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WWE Summer 2002 Onwards

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This diary begins as of Summerslam 2002. Summerslam and the first RAW and Smackdown! will be as real life with the exception of a few minor changes. This is due the the EWR game not starting until the 1st September (RAW is on the 2nd) Enjoy. Oh yeh and this isnt real blah copyright etc...

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WWE Summerslam 2002 Quick Results and Highlights

August 25th Uniondale, New York - Nassau Coliseum

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio..

Rey hit the 619 & the West Coast Pop..

Angle reverses the hurricanrana into the ankle lock submission..

Rey taps out giving Kurt Angle the win..

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon.

Steph sends a messenger to tell Bischoff to "top that!"

As it turns out, Steph & Eric are sharing offices tonight!

Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho..

Jericho puts Flair in the figure-four..

Controversy about weather or not Flair tapped out..

Referee says the match continues..

Flair beat him in the middle with a figure four of his own.

Edge vs Eddie Guerrero..

Eddie really worked over Edge's shoulder during this match, even hitting it with a frog splash at one point.

Edge got the win with the spear.

PROMO: The Un-Americans.

Un-Americans did an anti-Nassau promo, saying they were unresponsive to world class athletes..

Storm said that the crowd would probably sit on their hands the entire match..

TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP: Lance Storm & Christian © vs Booker T & Goldust..

Test interferes and kicks Booker in the face!

Storm & Christian retain..

BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Nidia..

Nidia “makes out” with a random guy at “The World” to Jamie Noble’s pleasure.

Eric says that Nidia knows a Womans place in the business..

Eric says Nidia would be a great addition to RAW..

IC TITLE MATCH: Chris Benoit © vs Rob Van Dam..

Chimel announced Chris Benoit..

Fink announced Rob Van Dam..

Ross & Lawler call the match..

Van Dam won clean with the frog splash to take the belt to Raw.

BACKSTAGE: Eric Bischoff & Stephanie McMahon..

Bischoff celebrated RVD’s bringing the IC TITLE back to RAW..

Stephanie just laughed in his face confusing Eric..

Undertaker vs Test..

Storm & Christian interfered and were both choke slammed..

Undertaker with a tombstone piledriver.

Undertaker puts Test in the 'rest in peace' position..

Undertaker waved an American flag after the match..

UNSANCTIONED MATCH: Triple H vs Shawn Michaels..

Michaels hit an elbow drop off a ladder and a plancha through a table.

Michaels pinned him with a cradle after blocking the pedigree.

Both wrestlers bled.. a lot.

HHH attacked him after with a sledge hammer to the back twice.

Michaels is stretchered out of the building.

IN THE RING: Howard Finkle + Trish Stratus + Lillian Garcia..

Trish is “hitting” on Howard Finkle..

Lillian sneaks up behind him and low blows him!!


Lesnar won with the F-5 clean in the middle, the Rock received some boo’s during the match, whilst Lesnar was cheered.

Brock Lesnar is the youngest world champion in WWE History.

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WWE RAW Quick Results and Highlights

August 26th 2002 New York City, New York - Madison Square Garden

RAW KICKOFF: Eric Bischoff.

Eric welcomes everybody to Eric Bischoff's Monday Night Raw!

Eric promise's a historic night tonight!

Eric says that they'll honour a WWE Hall of Famer tonight!

Eric introduces the new Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar!!!

IN THE RING: Paul Heyman & Brock Lesnar + Triple H + Undertaker..

Brock, wearing what looks to be a new championship belt?

Paul says that they are standing on the 'sacred ground' of Madison Square Garden..

Paul mentions Bruno Sammartino, Billy Graham, Hulk Hogan..

Paul says that those three champions combined still don't equal Brock Lesnar..

Paul says that the funniest thing about it is that he "told you so!"

Brock takes the microphone and brags about being the youngest WWE Champion ever..

Brock says that NOBODY can beat him..

Suddenly Shawn Michaels' music comes over the speaker!

Triple H (dressed as HBK) comes to the stage..

Triple H says that that is the last time we will ever hear 'that crap' again..

Triple H says that Shawn didn't even belong in the same ring as him..

Triple H says that Shawn will never get in the ring AGAIN..

Triple H says that Shawn may never walk AGAIN..

Triple H turns his attention to Brock Lesnar as he walks towards the ring..

Triple H says that Brock wouldn't be champion if it wasn't for him...

Triple H says that he softened Rock up last week on RAW..

Triple H says that Brock owes Triple H..

Triple H enters the ring..

Triple H asks if Brock is man enough to 'play the game'..

Suddenly Undertaker's music hits, and out comes the American Badass..

Undertaker says that he should get first crack at the young blood..

Undertaker calls himself the #1 Contender..

Undertaker asks if Brock is the "Next Big Thing" or "Next Big Bitch"!

Brock & Triple H attack Undertaker and a 3WAY brawl begins..

Undertaker fights back and knocks Triple H out of the ring..

Undertaker goes face-to-face with Brock..

Undertaker knocks Brock out of the ring with one punch!!

Triple H re-enters the ring, and stares Undertaker down..

Triple H backs up and leaves the ring..

Booker T w/Goldust vs Christian w/Lance Storm..

Booker T wins the match!

BACKSTAGE: The Un-Americans..

Christian complaining about his loss to Booker T..

Test enters and tells Christian to calm down, it's only one match..

Test says he's got a plan that will have people talking about the Un-Americans for years..

TAG TEAM TABLES MATCH: Bubba & Spike Dudley vs William Regal & Chris Nowinski w/Molly Holly..

Molly tries to interfere and misses the Molly-Go-Round..

The Dudleyz hit the Wassup Drop on Molly..

Bubba tells Spike to "GET THE TABLES!"

Nowinski breaks that idea up..

Bubba bubba bombs Nowinski and covers him for the WIN!

After the match, Bubba tries to Powerbomb Molly through the table..

William Regal hits Bubba in the head with the brass knux!

Nowinski catches Molly and saves her, pulling her from the ring..

Spike tries to put Dudley Dog Regal through the table, but it doesn't break!

Regal looks to have injured his arm..

Bubba finishes the job by power bombing Regal straight through the table!

IN THE RING: Eric Bischoff & Jimmy Snuka! + Rosey & Jamal..

Eric Bischoff introduces WWE Hall of Famer, Jimmy Snuka!

Eric shows a special video package featuring Snuka's MSG moments..

Eric gives Snuka a WWE Lifetime Achievement award..

Eric says that Snuka's three minutes is just about up...

The crowd boos, as Rosey & Jamal jump the rail and attack Jimmy Snuka!

Snuka knocks the first monster down but falls to the powerful duo!

IN THE RING: Jimmy Snuka + Chris Jericho..

Snuka is behind helped in the ring by WWE Officials..

Snuka holds his ribs..

Suddenly Jericho's music hits and Jericho comes to the ring..

Jericho goes straight after Jimmy Snuka!

Jericho drops the legend and locks the Walls Of Jericho on him!

Jericho gets on the microphone..

Jericho asks when they changed the name of this arena to "Madison Square Hasbeen"?!

Jericho says that Snuka doesn't deserve special treatment!

Jericho says that the King of the World deserves special treatment!

Jericho talks about his match with Flair last night at Summerslam..

Jericho shows Flair tapping out to the figure four last night..

Jericho asks why Flair was awarded the match?!?!?!?!?!

Jericho says that he's going to take out his anger on Flair's 'little buddy', Jeff Hardy..

Jericho says that he's going to sing his version of NEW YORK NEW YORK!

Jericho starts to sing... changing the words negatively..

Jim Ross begs for a commercial break, and gets it..


Jericho is still singing!

Suddenly Jeff Hardy's music hits and Jeff comes to the ring!

Chris Jericho vs Jeff Hardy..

Late in the match, Jericho gets the Walls on Hardy..

Hardy reaches the ropes, and the referee calls for the break..

Jericho refuses to break the hold, and leans back on Hardy!

The referee disqualifies Jericho..

An army of WWE officials come down and pull Jericho off of Jeff Hardy..

INTERVIEW: Terri & Paul Heyman/Brock Lesnar..

Terri asks Brock who he prefers as his #1 Contender..

Brock says that it doesn't makes a difference!

BACKSTAGE: The Un-Americans..

Christian comments that 'this is wrong...... it's perfect!"

Test says that tonight, whether they like it or not, "old glory" is going up in flames..

IN THE RING: The UnAmericans..

Test, Christian & Lance Storm make their way to the ring to an 'angry calm'..

Test says that it's about time the Americans realize what the rest of the world thinks..

Test says he cannot think of a better way than this..

Test lights the torch and looks at the flag..

BANG!!! Kane's music and pyro hits.. But Kane does not appear!

Booker T & Goldust come through the crowd and attack the UnAmericans..

With 3 on 2, the UnAmericans get the upper hand..

Test gets back into the ring and tries to light the flag on fire...

BANG!!! Kane's pyro & music hits AGAIN and Kane appears and takes out Test!

The Un-Americans retreat, leaving Kane, Booker & Goldust to celebrate..

Booker does a spinerooni and tries to leave the ring..

Kane says that the fans came to see a "kanerooni"!

Kane does his Kanerooni in the middle of the ring to thunderous cheers..

IC TITLE MATCH - HARDCORE RULZ: Rob Van Dam vs Tommy Dreamer..

A Ladder used extensively during this match.. A chair was also used..

Rob Van Dam pins Tommy Dreamer to retain the IC title.

RVD shakes hands with, and hugs Dreamer after the match as a show of respect..

TUXEDO/EVENING GOWN MATCH: Howard Finkle vs Lillian Garcia..

Stacy comes out to the ring..

Stacy says she's there to make sure Trish Stratus doesn't interfere!

Howard says that Stacy is interfering with something in his trousers!

Winner will be the full time RAW ring announcer..

Howard says that he likes Lillian's dress, but he thought Gulliani barred Hookers from NY City..

Howard & Lillian begin to brawl... really embarrassing actually!

Howard knocks Lillian down and tells her that's the way it should be!

Howard says something derogatory about blondes..

Stacy & Trish jump in and attack Howard..

The three woman strip Howard down to his red underwear!!

Howard runs backstage while Trish announces Lillian as the winner, and hands her the microphone..

MAIN EVENT #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Triple H vs Undertaker..

Late in the match, referee Earl Hebner gets squashed in the corner and is out cold!

Lesnar runs down and distracts the Undertaker..

Triple H tries to take advantage..

Lesnar steps inside the ring and nails Undertaker with the title belt!

Triple H drapes his arm across Undertaker's chest, for the 1...2.....3!

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Eric Bischoff + Brock/Heyman..

Eric tells Steph to get the hell out of his building!

Eric brags about how historic his show was..

Eric says that he has the #1 Contender on his show!

Brock Lesnar walks up and gets inside the limousine..

Steph says that the champion chooses WHERE and WHEN to wrestle..

Steph says that she pays Brock a lot of money to be EXCLUSIVE to SMACKDOWN!

Steph says that RAW will never have an UNDISPUTED CHAMPION ever again..

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WWE Smackdown!

August 29, 2002

Mohegan Sun Arena

KICKOFF: Stephanie McMahon.

Steph welcomes everybody to Smackdown!, home of Undisputed Champion, Brock Lesnar!

Steph announces a single-elimination series of matches..

Steph says that the winner will face Brock Lesnar at Unforgiven!

ELIMINATION MATCH: Edge vs Eddie Guerrero.

Late in the match, Eddie brings two chairs into the ring, one hidden outside the ring apron..

Edge gets a hold of the chair, and threatens to hit Eddie ..

The referee pulls the chair away from Edge, and takes it outside the ring..

While the ref is busy with that, Eddie gets the other chair..

Eddy blocks Edge's spear with the steal chair!!

Eddy follows up with a frog splash for the win!

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Matt Hardy..

Matt tells Stephanie the fans at the Mohegan Sun love him!

Matt says he's ready to be the next man in the series of elimination matches..

Steph says that Rikishi will be next in line..

Matt says then he will obviously take on the winner of that match.... right?

Steph says "we'll see!"..

John Cena vs Rev D-Von..

DVon wins the match. by cheating.

Batista attacks DVon after the match with a clothesline and a massive Powerbomb!

Rey Mysterio vs Rico w/Chuck & Billy.

Nice little video package on Rey Mysterio..

Rey wins after the 610 & the West Coast Pop..

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Hardcore Holly + Dawn Marie..

Holly says that he deserves to be in the elimination series..

Dawn Marie interrupts and says Stephanie has an important phone call waiting..

Steph goes into her office, leaving Dawn in the hall with Hardcore..

Holly asks what phone call is more important than Hardcore Holly?

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon + Matt Hardy.

Steph on the phone..

Whoever she is talking to, she says she didn't like how they treated him

Steph says that they would not treat 'whoever' like that on Smackdown!

Steph offers to send the person 'papers' to sign with Smackdown!

Matt Hardy jumps in and tries to talk to Steph while she's on the phone (how rude!)..

Steph says she'll send Dawn Marie to the hotel right away..

Matt asks Steph (still on the phone) if he can take the winner of Rikishi & Guerrero..

Steph ignores Matt Hardy and keeps talking..

Matt reaches over and hangs up the phone on Stephanie!

An irate Steph stands up and yells at Matt..

Steph punishes Matt by giving him a non-title match against Brock Lesnar tonight!

Matt is extremely excited though!

INTERVIEW: Marc Lloyd & Rikishi..

Rikishi says he was F5ed a few weeks ago and wants revenge..

Rikishi says that he will give Brock a 'piece of the kish'..

Eddie Guerrero jumps in and mocks Rikishi..

Eddy says that Rikishi's diaper is too tight..

Rikishi asks Eddie how to say "back that ass up" in Spanish?!

ELIMINATION MATCH: Rikishi vs Eddie Guerrero..

Rikishi wins the match..

Chris Benoit hits the ring and Benoit/Guerrero double team Rikishi!

Guerrero frog splash's Rikishi (laying on his stomach)..

Benoit locks the crossface on Rikishi!

Edge runs down and makes the rescue..

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Chris Benoit..

Steph says that Benoit must be upset after losing the IC title to RAW..

Steph says that Benoit will take on Rikishi in the next elimination match, one on one!

Shannon Moore w/Hurricane vs Tajiri w/Nidia & Noble..

Hurricane keeps Jamie Noble & Nidia from interfering..

Shannon Moore gets the pin on Tajiri..

ELIMINATION MATCH: Rikishi vs Chris Benoit..

Chris Benoit wins using the crippler crossface submission..

INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd & Kurt Angle..

Lloyd asks Angle what he thinks about the elimination series..

Angle begins by bragging about defeating Rey Mysterio at Summerslam..

Angle says that he's certain that he'll be taking on Chris Benoit next..

Angle says that he will defeat Benoit for the #1 Contendership..

INTERVIEW: Funaki & Paul Heyman + Matt Hardy..

Funaki is standing outside of Brock Lesnar's locker room hoping to get an interview..

Paul Heyman comes out and Funaki grabs him..

Funaki asks Heyman if he could get an interview with Brock..

Paul asks Funaki if he's sure he wants to bother Brock while he's preparing for a match?

Paul says that is a great idea and suggests they knock on the door!

Funaki changes his mind..

Matt Hardy steps in and says that he will give an interview..

Matt says that it won't be the "era of Brock Lesnar"..

Matt says that it will be the 'era of Matt Hardy"..

Matt says instead of having the slogan "attitude" it will be "Mattitude"!

Paul says he learns something new every day..

Paul says he's learned that Matt Hardy has a death wish!

NON-TITLE MATCH: Brock Lesnar vs Matt Hardy..

Brock absolutely demolishes Matt Hardy..

As Matt Hardy tried to get back to his feet, Brock returned to the ring..

Brock finished Hardy off with two more power bombs!

BACKSTAGE: Stephanie McMahon & Dawn Marie..

Dawn returns with the signed papers from 'a raw defector'..

Stephanie says it looks like the main event will now be a triple threat!

MAIN EVENT #1 CONTENDERSHIP: Kurt Angle vs Chris Benoit vs The Undertaker!

Stephanie introduces the UNDERTAKER as Smackdown!'s newest talent!

Late in the match, Benoit put the crossface on Taker, and Angle applied the ankle lock at the same time!

Undertaker somehow got out of it and fought back to pin Chris Benoit!

Undertaker is the #1 Contender for the Undisputed Championship!

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WWE Velocity Results, August 31st

Chavo Guerrero defeated The Hurricane

Mark Henry defeated Albert

Billy and Chuck defeated Randy Orton and Hardcore Holly

Jamie Noble w/Nidia defeated Funaki to retain the Cruiserweight Championship.

WWE Heat Results, September 1st

Jackie Gadya defeated Jacqueline

Shawn Stasiak and Crash defeated Perry Saturn and Steven Richards

Trish Stratus Defeated Victoria

D’Lo Brown defeated The Bossman

Raven defeated The Godfather

NOTE: Velocity is as real life, where HeAT was booked by me. Roster up soon.

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RAW Roster

Main Event

Shawn Michaels (f)

Ric Flair (f)

Triple H (H)

Kevin Nash (H) (Out With injury until Next Year)

Upper Midcard

Kane (f)

Rob Van Dam (f) (WWE Intercontinental Champion)

Booker T (f)

Big Show (H)

Chris Jericho (H)

William Regal (H)


Bradshaw (f)

Bubba Ray Dudley (f)

Goldust (f)

Jeff Hardy (f)

Trish Stratus (f)

Test (H)

Lance Storm (H) (WWE Tag Team Champion)

Christian (H) (WWE Tag Team Champion)

Lower Midcard

Al Snow (f)

Tommy Dreamer (f) (WWE Hardcore Champion)

Maven (f)

Spike Dudley (f)

D’Lo Brown (f)

Bossman (H)

Jamal (H)

Jazz (H)

Molly Holly (H) (WWE Women's Champion)

Perry Saturn (H)

Raven (H)

Rosey (H)

Victoria (H)


Crash Holly (f)

Shawn Stasiak (f)

Steven Richards (H)

Jackie Gadya (H)


Lita (f) (Client - Jeff Hardy)

Non Wrestlers

Mick Foley (f)

Eric Bischoff (H) (RAW General Manager)

(f) = Face

(H) = Heel

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Smackdown! Roster

Main Event

Undertaker (f)

Hulk Hogan (f)

Brock Lesnar (H) (Undisputed WWE Champion)

Kurt Angle (H)

Upper Midcard

Edge (f)

Chris Benoit (H)

Eddie Guerrero (H)


Batista (f)

Hurricane (f)

Mark Henry (f)

John Cena (f)

Rey Mysterio (f)

Rikishi (f)

Ron Simmons (f)

Billy (H)

Chavo Guerrero (H)

Chuck (H)

Jamie Noble (H) (WWE Cruiserweight Champion)

Kanyon (H)

Matt Hardy Version 1.0 (H)

Reverend D-Von (H)

Tajiri (H)

Lower Midcard

Billy Kidman (f)

Hardcore Holly (f)

Randy Orton (f)

Scotty 2 Hotty (f)

Val Venis (f)

Albert (H)


Funaki (f)

Hugh Morrus (H)


Torrie Wilson (f) (client - Billy Kidman)

Nidia (H) (client - Jamie Noble)

Paul Heyman (H) (client - Brock Lesnar)

Rico (H) (clients - Billy and Chuck)

Non Wrestlers

Stephanie McMahon (f) (Smackdown! General Manager)

Tazz (f) (Smackdown! Commentator)

The Rock (f) (Away Filming)

IPB Image

WWE News

Dawn Marie and Christopher Nowinski have just been released from their WWE Contracts. The WWE wishes them both the best for the future.

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WWE Raw Results

2nd September 2002

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

WWE Hardcore Championship - Tommy Dreamer © vs Bradshaw vs Steven Richards

What you’d expect from a hardcore title match, Dreamer wins after dropping Richards on a trash can with a DDT.

Winner and Still WWE Hardcore Champion: Tommy Dreamer

Segment Rating =59%

New Champion?

Eric Bischoff makes his way to the ring with a briefcase. He reveals it contains a new World Heavyweight Championship, exclusive to RAW. He introduces HHH and announces him as the First World Heavyweight Champion! Triple H talks about how he was the number one contender and how he deserves the title, because Brock “ran away”. H’s celebrations were soon put to a stop as BOOM! pyro exploded and The Big Red Machine Kane appeared!. HHH didn’t even get a chance to speak when Kane got into the ring, a few right hands to the champ, then a Chokeslam allowed Kane to make a huge statement. Bischoff made like a coward and ran to the back.

Segment Rating = 81%


Flair was being interviewed by Terri, when Chris Jericho appeared out of nowhere and assaulted the Nature Boy, leaving him bloodied on the floor. Jericho snatched the mic from Terri and spoke..

“I have just displayed why I, the King of the World, Chris Jericho, am better than HIM (points to Flair), he stole my victory at Summerslam, and I won’t rest until i get it back.. now, I’m going to that ring and im going to beat that ass clown RVD, down into the ground, then I will be the NEW Intercontinental Champion!” Jericho walks off with an evil smirk on his face.

Segment Rating = 100%

WWE Intercontinental Championship - Rob Van Dam © vs Chris Jericho

A solid match between the two, loads of fast paced wrestling with a few good spots, the finish came when Jericho had RVD in the Walls Of Jericho, but let go when Flair appeared on the entrance ramp, RVD saw the opportunity and rolled Jericho up for a pin.

Winner and Still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Rob Van Dam

Segment Rating = 82%

Booker T and Goldust vs 3 Minute Warning

Booker and Goldust dominated most of the match, finish came when Test ran in and gave the Big Boot to Goldust leading to a DQ, Booker went to help his partner when seemingly out of nowhere William Regal ran in and delivered the Power of the Punch to Booker T.

Winners via DQ: Booker T and Goldust

Segment Rating = 73%

Un-Americans United

The Tag Team Champions Lance Storm and Christian come down to the ring, when Test hands Storm the mic. he announces that William regal is the newest Un-American! Regal tells everyone how he is proud to represent England as part of the Un-Americans, much to JR’s distain.

Segment Rating = 70%

Bubba Ray Dudley w/Spike Dudley vs Big Show

Bubba actually had a fair share of offence in this match, occasionally due to small distractions created by Spike. Show hit a series of powerful moves and tried to cover after each one, however Bubba just kept getting up... Show lost his temper and took Bubba out with a steel chair, giving the larger Dudley the DQ victory. Spike went to check on his older brother and received a Chokeslam for his troubles, Big Show left looking pissed.

Winner via DQ = Bubba Ray Dudley

Segment Rating = 66%

WWE Women’s Championship - Trish Stratus vs Molly Holly ©

Trish beats Molly quite quickly to win the Championship, in what was almost a squash match.

Winner and NEW WWE Women’s Champion: Trish Stratus

Segment Rating = 67%

Un-Americans (Lance Storm and Christian) vs Al Snow and Maven - Non- Title Match

Short Match in which Christian pinned Maven after the Un-prettier. Lance Storm then put Al Snow in the Single legged Crab, and refused to let go, until Booker T and Goldust ran them off!

Winners: Lance Storm and Christian

Segment Rating = 69%

If you want something doing....

Triple H was in Eric Bischoff’s office. He demanded to know what Eric planned to do about Kane. Eric said that HE isn’t going to do anything, he’s going to let Triple H sort it out himself at Unforgiven.. H looked less than pleased, “In a World Heavyweight Championship Match,” H looking angry now, “In a LAST MAN STANDING MATCH,” and Triple H looked nothing more than terrified. Eric told H to get out of his office and to go to the ring, for his match against Jeff Hardy!

Segment Rating = 89%

HHH vs Jeff Hardy - Non Title Match.

Jeff put up a decent fight but non the less soon fell victim to a pedigree after a sly thumb to the eye for Triple H. As soon as it was over Kane’s music hit and the monster ran down to the ring, HHH made him self scarce and escaped through the crowd. Kane, stood in the ring laughing, and did his lifting arms/pyro thing as RAW went off the air.

Winner: Triple H

Segment Rating = 75%

Quick Results

Tommy Dreamer def. Bradshaw and Steven Richards via pinfall to retain the WWE Hardcore Championship

Rob Van Dam def. Chris Jericho via pinfall to retain WWE Intercontinental Championship

Booker T and Goldust def. 3 Minute Warning via DQ from Interference

Bubba Ray Dudley def. Big Show via DQ

Trish Stratus def. Molly Holly via pinfall to Win the WWE Womens Championship

Lance Storm and Christian def. Al Snow and Maven via Pinfall

Triple H def Jeff Hardy via Pinfall

RAW Rating = 75%

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IPB Image

WWE Smackdown! Preview for 5th September 2002

Smackdown! is set to be huge this thursday.... The Great One himself, The Rock will return for one night only!

WWE Champion Brock Lesnar and the Number One contender, The Undertaker will both be in the house!

A Summerslam re-match will take place, Rey Mysterio gets another chance against Olympic Gold Medalist, Kurt Angle!

SD! GM Stephanie McMahon has a huge announcement to make.

The Cruiserweight Championship will be defended in a fatal fourway match.

Chris Benoit, John Cena and Rikishi will all be in action.

Confirmed Matches

Rey Mysterio vs Kurt Angle

WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Jamie Noble © vs Tajiri vs Chavo Guerrero vs The Hurricane

Don't Miss it!

I know its early, but I'd appreciate any feedback as i'm quite new to this. Thanks in advance (Y)

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IPB Image

WWE News

Reports from a souce who attented this weeks Smackdown! tapings;

A Hardcore rules match between Batista and Reverend D-Von orriginally schedualled for Smackdown! will now be shown saturday on Velocity due to running out of time on Smackdown!

Also Kanyon has returned from OVW and is said to be in action this Thursday.

Other News

According to sources a NEW Large Wrestling promotion is set to open its doors on the 22nd September.

The new company is apparently called World Domination Wrestling and is owned by an annonymous character who goes by an alias of "The Brain."

In what may be an immediete attempt to strike the WWE's popularity, WDW have managed to sign a man the WWE have wanted for years and another who just walked away from the company, Sting and Stone Cold Steve Austin! Both are being advertised to wrestle at WDW's debut show "Last Gasp"

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Hi, I like what you've done so far. Your off to a good start. The format of the shows have been good aswell.

What I don't like is the WDW with The Brain. Not much you can do about that though.

Keep going with this diary, it could become very good.

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What I don't like is the WDW with The Brain. Not much you can do about that though.

Yeh I didn't like that too much either, but in my game WDW is "at war" with WWE. At least I don't actually expect you to believe that its owned by a cartoon mouse....

Thanks for your other comments (Y)

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WWE Smackdown! Results

September 5, 2002

Green Bay, Wisconsin

The People‘s Champ Returns, But Do The People Care?

Smackdown! kicked off with The Rock making his much anticipated return since he lost the (then) Undisputed Championship to Brock Lesnar. Rocky starts of with his usual “Finaalllllllly...” speech. The fans love it. However Rocky starts to make not so fan friendly comments especially regarding Summerslam. The crowd started to boo the Rock, who by then was just plain insulting them... THEN... something happened... they started chanting “BROCK ” “BROCK” “BROCK” (perhaps hinting at a face turn for the champ?) The fans got there wish as Lesnar made his way out to the ring. In the centre of the ring Brock and Rock face to face. The Rock talked trash to Lesnar.. who wasn’t having any of it, he hoisted The Rock up, and dropped him right back down again... F-5!!! The camera then cut to the entryway where Paul Heyman was stood, shouting “DO IT AGAIN” at the champ. Lesnar picked up the Rock once more, and used the F-5 to throw him right over the top rope onto the entrance ramp! Lesnar made his way back to the locker room to a somewhat mixed fan reaction.

Segment Rating = 81%

Cruiserweight Championship - Jamie Noble w/Nidia © vs Chavo Guerrero vs Hurricane vs Tajiri

A decent match, maybe not as good as you’d expect, but the finish saw Noble pinning the Hurricane with a roll up after he was distracted by Nidia.

Winner and Still WWE Cruiserweight Champion: Jamie Noble

Segment Rating = 75%

A New Championship?

Smackdown! GM, Stephanie McMahon is stood inside the ring. She got straight to business and announced that she was bringing back the WWE United States Championship. However unlike Her ex-husband over on RAW, Smackdown! champions have to earn their titles. Next week an eight man tournament will begin, the final match will take place at Unforgiven and a US Champion will be crowned there. There participants are as follows, Chris Benoit, Kurt Angle, Eddie Guerrero, Matt Hardy V1, Edge, Rey Mysterio, John Cena and Rikishi. And finally Stephanie announced tonight’s main event.. at the request of Paul Heyman, an odd request at that, it will be the number one contender, The Undertaker vs Paul Heyman!

Segment Rating = 80%

John Cena vs Kanyon

A back and forth match with both men getting in good offence, finish came when Cena dropped Kanyon with a Death valley Driver

Winner: John Cena

Segment Rating = 75%

Edge and Rikishi vs Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy V1

Good set up for the US Title tournament, Matt pinned Edge when Eddie Guerrero came to ringside and distracted the referee, allowing Matt to use a steel chair on Edge.

Winners: Chris Benoit and Matt Hardy V1

Segment Rating = 78%

Kurt Angle vs Rey Mysterio

An amazing match, equalling the Summerslam one in quality. Mysterio gave Angle the run around quite a lot, frustrating the gold Medallist. So when Angle finally got the Angle Lock applied and made Mysterio submit, he refused to break the hold even after the match. This left to referee no other choice but to disqualify Kurt and give the victory to Mysterio.

Winner by reversed decision DQ: Rey Mysterio

Segment Rating = 83%

Undertaker Interview with Josh Matthews

Taker talked about how he’s got his eye on Lesnar and won’t be a victim like the Rock was earlier tonight. Taker said he knows the main event is probably some kind of trap, but if Lesnar and Heyman try to screw him tonight, he going to make them famous!

Segment Rating = 78%

Undertaker vs Paul Heyman

The Match never actually got underway, due to Lesnar immediately assaulting the deadman. Taker however managed to fight back and send Lesnar running, Heyman however was not so lucky as to escape, and received a Chokeslam for his troubles. Lesnar stood on the ramp staring a hole right into the deadman, who was holding up Lesnar's WWE title as Smackdown! went off the air.

Winner: No Contest due to match not actually starting

Segment Rating = 70%

Quick Results

Jamie Noble def. Tajiri, Chavo Guerrero and Hurricane to retain Cruiserweight title.

John Cena def. Kanyon

Matt Hardy V1 and Chris Benoit def. Edge and Rikishi

Rey Mysterio def‘ Kurt Angle via Reversed decision DQ

Undertaker and Paul Heyman fought to a No-Contest

Smackdown! Rating = 78%

Velocity and HeAT will be up later tonight, and probably a RAW preview too.

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WWE Velocity Results

7th September 2002

Hugh Morrus def. Funaki

Billy and Chuck w/Rico def. Val Venis and Hardcore Holly

Tajiri def. Billy Kidman w/Torrie Wilson

Matt Hardy V1 and Albert def’ Randy Orton and Mark Henry

Batista def. Reverend D-Von in a Hardcore Match

WWE Heat Results

8th September 2002

Tommy Dreamer def. Raven, Steven Richards, Crash Holly, Perry Saturn, Spike Dudley, Bossman, Bubba Dudley, D’Lo Brown and Shawn Stasiak in a Hardcore Battle Royal to retain the WWE Hardcore Championship

Jackie Gadya def. Molly Holly

Trish Stratus def. Victoria in a Non-Title Match

William Regal def. Jeff Hardy

Rob Van Dam def. Lance Storm in a Non-Title Match

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IPB Image

WWE News

Apparently WWE officials were extremly impressed with this weeks Heat main event between Rob Van Dam and Lance Storm. It is a likely that these two will work a program together soon.

For those who wondered, Undertaker is regrowing his hair, hence the reason he didn't have his usual "bandana" this past Thursday.

WWE's next PPV will be Unforgiven, on the 22nd September 2002

The card is currently as follows;


Last Man Standing Match

World Heavyweight Championship - Triple H © vs Kane

Submissions Match - Ric Flair vs Chris Jericho (just announced on WWE.com)


WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar © vs Undertaker

WWE United States Championship Tournament Final - ??? vs ???

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IPB Image

RAW Preview

9th September 2002

What will Kane have in store for HHH as the big red machine continues to hunt down the World Heavyweight Champion?

Three matches made already, with Ric Flair taking on Raven, The Un-Americans will defend the WWE tag Titles from Jeff Hardy and the WWE Intercontinental Champion, Rob Van Dam, While Trish Stratus will defend the Women's belt from Victoria, Lita and Molly Holly in a Fatal Fourway match.

Confirmed Matches

Ric Flair vs Raven

WWE Tag Championship - Lance Storm and Christian © vs Jeff Hardy and Rob Van Dam

WWE Women's Championship - Trish Stratus © vs Lita vs Molly Holly vs Victoria

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IPB Image

WWE RAW Results

9th September 2002

American Airlines Arena, Dallas Texas

Handicap Match - Un-Americans (William Regal and Test) vs Bubba Dudley, Spike Dudley and Goldust

Face team dominated most of the match, but Test pinned Goldust after a Big boot thanks to Lance Storm and Christian running in and brawling with the Dudleyz .

Winners: William Regal and Test

Segment Rating = 71%

Ric Flair Interview

Flair talked about how he going to make Chris Jericho Tap out to the Figure Four once again at Unforgiven, in their submissions match, he told Jericho to remember, to be the man, you gotta beat the man! He made a point that beating Flair was something Jericho had been unable to do upto now. Flair told us that tonight he’s gonna show Dallas Texas his Figure Four in action tonight when he wrestles Raven. Wooooooo.

Segment Rating = 93%

HHH in the GM‘s Office

HHH was talking with Bischoff and telling the GM how displeased he was with the Unforgiven Title Match. Bischoff told HHH, he didn’t make the match for him, he made the match so RAW could have a better main event than Smackdown! at Unforgiven.

Bischoff then decided to be fair to HHH, Kane will defend the No. 1 contendership in a triple threat match tonight against Booker T and the Big Show! HHH then left looking slightly happier...

Segment Rating = 89%

Next Week

A video aired hyping Shawn Michaels return to RAW Next Week!!!

Segment Rating = 90%

WWE Women's Championship - Trish Stratus © vs Lita vs Molly Holly vs Victoria

Trish retains her title when she pinned Molly Holly after hitting her with the Chick Kick.

Winner and Still WWE Women‘s Champion: Trish Stratus

Segment Rating = 63%

Already the Man?

Chris Jericho is backstage and he is telling us about how he is already the man, and had Flair beat at Summerslam... Flair cheated to win! Jericho said he didn’t need to prove anything against the “nature-jerk” and at Unforgiven, Ric Flair will tap to the King Of The World for a second time! He then mocked Flair, by adding Wooooooo!

Segment Rating = 89%

Ric Flair vs Raven

A great match between two veterans, good psychology and very entertaining. Finish came when Flair broke out of an attempted Evenflow DDT with a low blow, and slipped on the Figure Four forcing Raven to tap out. After the match had finished Y2J ran down to the ring with a steel chair, and hit Flair right in the head busting him wide open! He then locked In the Walls of Jericho punishing the Nature Boy until a group of referees ran down to pull Jericho Off him!

Winner via Submission: Ric Flair

Segment Rating = 82%


Kane was backstage with a mic. He told us how tonight he was going to win the match because all he wants to do is to go to Unforgiven and take Triple H to hell and back, becoming the World Heavyweight Champion on the way!

Segment Rating = 72%

WWE Tag Team Championship - Un-Americans (Lance Storm and Christian) © vs Rob Van Dam and Jeff Hardy

A great championship match, and then thrown together team of Jeff Hardy and the IC champion, RVD had great chemistry. Lots of near falls by both teams. The finish came when Test and Regal ran in and assaulted Hardy on the outside allowing a distracted RVD to get rolled up by Lance Storm who got the pin! After the match the four Un-Americans beat down on Van Dam in the centre of the ring.

Winners and Still WWE Tag Team Champions: Lance Storm and Christian

Segment Rating = 84%

Ready For the Main Event...

Triple H’s Music hit and he stood atop the entryway. he said he is coming to help commentate tonight's main event. He then started to talk down Kane, when BOOM, the pyro hit and out the big red machine came. HHH quickly jumped out of the way and ran over to the announce table. The two men stared at each other while Kane walked past the desk.

Segment Rating = 81%

World Heavyweight Number One Contendership - Kane vs Big Show vs Booker T

A decent main event which saw Kane keep his contendership for Unforgiven. Here’s how it ended, Big Show had choke slammed Kane through the announce table early on. Later in the ring Booker had Show set up for the Scissors Kick, when Un-Americans. Christian and Test made their presence felt by assaulting Booker T. However Booker managed to dodge the attack and it was Big Show who was knocked out by Test’s Big Boot. Booker T was then able to fight off both Un-Americans, right before walking into a Chokeslam from Kane! Kane got the pin and the 3 count to remain number one contender! Any celebration was soon cut short though, as HHH ran to the ring and caught Kane off guard by hitting him in the back off the head with the Title Belt, he then slammed the belt into Kane's head once more when he was already down for good measure. He shouted something at Kane then walked off up the entrance ramp holding his championship up as RAW went off the air.

Winner and Still Number One Contender: Kane

Quick Results

William Regal and Test def. Bubba,Spike and Goldust

Trish def. Molly Holly, Victoria and Lita to retain WWE Women's Championship

Ric Flair def. Raven

Lance Storm and Christian def. Jeff hardy and Rob Van Dam to retain WWE Tag Titles

Kane def Big Show and Booker T to remain Number One Contender for HHH’s Title

RAW Rating = 80%

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IPB Image

Smackdown! Preview

12th September 2002

This weeks Smackdown! features the first round of the US Championship Tournament, only four superstars will get through to the seim-finals the following week.... with a chance to be crowned the first new US Champion at Unforgiven, theses matches are bound to be exciting.

Also, Last week The Undertaker managed to get the better of WWE champion Brock Lesnar and his agent Paul Heyman, foiling their amush plan. Undertaker won't be in attentance this thursday, so who will the champ take his anger out on?

A tag team match will take place pitting Val Venis and Batista against Reverend D-Von and Kanyon.

Also a former WWE Champion will make a return.

Confirmed Matches

Val Venis and Batista vs Reverend D-Von and Kanyon

US Title Tournament Matches

Matt Hardy V1 vs Edge

Chris Benoit vs Rikishi

John Cena vs Kurt Angle

Eddie Guerrero vs Rey Mysterio

Oh and I would appreciate any feedback, let me know what I can do better. Thanks

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IPB Image

WWE News

Mick Foley has reportedly signed a new deal with WWE, its not known for how long, and when he will be used. It could be sometime soon, or maybe not until Wrestlemania time.

According to backstage reports, The Rock will be absent from the WWE until the new year, he is expected to be part of WrestleMania.

Johnny "The Bull" Stamboli is apparently working WWE House shows and is expected to be put on television soon.

It is rumoured that if the brands continue to grow in terms of roster size, single brand PPV's may be a thing of the near future.

One source tells use that the WWE is beginning to focus less and less on the Women's division and it may not even exist this time next year. Officials seem to think its not a big enough draw.

It is expected two Unforgiven matches per brand will be announced on the nest episodes of RAW and Smackdown!

Smackdown! results up later tonight.

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IPB Image

WWE Smackdown! Results

12th September 2002

Detroit, Michigan

A Hero Returns....

Kurt Angle is stood in the ring, and said tonight he's facing John Cena in a US Title Qualifier. He told us it was an insult to his accomplishments, and if it wasn't for the Undertaker ass kissing his way into the number one contenders match a few weeks back, Angle would be wrestling Lesnar at Unforgiven and would be winning the WWE Title! Kurt said he’s

“calling out the former WWE Champion that's scheduled to appear tonight, he wants a match with him at Unforgiven, and he doesn't care if he has to wrestle two matches i none night, he just wants to make someone TAP!”

Real American blast out of the PA system, and the legendry Hulk Hogan made his way out to an amazing reception. Angle looked shocked at what he was seeing!

“Hey Brother, it just so happens I came here tonight to challenge YOU to a match at Unforgiven, and to prove that I can beat you 1-2-3 in the middle of the ring! So Kurt, you may have gotten lucky at the King Of The Ring, but come Unforgiven.. HULKAMANIA is gonna run wild on you!”

Hogan's music played once again as he left the ramp leaving Angle looked pissed off in the ring!

Segment Rating = 91%

US Title Tournament Quarter Final - Edge vs Matt Hardy V1

An excellent between two men who have wrestled each other many many time in the past. Noticeable points included Edge spearing Matt off of the apron, who fell ribs first onto the barrier, another was Hardy hitting a top rope version of his “side effect.” None the less Edge made a comeback, until Eddie Guerrero’s music played. This distraction gave Matt Hardy a perfect opportunity, he rolled up Edge along with a handful of tights for the win. Edge looked angry as Eddie was nowhere to be seen.

Winner and Advances in US Title Tournament: Matt Hardy V1

Segment Rating = 87%


A recorded video segment featuring Undertaker was showed.

“Brock Lesnar, WWE Champion,

Next week.. I’m gonna kick your ass,

The week after... I’m gonna kick your ass again,

Then at Unforgiven... I’m gonna make you famous!

Brock Lesnar, WWE Champion.... not for long.”

Segment Rating = 82%

US Title Tournament Quarter Final - Chris Benoit vs Rikishi

A pretty straightforward match, which saw Benoit get the victory after putting the Samoan into the Crippler Crossface and forcing him into submission.

Winner and Advances in US Title Tournament: Chris Benoit

Segment Rating = 72%

Batista and Val Venis vs Kanyon and Reverend D-Von

Batista and Val win, when Batista powerbombs Kanyon, while Val clotheslines D-Von out of the ring. Val then followed up and hit the Money Shot of the top rope onto Kanyon, allowing Batista to pin him.

Winners: Batista and Val Venis

Segment Rating = 70%

Benoit and Mysterio

The two men backstage appeared to be talking about what would happen if the two met in the US title Final.

Benoit told Mysterio, “whether i make you tap with the crossface, or pin you 1-2-3, there's no way you could beat me, your a little... short on what it takes, if you get what i mean .”

Benoit smirks as he turns away and prepares to leave, when Mysterio grabs him by the arm and looks into his eyes...

“I’m to fast for you Chris, you couldn’t keep me still long enough to apply the crossface, and before you even got chance to pin me 1-2-3.. it’d be the 6-1-9 for you!”

Mysterio walked off leaving Benoit looking quite shocked.

Segment Rating = 79%

US Title Tournament Quarter Final - Kurt Angle vs John Cena

Angle attacked Cena from behind right at the start, and applied the ankle lock.. Cena tapped, but Angle would let go. The referee had no choice but to DQ Angle and name Cena the winner. After Angle was finally removed he picked up a steel chair and was getting ready to strike Cena down once more. When Hulk Hogan ran in to make the save! Angle made himself scarce, while Hogan helped Cena to his feet before raising his hand in the middle of the ring.

Winner and Advances in US Title Tournament: John Cena

Segment Rating = 72%

Something Has To Be Done!

Paul Heyman was backstage with Stephanie McMahon, he was demanding she has to do something about the Undertaker, who keeps making a mockery of the WWE Champion and his agent. Steph told Paul she’d booked Lesnar to defend the WWE Title from Randy Orton tonight, she liked Orton's match with Undertaker a few months back, and wouldn’t mind seeing them wrestle at Unforgiven! Heyman just laughed and said that's fine by him, the champ needs someone to take his anger out on! Heyman walked away looking smug, leaving Steph looked disgusted..

Segment Rating = 83%

US Title Tournament Quarter Final - Rey Mysterio vs Eddie Guerrero

Awesome match between two competitors with a lot of history together, they had great chemistry. In another advancement via DQ, Mysterio was given the win after Chris Benoit ran in and attacked him, when he was seconds away from victory. After the bell Benoit and Guerrero both put the boots to Mysterio, who was saved by Edge who ran in and speared Chris Benoit! He went after nemesis Guerrero, but Eddie managed to make a quick escape.

Winner and Advances in US Title Tournament: Rey Mysterio

Segment Rating = 85%


A video was shown hyping Unforgiven on the 22nd September, it also showed that Hulk Hogan vs Kurt Angle was official now, and just signed was a Summerslam rematch between Edge and Eddie Guerrero.

Segment Rating = 84%

WWE Championship - Brock Lesnar w/ Paul Heyman © vs Randy Orton

Orton actually managed to put up a decent fight, but ultimately Lesnar was just too much and hit the F-5 for the win. After the match, Lesnar attacked Orton with a steel chair and made him bleed from the head. Finally Lesnar finished off the bloodied Orton with another F-5. Lesnar and Heyman stood together celebrating in the ring, mocking Orton and then Undertaker, knowing the deadman wasn’t their. This sick display saw the end of this weeks Smackdown!

Winner and Still WWE Champion: Brock Lesnar

Segment Rating = 72%

Quick Match Results

Matt Hardy V1def. Edge to advance in US Tournament

Chris Benoit def. Rikishi to advance in US Tournament

Batista and Val Venis def. Kanyon and D-Von

John Cena def. Kurt Angle to advance in US Tournament

Rey Mysterio def. Eddie Guerrero to advance in US Tournament

Brock Lesnar def. Randy Orton to retain WWE Championship

Smackdown! Rating = 79%

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WWE Velocity Results

14th September 2002

Chavo Guerrero def. Hardcore Holly

Batista def. Albert

Mark Henry and Ron Simmons def. Billy and Chuck w/Rico

Jamie Noble def Billy Kidman, Tajiri and Hurricane to retain WWE Cruiserweight Title

WWE Heat Results

15th September 2002

Bubba Ray Dudley def. Perry Saturn

Jackie Gadya def. Lita

Crash Holly def. Bossman

Booker T and Goldust def. 3 Minute Warning

Tommy Dreamer def. Steven Richards and Raven to retain WWE Hardcore Title

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