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NWA: Staying power in 1990


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During its heyday, all the member promotions of the NWA had a monopoly over their given territory; the members of the NWA would all recognize the NWA World Heavyweight Championship as their highest title. Wrestlers, like Ric Flair, who held the NWA Title, could also go on tours of member promotions.

What this meant is that any member territory who broke the NWA's rules faced expulsion, and thus risked missing out on having wrestlers with household names appear in their territories. Similarly, if another promoter began performing shows in an NWA's territory, all the NWA members were obligated to send their best talent across to fend off the threat. Reportedly, threats of violence or physical retaliation were used against promoters who disregarded the territory system.

Thus the NWA used a "carrot and stick" approach to maintaining the territory system. For most promoters under the NWA umbrella, the benefits of membership were well worth the dues.

Video tape trading and cable television paved the way for the eventual death of the NWA's regional business, as fans could now see for themselves the plot holes and inconsistencies between the different regional storylines, and the presence of stars like Ric Flair on TV every week made their special appearances in each region less of a draw. WWF promoter Vince McMahon used these gathering trends, and talent raids, to turn his northeastern territory into a national federation. To compete against this threat, various promoters attempted to co-promote shows under the Pro Wrestling USA banner.

However, this fell apart and the AWA began broadcasting weekly shows on ESPN.

Meanwhile, to hold off the threat of the WWF, promoter Jim Crockett Promotions decided to unify parts of the NWA, and create a national federation, by buying out some of the member promotions. However, by 1988 this led him to bankruptcy, and he sold off the promotion to Ted Turner as World Championship Wrestling. Unable to successfully manage a professional wrestling company, Ted Turner searched vigorously for some type of general manager to his company.

After a draining search which took nearly half a year, Ted Turner met Vince Russo and was so impressed by his wrestling knowledge, basically gave him creative control of the company.

The first show run under Russo was the 1990 February edition of Clash of the Champions, the 10th edition known as “Texas Shootout”. It featured the following:

February 6, 1990 - NWA Clash of the Champions #10: "Texas Shootout" - Corpus Christi, Texas - Memorial Coliseum

MATCH: Steve Williams defeated Samoan Savage..

TAG MATCH: Brian Pillman & Tom Zenk defeated The MOD Squad (Spike and Basher)..

MATCH: Mil Mascaras defeated Cactus Jack..

FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Norman defeated Kevin Sullivan..

TAG MATCH: The Skyscrapers (Callous & Spivey) defeated Road Warriors by DQ..

TAG TITLES (Titles Versus Masks Match): Stiener Brothers defeated Doom to retain and unmask Doom..

MAIN EVENT CAGE MATCH: IV Horsemen (Flair/Ole/Arn) defeated Gary Hart International (Dragon Master,Sawyer,Muta)

The show was well received. In fact, it helped garner NWA a huge sponsorship deal with sports magazine Messiah, Sports Illustrated. The deal would featured NWA spreads throughout the year, and should greater success be earned, cover deals for various wrestlers.

Heading into April of 1990 the question begged, could the new NWA compete with the WWF?

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Main: Sports Illustrated

Minor: The Battleground(Independent League), Nintendo, WrestleCrap(New Magazine dedicated to the worst in Wrestling)

Money: $14,400.000

Status: Global, 30%

Risk Level: 30%

Production Value: 100%

Merchandising: 100%

Advertising: 100%

Training Camp: NWA Power Plant, Superb, Head Trainer: Dominic Denucci


NWA Heavyweight - Ric Flair - 90 IMAGE

NWA United States - Lex Luger - 80 IMAGE

NWA Television- Great Muta – 70 IMAGE

NWA Tag-Team – The Steiner Brothers – 70 IMAGE


NWA Power Hour: Monday Early Evening, TBS

NWA Worldwide: Friday Graveyard, Local Network

NWA Spotlight: Saturday Primetime, TBS

Events: (All Events are PPV except Clash of the Champions, which take place on Saturdays in place of the usual NWA Spotlight on TBS)

Jan – Clash of the Champions

Feb - WrestleWar

Mar – Clash of the Champions

Apr – Clash of the Champions

May – Capital Combat

June – Clash of the Champions

July – Great American Bash

Aug – Clash of the Champions

Sept – Clash of the Champions

Oct - Halloween Havoc

Nov – Clash of the Champions

Dec – Starcade

Roster ( Red= Heel , Blue = Face)

Main Event

Ric Flair


Lex Luger

Upper Midcard

Arn Anderson

Ole Anderson

Terry Funk

Great Muta

Sid Vicious



Brian Pillman


Rick Steiner

Scott Steiner

Steve Williams


Bobby Eaton

Buzz Sawyer

Dan Spivey

Doom 1

Doom 2

‘Mean’ Mark Callous

Stan Lane

The Dragonmaster

Lower Midcarders

Eddie Gilbert

Johnny Ace

Junkyard Dog

Norman The Lunatic

Ranger Ross

Shane Douglas

Cactus Jack Manson


Jimmy Garvin

Kevin Sullivan

Michael PS Hayes

Mike Rotunda

Rip Morgan

Samoan Savage


Super Destroyer




Tommy Rich

Kendall Windham

The Iron Sheik


Bob Cook

Denny Brown

Italian Stallion

Pez Whately

Rip Rogers

Cuban Assassin

Jason Knight

Larry Santo

Lt. James Earl

Sgt. Buddy Lee Parker


Missy Hyatt

Paul Ellering

Gary Hart

James E. Cornette

Paul E. Dangerously

Sir Oliver Humperdink


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I'm old school, so I already like this. Some picky things, but I'll see where you go, what you do before I say anything.

And, you used CC-Texas .... and Memorial Coliseum ! That's my hometown BEOTCH ! Good choice. The NWA was VERY WELL RECEIVED down here.

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IPB Image

NWA's Saturday Night Spotlight, featuring the best in professional wrestling, will kick-off with an

exciting match-up between two new signings, Booker T and Owen Hart.

Last week we were informed that tonight's big time main-event would feature the duo of Ric Flair

and Arn Anderson squaring off against Lex Luger and 'Mean' Mark Callous.

Tensions are sure to flare with both The Steiner Brothers and The Midnight Express in attendance.

As of late, James E. Cornette has voiced his displeasure with The Midnight Express not being

recognized as the Number One Contenders for the NWA Tag-Team Championships.

The Television Championship will be on the line, when The Great Muta takes on Brian Pillman.

Confirmed Matches

Booker T vs. Owen Hart

TV Championship

Brian Pillman vs. Great Muta©

Spotlight Main-Event

Ric Flair/Arn Anderson vs. Lex Luger/'Mean' Mark Callous

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Guest SixThreeSuperman

Other than the fact that you're using the Northwest Airlines logo, it looks good so far. :)

It will be very interesting to see who you push. That was the problem that the NWA had in its years just prior to WCW, it was always Sting, Flair, or Luger.

How about a title run for Arn? :-D

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NWA Saturday Night Spotlight: April 1st, 1990

Live from Columbia, MO at The Hearnes Center

Announcers: Jim Ross and Gordon Solie

Living Dangerously with Paul E.

  • Spotlight begins with an NWA first, young, talented orator Paul E. Dangerously sits in the midst of a talk-show set. He begins with the introduction of the current United States Champion, ‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger.
  • Luger emerges to a see of expected boos, and drawing more heat he taunts the fans while dragging the prestigious US Championship like some sort of garbage.
  • Luger wastes no time and declares that he is sick of the NWA United States Championship. While he feels that the title is a nice entity to his career, he basically just feels that there is not a single superstar in the back who can challenge for the gold.
  • Paul E. suggests the current NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair as a possible challenger, but Luger shoots down that notion. Luger knows that the World Champion would never challenge for a lesser title.
  • Fresh on ideas, Paul E. excites Luger with the possibility of challenging Flair for the gold.
  • After all, he is the holder of the 2nd highest title in the NWA, which should count for something. He suggests if Luger wants to make a good impression on that idea, he start tonight by defeating Ric Flair in this ring tonight.
  • ‘The Total Package’ agrees, and even offers Paul E. a handshake before leaving. And of course, Luger can’t make an exit without a trademark flex with the gold.
Ranking: 75

Owen Hart vs. Booker T

  • Jim Ross points out that youngster Owen Hart comes from a fine wrestling pedigree, and is really someone we should look out for. Booker T hopes he can change that opinion tonight.
  • Booker with the obvious size advantage offers Owen a little test of strength, Owen rejects with a strong right hand to the kisser. Followed by another, and another. “This kid can brawl”, Solie states.
  • But so can Booker, and he gains the upper hand with a strong clothesline.
  • The crowd is pretty lifeless when the unknown Booker generates his offense, which consist of scrappy kicks, including a nice scissors kick which earns him a pin. 1-2 No!
  • Owen displays his arsenal, which starts with a high dropkick that catches Booker in the chin. Then with a burst of speed he connects on a sensational moonsault off of the top rope. Nicely done Jim Ross adds, and the crowd approves as they are now on their feet for Owen.
  • Owen’s cover almost gets 3, and now Booker is in trouble.
  • Owen signals for his patented Sharpshooter, but Booker’s strong legs deny him as Owen spirals off the ropes.
  • On the offense again, Booker whips Owen into the ropes to set-up a back body drop. Owen somersaults Booker into a pin and picks up the 3 count for his first NWA victory.
Ranking: 67

What To Look 4 in NWA

  • This weekly segment conducted by the announce team points out various happenings that may be unknown to the casual fan.
  • Sometimes Ross and Solie try to outdo each other with juicy rumors and such, sometimes with reliable info and sometimes with bs.
  • Ross announces the first bomb-shell which regards this month’s Clash of The Champions, which has been dubbed as Midwest Madness.
  • ”We’ll be live from the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri and if you’re only going to see one Clash this year, this may be the one. I’ve just gotten word that our main-event will be Champion vs. Champion. The United States Champion Lex Luger will square off against the NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair in a battle for both belts! You won’t want to miss Clash of The Champions: Midwest Madness on Saturday April 15th” Ross exclaims.
Ranking: 84

Brian Pillman asserting himself

  • Solie informs us that coming up next, we’ll have a TV Title match between Brian Pillman and the champ, The Great Muta. The upstart, Brian Pillman emerges to a decent response from Columbia.
  • Pillman asks for a microphone, and asks the people for a moment to put themselves in his shoes right now. In a matter of minutes, he’ll be taking on one of the most talented wrestlers in the business.
  • ”Some of you may not understand, but this really is just one of those chances that may never come again. There are a lot of people in the back who deserve a shot at the TV Championship. Should I lose tonight, who knows when I might see another shot like this” Pillman states. Sounds like someone is in need of a pep talk, Solie suggests.
  • Pillman continues, asking that during this match he have full support of the people.
  • A few sections comply with Pillman, and offer their full support.
  • Turns out he’s going to need more then just support, as Muta just floored him with a German Suplex from out of nowhere.
Ranking: 68

NWA TV Championship

Brian Pillman vs. The Great Muta©

  • With the above mentioned suplex locked in, Muta holds the bridge for the first pinfall of the match. As expected, Pillman kicks out showing a little bit of life.
  • Muta looks to change that, before allowing Pillman to stand he pummels him with stomps. While the ref breaks that up and warns Muta, his manager Gary Hart sneaks in a few punches. “What a coward!” Ross demands.
  • Solie contends that Hart is supposed to do things like that as a manager, but meanwhile in the ring Pillman is gaining momentum with swinging neckbreaker. Follows that up with a bull-dog, driving Muta’s face into the mat. Cover, but it only garners 2.
  • Hot with fire now, Pillman delivers a snap suplex, make that two snap suplexes. With Muta immobilized, Pillman goes for his first high-risk move of the night. It’s a top-rope legdrop. He misses, and Solie scolds for such a risk.
  • ”He should have went for a cover, he could be TV Champion right about now” Solie contends.
  • Disgusted with his lethargic performance, manager Gary Hart yells some words of encouragement to his patron.
  • Muta responds with a pulling piledriver, showing his arsenal is deeper then we all thought. He doesn’t even think to go for a cover, instead going for the top turnbuckle.
  • The Muta Moonsault is executed to perfection, and a 1-2-3 pinfall retains his Television Championship. Pillman is left in the squared circle, only to reflect on what could have been.
Ranking: 75

Sid wants respect!

  • Jim Ross announces that in just a matter of minutes, Gary Michael Cappetta will be catching up with Sid Vicious. Those in the know have said that Sid is a walking timebomb(when isn’t he) due to the fact that he has not competing for the gold at Clash of the Champions.
  • Cappetta located Sid who emerges from his dressing room.
  • Cappetta begins “Mr. Sid, just a word…
  • Sid responds with a stern glare, before acknowledging that he only wants to comment on one thing on his mind, which is why he isn’t competing for the NWA Heavyweight Championship. He asks Cappetta why, and Cappetta gives him a blank stare.
  • ”I’ll tell you why, you see when I compete and win the NWA World Heavyweight Championship, the powers that be know that I won’t relinquish the title. They don’t want to unleash a beast just this early yet on competition.” Sid finishes.
  • ”So from now on to get things the way I want them to be, I’m going to have to dish out punishment. I’m just letting you all know now, don’t be coming crying to me because your favorite got his head split open. I’m just going to be HERE DOING MY JOB!” Sid roars before throwing the mic on the ground leaving a taken aback Cappetta in his tracks.
Ranking: 78

Sid isn’t the only one who wants respect!

  • Jim Ross reminds us that our star-studded main-event is approaching, when Ric Flair and Double A Arn Anderson square off against Lex Luger and ‘Mean’ Mark Callous.
  • ”That’s right, and I’m staying right here until that time. But without further a due, we have another contest to get to. Wait what’s that, Sting is coming to the ring?
  • Sting emerges to huge pops, with nearly everyone in Columbia a Stinger fan. Tons of fans can be heard yelling the famous Stinger call. OOOWWWW!
  • ”You see”, Sting begins while grabbing a microphone “I just came across one of my biggest pet peeves. I feel as a man, it is your duty to get out there and get what you want. So when I hear someone like Sid Vicious crying about not being given something, it makes me absolutely sick!”
  • Crowd pops in approval, as who does like to hear a grown man cry?
  • ”So like I was saying, Sid Vicious is going on and on about how dominate he is. Well first I’d just like to ask all of you, who of any significance has Sid beaten 1-2-3? He hasn’t participated in the high-profile matches. He’s a nobody, attempting to gain respect on the fact that he’s big. Well the bigger they are, the harder they fall!
  • Having heard enough, Sid emerges from the back armed with a microphone.
  • ”Now Stinger, you’re stepping on one of my pet peeves, which is I don’t like one man talking about another when that man isn’t present to defend himself! So care to finish what you were saying?
  • Tired of talk, Sting drops his microphone and urges Sid to come and get some.
  • Sid complies, and we’ve got ourselves a brawl!
  • The two superstars battle throughout the ring, before a legion of other wrestlers in the back are able to separate the two. “Bad blood is running wild between these two rivals”, Solie contends.
Ranking: 79

Rick Steiner vs. Cactus Jack Manson

  • A rather short match, viewed as maybe a filler to calm the audience down before the big main-event.
  • Cactus Jack’s in-ring work of late has been impressive, and he began the match with trademark roughhousing. Big elbows to the face, choking, all the dirty stuff that gets bad guys notoriety.
  • In going for the upset over one half of the tag-team champions, Cactus drills Steiner with a DDT. Cover, but only gets 2.
  • ”I’ve just gotten word from my headset”, Solie starts, “That at Clash of the Champions: Midwest Madness Sting will square off against Sid Vicious. And obviously, that bout will have NWA World Heavyweight Championship complications.”
  • Meanwhile back in the squared circle, Rick Steiner has begun a rally that has the crowd behind him. He begins with a spinebuster after whipping Jack into the ropes. A thunderous belly-2-belly suplex sets up Cactus Jack for the pin. 1-2-NO! The ref was pulled out of the ring by ‘Beautiful’ Bobby Eaton.
  • Accompanied by Stan Lane and Jim Cornette, the 3 opposing forces put a number on Rick Steiner before brother Scott emerges for the save. The damage has already been done, and adds more fire to the tag-team championship fuel.
Ranking: 71

The Nature Boy, the man, the myth, the legend!

  • ”NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is the epitome of excellence. If there is one man in this business who you can say has done it all, Flair is about as close as they come.”
  • ”WOO! Columbia, Missiouri, The Nature Boy has been on fire as of late. Surgically removing this championship from my waist may have to be an option for some sap in the back.”
  • ”Now to my next challenger, ‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger. Well if Luger is ‘The Total Package’ what does that make me, ‘The Half Package?’ I got a news flash for you brother, the only Total Package in the NWA carries the NWA World Heavyweight strap. And last time I checked, that man was ‘The Nature Boy’. So before you begin calling yourself this, and calling yourself that, how about you put your money where your mouth is and beat the man. I’m not just talking about beating the man tonight, and scoring the moral victory. I’m talking about at the big show, April 15th, Clash of The Champions! WOOO!
  • ”And now, it’s time for our Spotlight Main-Event!”, Jim Ross states
Ranking: 90

Spotlight Main-Event

Ric Flair/Arn Anderson vs. Lex Luger/’Mean’ Mark Callous

  • The Spotlight Main-Event features one experienced duo in that of the Horsemen, and another wildcard team between Luger and the young stud Callous. “I really like this kid Callous”, Solie explains. “He’s a beast inside of that ring, and he’s a great finisher. He smells blood when in the ring.
  • Double A begins the contest against Callous, and The Enforcer wastes no time with big left overhand punches. He counters with the right hand, and even offers a headbutt.
  • With Callous in the corner, Arn unleashes with a series of chest chops that would make Ric Flair proud.
  • Getting a little confident, Arn whips Callous into an opposite turnbuckle. And with full steam, he charges into that turnbuckle like a bull only to be greeted by a big black boot.
  • Luger makes a blind tag angering Callous, and hops in for the first pinfall. It doesn’t even get 2.
  • Luger now locks in a sleeper hold, and drags Arn over to his side of the ring, cutting off any tags that can be maid to Ric Flair.
  • With Double A appearing to be heading out of it, Flair gets the fans raucous with a 4-Horsemen chant. Arn shows a bit of life, with a few elbows to Luger’s gut which releases the hold.
  • ”Double A has got to find a way to make a tag to Flair. He’s been in the ring the entire bout while Luger and Callous have made frequent changes.
  • Another tag gets ‘Mean’ Mark back in the action, who drives Arn Anderson to the mat with a big sidewalk slam. He covers, but Flair is in to break up the count. Flair even takes a shot at Callous, which causes the ref to intervene.
  • This also allows the classic double-team by one tag-team, as Arn Anderson continues to receive punishment with a fresh Lex Luger in the ring.
  • With Arn lying in the middle of the ring, Luger gets a little opportunistic, and applies the patented Camel Clutch. “What a smart wrestler Luger is, working on Arn’s back area to set him up for the Torture Rack.
  • Things don’t go to plan, as Flair breaks up that hold before being thrown out of the ring by Callous.
  • With the crowd fully behind him, Arn mounts the most offense of the night. A clothesline to Luger, followed by back suplex allows Arn to finally make the tag. Flair and Luger stare each other down as the crowd goes wild!
  • The fresh Flair is all over Luger with punches and those chest chops. Callous runs in to try and change the momentum, but The Enforcer sends him to the outside where he follows. They brawl around leaving just Luger and Flair in the middle of the ring.
  • ”Wow take a look, Luger just rolled up Flair in a school-boy pin and hooked the tights for the victory. Luger and Callous steal one!” JR rants as Spotlight comes to an end with Luger grabbing his gold and high-tailing it out of there.
Ranking: 82

Spotlight Show Ranking: 77

Spotlight TV Rating: 4.00

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IPB Image

NWA Signs Rare Gem!

Former University of Texas stud Tony Michaels has inked a very lucrative multi-year deal with the National Wrestling Alliance. Michaels was a star on the mat at the UT, compiling a 4-year record of 121-2, which saw him capture 4 Southwest Conference Championships, and 2 National Championships in his Jr and Sr seasons. He looks to start a new legacy on the professional wrestling scene, accomplishing a feat that is unheard of. "No collegiate wrestlers that I can recall really make the transition to professional wrestling. But as a child, there was nothing I enjoyed more then watching big behemoths battle it out", Michaels stated in a recent telephone conversation. It will be interesting to see just where Michaels fits in the NWA scene, but there is no denying the talent he brings to the table.

Captial Combat to be held May 28th!

NWA's only Spring PPV Capital Combat will take place live on May 28th, 1990 from the D.C. Armory. Tickets will start at $60 and will go on sale the first of May.

Ricky Steamboat in Demand?

Although they've been abroad for months now, the noise for Ricky Steamboat to join a big-time promotion is really starting to heat up. Currently, the only way to catch 'The Dragon' is through The Battlegrounds, the largest Independent Association in the Nation. Recently they were touring through the Northwest, going through Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. The main-event for most of the cards consists of a technical masterpiece, The Ultimo Dragon vs. Ricky Steamboat. Those lucky enough to catch this extravagant contest have been left speechless as the two technicans match each other hold for hold. One SI reader, Bill McCeown from Portland, Oregon wrote this regarding the main-event...

"For months my buddies had been trying to get me to check out The Battlegrounds. With the association finally being in reach this weekend, I finally decided to catch a show. Was I ever wrong about the talents of some of these workers, such as Wild Pegasus, Black Tiger, Lion Heart, and Too Cold Scorpio left a big impression on me. As for the main-event, I can only wonder how both Steamboat and The Ultimo Dragon are not in a big promotion. I should have paid more then 20 bucks to see those two grapple, it was well worth the price of admission."

As you can see, Steamboat is in Demand.

NWA Power Hour Recap!

By: Eddie Winston(Monday, April 3rd, 1990)

This week's edition of Power Hour is taped from The Hearnes Center. Announcers are Bob Caudle and Paul E. Dangerously.
  • The show begins with the always entertaining Jim Cornette, with his clients The Midnight Express. Cornette entertained the idea of TME taking on The Steiner Brothers at Clash of The Champions, and just how afraid that would make Rick and Scotty boy. 'Beautiful' Bobby explains that they just weren't going to shoot off at the mouths, tonight they'd show any worthy competition just how far apart in skill they are.

Mike Rotunda vs. Eddie Gilbert
  • A nice bout to begin Power Hour featuring two bruising brawlers. Gilbert started the bout with an offensive flurry, and appeared to go for the kill after a Samoan Drop.
  • Rotunda refused to go away, and shocked Gilbert with a humongous powerbomb.
  • A nice victory for Rotunda, who looks to get himself involved in the TV Title race.
O: 57 C: 57 M: 71
  • Newcomer Booker T introduces himself to the audience. "I'm Booker T. I come from the streets of Harlem, where I was taught that ain't no man gonna give you nothing. If you want something, you gotta go get it. I'm letting it be known right now, that I want respect in the NWA! And to get it, I'm willing to go through anyone! Cool, a newcomer looking to establish himself.

Booker T vs. Johnny Ace
  • You'd think with Booker's microphone skills he could convince the powers that be to give him a better opponent. But anyways, Booker made quick work of Johnny Ace.
  • An irish whip to the ropes earned Johnny Ace mouth full of Booker's boot, with a simple round-house kick. Booker's very agile with those feet.
  • A picture-perfect scissors kick earns Booker his first NWA win.
O: 52 C: 50 M: 67

Shane Douglas vs. Steve Williams
  • The bout begins with a series of punches from Steve Williams. The brawlers are out in full force today baby!
  • Shane Douglas executes a splitting jaw-breaker after a counter from a sleeper-hold.
  • Steve Williams shows off with his Doctor Bomb finisher, earning the victory.
  • After the bout, the two shook hands. Well that's just nice.
O: 50 C: 46 M: 67
  • A video showing about the last 5 minutes of Spotlight's Main-Event is aired. In case you forgot, Luger rolled up Flair and hooked the tights to score the 1-2-3.

Midnight Express vs. The Faboulous Freebirds
  • Bobby Eaton begins the match with a dropkick on Jimmy Garvin. Then for good measure he super kicks Michael PS Hayes off of the apron and into the barrier seperating the crowd and ring. It was cool.
  • Frequent tagging gets Stan Lane in, who pummels Garvin with a standing spinebuster.
  • The Freebirds show offense with the inclusion of Hayes in the bout. A bodyslam, followed by a running clothesline pumps up the fans.
  • Watching his team in trouble, Cornette gets involved distracting Garvin.
  • This allows Lane to get the upper-hand, finishing off Garvin with the Mayawashi Leg Kick.
  • 1-2-3! TME gets the win and after the bout, they add insult to injury with a beatdown.
O: 68 C: 71 M: 81

Power Hour Ranking: 63

Power Hour Rating: 2.96

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NWA Worldwide(Taped 04-01-1990)


Columbia, MO: The Hearnes Center

Announcers: Gary Michael Cappetta and Bob Caudle

Road Agent Terry Garvin reporting.

Denny Brown vs. Cuban Assassin

  • The match begins with uninspired brawling, giving the fans no inspiration to stand. Cuban Assassin gains control but loses it quickly after missing a big legdrop.
  • Denny Brown is hung between the ropes, while Cuban gets in some illegal choking.
  • With the help of an illegal foreign object, a steel chain wrapped around the fist to be exact, Cuban Assassin scores the victory.
Ranking: O: 28 C: 12 M: 45
  • A video of the young, innovative, upcoming NWA superstar Tony “The Machine” Michaels is shown. The main gist of it showed a few clips of the 5’11, 225 lb Michaels dominating the competition on the mat in his college career. A few of his accolades are shown, following with Tony himself declaring that we won’t have to wait long to see a Real Professional Wrestler.
Ranking: 59

Ole Anderson vs. Fatu

  • To begin the bout, Anderson executes a sloppy DDT that may have hurt Fatu for real. Ole and Arn are far apart in terms of skill level.
  • Big hip-toss from Fatu sets Anderson up for his big-body splash. He goes for the cover, but Ole breaks at 2.
  • Ole shows that he still has some of it, going up top to the 2nd turnbuckle for a flying Knee Smash. Cover, 1-2-3!
Ranking: O: 63 C: 64 M: 62
  • We’re taken to the back inside of a dark room, where the lights flicker before coming to a stop. Inside the room we are treated to the craziest individual in the promotion, Cactus Jack Manson. And what’s even more worrisome, he’s armed with a 2 by 4.
  • “I know this may sound strange, but I’m a fan of pain. I like to dish it out, but I can also take it like a man. My opponent Junkyard Dog, doesn’t know what it’s like to be in pain. In just a few minutes, my buddy and I are going to show him what it’s like!” Cactus bellows.
Ranking: 69

Cactus Jack Manson vs. Junkyard Dog

  • The most exciting bout of the night begins with a big Cactus Jack bodyslam. Right and left arms ensue, and Cactus has JYD on the defensive.
  • After an irish whip into the turnbuckle, Cactus charges head first hitting his shoulder right on the post. JYD goes for the cover, 1-2-NO!
  • With JYD gaining momentum, he tries for a suplex. Cactus has none of that and delivers his own suplex.
  • The Cactus Driver, Cactus’ spin on the Death Valley Driver decapitates JYD and earns CJM the 1-2-3!
Ranking: O: 65 C: 57 M: 74

Worldwide Ranking: 57

Worldwide TV Rating: 0.04

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University of Texas in the Big 8 ? Try the Southwest Conference ;)

Decent start, seems 'nwalike' enough for the moment. An Arn Title run was mentioned already, but if you do it right, you've got SEVERAL believable and worthy guys on the roster that would make great NWA champs at the moment.

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IPB Image

NWA Saturday Night Spotlight, a force to be reckoned with on the primetime Saturday night

television scene, will once again broadcast a spectacular Main-Event. Live from Springfield, Missouri at the

John Q. Hammons Center The NWA Tag-Team titles will be up for grabs when The Road Warriors battle The Steiner

Brothers. Two of the premier tag-teams in the world are sure to produce a classic.

In an attempt to stay sharp for his Champion vs. Champion bout with the NWA World Heavyweight Champion

Ric Flair, 'The Total Package'Lex Luger will go toe-to-toe with Flair's right-hand man, 'Double A'

Arn Anderson.

'Mean' Mark Callous has been on a roll in recent weeks. He'll look to continue his streak when he battles

Eddie Gilbert.

Young stud Owen Hart will kick things off when he takes on veteran Mike Rotunda.

With Sting and Sid Vicious both expected to be in attendance at the Hammons Center, what can we expect as

these rivals prepare for Clash of The Champions?

The only way to find out is by tuning into TBS at 8 PM Eastern Time.

Confirmed Matches

Owen Hart vs. Mike Rotunda

'Mean' Mark Callous vs. Eddie Gilbert

Lex Luger vs. Arn Anderson

Spotlight Main-Event

NWA Tag-Team Championship

The Road Warriors vs. The Steiner Brothers©

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  • 3 weeks later...

NWA Saturday Night Spotlight: April 8th, 1990

Live from Springfield, MO at The John Q. Hammons Center

Announcers: Jim Ross and Gordon Solie

  • Spotlight begins with an exciting opening match featuring stud Owen Hart squaring off against the veteran Mike Rotunda. Despite the excitement in the ring which featured all kinds of reversals, and close falls, the crowd just couldn’t get alive for the bout. Owen scored the pinfall victory. After the match Jim Ross announces that there will be a special four-corners bout at Clash of The Champions with the winner receiving a shot at the Television Championship. That match entitled “The Midwest Invitational” will feature, Cactus Jack, Brian Pillman, Booker T and a surprise entrant. (O: 68 C: 56 M: 81)
  • ‘Mean’ Mark Callous is in the back and alleges that he’ll beat any NWA superstar that he alleges is tough enough to step inside of a ring with him. He lists possible challengers, none really having any type of tough attributes. In steps veteran Terry Funk sporting a “No Pain, No Gain” t-shirt. He readily accepts the challenge of Mark Callous, but only if it’s No-Holds Barred at Clash of The Champions. Callous wouldn’t have it any other way. (86)
  • The NWA World Heavyweight Champion Ric Flair is doing his best big-game motivational speech. He breaks down the scenario to Double A, which sits like this. In one weeks time, Flair will go one-on-one with Lex Luger in a bout for both of the champions respective titles. Tonight, Double A will take on Lex Luger and has a wonderful opportunity to inflict a beating on him. Of course The Enforcer would enjoy nothing more then to end Luger’s career tonight, but he asks Flair just in case he does win the US Championship what does he plan to do with it? Flair assures Arn that when he grabs the US Championship, Double A would be first in line for a shot. That’s all the motivation Arn needs. (89)
  • In an attempt to show Terry Funk the danger he may be in, ’Mean’ Mark Callous destroys Eddie Gilbert in the second match for Spotlight. This bout was your typical one-sided big man dominate spectacle, but Callous showed a different zeal in the ring. In most of his matches he’d normally stalk his opponents as he inflicted damage, but tonight he was on a mission. Gilbert bites the dust after not one, but two Choke Slams. (O: 73 C: 67 M: 80)
  • The first of what Gordon Solie considers two main-event bouts on Spotlight, United States Champion Lex Luger squares off against ‘Double A’ Arn Anderson. It’s clear who the real workhorse is in this match, as Arn continues to impress each and every week. He appeared to be in trouble late in the match after a powerful Luger powerslam. Instead of going for a cover, Luger noticed Ric Flair sitting in a chair just scouting the match. Enraged, Luger urged the ref to order Flair outta here, allowing Arn to roll him up with the school boy pin for the win. Arn would head to the back to celebrate with Flair, not before an epic staredown between Luger and Flair in which each proclaimed they’d take the other’s belt. ( (O:79 C:83 M:72)
  • Sting is in the ring with a microphone, and the first thing out of his mouth is just why is Sid so angry with Sting? Sting wonders if it’s because of his popularity, or maybe his success. Then jokingly he suggests it’s because Sid is one hideous creature. Futhermore, he warns Sid to be on his “A-Game” at Clash of The Champions. We all know of Sid’s shaky track record when it comes to the big matches, and Sting proclaims that this may be the biggest battle of Sid’s life. With each week it’s becoming more and more evident that this is more then just wrestling between these two. To complicate things, Sting takes a seat next to Solie and Ross as a special guest commentator for the next match, which happens to be Sid taking on Johnny Ace. (92)
  • In your 2nd big man squash of the night, Sid totally obliterates Johnny Ace. Sid appeared to be in top form tonight according to Ross, and Sting suggested that he maybe save some of this effort for next week. Many times during the bout, Sid taunted Sting will executing his offense. Immediately after the match Sting attacked the ring and Sid, with the two brawling around the ring until a commercial break. (O:58 C:51 M:65)
  • NWA top lap-dog Lance Russell stops Booker T in hopes of getting a word with the newcomer. Booker address Russell as a Sucka, and that he should only speak when he’s spoken to. Booker address what should be well-known about him so far, that he’s been held down by the powers that be. He’s sick of being over-looked due for one reason or another, and people would soon start to respect his alter ego, The Booker Man. Interestingly enough, The Booker Man is scheduled to face The Z man next. (67)
  • In Spotlight’s upset of the night, Booker T scores an impressive victory over Z-Man. This match meant even more to Booker as Z-Man is the teammate of Pillman, who will be an opponent of Booker at Clash of The Champions. Booker is showing early signs of what could be a successful career, with an offense that features power moves in addition to dazzling kicks. His scissors kick totally caught Z-Man off-guard, which led to the victory. Jim Ross alerts us of another title match signed for Clash of The Champions, in which The Great Muta will defend the TV Championship against Steve Williams. (O:69 C:60 M:78)
  • ‘Living Dangerously’ with Paul E. is taking a field trip today, and that’s into the locker-room of The Steiner Brothers. As if you didn’t know, The Steiners are scheduled to battle The Road Warriors in the Spotlight Main-Event for the NWA Tag-Team Championships. Asked at all if they were concerned with the possibility of leaving Springfield tonight known as former champions, and Scott stated that while he and his brother always respect the talents of opponents, they respect their talents just a little bit more. To sum it up, there’s no way in hell Scotty believes The Steiners will lose to The Road Warriors. (73)
  • In the Spotlight Main-Event, which also stands as the best match of the night, The Steiners retained their tag-team titles by disqualification. Angered that it’s The Road Warriors and not Stan Lane and Bobby Eaton of The Midnight Express competing for the titles, Lane and Eaton stormed the ring after what had been a sensational bout. In a battle of contrasting styles, The Steiners fast-paced, up-tempo, keep-a-guy-fresh style stifled The Road Warriors grind it out approach. Sounds like a basketball strategy, but that’s basically what happened. The Steiners were in control just as TME hit the ring and left everyone down. As a result, The Steiners will take on The Road Warriors in a re-match for the belts at CoTC, much to the dismay of TME. (O:87 C:75 M:100)

Show Ranking: 78

Spotlight TV Rating: 3.72

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IPB Image

NWA Rundown, brought to you by: Cole Peter

IPB Image


NWA Clash of The Champions #11 'Midwest Madness'

Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena

April 15th, 1990

Champion vs. Champion

NWA US Champion vs. NWA Heavyweight Champion

Lex Luger© vs. Ric Flair©.

No Holds Barred

'Mean' Mark Callous vs. Terry Funk

Battle for Respect

Sid Vicious vs. Sting

NWA Tag-Team Championship

The Road Warriors vs. The Steiner Brothers©

NWA Television Championship

Steve Williams vs. Great Muta©

The Midwest Invitational(#1 Contender for TV Championship)

Cactus Jack Manson vs. Brian Pillman vs. Booker T vs. ???

Who's The Fourth?

Ever since the end of last week's Spotlight, word has been buzzing about who could be that fourth man in The Midwest Invitational four corners bout. I've heard probably every name you can think of, from guys under contract in WWF such as Bret Hart, to top free agents such as Ricky 'Steamboat' Dragon. I don't want to get any of the NWA's fans hopes up, so I'll probably just kill the noise by declaring that the fourth man will be none other then Tony "The Machine" Michaels. I mean it makes perfect sense, what better way to debut the guy?

NWA Japanese Invasion?

With the recent urges to expand the National Wrestling Alliance, NWA has issued a press release which announces the touring of Japan during the month of August, leading up to Clash of The Champions 13: Japanese InVasion! Japanese InVasion will take place on August 27th, giving the stars of NWA a full month to tear up Japan. Should be a fun trip.

NWA offering try-outs!

The National Wrestling Alliance is offering open tryouts to any independent wrestler in the world. For more details, please call (611)984-4NWA!

NWA Power Hour Recap!

By: Eddie Winston(04-10-1990)

This week's Power Hour comes from The John Q. Hammons Center, announcers are Paul E. and Bob Caudle.

The show begins with a hype video for Tony Michaels, who by the film from his amateur career looks like a straight animal. He demolished a few foes on some colleigate high-lights, before appearing and announcing that he will be at the next NWA Spotlight. Great!

Power Hour's opener featured a snoozer of a bout, featuring Junkyard Dog vs. Kendall Windham. The match was boring, the crowd was dead, and you see why both of these guys are opening up Power Hour. JYD earns the victory with a sloppy looking bulldog off of the ropes. UGLY!

James E. Cornette is with his boys who are just elated over the work they did at Spotlight. The way they see it is like this, if they can't compete for the tag titles then no one will. I guess that's a pretty good way of sticking it to everyone.

In a surprisingly good and competitive match, Bobby Eaton defeats Tommy Rich. Rich certainly gained some points with the management, helping advance the match completely. Eaton delivered a beautiful Brainbuster to end the match. Afterwards, Eaton proclaimed The Midnight Express as the best tag-team in the world. Hard to validate that without the straps.

A recap of the bad-blood that is Sting and Sid is shown. In case you forgot, Sid beat Johnny Ace, and he and Sting went at it. I can't wait to see those two at CoTC.

Gary Hart does a number on Great Muta's next challenger, Steve Williams.

In a solid main-event, Muta defeats Shane Douglas. Douglas nearly earned the big upset, until Muta went to work with vengeance. Solid, solid match.

Power Hour Ranking: 65

Power Hour TV Rating: 2.99

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Still going good. I know I'll get a public flogging for saying this, but please keep Luger viable and believable. He could be used in a wide variety in this time frame.

Also, not sure I agree with how you described the RW/Steiner match. The Warriors were always billed to look the upperhand even if they lost the match. They always looked strong. Just something I noticed.

I like what's going on so far.

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Very interesting diary you got going. Very reminiscent of the NWA booking they had back in those days.

Even though guys like Lex Luger and Sid Vicious totally stank in the ring, the booking in that time made sure they were looking good. Let's say that they came around during the best period to achieve success.

Anyhow, I'm really looking forward to this whole Clash card you got. Especially the main event and the NWA Tag Team Title match.

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NWA Worldwide(Taped 04-08-1990)


Springfield, MO: The John Q. Hammons Center

Announcers: Gary Michael Cappetta and Bob Caudle

Road Agent Terry Garvin reporting.

  • Worldwide starts off with an exciting lightweight wrestler, who goes by The Juice. In reality he is Juventud Guererra, and he squares off with Jason Knight. Fast-paced action, barely any crowd emotion as no one knows who Juice is. Juice scored the victory with a top-rope moonsault, which he calls Splash Mountain.(O:37 C:18 M:66)
  • A video of the Arn Anderson and Lex Luger bout is shown. In case you forgot or missed Spotlight, Arn defeats Luger with a school-boy pin.(82)
  • Fatu defeats Basher next in about 2 minutes flat. In limited action, Basher did not sell real well. Probably why he doesn’t see more then 2 minutes in a match.(O:39 C:45 M:44)
  • Kevin Sullivan is scheduled to take on Owen Hart in the main-event. Before Owen arrives to the ring, Sullivan grabs a microphone and of all things, he asks the people wouldn’t they like to see him in tomorrow’s Midwest Invitational. He gets a bit of support, but it’s Owen Hart who the people would like to see. Due to their reaction when Sullivan mentions his name, Sullivan promises to crush Owen next.(70)
  • Owen has been showing the ability to work a match with anyone regardless of style, which certainly has the NWA higher-ups drooling. His work tonight was top quality, as he and Sullivan put on a very solid bout. The highlight of the match was Owen’s superkick which then led to his patented Flying Body Press, earning Owen another victory.(O:61 C:59 M:77)

Show Ranking: 57

Worldwide TV Rating: 0.04

Clash of The Champs up next!

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IPB Image

NWA Clash of The Champions #11 'Midwest Madness'

Kansas City, MO - Kemper Arena

April 15th, 1990

Announcers: Jim Ross and Gordon Solie

The NWA's 11th edition of Clash of The Champions live on TBS opens up with a nifty pyro before displaying the excellent set used. The theme for this CoTC, Midwest Madness is well represented in the design. Jim Ross and Gordon Solie give us a run-down of the card, which features the Champion vs. Champion main-event when US Champ Lex Luger takes on World Heavyweight Champ Ric Flair.

  • Clash of The Champions kicked off with a match expected to ignite the crowd. Anytime you have an opener involving four men, it should be able to attract the crowd's attention. Not necessarily the case in this bout, but it still was a good fight. The first 3 contenders, Brian Pillman, Cactus Jack, and Booker T were all in the ring ready to tear each other limb from limb. Emerging from the back was 'The Bad Guy' Scott Hall who Jim Ross squealed was making his NWA debut. And what an impact as Hall stormed the ring clearing house with big right hands, talking trash to add insult to injury. Outside of the ring Cactus Jack attempted to ram Brian Pillman into the nearby steel steps, but Pillman skillfully reversed it sending Cactus crashing into the stairs. He was pretty much a non-factor after taking such a big hit. Back in the ring Hall and Booker T slugged it out, with Booker gaining an advantage using his quick feet. A scissors kick to Hall looked to wrap up the match, but Pillman broke up the pin at the last possible second. It was Pillman's turn for offense now, beginning with a wicked DDT to Booker T. He then took a risk going to the top turn buckle, setting up Hall for a Flying Body Press. Cactus Jack managed to knock him off the turnbuckle, sending him crashing to the outside. Two men stood in the ring, and two on the outside. Cactus managed to get to his feet, and planted Scott Hall with a Piledriver. His cover was broken up by Booker T, who was then nailed by Pillman with a high-angle suplex. All 4 men lay on the mat in exhaustion. Hall and Pillman struggle to their feet, and with a sudden burst of energy Hall whips Pillman into the ropes and crushes him with a Fallaway Slam. Feeling the momentum, he sent a charging Booker T over the ropes and set his sights on Cactus Jack. A big time sideway slam ensues and Hall appears to be in charge. That is until that sneaky Brian Pillman surprises Hall with a Flying Body Press from the top-rope. But instead of landing on his back, Hall is able to roll himself on top of Pillman earning his first NWA victory, and a right to a TV Title match.(O:65 C:61 M:86)
  • Fresh off celebrating his victory after a surprise entrance into the Midwest Invitational, Scott Hall is stopped by Paul E. while on his way to the back. Paul E. asks 'The Bad Guy' who does he want to win the upcoming TV title match between Muta and Williams. His response 'The Bad Guy don't care who he has to smack around to grab that TV title strap.' In fact he stated that it was actually a waste of time to even have the match, because the TV Champ should be a person people want to see on TV. And quite frankly he goes on, no one wants to see either Muta or Williams. He tells Paul E. that when it comes time for him to face either one of those eses, that he can chalk up another one for The Bad Guy.(71)
  • The NWA TV Championship is up for grabs next as The Great Muta defends his belt against Steve Williams. As the match is beginning, the referee is searching Muta for any of that illegal Mist he likes to use. Stupid ref, Muta's already placed it in the hands of his manager Gary Hart. Attempting to use his obvious size advantage, Williams offers Muta a test of strength. Muta obliges, and greets Williams with a swift kick to the gut, followed by a hard chop to the sternum, followed by a vicious stiff kick to the face. That's what you get for insulting Muta. On the offense Muta treats Williams with a drop-kick to the knee, immobilizing the larger opponent. Keeping with the knee attack, Muta applies a single-leg lock which has Williams grimacing in pain. Williams shows a lot of toughness refusing to submit and eventually making his way to the ropes. Releasing the hold, Muta now gets plain dirty and clips Williams' knee from behind. Sort of like a dirty hit in football, but it's all clean here. Upon instructions from Gary Hart, Muta drags Williams over to a turnbuckle, fixing hip so his legs are now around the post. Muta goes to the outside, and in violent fashion slams Williams knee into the post, not once, not twice, but three times. He then impressively leaps over the ropes hitting a sommersault splash on part of Williams body. He covers but amazingly Williams kicks out. Showing absolutely no signs of offense, Williams tries to mount one on the strength of support from the fans. He turns it up with a big right hand, followed by a left, then a big clothesline. Following an irish whip to Muta, he sets himself up for a sick kick to the face by sticking his head down attempting to launch Muta with a back-body drop. Discouraged with legally trying to put away Williams, Gary Hart attempts to slide Muta his mist pills. In a last-ditch effort to make something happen, Williams dramatically intercepts the Pills while Muta was being reprimanded for said pills. Now with the referee turning to Gary Hart, Williams skillfully slips the mist in his mouth and delivers it into the eyes of Muta temporarily blinding him. He seals the deal with his powerful Oklahoma Stampede finisher, picking up the upset victory. A delighted Williams high-tails it out of the ring celebrating with his belt while a blinded Muta remains in the ring. An apologetic Hart attempts to console Muta, who to the delight of the fans clocks Gary Hart with a roundhouse kick. The Great Muta has left the building, alone.(O:65 C:66 M:80)
  • We get to a little break in the show which allows Jim Ross to thank our sponsors. He then is on hype job for NWA's only Spring PPV of the year, Capital Combat on May 28th, live from Washington DC at the DC Armory. Tickets start on the 6th of May, the first Saturday of the month. The No Holds Barred bout between 'Mean' Mark Callous and Terry Funk is supposed to be underway, with the playing of Funk's music to signal his arrival. A number of seconds go by before his appearance, and then BOOM! Out of nowhere appears Funk rolling down the entrance ramp and appearing to be in a total mess. Following him out is 'Mean' Mark Callous and its become clear what’s happened. Callous jumped the gun and attacked Funk from behind, and he even has a steel chain wrapped around his fist. Funk struggles to get to his feet and as soon as he does he is rocked by Callous' big right hand sporting that steel chain. Still in a rage Callous slams Funk's body into the barrier separating the fans from the ring-area, with Funk's body hitting the rail forcefully. Still not satisfied with the action done on the outside of the ring, Callous lifts Funk up onto his shoulder, and runs full speed into the ring post. An impressive standing suplex to the mat on the outside is next for Funk, who appears to be in no condition to even compete in this bout. Callous cracked him again with the steel chain for good measure. Rolling him in the ring, the bell finally rings as Callous puts an end to his destruction. A big choke-slam breaks Funk in half, scoring the victory for Callous, at approximately 10 seconds of actual in-ring action. Ross calls it one of the worst beatings he's ever seen Callous dish out, implying that he's a man on a mission. Very solid bout, even if it did consist of a lot of Callous offense.(O:77 C:81 M:91)
  • Gary Michael Cappetta is running around the back with a microphone looking for 'The Scorpion King' Sting. He asks Sting just how important is this upcoming match, and Sting's reply 'You shouldn't ask a man such as myself this question. I already know the answer. But my opponent Sid Vicious, a guy who's had a tough time wrestling in the biggest of matches, maybe he’s starting to feel the pressure of this match. He adds 'it's well known that Sid is not the most prepared when it comes to the big-time matches. He chokes in title matches, matches to be #1 contender, he just cannot find a way to get the job done.' He finishes by guaranteeing a victory tonight over Sid, which should propel him to an eventual NWA World Heavyweight title shot. With that said, it's time for our next match which just happens to be Sting vs. Sid.(92)
  • 'There is no love lost between these two foes' Ross begins, 'Our next match features two men who in recent weeks have been at each other's throats.' That could be an understatement when describing the level of hatred that's developed between Sting and Sid. So as the match began an interesting stare-down took place. Each man let each other know they wouldn't be invited to the other's Christmas party, and a slugfest began. Sid earned the early advantage using his size advantage to force Sting into the corner, where he waylaid him with a big boot to the face. Trying to gain an early advantage, Sid removes the turnbuckle padding, leaving open the exposed metal. Almost on instinct as he whips Sting into that turnbuckle, Sting counters by jumping onto the turnbuckle and hitting Sid with a flying clothesline. Showing off that impressive athleticism, Sting follows with his first cover of the night. Sid kicks out and now it's Sting's turn to make some noise. He bodyslams Sid and pummels him with high knee drop to the face. Lifting Sid to his feet Sting continues his assault with a quick snap suplex. A standing legdrop is next, and Sting covers again. Sid breaks at 2, showing that he can take some punishment. Shifting the momentum Sid used a huge clothesline to turn the tide of the match, buying himself some time as the ref start his 'double-man' down count. Reaching 6 before Sid could get to his feet, who made Sting pay with a high-press body slam. Sid finally would look to capitalize on his earlier plan, which would send Sting's body into the exposed turnpost. Instead it would be Sid going into that very post, shrieking in pain upon his body's arrival. Sting would follow up with a Stinger Splash, but that muscle pose would turn out to be just enough time for Sid to compose himself and move out of the way. Fed up with the destruction that could be done in the ring, Sid would take Sting to the outside which is where this match would end. Each man would be counted out, as they continued to brawl outside of the ring. Obviously this isn't over as no winner was decided, and one can only anticipate which star will try to strike next.(O:76 C:91 M:73)
  • After a short break between matches Gordon Solie and Jim Ross give us a short review of the battles between Ric Flair and Lex Luger. Tonight one man has the chance of a lifetime, walking out of here with both the NWA World Heavyweight and United States titles. Last week's Spotlight Main-Event is up next, featuring The Road Warriors challenging The Steiner Brothers for the NWA Tag-Team Championships. The Steiners picked up a win last week due to disqualification, thus the ordering of a rematch between two terrific teams. Road Warrior Hawk and Scott Steiner would start us off, with Hawk gaining the initial advantage. A few stiff chops, followed by a sloppy DDT had the Road Warriors on the offensive. A quick tag to Animal followed, who went up top to the 2nd rope flying with an Axe Handle to the abdomen of Scott Steiner. Great tag-team work here, as Animal as Scott in their corner putting a beating on him. Rick was on the opposite corner attempting to rally his brother, but The Road Warriors showing good strategy kept him on their side of the ring. Another tag to Hawk, who plants Scott Steiner with a neckbreaker. Cover is broken up by Rick, which is the 1st time he's entered the ring. The fans appear to be pretty split down the middle as in who they cheer for, as The Steiner side attempts to rally Scott. It doesn't help as he finds himself back in the Road Warrior corner, and Animal gets tagged back in rocking Steiner with a big clothesline. A samoan drop would put Scott Steiner in a tough position, but somehow he finds a way to keep Animal's cover from reaching 3. In trouble and feeling the pressure, Scott attempts to make something happen. He first charges Road Warrior Hawk who was standing on the apron, knocking him off and sending him to the ground on the outside. A spear from out of nowhere hits Animal, who now suddenly sees himself in trouble. Scott finally makes the tag to his brother Rick, who hits the ring on fire. Big right hands, clotheslines, and a fantastic bulldog as the Steiners on the brink of victory. Rick's cover on Animal is broken up by Hawk, who adds insult to injury with a few stomps to Rick's head. Not appreciating any of that, Steiner charges Hawk and they now are on the outside. It's become a 1-on-1 battle now between Animal and Rick Steiner, which doesn't last long. An Animal bear-hug quickly turns into a Rick Steiner belly to belly suplex. Impressive, high-impact damage, and a cover that Hawk fails to break up in time as The Steiners retain. All four men in the ring now, and the fans urge for more action. Instead the combatants shake each others hand, showing a mutual sign of respect and great sportsmanship. To ruin the act James E. Cornette and The Midnight Express appear. Cornette now demands that The Midnight Express meet The Steiners at next week's Spotlight for the tag-titles. Not one to back away from a challenge, The Steiners accept. Wait just a minute steps in Animal, who believes that The Road Warriors are still the team to beat. The Road Warriors challenge The Midnight Express for next week's Spotlight, with the winner receiving a future tag-title shot. The Midnight Express accept, and we got ourselves a big match next week.(O:78 C:81 M:93)
  • It's time for what we've all been waiting for Jim Ross begins, Main-Event time. Luger is in the back finishing up the last of his pre-match rituals, when he stares into a mirror. 'Mirror, mirror on the wall' he asks, 'who's the strongest of them all? Without question it's The Total Package Lex Luger, a human-wrecking ball.' Luger continues to stare into the mirror, flexing his guns while flashing his United States championship. 'This is the first time I've realized that I could walk out of here without this very belt. While I know how far-fetched that sounds, they're could be a conspiracy to keep The Total Package down. Tonight The Nature Boy Ric Flair would have to be at his all time best', Luger declares. Anything less, and well he'd fall victim to The Total Package. More flexing is next as Luger heads out of his locker room and it's main-event time.(88)
  • The level of excitement in the audience certainly picks up Gordon Solie points out, as the US Champion Lex Luger is the first to the ring. The roof to Kemper Arena almost comes off when Flair's theme hits, as The Nature Boy cockily struts down to the ring. Flair kisses the World Heavyweight Championship after removing it from his waist, and Luger tells him he'd better kiss it again, this time for good-bye. The appropriate stare-down takes place, with Luger towering over Ric Flair. Offering a test of strength, Flair accepts, yeah right they don't call him the dirtiest player in the game for nothing. A quick poke to the eye ends the strength test notion, and Flair is on a roll. Those barehanded chest chops smack Luger's body, with him howling in pain after each one. Flair's offense doesn't last long though, as the stronger Luger effortlessly lifts Flair over his head. In an amazing display of strength, Luger actually extends his arms straight up in the air, before dropping Flair right on his face. Quick cover, only gets 2. Feeling the momentum, Luger follows his impressive Gorilla Press Slam with an always impressive standing suplex. He actually toyed with Flair, walking around in circles before driving him into the mat. Showboating now, Luger kisses his pecs instead of going for the cover. Big mistake as the World Champ makes it to his feet, and before Luger can stop it, he receives a stiff-shot to the family jewels. The ref warns Flair of disqualification, but it's a bluff and Flair knows it. His shin breaker stuns Luger, and now Flair feeling the momentum ascends atop the turnbuckle. His inexperience up there shows as he nearly loses his footing, allowing a charging Luger to quickly rush up to the top, sending Flair over his head with a spectacular over the hell belly 2 belly suplex. That may have taken more out of Luger then expected, as he can't even make it to a cover. As both men recover to their feet, Luger hurls Flair in the direction of the referee, knocking out SR official Tommy Young. Luger looks to capitalize on this, ordering the timekeeper out of his folding chair. Luger waits for Flair to get to his feet, before cleaning his clock with the chair. He makes the cover, but duh there's no REF! To the rescue comes 'The Enforcer' Arn Anderson, who to the dismay of Luger takes over as referee. To be correct, he'd be here to enforce the necessary rules of the match, seeing as the ref was incapacitated. Feeling as if Double A wasn't a real ref, Luger turned again to use that chair on Flair. As he's about to crack Flair, Double A snatches it from behind. An angry Luger then shoves Arn Anderson, who still wielding the chair swings for the fences. Flair who'd manage to reach his feet, catches another cranium-cracking chair shot this time on accident. Luger cleverly moved out of harms way, allowing the chair to smack right into Flair's face. That would be enough as Tommy Young not only heard that chair shot, he'd manage to awake at just the right time. He'd saw the whole thing, therefore throwing the match out and awarding Ric Flair the victory by disqualification. An obviously displeased Luger doesn't stick around to argue, he grabs his belt and gets the hell out of there while Double A attempts to console his fallen comrade. And with that Clash of The Champions: Midwest Madness comes to a close.(O:82 C:98 M:81)
COTC Ranking: 80

COTC TV Rating: 3.85

Edited by SeanB
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IPB Image

MidWest MadNess a Hit!

Those who attended the NWA's Clash of The Champions: MidWest MadNess got their money's worth. The show which broadcasted on TBS in the usual place of NWA's weekly showcase Spotlight, scored a 3.86 rating while the inital reports indicate 13,592 people packed the 17.572 seats in Kemper Arena. A good undercard which was highlighted by the No Holds Barred bout between Terry Funk and 'Mean' Mark Callous kept the serious fans in check. Everyone who's anybody was in Kansas City to see one man walk away as an NWA Double Champion. That they were denied as Luger and Flair's battle was interrupted by the chair swinging antics of Arn Anderson. One can only wonder what this week's Spotlight will produce.

Tony "The Machine" Michaels set to debut!

We here at SI were the first to bring you the news that NWA had grabbed the rights to former NCAA Heavyweight Champion Tony Michaels. We expected him to be at Clash of The Champions, but as you all know it was Scott Hall filling in that fourth position. SI learned contract details were still being worked out, as reports say Tony Michaels was asking for a bigger signing bonus. All contract details have been ironed out according to Michaels agent Phillip May.

Antonio Inoki signed for JI!

NWA announced the first Japanese star to compete at Clash of The Champions: Japanese InVasion in August, and it will be none other then Antonio Inoki. Inoki commends NWA owner Ted Turner for having the courage of trying to expand his company. With Inoki as now the face of NWA's Japanese InVasion, one can only wonder what big names he can help attract.

NWA Spotlight Preview!

Feel the fallout from NWA Clash of The Champions, coming to you live from the Municpal Auditorium in Kansas City, Missouri. So far we only know of one match signed for Spotlight, and it will feature The Midnight Express sqauring off against The Road Warriors. The Steiner Brothers will be sure to have an interest in that one.

We left Kemper Arena without an NWA Double Champion to the surprise of everyone. How will Ric Flair respond to the chair shot he recieved from his buddy Arn Anderson?

The battle between Sting and Sid Vicious was supposed to reach it's climax at Clash, but now we're only left with more questions. With both men in attendance, do we have enough security to prevent them from tearing each other apart?

'The Bad Guy' Scott Hall will Live Dangerously with Paul E. this week.

Confirmed Matches

The Midnight Express vs. The Road Warriors

NWA Power Hour

By: Eddie Winston(04-17-90)

This week’s edition of Power Hour is live in Kansas City, MO, from Kemper Arena. Announcers are Bob Caudle and Paul E. Dangerously.

  • Power Hour starts with the always entertaining Booker T. He has a little bit to say about his opponent tonight, Junkyard Dog.

    “Back in Harlem when a sucka called you a Junkyard Dog, do you know what that meant? It’s not a compliment, it meant you was a yellow-bellied coward! So as for my opponent tonight, what’s his name? Oh yeah Junkyard Dog! HAHA! Need I say more?”(73)

  • The Juice beat Pez Whately, displaying an arsenal that could make him famous soon. His wheelbarrow faceplant at least let me know that someone was interested in this bout, as did his finisher: the Splash Mountain. Look out for this youngster.(O:34 C:11 M:66)
  • Cactus Jack Manson defeated Cuban Assassin in another crowd snoozer. Manson brought the goods however, and his Double Arm DDT finished off Assassin.(O:35 C:16 M:63)
  • James E. Cornette was in the back begging for someone to listen to him. Sadly, he found someone.

    “Listen to me, and listen good. The fact of the matter is this, although The Steiners escaped with a victory over The Road Warriors, what good did that do them? They should have taken a dive, they don’t want to get in the ring with the express. Excuse me, The Midnight Express. Their days as tag champions are numbered, just you watch.”(75)

  • Owen Hart stays perfect in the NWA, defeating The Dragonmaster by DQ. Owen’s obvious speed advantage caused trouble for The Dragonmaster, who was unable to keep the youngster grounded. He appeared to have it sealed with the Dragon Sleeper locked in, but he used poor judgment in ring position allowing Owen to grab the ropes breaking the hold. Owen would soon manage a Sharpshooter, before Gary Hart’s interference ended the match.(O:57 C:63 M:65)
  • Keeping up with the frantic NWA tag-team division, DOOM defeated the Samoan Swat Team. Doom were without the services of Woman tonight, and without her they seemed to focus better. They executed better in the ring without the constant harassment of Woman. Doom 1 would finish off Fatu with a running powerslam.(O:63 C:64 M:77)
  • The meanest man in professional wrestling, ‘Mean’ Mark Callous is on hand for tonight’s Power Hour. Dressed in non-wrestling attire, he has other means to address.

    “I know there might be those wondering why I’d attack Terry Funk from behind. Well that’s just it, I’m a mean pitbull that’ll strike at anytime. There ain’t nothing that anyone in the back, or in the world will do about it. This ring is my yard, and I make the rules. Terry Funk tried to cross my yard, and I smacked his head around. Anyone else tries it, they’ll see the same.”(70)

  • In Power Hour’s main-event, Booker T defeats the Junkyard Dog with the superb Harlem Hangover. You wouldn’t think a guy Booker T’s size would be able to do a somersault top-rope legdrop, but you’d be surprised how agile he really is. Booker T’s offense shined in this bout, and JYD basically was screwed. The crowd went nuts seeing Booker going off the turnbuckle, which definitely should be noted.(O:57 C:58 M:70)

Power Hour Ranking: 55

Power Hour TV Rating: 2.96

NWA Worldwide(Taped 04-17-90)


Kansas City, MO: Kemper Arena

Announcers: Gary Michael Cappetta and Bob Caudle

Road Agent Terry Garvin reporting.

  • A recap of the Sting-Sid bout from CoTC is shown. Highlights consisted of, the beginning, and the match’s end. It’s clear this isn’t over, as there was no winner.(84)
  • Shane Douglas beat The Iron Sheik.(O:58 C:52 M:64)
  • Keeping with the theme of recap videos, Luger vs. Flair is shown. This main-event was everything it was supposed to be, times 2.(100)
  • A video of part of a backstage interview profiling Arn Anderson is shown. Interestingly enough, it points out some of Saturday’s mishaps.

“Ever since I was little boy I’ve wanted to be World Heavyweight Champion. Guys like Lex Luger, Sid Vicious, they probably wanted to be firemen and policemen. They just happened to be bless with great physiques, which is why they are here.”

“I know aligning myself with Ric Flair ultimately detracts from my ultimate goal of being World Champ, but that’s a sacrifice I’m willing to live with. The Nature Boy and Double A will always be apart of this…(He holds up the legendary Four Horseman gesture)(80)

  • Stan Lane defeated Steve Williams in a non-title match. Lane’s victory cannot be called a clean one, as Scott Hall paraded around the ring. While he physically didn’t get involved, his presence ultimately distracted Steve Williams.(O:77 C:69 M:85)

Worldwide Ranking: 78

Worldwide TV Rating: 0.04

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*ouch* Terry Funk getting jobbed out like that not even a year after being brought in to HEADLINE NWA against Flair ? Funk nearly took Flair out of wrestling a few months earlier and then this ? Makes zero sense. I see what you're trying to do with Mean Mark, but that was way too much. No way in hell that happens to Funk in the NWA in 1990.

Aside from that, COTC was pretty good. Would've liked to have seen sid/sting get a clean (or at least decisive) finish. Overall not bad though.

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NWA Spotlight

April 22nd, 1990

Kansas City, MO: Municipal Auditorium

Announcers: Jim Ross and Gordon Solie

The fallout from Clash of The Champions, NWA Spotlight begins with Jim Ross and Gordon Solie breaking down tonight’s action. The show is highlighted by the big tag-team match, The Midnight Express going toe-to-toe with The Road Warriors.

  • Terry Funk gets this weeks Spotlight started off and boy was he fuming.

    “The way I was brought up, a real man would never attack another man from behind as they prepared to battle. Me and Mark were already going to duke it out the ugliest of bouts, a No Holds Barred Contest. Was he that afraid of me that he needed to gain a cheap advantage? To make a long story short, I’m hijacking Spotlight. I won’t leave until Callous comes out here, and we can finish what should have been started at Clash of The Champions.”

    Callous is never one to run from a challenge, and he doesn’t leave Funk waiting long.(77)

  • In what appears to be an impromptu match, ’Mean’ Mark Callous scores another victory over Terry Funk, this time by disqualification. Before Callous could even reach the ring, Funk catapulted himself over the top-rope and into ‘Mean’ Mark. Similar to Clash of The Champions, Funk and Callous brawl outside of the ring. But today it’s Funk with all of the momentum, ramming Callous into the guardrail with a sickening thud. The two would continue to exchange blows allowing Callous to finally get the upper-hand. Reaching for his coveted steel chain, he wrapped it around his fist and tries to clean Funk’s clock. Funk wisely avoids the fist, and through a scuffle gains control of Callous’ steel chain. On instinct he punches Callous signaling the disqualification. Unsatisfied with the result, Funk begins a vicious choke-out of Callous with the chain, adding more fire to an already heated battle.(O:79 C:86 M:91)
  • The first “official” match of Spotlight would features the styles of Great Muta squaring off against Mike Rotunda. Ross points out that Muta is alone out here tonight, no longer requiring the services of Gary Hart. Fast-paced bout between workers with similar styles. Rotunda had a nice showing getting off his usual spots, including a Butterfly Suplex which Gordon Solie predicted would end the match. It didn’t as Muta was able to break the pin at 2, causing Rotunda great anger after believing he’d won it. Muta’s offense would pick up here, starting with a missile dropkick that caught Rotunda right on the chin. Rotunda entered the danger zone here, allowing Muta to finish him off with a Moonsault. No mist needed here as Muta celebrates a victory. At least he tries to, instead falling victim to an attack at the hands of The Dragonmaster and Gary Hart. Hart proclaims that The Dragonmaster will reach new heights now that Hart has his eye solely on him.(O:51 C:34 M:80)
  • Living Dangerously with Paul E is up next, as Jim Ross plugs NWA’s Capital Combat, live from the DC Armory in Washington DC on May 28th. Scott Hall is the guest for this weeks Living Dangerously, who made his presence felt by winning the Midwest Invitational at Clash of The Champions. Paul E. inquires of his future NWA plans, which ‘The Bad Guy’ has plenty.

    “You see chico, a lot of those who know ‘The Bad Guy’ don’t think of me as someone who sets goals. I’ve got a ton of goals here that I expect to meet, with the main one being capturing the illustrious NWA World Heavyweight Championship. That’s a long-term goal for right now, but as for short-term I’ve only got one goal. Keeping this face on tv for as long as possible. The best way to make sure that happens is to win the Television Championship…”

    An unfamiliar melody interrupts Scott Hall and a man emerges in an all black jumpsuit. It’s Tony “The Machine” Michaels exclaims Jim Ross, the former NCAA Heavyweight Champion. He’s finally made it to an NWA program. Scott Hall obviously displeased asks Michaels just what in the heck is he out here doing.

    “Are you serious? Hall let me do you a favor as I’m tired of hearing you embarrass yourself. Just close your mouth. No one wants to see you on TV, these people only want to see real wrestlers. And who better then The Machine, the only NCAA Heavyweight Champion to ever appear in the NWA?”

    Hall warns The Machine to watch his boundaries, because he’s stepping out of bounds. He’s biting off more then he can chew, and best of all he’s writing a check that is butt can’t cash. Confidently, Machine responds…

    “Hall I’m so confident in my abilities, that I’m going to give you the opportunity to enroll in Tony Michaels Real Wrestling Class. Next week, one-on-one, me and you.”

    The Bad Guy accepts, and The Machine exits giving Hall a cold, withering glare.(78)

  • Lance Russell is backstage and quietly knocks on the door to ‘The Total Package’ Lex Luger’s locker room. He informs us that while Lex always seems to have a bit of an attitude, he’s especially upset this week. Luger opens the door, US Championship dangling on the ground, and doesn’t even allow Russell to get a word out.

    “Let me guess, you’re hear to find out how I’m feeling after being screwed out of the NWA World Heavyweight Title? Anyone who saw the match can boldly tell you that I was minutes away from putting an end to Ric Flair’s title reign. Somewhere along those lines, the referee feels he can just take a nap during a main-event title match. Give me a break! Then for ‘Double A’, ‘The Enforcer’, Arn Anderson. I put all of the blame for last week’s terrible decision on your shoulders. You had absolutely no right to involve yourself in this match, and your involvement ruined what was turning into a classic.”

    Finally getting his turn to speak, Russell asked Luger if he felt that a re-match was due. Luger was demanding with his answer.

    “Russell is the sky blue? Is grass green? Are your teeth yellow? Of course ‘The Total Package’ deserves a re-match, and you can count on that.”(86)

  • The big tag-team match was next, featuring The Midnight Express taking on The Road Warriors. The winners were guaranteed a shot at The Steiners and their NWA Tag-Team Titles. Bobby Eaton and Hawk began the match, with Hawk using his power to gain an advantage. A big clothesline turned Bobby Eaton inside out, sending James E. Cornette into a frenzy. A quick tag to Animal follows, who began his flurry with a bodyslam. Eaton would suffer to much punishment afterwards, courtesy of Stan Lane who charged into the ring clocking Animal with right hands. Eaton would recover, making a legal tag to Stan Lane. Lane struts into the ring full of confidence, locking Animal into a head-lock. Applying pressure by continually gripping the head of Animal, Lane has this match at the exact pace favorable to The Midnight Express. That is until Animal uses his strength and drops Lane with a high-angle back suplex. With both men lying flat on their back, the ref would start his count. “Sweet” Stan Lane would make the tag to Eaton, at almost the exact same time as Animal tags in Hawk. Hawk enters the ring on a tear, unleashing on Bobby Eaton with a clothesline sending him to the outside. He’d then pull Lane back into the ring, administering more punishment. It’s chaos everywhere now Animal and Bobby Eaton are on the outside while Lane and Hawk remain in the ring. James E. Cornette, armed with a tennis racket, makes the save of the match if you get the picture. Cunningly he demands that the referee get Animal and Bobby Eaton back in the ring, while he slyly slides “Sweet” Stan the tennis racket. Stan Lane’s illegal hit on Hawk, would allow TME to gain the victory. As The Midnight Express were announced as the victors, Cornette demanded they be referred to as the “NEXT NWA Tag-Team Champions!”(O:81 C:81 M:100)
  • Spotlight’s next bout would consist of the pairing of Owen Hart and The Juice, squaring off against Z-Man and Brian Pillman. Pillman and Hart began the match, and with an obvious sign of respect the two shook hands before locking up. Pillman would use his strength to push Owen into the corner, but a quick kick to Pillman’s gut easily backs him off. Fast-paced bout here, which saw Owen Hart and The Juice work well together against a more experience team. Z-Man would seal the deal in this match, with an amazing Superplex delivered to The Juice. After the match the opposing teams shake hands, showing that wrestling does feature some good sportsmanship.(O:58 C:44 M:86)
  • Lance Russell is backstage again this time playing messenger boy. His mission simple: deliver a message to “The Scorpion King” Sting, from “The Master of the Universe” Sid. Should be fun. Russell shows more courage this time when knocking on Sting’s door. To summarize Sid’s message he knows that Sting is just as anxious to get back in the ring and settle the score. But as Master of The Universe, Sid as obligation to fulfill and one of them is to teach. So if Sting can find a partner, then tonight they can go toe-to-toe.

    “So let me get this straight” Sting begins, “The so called Master of The Universe has an obligation to teach? Who wants to learn from a nobody? There are plenty of guys in the back who’d want to team with The Stinger. Just look, here goes a candidate now.”

    Shane Douglas appears, and Sting offers him the spot.

    “Dude, that would totally be totally awesome!”

    Totally awesome indeed.(88)

  • Jim Ross and Gordon Solie are going over previous events in the ongoing struggle between Sting and Sid, as ‘Double A’ Arn Anderson appears to a mixed reaction. No one’s seen or spoken to Arn since Clash of The Champions, and everyone is just dying to hear what he has to say.

    “Last Saturday at Clash of The Champions, what happened at the end of the match was an absolute mistake. Anyone with half a brain can clearly see that I was upholding my authority as “The Enforcer” of the match. In no way whatsoever would I purposely attack my best friend, Ric Flair. He knows that.”

    Continuing with tonight’s theme of interruptions, Lex Luger appears to a chorus of boos.

    “Listen Arn Anderson, no one believes your little story. We all saw the video where you said and I quote, “I want to be World Heavyweight Champion more then anything in this world.” The fact is this, you have to consider yourself at least a contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, I’ll give you that. But you also know that even at your absolute best, you would never be able to defeat The Total Package. So you decided that you wanted to keep things easy, you wanted to go through Ric Flair for the World Title. Face it Arn, your story is sad and you’re a pathetic man! You should never be trusted again.”

    “Now you wait just a minute Luger, I’m not gonna sit around and argue with you. The evidence is there. But I’m a man, and I’m only going to accept so much verbal abuse. Since you seem to be so confident, how about next week we give it a go-round in this squared circle?”

    “Fine, but it will be a non-title bout. I don’t believe you’re even in contention for this strap.”

    “Oh Luger you silly fool. You’re right I want the World Heavyweight Championship, and by the rulebook, you’re still considered the top contender. You put that status on the line in a match next week, and I’m gonna beat you like a bad habit.”

    Luger accepts, and we’ve got ourselves a huge match for next weeks show.(82)

  • The Spotlight Main-Event is up next featuring an interesting twist. Sid and Sting have been at each other’s throats, while in this match they’ll each have a partner. Sting’s partner is Shane Douglas. The Master of the Universe walks to the ring alone before revealing his partner, Booker T. Sid commands Booker T to begin the match against Sting, who shoves Booker T to the mat. Intimidated, Booker tries to make a tag to Sid who refuses. Sting charges Booker with a series of right hands and left hands, before taking him down with a Russian Leg Sweep. Staying on the offense Sting sends Booker T to the ropes and hits him with a huge back-body drop. Shane Douglas begs to get in and goes immediately to the turnbuckle. He hits Booker with a flying-clothesline and goes for a cover. Sid breaks it up, and Sting quickly rushes in trying to get a piece of him. This allows Booker T and Sid to make the switcheroo behind the referee’s back, and Sid catches Douglas with a big boot to his chin. A weak-looking bodyslam followed by a big Sid knee drop has Douglas in trouble. Sting tries to get the fans to rally behind his fallen comrade, who’s now locked in a Sid Vicious Sleeperhold. Sid then executes a smooth pump-handle slam going for the cover. Sting breaks it up, and gets in a few extra stomps to Sid before the ref grabs him. Booker T enters now, and goes to work with a swinging neckbreaker. He then lures Douglas into a scissors kick. The cover nearly gets 3, but surprisingly Sid pulls Booker off of Douglas. Sid makes the “tag” to Booker and sends Douglas to the outside of the ring. Sting is tired of waiting for a tag and tackles Sid from behind as the ref tries to regain control. When he does, Sid locks Douglas into his own Scorpion Death Lock, a clear show of disrespect to Sting. Immediately Douglas submits, and Sid and Booker T don’t wait around in the ring to celebrate. Sting is clearly disappointed as Spotlight comes to a close.(O:68 C:73 M:69)

Spotlight Ranking: 74

Spotlight TV Rating: 3.95

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IPB Image

NWA suffers tremendous blow!

The only news Sports Illustrated has to report concerning the NWA is one we wish we didn't have to. No longer will fans of the National Wrestling Alliance be able to see superstars of the NWA 3 times a week on television, as TBS decided to drop The Power Hour. When asked about their decision, a representative stated 'Power Hour was becoming just a little too risky in our opinion. We offered to continue showing Power Hour but it would have to move into the late night slot, a move which NWA rejected. It left us no further choice but to sever ties with Power Hour TV.' Not a single person affiliated with the NWA in anyway returned our phone calls this week, leading us to believe that trouble is on the horizon. Let's just hope that NWA will still continue to produce top-quality programming with the shows that do remain.

NWA Worldwide(Taped 04-22-1990)

Kansas City, MO: Municipal Auditorium

Announcers: Gary Michael Cappetta and Bob Caudle

Road Agent Terry Garvin Reporting

  • Booker T kicks Worldwide off with a verbal explosion on his upcoming opponent, The Iron Sheik. His stressed the fact that Iron Sheik wasn't raised by his parents, they left him to a pack of wild hyenas.(70)
  • Booker T defeats Iron Sheik with that Harlem Hangover Top-Rope Legdrop.(54/38/71)
  • The Dragonmaster defeats Tommy Rich with The Dragonsleeper. Adding insult to injury he locks the hold in way after the referee's ringing of the bell.(64/55/73)
  • Pleased with the work of his client, Gary Hart issues a challenge to Great Muta. Once an ally Hart explains, Dragonmaster is now ready and willing to take Muta out.(62)
  • Worldwide's main-event featured a spectacular match, featuring a surprise appearance by the tag champions. Obviously the NWA is going to have to be creative with keeping their big names on tv, and tonight was a prime example. The Steiner Brothers picked up the victory over The Varsity Club, featuring Kevin Sullivan and Mike Rotunda.(81/72/91)
Worldwide Ranking: 67

Worldwide TV Rating: .05

NWA Spotlight Preview!

Spotlight comes from the Howard Gentry Complex in Nashville, Tennessee this week. The main-event has been set, with Lex Luger taking on Arn Anderson for the right to challenge Ric Flair for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship. These two met earlier in the month with Anderson scoring the victory with an assist from Flair.

For weeks The Midnight Express have campaigned for an NWA Tag-Team title shot. After meeting the demands set by The Steiners, when will see that must-see match?

Sid has committed himself to not only ruling the universe, but to teach those he deems worthy. This week he promises to have a new student for Sting.

Confirmed Matches

Tony 'The Machine' Michaels vs. Scott Hall

Spotlight Main-Event: Lex Luger vs. Arn Anderson

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