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EWB SDvsRAW UK Show #1 Results


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<center><img src="/junky/sdvsraw.jpg%22>">http://www.ewbattleground.com/junky/sdvsraw.jpg">

World Title Tournament Round One Results</center>

Jason Michaels vs Dread X

Time of the Match: 6:40

After the initial grappling, Dread X was the first to take the advantage, reversing an Irish whip into a running DDT a minute and a half into the match. Michaels then took the advantage with a strong death valley driver a minute later. He went to work on Dread X and was relentless until blood began to appear on X's forehead. A Jason Michaels suicide dive took the fight to the outside minutes later. He then was nearly counted out on 2 occasions with the referee reaching a 9 count each time. Once the fight had returned to the ring. Dread X executed a spear, but never looked like winning the contest, as he was hit with a Body Slam Tombstone followed soon after with a Tiger Driver for the 3 count and the win for Jason Michaels.

Adam Striker vs Livewire

Time of the Match: Unknown

Adam Striker defeated Livewire. Details of the match are unknown.

Hypnotic vs Liam Byrne

Time of the Match: Unknown

Liam Byrne defeated Hypnotic. Details of the match are unknown.

Richie S vs Ryan Steel

Time of the Match: 12:30

The match was a good back-and-forth affair, Steel taking the early advantage with a high paced offense that the bigger Richie S couldn't keep up with. However, an ill timed flying chop gave Richie the opening he needed to wear down the speedier Steel with some brutal mounted punches. Richie's limited offence was his downfall however. After escaping from the mat punching, Ryan mustered the strength to knock down his opponent and hit a lionsault, which gave enough time for him to hit the One Way Down (99 Crusher). It wasn't enough, but Richie just couldn't suprise Steel, who always seemed to know what was coming. A mushroom stomp set up Richie nicely for a beatifully executed Corkscrew splash. Although it wasn't enough to put the mulleted one down for 3, it gave Steel the opening he needed to hit a second OWD for the victory.

The card for Show #2 will be up shortly. If you have a ps2 online, SDvsRAW 2006, live in the UK and want to get involved in the league, contact me via PM.

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Thought this had died? Well, cool that it hasn't :P

My net connection is still a little meh, but yeah, guess I still gotta try and uphold my honour.

Pft yeah, died like Matt Hardy.

Dan has gotten bored of SD and I was told you were more reliable so I put you over :P I'll put myself on the next card to make up the numbers.

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