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Jimmy's Farm


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This show sounds strange but is so awesome:

A guy named Jimmy, gave up doing a Uni course, to run a pig farm...

First series, he was a complete novice at it, having to make enough to pay back the loan for buying so many acres of crappy farmland. Suprisingly his girlfriend gives up a great job in London to help him.

Second series, he makes just enough to repay the loan, and then gets cows, sheep and chickens to breed to be sold. Opens a farm shop, and does a large barbeque for visitors in the summer.

Third series, just started and everything is going horribly wrong already. £8,000 lost in out of date meat, but then £10,200 regained from one day's sales. However, Jimmy had to fire one of his main members of staff, Rick.

I may have some details mixed up from Series 1 and 2, but never mind. This is a brilliant show.

Watch It!

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