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Guest clintcasey

Your talking about Java applet games. Yeah its possible to run them from your computer instead of your web browser. But its a long detailed process thats more trouble than its worth.

In the sheer number of pages it would take me explain how to do this you could open up your web browser and be playing any Java Applet game you want to be playing. And then even if by some miricle you actualy understood what I was tellin you to do and you did it you'd realize what a colosal waiste of time it is to do it.

But if you happen to be hell bent on being able to do it Google it. I'm prety sure you'll get something you can use that way. Also you'll probably want to go to Sun's website and download the latest version of jdk (java developers kit). You might also need to be familiar with the windows comand prompt because theres a good chance you'll probably have to compile it using javac which is a Java Compiler which comes with JDK which is ran from the comand line.

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