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For Blood and Empire


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Anti-Flag's first release for major record label, Sony, was released on the 21st. A lot of people were angry that Anti-Flag signed with a major record label. Personally I was happy. Anti-Flag would be in a prime position to spread their message and be able to reach so many more people. My only concern was how much Anti-Flag would be told to tone down their lyrics or style.

But after hearing their new CD I realize that Anti-Flag haven't missed a beat. They tigher than ever, the sounds are catchy, the message is still there. The transition from major record label doesn't even seem to exist, unlike bands like Rancid and the Offspring.

Definitely a recommended CD if you are a big fan of Anti-Flag's newer stuff or just like aggressive rock music.

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Haven't heard the record yet, I like Anti-Flag but I'm not totally into them. They suffer the same fate as Good Riddance and Pulley, in that their music just seems to be 'there'. I like it when I listen to it, but nothing draws me back to keep listening to it. Am gonna check the new stuff out now. Never realised they signed to Sony. I should really pay attention to label stuff more. It's just like I had no idea that Rise Against had signed to a big label, until like 3 months after "Siren Song..." was released.

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