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WWE: Re-Invented

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-

Late September 2005, WWE management issued the ‘Help Wanted’ sign for the writing team. My people turned up for the job, but none were what WWE (Johnny Ace mainly) was looking for, but then, one man entered the room. This man, name not revealed, was in his mid twenties and had a pretty impressive application form, though, no experience was present. Despite that minor set back, Johnny Ace liked some of the ideas put forward by this young man, who we will call Mr. Smith. Smith said that the fact about wrestling now is that smarter fans are growing and the easy-to-please fans are shrinking. He went on to say that WWE need to stop concentrating on storylines and bring back the wrestling aspect of WWE, by letting guys who hide their skills through gimmicks, such as John Cena, to let their hair down and show their true potential. He also suggested that though a big part of WWE was its eye candy, there is a way to combine it with true wrestling ability from females. He suggested that the tag division on both brands be given a bigger spotlight and get rid of thrown-together teams. He also suggested that it could be worthwhile giving the Cruiserweight Division a chance in the spotlight. He concluded by saying that the indy promotions and TNA have some great talent and that is why they are catching up, so the E needs to look into the indies for talent also. Ace then said he would contact him later.

Ace thought thoroughly about Smith’s ideas and actually suggested them to the current writing team and the McMahon family. Stephanie wasn’t too keen on the idea but Vince decided to give it a shot and attempted to do it WITHOUT hiring Smith, but didn’t know how to go about it. By January 2006, right after the Rumble, Stephanie told her father that this plan was failing and Vince decided to scrap it, but Ace came forward with another idea. He convinced Vince that it didn’t work because no one knew how to go about it, so Ace suggested that they hire Smith as the head writer. The risk was that with little or no experience, he could fail, but Vince decided to take the risk and hired Smith straight away. They planned for him to be backstage from then to WrestleMania, this will let current storylines run their course, but at the same time, WrestleMania can be performed to the standard he was talking about. Smith’s reign would begin right after WrestleMania on BOTH shows.

[Don't know if this is much of a backstory but its all i got. Basically, i "Smith" will be starting at the WM event and onwards. My job is both writer and agent. I know that the people now are getting smarter so we need to go back to wrestling as a main theme, not one under the story telling. Basically, it is my excuse to make the wrestlers seem better than they are now, and hopefully come up with better storylines. Enjoy!]

[Oh, and next will be a brief history between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania so you know the stories. After that, the WM Event itself.]

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


CW TITLE: Gregory Helms (=O=) vs Nunzio

Nunzio defeated Kid Kash, Funaki and Jamie Noble about an hour ago for this shot.

WOMANS TITLE: Trish Stratus (=O=) vs Candice Michelle

Candice Michelle defeated Victoria, Mickie James and Ashley in a four corners number one contender match by rolling up Mickie. She gets a shot at Trish tonight.

GRUDGE MATCH: Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

Kennedy attacked Matt Hardy during a match he had with Paul Burchill. Burchill threw him over the announce table taking out Kennedy. Kennedy, not knowing it was Burchill’s fault, attacked Matt Hardy.

SD! TAG GAUNTLET: MNM w/Melina (=O=) vs London/Kendrick vs Gymini vs Mexicools vs The Diccks vs Finlay/Regal vs ???

MNM said that no tag team on SD! amounted anything close to them. They put themselves over as unbeatable and said that at WM there will be a tag gauntlet with the winner facing them. Teddy Long intervened and told them that he has entered a RETURNING! Team to SD! into the gauntlet. Meanwhile, after the loss of his protégé, Regal shook hands with Finlay to join forces once again.

POWER VS POWER: Bobby Lashley vs Chris Masters

On SD, Lashley claimed that he is unbeatable when one on one. On RAW Masters called him a show off, and said even he wouldn’t be able to break the Masterlock. Next SD show, Long and Lashley invited Masters next week to attempt the Masterlock Challenge on Lashley. When this happened, Lashley looked to be breaking out but then some RAW invaders come from the crowd and destroyed Lashley. The match was set, Lashley vs Masters at WM. The following RAW saw SD invade for revenge. The last SD before WM, during a street fight with Finlay that ended up outside the arena, Masters came from nowhere and locked in the Masterlock, and Lashley couldn’t break it giving Masters strong momentum going into WM.

IC TITLE: Ric Flair (=O=) vs Shane McMahon

Ric Flair came to Michaels’ aid during one of McMahon’s beat down. McMahon targeted Flair as well as Michaels now and granted his son Shane a match at WM for Flair’s title.

MAIN EVENT 1: Mick Foley vs Edge w/Lita

After Edge lost his rematch against Cena, he turned on the special guest referee, Mick Foley. Foley mocked Edge for being a transitional champion, which only made things worse for him as Edge became obsessed with proving himself again. The match was made, Foley vs Edge at WM.

RAW TAG TITLES: Kane (=O=) vs Big Show (=O=)

After a small bit of preaching from Triple H, Show began to turn. HHH had convinced him that he is always losing now because of two reasons, first he was being held back, and second because he is not the giant monster he used to be. He preached the same thing to Kane trying to turn them both on his side, but Kane wasn’t affected. Eventually, Show turned on his partner. Problem was they were both the tag champs. This match was made, and the winner would become the first ever, One Man Tag Team Champion.

US TITLE: Booker T (=O=) vs Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan vs JBL

First there were Booker T vs Chris Benoit, which JBL interfered in allowing Booker to pick up the victory. For doing that favour, he demanded a shot at the title for WM, this shocked Booker, but he was saved by Teddy Long who came in and said that the only way he is going to allow Booker T vs JBL is if JBL beats Benoit that night in a number one contenders match. In that match, Orlando Jordan interfered and caused the match to go to a no contest, and then he demanded a shot. It was made a fatal four-way match, which made it worse for Booker.

MAIN EVENT 2: The Undertaker vs Mark Henry w/Daivari

Prior to Taker’s shot at Angle, Henry attacked him and took his shot for his own. Angle defeated Henry that night and Henry wasn’t pleased. But then, Taker came back for revenge and began to torment Henry with mind games, including doing the same thing Henry did to him and threw Daivari off the stage. This match was built up further with mind games.

MONEY IN THE BACK: Shelton Benjamin vs Chavo Guerrero vs Carlito vs Rob Van Dam vs Charlie Haas vs Rey Mysterio

All this is generic with McMahon wanting to repeat last year’s performance. Rey Mysterio was let to take part as he had lost his Main Event spot to Orton. Haas made his return the show it was announced and is there to make a name for himself, like his former partner had done last year. Mysterio has also dedicated this match to Eddie Guerrero’s memory.

MAIN EVENT 3: Shawn Michaels vs Vince McMahon

You all know that history.

MAIN EVENT 4: Kurt Angle (=O=) vs Randy Orton

Orton defeated Mysterio to get his WM Main Event spot to face Angle.

MAIN EVENT 5: John Cena (=O=) vs Triple H

Triple H was victorious in the tournament to receive this shot.

MAIN EVENT 6: Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan

This match has been built up as a ‘Dream Match’. The two have shaken hands when the match was announced as WrestleMania’s ultimate Main Event. But since then Austin has sworn that he is going to kick Hogan’s ass. And Hogan has said pretty much the same thing. This is probably the most anticipated match since Rock/Hogan.

[WrestleMania will be up next. It should be written up no later than Friday. I'll try and get it up tomorrow though.]

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


Tatanka def Simon Dean via Samoan Drop.

Nunzio defeated Jamie Noble, Kid Kash and Funaki for a shot at the Cruiserweight title in about an hour’s time.

Val Venis & Viscera defeated Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko via Viscera Big Splash on Tomko.

Paul Burchill defeated Stevie Richards via modified STO.

Team RAW (Lance Cade, 3 Minute Warning, Trevor Murdoch & Conway) defeated Team SD! (Scotty 2 Hotty, Road Warrior Animal, Hardcore Holly, Big Vito & Slyvan) Order of Elimination: Slyvan (Conway), Cade (Animal), Conway (Holly), Holly (Jamal), Murdoch (Animal), S2H (Rosey), Vito (Rosey), Animal (Jamal).

WrestleMania 22

The pyros go off for the beginning of the WrestleMania event. First we go to Jerry Lawler, The Coach and Joey Styles for a rundown of what is happening on the RAW side of things, and then we go to Tazz and Michael Cole for the SmackDown! Side of the card.

In The Ring – Cameras cut to the ring where Lillian Garcia is ready to sing the National Anthem. Midway through some air horns are heard and out comes the Spirit Squad. Spirit Squad member Ken Doane gets on the microphone and says what’s WrestleMania without CheerMania!?! The Spirit Squad begins some sort of cheer. Eventually they are interrupted by the eerie sound of… THE BOOGEYMAN! Boogeyman slivers down to the ring. The Spirit Squad attacks him once he enters the ring and the bell rings for some reason. [67]

Opening Bonus Match

The Boogeyman vs The Spirit Squad

The Match – The five strike down on Boogeyman, but he rises to his feet and knocks them all away. He grabs Johnny Jeter and throws him into the corner, he then grabs Nick Mitchell and throws him hard into the same corner, making him collide with Jeter. Boogeyman turn around to see Ken Doane, he rolls backwards as Mike Mondo bounces off the far away ropes onto Doane’s legs and is launched right onto Boogeyman to knock him down. Mondo fires away with right hands while Jeter is pushed up onto Nemeth’s and Doane’s shoulders and executes a moonsault, landing on Boogeyman as Mondo moves out of the way. The Spirit Squad bounce around as Jeter makes the pin but is thrown off at 1½ and Boogeyman rises. He gives Mondo a big boot and then one-man-double-chokeslams Doane and Mitchell. Jeter runs at him but is lifted up for the Military Press and is thrown to the outside. Boogeyman turns to Nemeth who is crapping himself. He takes some worms and shoves them in his mouth, freaking out Nemeth. Nemeth tries to run but Boogeyman grabs him by the collar of his shirt and nails a Pumphandle Slam for a three count.

Winner – The Boogeyman [60]

Aftermath – Boogeyman gets his worms and shoves them down Nemeth’s gullet. You know the routine.

Cruiserweight Title Match

Gregory Helms (=O=) vs Nunzio

Pre Match – A clip is shown from the WrestleMania pre show when Nunzio won this shot, less than an hour ago.

(NOTE: Nunzio received face reaction!)

Match Analysis – Match started with some chain wrestling, and then continued with some strike exchange. Sly moving and dirty play from Helms allowed him to get better Nunzio and knock him outside with a dropkick to the back. Nunzio would come in and the sneaky Helms would stomp on him. Dirty play would continue, with Helms being stopped and warned by the referee on many occasions. Helms hit some impressive moves such as a Blockbuster like Neckbreaker, but at the same time, missed the Shining Wizard on two occasions. Nunzio came back with first a couple of chops, a dropkick to the jaw, and flipping Neckbreaker and a fancy sunset flip variation. Eventually Nunzio had the upper hand, waiting for Helms to get up.

Finish – Nunzio stalks his opponent ready for the Slice. He takes his head and arm and begins to charge at the corner. In mid leap, Helms cunningly pushes him away, making him collide jewels first. Helms take advantage by going under him and hooking both his arms. He walks to the centre of the ring while carrying Nunzio upside down on his back. With a little jump, he nails a move that looks similar to his old Vertabreaker. He immediately pins after for the three count.

Winner – And STILL Cruiserweight Champion – Gregory Helms [77]

(NOTE: Cole said that Nunzio was dropped on his head, but it was obvious that Helms had to help Nunzio pull himself up so he would land on his back. So the move WAS the Vertabreaker.)

Woman’s Title Match

Trish Stratus (=O=) vs Candice Michelle

Match Analysis – Candice started the match with a CAT FIGHT! Candice Michelle stayed in control with hair pulling and the such. Trish begins to come back in an explosive fasion and Candice eventually ended up mounting the top turnbuckle.

Finish – Trish Stratus attempts the Stratusphere but Candice pushes her away and then dives for some sort of move but is met with a big Chick Kick. Trish wins win a three count.

Winner – And STILL Woman’s Champion – Trish Stratus [58]

(NOTE: Yeah, not much effort here. Look at the OR for reason.)

Aftermath – Mickie James comes down and attacks Candice. Trish tries to stop her and in reaction Mickie dive son her and plants her with a big kiss on the lips. Mickie runs up the ramp happy, as Trish looks devastated in the ring.

Grudge Match

Matt Hardy vs Ken Kennedy

Match Analysis – Kennedy started strong with various elbows and forearms, but Hardy got past it with his speed. The match overall went back and forward so many times you would lose count. When Kennedy was beating Hardy, he took him to the outside, and took a moment at the SmackDown! Announce table to put on a headset and insult Hardy and put himself over. Hardy executed an impressive sunset flip Powerbomb to Kennedy who was on the apron and ended up on the thin padding. As the match came to an end, Kennedy was in control.

Finish – Kennedy drags Matt over to the ropes with a huge smile on his face. He jumps up to mount the top turnbuckle with a hand full of Hardy’s hair. He picks him up ready for the Kenton Bomb, but Hardy punches him in the gut a couple of times and then takes him with a front headlock. With Hardy back on the ground, and Kennedy suspended on the top rope there is only one way to go about it. SUPER TWIST OF FATE! And a three count.

Winner – Matt Hardy [74]

Backstage – Teddy Long is in his office talking to some guys who are not in the picture. He tells them that they will be the LAST entrants in the Tag Gauntlet, which is coming right up next. He tells them to get ready, even if they are last; they still have a challenged ahead of them. [83]

SD! Tag Titles

Tag Team Gauntlet

Match #1 – London/Kendrick vs The Diccks – Not much happened. Paul London executed the Drop Sault with Chad Dicck falling victim to the drop and James Dicck to the Sault and the pin was made.

Match #2London/Kendrick vs Gymini w/Simon Dean – As usual, Gymini destroyed the two better wrestlers and beat them with the Cross Trainer.

Match #3Gymini w/Simon Dean vs The Mexicools – Mexicools overwhelmed Gymini for a short while with their speed but eventually ended up on the London/Kendrick road by being dominated. It only took a few minutes though to get back after Super Crazy hit a DDT to counter a Powerbomb from Todd. Mike came in to help, and Psicosis came in to help, it ended up with Mike being double dropkicked over the top rope to single out Todd with as then thrown with a Super Crazy Hurricarana into a Flying Spinning Kick from the top rope by Psicosis and the three count was made.

Match #4The Mexicools vs Finlay/Regal – Regal and Finlay came in and were completely strong style. They were just bruising and wearing down The Mexicools with strikes and various European orientated moves. In a quick turn however, Super Crazy ducked Regal’s Power Of The Punch and Regal nailed Finlay instead. Crazy rolled up the confused Regal in a reverse cradle for a quick pin.

Match #5The Mexicools vs MNM (=O=) w/Melina – Both members of the Mexicools were completely worn down from the last encounter and MNM came in and singled out Crazy, hitting him with a back suplex/Neckbreaker combo. Then they turned to Psicosis and executed the Snapshot for a three count in the short match.

Final MatchMNM (=O=) w/Melina vs The Basham Brothers – The Basham’s made a return to the SmackDown! Tag Division to everyone’s surprise. They came in and took advantage of MNM’s ill knowledge of the Basham style. MNM came back and the tag match went on as normal before Nitro was nailed with the Ball ‘N’ Gag move and the desperate Mercury came in and nailed Doug and Danny with the tag belt.

Winners – By Disqualification – The Basham Brothers [69/73]

But STILL Champions – MNM

(NOTE: Two ratings as the match had to be split into two.)

InterBrand Power Match

Bobby Lashley vs Chris Masters

Match Analysis – Started with a test of strength, which was split down the middle. Masters began to strike down Lashley and then threw him to the ropes for a Polish Hammer, but Lashley countered with a spinning Belly To Belly. Lashley began a barrage of suplexes including a couple of impressive overhead Belly-to-Belly suplexes. Masters would come back and executed an overhead Belly to Belly of his own, amazing. Masters stayed in control with various powerful strikes and slams before he attempted the Masterlock, but it is too early and it is immediately countered with a German overhead. Lashley took control before running into a Polish Hammer that knocked him outside. Masters follows him outside and beats him around the ringside, rolling in and out of the ring every now and again to break the count. Eventually the fight goes back into the ring and Lashley takes over again. Continues as usual going back and forward for a while before Masters takes control at the end with a big Spinebuster. After, he begins to stalk Lashley for the Masterlock.

Finish – Lashley gets up and Masters immediately locks in the Masterlock. Lashley shakes around to get out, but he can’t escape. Masters jerks Lashley around to weaken him. Lashley is desperate to escape and charges backwards into the corner, but Masters keeps the hold locked. Lashley charges towards the ropes, and to everyone’s surprise, both men fall out of the ring, but Masters still keeps the hold locked in. Lashley starts to go floppy, and is out. The referee is up to the count of four, so Masters lets go and will settle for a count out victory … but he is turned back round and nailed swiftly with the Dominator. Lashley played possum to make Masters release the Masterlock. Lashley realises the count and immediately slides into the ring and the referee counts the last two seconds to count out Chris Masters who is out cold on the outside of the ring.

Winner – Bobby Lashley via Count Out [79]

Backstage – Vince and Shane are together backstage. Vince says to Shane that tonight, two legends will be destroyed. He says Shane will take out Ric Flair and take his Intercontinental Title, and later, he himself will destroy Shawn Michaels and then, when Shawn lies in a puddle of his own blood, Vince is going to say those two magic words … “YOUR FIRED!” Shane acts all psyched up as he heads to the ring for his match. [90]

Intercontinental Title Match

Ric Flair (=O=) vs Shane McMahon

Match Analysis – Not much to describe. Shane just punching and bouncing around, and Flair getting in a couple of chops. Shane low blows Flair and uses the time to expose a turnbuckle. Flair manages to NOT collide with the steel and goes back to chopping. Shane counters a back suplex by landing on his feet and nails a bulldog.

Finish – With Flair down, Shane climbs to the top rope. He psyches himself up and then makes the Leap Of Faith but Flair moves out of the way, making Shane hit the mat hard. Flair is still slow as Shane gets up to his feet and charges at Flair. Flair dodges Shane again, and Shane runs into the turnbuckle he exposed earlier. Shane stumbles back into a roll up and Flair sneaks away the victory.

Winner – And STILL IC Champion – Ric Flair [76]

WrestleMania Main Event #1

Mick Foley vs Edge w/Lita

Match Analysis – Full out brawl. Before the bell even went, Foley and Edge met on the ramp and fought each other into the crowd, through backstage, and finally into the ring for the bell to sound and the match begins. Foley has full control of the match with his brawling and once again takes Edge to the outside with his signature clothesline. With a little more brawling, Edge fires back and takes control. The match, now back in the ring, Edge takes full control. He takes Foley out of his game with suplexes and slams and then going to the top and hitting a big missile dropkick. Foley keeps coming back for short stints but something always seems to get in his way, either Lita or Edge’s dirty play. Foley does eventually take control of the match by avoiding a spear, causing Edge to nail the referee instead. Mick hits the Double Arm DDT and then smiles, goes to the outside, and goes under the ring. The crowd begin to chant ‘FOLEY!’ as Mick pulls out a 2x4 wrapped in Barbed Wire. He re-enters the ring to stalk Edge with the weapon.

Finish – The crowd continue to chant ‘FOLEY! FOLEY!’ as he holds up the 2x4 of Barbed Wire and is stalking Edge with it. The referee is down, so nothing can stop Foley now. Lita comes in from behind and kicks Foley in the parts of the place I do not want to mention, but Foley doesn’t feel a thing, drops the Barbed Wire and turns to Lita. Foley taps the top of his head and then reaches down his pants and pulls out … A CUP! He must have known Lita would have tried that at some point. But, Foley has taken it out too early; Edge comes from behind and gives Foley a low blow. He stands and DDTs Foley onto the Barbed Wire 2x4. He throws the weapon out of the ring and hooks the leg of the now bloodied Mick Foley. The referee revives and makes the count, but Foley miraculously kicks out. Edge is infuriated and goes to the other side of the ring and stalks Foley for the spear, Foley stands and turns to walk right into the Spear, and the three count is reached.

Winner – Edge [79]

RAW Tag Team Titles

To Crown The First Ever One-Man Tag Champ

Kane (=O=) vs Big Show (=O=)

Match Analysis – Brawl … Brawl … Brawl. Show is clearly the stronger in the match. Kane does have some good stints though. Nothing much from either man.

Finish – Kane climbs up to the top rope and prepares for his flying clothesline. Show is on his way up, and turns foolishly to the corner, and Kane launches into the air and snaps his arm across Show’s face, executing the clothesline successfully. Show is knocked onto his back and rolls out of the ring for recovery. Kane gets out of the ring to go after Show. He takes him by the head and tries to throw him back into the ring, but as he tries, Show executes a low blow, knocked Kane away. Show turns around and takes Kane by the neck, and lifts him up for the chokeslam, but then turns and drops him right through the announcers table. The referee immediately calls for a disqualification. Lillian Garcia announcers that the title can’t change via DQ, so both men still hold their tag titles.

Aftermath – Vince McMahon came out, in his wrestling gear. He told the referee that he made the match to crowd to first ever One-Man Tag Champion, and this is not the way it is supposed to end. Vince ordered the match to restart as a No DQ match. This put a smile on Show’s face.

Restarted Analysis – Now it gets interesting. Kane gets beaten down more, but he big boots a chair into Show’s face to take control of the match. Kane becomes a chair-swinging demon for a while. Show eventually comes back, but is bloodied. Show sticks Kane’s ankle into a chair, climbs onto the second rope and jumps off with a big stomp onto the chair, crushing Kane’s ankle.

2nd Finish – Kane rolls around on the floor clenching his ankle after the five hundred pounder had just jumped onto it from the second rope. Show goes to the other side of the ring and picks up a chair and sets it up in the centre. He gets another chair and sets that up in the same way. The front of both chairs now touch, making a bridge. Kane, still clenching at his ankle, is grabbed by the neck and pulled up. Show lifts up his opponent and chokeslams him onto the bridging chairs, sending him into a fit while holding his back. The sadistic smile grows across Show’s face as he picks Kane back up. He holds him in a Dragon Sleeper position and then executes the Final Cut. He pins his former partner for a three count.

Winner – And FIRST EVER One-Man Tag Champion – The Big Show [78]

United States Title Match

Fatal Four Way

Booker T (=O=) vs Chris Benoit vs Orlando Jordan vs JBL

Match Analysis – The four square off, JBL and Benoit fight while Booker and Jordan fight. Benoit dominates JBL and nails him with a German suplex, Booker T then runs in and is nailed with a German suplex, Orlando comes in and is taken down in an armbar and Benoit goes to lock in the Crossface but Orlando flips away and stands to slam Benoit’s head into the mat. JBL brawled throughout with very little movement, an overall bad performance. Benoit was impressive and carried the match greatly, he seems the strongest mid-way. Orlando Jordan was impressive compared to his usual performances, got a great reaction from the crowd to. Booker T, the champion, performed normally to his usual standard, but seemed to be staying out of the auction. The match was filled mainly on Benoit/Jordan confrontations.

Finish – Benoit is in control and he moves over to Jordan. Jordan turns around and Benoit attempts the armbar takedown, but Jordan amazingly counters with a modified Northern Lights suplex. Jordan rises as JBL comes running at him, looking for the Clothesline From Hell, but Jordan ducks under and counters it with a Flatliner, an amazing looking Flatliner at that. JBL rolls out of the ring after the impact. Jordan seems pretty exhausted. On his way up, Booker T comes in for a Scissor Kick, but Jordan once again dodges a finishing move and hits another Flatliner. Orlando notices that he is in a position to win and stands up to stalk Booker T. Booker sits up, and Orlando locks his legs around his neck, locking in a Triangle Hold. Booker T looks like he is going to tap out as from behind, Benoit takes Orlando by the waist and German suplexes him over the top rope, making him fall hard to the mat. Straight away, Benoit applies the Crossface, and after just a few seconds, Booker taps out.

Winner – And NEW United States Champion – Chris Benoit [80]

[center[WrestleMania Main Event #2

The Undertaker vs Mark Henry w/Daivari[/center[

Pre Match – Daivari comes out in a neck brace.

Match Analysis – Mark Henry starts the offence with Undertaker just taking it. He didn’t seem to be affected by Henry’s offence. He had a short stint of offence himself at the end of each of Henry’s. Not much to be offered by the match though.

Finish – Henry is lifted up for the Tombstone Piledriver, but he slips over Taker’s shoulder onto his feet and reverses it and plants Taker with the Worlds Strongest Slam! Henry pins immediately, but Taker gets a shoulder up. Henry looks surprised, as does Daivari from the outside. Henry drags up Taker and lifts him up, only to slam him back down for a second World Strongest Slam! But immediately after, Taker sits up and gets to his feet. Henry looks scared now. Taker gives him a cutthroat taunt to signal the end of Henry, but Henry has none of that and scoops Taker back up into a third Worlds Strongest Slam! But this time, Taker does the same thing Henry did and slid over his shoulder and scoops him up for the Tombstone. He nails it and get the three count.

Winner – And STILL Undefeated At WM - The Undertaker [80]

Backstage – Ric Flair is seen surrounded by security guards. He isn’t fully dressed after his match with Shane McMahon. One of the security guards opens the door for him and he walks out. It seems that he has been ejected from the building, most likely by Vince McMahon. Something smells a little fishy. [84]

Money In The Bank II

Shelton Benjamin vs Chavo Guerrero vs Carlito vs Rob Van Dam vs Charlie Haas vs Rey Mysterio

Pre Match – Highlights of last years MITB is shown.

Match Analysis – The match started with everyone rushing to get a ladder from the outside (there was four set up). From then on there seemed to be a spot at every corner. Shelton Benjamin had a ladder folded and standing. Rey Mysterio ran up it and kicked away from it, causing it to hit against Shelton’s face, while he flipped backwards and took Charlie Haas’ down with a reverse DDT. Carlito threw RVD into a ladder set up in the corner, but RVD countered by monkey flipping the ladder right at Carlito. Shelton made the first go at the suitcase, with Rey on the other side on his way up, but from a ladder set up on the outside, Chavo dived into the ring to dropkick the ladder over. A ladder was bridged between the ring and the guardrail, and RVD was lying on top of it, Carlito ran across the apron and delivered a rolling senton. Charlie Haas and Shelton Benjamin had been working together, they tried to ram down Rey with a ladder, but Rey dived over, but then Haas and Shelton threw the ladder back with a double Fall Away and it took Rey clean out. At this point, Charlie Haas turned on Shelton and began to chop him around ringside. Later, Charlie Haas performed a Superplex from the ladder, through a table set up on stage. Chavo nailed Carlito with a frog splash, and then RVD nailed one of his own on Carlito but from a ladder. Rey had hold of the suitcase and was hanging, but Shelton did a repeat of last year by running up the ladder and spearing him down. Carlito performed a swinging Neckbreaker from the ladder on Charlie Haas. Rey nailed a 619 onto a ladder, which RVD held on the outside. Haas did a diving crossbody onto Shelton who held the ladder. Carlito almost had the suitcase, but Rey Mysterio gave him a (Amazing Red Style) sunset flip from the ladder. Chavo locked in the Lasso From El Paso on Shelton Benjamin from the top of the ladder. Chavo was on the receiving end of the classic catapult spot. This spot was also repeated with Rey onto of one end and Carlito jumping onto the other, launching Rey over the top rope. Last spot worth mentioning was when Rey went for the suitcase, but was taken under by Chavo, who was then taken under by Carlito, and the three went away from the ladder and looked like a big tower before Rey dived off and took out both RVD and Shelton with a crossbody.

Finish – Three ladders are set up, side by side. On the first, Chavo and Charlie Haas stand. On the centre ladder stands RVD and Shelton Benjamin. And on the last one, Rey Mysterio stands with Carlito. All six men are exhausted, and are barely making successful punch landings. Carlito nails Mysterio with a double axe handle, almost knocking him completely off the ladder. Shelton and Carlito then take RVD and double suplex him, but let him go mid-move so he falls to the mat alone. Charlie Haas, who it is pretty obvious is just out to get Shelton at this point, jumps up on the ladder and dives at him with a cross body, taking them both down to the mat. Carlito and Chavo begin to trade punches WHILST BALANCING on top of the three ladders. Carlito almost falls, but lands on his ass, and then low blows Chavo, allowing him to simply push him off backwards. Carlito looks like he has the match won. But, a ladder collapses underneath him, causing him to slip and land on his gut on top of the two other ladders. It was Rey Mysterio’s doing. Carlito adjusts himself slightly, but Rey kicks the other ladder, and this time Carlito goes with the ladder, and lands a huge bump on the outside, ouch. Everyone saw this coming. Mysterio reaches up for the suitcase, the ladder falls underneath him as Shelton Benjamin pushed it, but Rey Mysterio jumps up and latches on to the suitcase. He then falls a long way, with the suitcase in his grasp, and lands hard on the mat. The bell rings to end a great match.

Winner – Rey Mysterio [87]

Aftermath – Mysterio celebrates. He cries. He hugs his prize. He salutes the skies. Chavo comes into the ring and they hug. More emotional stuff like that.

Backstage – We see Triple H wrapping up his fists in tape … The camera cuts to Randy Orton stretching to prepare for his match … Finally, to a big crowd cheer, the camera cuts to WWE Champion John Cena staring at himself in the mirror, trying to get himself psyched up. He says ‘my second WrestleMania Main Event … gonna be the second time I walk out with this belt.’ He then spins the plate while the camera fades out. [80]

WrestleMania Main Event #3

Shawn Michaels vs Vince McMahon

Match Analysis – The match was slow to start, and slow all the way through. Mainly because of Vice McMahon. Shawn made various attempts to speed things up, but to no avail. Even when the ref was knocked out and Shane came down to assist his father, the match still wasn’t really exciting.

Finish – The referee is knocked out, leaving Shawn Michaels to fend for himself against Vince and the chair wielding Shane. Michaels is ready to fight, but from behind he is nailed by a low blow from… Jonathon Coachman. Vince screams to Shane “hit him!” so Shane swings the chair, but Michaels dives out of the way, and the chair bounces off the ropes and nails Shane. Vince, angry as ever, charges for Michaels, but knocked the Coach off the apron and then turns around and is nailed by Sweet Chin Music. Michaels covers and awaits the referee’s revival. Another ref comes from the back and counts the three count.

Winner – Shawn Michaels [78]

Aftermath – Coach is back up and slams Michaels with another chair. Shane is also back, and he uses his chair on Michaels. Vince soon recovers and joins in. It seems over for Michaels as the referees are threatened by be fired if they even try to stop it. Suddenly, somebody’s theme music hits … ITS BRET ‘THE HITMAN’ HART!!! Bret comes down to the ring and steps in. Everyone is shocked to see him. Vince steps aside and points at Shawn Michaels, telling Bret to get him. But Bret has other ideas and pushes McMahon on his ass, getting really angry as he remembers the last time he was in a WWE ring. Coach comes in but is punched in the face. Shane comes in but is also punched. The crowd erupts. Coach tries another attack but is simply thrown out of the ring. Shane tries to attack Bret from behind, but Michaels helps out with some Sweet Chin Music. It is then that Bret and Shawn lock eyes, and just stare at each other. The stare is broken though as Vince comes running in for one last attack, but Bret sticks his fist out and Vince collides with it. Bret turns to the fallen McMahon and to the crowd’s delight, he locks in the Sharpshooter! The crowd screams even louder than Vince. Eventually Bret lets go and soaks in his fan’s cheers. He and Michaels then share one last stare before Michaels extends his hand, and Bret answers. Bret then leaves the ring.

Backstage – Kurt Angle is walking through the back on his way to the ring. Rey Mysterio pops up infront of him. He wishes Kurt good luck and then says he is looking forward to a great match in the future. Kurt says thanks, and he says that one-day, when these two meet, it will be more than great. The two stare at each other with half smiles and then Rey walks away. Kurt continues to make his way to the entrance, he seems fired up. [80]

WrestleMania Main Event #4

World Heavyweight Championship

Kurt Angle (=O=) vs Randy Orton

Match Analysis – Started tensely, and soon picked up into great action. The majority of the match, the two traded blows, but in the best way possible. Technical wrestling took over mid-way, with Kurt clearly not having to carry Orton. Great match overall.

Finish – Orton is in trouble. Kurt Angle fires at him with chops, European uppercuts, slaps, and other kinds of strikes to pretty much beat the hell out of him. Orton gets a thumb to the eye in to counter, but only a few seconds later he is on the receiving edge of multiple German Suplexes and then an Angle Slam. Kurt is on fire. He takes down his straps and locks in the Angle Lock. Orton screams out in pain and tries to get to the ropes. He finally gets there and Angle lets go. He attempts another Angle Slam but it is countered with the RKO. Angle is out. Orton gets all cocky and taunts the audience before going over to Angle’s fallen body. He reaches down to turn him over onto his back, but in a quick explosion of energy, Angle takes Orton’s leg, trips him up and wraps his own legs around it. He has the Angle Lock locked in again, and this time, Orton has no choice but to tap out.

Winner – And STILL World Heavyweight Champion – Kurt Angle [89]

WrestleMania Main Event #5

WWE Championship

John Cena (=O=) vs Triple H

Match Analysis – Cena and HHH started by staring each other down. Then let the brawling begin with a HHH cheap shot. HHH was on top and never seemed to be going anywhere for a good few minutes before Cena punched him. Cena began the offence. He cut some good moves such as the basic suplex, DDT, and Spinebuster, and of course, a Neckbreaker. May not seem good but its good for Cena. The match became a see saw from then. Cena also hit a Superplex, the returning Throw Back, and Sidewalk Slam, oh, and not forgetting the usual stuff of Protobomb, Hip Toss and Five Knuckle Shuffle. Triple H also used the usual moveset; it was Cena’s in-ring ability that was most recognisable in this match.

Finish – Triple H is in full control. He goes for the pedigree, but John Cena counters and nails the F-U out of nowhere and quickly makes the cover for the one…two…three. John Cena is still champ.

(NOTE: I am aware this finish sucks. But this is how I imagine the match would end. With Cena just countering a move with the F-U and getting the pin there and then. If it makes you feel better, imagine to crowd chanting “bullshit!”)

Winner – And STILL WWE Champion – John Cena [88]

WrestleMania FINAL Main Event

Legend vs Legend Dream Match

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hulk Hogan

Match Analysis – Slow, and boring. You could tell both men were doing their best, and if this were five years ago, yes this match would have been outstanding. Too bad.

Finish – Austin ducked under a Hogan big boot and gave him a quick Stunner. Hogan was dead on his feet and stumbled around and was then hit with a second Stunner and he fell to the mat. Austin pinned for the victory of tonight’s over hyped Final Match.

Winner – Stone Cold Steve Austin [84]

Aftermath – The two stared each other down and shook hands. Fireworks exploded and confetti fell from the skies. All of the faces came down to celebrate to as WrestleMania ends.



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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


Goldust def Lance Cade via Curtain Call

3 Minute Warning def ??? & ??? with a Pumphandle Slam/Top Rope Splash.

Trevor Murdoch def Eugene via Bulldog from Top Rope.


Highlights of WrestleMania are shown, followed by the music and pyros and we are welcomed to RAW by Styles, Lawler and Coach. They talk about how much of a great show WrestleMania was and then run down the matches we already know about, Chris Masters takes on Ric Flair for the IC Title, and the main event: John Cena teaming up with Shawn Michaels to face Edge and Triple H. Speaking of which…

In The Ring – The music of the Game Triple H plays and he comes down to the ring. He talks about for two years in a row he has lost to ‘The New Kid On The Block’ at the WrestleMania main event. He says that he has decided that WrestleMania is just a jinx to him, and says that if it was any other night Cena would be the ex-champion now. But all will be better tonight, because The Game will get another chance to face Cena in the main event, and once he wins he is going to challenge Cena again for HIS world title at Backlash. At that point, Edge’s music hit.

Edge says that for the month he was champion ratings went sky high, and if the WWE want those ratings to drop again then the best idea would be to give you the shot. However, if they want the ratings to stay sky high, how about they give Edge the shot that he deserves. Afterall, he did beat the legendary Mick Foley yesterday, and whom did Triple H beat? HHH says so what if he beat Foley, HHH had beaten him time and time again, he put him through the top of a cell, he slammed him into thumbtacks, and be assured, HHH’s title reigns lasted a lot longer than Edge’s title reign.

Vince McMahon comes out and tells the two to shut up. Tonight they are tag partners and their goal is to take out Shawn Michaels as well as John Cena. Vince makes a deal, first, whoever gets the pin will face Cena at Backlash, and second, who ever doesn’t get the pin will be given the duty of taken out Shawn Michaels at Backlash, and then they will be given more than a title, they will be given McMahon’s gratitude. Edge then says that he should already have Vince’s gratitude for raising his ratings, but he’ll agree with the deal, and says he is defiantly going to get the pin tonight. [94]

Singles Match

Chavo Guerrero vs Rob Conway

Match Analysis – Chavo starts fast but is slowed down by Conway’s rough offence. This lasts for a good few minutes before he slips up by stalling the execution of The Ego Trip and Chavo gets back in control.

Finish – Chavo gives Conway a quick kick to the stomach and then proceeds with the Three Amigos. Afterwards, the crowd begin an ‘Eddie’ chant as Chavo mounts the top rope and comes off with a Frog Splash and the three count victory.

Winner – Chavo Guerrero [68]

Backstage – Vince is sitting in his office, face to face with Shelton Benjamin. Shelton asks why Chris Masters had got the title shot instead of him? He stole the show at WrestleMania for the second year running and how is he treat. Just then, Carlito enters the office. Carlito says that Masters hasn’t even showed up tonight. Vince is furious and says that in this case, no title will be on the line tonight. He said tonight it’s going to be the four top contenders for the IC Title facing off for a boost to the Number One Contender spot. He tells Carlito that he is in that match, and then tells Benjamin that he gets his wish also, and that Rob Van Dam will also be present. Shelton is very happy, but then says that he is just curious, who is the fourth man? Vince says that it is obvious; it’s going to be Charlie Haas. Shelton is shocked. [84]

Handicap Match

Tag Team Titles

Big Show (=O=) vs Viscera & Val Venis

The Match – Show takes Viscera down with a big boot and then turns to Venis. He takes him into the corner and slaps him with his big frying pan like hand, and then throws Venis with a bile to the other side of the ring. Viscera is back up but is grabbed by the throat. Show nails a chokeslam on Vis and then turns back to Venis. He scoops him up and drops him onto his feet while still holding his head. He plants his elbow into his chest with the Final Cut and pins him to retain.

Winner – And STILL ONE MAN TAG CHAMP – Big Show [70]

In The Ring – Big Show takes the microphone. He says he knows Kane is watching from a hospital bed somewhere, and he knows that he hated every second of that, and he knows that Kane is hating every single time when he blinks, his eyes open to see Big Show with the Tag Team Titles. Big Show says that because he is a nice guy, he is going to give Kane a second chance, a chance to redeem himself. At Backlash, Show wants Show vs Kane, for the Tag Titles, but there is a catch. The match stipulation will be a Steel Chain Match. [81]

In The Ring – Ric Flair comes out with his Intercontinental Title over his shoulder. He gets into the ring with a microphone and addresses Vince McMahon. He says that Vince is smart, he planned it all along. First he planned to get the IC Title off him and onto another McMahon, but that part didn’t work did it? Then he gets him thrown out of the building so there would be no one to help Shawn Michaels when he was triple teamed. But, someone did help didn’t they? Bret ‘The Hitman’ HART!!! The crowd cheer like hell. Flair says that Hart kicked his ass and then locked his carcass in the Sharpshooter, and that was TV gold. Flair said he drove to the nearest bar he could find to watch the match, and he was in stitches when he heard McMahon screaming like an old woman. At this point McMahon’s music plays.

Vince, from the ramp, says that Hart was the only flaw in the plan. He couldn’t care less if Flair held the IC title or not because it would have changed the fact that Flair would still be in trouble. Flair says that another part of the plan was probably to put him into some sort of handicap match with a couple of brutes to ware him down? Especially since he was pulled out of that IC Title match. McMahon tells Flair to let him finish on the subject of Bret Hart. He says that Hart never came back for revenge, he came back for spotlight. He couldn’t stay away from the fame and the fortune he made all those years ago under McMahon’s belt, and he is hoping from the deepness of his heart that I will take pity on him and hire him back. And guess what, it worked. McMahon says he is inviting Hart to rejoin the WWE roster, but first he had to join … a very special club. The crowd let out a boo. McMahon says Hart will have to join the Vince McMahon ‘Kiss My Ass Club’. The invite is there. But now back to Flair.

McMahon says Flair has miss-judged him, and he wont put him in a handicap match alone. Instead, it is going to be a tornado tag team match. His opponents will be the team of Gene Snitsky and Tyson Tomko. They come out. And his partner … Matt Striker! Strike comes out and the match begins. [99]

Tornado Tag Match

Ric Flair & Matt Striker vs Gene Snitsky & Tyson Tomko

The Match – Matt Striker takes Flair out from behind. All three stomp on Flair as Vince sits back and laughs. Snitsky picks up Flair and hits him with a spinning sidewalk slam (Catatonic), which the announcers call the ‘Snitsky Twist’. Suddenly, Mick Foley comes running out and fights off the three, nailing Striker with a Double Arm DDT. The ref has no choice but to throw the match out the window.

Winners – No Contest [73]

Video Package – Backlash! [76]

Fatal Four Way Match

IC Title Number One Contendership

Shelton Benjamin vs Carlito vs Rob Van Dam vs Charlie Haas

Match Analysis – Carlito/Haas and Benjamin/RVD started first with mini battles. Haas began to be double teamed by Carlito and Benjamin. RVD came in and took control of the match for a while before being nailed by Shelton Benjamin’s Superkick. The match continued in this sense with Shelton avoiding Haas at all costs, but eventually it was unavoidable. Haas saw a Dragon Whip coming and ducked it and then gave Shelton a big slap in the face. Before he could continue an attack, Carlito comes in with a high knee to knock Haas to the outside. RVD comes in and takes Carlito to the outside less than a minute later and Haas re-enters the ring to have his way with his rival.

Finish – Haas doesn’t care for the title and kicks Carlito out of the ring and then pounces onto Shelton. He gives him some stiff chops and then steps back and challenges Benjamin to ‘Come On!’ Shelton does so but runs right into a good looking Side Exploder, making him land on his head. Haas gets up and looks down on Shelton. He turns around and leaves the ring, walking to the back. RVD instantly goes to the top rope to take advantage of the situation, ready to execute a Five Star Frog Splash, but is pushed off the top turnbuckle by Carlito. RVD bumps hard onto the ground and it is a simple matter to just step into the ring and cover Benjamin for the three count.

Winner – And #1 Contender For IC Title – Carlito [83]

Backstage – Vince McMahon has just finished watching the previous match when someone walks in. It is Chris Masters. Masters apologises for being late, and McMahon has a go at him. He asks Masters why he feels he can just show up when he feels like it. Masters explains that he was pulled out of his flight for ‘suspicious circumstances’ and missed it. McMahon didn’t believe him and told him to get out of his sight. Masters does so, but then says that he has a witness, Carlito was with him, ask him. He walks out and leaves McMahon to ponder. [79]

Main Event

Two-On-Two Tag Match

John Cena & Shawn Michaels vs Edge & Triple H

Match Analysis – Cena starts with old rival Edge. The two start by trading blows before Edge walks into and narrowly escapes the FU and tags in HHH. HHH and Cena trade blows again before Cena is nailed with a knee. HHH takes control for about half a minute before he is back dropped and Cena rushes to tag in Shawn Michaels. The match continues in this fashion with each participant having their own spots. Closing in on the end of the match, Edge goes for a Superplex on Michaels and Cena goes under him and hits a reverse electric chair drop followed by a diving elbow and a two count is interrupted by HHH. Edge nails Shawn with the Spear, and the two look to Cena for the kill.

Finish – John turns around and is kicked in the stomach and dropped with the Edgecution. Edge goes for the pin with a two count before Triple H pulls him off and goes for the pin himself. Edge pulls him off. The two argue about who is going to get the pin and become Cena’s opponent for Backlash. Suddenly, Shawn Michaels comes from the side and nails Edge with the Sweet Chin Music. Triple H, slightly shocked, turns around and is scooped up by John Cena and nailed with The FU and pinned.

Winners – John Cena & Shawn Michaels [80]
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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


I forgot to add the OR, i will do it later.

One thing i also forgot is to explain why WrestleMania had 22 segments. Well, there is a programme that allows you to have two PPVs in a month. Because i had alot of things to add for WM i had the first 11 segments on the Saturdays and the next on the Sunday. I hope that clears it up if anyone wondered what was going on.

Also, i dont know whether to post news updates or not. Would it matter to anyone if i didnt?

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  • 1 month later...
Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-

[sorry for the absence. Had stuff to do. SD will be up tonight or tomorrow.

I have decided to post News Updates every month after the PPV. So this is a little late.]


- A new WWE Films Production entitled “Beyond The Law” will begin filming soon. Sources say that the movie will star Shelton Benjamin and Kurt Angle as New York police after a drug smuggling biker gang lead by former biker Mark “Undertaker” Calloway. There is another leading role of an inside man from another police department that will be played by a small time actor.

- Various new development deals have been signed. This includes a lot of tag teams that will be trained and promoted on TV within just a couple of months. They will most likely be moved to RAW in order to build the tag division. A few female wrestlers such as LuFisto and England’s Nikita have also been signed, along with future returns from former WWE Divas Molly Holly and Jazz. Popular Indy talent Low Ki has also undergoing negotiations with the new executive of WWE personally. He will likely be made big on WWE TV.

- Harry Smith said in a recent interview that WWE’s new executive has called him and requested to discuss a contract immediately after Smith’s tour dates are finished. Smith said he respects the new executives approach, as other officials that have contacted him didn’t care about his current or future tour dates.

- Current plans are to return Jim Ross to the RAW announce team to replace Styles, who will be moved to SmackDown! WWE are keen to see the results of Styles working with Tazz in particular with all their history.

- Paul Heyman is discussing ideas on how to return to TV. He will probably return in a managerial role.

- John Cena has been made the centre of the new executive’s attention. He has told writers to back off with Cena match wise and made himself fully responsible for him. He has allowed Cena the freedom to widen his moveset, which is the opposite of the advice he was currently receiving. Cena’s fan reception is far from recovery though, so he will most likely be turning heel soon enough.

- Kane is said to be receiving a reward for all his past work with WWE. We might see it on a JBL scale or less.

- The new executive is currently going over plans with the whole of the writing team, especially Stephanie McMahon, about the new RAW GM.

- The ‘one-man’ Tag Titles will not last. It was Vince’s idea but the new executive has told him that it will destroy the titles’ credit. This explains why a number of tag teams have been signed to development. Vince wants a NEW on-screen authority to appear as a member of the board and the representative of the board. This new authority will have to be someone not seen on TV before. He will be used to put an end to the ‘one-man’ tag titles, as well as appoint a new RAW GM. He will be used in other storylines to.

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


Paul London w/ Brian Kendrick def Simon Dean w/ Gymini via London Calling. Gymini beat down London and Kendrick in the aftermath.

Tatanka def Some Guy via Tomahawk Chop.

The Mexicools & Nunzio def Kid Kash & The Dicks via Sicilian Slice (on James Dick).


Highlights of the SmackDown! Side of WrestleMania are shown in Black and White before we cut to the arena, cue the pyro display, and the introduction from Cole and Tazz. Introduction is cut short as usual.

In The Ring – Orton’s music plays and he enters the arena. He hits the ring with his microphone. He mentions WrestleMania and says how close he was to achieving his ultimate goal. He says he should be the instant Number One Contender, but Teddy long has arranged something else. At this point, Mysterio interrupts. Mysterio tells Orton that it should have been him at the WrestleMania main event, but Orton screwed him out of it. But no worries because Mysterio has the Money In The Bank. Orton tells Rey that the MITB is exactly like winning a recording contract through a reality TV show, if you couldn’t do it by yourself and did it by having everything organised for you, then you don’t deserve it. He tells him to take the last MITB holder, Edge, for example. He cashed it in, won the title, and lost it in a month. Fake champions don’t last.

The two get ready to explode on each other when Teddy Long comes out into the arena. He tells Rey that Edge may have been a traditional champion but he was smart with his MITB. He says he knows what Rey is thinking and that is he is going to cash it in straight away to get his shot, but it wouldn’t be smart, especially since you will be given the chance to become the Number One Contender in any case. Teddy Long announced a tournament for the Number One Contendership and it will feature both Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio. Orton protests, saying that Long is playing favouritism towards Rey. Rey already has a shot, why give him another one? Long says Rey deserves everything he gets. Long says Orton’s and Mysterio’s separate matches will be next week, so there will be a chance to warm up. Tonight, Orton will team up with Rey Mysterio’s opponent, Mark Henry, and making his in-ring return to SD! Mr Ken Kennedy. And they will face Rey Mysterio, World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle, and Orton’s opponent for next week, Chris Benoit.

Holla! [80]

In The Ring – Gregory Helms is in the ring. He tells the crowd how bored he is of WWE Cruiserweights. He tells them that the full name for his title is the WWE WORLD Cruiserweight Title, emphasis on the world. He tells the audience that he is now going to begin to defend his title against international cruiserweights from all countries. He will do this each and every week. He announces the first man to challenge him … from England … Jon Stirling (Jonny Storm) [77]

Helm’s International Open

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Gregory Helms (=O=) vs Jon Sterling

Match Analysis – Gregory Helms out wrestles Sterling cockily. Sterling comes in each time but is caught off-guard by some sly dirty move. After a couple of mistakes, Sterling wrestles his way around Helm’s slyness and ends up flipping Helms over onto his ass, making him look like a fool. Helms gets angry and starts getting aggressive, using slaps and chops and the like. After a strong offence, Sterling finds away back into the match with a well-timed dropkick followed by a Tornado DDT. After a quick out, Helms gives Sterling a blatant low blow that the referee doesn’t catch.

Finish – Gregory Helms goes for a quick Shining Wizard but Sterling falls back to avoid it. He leaps up to his feet and gives Helms an Enziguri to the side of the head. Helms is hurt and rolls into the corner. Sterling runs at Helms, Helms launches him overhead, Sterling lands on the top rope and jumps backwards with a head scissors (Rewind-Rana) but Gregory Helms stays standing and spikes Sterling down with an authority Powerbomb. He gets the three from that.

Winner – And STILL Cruiserweight Champion – Gregory Helms [76]

Backstage – JBL is with Kristal Marshall. She says that he is in one of the two tournament matches taking place tonight, and his opponent is Matt Hardy. What are his thoughts? JBL looks emotionless. He turns to Kristal. He reminds everyone that a couple of years ago he was a nobody, but then he showed the world his financial genius as well as his wrestling skills. He became the longest reigning champion on SmackDown! And now, he is turning back to the loser again. He says he is sick of being under-utilized and no longer recognised. He is not going to tolerate it. He tells Kristal that he is going to show everyone that he can still get the job done and show the world that he is A WRESTLING GOD! [87]

Tag Team Match

The Bashams vs Williams Regal/Fit Finlay

Match Analysis – Regal and Finlay took it right to the Bashams with an aggressive style. Regal almost had the match won early on with some sort of Double Knee Face Buster but Danny broke the pin up. Doug was in trouble from then, the double knee taking quite a big affect on him. Eventually, he helped himself out with a Powerslam on Finlay and got the tag. Danny took control of the match, and does so for a few minutes until Regal comes to his partners aid and a double team begins, but is ended quick when Danny counters a double suplex with a clothesline to both Regal and Finlay.

Finish – Doug Basham comes back into the ring and links hands with his brother Danny. They charge at Finlay, knocking him over the top rope with a double clothesline. They turn to Regal. Danny kicks him in the stomach and raises his hands to call for the Headlock/Clothesline double team, which they have dubbed ‘The Bash N Bruise’. Doug charges to the ropes to execute the clothesline part of the move, but lands on his face as his ankles are grabbed from the outside. Finlay, along with Joey Mercury, takes out Danny from behind and the ref calls for the bell.

No Contest [74]

Aftermath: – MNM Finlay and Regal beat down the Bashams. MNM nails the snapshot on Doug and then go to do the same to Danny but the Mexicools charge down to the ring, the four men flee the ring, and the Bashams are saved from further beatings.

Backstage – Road Warrior Animal is with Josh Matthews in the interview area. When asked what he has in store for WWE fans in the up-coming weeks he replied ‘a short wait’. Animal says that Heidenreich is on the verge of returning and they are going to have one last chance for the Tag Team Titles. If they fail this time, then Animal is going to be thinking about hanging his boots up. WWE doesn’t need another worthless old man. [71]

Tournament First Round

Bobby Lashley vs Booker T

The Match – Booker T pounces on Lashley for a couple of shots but then is shoved to the ground. He gets back up and walks into a belly-to-belly overhead suplex. Lashley stays on the offensive and forces Booker back up and execute more suplex varieties, including one VERY powerful German suplex. Lashley picks Booker back up and nails the Dominator for a 1-2-3 end to this utter squash.

Winner – And Advancing To The Semi Finals – Bobby Lashley [76]

Backstage – Benoit is in the locker room wrapping up his wrists. Kurt Angle enters with his World Title and walks up to his partner for tonight’s Main Event. Chris Benoit watches Kurt as he walks up to him, then gets up, picks up his United States title and slings it over his shoulder. Kurt congratulates him for his US Title win. Benoit does the same for Kurt’s retain. Kurt tells Benoit that they have an obvious history, but tonight they have each other’s back. At this point, Mysterio enters. He jumps in between them and tells them that he is a friend of both of them, which make them to friends also. Unlike their opponents tonight, they have a bond. There is no way we can lose. Benoit says that he is not Angle’s friend, but fact is he respects the hell out of him, so yes; he does have Kurt’s back. Benoit tells Kurt good luck and the same to Rey Mysterio and then walks ouff. [91]

Singles Match

Paul Burchill vs Jamie Noble

Match Analysis – Noble starts the match with an arm wringer to take Burchill to his knees. Burchill counters with a headstand though and the two continue to chain wrestle with Burchill eventually hitting a Kitchen Sink knee to the gut to take control. Burchill continues some antics to get the crowd further on his side. Noble comes back with a dropkick to the knee and goes for a Tigar Bomb, but Burchill floats over Noble’s shoulders and nails him the Swashbuckler (C4).

Finish – Following the Swashbuckler, Burchill climbs to the top rope and executes a perfect moonsault on Noble and gets a big cheer from it. Burchill poses in the centre of the ring as he awaits Noble’s recovery. Noble stands and turns around to walk right into the modified STO that Burchill calls the Plank Walk and a three count is reached.

Winner – Paul Burchill [73]

Aftermath: Burchill poses on the top rope when the arena goes dark and some disturbing laughs are heard. Burchill jumps off the ropes to find out what is going on. The Boogeyman pops up from the front of the ring with some worms hanging from his mouth. Both men have a little staring competition for about seven seconds before Boogeyman disappears under the ring. Burchill, still standing in the middle of the ring, has a big smile on his face.

Backstage – Booker T and Sharmell are in the medical department of the arena. Booker T is being checked up for his match earlier with Bobby Lashley. Orlando Jordan enters the room. Sharmell tells him to leave because her man is not in the mood. Orlando says that she can shut up right now because this doesn’t concern her. Orlando looks towards Booker T and tells him that Booker made a huge mistake before, and now it is time for him to pay the price. Orlando extends a challenge to Booker. Booker says no way. Orlando says that he has now been established as one of the top contenders on SmackDown! after his showing at WrestleMania so Booker T will have no choice if he wants to be anywhere near success again. With a laugh, Orlando leaves. [70]

Tournament First Round

Matt Hardy vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Match Analysis – JBL’s ring style in this match reflect his anger and depression shown in an earlier appearance this night. He used a lot of stiff blows to ware down Hardy. Hardy’s speed gave him the edge though as he kept coming back in longer stints.

Finish – Hardy is one fire. Blowing JBL away with rights, lefts, spinning calf kicks and the like. JBL goes for a big right of his own but Hardy ducks under it and executes the Side Effect. He stands and prepares himself for the Twist Of Fate, sizing up JBL as he gets up. JBL is up and is kicked in the gut as Matt Hardy attempts the Twist Of Fate but in a sudden rush JBL pushes Hardy away mid move. Hardy bounces off the ropes and right into THE CLOTHESLINE FROM HELL! JBL pins and advances.

Winner – And Advancing To The Semi Finals – John Bradshaw Layfield [78]

Main Event

Six Man Tag Match

Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton, Mark Henry & Ken Kennedy

Match Analysis – Kurt Angle starts off with Kennedy. Kennedy is easily outwrestled and tags in Henry. Henry over powers Angle until Angle is forced to tag in the intensified Chris Benoit. Benoit chops Henry and Henry fires back. The strike war continues until Benoit goes for a German just to receive an elbow to the face. Henry dominates through some more tags before Mysterio gets a blind tag and uses it to springboard up and dropkick Henry in the back of the head while he was distracted by the original legal man. Henry takes some beatings from some tactical tagging by the face team before he finally tags out to Orton. Orton fights off Angle, and then singles out Mysterio. Mysterio is the victim of tactically tagging from the heel team. Eventually, Mysterio does the backflip/reverse DDT to get an opening to tag in to Benoit while Orton tags out to Ken Kennedy, but everyone spills into the ring.

Finish – Kurt trips Mark Henry up and locks in the Angle Lock, but the powerful Henry kicks Angle off and Angle takes a tumble to the outside. Mysterio comes from nowhere with a hurricarana to Mark Henry that makes him stumble and collapse over the top rope, landing on his feet to the outside. Kurt Angle is waiting for him there and begins to beat him down. Orton from inside the ring comes out to help his partner. Mysterio sees the situation outside and runs to the ropes, and uses a crouching Ken Kennedy as a springboard to fly over the top rope and do a senton to take out ALL THREE men. Kennedy stands and wonders what is happening, noticing the pile of people on the outside. He turns around but is taken down with an armbar by Benoit who then locks in the Crossface. No one is there to help Kennedy so he has no choice but to tap out.

Winners – Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit [82]

Aftermath – Benoit lets go of the crossface and stands. Orton is back up and he gives Benoit an RKO … but fails and lands over the middle rope. Mysterio comes for nowhere with a 619 … but also fails. Mysterio follows through and is scooped up by Henry who goes for the World’s Strongest Slam … but he also fails as Mysterio slips over his shoulder. Three failed finishers in a row, and all six men continue going at it until the arena goes dark. Undertaker shows up. A thunderbolt hits the ramp causing flames to come up and spread into the ring. The flames spread in lines to split the ring into six, each containing one of the competitors. There is a tense moment as SmackDown! goes off the air. [uNRATED]


[i know i am not supposed to ask, but what do you all think of this? I would like to know any storylines you like/dont like, if you like my layout, everything so i can change it accordingly to make it a better diary. Thank you.]

Edited by -W-A-L-K-E-R-
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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


3 Minute Warning def a Local Team via Powerslam off the middle rope.

Lance Cade did a pretty funny in-ring segment about how cowboys are natural wrestlers.

Lance Cade def Kenny Omega (From OVW) via Elbow Drop from Top Rope.

Rob Conway def Val Venis via the Ego-Trip.

Spirit Squad member Johnny (Jeter) def Goldust via Moonsault after Kenny provided the distraction and nailed Goldust with some trophy thingy.


In The Ring – Vince is in the ring. He says that is plans were foiled last week. First of all, Ric Flair. He says that he wouldn’t consider the situation foiled, just disturbed. Old men seem to be sticking together now. The only reason Flair was involved in the first place is because he stuck his nose in to help Shawn Michaels. Now someone else is sticking their nose in to help Flair, Mick Foley. But that isn’t going to happen again, because Foley has been suspended indefinitely from RAW. Flair has no one to help him now. So tonight, Flair will face the man who he will be defending his intercontinental title against at Backlash, Carlito.

Next situation is Shawn Michaels. You see, last week he was offering the reward of WWE Title contendership to the man who scores the victory, and the other man would get the pleasure of destroying Shawn Michaels for me. But he made an obvious mistake; Edge and HHH just couldn’t get along as a team. Now he has no one to take the title for Cena or destroy Michaels, so he is stuck in a dilemma. He then invites WWE Champion John Cena out to the ring. He asks Cena what he reckons he should do. Should he hit two birds with one stone and make a Fatal Four Way for Backlash? Should he ignore Cena and get HHH and Edge to destroy Michaels together? Should he ignore Michaels and get them against Cena?

Cena snatches the microphone. Cena says that McMahon’s best option was to shut up, go back to his office, sit on his thumb, and watch Cena kick both their asses. McMahon takes the microphone back and asks Cena if he has ever asked himself why the fans boo him? The Attitude Era is long gone; the fans don’t want a champion that not only has no respect for authority, but also no respect for the wrestling business. Cena says he has asked himself the question over and over again, but what’s it going to do? Cena doesn’t give a fuck what anyone else thinks of him, because he has the title and that speaks louder than they do. He gets a big boo for that. Vince says that is a good quality in a champion, on some levels, but Vince isn’t buying it. Vince says tonight he is going to give Cena a lesson in respect when he faces The Big Show in a no holds barred match. And tells him to get out of his site.

Cena goes to leave the ring. Vince says he is going to go back to the Shawn Michaels situation when he is spun round by Cena, scooped up and nailed with the FU. The crowd cheer as Cena does the ‘You Cant See Me’ taunt and leaves the ring.[95]

Singles Match

Eugene vs Shelton Benjamin

Match Analysis – Shelton forces Eugene into a mat wrestling contest, and Eugene turns out the victor, so is given a punch in the face for his trouble. Shelton works over Eugene with strikes for a minute or so and then begins to break out the better moves. He goes for a Superplex, but Eugene pushes him away and then dives off the top rope with a double sledge. Eugene begins a series of Russian Side Suplexes before Shelton fights out of his grip and goes for a Superkick, which Eugene catches and throws away. Dragon Whip! But Eugene ducks and executes the Rock Bottom and then sets up the People’s Elbow, but as he hits the ropes, Shelton’s Mama grabs Eugene’s ankles and trips him up. Shelton gets back up and stomps on Eugene.

Finish – Shelton gives Eugene a powerful punch to the end. Eugene immediately looks up with an angry face. Shelton fires another hand, which gets Eugene angrier. Shelton goes for another but it is blocked by Eugene, and then does tempter tantrum combo. Afterwards, he scoops up Shelton and drops him to the mat with a slam. He gets ready to hit the Eugene elbow and runs to the ropes but Mama Benjamin grabs his ankle and he falls over. Eugene starts complaining to referee as if he was a kid and then turns around to be met by a big spinning heel kick from Shelton. Shelton steps back and stalks Eugene, ready to try for the T-Bone. At that point, he is grabbed by the shoulder, span around, and nailed in the face by a big right. It is Charlie Haas. Haas continues the beating as the bell is rung.

Winner – via Disqualification – Shelton Benjamin [76]

Aftermath – Charlie Haas stomps away at Shelton in the corner. He grabs his head and drags him up to his feet. He gives him a powerful slap and then sets him up for the Exploder, but Mama Benjamin comes into the ring and pushes Haas to the ground allowing her son Shelton to escape the ring. Mama and Haas share a long stare as she slowly exits the ring.

Backstage – Vince is in his office, angry as hell, as Shane McMahon tries to calm him down. Vince says that Cena is going to pay. Tonight, not only does he have to face Big Show in a No Holds Barred contest, but straight after, he is going to defend his title in a Triple Threat Match against Edge and Triple H. Shane asks Vince what he is doing about Shawn Michaels. Vince says that Shawn will face Tyson Tomko, no need to pile the load onto him; Tomko can get the job done. And that match is next. [85]

Singles Match

Chavo Guerrero vs Trevor Murdoch

Match Analysis – Chavo speeds around Murdoch to get the advantage. Chavo goes for a Headscissors Takeover, but Murdoch slams him down chest first for the counter. Murdoch begins to brawl Chavo to death before Chavo stops Murdoch in his tracks with a dropkick to block some sort of running attack. Chavo tries to recover.

Finish – Chavo ducks under what was going to be a devastating lariat from Murdoch. Murdoch turns around and is taken by the head as Chavo runs up the turnbuckles and executes a smooth Tornado DDT. Chavo is on fire and runs to another corner and leaps up to the top rope. He dives off with a Frog Splash, landing perfectly on Murdoch for the one, two and three.

Winner – Chavo Guerrero [75]

Singles Match

Shawn Michaels vs Tyson Tomko (w/Gene Snitsky)

Pre Match – Michaels is already in the ring. Tomko’s music hits and he begins to walk to the ring with Snitsky. Tomko has a big smile on his face. Michaels steps back and watches Tomko make it to the end of the ramp, but then is hit where it hurts. Lita from behind with a low blow makes Michaels yell out, holding his manhood. Michaels turns around and Edge nails him with a Spear. Triple H jumps into the ring to join them, holding a sledgehammer. Edge picks up Michaels and throws him in Triple H’s direction, where he is nailed with the hammer. Lita, Triple H and Edge leave the ring, all with huge smiles on their faces. Michaels is out, and is bleeding horrendously. Tyson Tomko steps into the ring finally. The referee is confused on what to do, but rings the bell to start the match.

The Match – Shawn Michaels slowly makes his was to his feet. He stumbles and turns around and is nailed in the face by Tomko’s boot. Tomko covers for the one, two and the three.

Winner – Tyson Tomko [73]

Backstage – Chris Masters and Carlito are backstage. Carlito says it is time for his match and leaves. Masters is on his own for a few seconds until Rob Van Dam steps infront of him. Masters asks what RVD wants. RVD says that Masters is blind, he doesn’t realise what is going on. RVD said that he wouldn’t be too pleased if Masters became IC champ last week, but he is even less happy knowing that Masters friend was the one that cost him the shot. Masters looks confused and asks what he means/ RVD laughs and tells Masters that he should ask Carlito. RVD walks away, leaving Masters looking very confused. [77]

Singles Match


Ric Flair vs Carlito

Pre Match – Before either competitor has entered the ring, the music of Matt Striker hits and he comes down to the ring in a referees shirt. He gets on the mic and says that he has been asking Vince for airtime to do some lessons, and tonight will be the first. Mr Striker is going to give a lesson of refereeing in this match *he then pulls out a folded piece of paper which is supposed to represent tonight’s card and reads it* CARLITO VERSUS RIC FLAIR. He is given a big boo and the two competitors enter.

Match Analysis – Flair takes a beaten for thirty to forty seconds from the start but dodges an elbow in the corner from Carlito and begins to pound him with chops. Striker gets involved and tries to pull Flair away, but Flair resists. Striker begins the count, and Flair stops the chops. He gets in Striker’s face, asking why he was counting him. Carlito clips Flair’s legs while his back is turned and begins to pound Flair. He gives Flair a Neckbreaker and then charges to the ropes, bouncing off the middle rope and executes the twisting senton, followed immediately by the cover. Striker does a quick count, which almost gets to three but Flair kicks out. Flair ducks under the clothesline and then hits a Neckbreaker of his own, followed by a knee drop to the face of Carlito. Flair goes for the pin as Carlito looks dizzy and Striker drops to his knees and uses his hands to check is Carlito’s shoulders are on the mat and then counts the one, he goes to check again but Carlito kicks out of what seemed to be a three count. Flair complains to Striker again, getting in his face. Flair turns around and is punched in the gut. Carlito runs to the ropes and clips the side of Flair’s head with a knee. Carlito pushes himself up to the middle rope and drops the double elbow (Austin style) and goes for the cover again for a quick two and a half.

Finish – Carlito takes the head of Flair and sets up for the Lungblower, but Flair smartly counters by grabbing Carlito’s leg, tripping him up, and locks in the Figure Four. Carlito begins to tap, but Matt Striker pretends to have something in his eye and looks away. Flair unlocks the hold and goes to Striker. He gets in his face and Striker threatens to disqualify him. Flair spits in his face and then turns back to Carlito but is nailed with a low blow. Flair bends over and Carlito jumps up to nail a Fame Asser. Carlito covers and Striker makes the fast count.

Winner – Carlito [76]

Video Package – Kane appears. He directs this message to Big Show. He says that titles are no longer a matter in this. Big Show could have ended his career. It has gotten too personal for anything material to get involved, but there is one thing material that can get involved, the steel chain. Kane accepts Big Show’s Chain Match challange. [84]


No Holds Barred


John Cena vs Big Show

Match Analysis – Cena starts by simply firing away at Show, to knock him off balance. He takes his chain off and wraps it around his fist and then gives Show one solid punch with that, knocking him down onto his back. Cena exits the ring and returns with a chair. He continues the beating to Show in the same fashion, until Show gives him a Big Boot. He gives Cena a chair shot to the back, sending him over the top rope. He rams Cena’s spine into the steel post. Smashed him in the face with the steel steps, which busts him wide open. He rolls Cena back into the ring and then heads for the Spanish announce table, ripping off its monitors and covering. He picks up another chair and heads back to the ring, but Cena with a baseball slide knocks him down.

Finish – Cena is in control. He goes to the outside and lifts Big Show in position for the FU. He positions himself to drop him through the table, but the weight of Show is too strong and he just collapses. Show and Cena stand simultaneously. Cena fires some more shots to knock Show off balance and then retrieves the chair. He goes to hit Show with it, but Show pushes it to make it bounce off Cena’s skull. Cena is defenceless. Show picks him back up and lifts him for the chokeslam, through the Spanish Announce table. Cena is out. Show has a sick smile on his face. He scoops Cena from the floor and rolls him into the ring. Once he has also entered, Show executes the Final Cut and gets the three count.

Winner – Big Show [79]


World Heavyweight Title

John Cena© vs Edge (w/Lita) vs Triple H

Pre Match – Show has left the arena, pleased with himself of course, and Edge and Triple H make their entrances. The bloodied Cena has little time to recover. He is a gonner.

Match Analysis – Cena is double teamed by both men. His blood stains almost the entire ring. Edge nails the Spear and goes for the pin, but Triple H pulls him off. Triple H hits the Pedigree and pins, but Edge pulls him off. Both men argue and then begin fighting each other. Both men mainly brawl as Cena takes a backseat and makes the most of the two turning on each other.

Finish – Triple H nails the Spinebuster on Edge, and Edge rolls to the outside. HHH turns to Cena and stalks him. Cena is still half dead. HHH grabs him and lifts him up, but Cena throws some fists to fight him off, but HHH gives him a kick to the gut and then nails his second pedigree on Cena. Cena is no longer moving. Triple H stands and looks very pleased with himself and walks back over to Cena and looks to be ready for the pin, but Edge comes from nowhere with a dropkick to send Trips to the outside. Edge yells out in celebration, he is about to win the title again. He rolls Cena over, but Cena suddenly bursts the last ounce of life left in him to punch Edge solidly in the face. Edge is stunned and stumbles around right into a SWEET CHIN MUSIC! Shawn Michaels is in the ring, and he has a chair. Michaels nails Triple H, who is standing on the apron, with the chair and then stalks Edge. Edge stands and is nailed in the skull with the chair, sending him to the outside. The referee throws the match out of the window.

No Contest [82]

So – Still WWE Champion – John Cena

Aftermath – Triple H and Edge walk up the ramp as Michaels stands, chair still in hand, looking up at them. Cena is still pretty much out, but gets up to his knees and holds up his belt. An ‘FU Cena’ chant is directed to the ring.

Out Of Arena – Vince McMahon exits the arena, furious of what has just happened. He suddenly shouts out “Who The Hell Are You?” The camera sways to spot a man, standing against Vince’s limo. He looks up at Vince as he closes in on him. With a smile he asks Vince if he has had a good night, and Vince tells him it is none of his business. The young man smiles and says that it is, you see, if Vince had been to the last board meeting … Vince interrupts and asks who he is. The young man says it was rude of him; the name is Jack, Jack Jenson. Vince looks surprised to hear the name and says he recognises it. He asks if his father is Robert, which Jack responds to with a yes. Vince asks what he is doing here. Jack says he has been appointed by the whole of the board to become WWE’s Junior Administrator. Jack says that he represents the board and every decision he makes is backed and decided by the board, so in other words, even though he works for Vince, Vince has got little power over him.

Vince is shocked and tries to talk but Jack cuts him off. Jack says that a lot of changes need to be made. He says he supported Vince’s decision to get rid of Eric Bischoff, but a GM less RAW has proven to be slapdash and that Vince’s malice towards some of the roster is causing fans to turn off RAW in drones. So, the board have decided to appoint a new GM, but they have yet to come up with the decision on who that person will be. Vince says that it didn’t come as much as a surprise to him, but says he is too tired to listen to Jack, so just fax him the details, and asks him to move so he can get into his limo. Jack smiles and gladly steps aside. The limo drives off leaving Jack Jenson standing alone, smiling, as RAW goes off the air. [84]


[Once again, sorry, i know i shouldnt be asking for comments, but since my diary has been given a two star rating i would like to know what i have to do in order to improve. If it has anything to do with the large gaps between shows, i cant help that, i am very busy most of the time and this show took me very lnog because i scrapped the original card a week ago. I would be very grateful to anyone who could just tell me my diaries faults.]

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I honestly enjoy it, although I would like to see some more OVW call-ups and maybe some big signings. I think its well written and the storylines are all pretty much working smooth. I'm excited to see a Haas/Benjamin feud and a heel Kane as champ could be amazing, bring the mask back lol.

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


Marty Wright def Gunner Scott (Brent Albright from OVW) via Pumphandle Slam.

Gymini w/Simon Dean def Los Maximos via Cross-Trainer.

Tatanka def Sylvan via Trail End.

Matt Hardy def Big Vito via Twist Of Fate.


In The Ring – Gregory Helms comes down to the ring with the Cruiserweight title. He gets on the mic and says that after last weeks International Challenge everyone wants more. Everyone wants to see if anyone in the world can beat Gregory Helms. But, its too bad, because no one can. Just like last week when he took the best he could find from the UK and beat him one, two, three to retain his title and prove UK is below him, tonight he is going to do the same with Germany. He asked the German cruiserweight to make his way to the ring. [76]

Helm’s International Challenge

WWE Cruiserweight Title

Gregory Helms© vs Lukas Dreamer (aka X-Dream)

Match Analysis – Helms dodges a wild right and applies the arm wringer. Dreamer counters with an arm drag into an arm bar. Mat wrestling clinic continues with both countering each other’s moves. Helms with a double leg takedown followed by a kick to the forehead, taking the advantage. Some dirty play from Helms. Helms looks cocky as he prepares to hit the Shining Wizard, but as he returns from the ropes he is lifted up into a sit-out Alabama Slam and a pin. Two and a half count. Helms looks shaken by the move. Dreamer takes it to Helms and positions him for a Tornado DDT, but Helms pushes him away mid-move. Dreamer lands on his feet and charges at him, but Helms jumps up and nails a standing Shining Wizard. Dreamer takes a tumble to the outside.

Finish – Helms goes to the outside to retrieve Dreamer. He drags him over to the steps and goes to slam his head into them, but Dreamer blocks and counters by slamming Helms’ head into them. He rolls him back into the ring. Dreamer scoops him back up and whips him into the ropes and ducks down, possibly going for the Alabama Slam again, but Helms does an amazing twist of his body, rolling over Dreamer’s back, hooks his arms, and lifts him up. Helms drops Dreamer with a Vertabreaker and cockily covers him for the three count.

Winner – Gregory Helms [70]

Backstage – Teddy Long is on the phone. He tells the person on the other end that he has no problem with him coming down and talking. He tells him he has to go now, and then hangs up. Teddy Long says to the camera that tonight is the second part of the first round to find a new number one contender. Mark Henry takes on Mr Money In The Bank Rey Mysterio, and then Randy Orton takes on Chris Benoit. Both are going to be great, but you already know that. Long says that he was pleasantly surprised with JBL last week, so tonight he is going to put him in action … against the World Heavyweight Champion! And that playa is our main event … HOLLA! [82]

Tag Team Match

Paul London & Brian Kendrick vs William Regal & Fit Finlay

Match Analysis – Kendrick pisses Finlay off with his speed and tags in London. London does the same. Regal is tagged in, who manages to catch London and begin to beat him down. Regal and Finlay exchange tags, taking turns to beat up and punish London. London eventually breaks away and makes the hot tag to Kendrick who is on fire. He knocks Finlay to the outside with an Enziguri. London re-enters the ring and they try to double team Regal. Finlay is on the apron and pulls Kendrick to the apron with him. On the inside of the ring, Regal nails London with the double knee and then turns to the commotion on the apron. Regal steps out onto the apron, Kendrick tries to fight him off, but Regal catches his hand and then twists him into the Regal Cutter and executes it right off the apron and onto the pavement floor. Finlay has re-entered the ring.

Finish – London is in the corner. Finlay comes charging at him, but London does the leapfrog into a kick to the back of the head, making Finlay collide with the middle turnbuckle. Finlay is angry! He charges at London again but is given the dropsault, right to the jaw, and Finlay is floored. London signals for the 450 and proceeds to climb onto the top rope. Regal, recovered, jumps up onto the apron and grabs London’s leg. London slips and falls, catching the twins on his way. Finlay is now back up and gets to the corner where London is sitting. Finlay sets London up for the suplex, but grabs both his legs and then charges away from the corner before dropping onto his back. London’s head bounces off the mat. Finlay makes the pin for the three count.

Winner – Regal & Finlay [74]

(NOTE: For those who didn’t get that, Finlay hit the muscle buster.)

Aftermath – Regal throws Kendrick into the ring by his hair. The two men do a beat down on their fallen opponents. Finlay picks up Kendrick and puts him in the full nelson as Regal takes a pair of Brass Knuckles from his trunks. He pulls back for the swing, but out of nowhere, Psicosis jumps onto him, taking him to the mat. Finlay drops Kendrick and goes to attack Psicosis but is knocked out of the ring by a dropkick from behind by Super Crazy. The Mexicools look to Regal, but Regal drags himself to the outside to escape. Finlay and Regal regroup and walk up the ramp, talking trash to The Mexicools.

Backstage – Animal is near the entrance area, taping up his fists. MNM stroll into the picture, with Melina with them of course. They laugh at Animal. Animal tells them to keep laughing, because it wont be long before those Tag Titles are around his and Heidenreich’s waist again. MNM burst into laughter. They tell Animal that he is delusional, and that Heidenreich isn’t coming back. They tell him to just step aside because he is just looking pathetic, not letting go of his dead career. They laugh a little more and tell Animal that they will see him out in the ring and call him an old man. [75]

Tag Team Match


MNM w/Melina vs Animal & Danny Basham w/Doug Basham

(NOTE: Doug Basham is injured with a broken hand from last weeks match.)

Match Analysis – Danny is on the receiving end at first but comes back and then tags in Animal. Animal chases both members of MNM around the ring; neither of them wants any part of him. Animal eventually gets hold of Nitro and gives him a big Double Choke Bomb for an early count, which is broken up by Mercury. Animal tags in Danny who comes in to work over Nitro. Danny goes for a Yakuza Kick but Nitro ducks under and makes the tag to Mercury who comes running in but is thrown into the air by Danny and bounces off the top rope. Danny scoops him up from behind with a reverse DVD and drops him with a backbreaker and a cover, but Melina distracts the referee. Danny stands and walks over to Melina and grabs her by the hair, but is given a low blow and rolled up by Mercury. He kicks out but Mercury lays into Danny. MNM begin to double team Danny from that moment, and it lasts for the majority of the match.

Finish – Danny gets the hot tag to Animal, who comes in and takes out Mercury with a big fist, and then Nitro with a shoulder block. He goes back to Mercury and gives him an Irish Whip into a back body drop, and then gives Nitro a sidewalk slam and goes for the pin for the two count. Animal stands and stalks Mercury, ready to hit the match ender, but then some music plays – the old music of Heidenreich. Animal turns around, acting surprised. Melina, who was previously banned from ringside, steps out onto the stage while laughing. Animal looks angry as he turns around and is lifted up into the Snapshot. Mercury takes the three count as Nitro stops Danny from breaking up the pin.

Winner – MNM [73]

Aftermath – MNM take Danny Basham and look to be setting him up for the Snapshot, but Doug Basham comes running in with a steel pipe in his good hand and chases off MNM. MNM walk backwards up the ramp, meeting with Melina on the way, not breaking eye contact with the Bashams and Animal.

Backstage – JBL is somewhere backstage stretching until Bobby Lashley steps into the picture. He tells JBL that they will be facing each other in the next round. Lashley says that he hopes JBL hasn’t got on his high horse because Lashley is going to beat the living crap out of him. JBL laughs and tells the boy that Lashley doesn’t realise what he is dealing with. He is dealing with a wrestling god, the greatest champion in SmackDown history, and Lashley, what? He is undefeated? He is young? That doesn’t tell me anything other than you are inexperienced and not used to high calibre opponents. Lashley goes to say something back when Mark Henry and Daivari step into the picture. Henry says that the two should stop their bickering, because who ever wins will just lose to him anyway. MOVE IT! Henry pushes past them both and Lashley shares one last stare with JBL before walking off also. [uNRATED]

(NOTE: No room for this segment on EWR, but I left it in the diary for storyline purposes.)

No1 Contender Tournament

First Round Match

Rey Mysterio vs Mark Henry

Match Analysis – Mysterio tries for the Hit N Run technique but he is eventually caught out. Henry throws him around the ring for a while before Mysterio manages to come back with some more Hit N Run manuvers. It isn’t long before Henry catches him again though, but this time around Mysterio dodges many of his moves. Henry is getting very P’d off by this and gets very sloppy in his offence.

Finish – Mysterio rolls under a clothesline and gives Henry a dropkick to the back of the knee to knock him down. Henry is against the ropes and Mysterio signals and attempts the 619. But Mark Henry catches Mysterio’s legs and pulls him up for The World’s Strongest Slam, but Mysterio counters by grabbing hold of the top rope. He manages to drag himself over the top rope and onto the apron, with Mark Henry stumbling over also. Henry lands on the outside as Mysterio rolls back into the ring. The referee begins the count as Henry gets to his feet, but Mysterio comes running with another 619 that catches Henry off guard and sends his head hard into the steel post. Henry collapses on the floor. The referee finishes the count and counts out Henry.

Winner – By Count Out – Rey Mysterio [76]

Aftermath – Mysterio runs up the ramp, pleased with his win. Mark Henry recovers from outside of the ring and looks REALLY angry. He gets out of the ring and pulls the announce table apart. He kicks the steel steps over. Stomps up the ramp. Puts his hand through the SmackDown set and finally leaves.

Singles Match

Paul Burchill vs Booker T

Match Analysis – Booker T starts into Burchill but Burchill out wrestles him and outsmarts him with a bunch of arm wringers and hammerlocks. Booker T nails a back elbow and takes control of the match. Orlando Jordan, who challenged Booker T last week, walks down to ringside and strolls around the ring, getting the attention of Booker T. The mini-distraction allows Burchill to comes back with a series of back suplexes with him rolling the third into a pin, Booker kicks out. Booker comes back with some chops but is nailed in the side of the head with an Enziguri. Burchill whips Booker to the ropes for a Plank Walk attempt but Booker catches the ropes and escapes to the outside, but comes face to face with Orlando Jordan and Booker jumps back into the ring after the scare. Orlando laughs at Booker. Booker stares down Orlando, forgetting about Burchill who runs at him from behind and grabs his head during a jump, bounces off the middle rope and hits some sort of modified crossbody into a pin attempt for a two count. Burchill charges to the ropes but runs right into a jumping kick to the jaw from Booker T.

Finish – Booker picks up Burchill and gives him a reverse Atomic Drop and charges to the ropes, but notices that the side he is charging at is the side where Orlando is standing. Booker turns around and runs to the other set of ropes and goes for the Scissor Kick, but Burchill dodges it. Booker walks right into the Swashbuckler. Burchill does an agile headstand and then charges at the nearest corner, bouncing up onto the top rope and executes a picture perfect moonsault for the 1, 2, 3.

Winner – Paul Burchill [75]

Aftermath – There is a long stare between a scared Booker T and a laughing Orlando Jordan. Sharmell tries to comfort him but Booker is clearly freaked out. Orlando points him out and mutters ‘Sooner Or Later’ to him as he exits ringside.

No1 Contender Tournament

First Round Match

Chris Benoit vs Randy Orton

Pre Match – Ken Kennedy comes out and takes position at the announcer’s table. He says that he is single handily changing Friday nights with his expert commentary. Watch a pro at work.

Match Analysis – The United States Champion, Benoit lays into Orton in the early going before Orton comes back with some strikes of his own. The two begin a seesaw like match with each changing control. Orton pulls out some impressive manuvers but mainly sticks with his basic strikes. He attempts the RKO, but Benoit counters with a Crippler Crossface, but Orton rolls through it and they hit a stalemate. Orton comes in with some forearm shots and some fists, but Benoit breaks out with a heavy knife-edge chop. Benoit forces Orton into the corner and chops away at him. Orton with a thumb to the eye and pushes Benoit away. He makes a right swing but Benoit ducks and begins a series of German Suplexes, followed by a bridge on the fifth for a two count when Orton miraculously kicks out.

Finish – After the German suplexes, Orton complains that there is something wrong with his neck. The referee checks on him. It looks to be very serious. Paramedics comes down to ringside as Cole and Tazz ponder on what is happening and how serious this could be for Orton’s entire career. Kennedy tells them that Orton’s career ending would also change Friday nights, he then asks them if they want to see something else that will change Friday nights? He jumps out of his space at the table and jumps up onto the apron, spins Benoit around by the shoulder, grabs his head, and drops his throat over the top rope. Benoit bounces back and rotates and Orton leaps up from the mat and nails the RKO. The referee hesitates, but makes the pin for a three count.

Winner – Randy Orton [83]

Aftermath – Ken Kennedy, who just cost Benoit the match, walks up the ramp. Benoit looks up at him from the ring, looking very angry. Kennedy looks back at the ring, noticing Benoit’s stare, and cockily smiles at him. Benoit stands, ready to fight, but Kennedy cockily walks out of ringside.


Non-Title Match

Kurt Angle vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Match Analysis –

Finish – JBL has a huge smile on his face as he looks down on Kurt Angle. Angle begins to recover and struggles to his feet. This is the signal for JBL to charge at the ropes and comes back for the Clothesline From Hell … but Kurt ducks and rolls back, making JBL fall on his front and Angle roll back onto his feet to lock in the Angle Lock. JBL screams out in pain as he tries desperately to reach the ropes. Angle keeps JBL in the centre of the ring and JBL is about to tap, but Angle is forced to release the lock when Mark Henry interferes in the match, knocking Angle down. Henry, still angry from his earlier loss, lays into Angle as the referee calls for the DQ.

Winner – By Disqualification – Kurt Angle [80]

Aftermath – JBL and Henry double team Angle, who tries desperately to fight back. Rey Mysterio bursts out from backstage and charges to the ring to help out. He ducks under Henry and gives JBL a dropkick. Henry goes to take out Mysterio but Angle comes back into the picture by fighting off Henry. Orton comes running down and immediately nails Angle with a big elbow shot to knock him down, and then begins to lay the stomps. Lashley then comes running down and spears JBL out of the ring. Mysterio dropkicks Orton out of the ring. Angle tries to Angle Slam Henry out of the ring, but it takes the help of Lashley to help him get Henry over the top rope. The group of heels regroup and prepare to start the fight again.

Aftermath Continued – Teddy Long’s music hits and the six men pause. Teddy Long emerges from the curtains, followed by a young blond man – the same man who appeared on RAW last Monday. Teddy has a mic and says that enough is enough, this is wrestling, if they want to fight then they can do it in an organized fashion. He hands the mic over to Jack Jenson who says that he and teddy have been talking about how the SmackDown product differs from RAW’s. He says that Teddy puts the fans first, so next week, instead of the arranged second round of the tournament it is going to be a six man tag match, Mark Henry, JBL and Randy Orton faces Mr Money In The Bank Rey Mysterio, Bobby Lashley and World Champion Kurt Angle. Because that is what the fans want. The fans erupt in cheers for the announcement of the match and SmackDown! goes off the air as the two means stare each other down. [88]


[Mid-Month News coming next. Some obvious things will be mentioned that you have probably spotted.]

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-

Mid-Month News Update:

- The head of management plays the newest on-screen authority that acts as the ‘Junior Administrator’ for the board of directors. Jack Jenson is not his real name, but it is the closest thing available to identify him so all news updates will refer to him by this name.

- Some may realise that the Diva’s and the Woman’s Division are not getting airtime lately. Jack has cut them short for re-training. He hopes that this will result in better overall wrestling from all of them. It is also noted that many of the Diva’s that are no longer of use will be soon released and new Divas with better ability will soon be hired and/or promoted onto the main roster.

- SmackDown! viewers may have noticed that The Boogeyman didn’t appear this week, but Marty Wright (who plays The Boogeyman) appeared on Velocity. The reason behind this is that Jack has no idea on how to use him. Jack’s original idea was to run a storyline with him and Paul Burchill, but not as a feud, rather as a friendship. This fell through the roof after the first SmackDown show of his control. The idea now is to promote Marty Wright under a new gimmick while at the same time write out the Boogeyman character. There is a big chance Wright will be released.

- WWE.com has updated the Backlash card. It announces that Charlie Haas will face Shelton Benjamin.

Current Backlash! Card:

Ric Flair© vs Carlito for the Intercontinental Title.

Kane vs Big Show© in a Chain Match for the Tag Titles.

Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin in a Grudge Match.

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


Kenny (w/ rest of Spirit Squad) def Deuce Shade via Top Rope Leg Drop

Trevor Murdoch comes out and says he is a true American and he will beat up any foreigner that dares say he is better than America and of me. Rene Dupree answers.

Rene Dupree def Trevor Murdoch via Modified Michinoku Driver in a close-to squash match. And Rene is back, yeyyy.

Lance Cade did another pretty good promo and then introduced us to his partners, 3 Minute Warning.

Goldust, Val Venis & Viscera def 3 Minute Warning & Lance Cade via Goldust roll up on Rosey.


In The Ring – Vince and Shane McMahon come down to the ring. Vince gets a mic and he mentions the situation of last week’s main event. He said Cena should not hold the title now; either HHH or Edge should be the champion. Therefore, John Cena is going to be stripped of his title and it will be held up at Backlash between Edge and Triple H. And that is all going to be said on the matter. Vince goes to leave, but some unfamiliar music plays and out steps the man who appeared at the end of both RAW and SmackDown last week, Jack Jenson.

Jenson has a mic of his own and he speaks. He tells Vince that if he never skipped the board meeting on Saturday he would realise that the board have taken last weeks main event into question and have came to a decision on its own. He says that since Vince clearly is a corrupted authority, and RAW doesn’t have a GM, then he will announce the match himself. Cena will keep the title and will defend it at Backlash. His opponents will be Triple H and Edge. That announced, Vince looks pretty happy, but Jenson isn’t finished yet. Jenson says that there will be a fourth competitor, the man who Vince has been trying to screw over for a long time now, SHAWN MICHAELS! The crowd erupt and Vince is looking unhappy.

Jenson says that is the main event of Backlash sorted out, now lets move on. The chain match for the tag titles was also brought into question by the board on Saturday. You see, a Tag Team means that naturally there has to be a team, so a One-Man Tag Champion should be impossible. The board have decided that Big Show is to handover the tag titles to me by the end of tonight or will receive a penalty of six months suspension and will automatically lose his match at Backlash against Kane. The match, by the way, will no longer be for the tag titles and will just be a grudge match. And the tag titles … they will be held up in an eight-team battle royal, which will also feature some recently acquired tag teams.

Jenson says he has not finished. He says he has a man with him that Vince suspended last week. Well, the board have over turned it. So, please welcome back, Mick Foley. Foley comes out onto the stage with a huge pop. Jenson says that Vince has clearly not been a good owner, so he must be dealt with appropriately, and Jenson notices that on Vince’s TV Contract he lists himself as an Owner, an Authority Figure, and, here is the best one … a Wrestler! So, at Backlash, Vince will get his just deserts when he faces Mick Foley. Vince protests and says he has the right to deny that match. Jenson says that is true, but if he does so, he will force SHANE to take his place. Shane jumps in and says he can’t do that but Vince tells his son he can handle it. Vince says that he is going to change that. Shane will be in the match, and so will he; it will be a handicap match. Jenson says he is okay with that, but one thing, he cant allows a handicap match. So he is going to give Foley a partner. Which brings him to the next topic. He has two other guys with him and he tells them to walk out. Paul Heyman and Terry Funk walk out.

Jenson hands Paul the mic. Paul says that last years ECW One Night Stand was so successful that it is going to be repeated. This time, it’s going to be the Second Night Stand. And a man who not only helped make ECW what it become, he also wasn’t able to appear at last years ECW event, that man is Terry Funk. Funk gets on the mic. He says he has been wrestling since Vince’s daddy was running the company and he knows a thing or two. He knew that Vince was going to try and weasel out of a match with Foley by making the odds go in his favour, so he came as backup. Vince, you got yourself a tag match. Vince and Shane McMahon versus Foley and Funk. And there’s gonna be some arsed kicked at Backlash!

Jenson jumps on the mic one last time and says he has given John Cena the night off to recover. So tonight’s Main Event will be Mick Foley and Shawn Michaels versus Triple H and Edge. A minor pop and RAW goes to a commercial. [89]

Singles Match

Matt Striker (w/Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky) vs Brent Albright

Match Analysis – Brent gets some early shots in on Striker but a grab of the ankle from Snitsky is enough to end his run. Striker beats away at Brent and gives him a Back Suplex over the top rope, it got a big pop. More beatings are given to Brent. Striker throws him into a corner, but Brent springs up onto the second rope and launches himself into a rotation to nail Striker with a big lariat. Brent is back in control. Snitsky distracts the ref as Brent goes over to Striker, who is resting on the middle rope. Tomko hands Striker his cane, and he nails Brent with it and goes for the cover, but Brent kicks out to a huge applause from the crowd. Striker gets mad and once again puts to boots and beatings to Brent.

Finish – Brent is thrown into the turnbuckle, but leaps up onto the second rope and springboards off it, rotating in midair, looking for the lariat again, but instead falls into a dropkick to the gut from Striker. Brent struggles to catch his breath, but stands nevertheless. He stumbles and walks into Striker, who scoops him up and gives him the Detention Slip (Snowplow like Driver) for the one, two, three.

Winner – Matt Striker [70]

In The Ring – Matt Striker jumps onto the mic. He says that he has taught Brent a lesson he will never forget. Striker says that he needed the discipline, but he isn’t the only one. He says that some guys on the RAW roster are just not up to scratch with their education, and need to be taught a similar lesson. Guys like … the theme music of Eugene plays and he runs down to the ring. Striker asks him how does it feel to be a brain dead simpleton, Eugene responds by saying that he went to a special school and he was smarter than most of his friends. Striker says the only problem with that was that he only graduated a few weeks ago. Him and his two brutes have a laugh over it and Eugene looks upset. Striker says that Eugene doesn’t have to worry, because Striker is there for him, and he will personally see to it that Eugene becomes a Grade A student. Eugene still looks pretty upset, until Striker says he has a present for him. Eugene looks happy as Snitsky retrieves the package that they brought to the ring, he hands it to Eugene. Eugene rips it open and pulls out its content … it’s a pointed cone hat. Striker takes it out of the box and puts it on Eugene’s head; it is labelled ‘Dunce’. Eugene takes it off his head and rips it up in anger, and then pushes Striker. Striker goes for the punch, but Eugene ducks under and sets up the Rock Bottom, but Tomko nails him in the face with the kick. Eugene falls to the mat. Snitsky picks him up and gives him the Snitsky Twist. Striker gets in his face until Chavo Guerrero comes running down to the ring. The three clear out and Chavo checks on Eugene. [73]

Backstage – Jenson is in an office and he has just finished watching what just happened in the ring. He turns to his desk and starts flicking through some papers when Candice Michelle steps into the picture. She flirts with him, but he seems like he is not taking any notice. Candice gets a little annoyed with him and asks why he is ignoring her, he looks up. He says he knows what she is after, and she isn’t getting it. She asks what he means and Jenson says that the Woman’s Title will not be defended until after Backlash. The whole Divas roster are under retraining, including Candice, and she can’t really afford to be flirting her way to the top. She goes in a huff, and goes to walk out, but Jenson stops her. Jenson says that if she wants the shot, she can have one. The day after Backlash, Trish Stratus will defend her title against her, butt here is a catch. Jenson says that if Candice loses, she WILL be fired from WWE for good. He tells her to have a nice day and goes back to his papers, she tries to protest, but he just says good day to her and she walks out in a bigger huff. [80]

Singles Match

Charlie Haas vs Rob Conway

The Match – Conway with a couple of right hands knock Haas off balance. Conway pushes Haas into the ropes and goes for the Irish Whip but Haas holds on and drags Conway into a Wrist Clutch Exploder. Conway is folded like an accordion. Haas doesn’t stop to breath as he swiftly locks in the Haas Of Pain and Conway taps out instantly.

Winner – Charlie Haas [75]

Aftermath – Haas jumps onto the middle rope to celebrate when Shelton Benjamin, his opponent for Backlash, jumps into the ring and gives him a low blow. He throws him off the middle ropes and starts to stomp him, but Haas stands up and gives Shelton a big punch in the face. Haas jumps onto of Benjamin and gives him more fists to the face. Mama Benjamin gets into the ring and pushes Charlie off Shelton. Haas stands and looks at her for a second, then leaves the ring without a fuss.

Backstage – Shelton is with his Mama. He tells her that he doesn’t want to fight Haas, he is too vicious. He doesn’t think twice about trying to put him out of wrestling for good. Mama agrees, but tells him to go and get is injuries checked (Shelton has a big black eye and a busted lip). Shelton disappears and Mama turns around to walk off, but Charlie Haas jumps in her way. Haas says she should stop getting in the way, it is between him and her son and he doesn’t want her to get hurt. She tells him that he is her son and she chooses him over Haas. Haas says he knows she doesn’t mean that, but she better know that he also chooses Shelton over her, so she better stop getting involved. He is about to walk off, but says that it would be best if she didn’t show up at ringside at Backlash, and then walks away. Mama Benjamin looks upset and no one likes the direction this is going. [76]

Backstage – Masters is wrapping up his wrists with tape when his opponents for tonight, RVD and Ric Flair, walk into the locker room. They confront him and tell him he is a pawn for Carlito. RVD says that Masters could be IC Champ now if it wasn’t for Carlito, and hell, he might have been the winner of the Rumble or even won the WWE Title in the Elimination Chamber if it wasn’t for Carlito. Flair says that Masters needs to face facts, Carlito uses him to get what he wants. Masters says that he faces facts, and the fact now is that they are trying to turn him against Carlito, but he is not buying it. Flair says it is his loss, but it can’t be spelt out any better for him. The two walk off and leave Masters in the locker room again. [78]

In The Ring – Big Show comes out to the ring. He has the tag titles with him. He gets in the ring and says that Jenson wants him to hand the belts over and he has no problem with doing that. Especially since Kane himself has agreed to the Chain Match in two weeks at Backlash, title or no title. Show says he will hand the belts over right after this special occasion. Show will have a live link-up with his Backlash opponent, Kane, himself. Kane appears on the titatron, looking psycho as he has done in the past. Big Show says hello but doesn’t get a response.

Show says that Kane looks well, and its nice to see he is no longer in a hospital bed, but that wont last long, he will be back in one right after the Chain Match. Kane draws a smile and laughs. Kane finally talks, saying that Show says he will put him back into the hospital bed, but what did he put in the hospital bed in the first place? He put in the ‘tamed’ Kane. But, unlucky for him, the ‘tamed’ Kane became untamed again right after he woke up in casualty. Show says that Kane’s talk is cheap; he is no match for him. Kane says that he has put out many, not just into hospital for a short time, but out of their careers to. Kane asks Show which bear would be easier to kill? The tamed, performing bear? Or the wild grizzly? Show goes to respond but Kane interrupts to say that the grizzly can be killed, but it takes a lot more than a set of chairs. The unforgiving Chain is all that is needed. Show says that Kane makes no sense, he says that Kane isn’t a bear and cannot be compared to one. Kane says that he is right, it is Show that is the bear, and Kane is a hunter.

With those words, the titatron goes off, and so does the arena lights. Show is standing in complete darkness. With a big EXPLOSION red flames come out of the posts and Kane’s entrance music plays and Big Show craps himself. Show looks around, spooked, and Kane re-appears on the titatron. Kane, with an evil laugh, says that the bear never sees the hunter coming. He disappears off the titatron again and the arena returns back to normal. The spooked Big Show exits ringside, still weary of Kane’s warning. [84]

Tag Match

Ric Flair & Rob Van Dam vs Chris Masters & Carlito

Match Analysis – Carlito insists he starts and Masters obliges, but Carlito quickly changes his mind when Flair decides to start first also. Masters takes down Flair quickly and attempts an early Masterlock but Flair gets away. Flair goes choppy, chop, chop on Masters’ chest before Masters tags out. Carlito is weary, but ducks under a fist and spears the back of Flair’s legs and begins to punch Flair in the back of the head. RVD gets the blind tag on Flair as Carlito Irish Whips him into the ropes. On the way back, Carlito ducks for a back body drop, but Flair gives him a kick to the chest to force him to stand up right, where he is then given a flying kick from RVD. RVD works over Carlito and begins to showboat and taunt as usual, but when he turns back to Carlito he is given a punch to the gut and then is sent shoulder fist into the post. He and Masters exchange tags to wear down RVD. RVD quickly gets away with a big spin kick to Carlito and makes the hot tag to Flair who takes out both men. Masters then spears Flair down and gives him a few punches. Masters gives him a shoulder breaker and then gives him another one but this time on the other shoulder. Masters goes for a suplex, but drops to one knee during mid move and turns it into a modified Neckbreaker. Flair is in a bad way as he is picked up for the Masterlock and it is locked in. Flair struggles and is about to pass out when Masters spins him around and goes for some sort of Scoop Slam, but Flair slides over it and gives Masters a very powerful chop to knock him to the ground. Both men look to their partners for the tag.

Finish – Masters and Flair make the tag simultaneously. RVD comes in like a house of fire and knocks Carlito off the apron before he can even enter the ring. RVD takes it to Masters with some kicks. Carlito comes in and saves his partner by taking RVD from behind. Carlito tells Masters to get on the apron as he gives RVD a few stomps. Once he sees Masters on the apron he slaps he hand and jumps out of the ring. The catches Masters completely off guard and confused. Masters shouts down at Carlito before stepping into the ring, not having much rest since his last run in the ring. He walks straight into the Vandaminator. RVD goes to the corner and executes the Five Star Frog Splash and gets the three count as Carlito watches from the outside, not doing anything to save his partner.

Winner – Ric Flair & RVD [76]

Aftermath – Carlito finally comes into the ring to check on his partner, and Masters gets up and looks very angry. He shoves Carlito and begins to shout stuff at him. Carlito tries to apologies but Masters doesn’t listen and gets right in his face. RVD stands by, watching what is going on. Masters shoves Carlito again and then spins around, taking RVD out with a powerful lariat. Carlito begins to laugh as Masters picks RVD up and locks in the Masterlock. Masters violently shakes RVD around for a few seconds before throwing him to the mat. Carlito gives him a slap on the back as they leave the ring friends again.


Mick Foley & Shawn Michaels vs Triple H & Edge

Match Analysis – First Foley chased HHH around the ring, then Edge tags in and he gets chased. Foley tagged out to Michaels. Michaels fought against Edge and was on fire. Trips came in but was taken out by a diving forearm. Edge fights back but Michaels is not going to be stopped and Edge is forced to tag out to Triple H. HHH suffered something similar to Edge but managed to catch Michaels off guard and beat him down. He locked in the Texas Deathlock (the return!) but Michaels got to the ropes. Michaels ducks under a clothesline and gives Triple H a back elbow and tags in Foley. Foley gives Trips a bunch of fists and he is dazed. Edge tags himself in but runs into a fist also. Foley goes for the double arm, but the illegal man Triple H bounces off the ropes and gives him the high knee to switch the momentum back into their favour. Edge and Trips take turns to beat down Foley before the tough Foley fights back and gives Triple H a big Spinebuster and makes the tag to Michaels. Michaels lays the fists into Triple H and Edge runs in, but is taken out by Foleys Over-The-Top-Rope-Suicide-Clothesline. Trips gives Michaels a kick and goes for the Pedigree, but Michaels escapes and gives Triple H a DDT. Trips is down, so Michaels takes his usual place in the corner.

Finish – Shane McMahon runs down to the ring as Shawn is tuning up the band. He grabs his ankle and Shawn tries to shake him off. He turns back around and is nailed in the head by a chair from Vince McMahon. The ref rings the bell immediately.

Winner – No Contest [82]

Aftermath – The beat down begins. It is four on two. Terry Funk gets down into the ring and fights off the McMahons but is nailed by a spear from Edge. Edge looks down on Funk and laughs and then turns around to be punched in the face by JOHN CENA! Cena takes out Shane and then back body drops HHH over the top rope. Vince hightails it out of the ring. Cena jumps onto the middle rope and yells up the ramp at the heels as the faces gather behind him. Cena retrieves his belt and grabs a microphone on the way. He says that Vince’s reign is over. No more will Shawn Michaels, Mick Foley, and himself be victims of Vince’s jealousy. Cena says he is ready for Backlash, so is Foley, so is Michaels and so is Funk so you can bring it to them: IF YOU WANT SOME! COME GET SOME! Cena drops the mic and spins his belt as his music plays and RAW goes off air with images of the faces and the heels. [87]

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


Jamie Noble def Steven Richards via Trailerhitch and tap out.

Tatanka def Simon Dean via Trail End and pin.

Paul Burchill & Matt Hardy def The Dicks via Swashbuckler & Leg Drop on Chad (Matt gets pin).


Backstage – Teddy Long appears on screen live from his office. Long says that tonight is the night SmackDown begins preparations for a big show two weeks away. SmackDown: The Event. Already planned for tonight is the six man tag match, which is to set things up for next weeks Semi Final round of the Number One Contendership at Kurt Angle’s World Heavyweight Title. And at SmackDown: The Event, the finals will take place. But also, Kurt Angle will defend his title at The Event, who against? That hasn’t been decided. The Tag Titles will also be on the line at The Event when MNM take on two men who are thirsty for the gold, The Basham Brothers. And, responding to what happened last week, Benoit will defend the United States title against Ken Kennedy. But that is two weeks away, what’s happening tonight? Well, Chris Benoit will face old rival, Booker T. Danny Basham will be in singles action against Joey Mercury. And last but not least, we have that six man tag match … enjoy the show. [90]

Singles Match

Orlando Jordan vs Gunner Scott

The Match – Gunner Scott, who has certainly begun to spread himself around lately, goes in for the kill early. But Orlando ducks under the punch/lariat/whatever and gives Gunner a quick boxing combo. Gunner is looking a little dizzy. Orlando cockily points to his jaw and tells Gunner to swing, which he does, but Orlando ducks under it and nails the Flat Line for a really quick win.

Winner – Orlando Jordan [71]

Aftermath – Orlando gets on the mic and says that Teddy Long seems to be overlooking something. Two weeks ago Orlando challenged Booker T face to face and Booker didn’t reply. Orlando says he even came down to ringside during his match last week so he would remember my little challenge. But still he hasn’t responded. Orlando asks that Teddy force Booker into the match before his does it himself. [76]

Backstage – Mercury is with Melina. He says both Bashams are psychos, but Danny in particular is nuts. Nitro enters the picture and tells his partner not to worry. Nitro says he has recently acquired a little insurance policy. Marty Wright, formally Boogeyman, steps into the picture. Nitro introduces Mercury and Melina to ‘Big Mart’ and then says Mercury’s match is up next. The four head out to the entrance area. [uNRATED]

Singles Match

Danny Basham (w/Injured Doug Basham) vs Joey Mercury (w/Johnny Nitro, Melina and Big Mart)

Match Analysis – Mercury is weary of Danny and keeps his distance. They lock up and Mercury gets in a headlock, but Danny counters by grabbing him by the hair and pulling him down to one knee. The ref forces him to let go but now Danny is under control and he beats Mercury around the ring. Meanwhile on the outside, Nitro and Big Mart are eyeing Doug Basham, who is aware of this and has the lead pipe with him again. He points it at them to let them know. In the ring, Mercury rolls through a suplex and lands on his feet and gives Danny a quick Superkick to take him down. He looks to the outside. Big Mart tries to get close to Doug, but Doug swings the pipe at him, and does the same when Nitro tries to get close. Mercury runs over to the side of the ring and gives Doug a baseball slide from behind to knock him down. Big Mart and Nitro immediately attack the fallen Doug. The ref tries to stop it as Mart rams Doug back first into the post. Mercury laughs on from the inside before he I nailed from behind by Danny, who then vaults over the top rope onto Big Mart to save his partner. He is caught by Mercury on his way back in and now he is at a disadvantage. It doesn’t last too long though as he counters a running move with an inverted Atomic Drop but misses a diving forearm to take out the ref. Bad sign.

Finish – Danny goes for the lariat but is tossed over the top rope and to the outside. Big Mart walks over to Danny, scoops him up, and gives him a mighty Pumphandle Slam. He rolls him back into the ring and Mercury makes the cover. But the ref is still knocked out. Mercury gets off of Danny and wakes up the ref and then walks back to make the cover again, but … Doug Basham has recovered at last and he runs into the ring and nails Mercury with the lead pipe. Mercury stumbles back and Danny rolls him up. The ref is finally back up and he counts the three.

Winner – Danny Basham [75]

Aftermath – Big Mart, Johnny Nitro and Melina jump into the ring and take out both Basham Brothers. Mart gives Doug the Pumphandle, and MNM give Danny the Snapshot. They retrieve their tag belts and rub them in the fallen Basham Brothers’ faces before leaving the ring.

Backstage – Teddy Long is in his office with Finlay/Regal, Simon Dean & Gymini, and The Mexicools. Long says that he got off the phone a few minutes ago with Jack Jenson. He has Backlash to prepare for and he has made an Eight Team Battle Royal for the vacant Tag Titles. Problem is he only has seven teams available and he has requested a SmackDown tag team to give the last spot to. The teams are smiling. Long says that those three teams will compete later tonight for the final slot. All the teams look pleased but then someone enters the office, its Animal. Animal says he couldn’t help but overhear about this match. He asks Teddy why he is not involved. Teddy tells Animal that he doesn’t have a partner. Animal says he has Heidenreich, he isn’t back yet though, but he told me he would be around just after next weeks SmackDown. Teddy asks if Animal is insisting that he wants to be included in the match tonight by himself? Animal says it is exactly what he wants. Teddy adds Animal to the match; Finlay and Regal look pretty happy about this. [79]

In The Ring – Gregory Helms take position in the ring as he has done the past two weeks. He announces how both England and Germany have been no match for him so far, so this week he is going to set himself a better challenge. He says he has seeked the home of the luchadore, the ‘kings’ of cruiserweight wrestling, they are the Mexicans. Tonight’s International Cruiserweight Challenge is going to be the toughest one yet, but he will still come out the victor. Helms introduces his challenger, from Mexico City in Mexico, Hector Garza! [80]

Helm’s International Cruiserweight Challenge

Gregory Helms© vs Hector Garza

Match Analysis – Fast paced mat wrestling to start but the emphasis goes onto Hector and his lucha libre style to get the advantage in the match. Helms keeps trying to come back with some cheap/dirty moves but Hector always finds a way around them to take advantage again.

Finish – Hector gives Helms a big Scoop Slam, positioning him next to the corner. Hector climbs the ropes, ready for some high risk move, but as he tries to balance the ever resourceful Gregory Helms reaches up and pulls down the top rope to make him slip. Helms rises off the mat and gets Hector in position for a running Powerbomb from the corner, but while attempting, Hector manages to push himself off Helms’ shoulders and is now behind him. Helms turns and leapfrogs over some sort of diving spear/headbutt, turns around, and gives Hector the Shining Wizard to the back of his head. Hector is virtually knocked out as Helms makes the three count.

Winner – And Still Cruiserweight Champion – Gregory Helms [71]

Singles Match

Chris Benoit vs Booker T (w/Sharmell)

Ken Kennedy On Commentary

Match Analysis – Booker takes it to Benoit, serious about his current losing streak. Benoit fires some vicious chops that Booker foolishly tries to match and Benoit makes Booker T pay for it with even more chops. Benoit keeps looking over to Kennedy, whilst Booker keeps looking up to the entrance ramp (weary of Orlando Jordan). Benoit goes for the Crossface but Booker powers out of it and gives Benoit a jumping leg lariat to take advantage. Various strikes from Booker lay into Benoit. Booker sets up for the Book End but Benoit fights out of it with some elbows and then spins around to latch onto Booker T’s back and proceeds to hit German Suplexes.

Finish – Benoit continues to execute the chain of German Suplexes before noticing Kennedy is getting out of his seat. Kennedy soon jumps onto the apron and trash talks Benoit. Benoit is distracted and talks trash back, but predicts Booker T’s attack from behind and moves out of the way. Booker accidentally knocks Kennedy off the apron. Booker looks a little confused as he turns right into the Crippler Crossface and he has no choice but to tap out.

Winner – Chris Benoit [76]

Aftermath – Kennedy gets up and into the ring. He attacks Benoit, putting the boots to him. Booker T recovers and helps, also putting the boots the Benoit. But, from the crowd comes Orlando Jordan. He comes in and gives Kennedy a big right hand to take him out. Orlando looks to Booker, who turns to run, but Benoit grabs his ankle from the mat. Orlando gives Booker a kick to the gut and nails him with the Flat Line. Booker rolls out of the ring into the arms of Sharmell. Benoit and Orlando stand together in the ring.

Four Way Tag Match

Winners Will Receive The Last Slot At The Backlash Tag Battle Royal For The Vacant World Tag Titles

The Mexicools vs William Regal & Fit Finlay vs Gymini vs Animal

Match Analysis – Regal starts with Super Crazy. Regal and Crazy lock up and Regal beats the daylight out of Crazy, but Crazy comes back using his quickness and ends up giving Regal a big Enziguri. Regal tags out to Finlay. Finlay fights Crazy for a few seconds before Crazy gives him a dropkick to the stomach followed by a head scissors takedown. Crazy tags out to Animal who brawls with Finlay. Finlay loses and tags out to Gymini #1 (Mike). More brawling, more tagging until Psicosis is in against Gymini #2 (Todd). Gymini #2 misses a punch and accidentally hits Finlay who falls to the floor. Once up though, Finlay slides into the ring and beats on both men. Gymini #1 comes in, so does Crazy, then Animal, and finally Regal. Crazy takes both Gymini out with a headscissors/headlock combination. Animal and Regal take each other to the outside. This leaves Finlay and Psicosis.

Finish – Finlay takes Psicosis by the hair and lifts him up, as if going for the suplex, but charges into the corner and sits him on the top rope. Lashley sets up his version of the Muscle Buster and comes out of the corner, ready to drop, but is speared down by Animal from nowhere. Finlay hits the move, but not intentionally. Finlay stands back up and tries to swing a punch for Animal, but he ducks and pushes Finlay on the turn, causing him to fly into the ropes and knocking off Gymini. Animal turns around and sees Regal heading towards him, but ducks and gives Regal the Alabama Slam for the one, two, three and Animal is going to Backlash.

Winner – Animal [77]


Six Man Tag Match

Kurt Angle, Rey Mysterio & Bobby Lashley vs Randy Orton, Mark Henry & JBL

Match Analysis – Henry starts and Lashley comes forward for his team, not fearing Mark Henry the slightest. They exchange blows for a few seconds before Lashley ducks under Henry’s arm and spears him down. More punches are thrown before Henry escapes and tags out to Orton who runs right into an overhead belly to belly suplex. Lashley tags out and here comes Rey Mysterio. Mysterio runs around the ring for a while until Orton catches him and gives a big European Uppercut. Orton forces Rey into his corner and unloads on his with all varieties of strikes. JBL tags in and he takes it to Rey with a big punch followed by a Powerbomb and a two-count pin. JBL goes for the Clothesline From Hell but Rey ducks under and makes a fast tag to Kurt who comes in and chases JBL into his corner where Henry tags back in. Henry gives Kurt a shove to the floor, but Kurt recovers and goes straight for the big man’s leg. Henry powers him off, but Kurt keeps coming back and tries to trip him up. Henry can’t get Kurt away and Kurt eventually manages to trip Henry, but Orton comes in and gives Kurt a kick before he can lock in the Angle Lock. Lashley tries coming in but the ref stops him and the heels play dirty on the other side of the ring whilst the ref is distracted. Orton is in and he takes it to Angle also, but Angle manages to fight away and tag out to Lashley who takes down Orton with a shoulder block. Nothing interesting really happens as more tags are exchanged and the match becomes a seesaw with momentum switching each moment. The heels try singling out Lashley, but Lashley gets the hot tag to Angle who comes in and fights off all the heels, but Henry takes him by surprise. Mysterio and Lashley help out. Orton comes from behind Lashley and throws him out of the ring, but as he does so, Mysterio executes a 619 to his gut and Orton falls to the mat, trying to catch a breath. Henry pushes Mysterio to the outside from the apron and follows him. Meanwhile, Kurt gives JBL an Angle Slam over the top rope.

Finish – Kurt is on fire and pulls down his straps. He walks over to Randy Orton and locks in the Angle Lock. Angle screams in fury as Orton screams in pain. Henry comes back into the ring and gives Angle a big whack of his forearm to take him down. Henry goes to continue the assault but Lashley comes from behind with a forearm of his own. Lashley steps back and challenges Mark to ‘Come On!’. Mark obliges and charges, but Lashley ducks under and then quickly spears Henry in the back. Henry falls and is stringed on the middle rope: 619! From Rey Mysterio who came from nowhere. Henry stumbles backwards, right into Kurt Angle, who rolls him up and scores the three count as Lashley makes sure JBL and Orton stay away.

Winners – Lashley, Mysterio & Angle [82]

Aftermath – Mark Henry was on the losing end again. He was outsmarted for the second week in a row by Ray Mysterio and was pinned in an embarrassing fashion. Henry looks like he is ready to explode (lucky everone else has left ringside). He gets out of the ring and kicks the steps off the post. He goes to the announcer’s table and rips it apart, smashing the monitors, and even breaking it with his fist. He ripped part of the security rail off. Many staff began to flood into ringside but a angry Henry should be the last thing they try to stop. Henry takes out a large number of them and then gives one (who happens to be Xavier who has posed as WWE security in the past) the World Strongest Slam onto the entrance ramp. Daivari got Henry calmed down and lead him out of the arena. But before they leave completely, Henry pulls one of the sheets of metal from the SmackDown set. They leave as SmackDown goes off air. [79]

Edited by -W-A-L-K-E-R-
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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-


Opening segment was Trevor Murdoch complaining that Brent Albright has been on both RAW and SmackDown the last few weeks. What’s up? Just because he changes his name.

Trevor Murdoch def Brent Albright via DQ when Test (returning, and Todd Grisham acted like he had never seen him before) interfered to beat the hell out of Murdoch. He seemed to be aligned with Brent.

Spirit Squad Member: Nicky (w/Rest of SS) def Some Jobber

Viscera, Val Venis, and Rob Conway def 3 Minute Warning & Matt Striker after Venis gave Striker the Money Shot.


In The Ring – John Cena comes out to the ring with a lot of boos. He says that not just since WrestleMania, but long before, everyone has wanted this title off of him. And after all these months, all of Cena’s title reign, Cena has always showed them why he is holding the damned title in the first place. After countless times of overcoming the odds and proving he is worthy of the title a lot of people still want the title off of him. Why? Cena is nailed by an arena full of boos. Cena says he receives a roasting from the crowd every week, and by now, Cena is by far used to it. All he has ever tried to do is entertain the worldwide audience, and he gets booed in return. So, Cena has one thing to say … if you are a Chain Gang soldier, if you want this title to stay on Cena, then Cena loves you right back … And if not, if you hate Cena, if you boo Cena, if you want the title off of Cena, well tough luck … THE CHAMP IS HERE! AND THE CHAMP IS HERE TO STAY! He ends the promo by leaving the ring to a loud mixed crowd. Boos are around 60% of the responses, but at least Cena has gotten to the other 40%. [85]

Tag Team Match

Chavo Guerrero & Eugene vs Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky (w/Matt Striker)

Match Analysis – Chavo starts and takes it to Tomko, but it is not long before Striker HAS to interfere and Chavo is nailed with a power move. Snitsky and Tomko work over him and then attempt a Double Flapjack manuver but Chavo double dropkicks them both. He makes the tag to Eugene who comes off the top with a double sledge for a two count. Tomko re-enters the ring but is given a dropkick. Tag made to Chavo who runs to the middle of the apron and slingshot senton his way into the ring, landing perfectly on Snitsky. Chavo dominates Snitsky further with his speed, but is given a knee to the back from Tomko when he runs to the ropes. Tomko and Snitsky give Chavo a double suplex for a two. Chavo ducks under Tomko’s kick and gives him a hurricarana over the top rope. He quickly leaps to tag in Eugene who comes in and out-punches Snitsky. Tomko comes back and accidentally nails his own partner with Striker’s cane, sending him out. Eugene gives Tomko the Rock Bottom and goes for the peoples elbow, but Striker pulls down the ropes and Eugene falls out of thing ring. But not to worry, Chavo enters the ring and gives Tomko a Tornado DDT.

Finish – Chavo goes up top for a Frog Splash, but Snitsky jumps up onto the apron and pushes him off. Chavo goes crashing to the outside. Eugene gets back into the ring and punches Snitsky off the apron then turns around into a big sidewalk slam from Tomko. Snitsky is back up and enters the ring. The two prepare to double team Eugene but Eugene manages to avoid it. Chavo is back and he runs towards Tomko and dives at him, sending both of them over the top rope. Snitsky gives Eugene the big boot and then sets up for a Pumphandle, but Eugene slips off his shoulder and rolls him up with a schoolboy for a one, two and three.

Winner – Eugene & Chavo Guerrero [71]

Aftermath – Eugene gets up to celebrate, but receives a big kick to the face from Tomko. On the outside, Striker and Snitsky set up a table, and Snitsky gets back into the ring. Striker nails Chavo in the ribs with his cane to stop him intervening. Snitsky and Tomko lift Eugene into the air, and charge towards the ropes. The two powerhouses throw Eugene over the top with a Double Powerbomb and Eugene goes crashing through the table … what a bump. Striker leads his team of discipliners out of ringside as Chavo checks on what is left of his partner. Medics are summoned to the scene to strap Eugene to a stretcher and get him out of the arena.

Backstage – Jack Jenson is in the office. Shane McMahon comes in and says that he knows what Jack has planned for tonight and his father and him can’t take part. Jack says that he guessed that, so he had already replaced them both with one team from the battle royal, the Spirit Squad. Shane asks why Jack isn’t disappointed with the McMahons not taking part. Jack says that the McMahons aren’t good TV; I know they like to think they are, but the only thing that makes them entertaining is when they are getting the crap beaten out of them. We’ll take Backlash for example, Jack is sure everyone just can’t wait to watch Terry Funk and Mick Foley kick their asses. [83]

In The Ring – Lance Cade is standing in the ring. [Rating]

Singles Match

Goldust vs Lance Cade

Match Analysis – The two trade blows. Cade wins the standing brawl and slams Goldust into the corner. Goldust fights out with a slap to the face of Cade. Cade tries for another punch but Goldust ducks and fires his own. Cade is trapped in the corner as Goldust sets up the shattered dreams but Cade releases himself before the move can be completed. He beats down Goldust and gives him the bionic elbow. He charges to the ropes, but Goldust catches him with the reverse Atomic Drop to swing things back in his favour.

Finish – Goldust sets up for the Curtain Call, but Cade amazingly floats over his shoulder and quickly gives him an elbow to the back of the head. Cade scoops up Goldust, as if going for a Samoan Drop, but verifies it to drop him on his chest/stomach. Lance Cade climbs up to the top and comes off with a picture perfect flying elbow for the three count.

Winner – Lance Cade [69]

Backstage – Todd Grisham is standing with Rob Conway. Grisham says that Conway is in the eight-team battle royal at Backlash, but as far as he knows he is not in any team. Conway says that Conway didn’t make as much as an impact as he thought he would have as a singles wrestler, but as a tag team wrestler Conway was always recognised. But he isn’t talking about La Resistance; he is talking about a team he used to be in with an old friend of his. Conway says at Backlash, the two will re-unite and win the tag titles, and they will once again be known as … The Lords … Of The Ring. Conway walks away with a rather large smile on his face. [70]

Ultimate Backlash Preview

Five On Five Elimination Tag Match

Rod Van Dam, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Terry Funk & Charlie Haas vs The Spirit Squad’s Kenny & Johnny (w/Rest of the Spirit Squad), Carlito, Chris Masters & Shelton Benjamin (w/Mama Benjamin)

Opening – Foley starts. He chases Carlito around the ring before Carlito tags in Masters. Masters brawls with Foley for as long as he can before being out-punched. Foley tags out to Funk. Funk beats on Masters and Irish Whips him into the ropes … Shelton Benjamin gets a blind tag … Funk gives Masters a reverse atomic drop and then a DDT. When he stands Shelton springboards up and flies through the air to execute a crossbody on Funk, which is enough to get the pin.

Elimination #1 – Terry Funk

4 vs 5 – Haas comes in and Shelton immediately tags out to Kenny. Kenny gives Charlie a headlock takedown, but Haas shows him how to really wrestle. He then chops the hell out of him for good measure. Kenny desperately tags out and in comes Carlito. He and Haas lock up and Haas once again out wrestles his opponent. He tags out to Rob Van Dam. RVD gives Carlito some kicks and then sweeps him to the floor. Carlito comes back with a hard punch to the face and tries to tag out again, but he is stopped with a sidekick to the back of the head. Masters enters the punch and takes RVD into the corner. RVD springs up and kicks Masters in the chest and quickly gets the tag to Flair. Flair gives Masters a few chops until he falls out of the ring. Flair turns around and it caught off guard by Carlito who gives him the Fameasser type move and pins him.

Elimination #2 – Ric Flair

3 vs 5 – Carlito is happy about his pin. He celebrates, but suddenly falls backwards when Foley rolls him up for a three count. Carlito isn’t happy.

Elimination #3 – Carlito

3 vs 4 – Johnny jumps in and gives Foley a big dropkick. He tags out to Johnny who springboards off the middle ropes to nail Foley with a back kick. Tag back out to Kenny, and we have some sort of teamwork thing going on here. Kenny gives Foley a scoop slam and then goes up top. He flies off for a guillotine leg drop, but Foley only just moves out of the way. Foley gives Kenny a Spinebuster and then tags out to RVD. RVD hits the Rolling Thunder for a two count. RVD jumps up for a split-legged moonsault, but Kenny just gets his knees up. RVD rolls around in pain and Kenny gives him a high knee to the back to knock him into the heel corner. Kenny once again tags out to Johnny and they give RVD a double Irish Whip. Kenny drops to all fours and Johnny springs off of him to nail RVD with a calf kick. Kenny exits the ring and Johnny sets RVD up next to the corner. Johnny climbs to the top and dives off with a Shooting Star Press, but RVD moves and Johnny hurts his knee. RVD quickly gets the tag to Haas who gives Johnny an exploder suplex and pins him.

Elimination #4 – Johnny

3 vs 3 – With the odds evened out the match is back in balance. Haas trades rights with Masters before Masters takes control. Haas is thrown into the corner and Shelton is tagged in. Shelton gives Haas some stiff shots and gives him a suplex. He tags in Kenny, who is already halfway to the top rope. Kenny dives off with the leg drop, but Haas kicks out. Haas punches Kenny in the stomach and tags in Foley. Foley beats Kenny, then Masters enters the ring but Foley fights him off, Benjamin enters but is knocked down with one punch. Foley gets Masters in an arm wringer and tags Haas back in. Haas goes to the top and comes off with a missile dropkick for a two count on someone who isn’t even the legal man. Haas gives Kenny a clothesline to knock him out of the ring. He turns back to Masters, who ducks under him and locks in the Masterlock. Shelton comes from nowhere with a Superkick and the move is turned into a Dragon Suplex for another pin.

Elimination #5 – Charlie Haas

2 vs 3 – Foley and RVD enter the ring to fight off both Shelton and Masters. They knock them both to the outside. Kenny comes flying in with a springboard, but RVD dropkicks his legs to make him land face first. Foley nails the Double Arm DDT for the pin.

Elimination #6 – Kenny

2 vs 2 – RVD and Shelton take the ring. A nice acrobatic display by both of them. Both get simultaneous tags after a stalemate is reached. Foley and Masters charges at each other and trade hands. Foley gets the upper hand so Masters ducks under a punch and tries for the Masterlock but Foley gives him a big back elbow to send him into his own corner. Shelton tags back in and brawls with Foley. He goes for the Dragon Whip but Foley ducks and nails the Double Arm DDT. He is about to go for the pin but he is nailed in the back with a steel chair from Masters. RVD charges in to help but he runs straight into a chair shot. Masters gives Foley another chairshot to the head as it is announced that Masters has been disqualified.

Elimination #7 – Chris Masters

2 vs 1 – Shelton simply covers Foley’s lifeless body after the chairshot to get the pin.

Elimination #8 – Mick Foley

Final Two – More acrobatic action, but Shelton gets a clear advantage because of RVD’s previous chairshot. RVD manages to fight back with a couple of kicks. He takes Shelton in a Pedigree like position, lifts him up into a vertical position, and falls forward for some sort of facebuster. He misses the Five Star Frog Splash and is nailed with a Superkick. Shelton stalks RVD and prepares for the T-Bone, but RVD manages to counter by landing on his feet and twisting the move into an inverted suplex. Shelton gets up and walks straight into the Vandaminator, followed by the Five Star Frog Splash for the victory.

Winner – Sole Survivor – Rob Van Dam [74]

Aftermath – The other members of the team enter the ring to celebrate with RVD. Fireworks go off, and out comes Big Show along with Shane McMahon. The five men in the ring prepare to take down the big man as Show gets ready to enter the ring, but their opponents re-enter the ring and take them down from behind. They are beaten down and Show comes in to deliver the exclamation mark. He chokeslams Haas first, then Funk, then the winner of the match RVD, and gets ready to chokeslam Foley but then another explosion takes place and KANE IS HERE! Show gets out of the ring to confront him, but Kane enters from behind and knocks down all the heels. He chokeslams Mikey, big boots Spirit Squad member Mitch out of the ring, and then gives Kenny the Tombstone whilst Show looks on. The rest of the heels escape and make their way up the ramp with the faces in the ring looking on. [82]

Update – Announcers announce that Eugene is seriously hurt. They wish him all the best. They then say that at Backlash, Chavo Guerrero will be in action against Matt Striker. It is Chavo’s chance on getting revenge on behalf of his partner. [83]


Shawn Michaels & John Cena vs Triple H & Edge (w/Lita)

Match Analysis – Michaels starts against Edge. Nothing really special. Same old moves – including when Cena and HHH make multiple tags. Though it was fun to see Edge dive off the top rope to the outside, executing a crossbody on the WWE Champion. Cena later took HHH to the outside and Michaels brawled with Edge. Edge missed a Spear and was given the double forearm.

Finish – Michaels tunes up the band and goes for Sweet Chin Music, but Edge ducks. HHH comes running from the side to nail Michaels with a high knee, sending him to the outside. Triple H turns and walks right into a punch from Cena. Cena ducks under a clothesline from Edge and gives him the Proto-Bomb and then goes for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, but he is cut off by HHH. Triple H attempts the Pedigree, but Cena powers out of it with a Back Body Drop. Triple H gets right back up and charges at Cena, but Cena ducks and ends up in the path of a charging Edge, but he avoids that with a sidestep and Edge Spears HHH. Edge is upset about missing, and turns to face Cena again. He walks right into a FU and Cena picks up the victory.

Winner – John Cena & Shawn Michaels [80]

Aftermath – Triple H stands and so does Edge. Edge quickly Spears John Cena in revenge. Edge stands tall with a smile, but is spun round by Triple H, who is mad at Edge for giving him the Spear. The two argue and then shove each other before erupting into a full on fistfight. Triple H nails The Pedigree on Edge to settle the fight. Triple H stands and poses, but is nailed with Sweet Chin Music from Shawn Michaels. Michaels stands tall and helps up Cena. The two raise each other’s arms in celebration … but John Cena suddenly kicks Michaels in the midsection and nails him with the FU in a second. Cena is assaulted with boos from the crowd as he picks up his title and spins. Backlash is looking better than ever. [84]

Final Backlash! Card:

8 Team Battle Royal For Vacant Tag Titles: Spirit Squad (Nicky & Kenny) vs Viscera & Val Venis vs 3 Minute Warning (Jamal & Rosey) vs The Lords Of The Rings (Rob Conway & ???) vs Disciplineries (Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky) vs Road Warriors (Animal & Heidenreich - though Heidenreich hasnt shown hs face yet) vs Two Unknown Teams.

Singles Match: Chavo Guerrero vs Matt Striker

Singles Match: Rob Van Dam vs Chris Masters

IC Title Match: Ric Flair© vs Carlito

Grudge Match: Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin

ECW vs The McMahons: Terry Funk & Mick Foley (w/Paul Heyman) vs Shane McMahon & Vince McMahon

Steel Chain Match: Kane vs Big Show

WWE Title Four Way: John Cena© vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge (w/Lita)

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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-

[Forgive the lateness of this update. It is GCSE season and i've been wroking hard.]


Brain Kendrick w/Paul London def Simon Dean w/Gymini

Kid Kash def Matt Hardy via Dead Level

The Mexicools & Paul Burchill def Jamie Noble & Finlay/Regal via Burchill's Moonsault on Regal.


In The Ring – Teddy Long takes the mic in the ring. He says tonight the final preparations will be made for next weeks SmackDown: The Event. Of course, he means the two semi-final matches that will be fought tonight. He runs through the rest of the card. Kennedy versus Benoit for the United States title. A Cruiserweight Shootout. Orlando Jordan meets Booker T. Tag Team Champions, MNM, will defend against The Basham Brothers. And of course, the final of the Number One Contender’s tournament. The music of Mark Henry plays. He is lead to the ring by Daivari.

Daivari gets on the mic and says that he notices Kurt Angle isn’t on the card defending his title, why? Because no one deserves a shot … but Mark Henry does. Henry gets on the mic and painfully says that for the past two weeks he has been made to look like a fool, but no more. Henry demands the title shot. Teddy Long says that Henry lost in the first round of the number one contender tournament, and just last week the champion, Kurt Angle, rolled him up and pinned him one two three. Why should he get another shot? Just then a security guard jump into the ring. (Xavier). Xavier gets on the mic and says he doesn’t want to intrude, Mr Long, but last week Henry beat up most of his security staff and almost broke his ribs. He asks for the chance to get a little revenge.

Henry and Daivari laugh. Daivari gets back on the mic and says the Henry accepts the challenge, but … Daivari points out another security guard in the crowd and then another, saying they can help the security guard in the ring. Xavier nods at Long, and Long allows the match to happen, and it is to happen that second. [80]

[NOTE: Kurt Angle is actually injured.]

3 On 1 Handicap Match

3 Security Members vs Mark Henry (w/Daivari)

The Match – Big clothesline on Xavier. The two other guards jump in and try to fight Henry, but they are knocked down by big right hands. Xavier runs at Henry but is thrown over the top rope. Henry turns his attention to one of the security guards and gives him the World’s Strongest Slam. He turns to the other and takes him down with a Sidewalk Slam. Henry stands and laughs out loud. Daivari is also laughing. Henry decides he needs to teach Xavier more of a lesson. He turns back to where he threw him … but Xavier springboards off the top rope and gives Henry a dropkick to the chest, knocking him back. He trips over the two other security guards who are on all fours behind him. All three security guards jump on top of him as the ref counts the three. The security guards exit the ring as the crowd cheers loudly.

Winner – The Security Members [69]

Aftermath – Daivari and Henry are in the ring, surprised and angry. Teddy gets on the mic at the top of the ramp. He says that if Henry cant beat three untrained wrestlers and is out smarted that easily, no way is he getting another title match. With a laugh he exits, as Henry looks absolutely pissed inside the ring.

Backstage – Animal is taping up his wrists backstage. MNM, Melina and Big Mart step into the picture. Nitro says that Animal and his imaginary friend get a chance to win RAW’s Tag Titles. Too bad he hasn’t got a hope in hell. Animal smiles and says talk is cheap, just like Melina. He walks off as Melina throws a strop. [75]

In The Ring – Gregory Helms takes his position in the ring. He says that this will be the last International Cruiserweight Challenge because WWE Officials have come to the conclusion that he is too good. Next week’s SmackDown Event there will be a Cruiserweight Shootout, which will include HIM defending HIS title. Teddy Long hates him, he says, he can’t stand seeing Gregory Helms a success. But once again, HE will single handily prove he is the best … this weeks challenger … from Japan! [85]

International Cruiserweight Challange

Gregory Helms© vs CIMA

Match Analysis – CIMA gets the upper hand but it is short lived. Helms gives him a beating, all the while with a very serious expression on his face. Suplex after suplex, chop after chop, clothesline after clothesline, CIMA is in a bad way. It is at this point that Kid Kash begins to walk down to ringside. This distracts Helms long enough to be launched with an arm drag and forced into a chain wrestling contest where CIMA looks his strongest. It takes a hair-pulling technique to get Helms back into the driver’s seat. Paul London and Brian Kendrick emerge from the entranceway this time, they to take a place at ringside. CIMA comes back with a dropkick and then locks in a modified leg lock but is too close to the ropes and Helms breaks out. Helms gives CIMA a knee to the stomach after drawing him with a little possum. He gives CIMA a DDT and then goes to the top rope. It is here he notices Nunzio and Funaki on their way to the ring. This distracts him enough for CIMA to come in and execute the Iconoclasm for a two count. CIMA runs to the ropes but is nailed with a big decapitating clothesline. Helms takes this time to complain that there are a lot of other guys out there, but the ref can’t do anything because none of them have done anything. Helms turns back to CIMA.

Finish – Helms lifts CIMA up for the Powerbomb, but CIMA leans back to execute a Hurricarana but Helms handsprings onto his feet, off the ropes, and nails the Shining Wizard out of nowhere. Kid Kash jumps up onto the apron at this point, once again annoying Helms. Helms runs over to push him off the apron but Kash jumps off at the right time. London and Kendrick jump onto the apron on the opposite side of the ring. Helms charges at them, and they also jump off. Then Funaki and Nunzio jump onto the last two sides of the ring, really pissing off Helms. He fires a wild right towards Nunzio, but Nunzio ducks, causing Helms to follow through and turn away allowing Nunzio to push him towards the centre of the ring where Helms’ challenger from Japan leaps into the air, executing a West Coast Pop style hurricarana pin for a surprising 3 COUNT!

Winner – And NEW Cruiserweight Champion – CIMA [76]

Aftermath – CIMA exits the ring, grabbing the belt on his way, and runs up the ramp in celebration. Neither he nor anyone in the arena can believe this total unknown has managed to win the Cruiserweight title. Gregory Helms remains in the ring, showing vast amounts of disbelief and anger for his opponent and the men who stand at the top of the ramp, mocking him.

Backstage – We see Bobby Lashley warming up for his semi final match against JBL. He looks completely pumps up. Daivari passes and says that Lashley doesn’t deserve to be in the match. Lashley answers by pushing him against the wall and grunting loudly. He then walks off ready for his match. [74]

No1 Contendership Tournament

Semi-Final Match

Bobby Lashley vs John Bradshaw Layfield

Post Match – JBL enters as normal. The arena then explodes with cheers for Bobby Lashley who comes marching out. He poses on the ramp to trigger some pyros, but as they go off MARK HENRY knocks him down! Henry grabs him by the back of the head and slams him face first into the SmackDown set. Henry scoops him up in a Military Press as Daivari shows up to give some orders. Henry walks over to the edge of the stage and to the screams of the crowd launches Lashley off. Lashley crashes some ten feet or so down to the pavement floor, breaking some equipment on his way. Daivari laughs as Mark Henry looks down on Lashley’s lifeless body in anger … and JBL, he stands in the middle of the ring, smiling arrogantly.

Backstage – After a commercial break we see Lashley being rushed outside on a stretcher. Teddy Long is standing by with Daivari. He asks Daivari what the hell he was doing. Daivari said he couldn’t be held responsible for what Mark Henry does, especially when he is very angry. Lashley was in the wrong place at the wrong time, it was his own fault. JBL comes into the picture. He asks Long what is going to happen and Long thinks very hard. He finally says that he has no choice, JBL wins his match by default, and he goes into the final next week on SmackDown: The Event.

Winner – By Default – John Bradshaw Layfield [75]

Backstage –Melina and Big Mart are somewhere backstage, they are heading to the ring. They walk past Paul Burchill who is playing with his sword. Melina sniggers and calls him a freak. Burchill looks at her and calls her a wench. Mart gets in Burchill’s face and shoves him hard into the wall. He walks off with Melina, who continues to snigger. Burchill doesn’t look pleased. [uNRATED]

Singles Match

Animal vs Big Mart (w/Melina)

Match Analysis – The two trade blows for a slow, steady, boring, and poorly thrown together match. After around three minutes of this, Mart (who hasn’t sold a single move all match) grabs the back of Animal’s neck and then uses his free arm to scoop him up into a reverse Powerslam. He drops Animal on his chest and goes for the pin, but Animal just kicks out.

Finish – Mart charges to the ropes for an attempted lariat but runs into a big boot from Animal. He stumbles back into the ropes and right into a big sidewalk slam from the Road Warrior. It could be it, but Melina has the referee distracted by Melina. Animal goes to get the ref’s attention, but then is nailed with a lariat from behind, knocking him into the referee. Mart throws Animal to the ropes – meanwhile, Burchill appears at ringside and jumps into the ring. Animal attempts the Spinebuster but Animal pushes himself out of it and then gives Mart a big right hand, causing him to turn around into the awaiting Paul Burchill who gives Mart the Swashbuckler that one of them botched. Burchill exits the ring as Animal makes the pin and a fresh referee runs down to the ring to count the three.

Winner – Animal [72]

Aftermath – MNM rush down to the ring and put the boots to Animal. Burchill tries to help but Big Mart is back up and he gives Burchill the Spinebuster. The Bashams come from behind the curtains and rush to the ring. Danny is first, he clothesline Nitro down and then trades blows with Mart before Doug nails him with a leap pipe. MNM exit the ring to escape the pipe. The Bashams stand tall in the ring – they will be challenging for the Tag Titles next week. Animal stands with them – he takes a trip to Backlash this Sunday to compete in the battle royal for the vacant tag belts. And of course Burchill, who looks to be set for a feud right now against Big Mart.

Tag Match

Orlando Jordan & Chris Benoit vs Ken Kennedy & Booker T (w/Sharmell)

Match Analysis – Kennedy and Orlando start. They trade blows, resulting in a stalemate. They both tag out. Booker rushes in and deals a beating to Benoit. He pushes him into a corner and gives him a cockily executed chop. Benoit jumps out of the corner and throws Booker in his place, he shows him how to chop. Booker tags out. Kennedy grapples with Benoit, but slyly kicks him in the leg to get advantage. He brawls a little before executing a pretty good-looking suplex and a two count. Tag out to Booker who beats down Benoit more. He tags in Kennedy, who goes to the top rope. Booker goes back to Benoit and gives him a big scoop slam. Kennedy comes off the top rope with an elbow drop. Kennedy looks to be preparing for the Kenton Bomb. He mounts the top turnbuckle but Benoit drags him back down in an attempt for the crossface, but Kennedy elbows him away. This proves a mistake as Benoit stumbles back to make the tag to Orlando. The fresh man comes in and gives Kennedy some boxing-style punches. Booker is forced to enter the ring. Orlando ducks under Booker’s clothesline, as does Benoit, who follows up with two chained German suplexes. Booker shakes off the dizziness and blocks a third and gives Benoit a back elbow to break away. He walks into a chop from Benoit and then stumbles back into a German suplex from Orlando Jordan.

Finish – Benoit gives Kennedy a chop to get him out of the ring. They brawl on the outside afterwards. Meanwhile, in the ring, Orlando ducks under a jumping leg lariat and then gives Booker an inverted Atomic Drop. Orlando flicks Booker’s arm over his shoulder to set up The Flatline, but Sharmell crawls into the ring and gives Orlando a low blow. The ref didn’t see it because he was pre-occupied by the brawl on the outside. Orlando is leant forward, holding his lower quartiles. Booker quickly executes the Scissor Kick (without the run to the ropes) and it is enough to get him the three.

Winner – Booker T & Ken Kennedy [76]

Backstage – Teddy Long is in his office. He has just dialled a number. He says hey to the receiver, Jack (Jenson). He says he cant believe Bobby Lashley has been screwed this bad, and what is worse is that JBL cannot be blamed so he has no ground to stop him advancing to the finals next week. Teddy says that it was true, whatever was said to him. A smile grows on his face as he proclaims he has forgotten about him. He says that Jack is a smart man; it’s a perfect idea. He says ‘holla!’ and ends the call. [81]

No1 Contendership Tournament

Semi-Final Match

Rey Mysterio vs Randy Orton

Match Analysis – Randy Orton goes in aggressively, but Mysterio runs rings around him. He is just too fast. Mysterio rolls Orton up for a two count, then side steps a clothesline for a reverse cradle pin and another two count. A sunset flip follows for a third two count. Mysterio ducks under another clothesline and launches himself off the ropes to execute a Hurricarana. Mysterio goes running in but is Flapjacked over the top rope. Orton takes the advantage now. He throws Rey into the post shoulder first. Orton puts the boots to Mysterio, and continues to beat him around the ring before Mysterio manages to get a dropkick in and the match is back in his favour. More speed work from Mysterio keeps the ball in his court, but it isn’t long before he slips up and is dropped with a mighty DDT. Near fall follows. Match carries on as regular before Orton slips into a drop toehold, he is slung over the middle rope. Mysterio begins the 619 process but Orton smartly pushes himself away from the rope and drops onto his back to avoid being hit. Mysterio follows through with the 619, but is given a backbreaker. Orton does something were he puts Mysterio in the corner so he is facing the crowd and then gives him a dropkick to the head/upper back area. A big elbow from Orton followed by a fist drop. Orton takes a big risk and goes to the top rope; he attempts the crossbody but catches air as Mysterio ducks under him. Mysterio charges at the ropes and does the AJ Styles-rip off moonsault/reverse DDT combination. He goes outside and attempts a West Coach Pop but Orton resists it and spikes Mysterio with a Powerbomb.

Finish – Mysterio is grounded and Orton is stalking him. He taunts, signalling for Mysterio to stand. Mysterio begins to rise off the ground to his feet. Orton prepares to nail the RKO. Mysterio is fully standing and Orton goes for the RKO but is pushed away (nice buzz killer). Orton swoops in for another go, but Mysterio leapfrogs over him. Orton is getting angry and tries for a third but is nailed in the face with a semi-basement dropkick. Orton stumbles back, rotating as he does so, and lands slung over the middle rope. Mysterio calls for the 619 and attempts it and hits it. Mysterio riles up the crowd with some poses on the apron before running to one of the posts and leaps up onto the top turnbuckle for some other high-risk move. High risk is correct – Orton recovers quickly and charges at the corner Mysterio is sat. He pushes Mysterio’s knees to make him flop stomach first on the turnbuckle. He is in trouble. Randy Orton hooks his head and quickly hits a Super RKO for an unmistakable three count.

Winner – Randy Orton [79]
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Guest -W-A-L-K-E-R-

WWE Backlash! Rundown:

8 Team Battle Royal For Vacant Tag Titles

Spirit Squad (Nicky & Kenny) vs Viscera & Val Venis vs 3 Minute Warning (Jamal & Rosey) vs The Lords Of The Rings (Rob Conway & ???) vs Disciplinarians (Tyson Tomko & Gene Snitsky) vs Road Warriors (Animal & Heidenreich) vs Two Unknown Teams

Interesting story behind this situation; Former Tag Champions, Kane & Big Show, began to hate each other, as a result they had a match, the winner gaining both titles and was named the ‘One-Man Tag Champion’. Just a few weeks later, Junior Administrator Jack Jenson stripped Big Show off both titles, saying there can be no such thing as a ‘One-Man Tag Champion’. He set up this battle royal to handle the vacant titles as quick as possible. Four of the teams have been causing waves on RAW recently, especially the Disciplinarians whose alliance with Matt Striker has got then very noticed. With then is a team that no one knows about. They call themselves the Lords Of The Ring. Rob Conway and his unknown partner make up this team. Add to the mix two completely unknown teams you have yourself a good ol’ fashion tag team battle royal. But that only equals seven teams. The eighth and final spot in this match went to Animal and Heidenreich after Animal won a match on SmackDown single-handed. Heidenreich hasn’t been seen yet though since he first left months ago, so will he show up on the night? And what if the Road Warriors do win? They will take the RAW Tag Belts over to SmackDown!

Chavo Guerrero vs Matt Striker

Chavo has been on the up recently, scoring many wins against various opponents. Striker has also been making waves, teach his opponent ‘lessons’. He even went as far as victimising Eugene for a mental state he cant help, but Chavo came to Eugene’s aid. Just last week, Striker’s Disciplinarians, Tyson Tomko and Gene Snitsky, double Powerbombed Eugene out of the ring and through a table. Eugene was seriously injured as a result. Chavo looks for revenge tonight.

Rob Van Dam vs Chris Masters

Any spectator would see how Chris Masters’ ‘friend’ Carlito uses him. There is strong evidence to show that Carlito even screwed Masters out of an IC Title shot by reporting him to custom officers at an airport. Shame, Masters can’t seem to realise this. It was Rob Van Dam who first told him what was happening, and it looked like Masters had came around but with a steel chair in his hand he would hit RVD rather than his ‘friend’ Carlito. This match was made on a pure grudge. With Masters ever realise how much he is being used? And will RVD be the one to point … or rather … kick him in the right direction?

Intercontinental Title Match

Ric Flair© vs Carlito

As said, there is evidence that proves Carlito reported Masters to a customs officer in order to screw him out of a title match. A fatal four way match was made instead, with the winner getting the shot in place of Masters, Carlito of course won. Flair has been a victim of McMahon’s cruelty since he aligned himself with Shawn Michaels, and McMahon is determined to get the title off of Flair, lets see if Carlito is going to do it. It is worth noting that Carlito has even got a victory over Ric Flair.

Grudge Match

Charlie Haas vs Shelton Benjamin

Charlie Haas re-appeared in WWE before WrestleMania, and it looked like he and former partner Shelton Benjamin were going into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match as a team, but that wasn’t the case. Haas turned on Shelton. All through the match and the weeks leading up to this Haas has been taking every chance he had at getting to Shelton and not hesitating to hurt him. So far, only one thing has been able to stop him. That is Shelton Benjamin’s mother. Her presence seems to be enough to make Haas back off, and guessing by a talk she and Haas had backstage one week on RAW, they have or had a very strong relationship. But will that stop Haas this time around?

ECW vs The McMahons

Terry Funk & Mick Foley (w/Paul Heyman) vs Vince & Shane McMahon

Vince’s reign of terror has been around for a while. Starting with Shawn Michaels, then Ric Flair, and then Mick Foley. Vince eventually suspended Foley. But then the Junior Administrator arrived in the form of Jack Jenson. He not only brought back Foley, but also Paul Heyman and Terry Funk. With Heyman announcing ECW: Second Night Stand not being far away there is a great aurora of ECW versus WWE in this match. Only difference is even WWE superstars will be rooting for ECW to be winning. It looks like The McMahons are finally going to get what they deserve.

Steel Chain Match

Kane vs Big Show

With some friendly advice from Triple H, Big Show took a turn for the worse on his partner and co-tag team champion, Kane. He beat him to a pulp at WrestleMania, putting him into a hospital. The next night on RAW, Big Show gave Kane a chance for revenge, challenging him to a Steel Chain Match tonight. Kane re-appeared a few weeks later and accepted the challenger. A grudge match would be an understatement, these guys hate each other and you can tell they are going to do nothing less then try to kill each other.

WWE Title Four Way

John Cena© vs Triple H vs Shawn Michaels vs Edge (w/Lita)

John Cena was also victimised by Vince McMahon. Only Cena showed us all that he is a fighting champion. He took a beating first from Big Show in a no holds barred match, and then straight after being beaten half to death he was forced to defend his title against Edge and Triple H. He could barely walk. It was Shawn Michaels who saved Cena’s title. Cena came back for revenge the next week. With clear tension between Edge and Triple H, and Cena’s current status with the crowd following his ‘like-me-or-FU’ speech, Shawn Michaels seems to be the one with everything going his way, especially now that Vince has got off his back. A curious thing is also what happened last week, when Cena FU’d Michaels to receive even more hatred from the crowd. Will the most hated champion in recent memory be dethroned at Backlash?

[As i dont know if many people read this diary i cant offer any prize for a Prediction Contest. That in mind, you can make predictions if want]

Edited by -W-A-L-K-E-R-
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