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Sensi World Of Soccer '96-'97!

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We're a spoilt lot these days with our 3D and quick loading times, and textured whotsits and flah thingummybits.

Just got out my old Amiga 1200 and booted up SWOS96-97 and the gameplay is just as pure, fast and frantic as it ever was.

Move pixelly clone players with a joystick. Fire kicks it. Short fire passes, long fire boots it further. Fire shoots. Fire tackles. Fire and angle slide tackles.

And yet it's genius.

Still one of the best footy games ever made.

And the number of leagues!

And the silly custom teams!

What joy to play as "The Kebab Shop" and beat "Bad Habits".

And then to play as '97 Spurs and beat Arsenal.

Who needs Keane and Defoe when we've got Sheringham and Armstrong? Walker in goal, Mabbutt, Campbell, Calderwood and Edingburgh in defence, Fox and Anderton in midfield....What joys.

*sighs nostalgically*

And in a couple of days...Hamster plays a different retro Amiga game, but not Theme Park as I appear to have lost it.

Maybe On The Ball World Cup or Premier Manager 1, 2 or 3...They were all great!

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The editing was so cool as well. Get that World Cup in England sorted, or take 'em to sunny Brazil!

The little training clips were so great and the interview slots, what you spent your days doing etc were classic. The match highlights weren't amazing though and qualification itself not so fun

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Some guy on ebay sells a swos update for £2.99 plus £1 postage but it comes with like a million other games from the 90s like Championship Manager Italia and the like.

He updates England, Germany, Spain and Italy I believe and he's just updated it to include recent signings (like Ghaly for Spurs!)

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