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WWFE Brand Extension: Original Recipe


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Spring and Summer 2000: Rumors abound that executives at AOL/Time-Warner are eager to unload the money pit that had become World Championship Wrestling.

October 2000: Vince McMahon's WWFE becomes the top contendor to purchase World Championship Wrestling.

November 2000: Due to a "last minute snag with Viacom," WWFE drops out of the bidding for the dying WCW brand. Former Turner Vice-President Eric Bischoff emerges as a new potential buyer.

January 2001: The purchase of World Championship Wrestling by Eric Bischoff and Fusient Media Ventures is announced.

March 2001: After Time-Warner abruptly cancels WCW programming on its TNT and TBS cable networks, Fusient Media backs out on its plans to buy the promotion. Vince McMahon acquires the WCW brand and tape library at an embarassingly low price.

The contracts of 24 middle and lower tier WCW workers are picked up; Mike Awesome, Hugh Morrus, Lance Storm, Chavo Guerrero Jr., Shawn Stasiak, Johnny the Bull, Shane Helms, Shannon Moore, Evan Karagias, Chuck Palumbo, Sean O'Haire, Mike Sanders, Mark Jindrak, Elix Skipper, Alan Funk, Lash LeRoux, The Wall, Kaz Hayashi, Jamie Knoble, Yang, Stacy Keibler, Reno, Kid Romeo, and Jason Jett are all expected to be a part of the new WWFE-run WCW.

26 March 2001: Now in the hands of WWFE, WCW holds its final Monday Nitro broadcast live on TNT. Meanwhile, the WWF holds its "go-home" edition of RAW six days prior to WrestleMania 17 in Houston, Texas. Vince McMahon addresses the purchase of WCW in a historic live simulcast on both programs. The WWF's Vince vs. Shane father/son storyline is furthered when Shane McMahon appears at Club la Vela on Nitro to announce that he outbid his father at the last minute and now owns the WCW brand.

WWFE management's plan is to run both the WWF and WCW brands separate and distinct promotions, ideally building toward cross-branded dream matches down the line. One of WWFE's most significant challenges concerns the use of high-priced former WCW headliners, all of whom have the option of sitting at home and collecting on their fat, guaranteed Time-Warner deals. There is no guarantee that any of these men will be interested in accepting reduced WWFE buyouts. Furthermore, many of these individuals are known locker room cancers who actively contributed to the downfall of the Turner-run WCW.

All of this takes place amidst a backdrop that also features the ongoing demise of Paul Heyman's financially-challenged Extreme Championship Wrestling. ECW stars -- including Heyman himself -- begin making their way onto WWF programming and into long-term WWF contracts.


IPB Image

Friday, March 30th, 2001

Greetings from under the black Resistol hat. It's been one helluva week from where I sit. The internet is certainly abuzz about Sunday night's WrestleMania and WWFE's acquisition of World Championship Wrestling. Some of what has been written has basis in reality; much of it does not. I'll do my best this week to clear up what I can.

WrestleMania will continue as planned. I imagine that the Texas Rattlesnake and the People's Champion will tell nothing short of an epic story in their World Wrestling Federation Championship match. The build-up to their scheduled encounter has unfolded in a riveting fashion, and a lot of credit for that must go to "Stone Cold" Steve Austin and The Rock, two of the most gifted performers I've ever had the privilege to watch. Top to bottom, Sunday night's card is as solid a WrestleMania lineup as I've ever seen, and I expect nothing less than the biggest blockbuster event of the year.

There is a great deal of excitement within WWFE over the purchasing of the WCW brand. Contrary to what has been written elsewhere, we fully intend to create a viable, dynamic, and distinct product with WCW. I can confirm that WWFE CEO Linda McMahon has held high-level meetings with Viacom executives all week long, and we should have exciting news to report on WWFE's programming on UPN very soon.

As has been reported on this website, WWFE has acquired the services of 24 former WCW performers, all of whom have reported to Ohio Valley Wresting for evaluation and, in many cases, seasoning. I expect several additional talents to join our WCW lineup in the near future. In particular, it has been my pleasure to hold meetings with several big names whose identities I cannot reveal at this time for pesky legal reasons. I will say that while several dirt sheets have alleged "irreconcilable differences" between myself and Jeff Jarrett, there have been talks between Mr. Jarrett, among others, and WWFE officials since the "Night of Champions." WCW loyalists who are expecting a "Titanization" of the promotion after its relaunch might be in for a surprise.

No recent contact has been made with Hulk Hogan, Scott Hall, or Kevin Nash.

There are a number of free agents who could contribute a great deal as part of either the WWF or WCW brands. Rob Van Dam is a name that is mentioned regularly backstage at our live events. I would also hesitate to make the assertion that "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock's return to the world of mixed martial arts will be an indefinite one.

It is good to see The Big Show back on RAW and SmackDown! broadcasts after having spent several months getting a bit of tune-up with Jim Cornette down in Ohio Valley. As long as Show continues to drop excess weight and focus on improving his all-around game, I would venture a guess that this hoss of a man has a brilliant future on our roster.

Those expecting a mat classic out of Edge & Christian, The Dudleys, and the Hardy Boyz and their TLC match at WrestleMania will be disappointed. That said, I expect this spectacle will have fans talking -- for years.

I am working hard to adjust to my new broadcast colleague Paul Heyman on RAW. Paul and I have a long history together, but we are both professionals doing a job to the best of our abilities.

There will be no stopping Brock Lesnar or Shelton Benjamin when they ultimately receive their call-ups from OVW. I hope to see them both make the move to one of our main rosters next year.

We should have an announcement to make on the barbecue sauce front by the end of the month.

With less than 48 hours until perhaps the most highly-anticipated WrestleMania in history, I feel the need to wrap up. I truly believe there will be a great deal of enjoyment to be gotten out of Sunday's extravaganza, and it will be an honor to call the action at ringside.

Until next time,


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Hosted by Jim Ross and Paul Heyman

Ft Worth, Texas

April 2, 2001

IPB Image


JR described the alliance of WWF Chairman Vince McMahon and "Stone Cold" Steve Austin as something he "never thought remotely possible," and yet when RAW kicked off live on Monday Night, Vince McMahon quickly demonstrated that what once seemed inconceivable was now a reality. Mr. McMahon conceded that his son Shane had control of WCW, but argued that by putting aside his differences with the Texas Rattlesnake and joining forces, he had once again positioned himself as the most powerful figure in all of Sports-Entertainment. McMahon then brought out the new World Wrestling Federation Champion -- the new and not-so-improved Stone Cold. In discussing his shameless actions of the night before, Austin argued that he was the very architect of the Attitude era in the World Wrestling Federation and that, somewhere along the way, The Rock had forgotten that he truly had Stone Cold to thank for his success. In short, it seemed, Austin was jealous! Stone Cold made it clear that he didn't care what the people thought of his despicable union with his former arch-rival Mr. McMahon. To top it off, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley then joined Austin and McMahon at mid-ring and welcomed Austin to the "family," toasting with imported beer.

Later in the program, viewers learned that new friends and associates Stone Cold and Triple H had issued an open challenge to foes The Rock and The Undertaker for a tag team match at the top of the show. This was not an opportunity the People's Champ or the Phenom were likely to pass up. The star-studded tag team match, in which The Rock got his hands on Stone Cold after a long, 24-hour wait, featured a failed attempt at interference by Mr. Mahon, who found himself on the receiving end of a thunderous Rock Bottom for his troubles. Later, Triple H took his trademark sledgehammer to the skull of The Rock, but when he went for the pinfall, the Great One was somehow, some way able to get his foot on the bottom rope! Later, after having given a Stunner to The Undertaker, Austin removed his own knee brace and clocked The Rock in the skull with the unforgiving international object, busting the former champion wide open. While a bloodied Rock was slumped in the corner, the crowd was stunned by the unscheduled appearance of "The Heartbreak Kid" himself, Shawn Michaels, at the entrance! Michaels power-walked to the ring with purpose, and fans couldn't wait for HBK to give Stone Cold what was coming to him. Austin looked on, frozen, while Michaels hit the ring and tuned up the band for Sweet Chin Music. The real shock came when Michaels took his patented superkick not to Stone Cold, but square on the jaw of The Rock, instead! Referee Earl Hebner disqualified Austin and Triple H, and he was then promptly kicked out of the ring by the returning Mr. McMahon. With both The Rock and The Undertaker down and out on the outside, Stone Cold, Triple H, HBK, Mr. McMahon, and Stephanie celebrated with raised arms in the ring. "Good God!" JR exclaimed. "What the hell does all of this mean?" WrestleMania 17 and RAW had witnessed the genesis of what could very well be the most powerful union in the history of the World Wrestling Federation.


Fresh off a thrilling victory over his father at WrestleMania, Shane-o-Mac dropped in on RAW with yet another blockbuster announcement. Explaining that he was not the only one who had faith in the stars of WCW, Shane revealed that UPN was dropping the WWF's own SmackDown! program in favor of airing WCW Nitro weekly on Thursday nights at 8/7 CST -- effective immediately! Shane was tight-lipped on the topic of just what, exactly, he had in store for the "Season Premiere" of Nitro in three days, but he was able to share that the reigning WCW World Heavyweight Champion, Booker T, would be at Nitro on Thursday! Booker would apparently be joined by "other headliners, legends, and future world champions" alike. A new day had dawned in Sports-Entertainment.


Y2J was in celebratory mode coming off of a successful Intercontinental Championship defense at WrestleMania against WWF Commissioner William Regal. RAW is JERICHO was cut short, however, by an appearance by the Commish who, proving himself to be rather a sore loser, demanded a return match with Jericho for the following week on RAW!


Despite a loss to Kurt Angle the night before, Chris Benoit didn't miss a beat when he faced The Goodfather on RAW in singles competition. The RTC member was clearly in over his head with the Rabid Wolverine, who secured a convincing victory with the nasty Crippler Crossface. As you might've guessed, Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle was in the mood to gloat over his Mania victory, and he did just that following Benoit's match. Benoit had little patience for Angle's games, however, and in a bit of retribution, folded Angle in half with a series of three stiff German Suplexes!


Fans around the world were mesmerized at WrestleMania by a spectacular TLC match between The Dudley Boys, Edge & Christian, and The Hardy Boyz. One faction that will not be casting any votes for the TLC encounter as a Match of the Year candidate would be The Right to Censor. Led by Steven Richards, the RTC came to the ring and denounced the TLC match for the WWF Tag Team Championship as "an uncontrolled display of heinous violence." Richards called for the TLC match to be banned permanently by WWF officials! This prompted an appearance by The Dudley Boys and The Hardy Boys, who put up a unified front in taking exception to the over-the-top remarks of the RTC. After Richards called for the Dudleys and Hardyz to admit to the destructive nature of TLC, a pier-6 brawl broke out and, to the crowd's delight, the Dudleys and Hardyz sent the RTC into a retreat!

Meanwhile, WWF camera crews accompanied new World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian to a local spa, where they rewarded themselves with a day of relaxation. E&C were shadowed, of course, by their new muscle, Rhyno.


As was perhaps inevitable, Mr. McMahon was furious with WWF Diva Trish Stratus for having stood up to him the night before during his Street Fight with son Shane. When Vince encountered Trish hanging out back stage with her new buddy -- and Vince's estranged wife -- Linda, Vince made a spur-of-the-moment decision to book rookie Trish in a match against seasoned veteran Ivory of the RTC! The task was daunting, but Trish refused to back down. Much to the surprise of Ivory, scrappy Trish put up a hell of a fight, and was even able to counter former Women's Champion Ivory's attempt at a Samoan Driver. After Trish leveled Ivory with a Superkick, none other than Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley came to ringside and provided a distraction, allowing Ivory to come to her feet and drill Trish with a reverse neckbreaker to score the pin. In further payback for Trish's betrayal of Mr. McMahon the night before, Stephanie enlisted Ivory's help in humiliating Trish. Ivory restrained Trish, allowing Stephanie to deliver a vicious slap across the face. The brutality only came to a stop when Women's Champion Chyna -- a fan of neither Ivory nor Stephanie -- hit the ring to provide some relief to Trish.


Backstage, Raven expressed to Commissioner Regal his extreme displeasure over the fact that Kane had captured Raven's Hardcore Title the night before without even having to pin him! Regal understood Raven's frustration, and in response, booked him in a Hardcore Title Match against the Big Red Machine live on RAW! Although the match began at ringside, it quickly spilled up the ramp and into the backstage area, with Kane putting on a strong showing as champion. The action was so wild that it ended up right in the middle of the APA's office! Raven, on the offensive, had the audacity to interrupt Faarooq and Bradshaw's poker game and received a Clothesline from Hell by Bradshaw as a result. Following that, it was elementary for Kane, who pinned Raven after a Chokeslam through the poker table.


The brand new European Champion was in action on RAW, and he had fellow Radicalz Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn -- both of whom had been instrumental in his victory the night before -- at his side. His challenger was Scotty 2 Hotty of Too Cool. Scotty seemed determined to have a taste of single's gold and he came close on more than one occasion. When Malenko and Saturn hopped up on the apron to take the pressure off of Latino Heat, Scotty responded quickly with a sidekick that sent the troublesome Radicalz back to the outside. Eddie was lying in wait by this time, though, and after nailing a trio of snap suplexes, he went up top for the Frog Splash and successfully connected with his finisher for the pin. Saturn and Malenko joined Eddie in the ring to lay a beatdown on Scotty, but it wasn't long before Scotty's partner Grand Masta Sexay and Eddie's rival Test (who knew all too well what it was like to be outnumbered by Radicalz) hit the ring to even the odds!


Crash Holly -- the Super Heavyweight who happens to be the WWF Light Heavyweight Champion -- was back this week (with lovely cousin Molly at his side), and he wanted some competition. What Crash may not have bargained for when he issued his open challenge was that the man who would answer it would turn out to be none other than the 500-pound Big Show! Crash put up a valiant, momentary struggle against the largest athlete in Sports-Entertainment, but it only took one, devastating Show Stopper for the lights to go out on brave Crash.


JR confirmed that the WWF's next pay-per-view extravaganza would fall on Sunday, April 28th; Backlash would emanate from Chicago, Illinois and promised to shape up to be another can't-miss World Wrestling Federation event...

Match Results

The Rock & The Undertaker d. Stone Cold & Triple H via disqualification

Kane d. Raven in a Hardcore Match to retain the WWF Hardcore Title

The Big Show d. Crash Holly

Ivory d. Trish Stratus

Eddie Guerrero d. Scotty 2 Hotty to retain the WWF European Championship

Chris Benoit d. The Goodfather

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IPB Image

Season Premiere

Hosted by Joey Styles, Mike Tenay, and Jerry Lawler

Oklahoma City, OK

April 5, 2001


The "Season Premiere" of Nitro on UPN began in a fitting fashion -- with the music and entrance of the imcomparable "Nature Boy" Ric Flair! Flair kicked off the new era in World Championship Wrestling by stating that WCW had decades of heritage under its belt, and that WCW Owner Shane McMahon would not be able to "reinvent the wheel." Flair went on to suggest that he, himself, still had plenty of fire left in him, and even suggested that it was only a matter of time before he became a 16-time World Champion! Flair's provocative statements brought the World and United States Heavyweight Champion Booker T to the ramp! Booker let Flair know that talk of becoming champion again was premature. He said he was prepared to meet any challenger for either or both of his titles, anytime and anywhere. Booker wrapped up by urging Flair not to hate the playa, but rather to hate the game!

In a backstage interview with Scott Hudson early in the evening, Shane McMahon subtly suggested that he may well have lured more than one surprising name from his father's company into the new WCW. Later, Shane came to the ring to usher in the "new season" of World Championship Wrestling, and had a blockbuster main event to announce; it would be a Fatal Fourway match between four top superstars to earn the distinction of Number One contender to Booker T's World Title! Building suspense and speculation, Shane-o-Mac refused to reveal the identities of these top competitors until the match itself later on in the program. Shane also revealed that Chris Kanyon would be challenging Booker T with the US Heavyweight Title on the line later on, as well.

Before the feature bout, it was announced that Shane McMahon would be back on next week's program with "big news" about WCW's return to pay-per-view. A great deal of anticipation had built toward the evening's main event. Indeed, backstage, viewers saw multiple stretched limos pulling up to the arena throughout the course of the evening, hinting that the entrants in the 4-way main event would indeed be the kinds of "headliners" to whom Shane had alluded on RAW earlier in the week. After an exciting pyrotechnic display, "The Nature Boy" came out as the first entrant in the Number One contender Match! Clearly, he was determined to become champion again. Next out was a man who proved that he clearly remains "The Franchise" -- Sting! Sting and Flair, perennial rivals who had faced off on the Night of Champions a week and a half earlier, had a face-to-face staredown in the ring. They, along with the live crowd and viewers watching at home, were rendered absolutely speechless when the next man to walk through the curtain was Olympic Gold Medalist and known WWF Superstar, Kurt Angle! The biggest WWF defection of them all had been revealed. Before Angle could make one of his familiar proclamations, however, the entrance music of the fourth top contender began to play, and Goldberg stepped onto the ramp, soon to be engulfed by the usual, impressive display of fireworks. The expressions on the faces of Goldberg's opponents conveyed that all three men took Da Man seriously.

The match itself was an epic struggle with high stakes and far-reaching implications. All four men fought tooth and nail, and the first encounters between Angle and WCW mainstays Sting, Flair, and Goldberg were all historic in nature. Things got even more interesting when WCW cameras spied ECW brand name Rob Van Dam seated in the front row! Van Dam appeared relaxed as he took in the main event action along with the fans, puzzling Styles, Tenay, and Lawler. Booker T, meanwhile, kept track of the match on a monitor in the back. Goldberg escaped an attempted Scorpion Death Drop by Sting by simply powering The Franchise over his shoulder and slamming him in the center of the ring. Angle broke up the subsequent pin attempt. Minutes later, while Angle and Goldberg traded blows on the outside, The Nature Boy seized his opening and locked Sting in the Figure Four Leglock! Sting, having been tied up in the hold dozens of times in the past, reversed the pressure and had Flair close to tapping before the 15-time World Champion reached the ropes. Flair bailed to the outside to cool his jets, but was met with an assault from Kurt Angle. Angle went so far as to execute the patented Angle Slam out on the cement! Tenay worried about Flair's back, which has a history of serious injury. Meanwhile, Goldberg climbed into the ring. Sting charged, but Goldberg intercepted him with a Spear that shook the ring! The fans were on their feet as Goldberg set up for the Jackhammer! With Angle occupied on the outside torturing Flair with an Anklelock, Goldberg followed through with the Jackhammer without incident and scored the pinfall! Goldberg had become the Number One contender! With Goldberg celebrating in the middle of the ring, Angle finally realized what had gone on and, releasing Flair, threw a tantrum on the outside. Booker T watched Goldberg's celebration from the back as he faced the prospect of a World Title defense against one of the most dominant forces in the history of the sport!


Chris Kanyon reeked of confidence when he made his entrance to challenge Booker T for the United States Heavyweight Title. Before the match, Kanyon tried quizzing the crowd with the usual question: "Who's betta than Kanyon?" Booker T then entered to lead the crowd in responding to Kanyon with "Everybody!" Kanyon dared Booker to enter the ring, and the match began. Kanyon's aggressive offense suggested that he has big plans for his future in the new WCW. Surprising Booker T with a Superkick, a Swinging Fisherman Suplex, and a Super Russian Legsweep, Kanyon racked up a number of near-falls. When Booker T kicked out of a Samoan Drop, a frustrated Kanyon vented by stomping away unceasingly on the champion. Kanyon received a warning from referee Charles Robinson, but the New Jersey native had snapped; he bailed to the outside, brought a chair into the ring, and proceeded to whack Booker T hard on the forehead. Robinson called for the disqualification. Agents Dave Finlay, Arn Anderson, and Johnny Ace hit the ring to isolate Kanyon from Booker T. Later, backstage, Shane McMahon promised that Booker T and Kanyon would meet again.


Shawn "The Star" Stasiak returned to Nitro with Stacy on his arm, as always. He took on WCW staple Disqo in singles competition, and apparently, Stasiak had underestimated the Disco-dancing fool. Just minutes into the match, Disqo caught Stasiak unawares with a kick to the midsection, knocking the wind out of the second-generation "Star" and providing an opening for an impressive Jumping Piledriver that led to the pin. While Disqo celebrated a successful return to WCW, Stacy looked down at her man with disappointment.

Later, backstage, "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner was seen finalizing his new WCW contract with Shane McMahon! When Stacy happened by, Steiner expressed an interest in the former Miss Hancock, and suggested that once she became his freak, she would never go back. When Steiner told Stacy his limo was waiting in the lot, she was unable to resist, and left the building with the former World Champ!


The Season Premiere was filled with appearances by WCW veterans, and so the arrival of Diamond Dallas Page live on Nitro was par for the course. Page thanked WCW's loyal viewers for making the move along with so many longtime WCW talents, and promised that the best was yet to come, regardless of whether Eric "Scum" Bischoff or Shane, the son of Vince "Scum" McMahon, was in charge! Business picked up when Mike Sanders interrupted DDP's address. Sanders, who christened himself "Undeniable" Mike Sanders, told Page that it was the dawning of a new day, and hence time for Page to step aside. After all, Sanders argued, DDP was never even very good in his prime. Page suggested an impromptu match, but Sanders backed off, saying he didn't trust Page not to use his political pull to hold him (Sanders) down! Page promised that the day would soon come when the "Undeniable" one would feel the bang!


In what must have come as a surprise to few, "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett was in a bad mood at Nitro. When Jarrett came down to the ring for his match with Hugh Morrus, Jarrett demanded a microphone and cried conspiracy over the fact that he had been omitted from the Number One contendership main event. He argued that Shane McMahon was trying to run him out of WCW, but stated that he wasn't going anywhere. Morrus, coming off perhaps the most successful year of his career, shut Jarrett up with a right hand, starting the match. Jarrett took a great deal of punishment from the agile big man, including a Gorilla Press and a high-elevation splash in the middle of the ring. Jarrett was barely able to hang in, and indeed, was only able to turn the tide with a low blow out of the view of Nick Patrick. After the great equalizer, Jarrett was able to apply The Stroke with ease, and he captured a (tainted) victory.


The ever-popular WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions and WCW regulars Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio, Jr. came to Oklahoma City to defend their titles! Testifying to the prestige of the new Cruiserweight Tag Team Championship, the seasoned duo of TAKA Michinoku and Funaki (Kai En Tai) made the jump from the World Wrestling Federation in order to take a crack at the gold. Kidman and Mysterio were up to the challenge, however, and despite strong opposition from TAKA and Funaki, Rey pulled out a victory with a Hurricanrana on Michinoku from the top rope while Kidman looked on with approval. As Kidman and Mysterio held their titles high post-match, TAKA and Funaki exposed themselves as sore losers, attacking the unsuspecting champs! A second cruiserweight duo imported from up North then made their shocking debuts when The Hardy Boyz, accompanied by Lita, hit the ring to make the save! Matt and Jeff quickly dispatched Kai En Tai, helped Mysterio and Kidman to their feet, and exchanged handshakes with them in a show of mutual respect. Joey Styles was quick to point out that one of the top tag teams in the World Wrestling Federation had chosen to became part of World Championship Wrestling!


It was a return match from the Night of Champions as Chuck Palumbo and Sean O'Haire put the World Tag Team Titles on the line against Team Canada's Lance Storm and Mike Awesome. Upon entering the ring, Storm asked if he could be serious for a moment, and then characterized the reign of Palumbo and O'Haire as "a fluke" -- and one that would come to an end live on the Season Premiere. Indeed, Team Canada was aggressive in its efforts to regain the tag straps, but Mike Tenay noted that Palumbo and O'Haire had gained a great deal of confidence in recent weeks; the confidence translated well in the ring. The finish of the match came when Mike Awesome stood in the center of the squared circle and, instead of attending to business at hand, took time out to exchange insults with a fan seated in the front row. Awesome was so distracted that he left himself wide open for a perfect Jungle Kick from Palumbo. The legal man at this point was Sean O'Haire, who immediately went up top with a beautiful Seanton Bomb to secure the pinfall on the power man of Team Canada. While Palumbo and O'Haire left with their coveted belts, Storm blasted the Career Killer for his carelessness!


There was little doubt by the end of Nitro: WCW was the number one destination in Sports-Entertainment for Cruiserweights, and nothing demonstrated this more powerfully than the returns of two former Cruiserweight Champions in the legendary Ultimo Dragon and Kliq/nWo/D-X alum X-Pac, who brought X-Factor associate Justin Credible with him both to WCW and to ringside for his match with the Dragon. With reigning Cruiserweight Champion Gregory "Shane" Helms out of action, both X-Pac and Ultimo Dragon realized their encounter would be seen as key in the eyes of WCW management. It was a high-energy encounter between two of the best lightweights in the industry, but ultimately X-Pac revealed that he lacks the honor embodied by the Dragon; when Dragon caught X-Pac in the potent Dragon Sleeper, Justin Credible hit the apron, leaving Dragon no choice but to break the hold and send Credible back where he belonged with an Enziguri Kick. When Dragon turned around, though, X-Pac was waiting with his X-Factor face jam. The move led him to victory as it had done so many times in the past. X-Pac was headed to the pay window, but at a price.

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Great start to thing here man!

RAW was good, if not a bit lifeless. I'm not a big fan of squash matches, but the main event of the show was enough to keep me interested for next week. This Michaels/McMahon/HHH/Austin alliance is looking good.

Nitro, in my opinion, was much better than RAW. I like Kurt Angle and the Hardyz moving to WCW. The Hardyz seem like perfect fits because of the cruiser belts, and Angle is there no-doubt to add star power. I'm also liking how you kept on Jarrett, and can't wait to see what you do with him.

Great start, man, keep up the good work!

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I had to check this diary out simply because I enjoyed the amount of detail you put into your WCW diary, and this one seems like it's going to be just as good. As mentioned above, Raw did seem a little lifeless but I have to think it's mainly because you're looking to get WCW established, and hopefully that will change pretty quickly.

I see you went with the McMahon/Austin/HHH alliance but added another twist with HBK joining the mix. Could lead to a few things that should have happened during the actual angle. Hopefully you pull some nice little extras out of this alignment.

The jumps are believable, although I'm not sure about throwing Angle into the WCW main event scene. It does give him a chance to show what he's got, and keep a top spot, but hopefully you don't give that to him ahead of other such WCW alumni.

Not a fan of "Suga" Shane being changed to Gregory. I hated when WWE did it, and thought it wasn't needed. Going to echo those same sentiments here.

Also keeping with realism works, which means we're not going to see Douglas anytime soon unfortunately. I was surprised to see Sting and Goldberg both at this show but it does give WCW something to build around.

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great diary so much detail shows you seem to know what your talking about, really like WCW getting smackdowns slot as that gives them a primetime outlet. Also just great so far got me wanting more as is very realistic and many diarys arent anymore anyways keep it up man

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IPB Image

Hosted by Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

Boston, MA

Monday, 4/9/01


RAW is WAR kicked off with an appearance by "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, who revealed that, by joining up with the McMahon/Austin/Helmsley alliance, he had gone "where the power lies." Michaels reminded viewers that he would always be "the Icon, the Showstoppa, and the Main Event." World Wrestling Federation Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin then made his way to the ring and, in a surreal moment, buried the hatchet with formal rival Michaels. As Michaels and Austin agreed that nothing could threaten the position of what they called "The Coalition," the unmistakable entrance music of The Rock began! The Brahma Bull had not come to RAW this week for a sing-along or any other form of game-playing, for that matter. Rather, he ran down HBK's Roody Poo Candyass, and even suggested that he'd like to step into the ring with the retired Triple Crown Champion (and, more specifically, that he'd like to take each of HBK's championships, turn them sumbitches sideways, and stick them up his candyass). Rock then turned his attention to Stone Cold, stating that he fully intended on regaining the Federation Championship. Rock plainly stated that it didn't matter if Stone Cold brought the entire McMahon family with him; he had an extended trip to the Smackdown Hotel booked in his not-so-distant future. After Austin smuggly let The Rock (whom he referred to as "son") know that there would be no return match, the arena went dark and the chime soon struck as The Undertaker appeared at the top of the entrance ramp, ten or so feet behind The Rock. The Phenom established that he, too, would not react to the formation of The Coalition passively; indeed, he wanted a shot at Austin and the Championship as well! Furthermore, when The Undertaker did finally get his hands on Stone Cold, he (Austin) would rest in peace! Austin didn't like the sound of this at all; HBK then spoke up, saying that neither The Rock nor The Undertaker would be getting Stone Cold in the ring for the title. Austin then added that that was the bottom line, because "we said so." As JR observed, this was a new -- and extremely unpleasant -- Stone Cold. It seemed to JR that the alliance among members of The Coalition was based on their shared desire to retain their top spots in the World Wrestling Federation at all costs.

Minutes later, backstage, WWF Chairman Mr. McMahon looked for assurances from Commissioner William Regal that he wouldn't attempt to book Stone Cold against either The Rock or The Undertaker as they had requested moments ago. Regal did note that he would have to come up with a main event for the BACKLASH pay-per-view on April 28th; McMahon didn't like the sound of this one bit. Regal then told Mr. Mahon not to worry. If The Rock and The Undertaker wanted shots at Stone Cold, they would have to prove themselves worthy tonight in two "Special Qualifying Matches." McMahon was intrigued by the concept, and Regal promised the Chairman that the matches would be "very bloody special," indeed. Viewers took this foreshadowing to be rather ominous.

And ominous, it was. The beginning of the WAR ZONE brought out The Rock for his Special Qualifying Match, and in what was literally an explosive moment, his opponent was revealed to be The Big Red Machine himself, Kane! Although The Great One was initially taken aback by the identity of his opponent, he didn't hesitate to take the fight to the reigning Hardcore Champion early on. The Rock asserted himself as soon as Kane hit the ring with punches and stomps, even isolating his opponent in the corner and slapping him across the face! Business picked up a bit when Triple H made his way to ringside alongside wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley; they joined JR and Paul Heyman on commentary for the match. Triple H made the bold prediction that Kane would shut "Rocky" up in the middle of the ring with a clean pin following a Tombstone. Indeed, Kane was proving why, exactly, he was the Hardcore Champion; he dropped The Rock right onto the unforgiving ringside barrier, and then blasted him on the forehead with the steel ringsteps. Back in the ring, Kane weakened The Rock further with a Sidewalk Slam, and then set up for the Chokeslam! Just before he took Rock off his feet, Rock gave Kane a swift kick below the belt as an equalizer, and then hit the Rock Bottom! The Rock's fans chanted his name as he removed his elbowpad, tossed it into the crowd, and ran the ropes in preparation for the People's Elbow. Triple H would have none of this, however, and he stood up on the apron; Rock promptly knocked him down! Kane, as has happened so often in the past, sat up, though, and got to his feet before Rock could finish him off. Kane hit The Rock with a powerful Big Boot, and then scooped him in in preparation for the Tombstone. Rock wasn't finished yet, though, as he slipped out while flung over the big man's shoulder! Kane turned around and found himself on the receiving end of yet another Rock Bottom! The People's Champ picked up where he had left off, running the ropes, and hitting a flawless People's Elbow to secure the pinfall! Rock had won the "Special Qualifying Match!" Rock triumphantly headed up the ramp, knowing that he had accomplished the task laid out by Commissioner Regal. While Stephanie tended to Triple H, Kane exited the ring. Triple H refused to allow Kane to head to the back without explaining his failure to put The Rock away during their match. Kane firmly gestured for The Game to back off. Kane proceeded to the back, but the Cerebral Assasin then marked Kane as an enemy of the Coalition by blasting him on the back with a steel chair! Kane remained upright after the first shot and turned back to Triple H, who promptly followed up his initial shot with several more to Kane's head, finally taking the monster off his feet. Cameras picked up Helmsley referring to Kane as "a piece of crap." He then proceeded in disgust to the back with his wife. JR couldn't imagine that the cowardly, brutal attack on Kane would go unanswered...

Later on, Stone Cold and Mr. McMahon panicked as they tried to determine how Commissioner Regal was going to respond to The Rock's victory over Kane. Regal, however, was locked away behind closed doors in intensive meetings -- presumably over the main event at BACKLASH!

The evening climaxed with The Undertaker's entrance for his Qualifying Match. His opponent was revealed in a dramatic moment to be the spectacular Big Show! Show took the fight to the Phenom; the two haases went over the top rope and battled at ringside. The Undertaker found himself at a rare size disadvantage -- one that Big Show was quick to exploit. In the ring, Show squashed Taker in the corner with a big splash. The Undertaker collapsed in the center of the ring. Show raised his arms in a show of self-congratulation, but with his back turned, The Undertaker sat straight up in typical fashion! The Big Show quickly went into position for a Chokeslam in order to cut The Dead Man off at the pass, but The Undertaker blocked Show's grip and put the Big Show in a chokehold of his own! This was enough to bring Federation Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin to ringside with a chair. He hopped up onto the apron but soon ate an authoritative big boot from the man who hails from Death Valley. The Undertaker turned back to the Big Show just as the Big Show attempted a double axe handle blow; Undertaker kicked his opponent in the gut and finally executed a Chokeslam! Earl Hebner counted the academic 1-2-3; the Undertaker had prevailed!

As RAW went off the air with The Undertaker standing tall, a stunned Stone Cold came to, now with Mr. McMahon and Shawn Michaels at his side, and Ross and Heyman wondered what Rock and Undertaker's victories meant for Backlash!


Y2J arrived at RAW confident that he could once more defeat William Regal with his (Jericho's) Intercontinental Championship on the line. But his commissionership had a plan this week. Having done a great deal of careful scouting work, Regal was able to roll up Jericho with a handful of tights at an opportune moment, catapulting him to his first ever Intercontinental Championship! Far from sufferring a crisis of conscience as a result the tainted victory, Regal celebrated the win with enthusiasm as JR remarked that Jericho had been dealt an unfortunate hand.


It was another twist right out of left field when WWF cameras spied Rob Van Dam seated in the front row during RAW! The sighting was newsworthy enough in and of itself, but even more fascinating given the fact that Van Dam had also been spotted the week before on WCW's Nitro broadcast in much the same way! What did this mean? Is Van Dam simply enjoying the show(s)? Only time will tell!


Ever-sexy diva Trish Stratus was all kinds of hot as she prepared for her scheduled Bikini Contest with Terri. What she didn't realize was that Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and her Right To Censor ally Ivory were lying in wait and would perpetrate another vicious attack as Trish made her entrance. Chyna again hit the ring for the save, prompting Stephanie to order Chyna to defend the Women's Championship next week against former champion Ivory live on RAW!


World Wrestling Federation Tag Team Champions Edge and Christian (along with Rhyno) blessed the crowd at WWF New York in Times Square with their presence as they hosted RAW live from the heart of Manhattan. When questioned by JR about taking a second week off from in-ring competition, E&C were quick to note that they'd run through all of the competition the Federation had to offer, and therefore deserved to be sipping Sour Apple Martinis on the company's dime in the Big Apple...


European Champion Eddie Guerrero and his Radicalz cohorts Perry Saturn and Dean Malenko have made fast enemies of Test and Too Cool, resulting in an action-packed 6-man tag this week on RAW. Former "UK" Champ Test pushed Latino Heat to the limit, and was able to score the pin -- and a little revenge -- following a Pumphandle Slam.


The Right to Censor continued its latest crusade against new targets The Dudley Boyz. Bubba Ray and D-Von locked horns with RTC leader Steven Richards and disciple Val Venis in an action-packed tag match. Just when it looked as though Richards would find himself on the receiving end of the deadly 3D, RTC members Goodfather & Bull Buchanan threw around their weight and assisted Richards and Venis in stealing the victory!


Raven has been a loner ever since his arrival in the World Wrestling Federation. He certainly hasn't hit it off with the APA's Bradshaw & Faarooq. Last week, the former Federation Tag Team Champions took exception to Raven literally dropping in on them during his Hardcore Title match with Kane. This week, Bradshaw and Raven battled in a Hardcore Match that took them all over the arena. Raven deftly avoided a Clothesline From Hell on the entrance ramp, and used the Raven Effect DDT to pick up the win.


WWF viewers and superstars alike were taken aback when a video featuring the unmistakable voice of Goldust announced the return of one of the most controversial superstars in Sports-Entertainment history! What will his impending return mean for RAW? Only time will tell!


The Rabid Wolverine continues to enjoy regular success in the World Wrestling Federation; Chris Benoit defeated the savage Haku in a stiff one-on-one encounter on RAW.

Scheduled for Next Week

*Chyna vs. Ivory for the Women's Championship

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Nice to see you back reading. I've enjoyed your WCW diary, and this one is written with the same precision and skill. Looks like theirs gonning to be a Triple Threat for the Heavyweight Title between Austin/Rock/Undertaker. Maybe they'll throw Triple H in there as an equalizer for Austin. Could make things rather fun for the main event.

I've always believed William Regal is a very under appreciated wrestler, and him winning the title was a good thing. The only problem I find is that back during this era his credibility wasn't exactly there, so him beating Jericho seems a bit out there, but who cares, I'm loving it.

This era seemed to have the strongest undercard in my opinion. So far you've used them perfectly, and I'm hoping that trend continues. Good job.

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IPB Image

Hosted by Joey Styles, Mike Tenay, and Jerry Lawler

Huntsville, AL

April 12, 2001


The second edition of the new WCW Nitro kicked off with an appearance by the Owner of World Championship Wrestling himself as Shane McMahon shuffled his way to the ring with an exciting announcement: WCW would be making its return to pay-per-view on May 27th with the Clash of the Champions! Shane then went one step further; after bringing World Heavyweight Champion Booker T and Da Man, Goldberg, to the ring, it was revealed that, as a result of last week's Fatal 4-Way #1 Contendorship bout, Booker would put the most prestigious championship in the world on the line against former champion Goldberg on 5/27 on PPV!

WCW icons Goldberg and Booker shook hands in response to the bombshell, but an interruption was inevitable; "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair styled and profiled down the aisle and made his presence felt in Huntsville! Naitch confidently observed that Goldberg never defeated him in order to get his shot, and had therefore proven nothing. Goldberg's responding body language seemed to suggest that he was equal to the task. Shane O'Mac tried cutting Flair off by pointing out that the #1 Contendorship had already been determined, but then Goldberg interjected that it didn't matter to him; as a matter of fact, he would put the shot at Booker T on the line the following week in a singles match with Flair! Flair almost seemed upset by the prospect of squaring off with Goldberg in the squared circle...

At the closing of the show, WCW cameras followed Goldberg as he prepared to leave the arena. Just as he attempted to enter his rental car, Flair appeared out of nowhere, blindsiding the Millennium Man with an attack aimed at softening him up for next week! Had the dirtiest player in the game done enough damage to compromise Goldberg headed into their singles encounter in seven days? Only time would tell!


It was one of the most anticipated moments of the evening when Scott Hudson sat down with Sting backstage to discuss Sting's big loss the previous week in the #1 Contendorship Fatal 4-Way Match. Just as Hudson asked Sting what the loss meant for his future in the new WCW, an uninvited Kurt Angle burst into the studio and staged an Olympic-sized fuss, whining that no one had taken time out to ask him how he felt about last week's main event match. This, Angle felt, was especially outrageous given the fact that Sting was past his prime and irrelevant, and that Angle himself would be The Franchise of the new World Championship Wrestling. The Stinger didn't take kindly to Angle's insults; Hudson backed away when Angle and Sting got into each other's faces. When a shoving match errupted, officials and security flooded the studio and attempted to keep the men separated. By this time, however, it was too late: a bitter rivalry had been born!


In the feature bout of the evening, Kanyon took on former friend and foe alike Diamond Dallas Page; Kanyon was on a mission to prove himself worthy of another shot at Booker T and the US Championship; the week before, Kanyon had lost to The Playa as a result of a disqualification. DDP didn't make Kanyon's task easy for him, though, and the former tag team champions had a barn-burner of a match. It was at about the eight-minute mark when "Undeniable" Mike Sanders stalked to ringside and began distracting Page! The week before, Sanders's big mouth had gotten him into trouble with DDP. Sanders had turned down Page's offer for a match, but he showed up this week to play mindgames with the former People's Champ. While Sanders made mocking gestures at the preoccupied Page, Innovator of Offense Kanyon came from behind with a schoolboy roll-up and secured what might be considered the upset victory! Page didn't spend long sulking post-match, instead electing to chase Sanders backstage! Kanyon, meanwhile, signaled for a championship belt -- most likely, for Booker T's US Championship belt!


For the second week in a row, Rob Van Dam took in all of the action on Nitro live at ringside. Earlier in the week, RVD had even been seen doing the same thing on the WWF's RAW broadcast! Scott Hudson was looking for answers this week, and when he questioned the face of the defunct ECW brand, Van Dam revealed that he was the hottest free agent in Sports Entertainment! RVD claimed he was simply enjoying the show. Business then picked up, however; "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett made an unscheduled appearance. Guitar in hand, he made a beeline for RVD and Hudson at ringside and introduced himself to Van Dam as "the welcoming committee." Jarrett wanted to make RVD's choice between WCW and the WWF a lot easier, and he proceeded to shatter his trusty guitar over Van Dam's skull! As WCW officials dragged the unruly Jarrett to the back, medics tended to the fallen RVD, and we were left to wonder whether, indeed, Jarrett had just made Van Dam's choice for him!


Team Canada emerged from Nitro's Season Premiere last week disappointed, having lost once more to World Tag Team Champions Sean O'Haire & Chuck Palumbo, who are now making a statement by calling themselves "NC-17." This week on Nitro, Mike Awesome squared off with Sean O'Haire in singles competition; Lance Storm and Chuck Palumbo were at ringside supporting their respective tag team partners. Storm had read Awesome the riot act the week before for his carelessness in losing the pinfall to O'Haire and this week Storm was again eager for Awesome to hold up his end in the ring. The bitter war between the two teams got even more interesting when a knockout identified by Joey Styles as Dawn Marie appeared at the entrance to watch the proceedings! Why was she there, and what is her business in WCW? Styles was quick to fill viewers in on her history with Lance Storm, but no further explanation for her presence was apparent. While she looked on, O'Haire planted Awesome with a scoop slam in the center of the ring and followed up with the Seanton Bomb to pick up another win! While Palumbo congratulated his partner, an irrate Storm gave Awesome an angry mouthful for the second straight week! NC-17 continue to top the tag team ranks in World Championship Wrestling!


Shawn "The Star" Stasiak came to Huntsville hoping to patch things up with estranged girlfriend Stacy Keibler. Calling her out to the ring, Shawn explained to Stacy that his loss to Disqo the week before had been a fluke thing and asked her to reconsider her decision to walk away from him. Unmoved, Stacy told Shawn that actions speak louder than words. On cue, the sirens of "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner blasted throughout the arena, and the Genetic Freak and former World Heavyweight Champion came to the ring and promptly shared a sloppy kiss with Miss Keibler! The alliance between Steiner and Stacy had very clearly been cemented. Beside himself, the dejected Stasiak sulked to the back. The Big Bad Booty Daddy and Stacy then proceeded to proclaim themselves WCW's new power couple! What did these two have in store for World Championship Wrestling? Given Steiner's ruthless track record, whatever it is can't be good!


TAKA and Funaki of Kai En Tai had a chance at a second shot at Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio when they took on Matt and Jeff Hardy (w/Lita) in a #1 Contendors Match live on Nitro. The action was so chaotic that referee Charles Robinson ended up being knocked unconscious by a stray thrust kick of TAKA's! Kai En Tai quickly capitalized on the referee's incapacitated state and brought a chair into the ring to gain the upper hand on the Hardyz! Kai En Tai's plans went awry, though, when Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio hit the ring to foil TAKA and Funaki's cheap attack. The week before, Matt and Jeff had saved Kidman and Mysterio from a similar assault. Problems arose, though, when Robinson came to and, upon seeing Kidman and Mysterio taking on TAKA and Funaki in the middle of the ring, promptly disqualified the Hardyz, dashing their hopes of securing a shot at Kidman & Mysterio! While TAKA and Funaki celebrated their victory, an argument broke out between Matt & Jeff and the well-meaning Kidman & Mysterio!


History repeated itself this week on Nitro as X-Pac picked up another big win with the help of his tag team partner Justin Credible. This week, X-Pac bested another debuting international star in Super Crazy. At ringside, Credible tripped up Super Crazy, allowing X-Pac to take down his opponent with a Spinning Heel Kick. He then followed up with the Bronco Buster and X-Factor facejam for the pinfall. Things then got a little more puzzling as cameras revealed Dawn Marie once more taking in the action from the entrance ramp. Dawn looked on with curiousity as X-Pac and Justin Credible cockily rubbed Super Crazy's loss in his face...

Scheduled for Next Week

*Ric Flair vs. Goldberg for the shot at World Champion Booker T at the Clash of the Champions

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IPB Image

Hosted by Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

Greensboro, NC

Monday, 4/16/01


RAW hit the ground running this week from Greensboro as JR and Paul Heyman confirmed that the main event of the program would see The Rock take on The Undertaker to determine which of the two men would have the opportunity to challenge "Stone Cold" Steve Austin for the WWF Championship at Backlash in thirteen days! Certainly, the events of the previous two weeks had established that both The Brahma Bull and The Phenom wanted badly to get their hands on The Texas Rattlesnake, who had climbed into bed, so to speak, with Vince McMahon and The Coalition of Triple H, Shawn Michaels, and Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley.

Stone Cold made an appearance live on RAW as hour number two's WarZone kicked off. Carrying the Federation Championship on his shoulder, Austin explained to his disappointed former fans why neither The Rock nor The Undertaker had what it took to regain the title from him. Austin spoke with disgust about the wear and tear his body had taken in previous years for the benefit of the fans; he claimed they'd given him nothing in return. He stated plainly that he'd aligned himself with Mr. McMahon and his associates for the simple reason that it was "good business." Austin soon learned that he had gone too far, though, as the music of The Rock brought The Great One out to the ramp! Rock asked Austin to repeat why he'd hooked up with Mr. McMahon. When an annoyed Austin tried answering, Rock stopped him. "It doesn't matter why you decided to become Vince McMahon's bitch," Rock interjected! Austin was visibly rattled by Rock's assertion. But The People's Champ was only just getting started, and Rock went even further in suggesting that there was something wrong -- something perverse -- about Stone Cold's relationship with the Chairman of the World Wrestling Federation! Austin now paced restlessly around the ring. Shawn Michaels and Vince McMahon then made their presence felt as they power-walked right by The Rock on the entrance ramp and made a bee-line to Stone Cold in the ring. The Coalition members had appeared in order to help the WWF Champion resist the urge to take on The Rock. The Rock agreed to leave the trio of candy-asses to their own devices, but not before vowing to go through The Undertaker -- and anyone else -- in order to get to Backlash for his shot at retribution and the championship belt! JR observed that he had never seen a more determined Rock -- or a more anxious Austin!

Later, two of the greatest superstars in the history of Sports Entertainment went head to head with the highest of stakes as The Rock faced off against The Undertaker. Although the two men clearly shared a mutual respect, they both had their eyes focused on the prize -- the chance to secure a match with Stone Cold. Their physical match was highlighted by an impressive Samoan Drop by The Rock, a stroll along the top rope old school style by The Undertaker, and even a brief brawl up the ramp. Who would make it to Backlash? Who would Stone Cold have to fend off? No one was more eager to determine the answer to that question than Austin himself, who came out to the ramp for a better view of the action mid-match. After stomping a trademark mudhole in The Dead Man in the corner, Rock looked across the arena at Austin and gestured for the champ to "bring it." Austin was still fuming as a result of Rock's earlier insinuations, and had a hard time preventing himself from charging the ring in order to take The Rock up on his offer. In the meantime, The Undertaker regained the upper hand. Rock charged in desperation at The Phenom only to be back body-dropped right outside the ring! Temptation overcame The Rattlesnake, who sprinted down to ringside and attacked his prone archrival! The Undertaker, however, did not appreciate the unsolicited help. Taker proceeded to climb to the outside, grab Austin from behind, and deliver a heinous chokeslam right onto the exposed cement! Rock regained his breath. After exchanging glances, The Rock and The Undertaker put aside their differences and directed their efforts at their shared enemy. They both laid a beating on the cowardly Stone Cold, to the delight of the Greensboro crowd. Earl Hebner called for the bell and declared the match a no contest. But what did this mean? Who was going to Backlash? Rock? Undertaker? Neither? "My God!" exclaimed JR. "Has Austin outsmarted us all?" RAW drew to a close with an entirely new set of questions raised!


It was a battle of former DX associates when Triple H locked horns with "The One" Billy Gunn on RAW. Realizing the opportunity before him, Gunn took an assertive approach to his match with The Game, but Triple H had his former buddy well-scouted. Indeed, HHH had Gunn set up for the devastating Pedigree when The Cerebral Assassin's more recent past caught up with him; Kane hit the ring and unleashed hell on Hunter! The previous week, Triple H had made the mistake of perpetrating a vicious attack on The Big Red Machine in response to Kane's loss to The Rock -- a loss which came as unfortunate news to Triple H's Coalition. Kane delivered Triple H a crystal clear receipt for that attack this week in Greensboro; as he Chokeslammed HHH in the center of the ring, referee Tim White called for the bell, disqualifying Gunn as a result of Kane's interference. Despite having gained a tally in the "Win" column, Triple H was out cold. Kane stood tall in the center of the ring as the segment drew to a close with the familiar, awesome sight of pyro marking the four corners of the ring.

Later on, having regained consciousness backstage, an irate Helmsley made it known to wife Stephanie, best friend HBK, and father-in-law Mr. McMahon that he wanted something done about the dastardly Kane. The Heartbreak Kid volunteered to have a chat with Commissioner Regal...


The calculating Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley had put a lot of thought into the scheduled WrestleMania rematch between Chyna and Ivory scheduled for the evening. WWF cameras spied Steph encountering nemesis Trish Stratus backstage. Power-mad Stephanie observed that Trish had grown quite chummy with the Women's Champion in recent weeks. Stephanie suspected that if she were to refrain from taking certain steps, Trish would prevent Ivory from having a fair shot against the Ninth Wonder of the World! Therefore, Stephanie used the power vested in her to ban Trish from ringside during the aforementioned match!

As it turned out, Chyna needed little help in disposing of challenger and RTC member Ivory during the former's title defense later in the evening. Hypocritical Stephanie even attempted interference in the bout as she stepped up her vendetta against the former girlfriend of her husband Triple H. When Stephanie stormed to ringside and popped up on the apron, though, she found herself on the receiving end of a well-deserved and authoritative right hand from Chyna! Steph was sent crashing to the floor. Ivory tried capitalizing, but only scored a two-count with her schoolboy pin attempt. A minute or two later, Chyna powerbombed Ivory in the center of the ring and scored the victory. Trish, by then legally free to do so, headed down to the ring to celebrate with the victorious champ!


Edge and Christian's arrogance continued to know no bounds; when the Tag Team Champions arrived backstage alongside their ever-present muscle Rhyno this week, they happened to encounter Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit backstage. E&C quickly demonstrated their lack of respect for Y2J and the Rabid Wolverine when they observed in conversation with each other that their fellow WWF Canadian Superstars were making it quite a challenge to represent their mother country well these days; after all, Benoit had tapped out at WrestleMania, and Jericho had just dropped the Intercontinental Championship. Benoit and Jericho exchanged glances as Edge and Christian sauntered off...

Proving that they do have the talent to back up their self-aggrandizing claims, Edge & Christian later defeated a reunited Head Cheese (Al Snow & "The Lethal Weapon" Steve Blackman) in a non-title contest. The victors soon learned the hard way, though, that they'd offended the wrong men earlier in the evening. During their post-match celebration, Edge and Christian found themselves dumped out of the ring by their energized compatriots, Benoit and Jericho! Benoit and Jericho stared down Edge and Christian, who were now in retreat. Indeed, the champs were apparently so intimidated by Benoit and Jericho that they signaled for back-up; Rhyno soon entered the arena and shielded the brothers as they backpedaled behind the curtail. If E&C had fired the first shot, Benoit and Jericho had returned fire! Following the commercial break, JR announced that Jericho and Benoit had issued a challenge to Edge & Christian -- for a title match at Backlash!


In other tag team action, The Dudley Boyz clashed with Radicalz Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn. Bubba Ray and D-Von put on a strong showing here, sending Malenko and Saturn into more than one retreat during the course of the match. But the brothers Dudley remain the current targets of the vigilante Right to Censor group. Just as D-Von was carrying out Bubba Ray's instruction to get the table, Steven Richards and disciple Val Venis stalked to ringside and tore the table away from D-Von! A distracted Bubba Ray then fell pray to Saturn's Death Valley Driver. The DVD was enough to secure Saturn the pin! The RTC has taken its crusade against the hardcore Dudleys to another level...


There was a new addition to the usual set of furnishings in Commissioner William Regal's office this week on RAW: the Intercontinental Championship, which Regal displayed prominently on his desk. As Regal enjoyed the view, Eddie Guerrero knocked politely on the Commish's. Turning on the typical charm, Latino Heat quizzed Regal on who, exactly, he'll be defending his European Championship against at Backlash. Regal told Eddie he knew very well that he didn't want to have tie up with Test yet again, but, Regal pointed out, Test has to be considered a strong contender to the championship. "I'm a reasonable man," Regal assured Eddie. He pronounced that Test will get the shot at Eddie at the pay-per-view -- if and only if he's able to defeat Eddie's fellow Radicalz Malenko & Saturn in a Handicap Match next week! The despicable Eddie seemed to like the sound of that a great deal. "You're the best!" he told the IC champ before excusing himself.


When Terri Runnels appeared backstage at RAW, she appeared to be a woman very much flustered. Her reasons were soon revealed as she tracked down Mr. McMahon himself and pleaded with the Chairman: "Tell me it's all a joke. Tell me that he's not really coming back." By "he," Terri was referring to her ex-husband, Goldust. Mr. McMahon was apologetic, but confirmed to Terri that Goldust is indeed on his way back to the World Wrestling Federation. As a matter of fact, McMahon revealed, as a former Intercontinental Champion, Goldust will be getting a shot at William Regal at Backlash! An extremely uncomfortable Terri declared unequivocally that the WWF simply isn't big enough for both her and her ex-husband. The question is, just what is the former Marlena prepared to do about it?

Backlash Update

Prior to the feature bout on RAW, JR and Paul Heyman confirmed the following matches for the Backlash pay-per-view:

  • WWF Championship: "Stone Cold" Steve Austin vs. ???. Austin will presumably defend against The Rock or The Undertaker. Which man will it be?!
  • Intercontinental Championship: William Regal © vs. Goldust. As confirmed by Mr. McMahon, Goldust returns on pay-per-view!
  • Tag Team Championship: Edge & Christian © vs. Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho... pending acceptance of the challenge issued by Benoit & Jericho.
  • The Dudley Boyz vs. Val Venis & Steven Richards.
  • Chyna & Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Ivory.
  • Hardcore Match: The Big Show vs. Raven. The two men who faced Kane for the Hardcore Championship at WrestleMania get extreme with a shot at Kane on the line!
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Finally just caught up with the last two shows and you're still doing some solid work with everything. Sting against Angle is one of those dream fueds that would be great in real life, but should be even better with the creative control in which you have for writing a diary.

Flair against Goldberg is also looking food, but unfortunately I don't see Flair pulling off the win here, which means one of my least favourite wrestlers are going to the ppv to face Booker T. Goldbeg needs to really just disappear.

Can't see you pairing Dawn and Lance up again, and it would be a great way to turn Lance face if you went with it. Have Dawn side with Awesome to fued with Storm.....

Over on Raw, it's pretty obvious that it's going to be a Triple Threat between Austin, Rock and Undertaker, and I have no doubt in my mind that Stone Cold is coming out on top.

Goldust returning is a mark out moment for me. I've always been a fan of his character, and it's good to see the continuity with his Terri problems.

Jericho and Benoit teaming up is great, and them against Edge and Christian should be an amazing match. Tough to call who'd come out on top in this one.

I'm really liking this diary man...keep this up.

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Great to see this diary back. Don't remember if I responded before or not, but if I didn't, I read it when it first started, and have just gotten caught up, and I have to say that it continues to be great. One thing, though: 'Taker ain't "Dead Man 'Taker" at this stage; he's "Biker Taker", his theme music is "Rollin", and he's billed as hailing from Houston, Texas.

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IPB Image

Hosted by Joey Styles, Mike Tenay, and Jerry Lawler

Norfolk, VA

April 19, 2001

Flair vs. Goldberg.

An extreme arrival.

A hottie returns.


It was what Joey Styles termed a "WCW Dream Match": Goldberg vs. "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair with a World Title shot at Booker T hanging in the balance, and it was set to go down LIVE on Nitro this week. There was a great deal of anticipation headed into the encounter between the two iconic figures. Both had much to prove. Could Goldberg defeat Flair, arguably the measuring stick for success in World Championship Wrestling? And does Flair still have what it takes to be considered one of the top players in the game? An extra added layer of intrigue was factored into the equation when Ric Flair was seen initiating some sort of closed-door meeting in his dressing room. With whom was Flair conducting business, and what implications would this have on his high-stakes match with Da Man?

Goldberg was focused on one thing and one thing only: besting Flair and proceeding to the Clash of the Champions to challenge Booker T. The match itself unfolded in epic fashion; Goldberg had the power advantage and manhandled Flair with ease. The Dirtiest Player in the Game, though, brought with him all of the most devastating tricks of the trade. Flair methodically exploited any weaknesses Goldberg left open, focusing specifically on Goldberg's right knee. As Mike Tenay observed, Flair was softening up his opponent for the Figure Four. When Flair telegraphed a knee drop, though, Goldberg rallied. He sent Flair into the turnbuckle, leading to the inevitable Flair Flop. It was then that light was shed on Flair's earlier meeting; Shawn "The Star" Stasiak hit the ring, clearly having been enlisted to assist Flair in taking Goldberg out. The plan quickly fizzled, as an unstoppable Goldberg speared Stasiak right out of his boots; Stasiak would cease to be an issue. Flair, in the meantime, had had time to catch his breath and after a well-timed kick to the back of Goldberg's knee, Flair was able to lock on the patented Figure Four at last! Goldberg was less than 100% physically by this time, and it was evident that fighting through the excrutiating pain of Flair's well-practiced submission was no easy task. However, the former Atlanta Falcon finally used his power to turn the pressure of the hold! Flair was now straining under the Figure Four. Having found himself in similar predicaments in his storied past, though, he made it to the ropes. It wasn't long before Flair had returned his attention to Goldberg's throbbing knee. After sending Goldberg down with a series of chops that echoed throughout the arena, Flair went up top. Flair was looking to connect with a double axe handle, but Goldberg returned to his feet in time to hurl The Nature Boy across the squared circle with an overhead slam. As Goldberg then got himself into position, the crowd errupted. Sure enough, The Millennium Man connected with the Spear and followed up with little song and dance with the earth-shattering Jackhammer! 1---2---3! Goldberg was headed to the Clash with the World Heavyweight Championship in his sights, and he'd gone through one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of the business along the way! As Goldberg celebrated the impressive victory at mid-ring, Booker T appeared at the entrance with his title belt. Booker removed his sunglasses and directed his gaze at the ring. Once Goldberg had noticed the champion at the end of the ramp, Booker conveyed his respect and sportsmanship by joining in the applause for the number one contendor. With Booker T and Goldberg faced with each other -- with their futures -- Nitro drew to a dramatic close.


When the unmistakable music of Sting filled the Norfolk Scope, live attendees and viewers alike got on their feet and paid attention; what would The Franchise have to say about his confrontation with Kurt Angle the previous week? But as "Sting" made his way to the ring, it soon became apparent that something wasn't right. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the "Sting" who was making his way to ringside was none other than Kurt Angle donning a wig and the Stinger's signature face paint! The Olympic Gold Medalist proceeded with a bad Sting immitation. "Sting" claimed to have come to the realization that he was old news and that Kurt Angle -- the "embodiment of intensity, integrity, and intelligence" -- was the future of World Championship Wrestling. As Joey Styles noted on commentary, Angle's efforts were fruitless -- the fans saw right through him and, booing loudly, they let him know it. Angle continued rambling until the black lighting of Sting's entrance again descended over the arena. Seek and Destroy began again and a figure dressed in black appeared at the entrance. Angle's jaw dropped, and the real Sting sprinted to the ring. Angle pounded away on Sting as he hit the ring, but Sting quickly recovered, hulking up and flexing his muscles, and sending Angle crashing over the top rope following a shot with the baseball bat. Angle crawled up the ramp in retreat as Sting crowed for the fans at mid-ring. It looked as though the Olympic Hero has bitten off more than he can chew!


"The Innovator of Offense" Kanyon is determined to knock World and United States Champion Booker T down a peg or two. Or maybe he's just jealous. Last week, he managed to pick up an important victory over a man he knows extremely well -- Diamond Dallas Page -- thanks in large part to "Undeniable" Mike Sanders, who has carried a vendetta against Page since the Season Premiere just a few weeks ago. As a result of all of this, a big tag team match was signed, sealed, and delivered on Nitro as Booker T and DDP joined forces to take on Kanyon and The Undeniable One. First, however, Scott Hudson spoke to Booker T and DDP backstage. The former commented first on the scheduled Flair vs. Goldberg match, as he expressed his hope that the best man would win. Booker said he looked forward to facing Goldberg or Flair with his World Title on the line. He added that he is looking equally forward to giving Kanyon another beating! He reminded Kanyon not to hate the playa but to hate the game, and then turned the mic over to his tag team partner. Page acknowledged that Sanders had managed to get to him last week by costing him his match with Kanyon. But he then said that the only thing that was undeniable on Nitro was that Mr. Sanders would "feel -- the -- bang!"

Despite the determination of Booker and Page, Kanyon and Mike Sanders would stop at nothing to get the better of their foes. The reigning World & US Champion and the former Three Time, Three Time, Three Time, Three Time World Champion had matters firmly in hand early on, taking out their frustrations on Kanyon and Sanders and making frequent tags to keep a fresh man in the ring. It wasn't long, though, before Kanyon and the one-time Commissioner resorted to less-than-honorable tactics in order to turn the tide. While Sanders distracted Mickey Jay, for instance, legal man Kanyon applied a blatant choke to Booker T. DDP tried to intervene, but as dictated by Murphy's Law, Jay prevented Page from involving himself. Moments later, Sanders hopped off the ring apron and snuck around to his opponents' corner. Sanders grabbed a chair and whacked Page across the back! The chairshot wasn't enough to take Page out, although it did make him plenty angry. DDP turned around and, realizing just how much he'd ticked DDP off, Sanders turned tail and fled through the crowd! Page would have none of this and gave chase. In the meantime, Kanyon grabbed a couple of international objects of his own, swiping both the World and US titles from David Penzer and heading into the ring to clock the belts' owner. Booker T was prepared for the attack, though, ducking the attempted belt-shot and lifting Kanyon up with a powerful spinebuster. The title belts flew out of Kanyon's hands. Booker remained on the offensive, but to his credit, Kanyon was able to kick out following the Scissors Kick. In the meantime, security tried separating Page and Sanders in the crowd. The brawl was so crazy that even Mickey Jay's attention was divided. A crafty Kanyon was well aware of this fact, and was able to once again pick up one of Booker's title belts. He played possum in the corner with his back to Booker T. Booker walked over to Kanyon and was met with a nasty shot to the forehead by Kanyon with the World Heavyweight Championship. Booker fell to the mat. With Page and Sanders finally separated, Jay turned his undivided attention back to the match as Kanyon lifted up his unconscious opponent and dropped him with the Flatliner. He proceeded to score the shocking (and undeserving) upset victory! In a celebratory mood, Kanyon yelled to the camera that no one is "betta" than he is. Like him or not, the Innovator of Offense had picked up an eye-opening win on Nitro.


When Scott Hudson accosted "The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett backstage on Nitro asking Jarrett to explain his assault on Rob Van Dam (the hottest free agent in Sports Entertainment) the week before, a smug Jarrett told Hudson (who he referred to, of course, as "Slapnuts") that he had already run RVD out of WCW. Jarrett said he was confident that Van Dam had gotten the message and had booked himself a one-way ticket for the safer bet -- the WWF. Jarrett claimed that his quick disposal of Van Dam should serve as a warning to Jarrett's fellow WCW Stars: don't piss him off!

Turns out Jarrett had spoken too soon! Prior to the main event, WCW owner Shane McMahon came to the ring for his big announcement (see below). Shane reiterated that it is his commitment to bring the world's top talent to WCW. He admitted that he's been through several tough negotiations since he got his hands on WCW, but he added that he always closes his deals -- as his father Vince well knows! Without further ado, Shane said, it was time to introduce the newest WCW Star. None other than Rob Van Dam then made his entrance! After hitting his typical pose at mid-ring, RVD shook Shane O'Mac's hand and admitted that Jeff Jarrett had helped him make up his mind. As a matter of fact, it was last week that RVD realized that nothing would give him greater pleasure than to kick The Chosen One's ass -- and send him "back to 1995 where be belongs!" Van Dam laid out an open challenge to Jarrett for the following week, promising that it would be "extreme." Indeed, RVD's arrival guarantees that WCW itself will be getting rather extreme in the weeks and months to come!


Nitro began with the sounds Here Comes the Money, which brought the energetic Owner of WCW, Shane McMahon, to the ring. Shane began by promising a major announcement a bit later on in the show (see above). But his reason for appearing in the ring at that time was to tell WCW fans that they would have a say in the way he conducted his business (in contrast to the philosophy of his father). Shane encouraged viewers to log onto WCW.com to place their vote: which of the "Hotties" of WCW should grace the cover of the first WCW Magazine of the New Era? Should it be Stacy, Lita, or Dawn? Just as Shane suggested that viewers stay tuned to what promised to be another action-packed edition of Nitro, the sirens began and "Big Poppa Pump" Scott Steiner and his new "freak" Stacy Keibler headed to ringside. In the ring, bad-tempered Steiner got into his boss's face and noted that Shane's little contest on WCW.com would be a waste of time; no one in WCW was hotter, he said, than Stacy Keibler. Stacy reminded Shane that he was looking at his two most dynamic WCW Stars. Stacy suggested he save everyone the time and energy and simply go ahead and put Stacy on the cover of the WCW Magazine in question. Shane hesitated; he's a democratic kind of guy, he noted. Steiner once again angrily ranted at Shane. A stirring new theme song then brought Torrie Wilson down to the ring and back to WCW! Scotty and Stacy looked on in shock while Torrie bounced down the entrance in a bathrobe. "Long time no see," Torrie beamed at Stacy from the ramp. Stacy asked what the hell Torrie wanted. Torrie stated that she was back, and furthermore, that she wanted to throw her name in the hat -- she thought it was only right that she should be part of the WCW.com voting, as well! Big Poppa Pump and Miss Keibler threw a fit when Shane agreed that this was a good idea. Torrie wasn't finished getting under the Power Couple's skin, however. She decided to give fans a little preview of what they might see on the cover of WCW Magazine. Removing her robe, she revealed the goods, concealed only by a bikini of minimal size. The look of disgust on Stacy's face suggested that there is bound to be tension in the Hotties' locker room in the immediate future...


The world-renowned cruiserweight ranks of WCW grew deeper -- and more contentious -- still this week as Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis made their returns to the division to team with Kai En Tai's TAKA and Funaki. The eight-man tag pitted that international team against Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio and Matt and Jeff, the Hardy Boyz, accompanied as always by Lita. But the dynamics of the match weren't quite so simple: tensions have slowly been developing between Kidman & Mysterio and two of Shane McMahon's most notable WWF steals, the Hardys. Just last week, the well-intentioned Kidman & Mysterio caused a DQ loss to Matt and Jeff when they tried to prevent Kai En Tai from employing cheap tactics in the #1 Contendorship Tag Match. All of that said, Rey, Billy, Matt, and Jeff had apparently worked out their differences and were up to the task of taking on four of their fellow top high-flyers. As expected, the match was jam-packed with state of the art action; it was truly hard to keep up. The champions and the Hardyz worked so well together that, at one point, Jeff used Kidman as a springboard to execute a stunning suicide dive over the top rope onto all four of their opponents on the outside! Minutes later, though, an ill-timed dropkick from Matt intended for TAKA actually connected with Kidman! While Rey questioned Matt's intentions, TAKA capitalized with a Michinoku Driver on Kidman and scored the pin!


On the heels of last week's Mike Awesome-Sean O'Haire contest, those combatants' respective partners tied up this week; it was Lance Storm of Team Canada vs. Chuck Palumbo of NC-17. While Sean O'Haire was in Palumbo's corner for the match, Mike Awesome was nowhere to be seen, leading Styles, Tenay, and Lawler to speculate that the dissension within Team Canada continued. Even without his cohort at ringside, Storm had more success this week than Awesome had last week, but what Storm accomplished he did not accomplish on his own. After several minutes of action, Storm sent Palumbo to the mat with his Springboard Dropkick. He then inexplicably complained to referee Billy Silverman while pointing at Sean O'Haire, suggesting (falsely) that O'Haire had attempted interference. In the meantime, Palumbo slowly got to his feet. Dawn Marie had crept to ringside. She snuck up onto the ring apron behind an unsuspecting Palumbo and absolutely drilled him with a low blow! Dawn made her way back up the ramp and stood at the entrance while Storm turned back to Palumbo, who was hurting badly. Storm brought Palumbo back to a vertical base, sent him into the ropes, and met him with a leg lariat. He then locked on the Canadian Maple Leaf, and it was over -- Palumbo submitted! Post-match, O'Haire tended to his partner, while Storm and Dawn locked eyes once more from opposite ends of the arena. "The Career Killer" Mike Awesome , meanwhile, remained MIA.


Disco fever returned to Nitro this week as Disqo challenged X-Pac, who had been successful for the past two consecutive weeks in singles competition since his return to WCW. It should be noted that X-Pac had Justin Credible at his side once again. X-Factor's strength in numbers did not deter Disqo, however, and he unloaded all the usual elements of his arsenal on X-Pac, scoring near-falls with a Swinging Neckbreaker, a Stuff Piledriver, and The Village People's Elbow. When X-Pac sent Disqo outside with a Spinning Heel Kick, however, Credible stepped in and dropped Disqo on the cement with one of his Inverted DDTs. X-Pac climbed to the outside and returned Disqo to the ring. It was Bronco Buster time. After that, X-Pac easily applied the X-Factor face jam and picked up yet another win. X-Pac has found success since jumping ship to WCW -- and it all seems to be thanks to Justin Credible...

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Been away for a couple of days, and just managed to get the show read. Something that struck me as funny from this show is when you did Booker's "3-Time" saying, you had him say it 4 times...like he couldn't count..lol.

Knew Flair wasn't going over in the main event, but it sets up a Booker T/Goldberg match nicely and I'm hoping it's a draw and they both lose cause I really don't like either of them.

Nice to see Kanyon and Sanders receiving a bit of a push as they both deserve it. Sanders is a very good mouthpiece and an "Okay" wrestler. Kanyon is an amazing wrestler, and kind of bland on the mic. Throw those two together and you could have a very good tag team, start of a stable forming.

The Sting immitation seems like something Angle would have done during this time period. At first I was kind of "What the fuck" about it but it was more because I was thinking of Angle now rather than Angle during this time period, so it works. Not to mention I think it would be funny seeing Angle dressed as Sting.

Van Dam signing with WCW was telegraphed last week, but that's not a bad thing. Jarrett vs Van Dam could provide a nice little story behind it. Jarrett with Debra doesn't appeal to me though.

I'm still seeing Dawn and Storm against each other..dunno why, I just do.

Everything else is going fine and I really have no comments about the rest. Still loving this thing man.

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IPB Image

Hosted by Jim Ross & Paul Heyman

Long Island, NY

Monday, 4/23/01


The show-opening video on RAW recapped the confusion that reigned last week when The Rock battled The Undertaker with the winner set to receive a shot at World Wrestling Federation Champion "Stone Cold" Steve Austin at Backlash. A no-contest resulted after Stone Cold interjected himself into the action, and as RAW went off the air, no opponent for Austin had been determined, and no resolution was in sight. Following the usual opening montage, No Chance brought Mr. McMahon to the ring. The Chairman of the WWF stated (insinscerely) that it was a shame that no decision had been made in regards to The Rock and The Undertaker the previous week. He added that he thought it was "damned unprofessional" of The People's Champion and The American Badass to go after Stone Cold as they had done at the end of the match in question. McMahon proceeded to introduce his "friend and associate" "Stone Cold" Steve Austin, who made his way to the ring scowling at the fans with the WWF Championship slung over his shoulder. When Coalition members McMahon and Austin shook hands, JR repeated once more just how surreal it was to see the two on the same page, let alone closely allied. The Rattlesnake observed to McMahon that it looked like, given the way events had unfolded, he'd have the night off at Backlash in six days. JR then realized that it had been the Coalition's plan all along to cause the Rock-Undertaker match to end in a no-decision! Austin and McMahon shared a good laugh. Austin pointed out to McMahon that the people still didn't seem to get it. McMahon agreed; no one seemed to realize that they had absolute control of the World Wrestling Federation. It was then that things came to a crashing halt -- with the music of Mick Foley! Long Island's own Foley stepped out onto the ramp, making his first appearance on RAW since before WrestleMania. Austin and McMahon couldn't believe their eyes, and Foley confirmed that he's a lot like genital herpes: there's no getting rid of him! McMahon wanted none of Foley's antics, and demanded an explanation for his presence. Foley reminded McMahon and Austin that he continues to maintain a close friendship with Vince's estranged wife Linda. It was as a result of that relationship that he got a call from the WWF Board of Directors the previous week. It seemed that the Board had some serious concerns about the job William Regal was doing as Commissioner. In particular, they felt Regal wasn't representing the interests of the Board. For that reason, they'd decided to appoint a Special Representative to oversee the course of affairs in the WWF, and after brief deliberations, they'd settled upon him. Foley admitted that he'd promised his wife and kids that he'd distance himself from the business, but when he considered just how much he'd always enjoyed royally pissing Mr. McMahon off, he decided he couldn't resist. Foley then turned his attention to Stone Cold, taking him to task for selling out at WrestleMania. Foley said the fact of the matter was that Austin was scared to death of The Rock and of The Undertaker, and Foley said he had reason to be. Austin threatened to tighten Foley's "little necktie" for him and make him wish he was back in Hell in a Cell. Foley asked Austin to let him finish -- he hadn't even gotten to break the news yet! "What news? What the hell are you talking about, you crazy sonova--" McMahon began, after gulping in typical fashion. Foley reminded Austin and McMahon that they were six days away from Backlash and had yet to announce a main event! Foley said they couldn't have that; the Board has asked him to throw something together, quick. Foley said it was no easy task. He'd considered several options. A Rock-Undertaker return match, perhaps? Maybe even a special battle royal or one night tournament to determine a new number one contendor. But then Foley realized that he had to be a man of action -- he had to be assertive. Why bend over backwards to determine the top contendor when it's obvious that there are two top contendors? The answer is obvious: Stone Cold vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker for the WWF Championship in a Triple Threat Match at Backlash! Austin and McMahon's fury rendered them both speechless. They weren't the only ones upset by the news; their Coalition cohorts Triple H and wife Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley appeared at the entrance. Stephanie asked Mick who the hell he thought he was. The Game told Foley he was out of line, reminding him that he (HHH) "retired his (Foley's) ass" well over a year ago. Foley shook his head and told Hunter he was clearly projecting. He'd seen Triple H's outburst last week. "Big Red Machine kinda ticked you off last week, didn't he?" the Special Representative asked. Foley said he was nothing if not sympathetic; he wanted to give Triple H the chance to get the revenge he so deserved. Therefore, it was time to add one more match to Backlash: Triple H one on one with Kane! Foley had managed to drop the jaws of Mr. McMahon, Stone Cold, The Cerebral Assassin, and Stephanie alike! JR noted that RAW had gotten off to a stunning start, and that it was now official: Backlash would be huge. After the commercial break, we learned of one more development: the main event on RAW would see Kane & The Undertaker, the Brothers of Destruction, take on the Coalition's Stone Cold & Triple H in tag team competition!

Later in the show, having had some time to cool down, Triple H returned to the ring to address the issue of his scheduled match with Kane Sunday night at Backlash. When the fans began taunting The Game, he angrily reminded them that his recent problems with The Big Red Machine all came about because Kane couldn't get a simple job done; he couldn't do what Triple H has done more times than he can count: defeat The Rock. But HHH said that as much as Kane disgusts him, what he feels more than anything else for the man is pity. Kane is a freak, explained The Cerebral Assassin. Triple H revealed a little known fact about himself, saying that he is compassionate. It is out of that compassion that he plans, at Backlash to put Kane "out of his misery." "This is a mercy killing," he said. JR didn't like the sound of this at all. Triple H noted that WrestleMania saw the rise of the most powerful alliance in Sports-Entertainment history: The Coalition. Backlash, he claimed, will leave no doubt that it is not with Mick Foley or Linda McMahon or anyone else that the power lies: it is with The Coalition. Kane will no longer walk through hell, fire, and brimstone, because once he has finished with Kane on Sunday night, Kane will be stuck in hell permanently, because he (The Game) is "that damn good."

Kane and The Undertaker reunited for the evening's tag team main event, and The Brothers of Destruction each seemed intensly focused on their Backlash futures. Stone Cold and Triple H proved themselves equally determined; they brought Coalition associate Shawn Michaels to the ring with them as their manager for the evening. The match got underway after an intense staredown, and Michaels quickly demonstrated his efficacy as Austin and HHH's corner man. He tripped Kane, took cheap shots at both of the brothers, and even distracted the American Badass by kicking his bike over! The Big Red Machine and Taker never lost sight of their in-ring opposition, however; Triple H even took a Kane Chokeslam at the eight-minute mark! HBK promptly hopped up on the apron to prevent a pinfall, but finally got what was coming to him as he ate a double boot to the face from both Brothers of Destruction! Michaels was down for the count. The ruthless Rattlesnake then took matters into his own hands as he brought a chair into the ring. Earl Hebner would have none of that and accosted Stone Cold. Austin proceeded to use a piece of familiar sign language and then tossed Hebner over the top rope! The Undertaker walked right into an Austin chair shot; it was a direct hit, and blood soon started flowing from Taker's forehead. Meanwhile, The Cerebral Assassin measured Kane with the Sledgehammer, and JR exclaimed that the Coalition had the upper hand, to say the least. But then the music began, and The Rock stepped out onto the stage! Rock sprinted to the ring. He ducked a Triple H Sledgehammer shot and backdropped HHH out of the ring. Austin charged at his archrival, and received a Rock Bottom for his troubles! Austin rolled out of the ring. Undertaker was now back on his feet, but the profusion of blood that resulted from the chairshot had blinded him! When Rock inadvertently bumped into the vulnerable American Badass, Undertaker naturally assumed that the Brahma Bull was actually Austin or Helmsley and so he delivered a blind Chokeslam! Kane looked on in shock from the outside, allowing Triple H to turn Kane around, kick him in the gut, and Pedigree him on the cement. Undertaker finally wiped his eyes and realized what had happened as he stood over a fallen Rock. Michaels regained consciousness outside and led Stone Cold and The Game up the ramp, with absolute carnage having been left in an around the ring. Triple H was clearly pleased by Kane's condition, and Austin wore a wide-eyed grin as The Undertaker stood looking down at the incapacitated Rock in frustration. "What does this mean for Sunday night?" JR cried. "How can The Rock and The Undertaker possibly focus on Stone Cold and the WWF Title now? Is Triple H right? Does The Coalition hold all the cards? Dammit!" Austin, HHH, and HBK stood with raised arms at the entrance. With that, RAW concluded.


Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit make quite the odd couple, and this was demonstrated most effectively when Michael Cole spoke to the duo backstage on RAW. It seemed that Edge & Christian had accepted their compatriots' challenge for a tag team title match at Backlash. When Cole asked the no-nonsense Rabid Wolverine for his thoughts on the pending match, Y2J stepped in and suggested that Benoit let him do the talking. Benoit shrugged as Jericho blasted Edge and Christian, suggesting that they were nothing more than bad Chris Jericho clones. When Cole reminded Jericho that he and Benoit were opponents as recently as the Royal Rumble and No Way Out, Jericho, who as usual referred to Cole as "Mitchell," stated that Benoit happened to be his "closest pal, bosom buddy, and mejor amigo." Cole then turned to Benoit, who admitted with a totally straight face that he is a Jerichoholic. He said there is only one thing Edge & Christian had to know. "Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho are for real," he said.

After a commercial break, Benoit and Jericho had a Backlash warm-up match against Right to Censor's Goodfather and Bull Buchanan. Pre-match, Goodfather took the mic. Instead of inviting everybody to come aboard the Ho Train, Goodfather instead claimed that Chris Jericho was walking, talking proof that free speech is a terrible thing. Goodfather's rant was interrupted by the Y2J countdown, and the "bosom buddies" made their way to the ring. Despite the early advantage of the RTC power men, Benoit and Jericho rallied. Legal man Benoit forced Buchanan to tap to the Crippler Crossface, while Jericho prevented Goodfather from breaking up the submission by catching him in the Walls of Jericho! After the match, just as Jericho stepped out of the ring, Edge and Christian blindsided him with an attack! Meanwhile, Benoit prepared to make the save from the ring when E&C's muscle, Rhyno, sprinted to the ring and Gored the Crippler, prompting the refrain of "Gore! Gore! Gore!" from Paul Heyman on commentary. Edge and Christian then headed up the ramp wearing self-satisfied smiles with their tag team titles and Rhyno at their side. Jericho and Benoit may be on the same page headed into Backlash, but would that be enough to make them victorious?


After the video package promising Goldust's return to the World Wrestling Federation aired once more, Intercontinental Champion William Regal took on Hardcore Holly (w/Molly Holly) in a Survivor Series/Armageddon rematch. The Commissioner's championship was not on the line as he prepared for his Backlash defense against Goldust. Tough as nails, the veteran Holly made this less than a walk in Hyde Park for Regal. Heyman defended Regal, stating that Mick Foley's sudden reappearance and remarks about Regal were likely causing him justifiable distraction. Holly came close to putting away Regal on multiple occasions with cousin Molly looking on anxiously at ringside. Ultimately, however, Regal slapped on a quick Double Underhook Powerbomb and, using the ropes for leverage, pinned Holly. While Molly offered her angry cousin consolation, Regal made a hasty exit.

Minutes later, Regal was surprised when Terri Runnels approached him backstage. Terri congratulated the Commissioner on his victory. A suspicious Regal asked Terri what exactly it was that she wanted. Terri revealed that she needs help. Regal wondered why Terri was turning to him rather than her most recent clients, The Radicalz. Terri noted that they were busy with Test. Terri placed her hand on Regal's bare back and said she thinks they can scratch each other's backs. Terri then looked down. "Is that a crumpet in your tights, or do you agree?" The wide-eyed IC Champ promptly showed Terri into his office...


Backstage in catering, WWF Women's Champion Chyna and Trish Stratus talked strategy as both women looked forward to their Backlash tag match against Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley and RTC's Ivory. An elated Trish won a round of Rocks, Paper, Scissors in order to determine which of the women would have the privilege of getting their hands on Stephanie first! The jovial atmosphere then turned dark as Steph appeared, turned Trish around, and slapped the taste out of her mouth! The Ninth Wonder of the World moved to make the save, but then her nemesis Ivory appeared out of nowhere and, in a shocking moment, emptied a carafe of boiling-hot coffee on Chyna! Chyna screamed. Trish ran to her side. Stephanie turned to Ivory with a grin. "Oh, no," remarked the daughter of the Chairman. "Accidents do happen," she continued, shaking her head. Stephanie and Ivory left, allegedly to "get help," while Trish tried in vain to offer her partner comfort. A 'Moments Ago' replay following the commercial break established for certain that Chyna's neck and back had been seared by the piping-hot liquid. And given Stephanie's influence, she and her accomplice were likely to get off scot-free. JR shook his head, admitting that from where he sat, there was no way Chyna would be able to compete on Sunday night. As Trish and other concerned Superstars looked on, Paramedics treated Chyna, who appeared to be in excruciating pain.


Last week, a "generous" Commissioner Regal promised Test a return match with Eddie Guerrero for the European Championship at Backlash -- IF he could defeat Eddie's fellow Radicalz, Malenko & Saturn, in a handicap match on RAW! Test faced an uphill struggle as Malenko and Saturn pulled out all the stops to ensure that Latino Heat would have nothing to worry about in six days. Malenko and Saturn double-teamed Test for virtually the entire match. Test put up a valiant effort. At one point, he took down both opponents with a Double Clothesline. Saturn attempted his Twisting Fisherman Suplex a few minutes later but Test countered with a Neckbreaker. When Malenko tried tying Test up in the Texas Cloverleaf, the former Motley Crue bodyguard used his superior leg strength to foil The Iceman's plans. Saturn then decided that unorthodox methods would be necessary to eliminate the big man, and he ejected Lillian Garcia from her chair, which he proceed to grab. In the ring, Malenko sent Test into the ropes, but Test reversed the Irish Whip, and Saturn accidentally blasted his own partner with the chair! While Earl Hebner and Tim White ran to ringside to reprimand Saturn, Test dropped Malenko with a thunderous Pumphandle Slam and Mike Chioda counted the pin! Test was headed to Backlash, intent on regaining the European strap! The victory celebration was cut short when Eddie Guerrero hit the ring and caught his scheduled challenger by surprise with the Three Amigos. The reigning champion finished Test off with the Frogsplash and stood tall as the apologetic Saturn and Malenko offered him praise.


The awful, jarring music of Right to Censor brought Steven Richards and Val Venis to the ring during the WarZone. As they made their entrance, clips of the RTC's recent attacks on the Dudleys aired on a split-screen. Once in the ring, Richards addressed recent questions about the RTC's motives by stating that they would not rest until the Dudleys had been taken off of WWF television for good! Venis added that Bubba Ray and D-Von were the very embodiment of the gratuitous, harmful violence running rampant in the World Wrestling Federation. Richards said the RTC simply could not stand by while the Dudleys continued actively to contribute to the corruption of values that was causing the rapid decay of American society. As always, Richards suggested that the fans not only listen but also support the RTC's efforts, "because it is for your own good!" Steven's rant was mercifully brought to a close by the recognizable sound of a crash and the Dudleys' theme song! Bubba Ray and D-Von ran down to the ring with a table. They didn't appear to want to debate the intricacies of contemporary values with Richards and Venis, and instead began brawling with the prudes. "Fearless leader" that he is, Richards bailed to the outside while Bubba Ray and D-Von sent Val crashing through the table with a 3D that was rather well-received by the crowd. Would the Dudleys silence the puritanical RTC for good on Sunday, or would the latter make good on their promise to rid the World Wrestling Federation of the brothers' "cancerous" influence?


How do you defeat a man who is over 7 feet tall and 500 pounds? How do you defeat such a man in a match where anything and everything goes, from chairs and tables to thumbtacks, barbed wire, and heavy machinery? That's exactly what Michael Cole sought to ask Raven during an in-ring interview on RAW is WAR. The enigmatic Raven stated that no one understood the nuances of the hardcore match as he did. The hardcore match hinged, he claimed, on the willingness of the participants involved and specifically upon their willingness to inflict inconceivable pain on other human beings. Raven claimed that his greatest asset was amorality; he completely lacked a conscience, and that, he said, was extremely unfortunate for the Big Show. As Raven rambled with his back to the entrance and TitanTron, Show took a leisurely stroll down to the ring. He climbed the ring-steps. Raven finally noticed the largest athlete in professional sports, but when he charged at the former WWF Champion, he was met with a headbutt that sent him crashing to the canvas. Big Show then hurled Raven over the top rope with ease. On the outside, Big Show lifted Raven up and chokeslammed him straight through (what else?) the Spanish announce table. Show grabbed a mic and addressed the [unconscious] Raven. "I got news for ya, bro," he said. "I'm not big on morality, either." Show's theme began and he walked to the back. Raven lay completely motionless atop the wreckage of the table. The road to the number one contendorship to Kane's Hardcore Championship may end up taking an ultra-violent turn at Backlash!

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Ive been reading this since the begining, and I am really enjoying the seemingly 2001esque realism of these cards. It really reminds me of what wouldve happened had wwf's "golden age" of tv ratings nad booking (2000) had continued.

Thanks for the entertainment

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Now that you mention it, I do remember DDP doing that actually, but I can't remember the entire details of that time period seeing as I was forced to stop watching WCW during '99 and only caught a bit of the Millionaire's Club vs The New Blood.

As for comments on the show, the triple threat for the title was inevitable, but I do hope you don't become like me, and continue adding guys to that main event situation and not be able to take them away, because constant Triple Threats get annoying...trust me...lol

You're setting the seeds already for Benoit/Jericho to explode once more which leads me to believe that this thing with REC is just going to be short term, but it should defintitely still bring the ratings.

Regal/Goldust has got to be my favourite set up for this coming pay per view, simply because I'm a mark for both men's performances both in the ring, and in interviews. Too bad we can't see Regal's facial expressions here because those are always classic in situations like this.

Who didn't know Test would win that match? It was pulled off nicely and done in a way that shouldn't hurt Saturn or Malenko, but still, a part of me was sad to see Deano take a loss here in a two on one match. He's much too good for that kind of treatment.

Raven against Big Show.....Big Show will probably come out on top, but as a fan of Raven, much like almost everyone else I've ever seen, I'm pulling for him in this fued. Okay, let's get to some predictions.

Steve Austin- Simply because with the deck stacked against him, he's going to come out on top. He's got the power of the McMahons behind him, and Rock isn't going to forget about that blind chokeslam so Rock vs Undertaker becomes the major factor of this match and Austin squeaks out a win because of it.

Kane- Triple H got the upperhand on Raw, which in my mind means Kane is going to win this match. If for no other reason, just to get some credibility back in the whole feud.

William Regal- Goldust's return isn't going to be so triumphant, and something tells me Terri is going to get involved. At first I figured you may pair the two of them up again, but I don't see it being that easy, so I'm looking for Regal to take this with help from Terri.

Edge & Christian- Like I said in my comments, I can't see Benoit and Jericho sticking together, so Edge and Christian come out on top with Jericho turning on Benoit, or Rhino interfering. I'd actually like to see a feud between Jericho and Rhino for the hell of it.

The Dudley Boyz- This is one of those matches where there doesn't need to be a reason, it's just the way it's going to happen....

Chyna and Trish- Chyna makes a return despite being told she's unable, and ends up getting the win for her team....

Eddie Guerrero- Another time when the fight to the top fails, because I don't see Test pulling off a win against Guerrero, unless of course there is botched interference on the part of Malenko and Saturn splitting up The Radicalz for good.

The Big Show-Pulling for Raven, but I just think The Big Show's size comes into play here and he pulls it off in the end. Raven puts up a fight though.

Now, to quote Mr. McMahon it's "Damned Unprofessional" that you don't have more replies to this fine diary. I honestly hope more people take a look at it, and give you the props you deserve. Into the sig with you...

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Im loving this diary, you have a great layout, easy to read shows and a great concept! Keep up the good work (Y)

Time for Predictions;

WWF Championship

"Stone Cold" Steve Austin © vs. The Rock vs. The Undertaker

Austin should win because he has only held the title a month and needs to further his new character.

Triple H vs. WWF Hardcore Champion Kane

I think Kane will be screwed by the man I predicted to win the Hardcore contendership match.

WWF Intercontinental Championship

William Regal © vs. Goldust

Goldust would make a good champion, but Regal needs a much longer title reign.

WWF Tag Team Championship

Edge & Christian © vs. Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit

Jericho and Benoit to properly establish them as a team, and hopefully lead to a re match somewhere down the road. Ladder Match Anyone?

The Dudley Boyz vs. Right to Censor's Steven Richards & Val Venis

I like the RTC plus the Dudleyz got the Upper Hand on RAW.

WWF Women's Champion Chyna & Trish Stratus vs. Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Ivory

I liked Stephanies title reign in 2000 (im probably the only one) and think she would make a good champion again.

WWF European Championship

Eddie Guerrero © vs. Test

Although I prefer Eddie, I like Test too, especially in 2001. Eddie can be successful on his own, Test will benefit more from being European champion IMO.

Hardcore Contendorship Match

The Big Show vs. Raven

Raven is cool, great at Hardcore Wrestling and deserving of some kind of push. If raven faces Kane it will make the Hardcore division more important. Big Show vs Kane will be two upper carders fighting for a lower card title... pointless.

With that said I cant wait to read the PPV, and I am looking forward to your first WCW PPV too!

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IPB Image

Hosted by Joey Styles, Mike Tenay, and Jerry Lawler

Poughkeepsie, NY

April 26, 2001


Nitro was red hot from the get-go this week as the program opened with Goldberg facing Shawn "The Star" Stasiak in singles competition. The match had been signed as a result of Stasiak's involvement the previous week in the Goldberg-Ric Flair #1 Contendorship Match. Stasiak's interference at the behest of the Nature Boy had been completely unsuccessful, but Goldberg wanted the second generation star one-on-one nevertheless. Stasiak taunted Goldberg as they came face to face in the ring. Jerry "The King" Lawler wondered on commentary if Stasiak had a death wish when he slapped Goldberg in the center of the ring. Goldberg paused, took a deep breath, and shoved Stasiak to the mat with authority! Stasiak picked himself up but was immediately Speared and soon Jackhammered. It was over in a flash! As the crowd chanted for Goldberg in the aftermath of the destruction, Joey Styles observed that Da Man has never looked stronger as his Clash of the Champions World Title shot looms.

Following the commercial break, Thus Spake Zarathustra brought the beet-red Ric Flair powerwalking to the ring. Upon arriving at mid-ring, Flair noted on the mic that he wasn't scheduled for an interview. After all, he said, this is a "new era" in World Championship Wrestling. He said everyone was supposed to forget Ric Flair. They were supposed to forget Ric Flair and buy into Bill Goldberg and Booker T. Before continuing, Flair took time out to blast a fan he referred to as "Fat Boy" for jeering at him. Flair acknowledged that it is Goldberg, not he, who is going to the Clash to challenge Booker T for the World Heavyweight Title, but Flair said none of that matters. He declared himself a legend, and said he has lived and continues to live a lifestyle that neither Goldberg nor Booker T to could ever dream of living. He said he had women, money, and the knowledge that he is the greatest wrestler the sport of professional wrestling has ever known. "Whoo!" he said. He had nothing to prove, he argued, and went on to say that a fluke loss to the marketing department's golden boy meant nothing. He reminded Goldberg, Shane McMahon, and all of the other politicians in the back that he is the Dirtiest Player in the Game and that he is an indestructible institution. Flair threw off his Armani jacket and claimed that if it weren't for him, there would be no WCW for Shane McMahon to have as his play toy and to pay the bills for Goldberg and Booker T. The furious rant was then interrupted by the music and pyro of World and US Heavyweight Champion Booker T! Booker, wearing his new "Don't Hate the Playa" tee-shirt, stepped onto the ramp with his title belts. The Champ established first and foremost that he respected Ric Flair. He knew that it was the Ric Flairs, Arn Andersons, Terry Funks, and Harley Races of the world who built the sport and the company. But he said that if there was one thing he learned growing up on 110th Street in Harlem, it was that talk is cheap. Flair interjected that "everything" is cheap on 110th St. in Harlem. Booker warned Flair that the respect he had for the Nature Boy would only get him so far. Booker T said he wasn't in WCW to ride on anybody's coattails, saying he was prepared to shed blood, sweat, and tears night in and night out. He said Ric Flair had a score to settle with him, and he had a score to settle with Ric Flair. "We ain't gonna settle it by havin' a chat," Booker noted. Flair told Booker that it would be a fatal mistake to step out of his league. Booker replied that he's not simply asking -- he's demanding a match with Ric Flair on Nitro! Flair told Booker that if he wanted to go to school, he'd be happy to oblige. "I suggest you get ready for the fight of your life, my friend. Whoo!" nodded Flair. "It's on, Sucka," Booker said. "It's on tonight."

And so it came to pass that Booker locked up with one of his wrestling idols in the non-title main event. Early on, the competitors engaged in a battle of knife-edged chops. Ring general Flair isolated Booker in the corner with an abdominal stretch, yanking on the ropes for leverage. When Nick Patrick noticed Flair bending the rules, he ordered that the hold be broken. When Booker approached Flair again to tie up, Flair went to the eye poke. He sent Booker down with a right hand, and then tossed the Playa over the top rope. Flair then went to work on the outside, weakening him with a suplex. Flair then tried sending Booker into the ringside barrier. Booker reversed, however, and send Flair into the guardrail. Flair then fled from the champion; when Booker caught up with the Nature Boy, the latter pleaded with Booker to resist the urge to take a shot at him. Booker looked to the crowd for approval and took Flair down despite his begging! Booker then sent Flair back into the ring. Flair lunged at Booker, who caught Flair and drove his head into the turnbuckle ten times with the crowd counting along as dictated by tradition. Flair flopped face first onto the mat. Booker sent Naitch into the ropes; Spinebuster! He went for the cover but Slick Ric slid his foot under the bottom rope before the three count. Booker refused to give Flair an inch. He brought him to his feet, kneed him in the midsection, and hit the Scissors Kick. As usual, this was followed by the Spineroonie! Booker looked to connect with the Harlem Sidekick, but Flair wisely dropped to the mat in order to avoid the move. Flair took Booker off his feet with a legsweep. Flair hit three of his nasty-looking kneedrops and got a two-count. Sending Booker into the ropes, he then applied the Sleeper. Booker became drowsy, but rallied the fans behind him; he eventually broke the hold with a neckbreaker! Booker went for a belly to back suplex and pinning combination, but somehow Flair powered out. When both men were back on their feet, Flair bounced off the ropes and attempted a right hand, but Booker hit a high elevation back bodydrop! Flair got up and took a second backdrop. Booker sent Flair into the ropes once more, and finally hit that Sidekick. He then gave the fans the signal, and went up top -- Missile Dropkick time! Flair was in perfect position and it looked as though Booker was on his way to the pay window. Just as Booker prepared to come off the top turnbuckle, Kanyon appeared at the ringside area with a chair; he took aim from the ring apron and nailed Booker T on the back! Kanyon and Booker, as you'll recall, have had problems for weeks. Booker collapsed into the ring as Nick Patrick called for the bell, awarding Booker the match via DQ. There was nothing Patrick could do, however, to prevent Kanyon and Flair from proceeding to work over the World/US Champion, taking turns stomping away at him. Finally, relief came in the form of the #1 Contender! Goldberg hit the ring; Kanyon took a Spear while Flair made an escape in record time. Flair and Kanyon made themselves scarce while Goldberg helped the badly-beaten Booker T to his feet. Booker propped himself up in the corner. As he went eye-to-eye with Goldberg, the man he would be facing at the Clash, Joey Styles informed us that we were out of time!


Shane McMahon has claimed that WCW is home to the world's greatest wrestling talent, and the match on Nitro between master technicians Kurt Angle and Ultimo Dragon could certainly be used to back up Shane's claims. This chain-wrestling encounter evinced the fact that, while he may be one obnoxious guy, Kurt Angle is also an amazing athlete. One particular high point came when the Dragon executed a beautiful Asai Moonsault from the ring onto Angle on the outside. Indeed, it seemed at times as though Angle had underestimated his seasoned, well-traveled opponent. In one instance, Angle went for his patented Angle Slam only to find the move countered with the Dragon Sleeper! Angle only narrowly escaped that devastating submission by squatting down and reaching blindly for the ropes, which he was fortunate enough to find. Dragon stayed on top of Angle with stiff kicks, and even attempted his Tiger Suplex. Angle avoided the move with a standing switch, following up with a Belly to Belly suplex. Angle quickly tried applying the Ankle Lock, but Dragon rolled through on the attempt. Once he returned to a vertical base, he connected with a dropkick! After more catch-as-catch-can action, Angle dropped Dragon on the back of his neck with a textbook German Suplex. From there, he nailed a successful Angle Slam, and locked on the Ankle Lock. This time, Dragon could find no escape, and he tapped out. Despite the superior athletic quality of the match, Angle showed anything but sportsman-like behavior afterward; despite the submission and referee Charles Robinson's repeated calls for the bell, Angle refused to break his submission hold on Dragon! Mike Tenay rightly noted that Angle could easily end up snapping the Dragon's ankle and putting him on the shelf for months. One man who has had more than his fill of Angle's narcissistic, disrespectful conduct is Sting, and The Franchise did rush to the ring to accost Angle when officials and agents found no success in trying to convince him to break the Ankle Lock. When Angle spotted Sting sprinting to the ring, Angle "made like a banana and split," as The King put it. Angle backed off with a look of disgust in his eyes. Sting, shaking his head, turned to the Dragon to assess his co-worker's condition. But things didn't draw to a close there. The jealous, ill-tempered Angle slid back into the ring while Sting was otherwise occupied, and put Sting in the Ankle Lock from behind! Sting appeared to be in agonizing pain, but did not go so far as to tap. In the end, it took the cooperative effort of agents Arn Anderson, Terry Taylor, and Fit Finlay and referee Charles Robinson to force Angle off of the Stinger and to the back. Said Styles: "It's official. Kurt Angle has now taken this too damn far."


"The Chosen One" Jeff Jarrett had something to say on Nitro, and the speculation was that the former WCW Champion would address the challenge issued last week by Rob Van Dam. In the ring, Jarrett asserted that it didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out why Shane McMahon had pushed so hard for RVD to sign with WCW: he wanted to run The Chosen One out of the company. Jarrett said he wasn't going anywhere; "This is my world," he told RVD. He acknowledged the challenge Van Dam issued last week, and Jarrett announced that he was ready to respond. Unlike RVD, however, he wasn't afraid to conduct his business face-to-face; he called WCW's newest acquisition out to the ring to set the time and place for their match. RVD, now being called "Mr. Thursday Night" by some, answered Jarrett's call. Jarrett continued to taunt the nonchalant Van Dam as he walked down the aisle. "Let's get this done," Jarrett said. Rob struck his pose in the ring and then went nose-to-nose with Jarrett. "You want a match?" Jarrett asked. "Anytime, anyplace," replied RVD. Jarrett told RVD there was something he had to learn if he expected to survive in WCW. "Don't piss me off!" Suddenly, Juventud Guerrera and Psicosis were at ringside. Both men hopped onto the ring apron and each mounted a turnbuckle. When RVD turned around and became aware of the intrusion, Juvi and Psicosis took to the air with a double dropkick that took RVD off his feet. Van Dam picked himself up, prepared to fight, but Jarrett was waiting for him and shattered his trusty guitar right over RVD's skull. Jarrett once again grabbed the mic. "Newsflash, Rob: You're not the only 'high-flying daredevil' in the locker room. Now you know." Jarrett left, quite satisfied, with his luchadore associates in tow.


It was a welcome return when Torrie Wilson appeared last week on Nitro, and this week, Torrie was set to discuss her career plans for the New WCW. Torrie told the fans she was thrilled to be back; as far as she was concerned, the sky was the limit in terms of what was to come. Torrie was unable to elaborate, because sirens began and Big Poppa Pump and Stacy Keibler made their way down from the entrance; they didn't look happy. As they stepped into the ring, Torrie maintained her sense of humor, noting that they must be upset about the results so far in the WCW.com magazine cover voting; after all, Torrie was beating Stacy -- by a very wide margin. Stacy abruptly grabbed Torrie's mic. "Do we look amused to you?" Stacy asked. Torrie shrugged. Steiner grabbed the mic and let Torrie know that "when you insult Big Poppa Pump's freak, you insult the Big Bad Booty Daddy himself." Steiner then grabbed an unsuspecting Torrie; he restrained her while Stacy hauled off and delivered a vicious slap to her foe. Steiner dropped Torrie to the floor, and the so-called Power Couple left the ring together. Torrie was still in shock and tried pulling herself together. Big Poppa Pump turned back with one final thing to add. "The bad news for everybody in the back is that Big Poppa Pump is thisclose to getting his medical clearance," he said. Stacy continued. "You picked this fight, Torrie, and now we're going to give you the chance to finish it. You choose anyone -- anyone you want, and bring them to the Clash of the Champions. Your guy vs. my guy. I know how it'll end. Do you?" Scotty and Stacy continued their walk to the back. Scorned, Torrie seemed somewhat intrigued by Stacy's proposal...


When we last saw "Undeniable" Mike Sanders, he was caught up in a pull-apart brawl with Diamond Dallas Page in the middle of the crowd. Sanders reappeared this week. As he walked down the aisle, Sanders reacted with disgust when a fan in the front row was able to reach out and touch him. Sanders demanded a towel from a production assistant and wiped off the fan's germs. Chatty guy that he is, Sanders could not resist the urge to make a few remarks before his scheduled match. Sanders noted that, as former Commissioner, he has connections in the back, and had his "homeboys" in the production truck air footage of Diamond Dallas Page's remarks the week before. Page had promised to make Sanders feel the bang on Nitro. Sanders called Page's bluff, stating that the sad fact was that Page simply could not deliver anymore. "And another thing," Sanders said. Alas, before he could enlighten us, Hugh Morrus made his entrance shaking his head. Morrus entered the ring and swiped Sanders's mic. "Do you ever shut--the hell--up?" asked the big guy. Sanders frowned and then threw a right hand which was blocked. Morrus knocked Sanders down with a shot of his own and the match began. Sanders found himself being tossed around mercilessly by The Laughing Man. Still, he had the physical reserves to kick out following a Gorilla Press Slam. Later, Sanders charged at Morrus, who countered with a powerslam. Morrus went up top; it was time for the No Laughing Matter! Morrus pulled off the impressive Moonsault, but Sanders had been playing possum. Morrus connected with nothing but canvas. Morrus slowly got to his feet and Sanders immediately went for the Sunset Flip. Sanders pinned Hugh, but only with a handful of tights. While Morrus tried to shake off his disorientation, David Penzer announced Sanders as the winner of the match. Sanders then took Penzer to task, asserting that Penzer's proclamation was lifeless and lacking in enthusiasm. Penzer tried announcing Sanders as the victor a second time. If Sanders hadn't been so busy whining he might have noticed Diamond Dallas Page sliding into the ring behind him. Page psyched up the crowd and then, finally making good on last week's promise, drilled Sanders with the Diamond Cutter! Page may be one of WCW's more senior Stars, but Sanders showed this week that, in a lot of ways, he's still a rookie and could learn a lesson or two from DDP...


Viewers got a chance to get to know WCW Tag Team Champions NC-17, Sean O'Haire and Chuck Palumbo, a bit better as a WCW crew spent a day on the road with the partners. The up close and personal look at O'Haire and Palumbo revealed that they're determined to show the world -- and the locker room -- that they're no fluke. Just as they made it through the brutal Powerplant, they'll continue to meet every challenge they face head on. Palumbo challenges the claim some veterans have made about their (NC-17) having been handed their success without having had to pay dues. O'Haire added: "I'm not here to do chinlocks and armdrags. I'm here to kick ass. Just ask Team Canada," he winked.

Back in the arena, Dawn Marie cornered Justin Credible outside the locker room, noting that she hadn't had the chance to catch up with him since starting with WCW weeks earlier. Dawn went on casually to note that Justin's partner, X-Pac, seems to have worked out a great gig for himself, what with Justin's entire focus seemingly on supporting X-Pac's career with no concern being shown for his own. "I'm gonna be honest," Dawn told Justin. "I think it's a shame. A real shame." Dawn walked off, and Justin appeared to have been given some food for thought...

Scott Hudson had the chance to interview Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions Rey Mysterio and Billy Kidman in the back. Mysterio and Kidman, we learned, will defend the straps against The Hardy Boyz and Kai En Tai at Clash of the Champions in a Triple Jeopardy Match. Rey said he was looking forward to the match; Matt, Jeff, TAKA, and Funaki are, after all, four of the top-ranked cruiserweights in the world. Hudson then mentioned to Kidman that it's not quite as simple a story as that; we've seen tensions develop between the champions and the Hardyz in recent weeks. Kidman objected to the claim, instead arguing that their recent problems with Matt and Jeff have been based on nothing more than misunderstandings, and that no one is holding any grudges. "I know I speak for Rey when I say that we have nothing but respect for the Hardyz. End of story."

Following weeks of hiatus, Team Canada's Lance Storm and Mike Awesome, who have been competing in singles matches, reunited this week and they were faced with no small challenge; their opponents were The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita). Storm and Awesome had a size advantage, but this, of course, is not an obstacle with which Matt and Jeff are unfamiliar. But even though Matt and Jeff worked hard to compensate with their agility and mobility, The Career Killer took advantage of several opportunities to exploit the brothers' inferior size. Storm liked what he saw, and it seemed as though Team Canada was back on track, coming off weeks of questionable performance (particularly from Awesome). Several minutes in on the outside, for instance, Awesome dropped Matt face-first onto the ringsteps. When Lita tended to Matt, Awesome mocked her. Later, after a miscalculation, Jeff missed a Swanton Bomb intended for Awesome in the ring. The big man set up for the Awesome Bomb, and paused in order to trashtalk Lita some more. This gave Jeff the opportunity to execute an inside cradle, and Awesome was unable to escape. The Hardyz picked up the win! Team Xtreme celebrated. Meanwhile, Storm was on the outside and looked on at the stunned Awesome with disappointment. Dawn Marie then appeared once more. She approached Storm, and WCW cameras eavesdropped. "He dropped the ball again!" she told Lance, pointing at his partner. "What are you gonna do about it?" Dawn asked, before exiting again. Storm seemed torn as Awesome tried apologizing for yet another screw-up...

Announced Clash of the Champions Card

  • World Heavyweight Title: Booker T © vs. Goldberg
  • Torrie's Choice: Scott Steiner (w/Stacy Keibler) vs. ??? (w/Torrie Wilson)
  • WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles: Rey Mysterio & Billy Kidman © vs. The Hardy Boyz (w/Lita) vs. Kai En Tai
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