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Help Finding A TV Show

Farmer Reil

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Ok, all I can remember is:

- 95% of the show was filmed in an office. I forgot what the company actually did, I think they ran a music website (there was definately a music website involved somewhere).

- It was on BBC2, reasonably late at night (9-11 ish). I'm almost certain it was on Fridays, but if not then definately Saturdays (because back when it was on, those were the two nights my parents went out, and I definately remember watching it on my own).

- I can't remember what year(s) it was on, but I'm thinking late nineties/2000.

- One of the main characters was a woman called Luce, and she was fucking hot. I think one of the male characters was called Jake, but the more I think about that the more I think I'm wrong.

- The show was basically about day to day life in the office. Sounds boring, but I loved it. There was also a really slutty, ditzy blonde receptionist.

Not a lot to go on, huh? :/ Anyone happen to know what I'm talking about?

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