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WWE 2006 onwards

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I've not made a diary before, so this should be interesting. After looking at other diaries to see how it goes, I'll try my best to make it readable and of course criticism and suggestions on how I present it is more than welcome, as long as peeps read it. (Y)

The EWR game was started around December 05/January 06, most of the rosters, staff etc are of around that time. Although I can't guarentee 100% accuracy. But it doesn't really matter, as the WWE will look a little different. And besides, it's my game. :D

The diary properly starts 20th Febuary 2006, straight after No Way Out, the road to Wrestlemania reaches its climax as we are in the final month before the greatest show of all time. The roster split has ended (I know some don't like that scenario, so I suppose this is where you get off). I also created a wrestler, 'Badass', info on him as well as others are found further down the post.

I hope you enjoy and vent your views at me (Y) :


WWE under new management

IPB Image


The final stages of a deal that brings the WWE under new management was finalized earlier today. "Trying to avoid clichés, the WWE will not be going into a "new era", but rather go forward by going back to what made the company so succesful during the late 90s and early 00s and build on what talent we have, whilst hiring the best talent elsewhere to make an overall great product" a spokesperson said.

The new management is said to be hardline, taking no rubbish and doing what they feel is best for the company. "Big egos will not be tolerated".

Linda and Vince Mcmahon still own the company however, and it has been made clear that the McMahon family are still very much a part of WWE, storyline-wise or otherwise.

It is apparent that this company takes a general "No open contract" policy, except for "special circumstances".

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The road begins...

February 20, 2006

At No Way Out, Chris Jericho made a successful comeback, at the expense of Kurt Angle and the WWE Heavyweight Championship. Once RAW had started, Angle immediately came out, minus the belt he lost, to set things straight. He said despite losing the belt, as soon as Wrestlemania was over he'd be going straight back for it. As former champion, he is the number one contender, and he will be ready and waiting for the winner of the Jericho/Mysterio match to get back what was rightfully his.

At that point, Vince McMahon himself came out to a mixed reaction from the crowd, with mic in hand.

Vince: "I planned on coming out at the start of the show to talk about Wrestlemania, to even congratulate Chris Jericho himself for making such a fine comeback. But oh no, Kurt Angle has to come out and be centre of attention. Well Kurt, I wasn't only going to talk about Wrestlemania...I'm sure everyone has noticed a lot of new faces, some old faces too, staking their claim here, because we all know that in the WWE you either make it...or...*looking directly at Angle*...you don't."

The crowd boo slightly at the suggestion of Angle not being the wrestler he once was.

Vince: Well allow me to introduce another new face to the fans here, perhaps he can give Kurt here a little competition!

Vince steps aside and gestures towards the titantron.

Vince: Christopher Daniels!

A big pop from the crowd as Daniels slowly comes out of the entrance slowly showing his face to the fans. By many Angle v Daniels is the dream match-up, and it looks like they will finally get to see it.

Vince: And you know what? Since you're so certain you're the number one contender, you're going to fight Daniels TONIGHT, right here on RAW!

The crowd go wild as Kurt doesn't look too happy, he has little time to prepare for a big match.

Singles match

D'Lo Brown V Val Venis

D'Lo has made a return to the WWE, and his first match is a very good one. D'Lo gets the early advantage, before Val hits a bulldog off theturnbucle to get some momentum back, it goes back and forth from there, until D'Lo hits a Sky High from nowhere. Not content with that, he gets up on the turnbuckle, gives a little D'Lo head wiggle, and hit's the Lo Down! 1-2-3. D'Lo works the crowd a little on each turnbuckle.

J.R and Joey Styles take a look at some of the matches coming up, fans seem a little disappointed that Rey, not even Jericho is in a matchup, but a match between two powerhouses, JBL and Batista, and one between Edge and the debuting Jerry Lynn get a good reception. AJ Styles is also set to fight Chris Benoit in a non-title match. The crowd cheer again as Kurt and Daniels are shown on the matchups screen on the titantron.

AJ Styles is backstage seated in his locker room looking sternly at his Intercontinental belt, the news of Daniels coming in on his territory and already having a match against someone who just had a title match seems to be making him feel a little less "phenomenal".

But Heyman is pacing trying to get him to concentrate, as he has a very tough match against the Rabid Wolverine Benoit. Heyman tries to get AJ's confidence back up by reminding him that he beat the 16 time world champion. But Heyman tells AJ how he knows all about the Crippler, how back in the day he made himself famous by nearly killing a guy. AJ wants the same intensity as he saw that night in ECW.

The crowd start chanting "ECW, ECW".

Tag team match

The Dicks V London and Kendrick

The two teams put on a very good match, the Dicks were aggressive whilst London and Kendrick use speed, Paul London launches a tornado DDT from the top rope to pin James Dick.

Josh Matthews is backstage and he has Carlito backstage. Josh asks him what he thinks of all these new stars in the WWE. Carlito says he doesn't understand why all these new wrestlers are coming, Carlito should be holding the WWE title, not a guy who has a nickname 6 years out of date and a band named after a muppet. Muppets aren't cool, and Carlito says if Carlito doesn't have the WWE belt, then the WWE belt isn't cool.

Singles match

Edge V Jerry Lynn

Jerry having his first match for the WWE in a long time, and this time he's determined to make more of an impact. Lynn and Edge actually have a very physical match, despite them both having other things on their minds. The match ends up outside the ring, where Lynn takes advantage of his ECW background by lifting up Edge and flapjacking him into the steel steps. The crowd start chanting "ECW, ECW" again, as Lynn gets Edge in the ring, Lynn whips Edge into the turnbuckle, goes for a charging clothesline, but Edge sidesteps, just, and Lynn slams into the turnbuckle post. Edge goes for a roll up on the stunned Lynn, with his feet on the ropes! 1-2-Lynn kicks out somehow! But he's pretty out of it from that charge into the turnbuckle, Edge argues with the referee, Lynn tries using the oppourtunity to attack Edge from behind, but loses his footing and the ref gets knocked down by a stumbling Edge.

Lynn and Edge brawl back and forth whilst the ref is out, and Christian is coming down the ramp! He was cheated out of the win at No Way Out, and he thwacks Edge with the chair, much to the delight of the crowd as he gives his trademark smirk and arms out pose. The ref is coming to, so Christian leaves the ring, and Lynn gets the 1...2...3.

Singles match

JBL V Batista

Batista gets a good pop from the crowd as he makes his way to the ring, JBL not so much. JBL and Batista go back and forth, Batista getting a little advantage. Batista whips JBL into the ropes and flips him over his back and JBL lands hard. Batista calls for the end, but JBL is coming to. Batista whips JBL into the ropes again, but JBL hits with the Clothesline from Hell! JBL gets the pinfall, and the crowd aren't happy. JBL can just be heard shouting "wrestling GOD!" as he celebrates.

Teddy Long's music hits before the AJ and Benoit match. He says he believes Rey Mysterio should have a match tonight to warm himself up for the "Road To Wrestlemania". The crowd most certianly agree. Teddy says he won't make it an easy match though, and makes Rey's opponent: The Undertaker. The crowd cheer some more as two big fan favourites will fight as the main event tonight.

Singles match

AJ Styles V Chris Benoit (Non-title match)

Styles gets a pretty mixed reception as he makes his entrance, but Benoit gets a good cheer as he makes his way to the ring. AJ doesn't seem to be feeling his best, and the fans really want to see Benoit kick his ass.

Benoit does indeed take control early in the match, with german suplexes and the Three Amigos, but Heyman eggs AJ on from ringside and AJ realizes he has to hit some high-risk manouveres to beat this man. AJ hits some nice moves, Benoit is leaning against the ropes and AJ goes for a clothesline, but Benoit ducks and holds the top rope down at the last second to send AJ flying, Benoit attempts a high-risk manouvere of his own with a suicide dive, but AJ connects with some sort of drop kick to the side of the face as Benoit flies out of the ring!

Heyman is loving it, and after AJ gets a bit of momentum going, Benoit gets some back and goes for a superplex off the turnbuckle, but AJ pushes him off and Benoit's neck lands on the ropes and he falls back first in the ring. AJ sees the oppourtunity and hits the Spiral Tap and gets the pin. The fans even applaud both men for such an eentertaining match.

AJ seems to be getting his confidence back already.

Singles match

Kurt Angle V Christopher Daniels

Both men get mixed reactions as they make their way to the ring, some fans are cheering for Angle, some for Daniels. Both men reverse each other's moves a lot, before Angle hits a vicious german suplex. Angle with a smirk on his face does it again into the turnbuckle this time. Angle then goes for a quick Angle slam, but Daniels counters and back suplex's Angle over the top rope and out of the ring.

The match goes on and Angle hits a sudden Angle slam on Daniels, but the ref was getting in the way, far too near. Rather than go for the pin, an infuriated Angle argues with the ref telling him to not "get so freakin' close!" Daniels has gotten up and charges at Angle for a clothesline, but Angle's in-ring prescence means he ducks it, only for Daniels to hit the ref by accident. The match continues, Daniels hits the Angel's Wings on Angle and goes for the cover as the ref is back on his feet, but he refuses to count and rings for the bell!

It seems he's disqualifying Daniels for the clothesline, but it is announced as a draw! It seems Daniels clotheslined the ref, but Angle also threatened him as well. Daniels is none too happy, and the fans, despite seeing a good match, aren't happy how it ended either.

Singles match

Rey Mysterio V The Undertaker

Rey and Undertaker are vastly different in comparison. Rey hits all the speedy, show-stealing moves, whilst Undertaker is more slower and powerful. Undertaker has Rey ready for a chokeslam, he lifts him up, but Rey lifts his legs up and hurricaranas Undertaker, much to Taker's shock. Rey steps back ready to hit a move on the fallen Taker, but Jericho is outside the ring and pulls at Rey's legs, slamming him face first into the mat! Jericho gets in the ring and pushes the ref away, who calls for th bell, a DQ win for Rey. Undertaker gets to his feet as Jericho manages to lock the Walls of Jericho on Rey, Rey is tapping but Jericho doesn't want to let go yet. Eventually, he does let go, with the Undertaker still standing watching. Jericho gives a cocky little smirk at Undertaker, who continues to just glare at him. The smirk turns into a look of worry, and, thinking instinctively, Jericho tries to surprise attack Undertaker before he can do anything, but runs right into the hand of Taker, neck first. Taker chokeslams Jericho, and perhaps teaches him a lesson about being too cocky.

The Undertaker's music hits, we see the cocky Jericho in the middle of the ring laid out having received a punishment for his cockiness, and Rey just able to stand up as the show goes off the air.


D'Lo Brown beat Val Venis

London and Kendrick beat The Dicks

Jerry Lynn beat Edge

JBL beat Batista

IC. Champ AJ Styles beat Chris Benoit (Non-title match)

Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels fought to a draw (Double DQ)

Rey Mysterio beat The Undertaker

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Tomko Injury Ends WWE Career!

IPB Image


Tyson Tomko's contract with the WWE was terminated earlier today in a shocking development.

Tyson has sustained a broken leg, ruling him out for 7 months. But the bigger problem for Tomko was that his contract had only a few months left to run, those months were his "trial" months were he would have to prove himself. Tyson has now been paid a month's wages and had his contract terminated with immediate effect.

This will also have a knock-on effect on Snitsky, who was his tag team partner in the WWE. It is believed that Snitsky would only be kept in WWE if he could impress in tag team matches.

Now without his tag team partner, Snitsky's WWE future looks bleak.

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No offence brother, but I'm just not feeling your stuff. I'm sure others would like it, but for me there are just WAY too many new faces showing up.

AJ Styles, Christopher Daniels, and Jerry Lynn are all in high spots while current WWE guys are pushed aside. Why are all these TNA guys there? Did they just up and leave?

Christopher Daniels is getting a big pop upon his unhyped debut. A lot of WWE fans don't watch TNA so why are they so excited.

Personally, I just wish you would have made it a little more realistic. I am cool with Jericho coming back, but you have almost the entire top-tier of TNA, minus Jarrett Abyss, and Monty Brown. I wish you the best of luck and I hope you make it far, but just wanted to give you my opinion.

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That's ok, I have those TNA guys there just because I saw that they fit in. It just so happens that they're rated high, and are in TNA, I figured Christopher Daniels was quite well known seeing as TNA is getting bigger and all, and I hear all this talk of Daniels & Angle.

It gets the ratings, I've never seen so many 90+s everywhere I look before.

I'm seeing it as a kinda of transitional period, I'm not willing to wait a few months to get new guys in, seeing as that does me no good. I've still got to cut the roster considerably, but I'm seeing these first few months as a bumpy ride before it finally smooths over, kind of like when there was the Invasion and you had some WCW guys showing up on WWE for a few weeks randomly, then magically disappearing.

But thanks for the comment. (Y)

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It's a nice concept but I feel it's a bit too unrealistic. The concept of going back to creating new stars is an ok way of pushing these TNA guys.

However, all of these guys are locked in contracts with TNA. So it makes me wonder how they get to be in WWE?

That aside, the booking is not the greatest. Putting Daniels vs. Angle is something way too early. I mean, sure it's a game but still, if this is a diary you have to BE the booker and the owner of the company. If this is a "dream" match, would it not make sense to save Angle vs. Daniels for a Pay Per View match? Especially if it's the blowoff to a feud?

The brand split is another example of a dropped storyline. The titles are unified but should it not have waited until Wrestlemania? It's the biggest stage of them all so why not unify the titles there? And why aren't the US and IC titles unified?

Again, these are just questions raised in my head. It's your game and that's fair and good. However, there's no reason not to include why the brand extension has been dissolved, or if it has been, why not save it till Wrestlemania to give it that "big time" feel.

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I wasn't aiming for complete realism. I started the game first, and decided to do the diary later. So things like brand unification are just things I pretended just happened before the Rumble, or not at all. Also I wanted the main event to be one-on-one, rather than a 3-way match between the WWE champ, world champ and rumble winner Rey Mysterio. If I had decided on doing a diary straight away, I would've done the brand/title unification at Wrestlemania, that's the only PPV you could do that kind of thing anyway.

Because of this my topic was going to be called "Alternate WWE (2006 onwards)" but I forgot to change the name before posting (I'll ask a mod for that).

The Intercontinental and US titles are both being kept, with US being lesser than Intercontinental. I have a very big roster, so for the time being I'm using both of them.

The guys were on TNA contracts, but they were open and I was able to get them. It was just how the game went, I don't really know how it works in real life. Daniels V Angle started on RAW, but it's ended in a double DQ. Neither would be happy at having no result, and a pretty lame finish. *Diary spoilers*: This occurence will eventually culminate into a Wrestlemania match-up, possibly beyond that or a re-feud in future.

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Wrestlemania isn't Jericho

February 24, 2006

As Friday Night Smackdown! went on the air, Chris Jericho, after receiving a chokeslam from an unimpressed Undertaker earlier this week on RAW, came to the ring.

Jericho said that he wasn't going to waste time with "small talk" about Rey Mysterio, as he had "bigger fish to fry" now, The Undertaker. As Jericho started to rip into Undertaker, saying he did not fear him, Teddy Long's music played and he appeared on the ramp:

Teddy: "Now hol' on there, playa. I think you forgotten a few things. Perhaps I should remind ya one more time: You are the WWE champ, Rey Mysterio is the Royal Rumble winner. In case ya forgotten, the Rumble winner faces the WWE champ at Wrestlemania for that there title you got in your hand. So whether you like it or not, Rey is gonna be challengin' in only...a few weeks time!"

The crowd cheer.

Teddy: "Now Chris, you yourself have been picked on for your size, so I don't think you have any right to be pickin' on such minor things. But playa, since you're here tonight, I'm-a put you in a match. Seeing as you're so confident, perhaps I should put you in a handicap match...against the challenger Rey and The Undertaker!"

The crowd cheer louder as Jericho has a mixture of shock, anger and worry on his face.

Jericho composes himself.

Jericho: "Are you serious?? You can't put Y...TWO...J-YAH in that kind of match!"

Teddy: "No no, you're right. It wouldn't be fair, and I wouldn't like to overwork one of the main-eventers now would I? So how about I even it up a li'l? You're gonna have a tag team partner, and we're gonna have ourselves a tag team match against Rey and Taker. But, your partner will be of my choosing. Why? Because kid, I'm remindin' you..*a sterner look on his face*...I'm one of the guys who runs this show and makes the matches, not you..."

Teddy leaves as a feeling of unease surfaces around the arena, the new and cockier Jericho seems to be getting under everyone's skin.

The Mexicools (Super Crazy and Psychosis) V The Basham Brothers

Psychosis starts against Danny Basham, and after a few nice moves by psychosis, a tag is made to Doug and they start to double team. This continues throughout the match, whenever Psychosis gets some momentum back, a tag by one Basham to another is made and they double team. Eventually, Psychosis blocks a double spinebuster with a double DDT to both men, he crawls to Super Crazy and makes the tag, who dropkicks Doug over the ropes to the outside and starts flipping and spinning move after move on the legal man Danny. Psychosis gets in the ring whilst the ref is distracted with Doug and they hit a double flapjack, Super Crazy gets up, hits the moonsault, and gets the 1-2-3.

We see Mickie James backstage composing herself next to a door, and she enters a locker room, not even knocking. Inside we see Badass sitting on a chair, staring at the ground deep in thought it seems. Mickie gives a "erm...hi!". Badass looks up at her slowly, expressionless. Mickie explains that she interrupted his match with Orton at No Way Out to get some sort of payback on Orton for practically nearly forcing himself on her (before Badass got in the way). Badass says it's ok.

Mickie asks timidly if he would "maybe possibly" could be her tag partner in her match against Victoria and her male tag partner. After Mickie tries to subtly flirt her way into getting a "yes", Badass accepts, but says only because he's seen her "other side", her aggressiveness in the ring...and is impressed. Mickie thanks and leaves after giving a big smile at the fact that Badass has actually watched her matches.

US Title match

Chavo Guerrero V Finlay

Finlay has been getting a couple of good wins, and he's challenging Chavo for the title. Chavo shows a lot of power for a lightweight, but Finlay uses hard hitting slams later on and works on Chavo's arm.

Finlay gets Chavo in an armlock on the ground, Chavo reaches for the ropes but Finlay holds on. The count gets to 4 and Finlay let's go. Finlay gets him in an armlock again and it gets to a 4 count when Chavo gets the ropes. Finlay slides outside the ring and slides Chavo out, Chavo fights back but Finlay grabs his arm and slams him arm first into the post. The ref thinks of DQing but gives Finlay the benefit of the doubt. Alas, Finlay does it again, more viciously, and the ref DQs him. Finlay goes nuts at the ref and pulls his feet from under him causing the ref to hit the mat hard. Finlay decides not to continue an assault on the ref. Chavo retains.

John Cena is holding a mic backstage, about to cut a promo. He's sporting a small bandage from where Triple H hit him with a sledgehammer in his match with him at No Way Out, getting Triple H the win. Cena decides to freestyle:

"Aight..check this out...

Triple H, at No Way Out,

You decided to take me out,

You call yourself The Game, but you need yourself a weapon,

But I won't take it lying down, I'm not somebody to step on,

My name is John Cena, You Can't See Me,

when I get my rematch, I'll pin you 1-2-3.

See, you got a hammer, and I got my words,

You might not like my bark, but my bite is far worse,

So at Wrestlemania, I'll see you in the ring,

And when the match is done, there'll be a new...King of Kings..."

The Cutting Edge

The Cutting Edge made a return tonight. Edge made his way to ring, and said he had returned the Cutting Edge so he could come face to face, man to man, with Christian. He called out his guest: Christian.

Nothing happened. Then Jerry Lynn's music hits and the crowd cheer a bit as Edge looks a little confused. Edge presents his first question: "What the hell do you want?"

Jerry Lynn answers: "The Intercontinental Title"

Edge: "Well, I'm sorry ball sack, but AJ Styles is backstage, this is my show and my guest is Christian, not you".

Lynn: "Seeing as I beat you on RAW, perhaps I should be presenting this show. 'The New Damn Show'! How's that?!"

AJ Styles comes out of nowhere and floors Jerry Lynn with the IC belt and Edge cheers and applauds. AJ doesn't give Edge any attention and leaves. Edge leaves after, but not with his mission of bringing Christian out accomplished.

"I spit in the face of people who don't want to be cool!"

Women's Champion Victoria and Carlito V Mickie James and Badass

Victoria and Carlito, despite having a match against each other a few months ago, are teaming tonight. Perhaps Carlito is looking to back up his words from RAW of being deserving of the WWE belt.

Victoria and Mickie start. It's a pretty even physical fight, Mickie hits a running leg drop on Victoria who then rolls over to Carlito and tags, Mickie quickly tags Badass who gets taken down by a clothesline. Carlito impresses at the start, but Badass battles back and connects with an enziguri on Carlito. Carlito stumbles backwards towards Mickie's corner, who sees the advantage and hits a HARD kick right between the legs. The ref doesn't see it. Victoria, unhappy with it, takes Mickie down and they brawl a bit outside. Badass sees the opening Mickie created, hits the Choke Slam and gets the pin.

Mickie gets into the ring and jumps around celebrating and appears to be thanking Badass again for the help. As he is halfway through the ropes to leave the ring, Mickie gives him a peck on the cheek. He freezes...but just walks out of the ring, Mickie looks pleased.

Carlito, however, is arguing with Victoria. He turns his back on her, takes a bite of his apple and spits in the face of Victoria. She restrains herself as Carlito storms off.

John Cena is seen walking backstage, all of a sudden he falls right into the camera. As the cameraman gets the camera focused back on Cena, Triple H is seen attacking him. "Where's the sledgehammer huh?!" shouts Triple H as he throws him head first into some planks of wood, more planks fall on top of Cena as he slumps. Triple H gets up to his face "You get your match at WrestleMania, only because I'm gonna enjoy beating your ass again. No-one smack talks me and gets away with it...

Orlando Jordan V Shelton Benjamin

This is a typical match-up, no special moves pulled. Most of the entertainment came from Shelton's momma. Shelton wins with a T-Bone Suplex.

Tajiri V Big Show

An interesting match-up. Tajiri, small but deadly against Big Show, huge and powerful. Tajiri knows the tactics he must use as he cuts down Show with quick kicks. He even manages to get him in the tarantula, which the crowd loved. But eventually Big Show lands big lariats and right hands, and Show Stoppers Tajiri for the win. They shake hands after the match though.

Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker V WWE Champion Chris Jericho and...

Rey and Taker make their entrances, Jericho makes his to some big boos. Jericho gets in the ring waiting for his partner, keeping one eye on his opponents.

...Kurt Angle

The crowd go crazy. This could end up being 3-on-1. Jericho is open jawed as former champion Kurt fires his pyro and smirks.

Rey Mysterio jumps on Jericho from behind whilst he's distracted and the match begins. Kurt takes up his position in Jericho's corner as we see a preview of the WrestleMania main event.

Rey takes control for a couple of minutes and Jericho clambers towards Kurt to make a tag, Kurt has his arm outstretched, but snaps it back and grins as Jericho seems like he will be indeed fighting a handicap match. Rey has tagged Undertaker and the crowd cheer loudly. Y2J doesn't even need to look to know who's just got tagged as Undertaker moves towards him, but Y2J starts landing punches and suplexes Undertaker. The two duke it out until the tag is made to Mysterio. Jericho grows increasingly tired, Rey knocks Jericho back into Kurt's corner and Y2J is against the turnbuckle, and Angle slaps him and makes the tag! It looks like Angle wants a wrestling match after all!

Angle gets to work on Rey, who holds his own well, but not well enough, he slips out of an Angle Slam and stumbles a tag to Taker. Taker hits Angle with a big boot and gets the advantage, he goes for the Tombstone but Jericho, his energy back, dropkicks Taker in the chest, allowing Angle to slide down and get a sunset pin. Angle gets the 3 count!

But now Angle is staring down Jericho, and it doesn't look like he's planning on shaking hands. But before anything can happen, Christopher Daniels has ran into the middle of the ring face to face with Angle. The two stare down as Smackdown! goes off the air.


The Mexicools beat The Bashams

US Champion Chavo Guerrero retained against Finlay (DQ)

Mickie James and Badass beat Women's Champion Victoria and Carlito

Shelton Benjamin beat Orlando Jordan

Big Show beat Tajiri

WWE Champion Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle beat Rey Mysterio and The Undertaker

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Big WrestleMania Match Ruined By Injury

IPB Image


WWE wrestler John Cena was injured for around 2 months last night with a broken leg. Cena was injured during a promo on 'Friday Night Smackdown!' where he was "attacked" by Triple H and a match between the two was confirmed. But now that won't happen, and the WWE are left to think up new ideas. WWE management want Triple H to be part of the WretleMania 22 card, but if that is to happen with good results, he will need a new opponent and a new feud, quickly.

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Mystery attacker

February 27, 2006

Palmer Canon V Nick Nemeth

Not a great match, Nemeth pretty much carried it. Nemeth gets the win with his "Lariat".

Money 'n' Kash (EZ Money and Kid Kash) V London and Kendrick

Kid Kash delves into the tag team side of wrestling by forming with new WWE wrestler EZ Money. They work well as a team and do some nice moves on London and Kendrick, but Kendrick gets momentum back on Kash, both make the tag to their partners, and London gets the upper hand on EZ Money. After some brawling, Kash is knocked to the side and Get Well Soon connects on EZ Money by London and Kendrick, getting the pin.

Despite the loss, Kash and EZ Money put on a good match, and make a good team.

"Time to play the Game..."

Triple H's intro starts and the crowd mostly boo, although there are some cheering as he makes his always impressive entrance into the ring. HHH gets a mic and starts talking:

Triple H: "On Smackdown, just a few days ago...I taught a man a lesson about messing with Triple H (this gets a mixed reaction from the crowd, we all know there are Cena haters so there is some cheering)...He thought he had some divine right to not accept a loss against, quite frankly, the only superstar in the WWE who deserves to be on top...Because of his failure to accept defeat, because of his naivity of thinking he could Play the Game, John Cena was attacked by myself..and got a broken leg ruling him out for MONTHS!!"

(The crowd boo more now)

Triple H: "Because of this punk thinking he could step on The Game to make a name for himself, he ruled himself out of the biggest damn event in his lifetime! I take back what I said, you WON'T be facing me at Wrestlemania 22. You showed that you don't have the strength to even take a small beating..."

(The crowd boo a little for the sake of booing)

Triple H: "I must admit, I am disappointed that I won't get to wrestle now at such a big event. But let this be a lesson to anyone else...to everyone else backstage. As has been said, a lot of guys are coming back, a lot of kids are making their debuts here. So let what happened on Smackdown, and the results of it, be a warning to all the veterans, the guys coming back and the new-comers. No young punk, some kid who smack talks, thinks he can rap, comes out with his shirt off in jeans trying to be "cool" is ever going to beat a wrestler like The Game!"

Triple H starts to make his leave, but some entrance music starts up: "It's the remix, but we're still gettin' ROWDY"

Triple H looks on as K-Kwik comes out to a pretty big cheer, shirt off, in jeans, and looking like he's about to smack talk or, maybe, rap!...Triple H though, does not look impressed.

The music dies down.

Triple H: "(sort of laughing) Y-you?! Are you challenging the Game? Did you not hear what I said? No wannabe rapper punk can beat the Game. Hell you don't even have the RIGHT to challenge me!"

K-Kwik: "Hey I'm no John Cena, I don't need to rap or anything like that to show you what I'm made of. I know you were gonna have a match against Cena, and you're 'disappointed' at not being at WrestleMania because of his injury. Well Game, I'm here right now handing you a lifeline. You can meet me at Wrestlemania, what you say to that?"

Triple H: "Handing me a "lifeline"? You've either got guts, or you're just stupid. How about I think about it, and I'll get back to you on that? You'll know my decision soon enough. If you're not in hospital like Cena is right now by WrestleMania, you're on..."

Triple H's music starts and he leaves the ring.

Cruiserweight Title match

Champion Gregory Helms V Matt Hardy

Matt Hardy gets a good cheer as he appears on RAW for the first time since the Edge/Lita incident and starts the match well. Helms though starts fighting back, but Matt keeps on him. Matt has Helms on the ground and goes for the Leg Drop, but Helms rolls out of the way, Matt landing right on his butt. Helms looks to take advantage and goes for the Eye Of The Hurricane but it gets reversed, Matt kicks to the midsection and goes for the Twist Of Fate, but Helms reverses into a Fisherman's suplex pin! 1-2-Matt just kicks out at 2 and 7/8! Helms looks to capitalize on his surprise manouver and sets Matt up for a tornado DDT, but gets thrown off and lands face first into the mat. Matt stalks behind Helms as he gets up, spins him around and gets the Twist Of Fate! 1-2-3! Matt is the new Cruiserweight Champion, and Gregory Helms is kicking the turnbuckle very frustrated.

We see backstage and hear some rowdiness, the camera moves across to a hallway. La Resistance, Rob Conway and Tag Team Champions Sylvain and Rene Dupree, are stumbling around and laughing. They seem drunk. Mick Foley walks up to them unhappily.

Foley: "Where the hell have you been?? You're crowned champions at No Way Out, and don't show up for a week!"

Conway: "Hey..Hey, now you may be a big manager and everything...but...but...but you gotta see that this...these...this is the WWE Tag Championssss.

Rene: "Yeah show ush a lil reshPECT will ya?"

Foley: "...You went out drinking all week didn't you?"

Sylvain: "YOU KNOW IT!...Nobody...drinks...like La Resistance!"

La Resistance salute as the name is said

Foley: (With a smirk on his face, like he's just had an idea) "Ya know...you are the Tag Team Champions...and Rob..."

Rob Conway nods

Foley: "And you're such great champs...I mean, you beat Kane and the Big Show to get those titles!"

*La Resistance cheer*

Foley: "So hey, here's an idea. You're so, so skilled in the ring. You can wrestle better than anyone out there...*Mick Foley gets in closer, nearly whispering as La Resistance listen in* so how about I make a 3-on-3 tag match on Smackdown...La Resistance!..."

La Resistance salute

Foley: "Against...three opponents of your choice..."

La Resistance and Mick Foley start laughing evily, Mick giving Rene a little punch on the shoulder.

Foley: "You have to choose now so I can make the arrangements though"

Rene: "No problem! Hey, you know who I don't like?...That HBK...Michael...Shawn? Michael Jackson?..."

Foley: "Shawn Michaels?"

Rene: "Yeah, yeah, yeah, him. I wanna kick his ass on SMACKDOWN! The grandaddy of them all!"

Sylvain: "Hey hey, my turn. I'll fight this guy, guess who...'I'm the Whole Damn Show, because I am..."

Sylvain points his thumbs towards his head three times as the crowd chant along 'Rob...Van...Dam' then cheer.

Foley: "Rob Van Dam? Ok, him too. Conway? Your choice..."

Rob: "Er right...er...*smirks* I wanna wrestle with Melina!"

Sylvain and Rene groan and push him around, Rene stumbles and nearly falls over.

Rob: "Alright, alright. Errr...that ugly guy...er...geez I forget his name...er the 'Wabbit Rolverine' or something..."

Foley: "Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit? So you guys are gonna fight, and beat of course, Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam and Chris Benoit in a 3-on-3 match in a few days time on Smackdown?"

Rene: *thumbs up* "That's the stuff!"

Foley: "Alright guys, I'll see you Friday! Make sure you're prepared!"

Sylvain: "Hey hey hey...La Resistance!"

La Resistance salute, Mick gives a little salute and leaves, leaving La Resistance to stumble out of screen.

Mark Henry w/ Daivari V Tajiri w/ Stacy Keibler

Another test for Tajiri as he faces another big guy, The World's Strongest Man Mark Henry. But Tajiri has a manager in Stacy, who gets the usual pop from the crowd. Tajiri attempts his previous tactic of cutting down Henry with kicks, but Henry somehow manages to grab one of his lightning fast kicks, and hurl Tajiri to the other side of the ring. Henry starts using slow, lumbering punches and slams, making it seem completely one-sided, but Stacy manages to distract Henry with her legs, Henry kind of likes it, possibly bringing back the old days of Sexual Chocolate. Only for a few seconds though, as Tajiri starts hitting devastating kicks again to Henry. Henry is dazed as Daivari is screaming at the ref, Henry turns around and gets green mist from out of Tajiri's mouth right into his face, setting him up easily for the Buzzsaw Kick. Tajiri gets a great pinfall and wins. Daivari is fuming. He grabs a chair and looks to hit Tajiri from behind, but as Stacy screams Tajiri side kicks it right into his face! Both Henry and Daivari have been layed out in the middle of the ring. A big show of his ability by Tajiri!

Rey Mysterio is interviewed by Krystal. Rey says the attacks on his size by Jericho doesn't affect him. He says he knows he isn't the biggest man, but neither is current WWE Champion Jericho, nor was former WWE Champion Eduardo Guerrero. Rey says he isn't going to hold back at Wrestlemania, nor in the run up to it.

Christian V Chris Masters

Christian and Masters haven't fought before, and both are very capable in the ring. Christian gets the advantage early on, but in the end Masters is able to lock in the Master Lock to make Christian tap. Right when the bell rings to signal the end of the match, Edge comes running down the ramp to the ring, with Christian still in the Master Lock. Edge takes his time grabbing a chair, taunts Christian, then hits him right in the face with it. The fans were half-expecting Christian to duck it, but you can't escape the Master Lock.

Christian is left busted open as Edge lifts Masters' arm in victory.

Jerry Lynn is walking backstage when he comes face to face with the man who attacked him on Smackdown, AJ Styles. They trade a few insults, Jerry lets AJ know he's here for the title, AJ lets Jerry know he isn't going to get it from him. Heyman manages to tear AJ away from Jerry before it comes to blows.

Batista V Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels is fighting a different kind of opponent to Angle tonight, the Animal Batista. His power does take him by surprise at first, but Daniels uses sharp in-ring presence and tactics to make a comeback. Kurt Angle comes out and just watches from ringside, unfocusing Daniels. With his focus lost, Daniels receives a spinebuster from Batista, winding him, giving Batista the oppourtunity to hit the Batista Bomb and get the win. Angle leaves as Batista is declared winner.

Backstage, the camera is following a group of paramedics rushing to somewhere. They stop and immediately tend to someone. As the camera takes a closer look, it's Chris Jericho, very bloodied with the WWE Title next to him. Jericho is unconcious, but there is no sign of an attacker as RAW goes off the air.


Nick Nemeth beat Palmer Canon

London and Kendrick beat Money 'n' Kash

Matt Hardy beat Cruiserweight Champion Gregory Helms to become new Cruiserweight champion

Tajiri beat Mark Henry

Chris Masters beat Christian

Batista beat Christopher Daniels

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WWE News

IPB Image


The following have been released fom OVW. We wish them the best of luck on their wrestling careers and future endeavors: Chet Jablonski, Eric Perez, Mikey Batts, Oleg Prudius.

Staff members Tim Mann and Antonio Inoki have retired from the WWE. We thank them for the work they've put in for us during their time here.

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Jericho on his own

March 3, 2006

On RAW, Jericho was found bloodied and unconcious backstage, obviously attacked. As soon as Smackdown started, Jericho made his way to the ring with a bandage around his head, not looking as cocky as usual.

Once in the ring, Jericho says he's had enough of the way he's been treated. First it was Undertaker chokeslamming him for no good reason, then Teddy Long booking him in a tag match, with his tag partner being the guy who he took the title from, then he starts getting attacked backstage. He says he didn't see the assailant and demanded someone to come forward and give an explanation.

Vince McMahon's music played.

Vince first assured Jericho that no, it was not him who attacked or ordered any type of attack on him. But he was very displeased how one of his main eventers could just be attacked like that. Vince said he'd work on finding out who it was that attacked him, but seeing as Jericho was in no shape to wrestle, he should just rest.

Jericho seemed to comply and was about to leave the ring, Vince stopped him:

Vince: "Oh and another thing...perhaps, in future, you could avoid such...confrontations and unfair odds if you...I don't know, maybe once in a while 'Shut. The HELL. UP!'"

The crowd cheer as Jericho looks shocked at Vince's sudden turn.

Vince: "Now quite frankly I don't give a damn who you are, as long as you bring in the money and ratings and don't cause any nuisance. Whether you're big, small, a Canadian or a rapper, if you do what's required that's fine by me. But Chris...personally...I just don't like your attitude. I could go as far to say that I don't like you. And if I don't like your attitude, the guys at the back sure as hell won't like it. If Teddy Long let you choose your own tag partner, do you really think you'd've managed to get one? I think maybe that title doesn't deserve to be worn around your waist, because it seems to make you think you're suddenly all that matters...perhaps you think you're...even more important...than me..."

Vince: "Of course, this is just a bit of advice. But if you want to stop getting your ass kicked around, you better grown some damn balls and stop acting like a spoilt child! Quit your whining and DO something about it! I assure you I will find out who your attacker was, I'm sure he had no special reason other than that you got under the guy's skin...Either way, when I find out who it is you're going to have a match against said attacker, and perhaps you'll take my advice on board and do something about him."

Vince leaves Jericho stunned, he doesn't seem to have anyone on his side.

Paul Burchill V Viscera

Paul Burchill dominated this match. Despite Vis' size, Burchill was able to maintain control and pick up the win.

Teddy Long is in his office and there's a knock on the door. Kurt Angle comes in and asks where Vince is as he needs to speak with him.

Teddy: "I'm sorry but Vince is a li'l busy with this whole Jericho-being-attacked thing, you wouldn't happen to know anything about that now, would you?"

Angle: "What? You think I'd attack Jericho from behind and just leave him there? No, I wouldn't. Because I want Jericho to win at Wrestlemania, so I can fight him again, and win my title back! If I was to attack Jericho, he wouldn't even be able to appear here tonight...he'd be in hospital, nursing a shattered ankle and a broken body. He wouldn't even be fit to defend that title by next year's Wrestlemania."

Teddy: "Aight playa, I'm feelin' ya. I just had to ask. Now perhaps I can help you with whatever you needed to see Vince for. What is it I can do for ya?"

Angle: "Well...I want a rematch, against Christopher Daniels. You saw that match we had last time, that was ridiculous! I can't settle for that kind of match! I've had enough of waiting, of playing games. I'll admit, he brought the fight to me, but I wanna prove that I am the best technical wrestler here."

Teddy: "You know what, Kurt? That's a wonderful idea. But I'm not gonna make it tonight."

Angle: "Why not?"

Teddy: "Well playa, you wanna prove yourself so much, you gotta prepare properly for this kinda thing. You gotta know your enemy. So tonight, I'm-a put you in a tag match with Daniels, Rey Mysterio and the Animal, Batista."

The crowd cheer.

Kurt: "I like your way of thinking, Teddy. But I don't know if teaming me with Batista or Rey is going to work. I mean, Rey and Batista were Tag..."

Toddy: "Woah woah hold on there a second playa. Who said anything about you teaming with Rey or 'Tista?"

Kurt: "You said you were making a tag match with...wait..."

Teddy: "You got it now, you're teaming with Daniels tonight against Rey and Batista! Like I said, you gotta know your enemy."

The crowd cheer loudly.

Kurt: "First I team with Jericho, now Daniels? You know what? Fine, this had better pay off."

Teddy: "Oh it will. Holla!"

London and Kendrick V Cade and Murdoch

London and Kendrick use their speed to dominate most of the match, only Lance Cade was really able to fight back, but it wasn't enough as the London Calling ended the match.

La Resistance are backstage, still suffering a bad hangover. They don't even remember what happened on RAW, just that they're in a 3-on-3 tag match tonight against handpicked opponents. But they don't remember picking them.

Joey Styles was interviewing AJ Styles, accompanied by Paul Heyman. Heyman takes the mic and starts insulting Lynn, mocking him and saying he'll never in a million years get the title from AJ, nor will anyone else for that matter.

Snitsky V K-Kwik

Snitsky uses his power at first but K-Kwik has aggression of his own, he uses some stylish moves to surprise Snitsky and hits him with the Lie Detector for the win.

Lashley V Vito

Vito tries everything he can, but Lashley is too powrful as he connects big move after big move. The referee gets knocked down though. Lashley slams Vito down hard and goes to revive the ref, but as he's reviving, Vito is doing something with his hands. Lashley turns around and gets knocked out by TWO right hands, with brass knucks! The ref doesn't see it as he's still coming to. Vito covers and gets the win.

Christian gets interviewed backstage, he says how he was always sick of being seen as the lesser half of his tag team with Edge. Edge was given credit for everything. But after some time elsewhere, Christian is back and ready to show everyone who the real main man was.

La Resistance (Rob Conway, Sylvain and Rene Dupree) V Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam and Chris Benoit.

La Resistance make their entrance first, then all watch anxiously for their opponents. HBK comes out, and they look a little unhappy. Then Rob Van Dam comes out and they look a little more edgy, then Chris Benoit comes out and La Resistance don't waste any time and jump HBK and RVD, but Benoit storms into the ring, La Resistance triple team him, but HBK and RVD help Benoit out. Benoit then unleashes a series of german suplexes to every member of La Resistance. Rene Dupree manages to get up and goes to clothesline Benoit from behind, but HBK Sweet Chin Music's him right in the face as he's running. Sylvain then gets german suplexed through the ropes and out of the ring as he was getting up. Rob Conway is Sweet Chin Music-ed whilst RVD leaps to the top turnbuckle, then delivers the Five Star Frog Splash as Conway lies on the ground. RVD gets the 1-2-3.

K-Kwik is walking backstage, and Triple H attacks from behind! But K-Kwik is ready and they start trading punches. Triple tries throwing K-Kwik into some apparatus but he elbows the Game in the stomach. Security manage to run in and break them up. K-Kwik saw the Game coming, and played him.

Edge and AJ Styles V Christian and Jerry Lynn

AJ and Christian start it off, AJ gets the upper hand but Chrisitan makes a comeback, the tag is made to Edge, and they start duking it out. Christian tags to Jerry so they can double team, but Edge clambers to AJ and tags, and now Jerry and AJ brawl around the ring, Jerry hits some good moves on AJ, another simultaneous tag is made and Edge goes to spear Christian but he dodges, Edge slams into the turnbuckle. Menawhile AJ and Jerry are taking it to each other outside, Christian manages to hit an Unprettier on Edge and gets the win!

Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels V Batista and Rey Mysterio

Daniels starts against Mysterio, Daniels is able to control Mysterio's speed, but when he tags in to the Animal, Daniels doesn't adapt quick enough and nearly gets his head ripped off from a Batista clothesline. Tag made to Angle, and Angle holds his own well, he hits a german suplex on Batista and the tag is made to Rey, who uses his speed to his advantage. Tag to Daniels and he wears Rey down, but Rey makes a comeback, Angle manages to tag himself in and controls Rey's speed, he quickly manages to catch Rey's foot and attach an Angle Lock in, Rey is forced to tap, but Angle holds on a little longer looking at Daniels, making sure he can see Rey screaming. Batista is quick to break up the hold and Angle rolls out of the ring.

Daniels starts saying something to him on the apron. Angle says something back, and Daniels suddenly missile dropkicks him against the barrier! The two start trying to get holds on each other until refs break them up. The camera shows a quick shot of Rey and Batista standing in the ring watching. Batista turns to Rey and raises an eyebrow. The show goes off air.


Paul Burchill def. Viscera

London and Kendrick def. Cade and Murdoch

K-Kwik def. Snitsky

Vito def. Lashley

Shawn Michaels, Rob Van Dam and Chris Benoit def. La Resistance

Christian and Jerry Lynn def. Edge and Intercontinental Champion AJ Styles

Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels def. Batista and Rey Mysterio

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More Wrestlers Chopped From The WWE Roster


Viscera and Snitsky's contracts have been terminated after poor displays in their matches.

Lashley has been given the oppourtunity to improve by being sent to OVW.

WWE continue to sign talent to OVW.

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IPB Image

Things heat up

March 6, 2006

RAW starts up and we see that Jericho does indeed have a match tonight against an opponent. It seems Vince has found the attacker.

Also the titantron shows that AJ Styles will be defending his Intercontinental title against Jerry Lynn at Wrestlemania, confirming what was written on wwe.com.

Hardcore Holly v Steven Richards

Actually a good match, they fight well but Hardcore Holly gets the Alabama Slam and wins.

Val Venis v Vito

Suprisingly, this was an extremely good match. Vito uses some cheap tricks and removes the turnbuckle pad, dodging a Venis charge so Val slams into metal. Vito rolls him up and gets the win.

A woman is interviewed backstage, she says her name is Alicia Webb and she's looking to manage any of the guys backstage who require her...services.

Mickie James is walking backstage when Trish gets in her way. Trish tells Mickie she's not going to win a Women's title shot on Smackdown, because Trish is the only one that can deliver Stratusfaction in the ring and make the Women's title valuable. Mickie just looks peeved as Trish leaves. Trish actually gets a few boos.

D'Lo Brown v Finlay

Finlay loves to fight, but D'Lo can fight too. The match gets a tad violent as it goes outside the ring (it usually does in a Finlay fight) and back in. D'Lo wins with the Sky High after countering a Finlay sleeperhold with a jawbreaker.

Chris Jericho's entrance plays. He's fighting whoever it was that attacked him last week in tonight's main event. Chris Jericho grabs a mic. He tries to speak but he's being booed.

Jericho: "...Will you please...SHUT. THE HELL. UP!"

The crowd boo louder and start chanting "Jericho sucks". It eventually dies down.

Jericho: "You should all be honoured to be able to watch me fight whichever punk decided to take me out last week, so I can show to all of you what Y2J is really made of! Vince...'Mr. McMahon'...gave me some advice on Smackdown, and I'm actually gonna follow it. From now on, I'm not gonna just complain about the next wrestler who attacks me, trying to make a name for himself. I'm gonna just beat the complete crap out of him, and that's starting tonight! A lot of people have said to me 'who do you think it is, Chris? Do you think it was Rey? It's gotta be Rey"...No...It wasn't Rey. Do you think that pipsqueak could take out the Ayatollah...of Rock. And. Roll-a?! No chance."

Jericho: "In fact...I can prove that right now. Mysterio, how about you get your little ass out here and see if you can take me out...Come on! I'm calling you out, Rey!"

After a few seconds, Rey's music starts playing, and Rey comes out! No wait, he's a little smaller...Jericho seems to be playing the midget card and got one to come out dressed as Mysterio! The crowd give a cheer, then when they realize boo and laugh at the same time.

Jericho: "Yeah that's right! You get in this ring!"

Mini-Rey gets in the ring.

Jericho: "So, you think you can take this title from me at WrestleMania do you?"

Mini-Rey starts nodding.

Jericho: "Well I've got bad news for ya, you're NEVER going to get this title from me!"

Jericho then launches a kick right into the face of Mini-Rey, and that didn't look rehearsed. Jericho starts beating the crap out of him before lifting him up and throwing him out of the ring.

US Title match

Chavo Guerrero © v Juventud Guerrera

Guerrero v Guerrera in this match, and they immediately impress, the crowd are behind both men as they put on as good a match as Vito and Val's earlier. Chavo hits Juventud with the Gory Bomb then goes on top for the Frog Splash to successfully retain again.

A video is played on the Titantron chronocling the best of Edge & Christian as a tag team. Christian Vs Edge, WrestleMania XXII is shown at the end, making another match for the big PPV.

Batista v Big Show

The two big men fight it out, the biggest moment of the match was when Batista managed to lift Show up for the Batista Bomb, followed by the pinfall after punching out of a Show Stopper.

Triple H v The Undertaker

Triple H and Undertaker put on a classic match, Undertaker wins after finally landing a Tombstone on The Game. After the match, K-Kwik came out and hit continuous chair shots to the back of Triple H.

Chris Jericho comes back out for his match against his attacker. His music dies down and then there's silence. Suddenly red pyro explodes out of the stage. Kane's music plays and the crowd go wild. Jericho, rather than look shocked or kick the ropes, focuses on Kane.

Chris Jericho v Kane

As soon as Kane walks in the ring Jericho charges at him and the match begins. Y2J really takes the fight to Kane, but the monster keeps coming back. Jericho doesn't stop though and keeps trying despite Kane's hard-hitting moves. Eventually, Jericho leaves the ring and picks up a chair. He comes back in and clobbers Kane with it. The ref calls for the bell, Jericho keeps whacking Kane with the chair before one last hit on the head. Jericho raises his arms and the chair, but Rey comes running down the ramp into the ring! Y2J turns around and hits a nasty chair shot to his head. He stomps Rey a little, picks him up and throws him out of the ring followed by the chair.

Jericho raises his arms again and soaks up the crowd's boos. All of a sudden Kane sits up angrily. Jericho decides it's best to slowly get out of the ring as the show ends.


Hardcore Holly def. Steven Richards

Vito def. Val Venis

D'Lo Brown def. Finlay

Cruiserweight champion Chavo Guerrero retained against Juventud Guerrera

Batista def. Big Show

The Undertaker def Triple H

Kane def. WWE Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho (DQ) (non-title match)

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IPB Image

Swaying Momentum

March 10, 2006

The Heart-Throbs V Money 'n' Kash

The Heart-Throbs work well as a team at first, but EZ Money and Kid Kash are just too good for them. The match ends when they hit their double team 'Making Cents'.

Vince is in his office, on his way out, when there's a knock on his door. Vince looks a little annoyed but answers "Come in". Christopher Daniels comes in. He asks Vince what the hold-up is on his rmatch with Angle. Vince says he has bigger things to deal with. Daniels seems insulted and demands a match. Vince reminds him who his new boss is, but also says he likes his spirit. "Well alright, you two wanna match so bad, you got one! At WrestleMania!" Daniels nods and smiles. "In fact, seeing as you can't get enough of each other...let's make it a 30 minute Iron Man match! I want you two to be so sick of wrestling each other that I won't have to be bothered about it again! Now if you'll exscuse me, if you don't mind, I have some business to take care of" Daniels doesn't actually think that match idea's too bad, and leaves.

The shot changes to a wrestler stretching, we only see their legs, the wrestler turns around and starts stretching to touch their toes, the camera slowly panning up. There's no mistaking that ass, the wrestler turns around, Trish starts doing some arm stretches, preparing for her number one contender match-up.

Ken Kennedy V Rob Conway

Rob Conway hasn't had much action with Sylvan and Rene from his group La Resistance tag teaming, but he gets singles action tonight. Conway does some tough moves on Kennedy, who returns back with a neckbreaker and some scoop slams. Kennedy gets the Green Bay Plunge from the top rope in the end and gets the pin fall.

Chris Jericho is taking a drink from his bottle of water, sitting on a bench in his locker room with the Heavyweight title hanging on a peg beside him. Vince McMahon comes into shot sitting beside Jericho, the title seperating the distance between them, making himself at home. Y2J puts his drink away and gives Vince his attention.

Vince: "Chris...Chris (in that low growling voice only Vince does)...when I saw what you did on RAW...you fighting Kane...ahhhh Chris, that's what I was talking about..."

Y2J: "That's right Mr. McMahon...I decided you gave some good advice...and I followed it, it worked pretty well for me."

Vince: "Oh no, it certainly did work well for you! What I saw there was a champion, Chris. You're sending out a message...despite all the new kids on the block, it's the man who has been in this business for, really, a long time who stands on top. Y2J! The Ayatollah of Rock 'n' Rolla! The first ever Undisputed WWE Champion!...The man who lost the title at Wrestlemania..."

Jericho looks a little disappointed after the big build-up.

Vince "Chris...I'll be honest with you...when I look at you, I see...unrealized potential...I mean, you seem to realize it, in a way, you're a realy cocky son of a bitch after all. And you have won plenty of titles, but *points at the belt between them* the WWE title has pretty much eluded you. But you came back after a little rest, runnin' and gunnin', you got that title within a month! But if you lose that title within a month...at WrestleMania...I think that will have been your last chance, Chris."

Y2J: "Whats your point, Vince?"

Vince: "My point is, I still don't think we're seeing the best of you yet, you're not peaking dammit! If Vincent Kennedy McMahon can win the Royal Rumble, can win matches at WrestleMania, and Y2J can't even hold the title for a month against a pipsqueak from Mexico, how will that make you look??!! RAW was a good start Chris, but you've got to reach further! You took my advice and grew some balls, but they're not the size of my damn grapefruits yet!!"

Y2J: "...Are you trying to mould me into your image, Vince??"

Vince: "Mould you? No, I'm just the friendly boss giving one of his worker a bit of a motivational speech. To improve his output, y'know? Yeah...just a little motivation for your match against Badass tonight, you know he's Kane's best buddy don't you? So you better show me what you did o..."

Y2J: "WOAH WOAH WOAH!! Now let me tell you something, Vince. I'm no dumbass! I know full well about what could happen, but there is no way that Y-2-J-YAH is EVER going to make the same mistake twice. I'm not going to lose my belt at WrestleMania. I'm going to show every punk here, old and new, what Jericho is all about. And once I've proven myself at WrestleMania, and then go on to hold one of the longest reigns in WWE HISTORY, things will never...EEEEEVER be the SAME, AGAIN!!"

Chris Jericho storms off as Vince is frozen. Then he turns around, gives a big grin and start laughing. His plan to motivate Chris most definitely worked.

Talent Showcase Match

CM Punk V Samoa Joe

This match is billed as showcasing the talent WWE is beginning to produce. Two new superstars, CM Punk and Samoa Joe look to prove themselves. As the match goes, the crowd are very impressed, but they are in awe at the ability of Samoa Joe, considering his size. Although CM Punk doesn't get nearly as much applause, he also wrestles superbly. Bemusing most of the fans, a couple of people in the crowd start chanting "ROH" which does get a little louder, but not considerably so. CM Punk, who was in control of the match at the time, gives a smile to the few chanters.

The match ends after Samoa gets the "Kokina Clutch" on CM forcing him to tap out, surprising the fans one last time, who were expecting a power move from the man. They both leave during the advert break to good applause.

Maria interviews Triple H backstage about what he thought of K-Kwik. Triple H says he's furious with this kid interfering with his match (even though it was already over) and costing him the win. He says he was going to refuse K-Kwik's invitation to fight him at WrestleMania, but now he just has to accept. He promises to destroy K-Kwik so badly, that he won't be recognizable to his own mother. Right at that moment K-Kwik jumps the Game with a chair again and hits him continuously with it, trying to gain some sort of edge for the newly made PPV match.

Number 1 Contender match

Trish Stratus V Mickie James

This match will decide who challenges for Victoria's Women's title at WrestleMania. Mickie starts aggressively against Trish, but she makes a comeback, adapting to her quite rabid style. Trish lets out some aggression herself by stomach punching Mickie in the turnbuckle before choking her with her leg on Mickie's neck. The match goes on. Trish goes to deliver the Chick Kick, but Mickie "ducks" it by bending backwards much like Trish does. Trish, confused for a split-second, gets floored with the Mick Kick and Mickie gets the pin fall!

Once Stratus is on her feet, she holds her jaw and shakes her head at Mickie, who is celebrating. Perhaps she thinks she doesn't deserve the shot. Trish pushes the ref out of the way and right when Mickie turns around, she herself gets floored by the Chick Kick.

The fans start booing at the attack on poor Mickie, Trish argues at them wondering why the hell they're booing her and leaves in disgust.

Paul Heyman is outside when a teenager starts chanting "ECW". Heyman gives a little laugh and walks up to him. He asks for Heyman's autograph, Paul happily accepts and signs for the fan. From behind him a voice asks "Hey, can I have your autograph too?" Paul turns around and gets clobbered by a 2 x 4. It's Jerry Lynn! He puts the chunk of wood against Heyman's neck and just says, smiling, "That belt's as good as mine" before kicking him in the stomach.

Jerry goes to walk away before the fan asks "Jerry, can I get your autograph man??". Jerry signs the 2 x 4 and gives it to him.

Chavo Guerrero V Edge

US Champion Chavo won't be defending his title against Edge in this match. As the match goes on, Edge "inadvertently" takes out the ref and removes the middle turnbuckle padding. Chavo fights back before anything can be done, and the crowd start cheering...even more when Christian runs down the ramp with chair in hand! Chavo points to behind Edge, who turns around to see Christian jumping off of a turnbuckle and slamming the chair into his face. Chavo gets the easy pinfall!

Chavo takes his title and rolls out of the ring, Christian raises the winner's arm in victory as Edge, inside the ring, looks in their direction even more angry. Christian copies Chavo's finger rubbing taunt.

Chris Jericho V Badass

The two are ready for a fight and get to work. Jericho gets the early advantage just with sheer relentlessness, but Badass start aggressively whipping Y2J into the turnbuckles before hitting a superplex. Y2J starts getting the momentum back until the ref gets accidentally pushed off his feet, hitting his head on the turnbuckle on the way down. With the ref out, Jericho grabs a chair and waits for Badass to get up. But all of a sudden the arena goes red at the same time as the turnbuckles spew red pyro, Kane's running down the ramp and Jericho is waiting with the chair. But Rey is standing on top of a turnbuckle behind him! The crowd cheer even louder. Jericho, sensing this, turns round just to have himself get missile dropkicked in the face. Kane then grabs Y2J by the throat as Badass slides a chair under him, and chokeslams Y2J onto the chair. The chair is removed as the ref comes around and Badass gets the 3 count!

The crowd love it and RAW goes off the air.


Money 'n' Kash def. Hearth-Throbs

Ken Kennedy def. Rob Conway

Samoa Joe def. CM Punk

Mickie James def. Trish Stratus in a Women's Title #1 Contender's Match

US Champion Chavo def. Edge (non-title match)

Badass def. Heavyweight Champion Chris Jericho (non-title match)

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IPB Image

One Week Away...

March 13, 2006

Before the show starts, a video of what's coming at WrestleMania 22, in 6 days, is shown.

The fireworks go off to begin RAW.

Chavo makes his way down to the ring in front of the New Mexico crowd to a big cheer. Once he gets a mic, he says he wants to defend his US title at the biggest event, WrestleMania. But he wants it to be a spectacular. So he issues an Invitation to superstars who want to challenge for his US belt to show up at WrestleMania and fight him for it. But it is only open to full-blooded Mexicans, which gets a cheer. Chavo says he realizes the irony and looks forward to the "Mexican Fiesta Invintational".

Rosey V Vito

Vito has been practically decimating his opponents, cleanly or otherwise, recently. But Rosey, previously of 3 Minute Warning, is able to get a shock win. But this angers Vito and he takes Rosey out anyway after the match.

WWE Tag Team champions (Rene Dupree and Sylvan) defend against Val Venis and Eugene

A strange tag team made for, if they lose, one night only. Val starts against Sylvan, but once Eugene gets tagged the crowd cheer and he starts chopping Sylvan, who makes a tag to Rene, but gets chopped as well. Val starts getting involved as all four are in the ring. Venis gets thrown out of the ring by Rene Dupree and La Resistance hit La Crepe on Eugene and get the win. La Resistance raise their hands in victory, but the Mexicools come out and charge for the ring. La Resistance don't want any of it, straight after a match, so they get out the ring as the Mexicools slide in.

Jericho is doing some chin-ups when Vince McMahon walks in and sits himself behind Chris working out. Jericho hears him, turns around and walks up to him.

Jericho: "What the hell is that notice on the noticeboard?!"

Vince: "Si' down..."

Jericho stays standing.

Vince: "I said SIT DOWN DAMMIT!!"

Jericho sits beside Vince.

Vince: "Chris *shakes his head*...I thought on Smackdown you were going to show me what Y2J was all about...You said you would. I'm disappointed..."

Jericho: "Yeah well, I don't think Vince McMahon would've been able to do anything about a 3-on-1 surprise attack"

Vince looks surprised.

Vince: "Oh you...you think that do you? Well y'see Chris, when I talked to you a few days ago, before that match, you told me you didn't need my advice. You stopped me as I was giving it...You told me that you weren't...a "dumbass"...But...maybe you're right, maybe Vince McMahon wouldn't have been able to do anything about a 3-on-1 surprise attack. However, Vince McMahon would have known a 3-on-1 surprise attack was coming...taking out the "surprise" factor...and he would've hired, possibly bribed 2...no 3 superstars to back him up. Tonight I've made a match, Kane V Rey Mysterio to make up for Smackdown...Chris, you've got the technique, you've got the wrestling ability and certainly the belief...but you just don't have the smarts. But you now what Chris, we can work on that. We can work together and we can get you that foresight..."

Jericho: "Why do you suddenly like me? What's changed?"

Vince: "What's changed? What's changed?? Have you seen these guys backstage?? You've got a rapper, a Canadian "surfer dude", an olympic gold medalist who's lost his hair and a cruiserweight challenging for the Heavyweight title! Hell, most of them are kids! You're the only one that's keeping this title valuable. You're the only one here, other than Triple H, who's stopping this place being overrun by a bunch of hyperactive kids...Chris, I want you to be leading the WWE, to keep it going!"

Jericho: "Well fine, but that still doesn't explain..."

Vince: "Well Jericho, that notice was an invitation, first come first serve, to challenge for your WWE belt, one-on-one, tonight. Needless to say, that position was filled quickly.

Jericho: "Are you nuts?? But...I mean...WrestleMania's only 1 week away! This would ruin your main event!"

Vince: "Don't play me for a fool! You don't give a damn about my main event! And besides, it doesn't matter. You're going to win, because I know you will. And if you don't, we'll have a worthy champion defending that belt, and you'll be gone! There will be no more comebacks, like I said this is your last chance!"

Vince leaves, leaving Jericho to wonder why the hell Vince just made that match. It's a pretty strange way to motivate someone.

Samoa Joe V Funaki

Samoa Joe faces the much lighter Funaki in his second match. Funaki tries his best but Samoa is on another level and gets the easy win with the Muscle Buster.

CM Punk comes running down the ramp with a chair and lays out Samoa, leading to boos from the crowd.

Backstage, Trish Stratus and Stacy Keibler can be seen talking backstage.

Trish: "Ugh, what was everyone's problem? Booing me like that on RAW!"

Stacy: "Well...maybe it's because you were a sore loser, Trish..."

Trish: "I should never have been a loser! Mickie should never get a shot at the title. You know what? Mickie isn't even worth thinking about. Not even you're worth thinking about, what the hell have you done for the women's division lately?"

Stacy: "Trish! Calm down, I'm not really a wrestler anymore anyway. I manage wrestlers now."

Trish: "Exactly. You're just there to appease all those pervs in the crowd out there"

Stacy: "Er Trish, what about how you dress?"

Trish: "That's got nothing to do with it! I dress how I feel like. But you *points at Stacy's legs*, you just come out in skimpy little shorts (the camera looks down and pans up Stacy's legs and the men cheer). You know what you are? You're an attention-whore..."

The crowd boo and Trish slaps Stacy! Then she pushes her over. Mickie comes running over and gets in front of Trish to some cheers from the crowd.

Trish shakes her head, goes to punch Mickie who blocks it and slaps her back! (creating an "OH!" from the crowd) Trish looks shocked and storms off. Mickie helps Stacy back up.

Booker T V Hardcore Holly

Holly uses technical ability in the ring to control Booker, but Booker fights back with some high kicks and slams. Booker wins eventually with the Scissors Kick

Teddy Long is in his office in front of a table, with Edge and Christian on each side of it. There's some paper on the table.

Teddy: "Now if y'all sure about this, just sign on the dotted line, and we got ourselves a WrestleMania TLC match!"

The crowd cheer.

Christian signs first, Edge signs second, both glaring at each other. Teddy looks at the signatures.

Teddy: "Ok, the match is made. Now I got myself a meeting with the chairman, so if you'd please like to make your leave? I suggest one of you use the other exit to avoid any more confrontations."

Both Edge and Christian leave as Vince comes in and Teddy stands.

Teddy: "How you doin' Mr. McMahon?"

Vince sits down, Teddy sits down.

Vince: "I'm doing pretty good thanks for asking. Now...this is an important meeting...Y'see...I've been looking at what you've been doing recently, the matches you've made."

Teddy: "You don't agree with them?"

Vince: "Well, no. To be honest, I haven't seen Rey Mysterio put into a lot of matches, whilst Chris has been wrestling nearly every show"

Teddy: "Really? I hadn't noticed playa, I'm not the match-maker, I have the ability to make 'em, but the match card ain't what I'm here for"

Vince: "No, you're completely right. In fact Teddy, what do you do?"

Teddy: "Well...Mr. McMahon, I do all the paperwork, I check on ratings, the wrestlers, any injuries, the s..."

Vince: "JACK, is what you do! Other than putting Chris Jericho into big matches. I mean you could at least put Rey in matches too to even things out right? But you can't even do that properly!"

Teddy: "Mr. McMahon, if you look at my record I do a damned good job if I say so myself"

Vince: "Are you so sure? I seem to recall a few years ago there was a petition to remove you as GM of Smackdown!"

Teddy is shocked by Vince's onslaught.

Vince: "Frankly, there's no place for you here, and I don't like how you bias against other workers! You're fired!"

Teddy: "WHAT? Mr. McMahon! I don't let personal opinion get in the way of my job, which..is more than I can say for you!"

Vince: "I'm Vince McMahon dammit! I own this company, I own the wrestlers and I own you!...I owned you!"

Teddy: "Vince, I'm gonna have to sue for this!"

Vince: "You? Sue Vince McMahon? I have the best damn lawyers, and quite frankly the evidence is against you. you can try but you sure as hell won't succeed. I'll counter-sue, would you like to be without any money?!" YOU'RE FIRED! GET OUT!"

Teddy gathers his things quickly and leaves shaking his head. Vince composes himself as the crowd's boos are off the scale.

Randy Orton V Jerry Lynn

No-one has time to dwell on what just happened as Randy makes his entrance followed by Jerry Lynn.

Jerry impresses throught the match, but Randy hits some good moves too. The ref gets knocked down. Randy lands a flying clothesline on Jerry and stalks him ready for the RKO. But AJ comes running to the ring and starts stomping Jerry, then hits him over the head with a chair as he gets up, avenging Paul Heyman. Randy has little time to react and makes the cover, which the ref counts 1-2-3. AJ talks smack to Lynn, Orton looks at Jerry and asks for the chair. Styles reluctantly accepts and Randy waits for Jerry to get up...Randy whacks him with the chair. AJ is impressed as he looks down on Jerry. In a split-second Randy hits the RKO on Styles and looks down angrily at him.

Triple H is backstage watching a monitor, he's on his phone:

Triple H: "Yeah...oh you do? Good, because he is really starting to get on my nerves. But hey, you'll be there right? Good...yeah, just like...yeah you know it...what? Sure he can come along too. The more the merrier. He just keeps jumping me out of nowhere. Of course when we get in the ring I'm going to destroy him, but I simply can't wait that long. I want him to fear The Game, I want him to learn what happens when you cross The Game. Just like everyone has, one by one. I'll see you then..."

Rey Mysterio V Kane

Kane and Rey have the typical 'Big V Small' match-up, Kane relentless on Rey, and Rey keeps coming back for more. Rey eventually manges to hit two 619s. He decides it's best to go for an ordinary pin afterwards.

"Ain't no stoppin' me noooo"

Shelton Benjamin V Chris Jericho © (WWE Heavyweight title match)

Shelton was quickest to capitalize on the open invitation made by Vince, and he could get one major leap up the ranks if he wins. They both put on a very entertaining match, Shelton connecting with a Super Kick, he goes for the pin and the ref nearly counts to 3 but sees Jericho's hand on the ropes. Shelton goes for another Super Kick, but Y2J grabs the leg just. Shelton, hopping on the other foot, tries to land a kick to the side of Jericho's face, but he grabs that leg too. He turns Shelton around for the Walls of Jericho. Shelton, after about 30 seconds, taps and Y2J holds his title high.


Rosey def. Vito

WWE Tag Team champions La Resistance retained against Val Venis and Eugene

Samoa Joe def. Funaki

Booker T def. Hardcore Holly

Randy Orton def. Jerry Lynn

Rey Mysterio def. Kane

WWE Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho retained against Shelton Benjamin

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The Inside WWE News

IPB Image

Former Women's Champion Trish Stratus is believed to be unhappy at recent events. Despite how well the storylines have gone, Trish has not been to fond of her heel turn. But according to a source, she is more unhappy at first losing the title, and then losing to Mickie James.

In reply, the management, although not wanting her to really go, has told her to take it or leave it.

Theodore Long was "fired" in a segment with owner Vince McMahon on Smackdown, in real life his contract has actually been terminated. MNM manager Melina's contract has also been terminated, and Mark Henry has finally agreed a release.

In OVW news, Big Show has been sent over, the big man is believed to be very unhappy about it though. Daivari has also been sent, now without a client in his management duties (his client was Mark Henry), he has been sent to brush up on his wrestling skills.

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IPB Image

Can Jericho Retain?

March 17, 2006

The pyro to start the shows goes off to a big, big cheer from the crowd. In just two days we will witness The Grandaddy Of Them All, Where It All Begins Again: Wrestlemania 22!

Cruiserweight champion Matt Hardy V D'Lo Brown (non-title)

As if it were an audio tribute to the atmosphere, "Ohhh yeaaaaah!" blasts around the arena and Matt Hardy makes his way to the ring, followed by D'Lo for the match. It's a good opener as Matt makes a few comebacks, but D'Lo hits the Lo Down after a failed Leg Drop rom the top rope by Hardy to get the win. Once the match is over though, EZ Money comes out and 'Cha-Ching's Matt. It is later confirmed that they will be having a Cruiserweight title fight in an un-televised match just before Wrestlemania.

Number one contender Mickie James is walking backstage, she has a tag match with Stacy against Trish and Torrie later. La Resistance then surround her, trying to charm and sweet talk her, but Mickie isn't impressed. Rob Conway tries to get her to change her mind a little and Mickie starts feeling uncomfortable. At that point Badass appears out of nowhere behind La Resistance and freaks the hell out of them. La Resistance make their excuses and leave. "Aw thanks!" Mickie says and she hugs him, Badass looks a little confused but allows it.


The arena goes dark and Undertaker makes his entrance to a big ovation. Once he brings the lights back up, Taker gets a mic.

Undertaker: "In only 48 hours...we will see the biggest event in WWE history..."

The crowd cheer a little.

Undertaker: "In this time...I have been undefeated...my "streak" going into double figures...but this year...The Undertaker does not rise at WrestleMania...This year, you will not see me fighting for gold...or even fighting for supremacy or to make a point against those who dare challenge...But...let no-one think that this means the end of The Undertaker...I will never die...because you can't kill a Deadman"

The crowd cheer.

Undertaker: "One after another...those who have got in my way, have been defeated...there is no doubt, that I wish to hold that which I do not possess...the WWE Heavyweight Championship"

The crowd start chanting "Un-der-ta-ker"

Undertaker: "Whoever holds that title when the dust settles...whoever is Champion of Champions, or King of Kings...there will be one final hurdle they must overcome, before truly claiming to be such things...that, of The Undertaker..."


The Undertaker makes his way out of the ring and to the back.

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson V Mickie James and Stacy Keibler

This match ends up more of a Trish V Mickie & Torrie V Stacy match-up, both teams tagging when the other gets the tag. Trish and Mickie end up as the legal two, Victoria makes her way down to the ring with the title over her shoulder. Mickie runs into the ropes and Victoria grabs her leg. Mickie turns around to look at Victoria, and Trish gives Mickie some Stratusfaction and gets the pin. Trish celebrates and Torrie regroups with Victoria as Stacy tends to Mickie.

US champion Chavo Guerrero V Super Crazy (non-title match)

Perhaps a pre-cursor to the Mexican Invitational at Wrestlemania for Chavo's US title. The two shake hands and begin to wrestle. Super Crazy is the more agile of the two, but Chavo uses his power advantage to get the most momentum. Super Crazy risks the Moonsault but doesn't hit it. Chavo manages the Gory Bomb and gets the 3 count. Rob Conway comes running down the ramp and jumps both Chavo and Super Crazy. Conway flapjacks Super face first into the turnbuckle, but runs out of the ring as Chavo was about to make the save.

The titantron shows a video of something that happened earlier today, it shows Kurt Angle and Christopher Daniels confronting each other backstage. It ends up becoming a backstage brawl, Angle gets the advantage with a hammer to the head of Daniels. He then starts stomping on his ankle and whacks it twice with the hammer. Daniels is currently getting his ankle looked at, although it's apparently not broken.

Chris Benoit V Finlay

The two have a down right ugly match (although not in terms of entertainment). Finlay tried some cheap tricks outside, but Benoit was able to see most of it coming. Benoit missed the Swan Dive Headbutt, but managed to get the Crossface on Finlay, who passes out before he taps, giving Benoit the win.

JBL V K-Kwik

K-Kwik hops around and gets the better of JBL at first, but JBL starts trying to control his quickness by attacking the legs. K-Kwik is on the losing end most of the fight as JBL keeps attacking his legs, but he manages to duck the Clothesline from Hell, which hits the ref and knocks him down! JBL gets hit with K-Kwik's Lie Detector, and both men, and the ref, are down!


X-Pac comes out in his green attire and intro as the crowd cheer a bit of the old DX coming back! X-Pac takes his time coming down the ring, he must be who Triple H was talking on the phone with! X-Pac gets in the ring as the ref, JBL and K-Kwik are getting up. X-Pac tells Kwik to "SUCK IT" and X-Factors him. JBL makes the cover and gets the win. X-Pac gets up on the turnbuckle and sticks his tongue out to the crowd, who are cheering him. K-Kwik makes it back up and attacks X-Pac from behind, knocks him down and starts stomping him. All of a sudden Justin Credible appears and hits him in the back with a chair. Credible and X-Pac stomp at K-Kwik to send out a message. The crowd boo.

Edge is being interviewed by Krystal about his 3-on-3 tag match later on involving AJ, Lynn, Rey Mysterio, Jericho and Christian and his Wrestlemania match. Edge just says how great he is, how he's proved it, and how he'll prove it one more time by beating Christian in the TLC match at Wrestlemania.

Carlito V Shelton Benjamin

Carlito, ever trying to prove himself, faces the man who lost his title match against Jericho on RAW. Benjamin tries some suplexes, but Carlito fights back by dropkicking Shelton into the turnbuckle and keeping him there with punches and kicks. Benjamin pushes Carlito away, but Carlito clotheslines him. Carlito eventually hits Carlito's Way and wins, then celebrates to the crowd.

Rey Mysterio, Christian and Jerry Lynn V WWE Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho, Edge and Intercontinental champion AJ Styles

Rey and Edge start the match. Rey hits some spinning kicks on Edge and tags to Jerry, who takes control of Edge and tags to Christian, to some cheers, but Edge reverses and spears Christian. He only gets a 2 count and tags to AJ Styles. AJ starts twisting and flipping moves on Christian and tags to Jericho. Jericho goes for the Lionsault but Christian gets his knees up. He tags to Jerry, but Y2J low blows and tags to AJ. AJ charges at Jerry, who executes a wonderful dropkick on Styles, and Rey is tagged.

Rey and AJ start doing the quick-moves-multiple-reversals-and-flips routine before Rey whips AJ into Y2J's corner. Jericho tags himself in and the crowd start cheering Rey. Rey gets the advantage. Rey looks ready to get the 619 on Jericho, but AJ does a 450 landing right on Rey, Jerry Lynn gets in the ring and starts pounding AJ with punches, Edge looks to help Styles but gets speared by Christian! Chaos in and out of the ring as Jericho goes for the Walls of Jericho, Rey reaches the ropes and whilst Rey is getting up, Jericho gets speared by Edge by accident! Jericho flops onto the ropes, Rey hits the 619 and West Coast Pop on Y2J. 1...2...3. Rey pins Jericho and starts celebrating as Jerry and Christian both get the advantage of their opponents too. They celebrate with him and the crowd as Smackdown ends one last time before WrestleMania.


D'Lo Brown def. Cruiserweight champion Matt Hardy (non-title match)

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson def. Mickie James and Stacy Keibler

US Champion Chavo def. Super Crazy (non-title match)

Chris Benoit def. Finlay

JBL def. K-Kwik

Carlito def. Shelton Benjamin

Rey Mysterio, Christian and Jerry Lynn def. WWE Heavyweight champion Chris Jericho, Edge and Intercontinental champion AJ Styles

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