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Rory Gallagher


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Well, as a Cork man, I naturally idolise the ground Mr Gallagher would walk on, were he not dead. And I am pretty sure most of Ireland know of him as probably the best raw Irish talent to ever be exported from our shores (naturally I dont count Christy and Van the Man, since mostly, they stay within Irelands borders) and had a pretty successful career an central Europe.

But I was wondering, since his death, and since then his more mainstream coverage, has anyone heard of and?or liked any of his work. Obviously, as a fellow Cork man, I love everything he touched. But also, his adherence to his hardcore blue background, dispite the success granted to other artists who took and adopted such as style, like Zeppelin or Clapton, Beck etc, he stayed to his pure roots, is something I greatly admire.

Anybody else, anywhere, know of Rory Gallagher? Because a talent such as his should never go unnoticed, even after death.

For those who have never heard of him, check out Bad Penny, Shadow Play, Tattoo'd Lady, Bullfroh Blues. All classics.

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Guest Bluesman

He was a hell of a guitarist. He's very underrated IMO, as he had a unique sound and really did a masterful job of blending different styles. Good slide guitarist as well. If you get a chance check out Joe Bonamassa, he does a great cover of Cradle Rock.

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