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No Mercy help needed


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Aren't you on NoMercyZone? This was the first moveset in the Others section:


Front Weak Grapple Front Weak Grapple [A]: Club to neck

Front Weak Grapple [D-Pad left or right+A]:Knee Sweep

Front Weak Grapple [D-Pad up+A]: European Uppercut spin

Front Weak Grapple [D-Pad down+A]: Knee Strike

Front Weak Grapple :tie up knee strikes

Front Weak Grapple [D-Pad left or right+B]: chop down

Front Weak Grapple [D-Pad up+B]: knee strikes 3

Front Weak Grapple [D-Pad down+B]: mini chops

Front Strong Grapple

Front Strong Grapple [A]: DVD

Front Strong Grapple [D-Pad left or right+A]: ddt 02

Front Strong Grapple [D-Pad up+A]:powerbob pin 4

Front Strong Grapple [D-Pad down+A]: manhattan drop

Front Strong Grapple : strong sambo suplex

Front Strong Grapple [D-Pad left or right+B]:standing clothesline

Front Strong Grapple [D-Pad up+B]: trapping headbutts

Front Strong Grapple [D-Pad down+B]: reverse armbar

Front Special Move [analog stick]: striking combination

Back Weak Grapple Back Weak Grapple [A]: fore arm smash

Back Weak Grapple [D-Pad+A]: surfboard stretch

Back Weak Grapple : multiple headbutts

Back Weak Grapple [D-Pad+B]: backbreaker

Back Strong Grapple Back Strong Grapple [A]: rev. ddt2

Back Strong Grapple [D-Pad+A]: rack pancake

Back Strong Grapple : pumphandle suplex pin

Back Strong Grapple [D-Pad+B]: big clothesline

Back Special Move [analog stick]: Burning Hammer or Pumphandle suplex

Reversals Back Weak Grapple Counter: counter elbow strike

Back Strong Grapple Counter: counter groin kick


Weak Striking Weak Arm Striking : overhand chop

Weak Arm Striking [D-Pad+B]: straight punch

Weak Leg Striking : middle kick 2

Weak Leg Striking [D-Pad+B]: front kick 1

Strong Striking Strong Striking : hard chop 1

Strong Striking [D-Pad+B]: spinning clothesline

Strong Striking [A+B]: spinning elbow

Recovering Attack: low blow

Counter Attack : Strong Attack[D-pad/B]

Special Counter: front special grapple

Counter Kick [A]: mandara hineri

Counter Kick : standing clothesline 2

Special Counter Kick: special back grapple

Walking Moves: generic 01


Running Attack Weak Running Attack [Down-C]+: clothesline L01

Weak Running Attack [Down-C]+[A+B]: kitchen sink 2

Strong Running Attack [D-Pad+Down-C]+: tazz clothesline

Strong Running Attack [D-Pad+Down-C]+[A+B]: elbow attack 03

Running Grapple Running Front Grapple [Down-C]+[A]: running ddt 01

Running Back Grapple [Down-C]+[A]: release german suplex

Running Ground Attack:

Facing UP: Senton Splash 01

Facing Down: Senton splash 03

Sitting Up: Stomp

Sitting Down: knee drop

Evasion: roll


Upper Body Submission:

Facing up: armbar 02

Facing Down: sitting reverse armbar

Sitting Up: surfboard stretch

Sitting Down: camel clutch

Facing Up [special]: none

Facing Down [special]: none

Lower Body Submission:

Facing up: groin knee drop

Facing Down: indian deathlock

Facing Up [special]: none

Facing Down [special]: Knee stomp( for the curbstomp hack)

Ground Attack

Facing Up: Sak-Fu Stomp

Facing Down: senton splash

Sitting Up: dropkick to knee

Sitting Down: dropkick to knee


Turnbuckle Attack Turnbuckle Attack : hard chop 02

Turnbuckle Attack [D-Pad+B]: hard chop 01

Running Turnbuckle Attack [Down-C]+: kitchen sink 01

Running Turnbuckle Attack [Down-C]+[A+B]:elbow attack 02

Irish whip to Corner Counter:boot to face

Tree of woe Attack Tree of woe Attack : hard chop 02

Tree of woe Attack [D-Pad+B]: hard chop 01

Running Tree of woe Attack: yakuza kick 02

Front Turnbuckle Grapple

Front Weak Grapple [A]:eye rake on ropes

Front Weak Grapple : multiple chops

Front Strong Grapple [A]:big chop

Front Strong Grapple : hard knee strikes

Front Special Grapple [analog stick]:Dragon steiner(Super hurracanrana)

Back Turnbuckle Grapple

Back Weak Grapple [A]:fore arm smash

Back Weak Grapple :forearm smash

Back Strong Grapple [A]:super backdrop

Back Strong Grapple :super backdrop

Back Special Grapple [analog stick]: reverse frankensteiner

Front Counter Grapple:rack em up

Back Counter Grapple: super back drop

Flying Attack

to Standing Opponent: big chop

Standing Opponent to outside:big chop

Standing Opponent [special]: front dropkick

Laying Opponent:Double stomp

Laying Opponent to outside:double stomp

Laying Opponent [special]:double stomp

Turnbuckle Inside Attack:diving elbow

Turnbuckle Taunt Corner Taunt: taunt 009

Turnbuckle Taunt: taunt 001


Weak Grapple to apron:club to chest

Strong Grapple to apron:suplex to inside

Special Grapple to apron:none

Counter Grapple From apron:suplex reversal to inside

Rope Inside Attack:moonsault from 2nd rope

Flying Attack to outside:Vaulting body press

Running diving Attack [A]: baseball slide

Running diving Attack [D-Pad+A]: diving elbow

Running Diving Taunt: none

Rebound Flying Attack:none


Apron Attack Apron kick to inside:middle kick

Apron kick to outside: strong kick

Grapple from apron:

Weak grapple from apron: guillotine

Strong Grapple from apron:sunset flip over ropes

Special Grapple from apron: powerbobm to outside

Counter Grapple to apron:suplex reverse

Flying Attack from apron:

Flying Attack: Dropping elbow

Running Flying Attack: dropkick

Flying Attack to ring( Standing Opponent):Dropkick

Laying Opponent:Slingshot body splash

Standing Opponent [special]Missle Dropkick

Apron Taunt: taunt 006

Irish Whip

Irish whip Attack:Spinning back chop 02

Irish whip Grapple Front Weak Grapple [TAP A]:reverse armbar

Front Weak Grapple [HOLD A]:samoan drop 02

Front Strong Grapple [TAP A]:hurracanrana

Front Strong Grapple [HOLD A]:spinebuster

Front Special Grapple [analog stick]:front special grapple


Taunt 1 [analog stick up]: taunt 020

Taunt 2 [analog stick left]:taunt 020

Taunt 3 [analog stick right]:taunt 020

Special Taunt:taunt 043

Ducking Taunt:taunt 011

Celebration Taunt:taunt020

Entry Way Taunt:taunt020

Double Team-

Double Team Grapple Front:Wishbone split

Back Grapple:double atomic drop

Sandwich Grapple:double piledriver

Irish whip Grapple:double arm drag

Double Team Attack:Doomsday device

Attack to outside:Doomsday device

Attack to ring:none

Reversals Counter Attack:punching reversal

Fighting Style


Ring Entry: normal



Submission Skills:normal

Irish Whip Evasion:yes

Recovery Rate:normal


Reaction to Blood:normal


Turnbuckle Climbing:climbing

Jumping Distance:normal

Specific Weapon:random

Stat Points

Offence l Defence

Head=2 Head=3

Body=3 Body=3

Arms=3 Arms=3

Legs=4 Legs=3

Flying=3 Flying=3


Rival 1:NA

Rival 2:NA

Rival 3:NA

Accompony By:NA

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