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Arena Football


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Well, I'm getting the game tomorrow, from the videos I've seen on IGN it looks great.

And, a new feature along with telemetry (SP?) and some other things, is the ability to control the WR before the snap and during the play, you run the route and then just hit the button you want the QB to throw to, whether it be you or someone else, or you could switch back.

From people who have it, I've heard it's amazing...

Anyone getting it other then me?

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I heard it blows; the defense isn't remotely fun, the analog kicking sucks (although that's probably also due to the smaller goal posts in Arena football) and the same few plays work over and over again on offense. Not sure if I'm interested yet. I might rent it, which would make it one of the first rentals I've made in a while.

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I played my first game, loved it, graphics were great, everything was smooth other then one problem I had late in the 3rd quarter where my WR got stuck in the O-line when I was trying to do a hurry up offense, he wouldn't move and I could audible or anything so I had to burn a timeout.

Then, after the game I think right as the celebrations where supossed to end, it froze.

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