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USB Game Pads


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I don't know if this one goes here or in Computing, but now that I am purchasing a notebook better designed for gaming than my current one, I plan to try the PC variations of console games more often. I'll still buy more games for console, of course, but the game I want to try on PC first will probably be Madden 2007.

The only problem is getting a USB game pad. I've never had one before and am not sure what brands are best, etc. Being a Sony type of fella, i'd prefer something similar in shape and layout to a PS2 controller. Cordless controllers are also an option, as long as they aren't outrageously overpriced, but i'd like to hear from people who have used them if it's really very beneficial. (My thought is that since I am playing it on the PC, I would obviously be much closer to the screen than playing it on my television, and thus the need for a wireless controller is kind of eliminated.)

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Xbox 360 controllers can be used with your PC, as they are USB. Future Shop or Circuit City should carry USB controllers, and you can most likely find one that is almost exactly the same shape and layout as a PS2 controller. I have a Mad Catz USB controller for my laptop which is exactly like the Xbox S controller.

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Interact had a controller very similiar to the PS2 one for under $20. Bad thing is that the sticks get hard over time...so hard that they stop moving and I broke one trying to make it move. Yeah, it lasted like 3 years but still, sticks should not stop moving!

I recomend the XBOX 360 controller. Works wonders with my PC sports games. I have Madden 06 for PC and believe me, it feels so natural to play with that controller. I suppose 07 will be the same.

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