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WCW Nitro


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Apparently this was a great game on the PC, and i was wondering, given it's age, if there is a freeware version of this?

The reason i ask if there's a freeware version is because GTA and other rockstar games are available free due to their age, and i wondered if it's developers had done the same.

Any help is greatly appreciated, and thanks in advance for any.


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Guest Mr. Perfect

I wouldn't wish this game on my worst enemy. You'd be better off looking for the WWF In Your House game, I saw it not too long ago on an abondonware site. I don't remember which one.

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cheers for the advice guys, i'll look for IYH as well :)

can anyone recommend me some good free wrestling games by any chance? preferably ones where i would be actually wrestling in them rather than like wrespi or booking them?

cheers again for the advice and any other recommendations given.


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