him, but then nash broke the cover and I went wild! I went even wilder when Jarret came down and smashed Christian over the head allowing Nash to get to the cover. Nash made a deal with the devil as it seems...

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March, 11, 06

Chris Jericho & Christian vs. AMW

Review: Kind of a squash match, but it was really cool how Jericho, Christian, AMW, Jarret, and Stin all came out and bralwed, and it ended up with Jericho and Christian con-chair-toing AMW together, while Sting and Jarret ran away.


An Amublance pulls into the back as the medics pull AMW, who are on stretchers into the ambulance, as it whirs off.


Interview With jericho & Christian:

Solid interview, both of them where out there to make the point that they had put both Chris Harris, and James Storm out of commision, which meant that unless Team Jarret had two extra guys, then it would be an even tag match at Destination X.


Elix Skipper vs. Petey Williams vs. Christopher Daniels

Review: Solid match, with some cool spots. Like when Elix moonsaulted off the top turnbuckle onto Williams on the outside, then Daniels took them both out with ring to outside spinning wheel kick. It ended when Daniels superkicked Elix of the top rope, and hit an oncoming Petey WIlliams with The Angle Wings.

Aftermath: Daniels celbrated in the ring when Samoa Joe came out and hit the muscle buster then choked him out.


Backstage: Joe is walking backstage when Daniels comes charging at him, out for revenge. He slugs at Joe, as Joe starts to let out some chops. Daniels managed to get a garbage can, and bust Joe's head open, as he left.


X-Division Championship:

AJ Styles vs. Austin Aries

Review: Decent match. Aries carried Styles though, it seems as if Styles has been getting slopey of late, but I will deal with that later. Aries lost when Styles used the ropes to win.

Aftermath: Jeff Hardy came out and attacked Styles, and he swanton bombed him as he tried to run away, it was great.


Backstage: Jeff Hardy and AJ Stlyes roll through the back, still brawling form the match, until multiple refs break it up.


Samoa Joe vs. Spanky

Review: joe came out with the ol bandaid on his ehad from earlier on in the night. 5* match though. Spanky nearly got the win, but Joe turned the Sliced Bread #2 into a kokina clutch, and got the win.


Interview with CM PunK:

Good interview, Punk always makes interesting interviews. He said he wasn't going out there to beat Sabin for Jo, he was going out there to make an example of Sabin, for Spanky, continuing their feud.


CM Punk vs. Chris Sabin

(Notes: is CM Punk beat Sabin, he beats Sabin for Joe, meaning that Joe may challenge Daniels at Destination X.)

Review: Below Average match :\. Sabin no sold almost everything, He sold the pepsi plunge at the end really good though, so it made up for it. Joe watched at the end, and he and Punk won after the match and both of them were handed mics at the end.


Punk: Daniels you better watch out, because at Destination X, you face my boy, Samoa Joe, in not just any match, a STEEL Cage match! Get ready for some six sided hell, because remember...

Joe: 'Joe's going to kill you!"


A Once in a lifetime offering:

Team Jarret's music hit, and they come down to ringside. Jarret explains that since both James Storm, and Chris Harris are out of commision until after Destination X. With that, Team Jarret needed two new partners for the main event of Destination X, and they were issuing out an invitation to ANYONE in the back. They wait for a few moments, but then "I am a Wild man" hits and, and Kevin Nash comes out, to a roar, as everyone thinks he is going to bash the hell out of Jarret for what he did last week, winning a match for him. Jarret said thanks to Nash for coming out, and Nash starts bashing Jarret, as the crowd roar, but then Nash 'but'. The crowd gasp as Nash compliments Jarret on making the right friends, and that he is willing to wait for the right time to use his no. 1 contendership, but not today. Jarret smiles as they shake hands. Team Jarret is up one.

Team Jarret waits a few more moments, before Sting is handed the mic. Sting says that there is one man in the back who has always made him sigh with awe with the wrestling, he did. The crowd roared when Sting calld out Ron Killings. Ron Killings came out, and he entered the ring. Killings said that he was flattered by a legend complimenting him, but he said that he was insulted for even being asked to join such a group of twats, and that he rejects there invitation. The three men surrond Killings, as they start the beatdown. Break The walls down hits, as Jericho, and Cage run down ti ringside, and fights of Team Jarret, as they help Killings back to his feet.


Main Event:

Ron Killings vs. Sting

Review: Damn good match. Almost as good as Jericho vs. Sting, but not nearly as good. I hope to good Killings joins Jericho and Christian, then it would even Steven. The amtch was made a no contest when the tension exploded and everyone went into the ring. Jericho, Christian, and Killings cleaned out the house, and as Impact ended Christian, Jericho, and Killgs where awesome!

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pretty good, some bits a little unrea;istic, but its your diary :), the only problem i have is the format, it is a little hard to keep reading with all one colour and size, vary the text colour and size and you could be on to a winner (Y)

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Company Update:

We are currently at a National level, at 99% image. We gained in public image last month. Currently, we are a financially solid company. Last month was disappointing, as we lost money. Overall i would say you are doing an average job.

Glad to be able to say we have a healthy roster right now!

The midcard ranks are packed with great talent. In particular, i think any one of James Gibson, Christopher Daniels and Spanky could be the next worker to find their way into the main event.

Christopher Daniels is a great worker, but really needs to learn to work TNA style before making it into the main event bracket.

We certainly have high hopes for Impact Development. The group consisting of Nigel McGuinness and Paul Burchill look to be really special, can't wait for them to show up on the full roster.

Work is continuing on the TNA cook book, under the watchful eye of our production co-ordinator Catherine Quine. I have donated a few recipes involving my new brand of Ryland Ketchup.

Vader has been rumoured on other sites to be in negotiations with us. I will say that as far as i'm concerned, although we are of course keeping an open-mind, we have had no meetings with this talented performer.

We're all very pleased with TNA iMPACT!, it's proved to be a heck of a show.

Chris Jericho is a real positive force backstage, and continues to be a shining example of what being a locker room leader is all about.

Thanks to our sponsors Rockstar Games, Invision Power, Rolling Stone and X-Box. Great companies, and lovely people. It's always a pleasure to deal with them.

Roster Update:

Main Event:


Christian Cage


Kevin Nash

Chris Jericho


AJ Styles

Jeff Jarret


Upper Midcard:


BG James

Jeff Hardy



Ron Killings


Tito Ortiz


Brother Ray

Brother Devon



Kip James

Monty Brown



Andy Douglas

Austin Aries

Chris Sabin

James Gibson


Lancy Hoty

Matt Bently

Sean Waltman

Sonny Siaki



Broker Spike

Christopher Daniels


Chris Harris

CM Punk

Elix Skipper

James Storm

Petey Williams

Samoa Joe


Simon Diamond

Lower Midcard:


Chase Stevens

Roderick Strong


Sonjay Dutt





Alex Shelley

Bobby Roode

Eric Young

Johnny Devine

Anything I am doing wrong? (Y)

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Febuary 18th, 2006

CM Punk & Samoa Joe vs. Aries & Sabin

Review: Solid match, both teams put up a good effort, and the end result was what it was to be expected, though Aries and Sabin winning cleanly, and Aries pinning Punk, man that was a shocker.

Winner: Aries & Sabin

Interview with Daniels

Daniels made some fine points here and there. If he was talking about me I would be pissed, but he was talking about Joe. Daniels is always interesting when he is on the mic. Daniels proclaimed that Joe is going to get a taste of hell at Destination X.

Matt Bently vs. Christopher Daniels

Review: Sloppy match. Some good psots, but thats about it, Daniels was more of a mic guy tonight.

Winner: Daniels


This got some nice pops form the crowd. Hardy was storming backstage, and everybody was getting out of his way, except for one man. LOW-KI. I shat myself when Hardy and Ki had a confrontation. They started tearing into eachother with insults, and thats when Hardy challenged Ki to a match... next.

Low Ki vs. Jeff Hardy

Review: Not much of a match. Hard'y high flying style against Ki's brawling style surpringly wasn't any good. Styles came out and watched about half way through the match. I was pissed then Ki lost to Hardy. Hardy though started to shout insults at Styles as Styles just walked off, his X-Division title over his shoulder, flipping the bird back at Hardy.

Winner: Jeff Hardy

Interview with Rhino:

C'mon... It's Rhino :\

No. 1 contendership for TNA Ironman title:

(may challenge after Destination X)

Abyss vs. Monty Brown vs. Kip James vs. Rhino

Review: Three big men in the ring, who don't know how to sell, with a veteran in the ring. Rhino gored everyone at the end for some cheap pops, and got the win when he pinned Kip James.

Winner: Rhino

Interview with Jericho:

Jericho is out in the ring before everybody else. he bad mouths Sting. Calling him a man who needs to latch onto some other Ass jockey's lingering fame to get some of his own. Jericho finishes it off with telling Sting that tomorow night at Destination X, Sting is going to be broken like a twig under the walls of Jericho. Match starts...

5-Man Tag Action:

Chris Jericho-Christian-Raven-Sabu-Ron Killings


Jeff Jarret-Sting-Kevin Nash-AJ Styles-Simon Diamond

Review: Solid match. Christian got the pinfall over Jarret, as Jericho made Sting submit at the exact same time, as the other three brawled.

Winners: Chris Jericho-Christian-Raven-Sabu-Ron Killings

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You beg for feedback, here have some...

Feb. 4th Impact

Why are you booking Shelley vs. Strong? Apparently you haven't watched TNA before, because Shelley, Strong and Aries are friends and basically stablemates...

Second on this show, why are Sabin and Aries together? One is face, one is heel...and apparently Sabin does the talking for the two, because Aries just stood there.

Killings vs. Styles? Huh? Face vs. Face on impact, two big stars...zero build up.

NWA Title defended in a huge, huge match on Impact? The fuck? Did you forget you need to give people a reason to watch PPV? Regardless of your whole new management shit, this is inexcuseable.


Now you decide to add another title for no reason, you need more action? I think you need to focus on actually watching a TNA wrestling show, because this is one horribly bad and unrealistic diary thus far.


Feb. 11th Impact

Apparently you still don't understand how to work a good structure of matches on tv and ppv, so you book a new title, with three new superstars, with no build up. Fuck, even if you had built it up, it shouldn't be just dropped on tv reasonless. Don't you have authority figures on screen? How are the fans supossed to know whats going on, new title, new superstars...oh...ok we'll just go along with it...no.

Oh, I guess the random turn by Aries is still in affect...and apparently he still hasn't learned English, because if he does, he's just being quiet for no reason.

Johnny Fairplay hasn't been on TNA in almost a year, and know he just comes back without reason and apparently he's the new authority figure...hmmm...makes sense...wait...no it doesn't.

Another randomly paired up match with two faces going at it. Whatever...

I'll let the contenders match slide, even though it's still way too good of a match to just be on free tv, but I'll let it slide because you need a contender.

Diamond defending the title for him, whatever...another random placement but anyway, Jarrett just coming in and laying people out with the guitar and dq'ing is meh, unoriginal.


And now in another stupid update post, you've decided to BRING Tito Ortiz back (who is by the way, back under contract with UFC) and put him in a match, not only would that not draw, it would be a bad match.


Against All Odds

I guess another match random match for AJ and Hardy is needed, cool. AJ turns heel now, Wait a second...when did AJ magically win the X title? Joe was champion from December until well...still...and when I thought you couldn't make it any more confusing.


You know what? At this point, I can't even be bothered to waste my time reading anymore, I've gone through 2 and a little bit of your shows and not only has the match and promo writing been bad but the booking is horrible. Apparently you have never watched TNA, because you don't even know what the fuck is going on or who the champions are, you don't know who is heel, who is face. You don't know who is actually on the roster...

It's just a mess.


You wanted feedback...

And you got it.

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:pinch: Man I needed that...

Thanks for the feedback I can work off. And the reason for all the messed up info, is mostly because I was using the info I was given, which is in the least, a few months back before joe won the X-Division title, before Roderick Strong and Shelley were in a stable, and with my info, Aries is a face, as is Sabin. My info is not up to date with Current TNA results, and I wanted to start off on my own. I realize most of the early stuff is wild, and well shitty I suppose. I will though, not know if I did improve, if you stop reading it, So If you could, please continue to read on.

Remember, I worked off the information given, sorry if it was up to date as the rest of the stuff is, I just picked a company I enjoyed watching, and started.

Now to answer your questions.

Killings vs. Styles? Huh? Face vs. Face on impact, two big stars...zero build up.

I did this because I wanted to show hints of Styles turning heel by beating Killings by cheating, and I justed wanted to bring in some crowd reaction.

NWA Title defended in a huge, huge match on Impact? The fuck? Did you forget you need to give people a reason to watch PPV? Regardless of your whole new management shit, this is inexcuseable.

Just wanted to kickoff with some action. I guess I put this ass too much of a large event then a regular T.V show.

Apparently you still don't understand how to work a good structure of matches on tv and ppv, so you book a new title, with three new superstars, with no build up. Fuck, even if you had built it up, it shouldn't be just dropped on tv reasonless. Don't you have authority figures on screen? How are the fans supossed to know whats going on, new title, new superstars...oh...ok we'll just go along with it...no.

Suppose this is just something I did. Usually when I do a TNA diary, I find that I don't have enough titles. I assume I mad a bad move by making the match full of new guys, but if you continue to read, maybe I made it worth it?

Oh, I guess the random turn by Aries is still in affect...and apparently he still hasn't learned English, because if he does, he's just being quiet for no reason.

I originally wanted to make it just Sabin, but I changed my mind in middle of it, wrong move there...

Johnny Fairplay hasn't been on TNA in almost a year, and know he just comes back without reason and apparently he's the new authority figure...hmmm...makes sense...wait...no it doesn't.

I just needed an authority figure, and he was the only one there...

Diamond defending the title for him, whatever...another random placement but anyway, Jarrett just coming in and laying people out with the guitar and dq'ing is meh, unoriginal.

Fucked up alot there, my bad, I deserved a bashing for it.

And now in another stupid update post, you've decided to BRING Tito Ortiz back (who is by the way, back under contract with UFC) and put him in a match, not only would that not draw, it would be a bad match.

was working with the info I had...

I guess another match random match for AJ and Hardy is needed, cool. AJ turns heel now, Wait a second...when did AJ magically win the X title? Joe was champion from December until well...still...and when I thought you couldn't make it any more confusing.

Was in the info I had...

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I guess you've learned then...

Never work off what EWR, TEW or anything gives you.

Make sure the scenario is right before going into the game.

Good luck with the rest of the diary, or any new diaries. I may check back from time to time to see if you have improved, we'll see.

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Card for Destination X

Triple Threat Tag action:

The Naturals vs. BG James & Konnan vs. Raven & ????

Sabu vs. Low-Ki

10 man Battle Royal:

(Winner becomes no. 1 contender for NWA World title)

Austin Aries

Monty Brown









Christopher Daniels vs. Samoa Joe

Ironman Match:

Ironman Championship

Spanky vs. CM Punk

Main Event:

4-on-4 tag match

Christian Cage-Chris Jericho-Ron Killings-(TBD)


Jeff JArret-Sting-Kevin Nash-AJ Styles

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(Trying a new thing here, to make the diary more fun to read)

The door was swung open, as the cold wind from the outside was let into the luke warm bar, where glass linked together in celebration, in friendship, or for just not reason. I looked at shadows from the night creeping into the bar, as I crossed my arms, trying to feel warm after the cold breeze took the warmth from my bones...

The bar went silent as a man stepped into the bar. This man has shoulder length curly blond hair, and was rather skinny. He was wearing a red and grey windbreaker, and he had some small signs of beard on his chin. I did not know who this man was, but his his appearence felt familiar to me, as if I had seen him once before. Just looking at the familiar man gave me the confidence to go over and start chatting with him, as if we knew eachother...

Not to long after this man came into the bar, the bar door opened again, once again the cold being let into the bar, one man came into the bar. He has long side burns leading up into a beard, and he had medium length black hair. He wore tinted sunglasses, and he had red, and yellow bead necklace.

Unlike the first man, I immedietly knew who this man was. It was Austin Aries, former RoH World Champion, and a man who was going to be featured in some kind of a wrestling event at Madison Square Garden, in this city, New York City.

The event, as far as I was concerned, was entitled Destination X, a TNA wrestling event. I was a wrestling fan myself. Ever since I was a small child, watching the WWF take it to the limits. I remembered when hulk Hogan beat Andre the Giant. I remebered the Montreal Screw Job, and unfortunetly I remembered when the WWF turned into the WWE, and went downhill...

The WWF was a legacy, and I believe if it hadn't made a name change, there style wouldn't have changed, and they might still be good. Seeing the WWF go down hill was left me without a good entertainment wrestling company. I didn't know of NWA: TNA, or Ring Of Honor wrestling until only a year ago...

Austin Aries walked over to the bar, beside the shady looking man, and took a seat beside him. Aries started chatting to him, as I let out a small sigh, finally remember who the shady man was.

It was Jason Livewire, current chairman of the board of NWA: TNA wrestling. Livewire certainly did up the product in the past two months. As Aries and Livewire started to talk, I shuffled over closer to them, wondering what they were saying...

Austin Aries: Listen Jason I need to talk to you...

Jason Livewire: Its the night before the PPV, everyone needs to talk to me *rolls eyes*

Austin Aries: Well you see, it is different this time around boss. You see I have done many things in my short career. Defeat The Embassy, knock Alex Shelley of his horse, and become leader of Generation Next. I defeated RoH's greatest on record World Champion, Samoa Joe, when no one else could. If you gave me the chance Jason, I know I could rpve myself, just give me a chance...

At this point I was leaning in as close as I could without being noticed. Then tension between the time of Aries question and jason's answer was killing me, as I desperatly wanted to know what was happening between these two.

Jason Livewire: Well Aries, You have done alot of things in your career, but that doesn't mean anything here in TNA. Although you have done some exceptional things in TNA. Aries, my answer to your question is-

At that point however, some mis-fortune fell upon me. Some rather large men came up to me and claimed I had "slept with their women". I calmly told the man I had done no such a thing, but they didn't believe me, and one of them slugged me across the face. I slugged the bloke who slugged me, and this started a fight were I ended up kicked to the curb, with no feeling in my arms or legs...

It wasn't the pain that kept me up all night, though that certainly played a large part of it. It was the question that still hung in the air. What was Livewire's answer...

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