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WWE 2006: And Now For Something Completely Different


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[in general, every wrestling fan has a moment of suspended disbelief. Mine would be when The Undertaker stuck his hand out of the ground after his first buried alive match. As the business grows, and turns more towards being all about sports-entertainment, it’s hard to suspend disbelief. Some have decided to go with the current trend of the business. I don’t want to go with the flow. Well, I should say, I didn’t want to. I guess it all started years ago, probably around the time I turned 21, fresh off getting my bachelors in writing, planning on becoming a journalist, or maybe a columnist for a magazine. Who knew I’d step into WWE headquarters one lucky kid. Looking over some of my work, Shane McMahon was somewhat impressed, him being the only person I actually recognized in the room, the other two looked familiar, like I had seen them before, but couldn’t put my finger on it. It’s quite intimidating sitting a few feet away from someone you have seen on TV before. So I got a short-term try-out as a storyline writer. After my 90 day probation, they decided I was valuable enough to keep on. So I guess you could say, wrestling suspended my belief yet again. I never thought that I would be 26 and working as a writer for World Wrestling Entertainment. Working completely against what I always wanted. It’s funny I guess, I’ve been writing the angles, and plots that have been slowly killing the soul of wrestling. I’ve tried to write a few over-the-top skits, but you just can’t capture the essence of old. Though I guess someone has seen that I have a deep passion for this job, because I was soon promoted, if you call 5 years soon, to head writer. I had finally been put in the place I needed to be to make the changes I wanted to make. Ofcourse I don’t have 100% control, but it’s what I need to make WWE what it can be… So I guess you’ll just have to tune in and see what I have in store for you!]



Gene Okerlund announced as newest inductee in the class of 2006 Hall of Fame!

We would like to congratulate Masqueradious Façade on his recent promotion to Head Writer. We wish him the best in his new position.

John Bradshaw Layfield to be out of action for 2 months due to his recent hand injury on last weeks edition of Smackdown.

OVW and DSW to combine? Check back in a few weeks time to see what happens!

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Smackdown Preview for March 3, 2006.

Even after injury last week, JBL will be in attendance with a message to Bobby Lashley!

MNM will be in action, after defeating Matt Hardy and Tatanka to defend their belts, they are again going to issue an open-challenge to any tag team!

The much anticipated No Way Out rematch between Kurt Angle and The Undertaker for the World Heavyweight Title, and the spot in the Triple Threat Main Event at WrestleMania 22!

All that plus, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, United States Champion Chris Benoit, and much more!

Smackdown!, TV that’s changing Friday Nights!

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March 3, 2006

Teddy Long has some things to talk about.
  • Teddy announces that there will be NO interference in the title match tonight. If anyone interferes in Angle Vs. Taker 2, they will be suspended indefinitely.
  • Teddy announces that the Junior’s Division has been cut from Smackdown!
  • He promises that the Cruiserweight Division will be playing an important role in the future of the Smackdown! Brand.
[79%]Paul Burchill bt. Tatanka by submission.
  • Burchill immediately dominates Tatanka.
  • Tatanka mounts a small offense, but is quickly shot down.
  • Burchill locks in The Royal Mutilation, and refuses to let go even after the bell.

Booker T challenges Chris Benoit
  • Booker T says he was robbed of the belt.
  • Booker says that Chris Benoit wouldn’t know how to be a real man, considering he’s Canadian, and never had to struggle on the streets like himself.
  • Booker wants a shot TONIGHT!
[74%]The Boogeyman bt. Doug Basham by pinfall.
  • Boogeyman squashes Basham in less than two minutes.
  • Boogeyman spits worms all over Basham after the match.
[45/40/51]Chris Benoit accepts Booker T’s challenge.
  • Benoit finds Booker’s claim laughable.
  • Benoit apologizes for not being “ghetto trash”.
  • Benoit promises to make quick work of the former US Champion.

MNM make an open challenge!
  • Melina takes a few pot shots at Matt Hardy and his loss last week.
  • Melina says that MNM must move on though, and issues another open challenge.
  • Melina then assures that if any team can beat MNM, they will get a title shot.
[77%]MNM bt. The Gymini by pinfall. Non-Title Match
  • The Gymini show some impressive power overall.
  • MNM maintains dominance with quick tags and double teaming.
  • The Gymini overpower the tag champions with some huge double team power moves.
  • Matt Hardy distracts Mercury and Melina leaving Nitro alone. Nitro takes the Gymini finisher, only to be saved by Mercury clocking the Gymini with the tag belt while the ref was stopping Hardy.
[67/61/74]JBL announces WrestleMania Match!
  • JBL makes some harsh comments about Bobby Lashley.
  • JBL tells Lashley that he will return soon and prove that he is a Wrestling God!
  • Finlay is the announced opponent for a No DQ match against Lashley at WrestleMania!
[85%]Chris Benoit © retains against Booker T by submission.United States Title Match
  • Chris Benoit comes in confident and shows it early on.
  • Booker T capitalizes with a strong crescent kick to the mouth of Benoit.
  • Benoit plays possum and lands Booker in the Crippler Crossface and Booker taps quickly!
[89/92/83]Rey Mysterio and Randy Orton get face to face!
  • Randy makes some Eddie Guerrero shots, which is booed by the audience.
  • Rey Mysterio says that at WrestleMania, he’s going to win the World Title for him, and Eddie!
  • Randy says the only thing happening at WrestleMania, is that Rey will lose to him in front of the entire world, AGAIN!
[74%]The Undertaker bt. Kurt Angle © by pinfall. World Heavyweight Title Match
  • Kurt Angle and Taker fight back and forth for awhile, Taker takes it outside.
  • Angle takes over outside, and belly to bellies Taker through the announce table.
  • Taker reaches to the skies and the lights dim on and off.
  • With a second wind, The Undertaker finished off Angle with two Tombstone Piledrivers.
  • Undertaker poses with the belt in the center of the ring until the show goes off the air.
NEW World Heavyweight Champion


Overall – 72%

Show Rating – 5.91

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March 4, 2006

Paul Burchill bt. Steven Richards by submission.
  • Burchill squashed Richards quickly, and applies The Royal Mutilation!
[64/52/77]Sharmell has an idea for Booker!
  • Sharmell comes up with a plan to beat Chris Benoit for the US Title.
  • Booker doesn’t lead on to what it is, but does mention he needs to find “the right guy”.
[78%]He’s Gonna Getcha!
  • Clips of the Boogeyman dominating the Smackdown scene.
[50%]London and Kendrick bt. The Gymini by pinfall.
  • Kendrick and London overwhelm The Gymini with their speed.
  • Simon Dean interferes by distracting the ref.
  • London superkicks Dean off the canvas.
  • Kendrick scores the victory after nailing his devastating finishing move!
[65/60/70] Booker finds his man!
  • Booker T offers Orlando Jordan a business deal to eliminate Benoit.
  • Jordan is skeptical because of the rocky past between the two.
  • Booker makes Jordan a deal for a title shot once he regains the belt, Jodan accepts!
[82%] Kristal interviews Matt Hardy.
  • Hardy promises he is not done with MNM.
  • Hardy will have another partner next week to challenge MNM!
[77%]Bobby Lashley comments on Finlay.
  • Taped comments from Smackdown.
  • Lashley is glad to hear JBL will be back, because that means he’ll get another shot to beat him in the ring.
  • Lashley thinks No DQ at WrestleMania is a favor. Lashley is excited to destroy Finlay in the ring.
[37%]The Boogeyman bt. Tatanka by pinfall.
  • Boogeyman squashes Tatanka.
  • Boogeyman leaves wearing Tatanka’s headdress.

Overall – 58%

Show Rating – 4.87

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Recent internet rumors for the return of a few recently or not so recently released wrestlers whom have been given “second chance” contracts are true. Those announced thus far are as follows:


Juventud Guerrera


We believe these performers are great talents, and do have something to offer the WWE and it’s fans at this junction.

Also in WrestleMania news, Fozzy has been signed to perform at WrestleMania 22 in Chicago, IL on March 26, 2006. Chris Jericho is said to be excited for a chance to perform in a WWE arena again, but is happy it is as a musical performer.

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March 5, 2006

  • Val Venis and Viscera bt. The Spirit Squad (Kenny/Mikey) by pinfall.

  • Kenny and Mikey were escorted to the ring by fellow squad member Mitchell.
  • They work Val Venis over pretty well to start off, but making a few rookie mistakes turns the match around.
  • Val gets the upper hand with an atomic drop, and bodyslams Mikey. Val tags in Viscera who makes quick work of Mikey, belly to belly slamming him and then tagging Val who goes up top. Big Vis nails a standing splash, then goes after Kenny, while Val (the legal man) nails the Venis Fly Trap from the top for the 3.
  • After the bell, Mitchell slides in and dropkicks Val Venis in the face. 3-on-2 beatdown by the Spirit Squad.
[47/40/54]The Spirit Squad Makes An Impact!
  • Viscera starts to get an upper hand on the trio, but Johnny and Nick hit the ring to make it a 5-on-2 scenario.

  • Job done, Mikey bashese the fallen duo with a corny cheer adding insult to injury.
[52%] Hype Video for The Spirit Squad
  • The video showcases the 4-on-1 match against HBK.
  • Many clips are played showing footage of Mikey decimating opponents.
[45%]Matt Striker bt. Eugene by pinfall.
  • Matt Striker gets beaten down early, by the awkward style of Eugene.
  • Eugene attempts to “hulk up” after an offensive comeback by Striker.
  • Striker nails a thumb to the eye, and follows up with a modified Perfectplex, making it more of a stalling brainbuster. He holds on for the easy 3.
[65/62/68] Matt Striker adds insult to injury.
  • Striker again cuts into the intelligence of the audience and Eugene.
  • Striker makes an attempt to win over the crowd by complimenting them, only to take it away by saying that they are just bland idiots.
  • Stiker ends by saying he has a friend coming soon.
[62%]Goldust puts down Johnny Parisi
  • Goldust is angered by the lack of competition.
  • Goldust comments that he thinks it is an insult to actually compete with the likes of Johnny Parisi.
  • Goldust makes an open threat, saying he will regain the title that once was his.
[79%]Goldust bt. Johnny Parisi by pinfall.
  • Parisi uses his anger about being put down against Goldust early on.
  • Goldust quickly regains the upper hand and dominates the rest of the match.
  • Goldust pantomimes a belt around his waist before nailing the Curtain Call for the three count.
Overall – 58%

Show Rating – 5.42

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RaW Preview for March 6, 2006

Carlito will be in the house with his response to being knocked out of the match he initiated. Will his announcement be “Money in the Bank?”

Shelton Benjamin to defend his Intercontinental Title against Chris Masters.

Shawn Michaels promises revenge against Vinnie Mac on Raw. Marty Jannetty to be in the house alongside Michaels.

All that plus, John Cena, Rob Van Dam, and the tag team champions Kane and Big Show in action Monday Night on RaW!

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March 6, 2006

Carlito is angry! That’s Not Cool…
  • Carlito says Flair is nothing but a cheating old man.
  • Carlito draws out Vince McMahon to put him back in the Money in the Bank Ladder Match 2.
  • Vince, angered by the demands of Carlito, agrees it is in the intrest of fairness to put Carlito back in the match.
  • McMahon adds a stipulation, Carlito must defeat Marty Jannetty next week on Raw.
[84%] “Straight Edge” Phil Brooks bt. Rosey by pinfall.
  • “Straight Edge” is debuting on this show. (CM Punk)
  • Debut Squash Match
  • Impressive move set by Brooks, finishing off with a shinning wizard.
[70/66/75] Phil Brooks is here!
  • Brooks is disappointed in his first opponent.
  • Phil asks if all WWE superstars are fat, lazy and unmotivated?
  • ”Phil Brooks is here, and my presence will not go un-noticed!”
[74%]The Spirit Squad disappointed…
  • The Spirit Sqaud are saddened about the lack of Spirit on Raw.
  • Mikey promises to put some spirit into the roster.
  • Verbally abused by Vince McMahon, Mikey says that HBK will feel some spirit.
[45%]Rob Vam Dam bt. Rob Conway by pinfall.
  • Conway looks impressive to start out, with some early power moves.
  • Van Dam capitalizes with some fancy footwork.
  • Van Daminator to Conway coming off the top rope!
[75/72/78]The Champ is Here!
  • Cena talks about WrestleMania and the spectacle of it.
  • The King of Kings will soon be beaten, by a pauper.
  • Cena has faced the best, and Triple H is no different.
[86%] Kane and The Big Show © retain against Lance Cade and Trevor Murdoch by pinfall.World Tag Team Titles Match
  • Quick Tag Squash match.
  • Murdoch and Cade had no offense whatsoever.
  • The fans seemed to be tired of the duel giants act.

HBK gives McMahon a headache.
  • Vince McMahon is backstage with Mikey of the Spirit Squad.
  • HBK assaults both men, nailing McMahon with Sweet Chin Music.
  • HBK is run off by the remaining members of The Spirit Squad.

Shelton Benjamin © retains against Chris Masters by DQ. Intercontinental Title Match
  • Shelton has some great offense early on.
  • Chris Masters begins to dominate after a huge clothesline.
  • Marty Jannetty interferes and causes Masters to be DQ’d by cracking Shelton with a chair.
  • Masters loses control after the match and assaults the referee.

Overall – 73%

Show Rating – 6.88

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I'm completely reformatting my writing style, so it's going to take me a bit of time to get another show out, because for the sake of conformity, I'm going to reformat my original posts to the new format. The format is very similar (almost identical) to wrestlingsuicide's diary, which would be /forum/index.php?showtopic=31294">here. Being a huge fan of his diary, I figured it would be easier using that format.


EDIT: So far, I've redone everything but RaW, so I will do that tomorrow morning, repost it, and then post the Smackdown preview! Hope everyone enjoys the new format more.

Edited by Attractive SOB
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IPB Image

Smackdown Preview for March 10, 2006.

Gregory Helms set to defend his Cruiserweight Title in a 4 way match with his 3 opponents unnamed as of yet.

Orlando Jordan and Booker T in tag action to face United States Champion, Chris Benoit and a mystery partner.

MNM defends their WWE Tag Team Titles against Matt Hardy and Tajiri!

New World Heavyweight Champion, The Undertaker will be in the house.

All that plus, Rey Mysterio, Randy Orton, Bobby Lashley and much more!

Smackdown!, TV that’s changing Friday Nights!

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WWE has recently signed a few up and coming wrestlers to developmental contracts. The list is as follows: Samoa Joe, and The Iron Saints (Vito and Salvatore Thomaselli).

The WWE is scouting the independant circuit for talented tag teams.

OVW and DSW are combining belts at an upcoming show in Louisville, KY. They will combine to help work developmental talent with each other, and build a larger fan base for our developmental stars. The promotion will undergo some minor cosmetic changes, mostly the combined name will change to Deep Valley Wrestling.

Matt Morgan and Kevin Fertig have been contacted about a possible return to the ring, what this may have in store in the near future, we do not know.

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March 10, 2006

The New Champion makes his presence known.
  • The Undertaker opens the show by saying that Smackdown has never seen a path of destruction like his.
  • Taker plans on destroying all of his competition, starting with Randy Orton and Rey Mysterio.
  • The Undertaker wants everyone to know that this is now his show…
[81%]Bobby Lashley bt. Vito by pinfall.
  • Lashley dominates the entire match with huge power offense.
  • After the bell, Finlay assaults Lashley in the ring.
  • Finlay stands over a fallen Lashley and holds his shillelagh high in the air.
[65/60/70]WrestleMania=Randy Orton
  • Randy Orton cuts a promo on The Undertaker as the new World Champion.
  • Orton is unimpressed with the “deadman” and thinks he is just an old dog who needs to be put down.
  • Randy Orton promises he will walk out of WrestleMania, the NEW World Heavyweight Champion
[79%]Teddy Long new talent iniative!
  • Teddy Long is backstage and is going to announce his newest signee to Smackdown!
  • Teddy lets on that this person has been a player in some big things in the past, but has never gotten the chance he deserves.
  • Teddy Long announces that Konnan has signed a deal with the Smackdown brand, and will debut next week!
[80%]MNM retain against Matt Hardy and Tajiri by pinfall. WWE Tag Team Titles Match
  • Matt Hardy and Tajiri show an impressive amount of teamwork.
  • Melina distracts the ref, which allows Mercury to hit Tajiri with the title belt.
  • Nitro low blows Hardy while Mercury scores the 3 count!
[76/69/84]Kurt Angle wants his belt back
  • Kurt Angle isn’t upset he lost the World Heavyweight Title, because he knows he’ll have it back.
  • Angle tells the Undertaker to watch his step, because any chance Angle gets, the belt is coming back to him.
[98%]Gregory Helms retains against Brian Kendrick, Jamie Knoble, and Juventud Guerrera by pinfall. WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
  • Helms is overwhelmed most of the match, as Kendrick and Guerrera stick to high risk maneuvers.
  • Knoble with a solid appearance with a more technical style.
  • Juventud hits the 450 on Kendrick, only to be hit with the Shinning Wizard by Helms.
  • Helms barely wins the match by pinning Kendrick.
[74/68/81]The Greatest Cruiserweight in the World!
  • Gregory Helms grabs a mic after he gets out of the ring.
  • Helms berates his opponents and says that they are not worthy of facing him for the belt.
  • Helms goes on to state that he is the World’s Greated Cruiserweight, and has no problem proving it, again and again!
[71%]Booker and Jordan getting nervous.
  • Booker T and Orlando go through all the possibilities of who Chris Benoit’s mystery partner could be.
  • They decide that it can’t be anyone to amazing, because Chris Benoit isn’t anybody special.
  • Jordan assures Booker that they can’t lose… can they?
[70%]Booker T and Orlando Jordan Vs. Chris Benoit and a Mystery Partner
  • Chris Benoit’s mystery partner is none other than, KURT ANGLE!
  • Angle and Benoit dominate Booker T and OJ with suplex-based wrestling.
  • Angle takes the fight to Jordan outside, allowing Benoit to apply the Crippler Crossface to Booker T in ring.
  • Booker T submits after only a few seconds in the painful hold.
  • Benoit stands on the second rope holding the US Title high, daring Booker to come back into the ring as Smackdown goes off the air.

Overall – 76%

Show Rating – 6.04

Edited by Attractive SOB
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Eh I know how it is to have no one respond to your diary and it may be discouraging but I think you're doing a great job. I really like the layout (even if its not yours) because it makes the show an easy-read and is probably better for you because it allows you to get more done in a shorter time period.

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IPB Image

March 11, 2006

Paul Burchill bt. Hardcore Holly by pinfall
  • Burchill with another impressive showing, squashing Holly.
  • William Regal came down and watched the match from the ramp, leading us to wonder why Regal is observing his former partner?
[66/55/78]Regal speaks up..
  • Regal begins to lecture Burchill after the match.
  • Regal tells Burchill to examine himself, and ask himself what he really wants. Regal informs him that this pirate charade is going to get him nowhere.
  • Regal makes an offer to reform their team, letting Burchill respond on Smackdown!
[44%]Boogeyman is coming to getcha!
  • Hype Video for The Boogeyman.
[47%]The Boogeyman bt. Steven Richards by pinfall.
  • The Boogeyman scares the crap out of Richards, by coming to the ring through the crowd behind him.
  • Boogeyman easily destroys Richards and finishes him off with the pump-handle.
[58/59/58]Ultimo Dragon coming to WWE!
  • Video showing footage from Japan of Ultimo Dragon.
  • Ultimo Dragon will debut soon.. but when?
[46%]Paul London and Brian Kendrick bt. The Mexicools by pinfall.
  • Amazing high risk maneuvers by both sides early on.
  • Some pretty innovative double teaming, including a Moonsault/Backflip Legdrop combo, and also a devastating Neckbreaker/Powerbomb combo.
  • London scores the pin after hitting a 450.
[80/64/97]London and Kendrick on the loose!
  • Hype Video for London and Kendrick.
  • Showcases their constant high risk offense.
[64%]Gregory Helms retains against Juventud Guerrera by pinfall. WWE Cruiserweight Title Match
  • Juventud shows some minor ring rust, by slipping off the top to botch a top rope dropkick.
  • Gregory Helms finishes off Guerrera with a quick release Double Underhook Powerbomb, crunching Juventud’s neck.
  • Post-match Helms nails The Shinning Wizard as Juventud tries to stand. Velocity goes off the air with Helms hoisting the Cruiserweight Title in the air.

Overall – 58%

Show Rating – 5.14

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IPB Image

March 12, 2006

Johnny bt. Val Venis by pinfall.
  • Johnny is accompanied to the ring by Mitchell.
  • Johnny with a lot of impressive offense on the ring veteran Val Venis.
  • Val Venis has the solid advantage going into the end of the match, only to be blindsided by Mitchell when the referee is tending to a fallen Johnny.
  • Johnny picks up the victory after a spinkick to the mouth. Following the match Johnny and Mitchell do a 2-on-1 assault on Val Venis.
[64/53/75]Spirit Squad is taking over..
  • Hype Video showing the rising stars of The Spirit Squad.
[38%]Straight Edge, Straight Shooter
  • Phil Brooks cuts a taped promo.
  • Brooks talks about his “friend” being closer than we think.
  • Brooks says the he wants recognition, and he’s going to fight for it.
[69%]The Spirit Squad (Kenny/Mikey) bt. Cade and Murdoch by pinfall.
  • Kenny and Mikey are accompanied to the ring by Nicky.
  • Kenny stole the show with some high risk offense. Murdoch and Cade’s brawling technique was lost to their new school opponents.
  • Mikey finished off Cade with a Cradle Piledriver.
  • Post-Match, Cade and Murdoch look for revenge, but get beaten down 3-on-2 style.
[46/37/55]Mikey has some words for the fans..
  • Mikey looks to Kenny and Nicky on both sides and tells the viewers that this is only the beginning. He refers to someone named “The Coach”
  • Mikey leads on that they have a leader who is coming tomorrow night on Raw.
  • Mikey warns that The Spirit Squad is here to stay, and soon enough they will get the respect they deserve.
[42%]Matt Striker bt. Chavo Guerrero by pinfall.
  • Matt Striker and Chavo have a pretty one sided-match, with Chavo dominating.
  • Phil Brooks comes down to ringside during this match.
  • Striker knocks Chavo off the top rope, and collides with the ref.
  • Phil Brooks comes in while the ref is down, chair in hand. He cracks Chavo in the head as he stands. Brooks lays Chavo out with Tilt-a-whirl Backbreaker.
  • Striker scores the easy 3.
[65/62/69]The Gold One Speaks..
  • Goldust admires Johnny Parisi for facing him again this week after the horrible beating he took last week. Sadly, he must take it again.
  • Goldust demands a shot at the Intercontinental Title.
[75%]Goldust bt. Johnny Parisi by pinfall.
  • Goldust squashes Johnny Parisi easily.
  • Post-Match, Goldust ravages Parisi’s body semi-erotically.

Overall – 58%

Show Rating – 5.31

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Firstly, I love the format for results. I tend to get bored while reading long drawn out results and your's are great. However, I would advise writing things out in a little more detail for the PPVs. Makes them seem like something special.

I'm a huge fan of Goldust and good to see you're giving him some solid air time.

The debut of CM Punk was excellent, just don't make his "friend" turn out to be Samoa Joe.

Giving The Undertaker the belt right off the bat was different, but in a good way.

When you bring back Fertig, do it as Morecai. I freakin loved that gimmick.

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As you can see, Punk has a friend in Matt Striker, or atleast the other way around.. both have spoken of a "friend" coming.. so you'll see..

as far as giving Taker the belt, I thought he should've won at No Way Out, in real life, so I gave him what he deserves.

For Fertig.. you'll just have to wait and see..

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Tentative WrestleMania 22 Card:

World Heavyweight Title Match

Kurt Angle © Vs. Rey Mysterio Vs. Randy Orton

WWE Title Match

John Cena © Vs. “Triple H” Hunter Hearst Helmsley

WWE United States Title Match

Chris Benoit © Vs. Booker T

Vince McMahon Vs. Shawn Michaels

Cage Match

Edge Vs. Mick Foley

No Dq Match

Finlay Vs. Bobby Lashley

Money in the Bank Ladder Match II


Ric Flair

Rob Van Dam

Shelton Benjamin

[Winner of Carlito Vs. Marty Jannetty]

plus 2 more qualifiers to come..


WWE has made contact with former WWE, WCW, and ECW star, Perry Saturn on a possible return to the ring.

Rumors of a Post-WrestleMania draft are not confirmed. The draft is being considered by Vince McMahon, in a move to “freshen up” the show content on both RAW and Smackdown.

HEaT and Velocity are no longer going to be aired on WWE.COM, but put back on television. The WWE are currently in talks to bring both shows to the USA Network.

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I think this is quite the good diary, though I was skeptical at first with you not even calling the names of the wrestler's finishers, such as The Gymini's or Kendrick's, but you seem to have lost that habit. I also don't really like the dozen or so hirings you've made all at once, but you are using them all gradually and rather nicely, so that shuts me up. overall I say it's a pretty damn decent piece of work here. Keep it up

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