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WCW 2001


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I was never particularly good at school. My Fathers money got me into College but it couldn’t keep me there. Education just wasn’t for me, it wasn’t that I was dumb I just didn’t care and I thought I could just live off my Fathers money for the rest of my life. My Father was pretty damn rich, he was a top Lawyer down in Atlanta and represented many famous people among them WCW honcho Ted Turner and believe me he gave my father about 50% of his work in a year. He was always being sued by someone. Well after I left College I just had fun, It was great. Then out of the blue one day my father dropped a bombshell he told me to get a job or get out. I was pretty hammered I wasn’t qualified to do anything but I got a few menial labour jobs and a job in a bar. I hated it. All my life I had lived this cushy lifestyle now I was just another guy trying to scrape together the rent. Now my father happened to mention to Ted Turner how bad a job I was going in my life, he also mentioned how big a wrestling fan I was. Hell I had always loved wrestling. We used to get Jim Crockett promotions on cable, everyone was so jealous all my friends used to come to my house and we would watch the matches. It was like the superbowl every week or something my favourite was “Rowdy“ Roddy Piper, not because he was a great wrestler but because he could talk up a storm . Then when WWF raided the territories I would watch their programming, it was ok. I wasn’t buying that Hulkamania bullshit but, they had other great workers like Rick Rude, Randy Savage and Ricky Steamboat to name but a few. I had watched WCW while I was watching the F. It wasn’t what it once was though. Still a good company but light years from the WWF in any other department. Anyway my Dad told Turner what a big wrestling fan I was and he said I could have a job helping out down in the WCW offices in Atlanta. Hell I jumped at it, it wasn’t as glamorous as it might sound I just did paperwork and things helped manage the day to day stuff making calls to arena among other things. I don’t think Turner saw anything in me it was just a favour to my father but hell it was a job and it paid well. I made many friends in the business but without a doubt my best friend in WCW was a announcer and a very bad one and his name was Eric Bischoff. Now I knew Eric was an ambitious guy but he wasn’t highly respected most of the wrestlers poked fun at him behind his back, his only real friends in the company where me and Diamond Dallas Page. Page got flack for hanging around with me and Bischoff but hey he was a good guy and didn’t care what they said. We worked under Bill Watts for awhile until he got himself fired for racist comments in one of those dirtsheet thingy’s. And who replaced him my good friend Eric Bischoff apparently he had been inpressing the Turner people with his ideas, Jesus big jump he never even told me about it. So Eric was WCW Vice-President but more importantly I was his secretary. I was his boy and Eric never forgot me, not that I agreed with everything he did but even when he was on top Eric still treated me like a peer, unfortunately I got tarred with the same brush as Eric. After a while he even put me on the booking team. I was extremely happy about this but there was a problem, it was at the expense of Arn Anderson. Now you can predict peoples response everyone especially Ric Flair was livid. What was I to do I had my dream job so I just went along with it. I had many arguments with Eric about he was running the company but we remained friends and I got to actually get input into the product and Eric even wanted me to personally manage the booking for the new show he was pioneering, Thunder, man was I ever happy. Sadly disaster struck. Eric was fired and WCW was in the shit good and proper. Then the messiah arrived Vince Russo, pity was he sucked at almost everything. I was surprised I still had a job, I was one of the main people involved in the Bischoff era or so it seemed. Fortunately Turner never forgot my father but that didn’t stop me being kicked swiftly off the booking team and demoted to helping out with the production crew. I did that for two long years but things got progressively worse for WCW. Russo was not who he had claimed and he proceeded to run the company into the crowd by putting the belt on people who couldn’t carry it. Sure Jeff Jarrett was a nice guy but 4 time champion and leader of the nWo hell my 5 year old kid wasn’t buying that. So Eric was brought back and I got my old job as his assistant but there wasn’t a place for me on the booking team so I kept on going. Soon both Bischoff and Russo were gone and the company was in a real mess. Starracade got the lowest buyrate it had got for 10 years and the WWF were kicking our ass in the ratings. Eric was obsessed with destroying the WWF and in the end it destroyed him and lost him, his job. I saw a Shawn Michaels t-shirt a while back that said “Don’t hunt what you can’t kill” I sent that t-shirt to Eric for Christmas, he didn’t find it funny. In 2001 Ted decided to give WCW one last shot or kick it off TNT or TBS he wanted a new Vice-President he actually had to advertise nobody at WCW even wanted the job Ric Flair rejected it several times and Turner was in a real pickle. I had a conversation with my father in which he told me that if Turner didn’t get a new owner soon he was going to sell it as he couldn’t hold out for ever. At that moment a light switch clicked inside my head. Turner would give just about anybody the job he was so desperate and hell I may not have been Vinnie Mac or Jim Crockett but I had more experience then most. Ted had once appointed Jim Herd (my first boss) to run the company. Herd had virtually no experience in pro wrestling and he used to run Pizza Hut, yet he still got the job. I thought it over for awhile and came to the conclusion that if he would let Herd run WCW then why not me? I had worked for the company for almost 10 years and new it outside in. With great trepidation I requested a meeting with Mr. Turner. We talked for a long time about the state of the company. He asked me did I know what I was getting into and I said I did, he told me how he would be taking a huge risk by putting me incharge, I pointed out Eric and Jim Herd and he seemed defensive. He told me he was going to sell the company anyway so he may as well give me a chance to turn it around. He told me I had 31 weeks to change the company or he would remove it from TBS and TNN and put it up for sale. I thanked him and I told him I wouldn’t let him down. Like that I was the new Vice President of WCW and I was in for a hell of a ride.

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From Prowrestlingnews.com

WCW Have appointed a new Vice-President and that man is Gareth Cross. Cross has been with the company for nearly 10 years and has previously worked on the booking team. This is a huge surprise as Cross hadn't been mentioned before but he is apparently a friend of the Turner family and is a close friend of Eric Bischoff

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This was the last thing I needed. Someone like Ric Flair publicly speaking out against me. Flair had a lot of stroke with the younger guys who looked up to him and he could easily turn them against me. I decided to have a clear the air meeting with him and he agreed to attend. First though I had to look over the WCW talent and decide what to do next. I decided to remove WCW Saturday Night from our programming. There was just no need for 3 shows Nitro and Thunder was enough TV exposure plus 3 house shows. I decided to establish a booking committee which I was going to ask Flair to be part of.

We definitely needed to trim the roster , I came to terms with the following people over their release.

Ron Harris

Don Harris


Miss Elizabeth

Brian Knobbs

Kid Romeo


Larry Zybsko


I was happy with that I released people who I didn’t really think could add much to the WCW product. Eric’s office seemed so much nicer with me in it. I told my secretary (finally after being sectary to everyone in the history of WCW I had my own) Sophie to inform me of Flair’s arrival. I looked at the WCW title’s and decided to add two more. I decided to bring back the TV title. A title that was great In it’s day but had been cheapened by horrible WCW booking. I thought it could be a useful tool in pushing mid-card wrestlers to the next level. I also decided to highlight the cruiserweight division further by giving it it’s very own set of tag titles. By the time of my meeting with Flair I was feeling very proud of myself and that fact that I had got a lot done in my first day. Finally Flair arrived and entered my office with a stern look on his face. I knew that was my only chance I either got him on board now or lost him forever.

Me: Ric I know you think I was Bischoff’s boy and I am not going to deny that we were close and I got on with him. Though that doesn’t mean I agree with the way he did business. Eric wanted to kill the WWF any way he could right now my main aim is keeping WCW alive and I want you to be a part of it.

Ric: I heard all this before from Bischoff who’s to say you wont screw me over.

Me: Well to assure that you have some power id like to offer you a position on the booking committee

This shocks Flair he thinks it over for a second

Ric: One Condition

Me: Name it

Ric: Arn is on it too.

Me: He already is

Ric: Yeah, well ummm thanks I suppose

I cut him off

Me: I didn’t hire Arn as a favour to you I did it because he has a great wrestling brain and will be a useful edition.

Ric: Ok well then count me in….. just don’t screw me over

Ric got up and left and I sort of had him on side. I couldn’t help but feel pleased Ric could have played hardball but he decided to help me out and he will be a valuable guy to have around.

So the booking committee was set:


Ric Flair

Arn Anderson

Bill Banks

Ed Ferrera

Helen Cuthill

James Kirk

Katy- Jayne Myers

Kevin Sullivan


I will use the booking committee for meetings and things now and again to add to the diary.

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IPB Image

WCW Roster

Air Paris F

AJ Styles F

Alex Wright F

Bam Bam Bigelow F

Big Vito (F)

Billy Kidman F

Booker T F

Brian Adams H

Bryan Clarke H

Buff Bagwell H

Chavo Guerrero Jr. H

Chris Candido H

Chris Kanyon H

Christopher Daniels F

Chuck Palumbo H

Corporal Cajun F

Crowbar F

Daffney F

David Flair H

Diamond Dallas Page F

Disco Inferno H

Dustin Rhodes F

Elix Skipper H

Evan Karagias H

General Rection F

Goldberg F

Jamie Noble H

Jeff Jarrett H

Jim Duggan F

Jimmy Hart H

Johnny the Bull F

Kaz Hayashi H

Kevin Nash F

Ken Shamrock H

Konnan F

Lance Storm H

Leia Meow H

Lex Luger H

Major Gunns H

Major Stash F

Mark Jindrak H

MI Smooth F

Midajah H

Mike Awesome H

Mike Sanders H

Miss Jones F

Norman Smiley F

Paisley H

Rey Misterio Jr. F

Ric Flair H

Rick Steiner H

Road Warrior Animal H

Scott Steiner H

Sean O’Haire H

Sergeant A-WALL F

Shane Douglas H

"Sugar" Shane Helms F

Shannon Moore F

Shawn Stasiak H

Sid F

Stacy Keibler F

Steve Corino H

Stevie Ray H

Sting F

Tammy Sytch H

Terry Funk F

The Cat F

Tommy Dreamer H

Tygress F

Sarge Wayne DeBruce F

Yang H


WCW CEO: "The Nature Boss" Ric Flair

WCW Commissioner: The Cat

Tag Teams

Boogie Knights (Alex Wright and Disco Inferno)

Destination X (Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles)

Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman and Rey misterio Jr.)

InSiders (Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page)

Jindrak and Stasiak (Mark Jindrak and Shawn Stasiak)

Karagias and Noble (Evan Karagias and Jamie Noble)

KroniK (Brian Adams and Bryan Clarke)

Mamalukes (Big Vito and Johnny the Bull)

O’Haire and Palumbo (Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo)

Steiner and Jarrett (Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett)

Three Count (Shannon Moore and Shane Helms)

Totally Buff (Buff Bagwell and Lex Luger)

Yung Dragons (Kaz Hayashi and Yang)


Filthy Animals (Billy Kidman, Konnan, Rey Misterio Jr. and Tygress)

Team Canada (Lance Storm, Elix Skipper, Mike Awesome, Steve Corino and Major Gunns)

Misfits in Action (General Rection, Corporal Cajun, Major Stash and Sergeant A-WALL)

Natural Born Thrillers (Chuck Palumbo, Sean O’Haire, Mike Sanders, Shawn Stasiak and Mark Jindrak)

Ric Flair's Magnificent Seven (Scott Steiner, Buff Bagwell, Lex Luger, Jeff Jarrett, Mike Sanders, Rick Steiner, Road Warrior Animal)

The Triple Threat (Shane Douglas, Chris Candido, Bam Bam Bigelow and Tammy)

Current Champions

WCW World: Scott Steiner

WCW United States: Shane Douglas

WCW Television: Ken Shamrock

WCW Tag Team: InSiders

WCW Hardcore: Tommy Dreamer

WCW Cruiserweight: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team: Destination X

WCW Pay Per View Schedule

January 21: Sin

February 25: Superbrawl Revenge

March 18: Greed

April 15: Spring Stampede

May 20: Slamboree

June 10: Great American Bash

July 15: Bash at the Beach

August 12: Big Bang

September 23: Fall Brawl

October 14: Halloween Havoc

November 18: Mayhem

December 16: Starrcade

Be sure to check back from time to time as this will be updated reguarly

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IPB Image

WCW Monday Nitro January 1st 2001

Tony: Welcome to the first 2001 WCW Monday Nitro and what a year it promises to be Scott Hudson

Scott: This will be our year Tony the year WCW regains it’s spot as the premier promotion in North America

*Music Hits*

Tony: We know who that is here comes the WCW CEO Ric Flair

*Flair makes his way to the ring surrounded by security with 3 titles and lets out loud WOOO’s along the way*

Flair: Happy New Year everybody WOOOOOOOO! Your probably wondering why I have all this gold well your looking at the New WCW Television and Cruiserweight Tag Team titles WOOOOOOO! The Television Title will be decided in a 10 man battle royal at Sin and Tonight we start a tournament for the Cruiser tag titles here are the brackets

Destination X v 3 Count- Tonight

Jung Dragons v Noble and Karagias- Thursday at Thunder

Final:???? V ???? at Sin

Well now we got that out of the way why don’t I tell you people what you came to hear! Sunday 21st January 2001 at Sin the main event will be Jeff Jarrett taking on Sid, Scott Steiner and my very own mystery man!

*Music Hit’s the Chosen one..one*

*Jarrett makes his way down to the ring menacingly as he is about to step through the ropes Flair speaks*

Flair: You lay a finger on me Jarrett and I swear to god I will suspend you

Jeff: Hey slapnuts you know was well as I do that I beat Sid in a qualifying match so he doesn’t get no title shot!

Flair: Well considering how you won the match I have decided to make some changes and im the boss Jarrett so there’s nothing you can do about it.


Tony: Here comes the man who has what everyone wants.

Scott: Midajah?

Tony: I mean the World Title as you know fine well Scott

Steiner: Listen Flair im the champ and I decide who gets shots were and when!

Jarrett: Got that slapnuts?

Ric: Well I have already booked the match so Steiner if you don’t like it I can always strip you of that damn title!

Steiner: Try it Flair

Ric: You really think Jarrett is your friend? He is just out for himself! Roll the tape

*Video shows of Jarrett hitting Steiner in the head with a guitar*

Flair: Explain that!

Jarrett: Flair you know fine well that, that was an accident. I was aiming for the other guy Flair don’t you go trying to stir up shit between me and Scott like you have with everyone else in this company I don’t want his title im just in that ppv match to watch his back from your so called mystery man

Flair: Well seeing as you two are so pally tonight you won’t mind teaming up in the main event against Totally Buff!

*Commercial Break*

Tony: What an announcement by the CEO Ric Flair

Scott: A huge main event tonight and a even bigger one at Sin

Tony: Coming up we have the semi-finals of the Cruiserweight tag title tournament as 3 count take on WCW new comers Destination X.

3 Count V Destination X

Finish: After a long match which had saw both teams get some great offence with new comes Daniels and Styles impressing with their Arial ability 3 count looked to be in control when Helms was going for the Vertabreaker Chavo Guerrero Jr.’s music hit and Helms got up to see if Chavo was coming and this allowed Daniels to come from behind and Hit the school boy rollup for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Destination X

Tony: Chavo Guererro playing mind games with Helms here im not even sure if he’s at Nitro tonight

Scott: It will all come to a head at Sin in the quest for the Cruiserweight Title

*WCW Commissioner Mike Sanders is shown sitting in his office*

Mike Sanders: Tonight I am going to book a handicap match for next week so you InSiders have plenty of time to prepare, me and my boys Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire against the InSiders in a no DQ match. And id also like to announce at the PPV The InSiders will go one on one with Palumbo and O’Haire for the world tag team titles enjoy!

Scott: He can’t do that

Tony: Im afraid he can he’s the commissioner he can do what he likes

Scott: Il tell you one thing this doesn’t bode well for the InSiders

Gene: Im Gene Okerlund backstage with “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett, Jeff do you feel Ric Flair is trying to drive a wedge between yourself and Scott Steiner ahead of Sin?

Jeff Jarrett: Listen up Pre-historic Slapnuts Ric Flair can do what he likes me and Scott’s friendship is as solid as ever and if Ric Flair wants to play his little games by trying to drive us apart well let him because it sure as hell won’t work. You see Flair you were once great but you should have retired after I beat yaw you just kept on going. Let me tell you this Flair nobody tells the “Chosen One” not to do not you and not anybody and I will be at Sin to defend Scott against your so called mystery man whether you like it or not, choke on that slapnuts!

Gene: Some strong words there from Jeff Jarrett

*Commercial Break*

*Shane Douglas runs into Ric Flair backstage*

Shane: Ric just the man ive been looking for

Ric: Yeah

Shane: it’s all very well you making a fatal four way for Sin Ric but what about me Ric what about the Franchise!

Ric: You already have a US title match with General Rection.

Shane: Listen Ric you don’t like me and I don’t like you but I have paid my dues and I deserve a chance to be champion!

Ric: Okay, Okay you beat Sid tonight and I will give you a title shot after Sin

Shane: You got it Ric

*Douglas walks away looking pleased with himself*

*Music hits and Team Canada make their way to the ring*

Lance Storm: If I can be serious for a minute, Filthy Animals you have been a thorn in the backside of Team Canada for too long now. So we are challenging you to a match at Sin to settle this argument once and for all it will be me Mike and Elix against you three idiots. I know you’ll except because I know how you Mexicans like a good fight but there will be no cheating. We want to decide who the better team is fair and square. All rise for the playing of the Canadian National Anthem!

*Team Canada stand to listen to the song when it is interrupted by the Filthy Animals Theme Storm looks up the ramp his face a picture of utter disgust*

Lance Storm with Team Canada v Rey Misterio Jr. with Filthy Animals

Finish: Lance Storm dominated much of this match he tired to keep Misterio on the ground and he was no match for Storm’s many submission holds. Major Gunns and Tygress started fighting on the outside when Tygress called Major Gunns a slut for interfering in the match. The brawl spilled into the ring and when Misterio turned around to check on Tygress Lance Storm locked In the Canadian Maple Leaf and Misterio Submitted

Winner: Lance Storm

Filthy Animals: Team Canada we except your challenge and we will show you how to do things like a real country we will take you out the Mexican way!

*The Cat is backstage in Flairs office*

Cat: Come on Ric give me a chance to earn my Commissioner ship back

Ric: I can’t just go around giving everybody a match you’ll have to wait your turn.

Cat: Come on Ric ill take on anybody!

Ric: Ok you can have a rematch if you beat Bam Bam Bigalow next!

*Cat leaves with an anxious look on his face*

The Cat with Miss Jones v Bam Bam Bigelow

Cat: Listen Bam Bam jigelow you are standing in the way of me and what is rightfully mine so why don’t you take your fat ass all the way back to Asbury Park because it takes up the whole damn screen! When im done beating your ass tonight Bam Bam somebody better call my momma

Finish: Bam Bam didn’t take kindly to Cat’s comments and made him pay for them with a beat down of epic proportion early on. The Cat fought back though against the odds and hit a feliner on Bigelow. He was too exhausted to get the pin and Bam Bam climbed the ropes to attempt a diving head butt but Cat got up and he landed on his feet dizzy Cat hit him with the Reverse kick and caused a huge upset when he pinned Bam Bam 1-2-3.

Winner: The Cat

*The Cat danced and celebrated with the fans afterwards and the camera cut to an angry looking Mike Sanders*

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas v Sid

Shane: Sid you stand in the way of the Franchise and World Title gold, I have been destined for that day ever since my first training session at De Nuccis gym. I have beat the best and tonight you will be another name added to the list of people that have fallen to “The Franchise”. So I hope your ready to get your ass huh huh huh Franchised!

Finish: Sid dominated most of this match although Douglas did have a few bright spots he could have had the match won when he removed a chain from his shorts and the ref didn’t spot it but as he went to take a swing at Sid, Sid met him with a choke slam for the 1-2-3!

Winner: Sid

*Shane Douglas got on the mike again and started ranting*

Shane: Sid you got lucky but Hugh Moruss, General Rection or whatever your name is you won’t be so lucky come Sin when I kick your ass and take your united states title!

Tony: Shane Douglas is ready to explode

Scott: General Rection is in for the fight of his life!

Sarge and Goldberg v KroniK

Tony: As you all know Sarge’s arm is pretty hurt after Totally Buff broke it 2 weeks ago on Nitro just to get at Goldberg and Sarge is in no position to perform tonight!

Scott: Don’t forget if Sarge is pinned then Goldberg is gone from WCW forever due to the stipulation that Goldberg must go one better than his old streak here in WCW or get fired. To keep his job he must get 174 straight wins and he is currently at 35 and showing no signs of stopping!

Finish: For the early part of the match KroniK worked over Sarge’s arm and got two near falls. Sarge managed to find the energy to tag in Goldberg and when he did all hell broke loose. He threw Bryan Clarke right out of the ring and Speared and Jackhammerd Brian Adams what Goldberg didn’t see however was Totally Buff who had come from the crowd and started working over Sarge’s already injured arm with a lead pipe. By the time Goldberg pinned Adams and realised what was going on the damage was done and Sarge was wheeled up the ramp in agony

Scott: That’s his partner for Sin you ******* he is a human being!

Tony: I know this is a horrible situation but really Scott language, Goldberg already had the odds stacked against him for Sin and now he is in Big Trouble

*Commercial Break”

Totally Buff v Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett with Midajah

Finish: Totally Buff seemed pleased with their attack on Sarge before and gave 100% in this match. Jeff Jarrett was starting to get the advantage over Buff Bagwell when Ric Flair’s mystery man stormed the ring and went after Scott Steiner when The Mystery Man floored Steiner and Jarrett the ref called for the bell.

Winners: Scott Steiner and Jeff Jarrett by DQ

Nitro went off the air with the Mystery Man standing lone in the ring and Tony Schiavone asking the question WHO IS THE MYSTERY MAN?


Nitro got a 5.05 Rating

4042 people were there

We Made $161680

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IPB Image

*Video airs and singles the start of Thunder, we see highlights of the recent feud between Scott Steiner and the mystery man at the end the screen goes black and writing appears “The Answer will come at Sin”*

Mike: Welcome everyone to an action packed Thunder im Mike Tenay here along side wrestling legend “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart, and what a show we’ve got tonight folks earlier today Ric Flair revealed that tonight’s main event would be Buff Bagwell taking on Goldberg!

Jimmy: You know Tenay Goldberg has got to be really on edge they just attacked his best friend and mentor Sarge, for gods sake im telling you all hell will break loose here tonight at Thunder!

Mike: To kick things off here tonight we have some Cruiserweight Action for you we will have one half of Destination X A.J Styles take on his former tag team partner Air Paris!

Jimmy: And what a match it promises to be, Destination X have already qualified for the Cruiserweight tag titles match at Sin and we will find out who they are facing later tonight!

A.J Styles with Christopher Daniels v Air Paris

Finish: This match was dominated by A.J Styles who gave his former tag team partner the beat down of a lifetime. Every time Paris looked like getting back in the match Styles hit him with a devastating high Impact Move. Styles eventually finished him off with the Styles Clash and he and Christopher Daniels celebrated in the ring.

Winner: A.J Styles

*Commercial Break*

Mike: Coming up now for all you guys at home we have a Bikini contest for all you guys at home it will be Major Gunns taking on Stacy Keibler

Jimmy Hart: I can’t wait!

Mike: The Winner will be decided by the fans cheers we now go over to Mene Gene in the ring with the two lovely ladies.

Gene: Ok, ladies you both have one minute to entertain the crowd whoever gets the loudest cheer wins simple as that

Jimmy: I’d give anything to be Mene Gene right now

Bikini Contest: Major Gunns v Stacy Keibler

Winner: Major Gunns

Jimmy: Major Gunns is celebrating in the ring, god that was hot!

Mike: Wait a second here comes Tygress

Jimmy: Catfight

*Gunns and Tygress brawl around the ring until they are separated by security*

Mike: We have just got news that Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner won’t be here tonight!

Jimmy: They are taking no chances with that Mystery Man around Tenay who knows what he will do next!

General Rection and Shane Helms v Chavo Guerrero and Shane Douglas

Finsih: A very even match Shane Douglas and Chavo Guerrero were in control for a while due to their willingness to use dirty and underhand tactics but just as Shane Douglas was getting ready to hit the Franchiser Helms made the tag to Rection who came in and quickly took control. After tiring Douglas for a few minutes Rection went up top and hit the No Laughing Matter for the 1-2-3

Winner General Rection and Shane Helms

*After the match Shane Douglas went after Rection and Left him lying after pulling out a chain and hitting him in the head with it*

Tenay: A vicious attack from Shane Douglas

Jimmy: The Feud between Douglas and Rection is really starting to heat up, it will be a hum dinger at Sin!

*Commercial Break*

Tenay: Up now we have the Semi-Finals of the Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Tournament

Jimmy: The Jung Dragons will take on Jamie Noble and Evan Karagias!

Jung Dragons with Leia Meow v Jamie Noble and Evan Karagias

Finish: Noble and Karagias dominated most of this match which was a great cruiser match even though the fans never really seemed to get into it. Jamie Noble knew the style of the Jung Dragons having been a former member and countered all their moves. Noble hit the Swing blade on Yang for the 1-2-3

Winner: Jamie Noble and Evan Karagias

*Goldberg is seen in Ric Flair’s office*

Goldberg: Listen Ric you’ve booked me with Buff tonight but whats to say Lex won’t show up and try to take me out just like they did Sarge? Either way I will be at Sin to kick their ass.

Ric: Well Bill il tell you what just to make sure Buff and Lex don’t try anything tonight I will be the special referee for your match with Buff how does that sound?

*Goldberg laughs a wicked laugh*

Goldberg: Great Ric, really great!

Mike: The Nature Boy is our special referee for tonights main event!

Jimmy: Buff is in trouble now, Goldberg is gonna make them pay for what they did to Sarge!

Mike: Well we all know Sarge is like a father to Goldberg and when Goldberg gets angry you know someone is going to get hurt!

Jimmy: Lets go backstage to Mene Gene who is with the Natural Born Thrillers

Mene Gene: Mike Sanders, at Sin you take on The Cat for the commissionership of WCW do you think you have what it takes to beat him?

Mike: Gene I am a former Cruiserweight Champion, there is no way in hell I won’t beat the Cat I am the greatest commissioner in WCW history and I am the leader of the greatest faction today The Natural Born Thrillers. By the time I am done with the Cat in that match somebody better call his momma!

Mene Gene: Tonight you and Chuck and Sean take on the InSiders what are your thoughts on that?

Mike: InSiders come on Gene they are yesterdays news!

Sean: Nash, DDP come Sin you won’t be in any fit state to wrestle at Sin because tonight I will rip you apart!

Mike: You see Gene you can’t keep a good thing down and The Natural Born Thrillers are a hell of a god thing, DDP, Nash good luck, you’ll need it!

Billy Kidman with Tygress v Mike Awesome with Major Gunns

Jimmy Hart: Where is the rest of Team Canada and The Filthy Animals?

Mike Tenay: Flair gave them the night off

Jimmy Hart: Damn Flair…

Mike Tenay: Remember who signs your checks?

Jimmy Hart: Let’s get the match underway

Finsih: Try as he might Kidman was no match for the sheer size and power of Awesome. His quickness did help him though, but when he tried a shooting star press Awesome rolled out of the way and picked him up and hit the Awesome Bomb for the 1-2-3

Winner: Mike Awesome

*Tygress helped Kidman out of the ring and to his feet then he got on the mike*

Kidman: Awesome this isn’t over we will show everyone what a crappy nation Canada really are come Sin Awesome prepare to fall to the Filthy Animals!

Jimmy: That was in a word Awesome!

Mike: The sheer power and size of Mike Awesome is amazing he definitely has a big future here in WCW!

*Commercial Break*

Mike: Up next we have a hardcore title match Terry Funk will defend against Crowbar

Jimmy: Funk defeated Crowbar for the title at Starrcade in a brutal match, but Crowbar is the future of the WCW Hardcore division!

WCW Hardcore Title Match

Terry Funk v Crowbar with Daffney

Finish: In a great hardcore match The Funker always had the upper hand and got the win amid a flurry of chair and trashcan shots when he hit a moonsault of the top rope and pinned crowbar for the 1-2-3

Winner: Terry Funk

*After the match Terry Funk got on the mike*

Terry: Crowbar you think you are hardcore? You don’t know the meaning of the world. Monday on Nitro you can face someone who is truly hardcore in a number one contender match for my WCW Hardcore Title. He is an old friend of mine and come Monday he will teach you what being hardcore is all about!

Handicap Match

Natural Born Thrillers (Mike Sanders, Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo) v InSiders

Finsih: The Natural Born Thrillers utilized their number advantage for most of the match and Mike Sanders did practically whatever he wanted. With Nash down Sanders went to the outside and got a chair he told the crowd that he was making it a no DQ match. He entered the ring and was met with a reverse kick which sent the chair into his face from the Cat (who came through the crowd.) Cat fled but Nash got up and as DDP tangled with Palumbo and O’Haire Nash hit the Jacknife Powerbomb for the 1-2-3

Winners: InSiders

Jimmy: The Cat saved the day

Mike Tenay: Mike Sanders is fuming, up next the main event!

*Commercial Break*

Special Referee Match

Goldberg v Buff Bagwell

Referee: Ric Flair

Finish: Thanks to the Nature Boy Ric Flair, Buff was forced to do things right which made him easy prey for the powerful Goldberg. Goldberg used his power moves to wear Buff down and made him pay for what he did to Sarge. When the time came Goldberg hit the spear followed by the Jackhammer which was as always followed by the 1-2-3 counted fairly by The Nature Boy!

Winner: Goldberg (36-0)

Jimmy: Here comes Lex Luger!

*Luger comes down the ramp and starts brawling with Goldberg, Ric Flair tries to step in but is hit with a Biff Blockbuster. As “Totally Buff Continue the attack Sarge makes his way down into the ring and attacks Luger from behind*

Mike: Oh my god it’s Sarge

Jimmy: He’s here to help Goldberg

*Thunder ends with all 5 men fighting it out in the ring*


Thunder got a 4.64 Rating

The attendance level was 4038 people

We made $161520 from ticket sales

Smackdown got a 5.83 Rating

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IPB Image

WCW Monday Nitro 8 January 2001

Tony: Welcome everyone to WCW Monday Nitro where the action is at and where the action is live!

Scott: What a main event we have for you folks by the order of the CEO himself Scott Steiner will take on Sid in a non title match tonight!

Tony: But, first Stacy Keibler has an announcement to make

Scott: We always have time for her Tony, did you see the bikini contest on Thunder?

Tony: I may have scanned over it briefly

Scott: Yeah? Whatever Tony let’s just hear what Miss Keibler has to say

*Stacy makes her way down to the ring and gets a huge pop from the male fans*

Stacy: Is everyone having a good time tonight?

*Crowd go wild*

Stacy: As much as I would like to stay here and chat to all my adoring fans, sadly WCW doesn’t pay me to socialize and I have some business to attend to

*Crowd boo*

Stacy: I would like to introduce you all to my new “Clients” future WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions Destination X

*A.J Styles and Christopher Daniels make their way to the ring amid some crowd enthusiasm*

Stacy: With my guidance these two are heading straight for the top and there is nothing anyone can do about it!

A.J: Jaime Noble, Evan Karagias, there is no chance in hell you two are gonna beat us at Sin. We are the two best cruiserweights this company has and you two are just a redneck and a boy band wannabe. With the lovely Stacy at our side Destination X are truly “Phenomenal”

*Daniels nods in agreement*

Daniels: Tonight I face Noble one on one and If you think I am going to save myself for the pay per view Jamie you have another thing coming. Tonight you are about to get a taster of the beating you will endure at Sin, enjoy!

*Commercial break*

Tony: Welcome back to Nitro everyone, if you are just joining us Stacy Keibler just introduced her new tag team Destination X, your thoughts Scott?

Scott: The fact that we are going to see Stacy every week from now on Tony can only be good news!

Tony: Well let’s go over to Commissioner Mike Sanders who has an announcement to make

*The screen shows Mike Sander sitting in his office*

Mike: I would like to book 2 big matches for tonight. In preparation for their big tag team title match at Sin my boys Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire will take on KroniK. And as a favour to my good friend Lex Luger in punishment for what he did at Thunder Sarge will take on “The Total Package” in 1 on 1 competition!

Tony: Tonight Sarge and Luger 1 on 1!

Scott: Sarge is going to get his ass kicked

Tony: What will Goldberg do? He can’t let Sarge take on a seasoned veteran like Luger on his own

Scott: I don’t know but he better start thinking!

Tony: Up next is a match between General Rection and former MIA member Chavo Guerrero

General Rection v Chavo Guerrero

Finish: General Rection proved too heavy for Chavo to combat in this match. Chavo try as he might couldn’t keep Rection down. Rection kicked out of his finisher the tornado DDT and hit a power slam and then climbed up top and hit the No Laughing Matter for the win.

Winner: General Rection

Tony: A good win for General Rection there

Scott: Wait a second here comes “The Franchise”

*Shane Douglas makes his way into the ring and starts a beat down on Rection but is interrupted when the rest of the MIA storm the ring instead of staying for the fight Douglas rolls out of the ring and makes his way up the ramp all the while gesturing to Rection*

Tony: Finally the MIA come to Rection’s rescue

Scott: That Shane Douglas is a nasty piece of work

Tony: Let’s go backstage to Shane Helms who is with Gene Okerlund

Gene: Shane Helms at Sin you face Chavo Guerrero for the WCW Cruiserweight Championship, what are your thoughts?

Helms: Chavo I just watched you get beat by General Rection and the same thing will happen again at Sin only this time it will be I, who is pining you for the 1-2-3! I have been gunning for that title for along time and at Sin I will finally get the chance to take my rightful place as the WCW Cruiserweight Champion of the World!

*Commercial break*

Tony: If you all remember on Thunder Terry Funk said that tonight Crowbar will face an old friend of his in a No 1 Contenders match for the Funker’s hardcore title!

Scott: I wonder who it will be Tony?

*Terry Funk makes his way to the ring with the hardcore title and gets a good pop from the crowd*

Terry: Tonight Crowbar you get the beating of a lifetime when you take on an old friend of the Funker’s. I’ve never been one for games, so im just going to say it. Tonight Crowbar you will face “The Innovator of Violence” Tommy Dreamer!

Tony: Oh My God!!!! Tommy Dreamer here in WCW

*Tommy dreamer comes out in a ECW T-shirt as the crowd pops like crazy*

WCW Hardcore Title Number One contenders match

Hardcore Match

Tommy Dreamer v Crowbar with Daffney

Finish: Tommy Dreamer taught Crowbar what it really means to be hardcore in this match, by beating the living hell out of him! Tommy Dreamer left him a bloody mess in the ring after hitting a DDT on a chair for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Tommy Dreamer

*After the match Terry Funk came over and raised Dreamer’s arm and they left the ring together*

Scott: What a great show of sportsmanship from the Funker

Tony: Poor Crowbar

Scott: To hell with Crowbar Tommy Dreamer, Terry Funk one on one at Sin for the hardcore title

Tony: What a match that will be!

Christopher Daniels with A.J Styles and Stacy Keibler v Jamie Noble with Evan Karagias

Finish: In a very even encounter which saw some of the best wrestling on Nitro for many a year, Daniels remained victorious. Both men pulled out all the stops in a match that can only be described as a classic. In the end Daniels hit the Angels Wings for the 1-2-3 and he AJ and Stacy celebrated in the ring. After the match Noble and Karagias attacked with Karagias hitting the victory roll on Stacy. This infuriated Styles who hit a Styles clash on Evan and left the two of them lying

Winner: Christopher Daniels

Tony: How could Evan do that to a woman?

Scott: I don’t know but all hell is going to break loose between these two teams at Sin!

*Commercial Break*

*Goldberg is seen in Ric Flair’s office*

Goldberg: Come on Ric you can’t send Sarge out there to fight Luger!

Flair: Listen Bill I can’t keep bailing you out you need to learn to sort out your own problems

Goldberg: You have already advertised Me and Sarge v Totally Buff at Sin if Sarge gets hurt it could cost you some money!

*This seems to hit home with Flair*

Flair: Ok your right Bill ill make a no DQ match ok?

*Goldberg nods and leaves looking anxious*

Tony: Thank god for Ric Flair

Scott: Something tells me Sarge won’t be on his own tonight!

*A video package plays saying that a new member will be joining Team Canada next week*

Tony: A new member of Team Canada ey, wonder who it could be

Scott: Who cares all Canadians suck anyway

Tony: Thank you Scott Hudson for alienating our entire Canadian audience

Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo v KroniK

Finish: O’Haire and Palumbo gave a very convincing display here tonight. They showed they are a force to be reckoned with by outshining veterans Kronik and pinning them Clean when O’Haire hit the Seanton Bomb for the 1-2-3

Winners: Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo

Tony: Up next a David v Goliath encounter

Scott: Sarge v Lex Luger……

Sarge v Lex Luger

Finish: Lex Luger dominated most of this match taunting Sarge and making a laughing stock out of him. He exercised the no DQ rule as well hitting Sarge with a low blow and sending him down to the canvas. All the while we could see Goldberg’s reaction in the back as the situation got worse and worse for Sarge it got harder for him to keep away from the match. Luger went to the outside to get a steel chair and he got ready to hit Sarge’s injured arm with it. Finally Goldberg snapped and made for the ring. Luger was still in a state of shock at Goldberg’s arrival and he quickly speared and jack hammered him. Goldberg then took the barely conscious Sarge and draped him over Luger. Goldberg fought off Bagwell who had come down to try and make the save and the referee counted 1-2-3

Winner: Sarge

Tony: OH MY GOD SARGE DID IT, he beat Luger!

Scott: He got by with a little help from his friend’s Tony.

*Goldberg hoists Sarge up on his shoulders as they celebrate with the crowd, while Buff Bagwell helps a seething Lex Luger to the back*

Tony: This is one of the greatest moments in Nitro history Scott

Scott: Meh if you like the cheesy stuff!

Tony: Let’s go backstage to Mene Gene who is with Jarrett, Midajah and Scott Steiner ahead of his back non title match with Sid

Mene Gene: Scott Steiner, Jeff Jarrett we all know that you are on edge with the mystery man stalking you so how do you feel ahead of your big match at Sin

Steiner: Listen up Gene. I go out there each and every night and put on the best matches anyone’s ever seen. I do it for my peeps and my freaks and no mystery man is going to stop “Big Poppa Pump”

Jarrett: Listen up Prehistoric Slapnuts, you are looking at the greatest champion in WCW history and “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett two fine champions that we are, and you think we are worried about the mystery man! Do you know why he won’t reveal himself, because hes running scared. He knows what will happen when we find out who he is. He will get the ass whipping of a lifetime so here’s a message to the mystery man. Why don’t you reveal yourself so we can just kick your ass now and so that you don’t ruin Sin for us all!

Gene: That was different!

*Commercial break*

Scott Steiner with Midajah v Sid

Finish: Sid dominated most of this match though Steiner got a near fall with the Steiner-plex. Sid hit him with the big boot and a choke slam Midajah distracted the referee and when Sid went to get him to make the count Jarrett levelled him with the acoustic equalizer and this allowed Steiner to cover him for the 1-2-3

Winner: Scott Steiner

*Steiner and Jarrett started laying into Sid and then the lights went out and Jarrett and Steiner Froze and words flashed across the big screen like lightning bolts “The Mystery Man is coming at Sin” at this Jarrett and Steiner got out of the ring and gestured to the screen as if willing it to come out and fight*

Tony: The Mystery Man is playing mind games with Steiner and Jarrett Scott

Scott: It will all come to a head at Sin!

Tony: What a show it’s been folks don’t forget Nitro Thursday Nights on TBS and don’t forget to join us here on Nitro next week where the action is and the action is live!


Nitro got a 5.05 rating

The Attendance level was 4006 people

We made $160240 in ticket sales

Raw got a 6.42 rating

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IPB Image

*Video airs recapping what happened at Nitro*

Jimmy: Hello everyone im the “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart alongside Mike Tenay

Mike: Welcome to WCW Thursday Night Thunder in what promises to be yet another great show!

Jimmy: We are on the road to Sin and things are just starting to heat up with many big matches already confirmed!

Mike: Well lets get down to business Jimmy Hart, now at Nitro Team Canada told us that their newest member would be debuting tonight at Thunder!

Jimmy: You know im starting to get sick and tired of these Canadians if they don’t like America they don’t have to stay here!

Mike: Well here comes Team Canada now it seems we will find out who their newest member is soon enough!

*Team Canada music plays and they make their way down to the ring, led by Lance Storm amid boos from the crowd*

Lance: If I could be serious for a minute

*Crowd boos even louder*

Lance: Tonight yet another great Canadian debuts here in the WCW!

Lance: He is a great friend of mine and one of the best technical wrestlers Canada has ever produced, and I think that’s saying something!

Lance: The newest member of Team Canada is….. “The King of Old School” Steve Corino!!!!!!

*Corino makes his way down to ringside as the crowd boo even louder*

Lance: I come from Calgary Alberta Canada and there we give newcomers a good reception. This is just another example of how you Americans have no class at all

Lance: All rise for a special playing of the Canadian National Anthem to welcome Steve Corino to Team Canada

*Team Canada stand to attention but just then The Filthy Animals come to spoil the party and the crowd go nuts*

Lance: What the hell do you want!

Konnan: Hey chill ese, if this Steve Corino is so good how about you let him take me on, one on one tonight and we will see how good he really is?

Corino: Konnan, your on!

Mike: A huge singles match tonight it will be Konnan taking on Steve Corino!

*Commercial Break*

Mike: Well folks if you were watching Nitro you would have seen that horrible attack on Stacy Keibler by Evan Karagias. Well as a results of that Ric Flair has granted A.J Styles a 1 on 1 match with Evan Karagias tonight

Jimmy: I hope Stacy isn’t hurt

Mike: First thought lets go backstage were Gene Okerlund is with Destination X

Gene: Destination X, Stacy Keibler after Noble and Karagia’s attack last week how are you feeling

Stacy: My neck is still sore but the doctor said it would be ok in 2-3 weeks.

A.J: What kind of sick freaks are you that would hit a defenceless woman! You will pay for what you did tonight Evan, I will make sure of it! You think you can put your hands on our manager? You are very VERY wrong. When it’s all said and done tonight Evan and I have left you on your ass, the world will realise that I am Truly “Phenomenal!”

A.J Styles with Stacy Keibler and Christopher Daniels v Evan Karagias with Jamie Noble

Finish: A.J made Evan pay for what he did in this match. He pulled out all the stops and made Karagias look like crap. Styles hit a moonsault to the outside and when Noble tried to interfere Daniels started brawling with him on the outside. When Evan started a comeback he started to gesture to Stacy on the outside who jumped up onto the apron and slapped him. When he turned around he was met with the Styles Clash for the 1-2-3

Winner: A.J Styles

*After the match both teams started to brawl but Destination X knocked Jamie and Evan well and truly on their ass*

Mike: Jamie Noble and Evan Karagias are disgusting Jimmy!

Jimmy: That is sure to be one hell of a match at Sin!

*Commercial Break*

Mike: Welcome back folks and we now go to Ric Flair who apparently has a huge announcement to make concerning tonight’s main event!

Ric: Tonight in that very ring is the biggest main event in Thunder history WOOOOOOOOO! Were gonna have the moster Bill Goldberg teaming up with “Big Sexy” Kevin Nash and Diamond Dallas Page to take on, “The Total Package” Lex Luger, Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo WOOOOOOOOO!

Mike: A huge 6 man main event for Thunder tonight!

Jimmy: Right you are Tenay, right you are.

Mike: Up next folks we have Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer teaming up to take on Crowbar and a partner of his choice

*Crowbar and Daffney make their way down to the ring to little crowd response*

Crowbar: Tonight is my chance to take my revenge on the so called Hardcore Legends Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk! So I am going to team up with one of my best friends in pro wrestling David Flair!

Mike: David Flair returns to WCW tonight on Thunder!

Jimmy: Of all the people in WCW he chose David Flair?

Mike: Flair is an accomplished athlete Jimmy

Jimmy: Whatever I would have chose a world champion or something, but David Flair?

Terry Funk and Tommy Dreamer v Crowbar and David Flair with Daffney

Finish: Crowbar’s revenge didn’t exactly go according to plan. He and Flair were no match for the experience of Funk and Dreamer. That didn’t stop them trying though but in the end it wasn’t enough when Dreamer hit the spicolli driver on Crowbar for the 1-2-3.

Winners: Tommy Dreamer and Terry Funk

Mike: Up next we have the newly debuting Steve Corino taking on Konnan

Jimmy: I think Corino has what it takes to be a major player in the future of WCW

Steve Corino with Team Canada v Konnan with Filthy Animals

Finish: Corino was very impressive in his WCW debut. He had a very good match with Konnan who did his best but couldn’t stop Corino’s momentum. Major Gunns tried to distract Konnan a few times but he wasn’t affected. Near the end Konnan went for the 187 but missed and Corino hit him with the old school expulsion for the 1-2-3

Winner: Steve Corino

Mike: Impressive performance here from Steve Corino

Jimmy: I told you Tenay watch this space!

*Commercial Break*

*Video footage is shown of MIA coming to General Rection’s aid after an attack by Shane Douglas on Nitro*

Mike: As a result of that it is Corporal Cajun taking on Shane Douglas here tonight

Jimmy: Well done to Shane Douglas for taking care of these MIA idiots

Mike: You seemed to like them more when they had Major Gunns

Jimmy: ..

*Shane Douglas makes his way down to the ring amid boos*

Shane: Rection, you couldn’t get the job done yourself could ya? Now you have to send out one of your little soldiers to get the job done for you! It’s only a matter of time til I get my hands on that United States title Rection come Sin your mine. So Cajun prepare to get your ass *cocky laugh* FRANCHISED!

Shane Douglas v Corporal Cajun

Finish: Shane Douglas made light work of Corporal Cajun in this match? He just wore him out for the first 5 minutes then quickly hit the Franchise for the 1-2-3

Winner: Shane Douglas

*After the match Shane Douglas coninuted the beat down on Cajun until General Rection came down for the save and layed Douglas out with the power bomb*

Mike: Finally Douglas got what was coming to him

Jimmy: He certainly handled Cajun with ease though

Mike: Let’s go to commissioner Mike Sanders office where he has an announcement to make

*Scene opens with Sanders and the natural born thrillers in his office*

Sanders: Flair your not the only person who can book matches around here, get your ring gear on Cat because your taking on myself and Jeff Jarrett in a handicap match next!

Mike: Oh come on, now really

Jimmy: He’s the commissioner Tenay he can do what he wants!

*Commercial Break*

Mike Sanders and Jeff Jarrett v The Cat with Miss Jones

Finish: Sanders and Jarrett took it in turns to wear down the cat during this match. Every time the cat mounted any kind of momentum they just made the tag and continued the beat down. Sanders hit the 3.0 but instead of going for the pin he tagged in Jarrett for the beat down to continue. Jarrett wore him down for a few more before hitting the stroke for the 1-2-3

Winners: Mike Sanders and Jeff Jarrett

Jimmy: The Cat took quite a beating there

Mike: No doubt trying to wear him down before their match at Sin, Mike Sanders is despicable!

Jimmy: Well up next is our huge main event

Goldberg, Diamond Dallas Page and Kevin Nash v Lex Luger, Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire

Finish: In a great main event both teams gave 110%. It started off with DDP and O’Haire slugging it out but before DDP could hit the diamond cutter he made the tag to Palumbo who spent a few minutes getting destroyed by Nash. Nash and DDP started brawling with O’Haire and Palumbo on the outside which left Goldberg and Luger in the ring alone. Before Luger could do anything Goldberg hit a quick Spear and Jackhammer for the 1-2-3.

Winner: Nash, DDP and Goldberg (38-0)

Mike: What a main event!

Jimmy: Goldberg’s streak continues

Mike: Be sure to watch Nitro this Monday Night on TNN it’s goodnight from myself and “The Mouth of the South” Jimmy Hart!

*Thunder ends with Goldberg Nash and DDP posing in the ring*


Thunder got a 5.10 rating (highest possible)

The Attendance level was 5021

We made $200840 in ticket sales

Smackdown got a 5.80 rating

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Another good simple show to set up Sin very well. Most, if not all, of the feuds going on got some air-time on the show and it was a pleasure to read. Very impressed with Corino joining Team Canada, and the Goldberg 'streak' thing continues to keep me entertained. kutgw!

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IPB Image

WCW Monday Nitro 15 January 2001

Tony: Welcome everyone to Monday Nitro, and as you know Sin is only 6 days away and the build-up will continue here tonight live on Nitro!

Scott: That’s right Tony and what will Scott Steiner have to say about the Mystery Man Tony? He has been stalking him

Tony: Well let’s go over to the commissioner of WCW, Mike Sanders who has a big announcement for tonight!

*Screen opens in Mike Sanders office he is there with the Natural Born Thrillers*

Mike: Tonight, after all my hard work in WCW as commissioner, all the effort I have put in to make sure WCW is a fun but fair place to work I think I deserve a reward! So tonight I am going to give myself a Cruiserweight title shot against Chavo Guerrero Jr. Now another match I have booked for Tonight is Buff Bagwell against The Cat! See you at Sin Cat, if you can make it!

Tony: That Mike Sanders really cheeses me off

Scott: Tony why do you say words like cheeses?

Tony: …, with that lets get the first match underway

Steve Corino and Elix Skipper v Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr.

Finish: A great cruiser match. Corino failed in his bid to keep Rey and Kidman on the mat so he could use his various holds on them but inevitably the match was taken up top by the Filthy Animals. Team Canada couldn’t keep up the pace and Rey pinned Skipper for the 1-2-3 after a flying Huricanrana

Winner: Billy Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr.

*After the match Storm and Awesome came down and started to lay a beating on The Filthy Animals Awesome hit an Awesome bomb on Kidman before Konnan ran in for the save*

*Commercial Break*

*The Camera shows Ric Flair sitting behind his desk and Sid standing before him*

Sid: Ric…………. I want Steiner in a title match tonight! *Heavy breathing* I can’t wait for Sin to break *screaming* to break his little neck!

Ric: Sid, I can’t Steiner is going into Sin as the champ

Sid: Maybe you didn’t hear me *leans in close to Ric* I want Steiner tonight!

Ric: Ok ill tell you what ill do, tonight in the main even you and a partner of your choice against Steiner and Jarrett

*Sid just stands there laughing with a gleam in his eye*

Tony: Big main event tonight!

Scott: This is shaping up to be a great show!

Tony: Let’s go backstage to the Filthy Animals!

Rey: Team Canada you just don’t get it do you we beat you tonight and we will beat you again come Sin!

Kidman: It will be a 3 on 3 clean even fight and you will have nowhere to run nowhere to hide we will take you Canadian flag and shove it straight back up your ass!

Konnan: Orale me raza!

Tony: Strong words there from the Filthy Animals, up next is our Cruiserweight title match between Mike Sanders and Chavo Guerrero Jr.!

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Mike Sanders v Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Finish: Mike Sanders fared well in this match showing what a good wrestler he really was. Just as Sanders was in control and was ready to go for his finisher the 3.0 when “Can’t get you out of my heart” hit the PA and Shane Helms hit the ring and attacked Chavo he hit him with a Vertabreaker and a Nightmare on Helms street on Chavo which made the referee rule it a no contest

Winner: No Contest (Chavo Retains)

*After the match Sanders was furious but there was nothing he could do*

Scott: Revenge is sweet Tony

Tony: Sanders had the cruiserweight title won, well ive always said bad things happen to bad people!

*Commercial Break*

*Scott Steiner is walking around alone backstage when suddenly he is attacked from behind by the mystery man. They start brawling and The Mystery Man levels Steiner with a chair until Jarrett hears the noise and comes out to investigate then he flees, the camera fades with Jarrett checking on Steiner*

Scott: The mystery man strikes again!

Tony: Where does this leave our main event will Steiner be able to compete?

Scott: Of course he’s the champ Tony!

*Buff Daddy hit’s the PA and Buff Bagwell makes his way down to ringside posing and taunting the fans*

Buff: Tonight Cat, I do my friend Mike Sanders a favour and I kick your ass. But I am under strict orders to leave just a little bit of Cat for Sanders at Sin. Tonight cat your gonna get tamed because im Buff and im “The stuff”

Buff Bagwell v The Cat

Finish: Buff dominated most of this match and had chances to win but instead he just kept wearing the Cat down per Mike Sanders instructions. Finally after just beating him down for around 15 he hit the Buff Blockbuster and taunted the crowd and when the referee went over to ask him to finally pin the cat he levelled him. Suddenly Goldberg’s music hit and he hit the ring he hit a Spear on Bagwell then Luger ran in and Goldberg and Luger started brawling on the outside. While this was going on the Cat was back on his feet and hit the feliner on Buff for the 1-2-3!

Winner: The Cat

Tony: Sanders plan backfired and The Cat got the win with help from Bill Goldberg!

Scott: Depends how you look at it Tony, Buff was sent out here to hurt and wear down the Cat and that’s exactly what he did!

Tony: Lets go backstage to Mene Gene Okerlund who is with WCW Tag Team Champions the InSiders!

Gene: Nash, Page ahead of your big match with the InSiders at Sin who are you guys feeling? And tonight DDP you take on O’Haire in Singles competition how do you feel about that?

Nash: Let me take this first question. Gene I am a former WCW and WWF Champion im a multi time tag champion and you think two kids like Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo worry me? I saw they had potential and I took them and the Natural Born Thrillers under my wing and taught them everything I knew! They decided to throw it all back in my face, that was their choice and I will make them pay for it the only way I know how, in the ring. Come Sin you won’t see “Big Sexy” “The Killer” is coming at Sin!

DDP: Tonight, I take on that punk O’Haire in a singles match and he will get a small preview of exactly what will happen to him at Sin. You see we just got these nice tag team belts and we don’t intend to give them up just as easy as that. Tonight Sean O’Haire you will feel the Bang!

*Commercial Break*

Diamond Dallas Page with Kevin Nash v Sean O’Haire with Chuck Palumbo

Finish: Page showed the youngster that he had a lot to learn in this match. DDP hit him with everything he had but O’Haire still came fighting back. DDP’s experience showed though and it wasn’t long before he signled for the Diamond Cutter for the 1-2-3

Winner: DDP

Tony: Good victory there for DDP will it be the same outcome come Sin?

Scott: Im gonna have to say yes Tony

*Scene opens with Steiner nursing his head and talking to Jarrett backstage*

Jarrett: Don’t worry man I have your back out there tonight

Steiner: You’ve got my back where the hell where you when the mystery man was attacking me?

Jarrett: Listen, Sid and his partner are ours out there tonight

Steiner: Well you better hope so Jeff because I am not in the mood to be screwed around!

Tony: That match is next

*Sid’s music hits and he makes his way down to the ring*

Sid: It took me a while to pick the best partner……….but I chose someone who is at the top of his game right now! I chose Goldberg!

Sid and Goldberg v Jeff Jarrett and Scott Steiner with Midajah

Finish: It was a high power match and Steiner was badly affected from his fight earlier with the mystery man. Goldberg battled Jarrett for most of the match but when Jarrett tagged Steiner in Goldberg did the same with Sid. Sid took advantage of Steiner’s injury and hit him with many high power moves leaving him in great discomfort. The End came when Sid hit the choke slam and covered Steiner for the 1-2-3. Jarrett tried to break the count but Goldberg speared him out of the ring

Winner: Sid and Goldberg

Tony: Don’t forget to get Sin this Sunday live on Pay Per View

Scott: It’s gonna be a hell of a show!


Nitro got a 5.25 rating

The attendance level was 5022 people

We made $200880 from ticket sales

Raw got a 6.83 rating

Sin preview coming soon!

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IPB Image

WCW Sin Sunday January 21 Live on Pay Per View

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Match

Destination X v Noble and Karagias

WCW Cruiserweight Title

Chavo Guerrero Jr.© v Shane Helms

WCW Hardcore Title Match

Hardcore Match

Terry Funk© v Tommy Dreamer

Match for the commissionership of WCW

Mike Sanders v The Cat

Team Canada (Lance Storm, Mike Awesome and Steve Corino) with Major Gunns v The Filthy Animals with Tygress

WCW 10 Man Over the top rope Battle Royal for the vacant WCW Television Title

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brian Clarke

Chris Kanyon

Chris Candido

Disco Inferno

Dustin Rhodes

Mark Jindrak

Shannon Moore

David Flair

Mystery Entrant

WCW United States Title Match no DQ

Shane Douglas v General Rection©

WCW Tag Team Title Match

Insiders© v Chuck Palumbo and Sean O’Haire

Totally Buff v Sarge and Goldberg

Goldberg’s streak clause is still in effect

Fatal Four Way for the WCW World Title

Scott Steiner© v Jeff Jarrett v Sid v Mystery Man

Get your predictions in now you will have a few days winner can find out what plans I have for the wrestler of their choice!

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IPB Image

OOC: Sorry if this show is not up to usual standards it is just a hype show for Sin!

WCW Thunder 18th January 2001

*Before the show a video hypes promoting Sin’s big main event*

Mike: Welcome everyone to another great edition of WCW Thunder!

Jimmy: Sin is just 3 days away and the atmosphere here tonight is electric!

Mike: Up first here tonight we have a Cruiserweight Title match as Chavo Guerrero takes on a newcomer to the WCW Cruiserweight Division Air Paris!

*Chavo makes his way to the ring as the crowd boos after getting in the ring he asks for a mike*

Chavo: Shane Helms! Me and you 1 on 1 at Sin, and you haven’t got a hope in hell of beating me! I am Chavo Guerrero part of the greatest wrestling family in history Los Guerrero’s! I am a new man with a new attitude and its taken me straight to the top! I will prove just how good I am by beating this idiots ass here tonight!

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Chavo Guerrero Jr. v Air Paris

Finish: Chavo dominated this match and proved to the newcomer that he still has a lot of work to do before he can even think about becoming Cruiserweight Champ. Chavo picked up the win after about 5 minutes when he hit the tornado DDT for the 1-2-3

Winner Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Jimmy: Ooo he lent a hard lesson right there Mike Tenay!

Mike: Hell be back

Jimmy: I wouldn’t be so sure look what Chavo is doing

*Chavo continues the beat down on Air Paris and snaps his leg in a chair*

Chavo: This is a message to you Helms, id advise you to get out now before you get hurt!

Mike: Strong words from Chavo, don’t go away folks well be right back!

*Commercial Break*

*Lance Storm comes down to the ring*

Lance: If I could be serious for a minute, I have a match with Konnan tonight and I will win like every other great Canadian in history! Canada has never lost a war and we don’t intend on losing this one. You see I am from Cagalry, Alberta Canada. I was born to Wrestle and Bred to win and even though you people have no class try to show some, rise for the playing of the Canadian national Anthem!

*After about a minute Konnan’s music hits and the match gets underway*

Lance Storm with Team Canada v Konnan

Finish: In a good technical Match Team Canada once again came out the victors in this ongoing war between themselves and the Filthy Animals. Konnan had the upper hand for quite a bit of the match as Storm tried to battle out from his high powered moves. Konnan was inevitably screwed in the end though because when Storm was arguing with the referee about the slow count Awesome smacked him in the back of the head with the Canadian flag and when he turned around dazed Storm was able to lock in the Canadian Maple Leaf and Konnan was forced to tap out

Winner: Lance Storm

*After the match Team Canada continued their assault before Rey Jr. hit the ring for the save and Team Canada fled*

Mike: Filthy Animals have yet to get a in ring victory in this feud!

Jimmy: It don’t show any signs of stopping Tenay

*Buff Daddy hit’s the PA and Buff Bagwell makes his way down to the ring followed by Lex Luger*

Buff: Helloooooooo everyone! Tonight you will get the ultimate experience you will get to see Totally Buff strut their stuff in the ring just 3 days away from their big match with Goldberg and Corporal Jackass at Sin

*Large Goldberg chant breaks out*

Lex: Shut your god damn mouths. You see Goldberg isn’t here tonight! Flair decided to give him some time off but if I was Goldberg id be getting all the in ring time I could right now seeing as how we are going to kick his ass and end his career in front of the whole damn world at Sin!

Buff: You know Lex ill miss having Goldberg around, it was fun to kick his ass from time to time! But come Sin Goldberg you will get the ultimate wrestling experience at Sin because im buff and im the “stuff”

Lex: Im the “Total Package” Lex Luger and together we are

Together: “Totally Buff”

Totally Buff v The Mamalukes

Finish: This match was a “total” squash. From the word go Buff and Lex were in control and the Mamalukes were glad their ordeal was over by the time Buff hit the Blockbuster on Vito for the 1-2-3

Winners: Totally Buff

Jimmy: Ooo that was tough to watch they got hammered so to speak

Mike: Impressive from Totally Buff, now as you all know the InSiders are embroiled in a intense fued with Sean O’Haire and Chuck Palumbo lets look back at their rivalry these last few weeks!

*Video plays recapping the recent Insiders - O’Haire and Palumbo feud!

Kevin Nash v Chuck Palumbo

Finish: Chuck surprised Kevin Nash in this match but not enough to pick up the win! Chuck came at Nash early on and nearly had him a few times before Nash found his bearings and regained control. Chuck tried but Nash was too experienced to let him get the upper hand and before long down came the straps Jacknife Powerbomb 1-2-3 and the rest as they say is history!

Winner: Kevin Nash

*After the match DDP and O’Haire came in and both teams continued the brawl*

*Commercial Break*

Mike: Up next is our main event it will be MIA taking on Shane Douglas, Chris Candido and Bam Bam Bigelow

Jimmy: Douglas has been playing mind games with Rection recently and it will continue here tonight!

Bam Bam Bigelow, Chris Candido with Tammy and Shane Douglas v MIA

Finish: It looked as though the Triple Threat had never broke up. They showed a lot of their old chemistry in the ring together and the MIA could just not overcome it! Shane Douglas got the job done in the end pinning General Rection clean when he hit the Franchiser for the 1-2-3

Winner: Bam Bam, Candido and Shane Douglas

*After the match Shane Douglas took the US title and held it aloft mocking Rection*

Jimmy: Is this a sign of things to come!

Mike: That’s it for tonight don’t forget to get Sin folks just three days

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IPB Image

WCW Sin 21 January 2001

*Video plays showing the feuds leading up to Sin and the shows starts with a huge pyro going off*

Tony: Welcome everyone to WCW Sin! We have a great show tonight folks be sure to stay tuned!

Scott: This is the first WCW Pay Per View of 2001 and it could even be the best Tony!

Tony: But first we have some bad news for all you Filthy Animals fans before we came on air tonight he was taken to hospital after a heinous attack at the hands of Team Canada, we have some footage now for you to see!

*Video shows Konnan starting an interview with Mene Gene only to be layed out by Team Canada and taken away in a ambulance*

Scott: The big question is, is tonight’s match going to be a handicap match? Which was obviously the aim of Team Canada when they carried out this attack!

Tony: Wait a second I have just got news that Ric Flair has an announcement to make about that very match!

*Camera shows Ric Flair in his office*

Ric: Team Canada you think you can just go around doing whatever you want? This is my show dammit and you do not go around attacking your opponents to take them out of a match! So I will not let you get away lightly this will not be a handicap match. You will face Rey and Kidman along with a partner of my choice and this man is a “Real American”

Scott: Who is the partner

Tony: I don’t know Tony but whoever it is, it seems Team Canada are in trouble

Scott: Don’t cross the “Nature Boss”

WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Title Match

Destination X with Stacy Keibler v Karagias and Noble

Finish: In a great opener all four men gave 110% out there in their effort to become the first ever WCW Cruiserweight Tag Team Champions. The High point of the match was when A.J Styles hit a moonsault on Karagias in the crowd! Daniels also proved very impressive and by the end of the match all four men could barely stand. A.J battled Evan for most of the match and looked like getting the win when he hit the Styles clash but Noble interfered and Karagias managed to just get the tag. The fresh Noble took advantage of the tired Styles and wore him down for the next few minutes. Noble went for the moonsault but A.J managed to just get out of the way and make the tag to Daniels. The battle raged on for a few more minutes before Daniels hit the angel’s wings for the 1-2-3

Winners and First Ever WCW Crusierweight Tag Team Champions: Destination X

*After the match A.J and Daniels hoisted Stacy onto their shoulders as they held the belts up for all the world to see*

Tony: What an opener!

*Camera opens with Mike Sanders and the rest of the Thrillers in his office somebody knocks on the door*

Mike: Come in

*KroniK enter the room*

Mike: What the hell do you want?

Clarke: Hey I know im in the TV title battle royal tonight but im more of a tag wrestler, how about giving us a tag title shot at Nitro tomorrow night

Mike: You dare to interrupt me, im going to make a point of making sure you never get a tag team title shot as long as I am commissioner

*They looks as if they are about to attack him*

Mike: Touch me and you are both suspended now get the hell out!

*KroniK leave slamming the Door*

WCW Cruiserweight Title Match

Chavo Guerrero Jr. v Shane Helms

Finish: Another great Cruiser match but this one wasn’t quite as highflying but there was a lot of great technical wrestling on display. Shane Helms showed just how good he was by controlling Chavo in this match. Helms had waited a long time to finally get his chance and he was going to grab it with both hands. Shane wore Chavo down with a mixture of Mat Wrestling and high flying moves and finally hit the vertebreaker! After he hit it, his team mate Shannon Moore came down the ramp and running into the ring. The Crowd thought he was there to get ready to celebrate Shane’s win with him but nothing could be further from the truth. Shannon proceeded to screw Helms over by hitting the bottoms up on him and dragging Chavo over him as the ref counted the 3

Winner and Still Cruiserweight Champion: Chavo Guerrero Jr.

*After the match Shane looked on in disbelief as Shannon walked back up the ramp*

Tony: Screwed, screwed by his best friend!

Scott: All is fair in love and war Tony!

WCW Hardcore Title Match

Hardcore Rules

Terry Funk v Tommy Dreamer

Finish: This match was a real spot fest and the crowd really got into it as the corwd started loud “ECW” chants. This match was full of weapon shots, incrowd brawling and crazy bumps. The highlight of the match was when the 53 year old Terry Funk hit a moonsault off the stage onto a prone dreamer! It was a bloody battle which ended with both men busted wide open! Dreamer controlled most of the match although Funk did gain an advantage when they were battling backstage he Irish whipped Dreamer through two tables! Dreamer eventually got the win in the end hitting a DDT on a steel chair and covering Funk for the 1-2-3!

Winner and New WCW Hardcore Champion: Tommy Dreamer

*After the match a bloody Terry Funk presented Tommy Dreamer with the title and raised his hand. They embraced but Dreamer stunningly low blowed Funk and continued an attack. He beat him all around the ring until he was restrained by security and Funk was carted off in a ambulance*

Tony: …

Scott: …

Tony: We are speechless here, Terry Funk was like a father to Dreamer and he just beat the living hell out of him for all the world to see!

Scott: I have seen people arrested for less Tony

Tony: Well lets move on to our match for the Commissionership of WCW

Match for the Commissionership of WCW

Mike Sanders v The Cat w/ Miss Jones

Finish: In this heated encounter neither man had the clear advantage. Mike Sanders resorted to any dirty tactic possible to try and hold on to his beloved commissionership position. They brawled outside the ring and Sanders injured the Cat’s shoulder by Irish whipping him into the steel steps. Sanders showed what a coward he is when he used Miss Jones to shield himself from a feliner. Miss Jones responded by kicking Sanders firmly between the legs. Sanders once again gained control of the match and was just about to hit the 3.0 on The Cat when Kronik came running down the ring and hit the high times on Sanders which allowed Cat to get the cover for the 1-2-3

Winner and New Commissioner of WCW: The Cat

*The Cat celebrated by dancing in the ring with Miss Jones*

Tony: Some revenge for KroniK

Scott: Sanders had it won Tony he had it won!

*Camera opens in Jarrett and Steiner’s dressing room and shows them getting ready for their match

Jeff: You ready champ?

Scott: Big Poppa Pump is always ready!

Jeff: I’ve got your back out there tonight man

Scott: After tonight the Mystery Man will be no more Jeff and I will walk out of here the Champ

Jeff: That slapnuts doesn’t know what he’s in for!

*They Laugh*

Scott: Steiner is looking pumped Tony!

Tony: That should be quite a main event

*Music hits Team Canada make their way down to ringside and Lance Storm gets on the mike, but before he even gets a chance to speak he is interrupted by Billy Kidman and Rey! They stand on the ramp for a few seconds waiting to see who their team-mate is, when the american national anthem hits and “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan makes his way down to ringside waving the american flag and shouting “HOOOOOOOOO”!

Scott: Thank god, for the Hacksaw

“Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Billy Kidman and Rey Jr. w/Tygress v Team Canada w/ Elix Skipper and Major Gunns

Finish: This match had some great high flying wrestling and some great mat work. Rey and Steve Corino fought for the first part of the match with Rey getting a few near falls but nothing major. Rey then tagged in Kidman who tussled with Storm Storm locked in the maple leaf but Kidman was just able to get on the ropes. Mike Awesome then came in and proceeded to destroy Kidman throwing him all around the ring. He went for the Awesome bomb but Kidman was able to counter it into a huricanrana and made the tag to Hacksaw. Awesome then tagged back in Lance Storm who tussled with Duggan for a few minutes before he hit the running clothesline for the 1-2-3

Winners: “Hacksaw” Jim Duggan, Rey Jr. and Billy Kidman

*After the match they celebrated in the ring with Hacksaw waving the American flag*

Tony: Tonight America got its own back on Team Canada

Scott: Look at Storm he’s furious

Tony: Next up is a 10 Man Battle Royal for the vacant WCW Television Title

10 Man Over the top Rope Battle Royal for the Vacant WCW Television Title

Entries in Order

Bam Bam Bigelow

Brian Clarke

Chris Kanyon

Chris Candido

Disco Inferno

Dustin Rhodes

Mark Jindrak

Shannon Moore

David Flair

Mystery Entrant

Eliminated In Order

Brian Clarke by Bam Bam

Chris Candido and Bam Bam by Kanyon

Disco Inferno by Dustin Rhodes

Mark Jindrak by Dustin Rhodes

David Flair by Shannon Moore

Shannon Moore by Chris Kanyon

Bam Bam by Dustin Rhodes

Dustin Rhodes by Chris Kanyon

*Kanyon drops to his knees in celebration*

Tony: Kanyon has forget about the mystery entrant

Scott: Well here he comes now

*Music hits and Kanyon looks around in shock to see KEN SHAMROCK running down the ramp and into the ring*

Finish: Stunned by the arrival of Shamrock, Kanyon wasn’t ready for the battle that ensured. Shamrock beat him all around the ring before hitting a belly to belly on him and throwing him over the top rope

Winner and New WCW TV Champion: Ken Shamrock

Tony: Ken Shamrock here in WCW!

Scott: What a night of shocks Tony and we still got more to come

No DQ Match for the WCW United States Title

“The Franchise” Shane Douglas v General Rection

Finish: This was another tense match. Neither men wanted to do anything to spectacular out of fear of making a mistake and costing themselves the match. General Rection eventually took control though and after a few minutes of intense brawling he had Douglas spent. Douglas had another trick up his sleeve though he tried to hit Rection with a chain he had in his shorts it backfired though because Rection ducked and hit him with a belly to belly Suplex! Rection then climbed to the top rope and was ready to hit the no laughing matter when Bam Bam Bigelow and Chris Candido came down to ringside and pushed him from the top rope, this allowed Shane Douglas to hit the franchiser and cover Rection for the 1-2-3

Winner and New U.S Champion: Shane Douglas

*Douglas got on the mike*

Shane: Tonight all you losers get the chance to be apart of something special! Tonight you witness before you the reformation of the greatest stable in wrestling history, tonight you witness the return of THE TRIPLE THREAT. And anyone who stands in our way on our rise to wrestling dominance is going to get their ass *sick laugh* FRANCHISED!

*O’Haire and Palumbo make their way to the ring for their tag title match, then Kevin Nash comes out to the ramp and waits for DDP, his music hits but he does not appear at the ramp suddenly a light Shines on the crowd and DDP is in the middle mike in hand*

DDP: Hey O’Haire, Palumbo I hope you are ready for the beating of a lifetime tonight! You think us veterans should get out of the way! We made this business for the likes of you and Tonight O’Haire and Palumbo you will see exactly what us old timers can do because YOU WILL FEEL THE BANG!

WCW Tag Team Title Match

O’Haire and Palumbo v InSiders

Finish: This match never really got going! Kevin Nash dominated O’Haire for the first few minutes but then Totally Buff ran in for no apparent reason and started beating on Nash and DDP. Soon after the Ref rang for the bell and O’Haire and Palumbo were DQ.

Winners and still WCW Tag Team Champion: InSiders

*After the match the brawl continued until Goldberg and Sarge made their way down to the ring to get their match with Totally Buff Underway*

Totally Buff v Goldberg and Sarge

Finish: Goldberg and Lex Luger were in the ring for most of this match. It was another short one. Goldberg just manhandled Lex for the first 5 minutes and when he was able to tag in Buff he got the same treatment. Sarge did have a big part to play in the match though. After Goldberg speared and Jackhammered Buff Sarge hit the big ugly slam on Bagwell for the 1-2-3

Winners: Goldberg and Sarge

Scott: Next up is our main event!

Tony: And the world is asking just who is the mystery man?

*Video plays highlighting Mystery Man-Steiner feud*

*The three men are standing in the ring when Ric Flair’s music hit and he made his way down the ramp*

Flair: Start the match, I said the mystery man was going to be here tonight but I didn’t say when, referee ring the bell!

*Ric joined Hudson and Tony on commentary*

Fatal Four Way match for the WCW Title

Scott Steiner v Jeff Jarrett v Sid v Mystery Man

Finish: For the first 10 minutes Steiner and Jarrett just double teamed Sid but he did manager to hit a double Choke Slam but that was only good enough to get the 2 as Steiner kicked out. About 15 minutes in the lights went out Steiner could be heard shouting and when they came back on Sting was standing in the ring behind Steiner. Sting layed out both Steiner and Jarrett rather quickly and went on the offensive big time cleaning up the ring. He was just about to lock in the Scorpion Deathlock on Steiner when Road Warrior Animal and The “Dog faced gremlin” Rick Steiner came running down the ramp and layed a beating on Sting. Steiner then locked in the Steiner Recliner and when Sting passed out he covered him for the 1-2-3

Winner and Still WCW World Champion: Scott Steiner

*After the match Ric Flair ran up from the announce position and into the ring seemingly to help his friend Sting but instead he embraced Steiner and Jarrett and Raised Steiner’s hand, then Totally Buff and Mike Sanders made their way down the ring and all eight men joined hands in the ring*

Ric: Tonight you witness the birth of the greatest wrestling organization of all time! Tonight you witness the birth of Ric Flair’s WCW! We are a elite group made up the best superstars in WCW. We have “Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner, “The Chosen One” Jeff Jarrett, Totally Buff, Road Warrior Animal, “The Dog Faced Gremlin” Rick Steiner and last but not least “The Natural Born Thriller” Mike Sanders! We are going to take over WCW and rid it of all the washed up worthless talent like my old friend Sting here. Tomorrow Night at Nitro begins the reign of Ric Flair and his Magnificent Seven as the driving force behind WCW, and WCW will never be the same again WOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Tony: This is a disgrace!

*Flair notices Tony’s comments*

Ric Flair: You got a problem “Fat Boy”

Tony: Well actually..

*Flair cuts him off*

Ric: You know your exactly the type of Person we don’t need here in my new WCW, so Tony your fired! Il find someone to take your place by Nitro

Tony: You can’t…

Ric: Security get him out of my building!

*Sin ends with Tony Schiavone being dragged out of the building by security and with Ric Flair and his Magnificent Seven celebrating in the ring!


Sin got a 0.99 Buy Rate

The Attendance Level was 12913 People

We made $2475000 from PPV Revenue

We made $774780 from Ticket Sales

Royal Rumble got a 1.63 Buy Rate

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