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World Wrestling Entertainment

I had this over at Corporation-X, and I was here while the servers were down today, anyway I decided to bring this over here too.

Disclaimer: This is a fictional history based on the game Extreme Warfare Revenge and should not be miscontrued as actual wrestling news, information, rumors, or results.
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The Nature Boy Screwed Again

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The show began with Mr. McMahon coming out to the ring to make his announcement. He called for eleven men to come down to the ring. 6 of them were from RAW, 5 from Smackdown. The RAW guys were: Chris Jericho, Carlito, Chris Masters, Rob Van Dam, Edge, and Chavo Guerrero. The Smackdown superstars were: Chris Benoit, Rey Mysterio, Lashley, JBL, and Matt Hardy. Vince said that at last year's Wrestlemania, there was a new match that had just been brought into their thoughts. It was a 6-man Money in the Bank Ladder match, the winner of which would get a shot at either the World Heavyweight Championship, or the WWE Championship, depending on which show won. Last year, it was only RAW superstars, but this year, it is 3 Smackdown superstars and 3 RAW superstars. Then why, did Mr. McMahon bring eleven of you out here? Because one superstar couldn't make it. And his name..is the Undertaker. *crowd pops* Next week on RAW and Smackdown, respectively, there will be three qualifying matches drawn randomly for each show. The winners will be entered in the Money in the Bank Ladder match at Wrestlemania 22!

The first match would show Mickie James defeating Ashley. After that, Trish faced off against Victoria, and would defeat her with the Chick Kick. The next matchup would be Shelton Benjamin with his mother vs. Rob Van Dam. Both men showed great athleticism and precision with their moves, and both showed that they are great with their feet. Late in the match, Shelton's momma slipped him her high-heel shoe, which Benjamin hid from the referee until his mom got up on the apron. The referee was distracted as Benjamin jammed the heel straight into the face of Van Dam! He rolled it out of the ring and made the cover! 1...2...3! Highway robbery by Shelton Benjamin!

The fourth match would be Chavo Guerrero going one-on-one with "The Conman" Rob Conway. Chavo would end up on top after hitting the Frog Splash. The next match was Carlito & Chris Masters going up against Big Show & Kane for the World Tag Team Championships. Show & Kane powered out of a lot of the moves, as they have in the past against these two. At the end of the match, Show and Kane were lining up for a Double Chokeslam on Carlito, but Masters pushed Kane into Show, knocking him out of the ring, and Carlito rolled up Kane and held the tights for the pin! New Tag Team Champions!

John Cena was shown on the Titan Tron and began to cut a promo on Triple H. He said that The Game isn't as tough as it sounds. Cena said that if he was married to Stephanie McMahon, he'd have the championship forever! But he said that he doesn't need to be married to the boss's daughter, because he has his Chain Gang that keeps him going...and focused. Cena finished the promo off with two simple letters: F-U.

Chris Jericho was set to have another showing of The Highlight Reel, but it was quickly interrupted by The Rabid Wolverine, Chris Benoit, who came out and destroyed the set. They brawled for a good three minutes before referees and security came down to break it up. Jericho rolled out of the ring and walked to the back on his own power, but Benoit needed to be held back.

The next segment was Maria interviewing the NEW World Tag Team Champions, Carlito & Chris Masters. Carlito said that this is his third different championship in a year and a half...and that...das cool! The Masterpiece said that it felt so good to win those titles, especially over two of the fattest and out of shape men in the company. He said that Carlito and he were going to hold the title for a long, LONG time.

The next match was "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels vs. Edge. Edge got an early advantage, hitting a spinning heel kick, some vicious stomps and punches, and an Edge-O-Matic. He was in complete control for the first few minutes of the match, until Michaels hit a back elbow as Edge ran at him while he was stomach first into the turnbuckle. That knocked Edge back, and HBK went on the attack with punches and kicks. Later on in the match, Edge hit the Edgecution, and lined up for the Spear. As he ran at Michaels, HBK's instincts took over, and he just lifted his boot and connected with Sweet Chin Music! The Heartbreak Kid made the cover and got the three count!

The main event surely had some bad blood in it, with Triple H going against "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair. Flair did his usual routine, chops, biting, chop blocks, etc. He also did the usual when he climbed the top rope and was tossed off by The Game. Later on, Flair was trying to lock in the Figure Four, but Triple H pushed him off and into the referee! After Flair hit a Scoop Slam and locked in the Figure Four, Triple H was tapping out, but there was no referee! He kept it locked in, but Shelton Benjamin came running down the ramp and plastered Flair in the head with a steel chair! He ran out of the ring, and the referee woke up as Triple H draped his arm over Flair...1, 2, 3! The Game survived this bout thanks to Shelton Benjamin. Shelton went back to work after the bell, and was eventually joined by Triple H. The Game got up and put Flair in the Pedigree position, but John Cena's music hit and he ran down to engage HHH and Benjamin. Cena fought both off, including hitting the F-U on Shelton while pointing to The Game. For the second week in a row, the last view on RAW was Cena locking in the STF-U, although this time it was on Shelton Benjamin!

RAW Results

Triple H def. Ric Flair

Shawn Michaels def. Edge

World Tag Team Championship

Carlito & Chris Masters def. Big Show & Kane ©

Chavo Guerrero def. Rob Conway

Shelton Benjamin def. Rob Van Dam

Trish Stratus def. Victoria

Mickie James def. Ashley Massaro

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Dark Match

"The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley vs. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters

- I actually like the look of this match, but with both guys being relatively new/young, I don’t know who’s going to end up carrying it. Masters works a slower, less explosive kind of match, but that’s just me imagining how this would go IRL. Nice booking with a VERY strong dark match, shame it couldn’t get on the card, but this is Mania. I reckon Lashley goes over here to get the crowd pumped.

Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royal

Kid Kash vs. Scotty 2 Hotty vs. Psicosis vs. Gregory Helms vs. Super Crazy vs. Jamie Noble

- By process of elimination, I can’t see Psicosis or Crazy winning since they’ve got tag responsibilities (though I’d love for Crazy to get a run at some point), and Noble and Scotty just aren’t hot enough. So it’s either Kash or Helms, and Kash seems to be going over since he didn’t actually lose to Nunzio.

Money in the Bank Ladder Match

Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Jericho vs. Edge vs. JBL vs. Chris Benoit vs. Rey Mysterio

- This match is a bit too strong, IMO. What I mean by that is, there’s too many losers and not enough winners here, at least assuming the match ends relatively normally/cleanly. Don’t get me wrong, it should be great, but you’re going to have to make sure the 5 guys that don’t win don’t get hurt too much. I like Edge to win, but who knows.

WWE Women's Championship

Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus ©

- Mickie went over IRL, and I really think it had to happen. Mickie needs the win WAY more than Trish, who needs an equal-ish opponent for the sake of the division.

WWE Tag Team Championship

London & Kendrick vs. MNM ©

- Don’t really get this, and certainly don’t think London and Kendrick are over enough to win. I’m not sure they even deserve to be there, though you did have them win this match a few weeks prior.

Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair ©

- I never liked Flair being IC Champ for a minute, although this is probably the best way for him to give the rub to someone like Shelton. Shelton should take this and hopefully get a good wrestler as his next feuding partner.

United States Championship

Matt Hardy vs. Booker T ©

- Hardy just failed to win the tag titles with Lashley, which kinda tells me he could win this... however I like Booker to keep the title even though the sensible thing would be put Hardy over, mainly because Hardy’s really lost momentum since his big Edge feud.

World Heavyweight Championship

Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle ©

- Go Kurt! Love Angle, don’t really like Orton, and can’t see him winning on the big one.

WWE Championship

Triple H vs. John Cena ©

- Gotta have one title change, I reckon, and HHH might produce a better post-Mania run that Cena. But I still liked HHH tapping IRL.

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Thanks for the feedback.

IPB ImageIPB Image

Stolen Talent

The latest update from WWE HQ in Stamford, Connecticut, is that WWE has stolen two X-Division talents from Total Nonstop Action wrestling. The two men who jumped are Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley, who believe they have more of a future in WWE. Neither were available to comment as of yet, but can be expected to make their debut on WWE programming very soon. It is undisclosed which show they will be on, but it looks as if it'll be Smackdown, as they are cruiserweights. Chris Sabin is a two time X-Division Champion, and Alex Shelley is one of the more promising stars. These could be very big acqusitions for WWE if used right.

More Fallout

IPB Image

March 31, 2006

This week on Friday Night Smackdown, more fallout from Wrestlemania will happen. Two Smackdown championships changed at Wrestlemania, and one of them will have a rematch tonight. MNM will go up against the new champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London! Meanwhile, Kurt Angle retained his World Heavyweight Championship against Randy Orton, but it's most likely not going to be the last we hear from Orton about that championship.

Chris Benoit will face off against JBL and Matt Hardy & Lashley will again team up, but this time they'll go against the undefeated Gymini, accompanied by Simon Dean. Booker T will be interviewed about his United States Championship win, and Randy Orton will get a chance to take out his frustrations on Orlando Jordan.

Watch Friday Night Smackdown to see all of this action!

Confirmed Matches:

Chris Benoit vs. JBL

Non-Title Matchup

Rey Mysterio vs. Booker T

Gymini vs. Matt Hardy & Lashley

Randy Orton vs. Orlando Jordan

WWE Tag Team Championships

MNM vs. Brian Kendrick & Paul London ©

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April 3, 2006

This week on RAW, Triple H will throw away John Cena's customized spinner WWE Championship. Cena will most likely try and stop it, because he never backs down from a fight. Also, Rob Van Dam will face Chris Jericho in a rematch of last week, except this one will be no-disqualification rules. But Vince McMahon said that if Chris Benoit comes anywhere near the ring, he will be fired on the spot!

Kane will explain why he attacked the Big Show last week on RAW during their World Tag Team Championship matchup against Carlito & Chris Masters. Speaking of the World Tag Team Champions, this week they will go up against two of the three men who will participate in the Intercontinental Championship match at Backlash, Charlie Haas and Chavo Guerrero, for the Tag Team Championships! Mickie James faces Ashley Massaro as well. This week, Shelton Benjamin will have a non-title match against the Big Show as well.

Watch all of this more on RAW this Monday!

On The Horizon:

Triple H throws away John Cena's spinner WWE Championship

Non-Title Matchup

Shelton Benjamin vs. Big Show

Women's Championship

Mickie James © vs. Ashley Massaro

No-DQ Rules

Chris Jericho vs. Rob Van Dam

World Tag Team Championship

Chris Masters & Carlito © vs. Charlie Haas & Chavo Guerrero

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Thanks >_>

Game Over?

IPB Image

Fireworks blasted and the arena exploded as Backlash came on the air. Joey Styles, Jonathan Coachman, and Jerry "The King" Lawler welcomed the fans to another great World Wrestling Entertainment Pav-Per-View from Minneapolis, Minnesota. After video packages and previews of the matches, the first match was set to start.

The match to kick off Backlash was "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels going up against one half of the World Tag Team Champions, Carlito. Both men made their entrances and the match was underway. They began by staring each other down for a few moments, until Carlito extended his hand. Michaels hesitated for a moment, as Carlito was motioning that he wouldn't do anything, placing his extra hand behind his back. Michaels reached his hand out, but didn't shake Carlito's hand. Instead, he used his free hand to hit Carlito in the face! He hit repeated rights and lefts, before knocking Carlito out of the ring with a clothesline.

Carlito regrouped on the outside and re-entered the squared circle. HBK went right after him as he stood up, but Carlito got him away with a thumb to the eye. Carlito started to work on the knee of The Heartbreak Kid. He knocked HBK down with a dropkick to his calf. He then began to stomp on Michaels, from his lower back down to his knee. Carlito picked him up by his hair and pushed him into the ropes. He whipped him to the other side of the ring, HBK bounced off the ropes and was hit with a nice dropkick from one half of the World Tag Team Champions. His advantage fueled his ego, as he began to get cockier and cockier with his motions and facial expressions. Carlito lifted Shawn up again and scoop slammed him down. While Carlito was smiling and looking into the crowd, Shawn nipped up! Carlito turned around and was shocked! The King of Cool ran at HBK and was hit with a back body drop! He rolled out of the ring.

After Carlito was done rethinking his strategy, he went back into the ring. Carlito ran at HBK, but was hit with a reverse atomic drop! Michaels waited for him to turn around before hitting off the ropes and landing a flying forearm! Michaels went to nip up this time, but his knee gave out and he fell down. The referee's count got to four before Carlito was back on his feet and Michaels was holding onto the ropes for balance. The Heartbreak Kid pushed himself off the ropes and went for a desperation Sweet Chin Music, but Carlito ducked, sending Michaels's boot into the face of referee Chad Patton! Michaels stared down in shock at the referee, as Carlito landed a low blow! He went outside the ring and grabbed a chair! Carlito rolled back in the ring, waited for HBK to get up, and wailed him with the chair! He discarded it, and made the cover. The referee began to crawl over...1, 2, KICK OUT!

Carlito was absolutely stunned at the fact that he kicked out! He picked Michaels up and went for the Rolling Cutter, but Michaels rolled through! He went for a quick Sweet Chin Music, but Carlito ducked! Carlito quickly rolled Michaels into a School Boy and held the ropes! The referee counted, 1, 2, 3! The bell rang and Carlito ran out of the ring and sprinted backstage with an arrogant look on his face as Michaels looked on at him, pissed off.

Winner: Carlito

The second match on the card would be the first of three championship matches on the night. Trish Stratus's music hit and she walked down the ramp. Stratus waited for the next competitor, Lita, to enter the arena. LoveFuryPassionEnergy hit, and Lita came out to heel heat. She looked down at Trish with a determined look on her face. She stared down at her rival before getting into the ring. After she was set, the Women's Champion made her entrance. Mickie James came out with the Women's Championship over her shoulder and a smile on her face. James went down and got into the ring. She handed the gold to the referee, who raised in the air, handed it to the timekeeper, and called for the bell.

As the match got underway, Lita and Trish seemed to form an alliance to take out the Women's Champion. They went after the less experienced Mickie with nice double team moves. After landing a double suplex, Lita then jumped at Trish, knocked her down, and began swinging punches! Trish covered up, but Mickie rolled up Lita from behind! The referee counted, 1, 2, Lita pushes Mickie into Trish, who knocks Mickie out with a Chick Kick! Lita didn't let her make the cover, however, as she clotheslined Stratus over the top rope. The downside was, that Lita went over the ropes with her!

The referee got up to a seven count before both women on the outside crawled back into the ring. Mickie lifted herself up using a turnbuckle and ran at them. Trish ducked, and Lita hit a dropkick. Lita quickly went up to Stratus and attempted a hurricanrana, but Trish caught her! Mickie James walked behind Trish and hit a dropkick to her knee, causing Lita to fall on top of her. The referee went down for the count, 1, 2, Mickie dropkicked Lita in the face, rolling her back into a pin by Trish! Mickie broke up that pin as well. Once all three women were back on their feet, Lita went for a clothesline to Trish, but she did the "Ma-Trish" and Lita went on to hit Mickie! Lita turned around and was nailed with the Chick Kick! James quickly got up and broke that pin up. Lita rolled out of the ring, leaving just Trish and Mickie James.

The two rivals stared each other down until Trish Stratus ran, pushing Mickie into a corner. She swung at her with punches and kicks, but Mickie ended up regaining the advantage with a slap, catching Trish off guard and knocking her backward. Mickie jumped up to the second rope and jumped off, hanging onto Trish's head and hitting a nice Tornado DDT! Mickie made the cover, 1! 2! 3! Mickie James upsets the two best diva workers in the entire WWE and retains her Women's Championship!

Winner: Mickie James ©

Next, another championship match was set to take place, and it was for the Intercontinental Championship. Chavo Guerrero entered first to the fans popping. After he came out and went to his corner, Charlie Haas's music hit. He walked out with a purpose, and looked in at Chavo, who gazed right back. After he made his entrance, the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin came out to the ring with his momma. He shot insults at both Guerrero and Haas, who fired them back. The referee had the bell rung as the match was set to get underway.

The three superstars walked to the center of the ring and looked at each other. Haas and Shelton's eyes met, and they quickly nodded and attacked Chavo! The former World's Greatest Tag Team worked together to eliminate Guerrero from the equation, so to speak. They went to work on him for about five minutes, before finally tossing him over the top rope.

The former tag team and good friends wanted to settle this matchup by themselves. Haas extended his hand for Shelton, who slapped him in the face! Benjamin took advantage of his open opportunity and gained control of the match. He went to work on Haas with stiff kicks and hard punches. Shelton hit a superplex from the top rope onto Haas, but before he could make the cover, Chavo Guerrero hit a Frog Splash from the top rope! As the referee counted, Shelton quickly dove with what was possibly his last bit of energy and broke the pin up, saving his championship.

After breaking up that pin, Charlie Haas rolled out of the ring for a breather, leaving Chavo Guerrero and Shelton Benjamin left in the ring. Benjamin went for a kick, but Chavo caught his foot and spun him around. Don't they realize that every time you do that he's gonna attempt a Dragon Whip? Guess not. Chavo was kicked in his temple as Shelton went for the cover. 1! 2! Kick out at 2 and 3/4! Shelton walked over to a turnbuckle and untied the pad as the referee asked Chavo if he'd like to continue the match. Haas came back in and ran at Shelton, who stopped him in his path and hit a T-Bone Suplex! But Guerrero quickly ran up and rolled up Benjamin! Shelton kicked out, sending Chavo face-first into the exposed steel turnbuckle! He turned around and was hit with a T-Bone Suplex! Benjamin covered and got the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Shelton Benjamin ©

Up next would be "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters's Masterlock Challenge. A theme composed by Beethoven hits and Chris Masters walks out from behind the curtain, kneeling, with a cape over his back and body. At the appropriate time in his theme, he stood up and dropped the cape and immediately went into posing. He did his normal entrance and began to walk down to the ring. He got into the ring and called for a microphone.

Chris Masters: "Last week on RAW, I issued an open Masterlock Challenge for tonight at Backlash. I confirmed it with Vince McMahon that any superstar from either RAW or Smackdown, or either of the developmental territories could come here and take the Masterlock Challenge. So, who's it gonna be? Come on out here and pass out to the Masterlock like all superstars before you!"

As soon as Masters finished his sentence, "Unleashed" by Saliva hit and the crowd roared as former World Heavyweight Champion BATISTA entered! He came out to the biggest pop of the night. He came down to the ring, sat down in the chair, and awaited Masters's finishing hold. After the fans quieted down, The Masterpiece locked his arms into the Masterlock. As soon as he had it applied, Batista started to fight out. He tried to break out with just his arms, but was unsuccessful, surprisingly. He backed Masters into a corner twice, which also failed. Then, Batista just got mad and fell backward, slamming Masters onto the mat. He still had his hands firmly clasped, but as they were on the ground, Masters decided that that was the best place for them, and he locked his legs in a grapevine around Batista's waist. Batista slowly faded away, until he completely passed out and the Masterlock REMAINS unbroken!

Winner: Chris Masters

Following the Masterlock Challenge, which the fans are still shocked about, Kane's music hit, making most, if not all of the fans in the arena jump. He was booed as he walked to the ring for his Falls Count Anywhere Match with The Big Show. After Kane came out and made the turnbuckles explode, Big Show's music hit, and the crowd popped. Show came out and stared down Kane in the middle of the ring. The referee signaled for the match to be underway by calling for the ring bell.

The two monsters met face to face in the middle of the ring. Cameras flashed all over as they began to talk trash. Kane took the first shot, a cheap shot to Show's head. Show fired back, and they went back and forth for about four punches, until The Big Show gained an advantage. A few minutes later, he clotheslined Kane over the top rope and went with him, the two monsters crashing to the floor. When they both got up, they went at it on the outside, with Show slamming Kane's face on the barricade. Next, he tried to whip Kane into the ring post, but Kane reversed it, sending Show into the post! Kane then picked him up and started pulling him toward the ramp! Kane hit a suplex onto the steel!

Kane went to pick up Show, but he fought his way up to his feet. The two giants brawled for a bit on the ramp, until Big Show hit a powerslam onto the ramp! He made the cover, 1..2..kick out! Kane stayed in the match. He got up and they made their way up to the stage. Kane hit Show's head against the screen next to the entrance curtain. They fought over toward the electrical area, where Edge and Matt Hardy fell into on that epic stage dive. The Big Show punched Kane, and he teetered along the edge. But Kane grabbed Show's throat, and Big Show did the same to Kane. However, Kane scored a low blow and hit a huge chokeslam off the stage! He still went down and made the cover, getting the 1, 2, 3!

Winner: Kane

The next match would be for Rob Van Dam's Money in the Bank briefcase. "Metallingus" by Alter Bridge blasted throughout the arena and "The Rated R Superstar" Edge exited the backstage area and began his entrance, smoke and all. He looked confident that he can beat Van Dam, after defeating him twice on RAW. But neither of those counted, and this one was the one that mattered. After he finished his entrance, "One of a Kind" hit and Rob Van Dam came out, briefcase and all. He entered the ring and gave the briefcase to the referee. Van Dam walked right up to Edge and did the "Rob Van Dam" thumb taunts. The bell was rung and the match was underway.

The match started with Van Dam coming right out with hard, stiff kicks. Edge was off guard while RVD had a field day with kicking and jumping. RVD hit a spinning heel kick, knocking The Rated R Superstar out of the ring. The fans went wild as Rob Van Dam climbed to the second rope and did his thumb motions again, but while he was up there, Edge snuck in the ring and tossed RVD over the ring post! Van Dam went crashing to the ground and Edge was left in the ring all alone to regroup.

When the action restarted, RVD got up on the apron. Edge tried to Spear him out, but Van Dam jumped up onto the top rope, causing Edge to dive through the ropes and hit the floor! When Edge fell, he fell on his back. Van Dam jumped and hit a Moonsault from the top rope. This got an "Oh my GOD!!" out of Styles. Both men were hurt badly, as the referee got to nine before they both got in the ring. Eventually, Rob Van Dam moved out of the way of a Spear, and Edge nailed the referee!

Edge would exit the ring and get the Money in the Bank briefcase from ringside. He walked in the ring and crouched, ready to attack, behind an unsuspecting, dazed Rob Van Dam. Edge ran and swung the briefcase, but RVD ducked and hit a side kick to the briefcase, which hit Edge in the face! Van Dam quickly jumped up to the top rope and hit the Five Star Frog Splash. The referee crawled slowly over to the cover, and made the count. 1! 2! 3! Rob Van Dam will keep his title shot!

Winner: Rob Van Dam

The second to last bout of the night would be the Submission match between "The Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit and "Y2J" Chris Jericho. Much to the dismay of the fans, Chris Jericho came out first. They booed him wildly as he came out, arrogant as ever. Chris Jericho walked down the ramp and into the ring. Then, Chris Benoit's entrance music hit and the crowd exploded. He came out to the ring and got right in Y2J's face, not showing any fear of the first ever Undisputed Champion. The bell was rung and the match began.

Benoit started off fast and hard, with some knife-edged chops to the chest of Jericho, each getting an "Ohhh" from the crowd. Benoit hit two snap suplexes before locking in an armbar on Jericho, trying to weaken up his neck and shoulder for the Crippler Crossface. Once Y2J got the ropes, Benoit turned him over and went for the Sharpshooter. Jericho pushed him off with his legs before he could get it locked in fully. Once Jericho got back to his feet, he got control.

Chris Jericho began to work on Benoit's back for the Walls of Jericho. After hitting a backbreaker, Jericho held Benoit in that position for a backbreaker-type submission hold. Benoit would not give up, and he broke out of the hold with a series of punches to Jericho's head. Just as it looked like Benoit was regaining momentum, Y2J poked him in the eye. After dropping Benoit with a spinning heel kick, Jericho locked in a Bow & Arrow submission, which again damaged the back of The Rabid Wolverine. Once more, Benoit refused to give up, and ended up wriggling out of that hold.

The two men brawled some more, but Benoit got the advantage. He hit a couple of German Suplexes before going to the top rope. After landing the Diving Headbutt, (and hurting himself as much as Jericho as well) Benoit tried to lock in the Sharpshooter again, but this time, it was successful! Jericho tried hard not to tap out, and his will power paid off when he got to the ropes! He made his way back up to his feet and ducked a Benoit clothesline. He rolled Benoit up for a School Boy, but instead of pinning him, Jericho quickly grabbed his legs and locked in the Walls of Jericho. This was a marathon hold, as Benoit held on for almost four minutes, being pulled away from the ropes twice, until he FINALLY tapped out! While Jericho was celebrating, Benoit extended his hand. Jericho looked at him for a moment, and shook hands with The Rabid Wolverine for a good match. The fans gave a standing ovation as Jericho celebrated his victory.

Winner: Chris Jericho

It was then time for the Main Event, John Cena vs. Triple H for the WWE Championship. This was a rematch of Wrestlemania 22, in which Triple H took the belt from Cena. "My Time is Now" hit and John Cena came out to the second biggest reaction of the night. He quickly walked to the ring, screaming for no apparent reason, and was pumped up. He got in the ring as the lights dimmed and spotlights went onto the stage. "Time To Play The Game" by Motorhead blasted and WWE Champion Triple H came out with the belt around his waist and a water bottle in his hand. He did his usual entrance before handing the belt to the referee, who raised it, symbolizing that this was a championship match. He transferred it to someone on the outside before calling for the bell.

Cena and Triple H locked up in the middle of the ring after a quick staredown. Triple H got the advantage with a side headlock on Cena. Cena fought out of it with elbows to the gut. He freed himself before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a clothesline. He got up and ran at Cena. Cena lifted him up for the F-U, but HHH slid off of his back. The Game went for the Pedigree, but Cena didn't let him get his arms hooked. Instead, Cena hit a back body drop. They brawled once more before Triple H got the advantage again with a spinebuster. He made the cover, 1...2...kick out!

Triple H continued his momentum with clotheslines and a facebuster. The Cerebral Assassin taunted Cena by doing his "You Can't See Me" hand motion, drawing heat from the crowd. He picked up Cena and hit a scoop slam, before lifting him again. He whipped Cena into the ropes and when he came back, locked in a sleeper hold. After a few minutes, the crowd began to get behind Cena as he fought out of the sleeper. He bounced off of the ropes and hit a shoulder block. HHH got up and was dropped with another shoulder block. After Cena hit a Protoplex, he went for the Five-Knuckle Shuffle and hit it! Cena waited for HHH to get up and got him in the F-U position, but Triple H grabbed the ropes before he could be dropped! Cena didn't see a problem, as he F-Ued him over the ropes and out of the ring!

When The Game got back in the ring, he desperately tried to regain control, with eye gouges, slaps, and cheap punches. He got the momentum back after Cena bounced off the ropes and was caught with a high knee. Triple H went to work on Cena after that, hitting another spinebuster, but this time, instead of going for the pin, he lifted him up and went for the Pedigree, which was reversed again! When The Game got up, Cena went for the F-U, but again, THAT was reversed. Triple H rolled up Cena and held the ropes! 1! 2! Kick out! Cena got a little bit of momentum, but after a Fisherman's Suplex, he tried to pick The Game up. Like a lightning strike, Triple H kicked Cena in the gut and hit the Pedigree! He made the cover, 1! 2! 3! Triple H retains his WWE Championship against John Cena!

Winner: Triple H

Backlash 2006 Results

Carlito def. Shawn Michaels

WWE Women's Championship

Mickie James © def. Trish Stratus, Lita

Intercontinental Championship

Shelton Benjamin © def. Chavo Guerrero, Charlie Haas

Masterlock Challenge

Chris Masters def. Batista

Falls Count Anywhere

Kane def. The Big Show

Money In The Bank Contract on the Line

Rob Van Dam def. Edge

Submission Match

Chris Jericho def. Chris Benoit

WWE Championship

Triple H © def. John Cena

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Standing Tall

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To kick off Smackdown, Finlay was set for a match against "The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley. Both men came out, Finlay with his shillelagh in hand. (Yes, that's how you spell it >_>) Then, Lashley came out to a nice pop. The match got underway with Lashley in full control. Finlay poked him in the eye and fought back with punches, forearms, and elbows to the face. He used his experience to get a lot of moves in on Lashley, not allowing him to catch his breath. In the end, Lashley went for the Dominator, but Finlay slipped out and pushed him into the referee. He went out and got the shillelagh and smacked Lashley in the head with it. 1! 2! 3! Finlay wins!

Next up was Kid Kash defending his Cruiserweight Championship against the newcomer Ebessan. They both made their entrances and the match began. Ebessan and Kash chain wrestled for the first couple of seconds, with Ebessan eventually getting the advantage, holding Kash in an arm lock. Kash would fight out, but Ebessan had him reeling with a flying forearm. Kash rolled out of the ring to regroup. When he got back in the ring, Ebessan went back to work. But in the end, Kid Kash hit the Dead Level on Ebessan for the win!

After Jamie Noble cut a vicious promo on regaining the Cruiserweight Championship, William Regal's music hit, signaling the match between him and Chris Benoit. Once Benoit came out, the two went at it. These two technical specialists went at it for a good 10 minutes before William Regal tapped out to the Sharpshooter, which turned into the Crossface in the last couple of seconds into the match. After that, Booker T cut a promo on Batista.

Booker T's music hit and he came out for his match against "The Animal" Batista. The two fought for awhile in the beginning, with Booker T getting a lot of the control. Batista looked rusty in the ring, not hitting a lot of moves, and his selling was shaky. But in the end, Batista caught Booker T going for a crossbody, and hit a powerslam! Next, he whipped him into the ropes and hit a Spinebuster, followed by a Batista Bomb for the win!

After JBL cut a promo hyping his match against Rey Mysterio, he came out. Mysterio came out and did his normal entrance after that, the match began. Rey confused and outsmarted JBL early with his speed, leaving JBL clueless as to what he was going to do next. Later on, Rey went for the seated senton, but JBL caught him in mid-air and powerbombed him! He made the cover, but only got two! But in the end, JBL ducked the 619, quickly bounced off the ropes and hit the Clothesline From Hell for the victory! He celebrated and walked out!

Next, Randy Orton talked with Josh Matthews. Matthews asked if he was worried about any of the competitors of the Fatal Four Way match. Orton said that he wasn't afraid of JBL, Rey, and ESPECIALLY that Olympic Zero Kurt Angle. At that exact moment, Kurt Angle walked onto the screen. The two fired insults back and forth, before Angle said "I'll see you in the ring, bucko," and walked off.

The main event was the aforementioned Randy Orton vs. Kurt Angle non-title matchup. Randy Orton came out, followed by the World Heavyweight Champion Kurt Angle. The two went at it for a good eight minutes, before a brawl ensued between Randy Orton, Kurt Angle, JBL, and Rey Mysterio. The four brawled for a good 3 minutes before the show went off the air with Bradshaw fighting Rey and Orton and Angle going at it. It faded out with that image.

Smackdown Results

Non-Title Match

Randy Orton and Kurt Angle went to a no contest

JBL def. Rey Mysterio

Non-Title Matchup

Batista def. Booker T

Chris Benoit def. William Regal

Cruiserweight Championship

Kid Kash © def. Ebessan

Finlay def. Lashley

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Small, Yet Huge Draft Pick

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The show kicked off with the WWE Champion, Triple H, coming down to the ring for yet another (probable) 20 minute promo. He walked down to the ring with his belt over his shoulder. He walked into the ring to a wave of boos, and he walked in the ring to take a microphone. The music cut and The Game began to talk.

Triple H: (after taunting the crowd a bit, drawing heat) Now it's time to talk about...my opponent for later tonight. I don't know who it is, but I'm the WWE Champion. I've held the belt ELEVEN..TIMES. I've beaten the greats. Not Ric Flair, not The Undertaker, not The Rock, not Stone Cold Steve Austin could BEAT...THE GAME. So no matter WHO is coming from the Smackdown locker room...won't beat The Game...because I'm The Game, and I'm THAT...DAMN...GOOD!

Next, Shelton Benjamin came out set for a non-title matchup against Chavo Guerrero. Shelton came out with his momma, who looked as joyful as ever, with the Intercontinental Championship perched on her lap as she was wheeled to the ring by her son, Shelton. After he came out, the match was set to begin, since Chavo was already in. The two had a great match, going back and forth. Chavo really looked good, back to his form we saw at Backlash in the Intercontinental Championship match. In the end, Guerrero went for a Frog Splash, but Shelton moved out of the way. He lifted him up and hit the Exploder for the win.

Next up was the Masterlock Challenge. "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters did his normal entrance, getting some heat from the crowd for attacking Carlito last week. (It seems Carlito's the face.) Masters came down to the ring with a chair set up. He cut his little promo, talking about how the Masterlock has never been broken, and introduced the opponent. Ric Flair's theme hit and the crowd went nuts. He came down to the ring and sat in the chair. Masters locked in the Masterlock, and Flair fought for about 1:45 before, once again, falling victim to the Masterlock.

After a commercial break, Rob Van Dam was standing backstage with a microphone in hand. He was about to talk about his loss against Triple H last week on RAW, and what's in the future.

Rob Van Dam: Last week, here on RAW, yours truly *does thumb pointing* Rob! Van! Dam! had a matchup against the WWE Champion, Triple H. I gave it all I had, but The Game was the better man...on that night. Ever since last week, I've been thinking. I went on Byte This and talked, which everyone out there should check out on WWE.com. But watching the highlights of last week really got me thinking. I was sitting at home, thinking "Am I still the same *thumb motions* Rob..Van..Dam as I was in ECW? I haven't been earning anything lately, other than my briefcase. But other than that, when was my last World Title shot?" So I've come back and I have a whole new attitude. I'm gonna revisit my career, when I was at the height of my popularity. Back when I really WAS "Mr. Pay-Per-View!" Back in ECW, when I WAS "The Whole F'n Show" So everyone, be prepared for a whole new...Rob..Van..Dam!

Next up was the WWE Championship's number one contender, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels, vs. Carlito. Carlito came out first, to a mixed reaction from the Washington, D.C. crowd. Michaels came out to all pops. The match went on for a good eight minutes before Carlito fell to the Sweet Chin Music. After that, Mickie James defeated Ashley Massaro.

"Metallingus" by Alter Bridge hit and Edge walked out to the ring for another edition of The Cutting Edge. The equipment was ready in the ring for him to use. Edge climbed in the ring and grabbed a microphone. After the boos subsided, the Rated R Superstar began to speak.

Edge: After all the talks, all the hype, it's FINALLY here. The night we've ALL been waiting for. The Draft Lottery begins TONIGHT, right here on the Cutting Edge! Just like everyone out here, I wanna know who's gonna be the next to get his ass kicked by The Rated R Superstar, so here we go. Introducing the 2006 Draft Lottery's opening pick, here he is!

Edge points to the ramp. The drama builds as Edge keeps telling him to come out. When, all of a sudden...


The crowd blows the ROOF off of the MCI Center as Rey Mysterio's music hits! He comes out with a huge grin on his face and an Eddie Guerrero "Latino Heat" Tribute shirt on. He gets into the ring and grabs a mic.

Edge: What the hell are you doing here, Rey? Shouldn't you be over on Smackdown with that Junior Division?

Rey Mysterio: Listen up, Edge, you can't judge a man by his size, but judge him...by his heart. And after I take out Triple H this week, I want YOU next week, Mr. "Rated R Superstar."

Edge: *laughs* Me? Face...you? Ha! Rey, this is the closest to a match that you'll EVER have with the Rated R Superstar.

Edge begins to pound away at Rey's head. He begins to kick him and he knocks him down. But Rey begins to fight back and punches Edge. Once he gets the upper hand, Triple H, who has a match against Rey later on, runs in. He attacks Mysterio from behind, knocking him down. Rey gets up and is Speared by Edge, followed by a Pedigree from Triple H! HHH yells for a referee. Chad Patton runs down and rings the bell. Triple H makes the cover and gets the 1...2...3! The Game and Edge tower over Rey Mysterio in victory as the WWE goes to commercial.

After Three Minute Warning and Chris Jericho cut promos, it was main event time. Chris Jericho came out, followed by Kane. Then, Big Show entered before his partner, John Cena. The match got underway with Kane and John Cena in the ring. The two battled it out with the giant getting the upper hand. After a tag to Big Show, the two monsters stared each other down and went at it. When Show got the momentum, Jericho was tagged in. At the end of the match, John Cena hit the F-U on Kane for the victory!

RAW Results

Rey Mysterio drafted to RAW

John Cena & The Big Show def. Kane & Chris Jericho

Non-Title Matchup

Triple H def. Rey Mysterio

Mickie James def. Ashley Massaro

Shawn Michaels def. Carlito

Non-Title Matchup

Shelton Benjamin def. Chavo Guerrero

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This is an amazing Diary so far. There were lots of twists and turns too. Like the Bret Hart news. Him, kand TNA? And also the Sabin thing. Shame becuase I thought he could do really well with some more matches.

Keep up the really good work. You have my full attention (Y)

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As RAW's Pay-Per-View Vengeance kicked off, the pyrotechnics went off as the crowd was electrified, going nuts. Joey Styles and Jerry "The King" Lawler greeted all the fans viewing from home as the show was set to start. They gave a rundown and a preview of all the matches on tonight's card. Then, the show began.

First, "LoveFuryPassionEnergy" hit and Lita made her way to the ring to some boos. She looked intense for her matchup against her longtime rival, Trish Stratus. Lita walked down to the ring while sometimes looking into the crowd and smirking. She got in the ring and awaited her opponent. "It's Time To Rock and Roll" hit and another former WWE Women's Champion, Trish Stratus, made her way to the ring.

Trish got in the ring and was immediately attacked by Lita. She went after her with hard stomps, before lifting her up and slapping her in the face. Lita picked up the former Women's Champion, smirked, and hit a well-executed DDT. Cover, 1..2..kick out by Trish. As Lita went to lift her up again, Trish began to fight back, with elbows and forearms to her stomach. Trish got out of Lita's grip before hitting off the ropes and looking for a clothesline. Lita ducked and nailed a dropkick.

Joey Styles: Wow, Lita's really taking it to Trish Stratus here tonight.

Jerry Lawler: She sure is, Joey, and Trish really has no answer right now.

Lita gave a very arrogant smirk as the crowd booed loudly. As Trish was trying to get up, Lita pushed her and she fell out of the ring, producing a thud as she hit the ground. The crowd booed at Lita more as she rolled out after Trish. She lifted Stratus up by her hair and went to slap her, but Trish blocked and slapped her back! Trish took initiative and went after her longtime rival with forearms and kicks. Trish Irish whipped Lita into the apron, before throwing her in.

Joey Styles: My GOD!! Did you hear the sound when Lita's back crunched into the ring apron?

Trish remained in control by whipping Lita into the ropes and clotheslining her. She picked Lita up and hit a scoop slam. When Lita got back to her feet, she ducked a Chick Kick, but Trish hit a back elbow anyway. Stratus hit hard forearms to Lita' head, knocking her back into the corner. Trish lifted her up to a sitting position on the top rope. She backed up and attempted the Stratusphere! However, Lita wrapped her leg around the ropes and didn't allow Trish to flip her over. Trish soon gave up. She got up and went to the top rope to attempt a new move to Lita. But Lita would hit a Tornado DDT from the same position she was in earlier! Lita quickly hopped to the top rope and hit a picture-perfect Moonsault and got the 1, 2, 3!

Joey Styles: Oh my GOD! What a match between these two competitors, and Lita picks up the victory!

Jerry Lawler: It's a shame we didn't get to see more of them.

Winner: Lita

“Bookyaka 619” echoes throughout the Vengeance arena as Rey Mysterio, jumps out of mid-air, looking to be one half of the new World Tag Team Champions. He slaps the hands of tonight’s fans and rolls into the ring, awaiting his partner. Bobby Lashley’s theme music now plays while the Real Deal walks out from behind the curtain. He continues down the ramp, gets into the ring, and shakes Rey’s hand. 3 Minute Warning’s entrance music now begins to ring in the ears of the fans. The champions, Rosey and Jamal, make their way to the ring with a very confident Eric Bischoff. They both roll into the ring, ready to face off against two of the best in the WWE. The referee held up the two World Tag Team Championship belts as the match begins.

Joey Styles: Bobby Lashley is starting for the champions, and Rosey for 3 Minute Warning.

Jerry Lawler: We’re on our way!

Lashley and Rosey lock up in the center of the ring. Rosey gets the advantage due to his size and send Lashley off the ropes. Rosey hits shoulder take down, then goes off the ropes and hits a big splash. Rosey into the cover. 1…2…early kickout by Lashley. Rosey lifts Lashley into his corner and tags in Jamal. Jamal goes straight to work with stomps to Lashley’s gut. Jamal allows Lashley to get to his feet. Jamal hits a huge headbutt on Lashley, which only knocks him to the mat once again. Lashley slowly gets back to his feet for a second time and begins to battle back with some punches. He finally takes Jamal off of his feet with a huge clothesline. Lashley manages to make the tag to Rey Mysterio! Rey delivers a huge springboard takedown to Jamal. Rey into the cover. 1..2..kickout. Rey runs off the ropes and hits a dropkick to the jaw.

Joey Styles: Rey Mysterio is on fire!

Rey starts to kick Jamal’s huge back. Mysterio now runs off the ropes again and connects with a bulldog. Rosey now runs into the ring. Rey Mysterio ducks clothesline from Rosey, sending Rosey over the top rope. Jamal runs towards Rey as well, but gets into a drop-toe hold, which sends him over the same rope. Rey gains momentum, the throws himself over the top rope, knocking over both Rosey and Jamal. Lashley now joins the mix and throws Rosey into the ring. The two illegal men began to battle it out in the center of the ring. Lashley kicks Rosey in the gut. Now the Real Deal kicks Rosey right in between the eyes. Rosey wobbles a bit, but stands his ground. Lashley amazingly lifts up Rosey and delivers a scoop slam.

Jerry Lawler: Look at the strength of Bobby Lashley!

Jamal makes his way back into the ring. Lashley starts to punch Jamal down, but Jamal just throws Lashley away and outside of the ring. Rey Mysterio is now on the apron. He hits a big West Coast Pop onto the giant Jamal. Mysterio with a cover. 1…2….barely kicked out. Rey now got to his feet, as well as Jamal. Jamal once again ran at Rey, got tripped and landed on the second rope. Rey gains speed, and hits his finishing maneuver, the 619! Rey now is on the apron. He goes for another West Coast Pop, but gets nailed with a clothesline from Rosey. Rosey now lifts up Rey, and hits a sidewalk slam. Rosey lifts up Jamal. Jamal and Rosey are both in the ring. But Lashley rolls back into the ring, and hits a double clothesline. Eric Bischoff grabs the foot of Lashley, which cause Bobby to go after him. He follows Eric around the ring post only to meet Rosey who clotheslines him and then slams him into the ring post. Jamal and Rey are in the ring. The referee is distracted with Rosey and Lashley. Rey Mysterio runs towards Jamal and gets clocked with the ring bell. The referee didn’t see the blow. Jamal into the cover. 1…2…3!

Jerry Lawler: No!!

Joey Styles: Damn it! Three Minute Warning steals the victory!

3 Minute Warning’s theme plays again as the World Tag Team Champions celebrate with Eric Bischoff inside the ring. Rosey and Jamal climb the turnbuckle and hold up their gold, before the camera flashes to Styles and Lawler.

Winner: Three Minute Warning (w/ Eric Bischoff) ©

Molly Holly's music blasted throughout the arena, signaling the WWE Women's Championship match. The former Women's Champion came out to a nice ovation as she was set for a chance to regain the gold. Mickie James entered after she did, and had her usual hop in her step as she had the Women's Championship wrapped firmly around her waist. Mickie stepped inside the ring and handed the belt to the referee, who called for the bell. The match was underway.

The two fantastic women's wrestlers went up to each other and locked up in a grapple. Mickie got the advantage by poking Molly in the eye. She kicked her in the gut to gain the momentum. James whipped her into the ropes, but was caught with a clothesline from Molly. Molly picked Mickie up and hit a dropkick. She hit a leg drop as Mickie was down, before lifting her up by her hair. Mickie blocked a punch and slapped Molly in the face.

Jerry Lawler: Uh oh..

Joey Styles: You DON'T do that to a great women's wrestler like Molly Holly.

Molly became enraged and grabbed Mickie by the hair, before tossing her halfway across the ring! She jumped on top of her and swung massive punches to her head, while James covered up. The referee broke up the brawl and Molly was getting cheered wildly as she got up. Mickie regrouped by rolling outside the ring. Molly chased after her and began to work on her on the outside. Molly slammed her head against the ring apron before rolling her back in the ring and making the cover. 1..2..James barely gets her shoulder up.

Joey Styles: Oh, that was close, Mickie BARELY kicked out!

Jerry Lawler: Come on Mickie!

Molly looked disappointed as she lifted Mickie by her hair. Molly picked Mickie up and hit a nice Northern Lights Suplex, while maintaining the bridge. The count, 1..2..kick out. Molly was getting very frustrated, so she picked the Women's Champion up again. She Irish whipped her into the turnbuckle. Molly then ran at Mickie, who saw it coming. Mickie lifted herself up over Molly and ended up behind her. James rolled her up and held onto the ropes. The referee didn't see the illegal leverage and counted. 1...2...3! Mickie James ran for the belt from Lilian Garcia and ran for the hills! Mickie James walked backwards up the ramp, smirking at Molly, who was furious in the ring.

Winner: Mickie James

“Cool” hits as Carlito walks out with his typical Puerto Rican shirt and apple. He’s really focused, and high-fives some of the front row hands as he's cheered, for once. Now “Masterpiece” plays and the lights dim as the sculpted Chris Masters is seen through a spotlight kneeling on the top of the ramp, cloak over his back. He performs his usual entrance, synchronized with his theme, and made his way to the ring. He and Carlito had their eyes fixed on each other. Masters got into the ring and the referee held Carlito back as Masters simply smirked at him. The referee called for the bell.

Joey Styles: Here we go, King, these two young superstars are set to go one-on-one here.

As the timekeeper rang the bell, Carlito and Masters were ready to face off. The arrogant Masters dared Carlito to try and punch him. He even put both hands behind his back. Carlito went for a punch, but Masters blocked it and fought back. Carlito was sent backwards with each punch from the 275 pound Masterpiece. The powerhouse Masters had complete control over Carlito, who looked like a stick compared to his former friend and ally. Masters grabbed Carlito's hand and Irish whipped him into the ropes. Carlito came back and kicked Masters in the chest after a telegraphed back body drop.

Joey Styles: Wow, what a SHOT!

After landing that kick, Carlito tried to gain momentum. The former United States and Intercontinental Champion hit The Masterpiece with hard punches, sending him reeling. Masters backed himself into a corner, where Carlito continued to land nice punches. He lifted Masters to a sitting position on the top rope and began to go after him, in search of a Superplex. Carlito did get in the right position for the Superplex, but Masters would break it and shove him off. Masters jumped down from the rope and waited for Carlito to get up. Masters grabbed him by the afro as he got up and slammed his head into the turnbuckle. Masters pulled Carlito out of the corner and looked for a vertical suplex. He lifted Carlto in the air for about eight seconds.

Jerry Lawler: All the blood must be rushing to Carlito's head, and that's not good for him.

Joey Styles: Look at the power of the 23 year old Chris Masters!

Masters finally fell backwards and completed the suplex. He picked Carlito back up, but he poked Masters in the eye. After landing some flush punches, he bounced off the ropes and came back to a HARD spinebuster. Masters made the cover, but only got two. Masters argued with the referee and backed him into a corner as Carlito was getting up. Carlito capitalized on this opportunity and hit his inverted backbreaker, perhaps saving the referee.

Joey Styles: Ouch, what a Backcracker by Carlito!

Carlito went for the cover, but got two. He lifted Chris Masters up and punched him square in the center of the head, knocking him back down. He put the boots to the Masterpiece and finally walked away, to cheering fans. When Masters got up, Carlito went back to work on him, hitting a DDT, aptly named Carlito's Way, planting the Masterpiece. He got two on that cover, and the crowd was surprised. Carlito lifted Masters back up and set up for the Rolling Cutter, but Masters powered out of it before he could hit it and pushed Carlito straight into the referee! Masters rolled outside the ring and grabbed a chair. He went back in the ring with it and smashed it over Carlito's head! After throwing the chair out of the ring, he lifted up his limp body and locked in the Masterlock, swinging Carlito furiously. The referee woke up as Carlito was already down to one knee. The referee raised and dropped Carlito's hand and called for the bell!

Joey Styles: Damn it! Masters escaped with the win! No! That damn steel chair!

Chris Masters kept the Masterlock applied for a good fifteen seconds afterwards, before swinging Carlito to the ground. The Masterpiece walked out of the ring area to boos. He had a cocky smirk on his face, having won the match and laid out Carlito in the ring.

Winner: Chris Masters

After that match was over, Charlie Haas's music hit, signaling the start of the Intercontinental Championship Ladder match. A ladder had already been set up outside the ring before Haas entered. Charlie came down and stared up the ladder, before getting in the ring. "Ain't No Stoppin' Me" hit and the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, came out to the ring, accompanied by his momma. The two walked to the ring, before Shelton kissed her and she wished him luck as he climbed into the ring. Shelton handed the belt to the referee, who had it raised above the ring as the two competitors made their final mental preparations for this matchup.

Joey Styles: Here we go, two former friends going at it in a Ladder match for the Intercontinental Championship!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, let's see if Shelton really CAN beat Haas.

The bell was rung and the two former best friends were set to go at it. They circled the ring for a few moments, before Shelton raised his hand to Haas for a test of strength. Haas accepted and the two interlocked hands. Charlie quickly overpowered Benjamin, who got out of it by landing a boot to Haas's gut. He attacked like a vulture, hitting hard elbows, forearms, and punches. He grabbed the challenger by his hair and dragged him over to the turnbuckle. Shelton viciously slammed his head onto the turnbuckle. He pushed him into the corner before climbing up to the second ropes and beginning to punch him in the head. He hit 9, before slapping Haas in the face and smirking for the tenth. Shelton jumped down from the ropes and let Charlie fall.

Joey Styles: Blatant disrespect right there from the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin!

Jerry Lawler: Yeah, you would've thought his momma would teach him good manners.

Speaking of Big Momma, she looked on with confidence as her baby boy, Shelton, had complete control of the match. The first ladder was brought into play as Benjamin tossed the limp Haas out of the ring and went after him. Shelton closed the ladder that was upright outside the ring and was ready to use it as a weapon. He waited patiently for Haas to get up, before running at him with the ladder over his shoulder. Haas ducked, and Benjamin ran into the apron chest first, letting go of the ladder, which flew through the ropes and into the ring. Haas made his way up as Benjamin obviously was hurt after having the wind knocked out of him. Charlie rolled in the ring.

Jerry Lawler: Wow, that had to hurt the Intercontinental Champion.

Haas bought some time waiting for Shelton to get up. Once Shelton caught his breath, he got back in the ring and the two brawled some more. The two exchanged punches before Shelton was losing balance. Charlie Haas continued landing punches on Benjamin, who eventually fell backwards. He picked up the ladder and waited for the IC Champion to get up. Benjamin got up and was cracked with the ladder in the head! The crowd popped as Haas set the ladder up in the corner, upright. Shelton got up and Haas attempted to whip him into the ladder, but Shelton reversed it and sent his challenger back first into it. Shelton went for a Stinger Splash, but Haas dodged and sent the Intercontinental Champion flying into the ladder!

Joey Styles: Great job by Haas, sending Shelton Benjamin into that steel ladder!

After Shelton wobbled back and Haas hit a German Suplex, he reached over for the ladder. Haas awaited Shelton's rising with the ladder in hand. When Shelton got up, Haas ran at him full-speed with the ladder. But on seemingly pure instinct, Shelton Benjamin hit a vicious kick, knocking the steel back into the challenger's face!

Jerry Lawler: What a kick by the champion!

Shelton set the ladder up beneath the title belt and began to climb it. He climbed at a pretty slow pace. When he got up to about the fifth step, Haas had already gotten up and began to climb. Shelton reached up for the belt when he got close enough, and Charlie wasn't far behind. The two battled it out on the top of the ladder, throwing punches. Shelton's appeared to have more of an effect, as Haas began to teeter back. Haas tried to swing one last desperation punch, but Shelton ducked it and caught him in a Rock Bottom-type position. He jumped off the ladder and hit a beautiful T-Bone Suplex, knocking the ladder down in the process!

Joey Styles: OH MY GOD!! Shelton hit that Exploder off the top of the ladder!

Jerry Lawler: As my good friend Jim Ross would say, "He's been broken in half!!"

The two were down for a good 25 seconds before the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin began to stir. Haas was still out cold as Benjamin crawled toward the fallen ladder. He picked it up and set it up once more. Benjamin climbed, even slower than before, but Haas showed no signs of movement. Shelton Benjamin got to the top and began to unhook the Intercontinental Championship from where it was raised, above the ring. Benjamin unhooked it and his momma celebrated on the outside as Benjamin sat at the top of the ladder, the victor of the match.

Joey Styles: Shelton Benjamin has done it! What a match, it's too bad he had to win it.

Jerry Lawler: Both men gave it their all, but it looks like Shelton Benjamin was the better man on this night.

Shelton Benjamin climbed down and Haas made his way to his feet. The two stared each other down in the ring. Shelton had his belt around his waist as both men were breathing heavily. The crowd got silent until Haas extended his hand to the Intercontinental Champion. Benjamin shook his hand and the crowd went wild as the two friends shared an emotional moment in the ring. Shelton would leave the ring with his momma and they went to the back as the camera went back to Styles and Lawler.

Joey Styles: Charle Haas is a class act. Even after losing, he still had the sportsmanship to offer an act of respect and friendship in the form of a handshake. These two men put on a hell of a match, and they deserve the ovation they got.

Winner: Shelton Benjamin ©

“Longhorns” plays as the white limousine with the ever-familiar longhorns on the hood of the car pulls out from the back. The driver exits the vehicle, walks to the back and opens the door. Just then JBL steps out with a smirk on his face. JBL walks down the ramp and shakes hands with the front row fans. He walks up the steel steps, and gets into the ring.

Bradshaw reaches into his jacket and pulls out hand sanitizer with innumerable boos coming from the crowd. “One of a Kind” hits as Rob Van Dam walks out from behind the curtain. The crowd explodes as RVD does his ROB…. VAN…DAM! pose at the top of the ramp. Rob Van Dam walks down the ramp and rolls into the ring. He climbs a turnbuckle and does his RVD pose again. RVD jumps down as he goes into a stare-down with his focused opponent, JBL.

Jerry Lawler: You could cut the tension with a knife!

Joey Styles: JBL cost Van Dam his match last week, let's see if RVD can get him back for it! Let’s get it on!

JBL and RVD lock up in the center of the ring. JBL gets the advantage and locks in a side headlock. JBL sends RVD off the ropes and takes him down with a shoulder block takedown. JBL goes into an early pin cover. 1…2…kick out. JBL lifts up Van Dam and backs him up into a corner. JBL sends RVD hard into the opposite turnbuckle, which sends Van Dam to the mat. JBL into another cover. 1…2…kick out again. JBL begins to get frustrated as he tosses RVD through the second rope. JBL goes to the outside as well. JBL slams RVD’s skull into the steel steps. He does his Longhorns pose as he lifts RVD again. This time him sends Van Dam’s ribs into the ring post. JBL throws the battered RVD back into the ring.

Joey Styles: JBL wasting no time!

JBL into another pin. 1…2…RVD kicks out. JBL sends RVD off the ropes and goes for his finisher, the Clothesline from Hell. RVD ducks and kicks JBL in the gut. RVD begins delivering kicks to the head of Layfield. RVD goes off the ropes but gets knocked down by JBL’s Clothesline from Hell. JBL drags himself into the cover. 1…2…KICKOUT! JBL complains to the referee. A now frustrated JBL lifts up Van Dam. JBL lifts RVD into Military Press position, but RVD counters with a DDT. RVD goes to a corner and now hits a springboard moonsault. RVD climbs to the top rope. Five Star Frog Splash ! Van Dam into the cover 1…2…3! “One of a Kind” plays again as RVD rolls out of the ring and starts to make his way up the ramp. JBL crawls over to the ring announcer and takes a microphone.

JBL: Wait, get your ass back in this ring! You stupid piece of garbage! That was a fluke and you know it! I’d bet every penny in my wallet that you couldn’t do that again! You punk ass pony tail acrobat! Get your ass back in this ring. I'm challenging you to a rematch right now! If you are any form of a man, you’ll dig down deep and beat me again. But it is impossible to beat JBL. Everyone in this arena is chanting my name. (crowd boos) J….B…L ! So c’mon !

Joey Styles: Don’t do it RVD! You already won the match!

Jerry Lawler: Let’s just see how much of a man RVD really is!

RVD gets back to his feet and walks back to the ring. He gets back in. JBL begins punching RVD’s back. RVD pushes JBL off. JBL goes off the ropes and goes for a Clothesline from Hell. RVD ducks and puts JBL into a small package. 1…2…3 ! “One of a Kind” plays for a second time as RVD celebrates his second win in one night. RVD climbs to the top rope and does his RVD pose again.

Joey Styles: RVD beat JBL twice here tonight at Vengeance!

Jerry Lawler: I can’t believe my eyes!

Winner: Rob Van Dam (twice)

The seventh matchup of Vengeance would be a grudge match between the former WWE Champion John Cena and the former Undisputed Champion Chris Jericho. "My Time Is Now" hit and Cena came out to a roaring crowd, looking pumped up. John Cena walked down to the ring and awaited the egomaniac, Chris Jericho. Y2J walked down to the ring, looking cocky as ever. The fans booed him as he entered. When he got in the ring, Cena went after him and the bell was rung.

Cena went to work on his nemesis with hard punches to the spine and the back of the head. He whipped Jericho into the ropes and hit a diving shoulderblock. Y2J immediately got up and ran into another one. Jericho rolled outside the ring to regain his composure. The crowd went wild for Cena in the ring. Y2J rolled back in and Cena went to work again. Jericho gained the momentum with a thumb to the eye, quieting the crowd a bit.

Joey Styles: Damn him! That wasn't fair!

Jericho attacked like a hawk, hitting nice kicks and punches to the former WWE and US Champion. He locked in a side headlock, which Cena soon reversed. He threw the egomaniac Chris Jericho into the ropes, before catching a spinning heel kick. Jericho tried to lock in the Walls of Jericho, but Cena wouldn't turn over. John Cena ended up reaching the ropes before it was applied, and the referee broke the hold. They began to brawl as Cena got back up. Cena won the punch-fest, before Irish whipping Chris Jericho into the ropes. Cena ducked a flying forearm and hit a belly-to-belly suplex!

Jerry Lawler: Cena hit a nice suplex there!

Jericho got back up and the two fought some more. They exchanged blows, and Jericho used more cheap tactics to get himself in the driver's seat, this time stomping on Cena's foot. He hit a DDT to follow that! After a two count, He lifted up Cena, who began to fight back. He hit some clotheslines, followed by two consecutive shoulderblocks. After a ducked clothesline, Cena his his inverted back suplex, the Protoplex! He signaled for the Five Knuckle Shuffle, and the crowd went wild! He went for it, and hit it! He waited for Jericho to rise before hoisting him onto his shoulders for the F-U! Jericho quickly shifted his weight to Cena's back, rolling him over in a Crucifix pin! The referee counted! 1! 2! Kick out! Cena kicked out, and got right back up as the two faced off. Jericho quickly dropkicked him in the knee and locked in the Lion Tamer-style Walls of Jericho! Cena tapped out after about twenty seconds and Chris Jericho had won the match!

Joey Styles: Oh my GOD!! He's beaten John Cena!

Jerry Lawler: Jericho did it!

Chris Jericho's theme hit as he exited the ringside area and went backstage to a sea of boos from the crowd.

Winner: Chris Jericho

After some final previews and hype for the main event, the time had come. Styles and Lawler spent some time hyping how good of friends Shawn Michaels and Triple H used to be, and how it all turned bad. They went through their whole history, up until this current rivalry, before "Sexy Boy" hit and Shawn Michaels was cheered as he entered for his title shot. He made his way to the ring, before "Time To Play the Game" hit and the WWE Champion, Triple H, came out to defend his belt. Once he was in the ring, the match was underway.

Cameras flashed all over the arena as the longtime rivals, "The Heartbreak Kid" Shawn Michaels and Triple H stared each other down in the ring. Michaels extended his hand and the crowd went wild. Triple H smirked and pondered for a moment, before giving a HARD slap to Michaels's face! The crowd gave him massive heat as he and HBK brawled for a good five minutes. They both ended up outside the ring, where Michaels had control after blocking a punch from The Game. Michaels slammed Triple H's head into the steel steps!

Joey Styles: Ouch Triple H's head bounced off of those steps!

Michaels rolled Triple H back in the ring. He brought the Game up by his hair and Irish whipped him into the ropes. After Michaels hit a standing dropkick, he made the cover for a two count. HBK went to lift up Triple H, who began to fight back. He hit punches to Michaels's stomach and then up to his head. After a quick kick to the gut, Triple H capitalized like a hawk finding its prey and landed a swift DDT! Michaels was planted! Triple H began to work on his knee, locking in the Indian Deathlock! Michaels howled in pain as The Game applied pressure on the knee of Shawn Michaels. HBK would eventually get to the ropes, but not before suffering a lot of pain to his knee.

Jerry Lawler: Michaels's leg is badly hurt, I don't think he's got a shot to be honest.

Michaels used the ropes to lift himself up into the corner. Triple H saw him struggling and ran at him, attempting to hit a jumping high knee. Michaels scouted this and dropped, as that was the only way he could get out of the way. HHH's leg got caught on the ropes and he took a nasty fall to the floor. Michaels tried to catch his breath and keep his weight off of his knee by lifting himself up and standing with the help of the ropes. As the WWE Champion got up on the outside, Shawn launched himself over the ropes and landed on Triple H! The crowd went nuts!

Joey Styles: Oh my GOD!! Shawn Michaels just took out The Game on the outside!

Jerry Lawler: I don't know if he should've done that, Joey, he might have done more harm than good to himself.

It took both men until the count of seven to get in the ring. They began to fight again as they traded punches. Triple H got the advantage and hit off the ropes. Michaels tried to surprise him and hit the Sweet Chin Music as he came back, but The Game knows him too well. He slipped under the kick and bounced off the other ropes. He came back and hit his high knee. After a two count, Triple H lifted up the challenger, who could barely walk. He tried to keep his momentum going by whipping Michaels into the ropes, but he reversed it into an Irish whip of his own. Michaels telegraphed a back body drop and Triple H hit a facebuster.

Joey Styles: Triple H is ALL OVER the challenger, Shawn Michaels.

After Triple H got a two count, The Heartbreak Kid began to fight back. The Game went to pick him up, but Michaels was punching him in the stomach. He fought out and hit off the ropes, before landing a forearm. He did a Kip-Up and started to feed off of the electricity of the crowd. Michaels waited for Triple H to get up and hit a reverse atomic drop. He went to the top rope and attempted his diving elbow. He nailed it and got up, with the crowd going nuts. Michaels set up in the corner and began to stomp his foot on the ground, tuning up the band for the Sweet Chin Music! The fans were going wild as the game stood up and turned around, dazed. Michaels went for the Sweet Chin Music, Triple H ducked and waited for him to turn around. HHH kicked him in the gut and landed the Pedigree! He made the cover and retained his title, much to the crowd's dismay.

Joey Styles: Damn it! Triple H retained his title against Shawn Michaels!

Triple H went to the top rope and posed with his belt as fans began to leave.

Jerry Lawler: Michaels gave it all he had, but The Game was the better man on this night.

Joey Styles: For Jerry "The King" Lawler, I'm Joey Styles, saying goodbye from Vengeance! Triple H retains his title! Damn it!

Winner: Triple H ©

Vengeance 2006 Results

Lita def. Trish Stratus

World Tag Team Championships

Three Minute Warning (w/ Eric Bischoff) © def. Lashley & Rey Mysterio

Women's Championship

Mickie James © def. Molly Holly

Chris Masters def. Carlito

Intercontinental Championship -- Ladder Match

Shelton Benjamin © def. Charlie Haas

Rob Van Dam def. JBL (x2)

Chris Jericho def. John Cena

WWE Championship

Triple H © def. Shawn Michaels

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Kane Ruins A Classic

IPB Image

To kick off Smackdown, London and Kendrick would face off with MNM in a non-title matchup. Nitro and Mercury came out with Melina looking to get a shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships by defeating the champions here tonight. Once they were in the ring, the champions ran down to the ring and did their usual entrance before the bell was rung. As the match got underway, the Tag Team Champions got control. But with a rake of the eyes, Johnny Nitro had control of Paul London. Later on, London was pushed off the top rope by Mercury, the illegal man, while he was trying to attempt the London Calling. While he was still outside and Melina was distracting the referee, Mercury hit a low blow on Kendrick! MNM lifted him up and hit the Snapshot, and the referee counted to three for the win! MNM will face London and Kendrick at King of the Ring!

After Kid Kash cut a promo, it was time for Ken Kennedy taking on Scotty 2 Hotty. Kennedy would make quick work of Scotty, but what happened afterward was the highlight. After the match, he continued to beat up on Scotty 2 Hotty. He would toss him out of the ring and grab a mic as he assaulted the helpess and defenseless cruiserweight.

Ken Kennedy: Boo all you want! Who's gonna stop this? *points to man in front row* Are you gonna stop me? I don't think so!

Kennedy planted Scotty with a DDT and smirked. He rolled him in the ring and got him in position for the Green Bay Plunge. All of a sudden, Matt Hardy's theme hit and Kennedy was startled. He tossed Scotty out to the floor as Hardy walked down the ramp. He got in the ring and the two began to brawl. Hardy made quick work of Kennedy by clotheslining him over the ropes. Kennedy went to the back, looking pissed off as Smackdown went to commercial.

Randy Orton addressed the King of the Ring tournament next. After he talked about his possible challengers, it was time for a match. Batista's theme hit and he entered the arena to a massive pop. On his way to the ring, Finlay attacked him with the ring bell from behind! He knocked him down and continued the brawl on the outside. Finlay slammed the head of The Animal into the guard rail. Once the match officially got underway, Finlay had a huge advantage. But Batista fought out with a back body drop after Finlay hit into the ropes. The match ended when Finlay went to hit Batista with his shillelagh, but he ducked, before kicking Finlay in the gut and hitting the Batista Bomb for the win!

Next, Edge was backstage in his locker room. He was looking around, obviously afraid of the Boogeyman.

Edge: Where is he?!

Edge peers out the door, but the Boogeyman was nowhere to be seen.

Edge: L-Listen Boogeyman, I am NOT afraid of you. *looks around* Next week...starts the King of the Ring qualifiers. If you cost me my chance to win the World Heavyweight Championship, I WILL take you out.

Edge began to talk about not being scared of the Boogeyman and that he should be the one scared of Edge. Once he was done, Ric Flair cut a promo. After the promos were finished, Flair went out to the ring for his match with "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. Orton came out, and then the bell was rung to signal the start of the matchup. Flair had control early, using his usual offense. The tide turned when Orton threw Flair off the top rope as he attempted a move. Late in the match, Orton was whipped into the turnbuckle. Flair ran at him, but Orton used the ropes to throw himself over him. Orton rolled up Flair and held the ropes for the win!

After Kurt Angle cut a promo, it was time for the main event. Kurt Angle came out first, looking to make a statement and end his losing streak. Angle entered the ring and awaited his opponent. "Whatever" hit and Chris Benoit walked out to a nice pop from the fans as well. He got in the ring and the two technical masters were set to go at it. This was as great of a match as expected, until Angle locked in the Ankle Lock on Benoit. All of a sudden, Kane ran in and attacked The Wrestling Machine. He hit a Chokeslam and started to laugh. Benoit walked up to him and began to yell at him for interfering. Kane just laughed and walked out of the ring as Smackdown went off the air with Benoit looking disappointed and Angle out cold.

Smackdown Results

Kurt Angle def. Chris Benoit by DQ

Non-Title Matchup

Randy Orton def. Ric Flair

Batista def. Finlay

Ken Kennedy def. Scotty 2 Hotty

Non-Title Matchup

MNM def. London & Kendrick

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Eight Went In, Two Came Out

IPB Image

To kick off the show, we were already saddled with a King of the Ring matchup. Chris Masters's theme hit and he was underneath a spotlight, with a cape draped over his back. Masters would pose at the appropriate time in his music, ready for his King of the Ring first round matchup against a man who he's had little success against, "The Whole F'n Show" Rob Van Dam. Masters completed his entrance. Then the fans gave a great reaction as "One of a Kind" (by Breaking Point) hit and "Mr. Monday Night" Rob Van Dam was seen walking down to the ring. He stopped at the stage to do his "Rob Van Dam" thumb gestures, before walking to the ring with his briefcase in hand. RVD looked intense and focused as he was set to face "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters.

Jonathan Coachman: How does anybody like this guy? He's just an overrated acrobat. What has Rob Van Dam ever done in the WWE? What was his last accomplishment? He's never won the WWE Championship. He hasn't even done anything since ECW, which was just a bunch of garbage anyway.

Joey Styles: Listen up Coach! ECW was a collective effort by a bunch of great guys and I'm glad to have been a part of it. I'm ALSO glad to have the pleasure to call most of Rob Van Dam's matches throughout his ECW career! So shut up and do your job, Coach, call the match!

The referee called for the bell as Styles calmed down on commentary. Just like the last few weeks on RAW, Rob Van Dam tried to use his speed to his advantage against the powerhouse Chris Masters. Van Dam hit hard kicks to the Masterpiece's legs early on, trying to keep him off balance. RVD used his martial arts background in his favor as well. RVD kept hopping around and hitting kicks, before Masters caught his leg. Mr. Money in the Bank improvised and hit an Enzuigiri, scrambling Masters's brains a bit. The Masterpiece wobbled, before RVD dropkicked him and he fell. RVD went up to the top rope and tried the Five Star Frog Splash early, but Masters moved out of the way! Later on in the match, Rob Van Dam did not allow Masters to lock in the Masterlock. He grabbed the ropes before it was fully locked in. The Masterpiece would regain the advantage, but after countless pin attempts, RVD would not stay down. After Chad Patton was knocked down by Masters, who pushed RVD into him, The Masterpiece went outside the ring to get a steel chair. He slid in the ring with it and stalked the groggy Rob Van Dam. When RVD turned around, he ducked the chair shot, and when Masters turned back around, Van Dam hit a vicious kick to the chair, which hit into Masters's face! Van Dam pushed the chair out of the ring and went to the top rope. He landed the Five Star Frog Splash as Chad Patton crawled over for the 1..2..3! Rob Van Dam has moved on and will face either Shelton Benjamin or Carlito later on tonight!

Next, Todd Grisham is backstage with Carlito, who is wearing his "Do You Spit or Swallow" shirt, with an apple in his hand.

Todd Grisham: I'm backstage with the man who will face off against the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin, later tonight in a King of the Ring first round matchup. If he can beat Shelt--

Carlito: Wait, did you say IF Carlito can beat Shelton Benjamin? Carlito's more den ready to kick dat momma's boy's ass! *crowd pops* And once Carlito's done wit him, I'm takin' out Rob Van Dam too! *mixed reaction from crowd* Shelton Benjamin thinks he's the greatest Intercontinental Champion ever? Well why don'tchu ask him who took dat belt from him in the first place? It wasn't Maven, it wasn't Christian, it wasn't even Chris Jericho. It was Carlito. If Shelton couldn't stop Carlito from winning dat Intercontinental Championship, he's not gonna stop Carlito from becoming King of the Ring and beating Triple H for the WWE Championship at Summaslam! Now DAS cool!

After Carlito was done, his theme hit and his match was set to get underway. Carlito came out wearing the same shirt and carrying the same apple. Carlito looked intent on advancing in the tournament to get one step closer to becoming the WWE Champion. Carlito walked out to a good amount of pops from the fans as he handed his apple to Lillian Garcia before his music was cut off. After he was set in the corner, Shelton Benjamin's music blasted over the P.A. system and the fans' cheers turned to boos rather quickly. Shelton Benjamin came out minus his momma, and he had the Intercontinental Championship over his shoulder. The Intercontinental Champion hopped up on the steps and got into the ring. He handed his belt to the referee, who transferred it to the outside.

Jonathan Coachman: Shelton Benjamin! Now THERE'S a real athlete! He doesn't need Momma, Benjamin's gonna take Carlito all by himself.

Jerry Lawler: *sarcastically* Yeah, that's gotta make his momma proud.

Jonathan Coachman: Damn right it will, King, now let's watch a wrestling clinic by the flat out BEST wrestler in the WWE today, the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin.

Joey Styles: These two know each other pretty well, having faced off on four different occasions, with Carlito pinning Shelton Benjamin twice, but Benjamin never pinning Carlito.

Jonathan Coachman: Watch Styles, that'll change here tonight.

The bell was rung and the two scouted each other a bit before locking up. Benjamin locked in a side headlock, which Carlito reversed into an Irish whip. Carlito tried a standing dropkick, but came up with nothing but air as Benjamin hung onto the ropes. Shelton quickly went back on the attack of the former Intercontinental Champion with his feet, stomping him out a couple of times before lifting him up by his hair. Benjamin hit some forearms to the face, before hitting a scoop slam. A couple of more minutes into the match, Carlito was gaining some momentum. He swung a punch, which Benjamin ducked before hitting an inverted facelock backbreaker. These two went at it a bit more, before Shelton Benjamin found himself on the apron, with Carlito on the attack. Carlito hooked his arms for a vertical suplex. It was attempted, but Shelton used some of his own power to flip with it in order to land first and hit a neckbreaker! He made the cover, but got two! Late in the match, Carlito was really making a comeback. He hit the Backcracker, which got an "Ohhh" from the crowd. After getting a two count on that, he lifted the Intercontinental Champion up and got him in position for "Carlito's Way", his modified swinging neckbreaker. All of a sudden, Chris Masters ran down and hopped up on the apron. The referee tried to get him off the apron, and Carlito ran over to confront him. Carlito punched him and knocked him off the apron! Carlito turned around...and was hit with the T-Bone Suplex by Shelton Benjamin! The referee counted to three and Shelton Benjamin has advanced to the Quarterfinals!

Jonathan Coachman: I told you! That man is the future of World Wrestling Entertainment! He's gonna win this tournament, I'm calling it right now!

Joey Styles: Calm down Coach, he only won it because of that damn Chris Masters.

Jonathan Coachman: What are you talking about? Masters never touched Carlito, Carlito was the one who hit The Masterpiece.

After Mickie James cut a promo, it was time for another matchup. This one would consist of JBL and Rey Mysterio. "Longhorns" hit and John "Bradshaw" Layfield came out in his white limousine, full with longhorns on the hood. The chauffeur parked it near the ramp and got out of the driver's seat. He walked to the back seat and opened it, revealing JBL. He had his 10-gallon hat and usual jacket on. He walked down to the ring arrogantly, with a smile on his face as the crowd booed him. JBL filled himself with confidence thanks to these boos. After he got in the ring and prepared for the match, Rey Mysterio's music hit and he was set to take on the man in the ring, JBL. Mysterio came down to the ring to a wave of cheers. He got in the ring.

Joey Styles: Rey Mysterio is looking set to face off against John Bradshaw Layfield.

Jonathan Coachman: Don't get me started on Mysterio, this guy's a walking joke.

Joey Styles: Entertain us, Coach, what's wrong with Mysterio?

Jonathan Coachman: Are you kidding me Styles? Look at the guy. He's 5'6, 170 pounds of no talent.

Joey Styles: Coach, this guy has beaten them all.

Jonathan Coachman: Yeah, on Smackdown! What has he done here on RAW in his career? Nothing! Lost to Triple H, lost to Three Minute Warning, and he showed up for the first time since then last week to qualify for the King of the Ring. Please, this guy's a joke. John Bradshaw Layfield is a Wrestling God and he's gonna show Mysterio that right here tonight.

The bell was struck and the sound signaled the start of this first round matchup. These two had the same styles as Rob Van Dam and Chris Masters, with Mysterio trying to stay away from JBL and use his quickness in his favor. Mysterio used hard kicks to the shins and knees of Bradshaw. JBL was brought to one knee, and Rey bounced off the ropes and hit a front dropkick, knocking him down. When he got back up, Mysterio hit off the ropes again and this time, turned in mid-air and locked a body scissors around JBL, before JBL lifted him up and Rey used an arm drag to get him down. When Bradshaw got back to his feet, Rey went for a head scissors, but the former WWE Champion tossed him off with a lot of force. Mysterio went flying about halfway across the ring. JBL went over to him and began to swing mammoth punches at the 5'6 Mysterio's head. Rey managed to cover up, but the damage had been done by the time the referee broke it up. JBL got up and soaked in the boos. When Rey got up, Bradshaw continued the assault. He pushed him into the corner and hit some hard knee lifts to the cruiserweight. Later on in the match, JBL would hit a Last Call (Fallaway Slam) and get just a two count. A little bit later, Rey Mysterio connected with the 619, and as he was going for the West Coast Pop, JBL countered it into a gigantic powerbomb! Again, that only got a two count from the referee. After Rey regained the advantage, he hit the 619, followed by the seated senton to get a victory over JBL and advance to the Quarterfinals to meet up with either Chris Jericho or his friend Lashley.

Jonathan Coachman: Are you kidding me?! He obviously cheated! He had an illegal substance on himself so JBL couldn't hold on to him! Come on!

Jerry Lawler: Oh will you shut up Coach, JBL lost to Rey Mysterio, get it through your head!

The camera then flashed backstage, where Charlie Haas was walking through the backstage area. He stopped at Vince McMahon's office and knocked before walking in. He walked up to McMahon and started to talk.

Vince McMahon: Charlie! Take a seat.

Charlie Haas: Mr. McMahon, I came here to ask a favor. I came here to get one more shot at that Intercontinental Championship that Shelton Benjamin has. I know I can beat him Vince, I just know it!

Vince McMahon: Well, Mr. Haas, I think I can give you that opportunity, but it'll have to wait until after Summerslam. I'm not letting my Intercontinental Champion Shelton Benjamin have nothing to put on the line against John Cena at Summserlam. So list--

There is another knock at the door.

Vince McMahon: Come on in.

The door opens and Chavo Guerrero walks in, much to the dismay of Haas.

Chavo Guerrero: Hola Vince, I was wondering if you could give me a shot at Shelton Benjamin's Intercontinental Championship. I feel I've earned it with all the years of work I've put into this business.

Charlie Haas: Whoa, Chavo, I was in here first asking about it.

Chavo Guerrero: Well you lost your chance at Vengeance, I never got a singles match against Shelton.

Vince McMahon: Whoa, before anything gets out of hand, I have an idea. The night after Summerslam, we'll see a match that will decide the #1 Contender. It will be you, Charlie Haas going one-on-one with Chavo Guerrero! The winner of this will take on either Shelton Benjamin or John Cena at RAW's next Pay-Per-View, Unforgiven!

Both men look happy as RAW fades to commercial. When it came back, another matchup was set to begin. This was the final first round King of the Ring matchup. Out first was Lashley, whose music hit and the crowd gave a nice pop. He walked to the stage and he did his taunt and fireworks exploded. Lashley walked down to the ring, looking as focused as ever. Lashley was in search of the biggest highlight of his career in winning the WWE Championship. The problem was, he'd have to get through Chris Jericho in order to do it. The lights dimmed and a countdown appeared on the Titan Tron, along with "Break The Walls Down" by Fozzy coming on. Chris Jericho walked out to the top of the stage, and did his usual entrance, before getting in the ring.

Joey Styles: Jericho is SUCH an egomaniac, I really hope Lashley puts him in his place here tonight.

Jonathan Coachman: Chris Jericho isn't an egomaniac because he speaks the truth, Styles. He IS the best in the business. Jericho IS the King of the World, he IS Larger Than Life, and he IS a HUGE rock star! That man symbolizes WWE!

The match was set to begin with Jericho pleading for mercy against the much bigger Bobby Lashley. When Lashley walked up to Jericho, he was on his knees, begging to be spared. Lashley would make a huge mistake, and ponder this decision. As soon as "The Real Deal" let his guard down, Jericho pounced like a lion. Y2J poked Lashley in the eye and began to attack. He hit forearms to Lashley's back and began to hit hard knife-edged chops onto his broad chest. Lashley writhed in pain as Jericho kept on the attack, even hitting a springboard dropkick as Lashley was in the corner. A little bit later, Jericho set Lashley up on the top rope in a sitting position. He was going up to attempt a hurricanrana, before he was caught by Lashley and hit with a huge powerbomb from the top rope! Lashley covered, but the referee counted to two before Jericho was able to thrust his shoulder from the mat. Lashley lifted up Jericho and tried to swing a huge haymaker, which Jericho ducked. Jericho went to kick Lashley, who caught his leg. Jericho hit a nice Enzuigiri and covered for a two count. He attempted to lock in the Walls of Jericho (Lion Tamer style), but Lashley was able to grab the ropes before it was fully locked in. The referee forced Y2J to release the hold, and he did. However, Jericho was putting the boots to The Real Deal until he got up. Lashley then got the advantage with some punches. In the end, Jericho rolled up Lashley and held his tights, along with his feet on the ropes, to collect the victory and move on in the tournament! Jericho left the ring, but he would come back to it later for another match, this time with Rey Mysterio.

After RAW came back from commercial, Rey Mysterio was in his locker room, preparing for his match against Chris Jericho. Lashley walked in and sat down next to Rey, looking disappointed.

Rey Mysterio: Man, that was a tough loss out there, Bobby, but don't worry, I'll beat him for you.

Bobby Lashley: Rey, I'm not worried about that, because I'LL be accompanying you to the ring. To make SURE that Jericho doesn't pull any more funny business and beat you. Jericho is gonna have to earn it to beat you.

Rey Mysterio: Thanks alot, ese, you got my back and I got yours.

Then, the camera flashed back to the ring, where, you guessed it, another match was set to take place, but this was a quarterfinal matchup between Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin. These two were bound to put on a spectacular match. But first, they had to come out to the ring. "Ain't No Stoppin' Me" hit and the Intercontinental Champion, Shelton Benjamin came out for a match for the second time tonight. He defeated Carlito earlier thanks to Chris Masters, but he's not gonna have any help against Rob Van Dam. After Shelton made his entrance, the heat turned to pops for "Mr. Money in the Bank 2006" Rob Van Dam, who had defeated "The Masterpiece" Chris Masters earlier on tonight. Rob Van Dam got in the ring and did his taunting on the top rope. Van Dam jumped down and the match was set to get underway.

Joey Styles: RVD is gonna make you eat your words Coach, he's gonna take Shelton right out of his tournament. I'm sorry folks, I usually commentate with impartialty toward each competitor, but this is an unusual situation. I have nothing against Shelton Benjamin, he's a great athlete, but my broadcast partner Coach here thinks Benjamin is gonna beat Rob Van Dam.

Jonathan Coachman: The Coach is an honest guy, I wouldn't say it if it wasn't true.

Joey Styles: Yeah OK.

These two spectacular athletes were facing off as the bell rang and they made their final preparations for their second matchup of the night. The two former (and current) Intercontinental Champions locked up, with Van Dam getting the short end of the encounter. Benjamin pushed him into the ropes, and when RVD came back, he hit a spinning heel kick to Benjamin. Benjamin got up and was hit with a side kick to the head. When Shelton got back up, he caught Rob Van Dam's leg as he went for another kick. However, Van Dam outsmarted the youngster by hitting an Enzuigiri. Shelton Benjamin was set up perfectly for a Rolling Thunder, which RVD attempted. As he jumped in the air to complete the move, Shelton rolled out of the ring, causing Van Dam to come up empty. Benjamin regrouped on the outside as RVD's back was in pain inside the ring. Shelton Benjamin rolled back in the ring and started to go to work on Mr. Money in the Bank. He hit some hard stomps before lifting RVD up by his hair. He tossed him into the corner before striking him a couple of times. Benjamin climbed up to the second rope and began the 10 punch sequence. At 9, he raised his arms and looked up, soaking in the boos from the crowd. While Shelton was wasting time, Van Dam slipped underneath his legs. When Shelton looked down and didn't see RVD, he turned around. Benjamin jumped down, and Van Dam hit a Sweet Chin Music-type kick, knocking Benjamin off balance and through the ring ropes. Van Dam would hit a plancha to the outside, doing damage to himself and Benjamin. In the end, both men were perched on the top rope. Benjamin was trying to hit a T-Bone Suplex from the top rope, but RVD pushed him off and landed the Five Star Frog Splash for the win!

Jonathan Coachman: Are you serious?! Shelton Benjamin got robbed!

Joey Styles: Were you watching the same match I was watching? Rob Van Dam won it fair and square, and he's going to the semifinals to face either Chris Jericho or Rey Mysterio!

Next, Maria was backstage with none other than the WWE Champion, Triple H!

Maria: Hi, I'm Maria, and I'm backstage here with the WWE Champion, Triple H! Mr. Game, who do you think is gonna win King of the Ring?

Triple H: That's the question I've been asked all week. "Triple H, Triple H, who do you want to face at Summerslam? Who is gonna be your opponent?" And I give them all the same answer. The exact same answer I'm going to give you, Maria. The fact of the matter is, I don't CARE who I face for this belt. Because whoever it is, whether it's the King of the Ring winner or another #1 contender announced later, they will have to pry this belt away from me to get it. I breathe, sweat, and bleed gold. I am an eleven time WWE Champion. No one in this BUSINESS has the credentials that I have. Of those that I've faced, I've beaten every man left in thie King of the Ring tournament. No matter who it is, I've beaten them before, and I'll beat them again. I am the King of Kings...and NO one will knock me off of my throne!

When Triple H was done with his promo, the main event was here. First, "Break the Walls Down" hit and the lights went dim as Chris Jericho was set to make his entrance. Once the countdown was over, Jericho walked out to the stage and did his usual entrance. After he was out, "Bookyaka 619" hit and Rey Mysterio was out to a huge pop. "The Real Deal" Bobby Lashley accompanied Mysterio to the ring. Rey got in the ring and this matchup was set to begin.

Jonathan Coachman: That's not fair, get Lashley outta here! This is gonna be a Handicap match!

Joey Styles: Jericho cheated to eliminate Lashley from this tournament earlier tonight, so it looks like Lashley is making sure the same thing doesn't happen to Rey!

When the match began, the referee searched for illegal substances or weapons on both men, searching their kneepads and tights. Neither had anything illegal on them, and Mike Chioda called for the bell. The match started, and the two circled around the ring, never losing eye contact. They locked up, and Chris Jericho locked in a side headlock. After a few seconds, Rey backed up Jericho into the ropes, before pushing him across the ring into the other set of ropes. Y2J came back and Rey hit an arm drag on Jericho. Y2J got back up and was hit with another arm drag. Mysterio would hit a quick dropkick to Jericho's knee, before hitting hard kicks to his midsection. Mysterio would then hit a DDT to Y2J, and make the cover. Jericho kicked out at two, and Rey Mysterio stayed in the driver's seat. When Y2J got up, Rey Mysterio ran at him, before turning around and locking in a body scissors. Jericho lifted him up, and Rey connected with a facebuster. A couple of seconds later, when Jericho got back up, Rey bounced off the ropes and hit a dropkick to his back, causing him to fall. Jericho was now draped over the second rope. Mysterio went for the 619, but Jericho ducked and rolled him up! Y2J grabbed onto the ropes, but Lashley got his arm away from the ropes and Mysterio kicked out! Jericho oversold the pain, grabbing his arm and screaming in "agony." The referee looked around, but only saw Lashley. The referee ejected Lashley from the match as Jericho continued to fake the pain. As Lashley was walking backstage to loud boos, Jericho was waving with the arm that was "injured." The match continued, and at the end, Jericho grabbed a steel chair from the outside. All of a sudden, Lashley came back through the crowd and grabbed the chair from him before he brought it in the ring. Mike Chioda was yelling at Lashley to get out. Unbeknownst to the referee, Jericho was behind him hitting a low blow on Rey Mysterio! Y2J bounced off the ropes and hit a facecrusher, before hitting the Lionsault! Y2J made the cover and got the 1, 2, 3! Chris Jericho will face Rob Van Dam in the semifinals this Sunday at King of the Ring! The show ends with Coach boasting and Joey Styles cursing Chris Jericho as the camera faded out!

RAW Results

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Rob Van Dam def. Chris Masters

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Shelton Benjamin def. Carlito

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Rey Mysterio def. JBL

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Chris Jericho def. Lashley

King of the Ring Quarterfinal Matchup

Rob Van Dam def. Shelton Benjamin

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Chris Jericho def. Rey Mysterio

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Double Duty II

IPB Image

July 14, 2006

This week on Friday Night Smackdown, the King of the Ring will continue, with both the first round matchups and the quarterfinals will be completed. We'll see six great matchups. First off, we'll see Ric Flair going one-on-one with Kane. Flair is definitely going to have his hands full with the Big Red Machine, who dominated Kurt Angle the last couple of weeks. Speaking of having his hands full, Flair's rival, Finlay, will take on The Undertaker! Undertaker will be making his return against the man who keeps getting the better of Ric Flair. Will Finlay be able to cheat his way out of this match? The winners of these two matches will face each other in the quarterfinals.

Other than that, there are still two other King of the Ring first round matchups. The first matchup will be very good, although we've seen it before. We'll see "The Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit taking on "The Rated R Superstar" Edge. There is no love lost between these two, and that doesn't look as if it will change come this Friday. The final first round matchup is the United States Champion Booker T taking on "The Wrestling Machine" Kurt Angle. These two also don't like each other, and we'll see what happens in that match.

Watch Friday Night Smackdown to see all of this action!

On The Horizon:

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Booker T vs. Kurt Angle

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Edge vs. Chris Benoit

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Kane vs. Ric Flair

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Finlay vs. The Undertaker

King of the Ring Quarterfinal Matchup

Booker/Angle vs. Edge/Benoit

King of the Ring Quarterfinal Matchup

Kane/Flair vs. Finlay/Taker

View Complete KotR Bracket Here

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here's my predictions for Smackdown's KOTR.

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Booker T vs. Kurt Angle

I belive Angle will win this with ease. Although he was shaked up by Kane, Angle should make Booker tap to get to the next round.

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Edge vs. Chris Benoit

I think Edge will pull off the victory which could launch his Smackdown Career, Benoit has suffered a moral blow after loosing his title.

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Kane vs. Ric Flair

I think the overwelming size difference will give Kane the victory. Ric flair is nowehere to be seen on the Power 25 and Kane is rising up fast. His moral has taken a boost after flawing angle too.

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Finlay vs. The Undertaker

Taker may be new to the Power 25 but the deadman is pretty dangerous when it comes to importain matches like this. Deadman should have his game face on and tombstone Finlay out of the tornament!

That's my predictions for the first round of matches. My Raw favourate to win is RVD in the semis and I just hope Deadman and Angle make it to the semis.

I'd also love to see Kane and Taker advance so we can see them in a match.

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Legendary Quarterfinal Matchups

IPB Image

To kick off Smackdown, the first King of the Ring first round matchup was set to take place. First out was Booker T, to his "Can You Dig It" theme. Booker walked out, along with his wife Sharmell and his United States Championship. Booker did his usual entrance, pyro and all. The United States Champion got into the ring and awaited his opponent. Kurt Angle's entrance music blasted throughout the arena and the Olympic gold medalist walked to the ring. The fans chanted "You Suck" at the correct time in his theme as Angle pointed to Booker T. Angle got in the ring and Booker T went right after him with stomps and punches.

Tazz: Booker T not wasting any time here, Cole.

Michael Cole: He figures that the way to beat the Wrestling Machine is to keep him on the ground and isolated. We'll see if this strategy will pay off for the United States Champion.

Booker kept putting the boots to Angle. He lifted him up to his knees and hit a hard knife edged chop. Booker brought Angle up to his feet and pushed him backwards into the turnbuckle. The US Champion hit some more hard shots, including punches to the head. He backed up and tried a clothesline, but Angle moved out of the way! Booker bounced backwards directly into a German Suplex from the former World Heavyweight Champion. Later on in the match, Angle went for the Angle Slam, but Booker rolled over his shoulder. Angle turned around and was hit with a shuffle side kick to the head! Booker made the cover, but only got two! In the end, Angle went for the Angle Slam again, and again Booker rolled over his shoulder. This time, the United States Champion once again attempted the shuffle side kick, but Angle ducked under it and would connect with the Angle Slam! The straps came down and Angle locked in the Ankle Lock! Booker T had no choice but to succumb to the pain and tap out to the devastating hold! Angle has advanced to the Quarterfinals!

The camera then switched backstage, where Johnny Nitro and Joey Mercury were seen beating up the WWE Tag Team Champions, Brian Kendrick and Paul London. They were stomping on them, Melina directing traffic, as referees were trying to pull MNM off. Nitro pushed a referee into a hot dog cart and tipped it over. Mercury would stop stomping on London and pick him up, before slamming his head into the concrete wall. London was busted open as the two beat the living hell out of Brian Kendrick. After throwing him into a couple of garbage cans down the hall, Melina laughed and MNM walked away.

Michael Cole: ...my God, MNM just took apart the WWE Tag Team Champions!

Tazz: MNM's lookin' real good for this Sunday, Cole!

Michael Cole: Are London and Kendrick going to be able to defend their titles this Sunday at King of the Ring?

Out of nowhere, Ric Flair's music hit and the fans gave a nice ovation for The Nature Boy. The 16-time World Heavyweight Champion walked down to the ring in his usual ring attire, tights covered by a long robe. Flair walked down to the ring and got inside the ropes, where he awaited his opponent. Fireworks exploded at the stage to signal Kane's entry to the ring. "Slow Chemical" followed the fireworks as Kane walked out, looking intent on gaining the World Heavyweight Championship. The Big Red Machine walked down to the ring and stepped over the top rope. Kane stood motionless, staring a hole through Flair.

Tazz: Flair's gonna need a LOT of luck to beat the Big Red Machine here tonight.

Michael Cole: If anyone can do it, the Nature Boy can.

Flair looked a bit nervous going up against the vicious Kane. Flair stared Kane down in the middle of the ring. Flair tried to poke Kane in the eye, but Kane grabbed his arm! Kane grabbed his throat and tossed him into the turnbuckle. He hit hard thrusts to Flair's throat before lifting him up onto the second rope. He tossed the Nature Boy off the ropes into the middle of the ring. He made the cover, but Flair kicked out. As Kane lifted The Nature Boy up, Flair fought back. He hit jabs to Kane's stomach, before hitting him in the head with fists. Flair would hit a chop block and start working on the Big Red Machine's leg. After about five minutes of Flair being in complete control, he locked in the Figure Four! Kane would be able to get to the ropes, however. The match would end with Flair jumping off the top rope into a chokehold from Kane, which led to the Chokeslam! The Big Red Machine made the cover and moved on to the next round!

After Kane exited the ring, Josh Matthews was backstage with Batista.

Josh Matthews: Hello, I'm Josh Matthews and I'm standing by with the #1 Contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, Batista! What are your thoughts heading into your huge World Heavyweight Title match this Sunday against Randy Orton?

Batista: You see, Randy Orton's been doing all the talking since I became the #1 Contender. He backed off of a chance to fight me in the ring. All he does is talk. But this Sunday, there IS no running away. Randy, while you've been flapping your jaw, I've been working out and preparing and watching tape. I'm going to be fully ready for you this Sunday at King of the Ring. And when I win--

All of a sudden, Batista is interrupted by "The Rated R Superstar" Edge, who walked by.

Edge: How 'bout you stop talking and let the Rated R Superstar through. I gotta get to the ring to face Chris Benoit and get one step closer to getting RANDY ORTON'S World Heavyweight Championship!

Edge continues walking as Batista looks at him.

Batista: What's his problem?

The camera flashed to the ring, where "Metallingus" by Alter Bridge played and "The Rated R Superstar" Edge was set for his King of the Ring first round matchup against "The Rabid Wolverine" Chris Benoit. Edge came out wearing red "Rated R Superstar" tights and his old coat and sunglasses. He ran down the last couple of feet and slid into the ring to boos from the crowd. Edge took off his glasses and coat before Chris Benoit's theme hit. He came out to a nice pop and got in the ring to start the match.

Michael Cole: These two have a lot of bad blood towards each other, and this match will not help those feelings.

Tazz: You're right, Cole, we'll see who wins it this time.

The two rivals locked up in the middle of the ring, with Edge backing Benoit into a corner. The referee broke it up, before Edge went right back to work with boots to Benoit's gut. He isolated Benoit in the corner with kicks and punches. Edge would back up and attempt a Spear into the turnbuckle, but Benoit evaded, sending the Rated R Superstar straight into the ring post! Edge stayed there for a few moments, before getting back up and receiving a HARD knife edged chop from Benoit. Benoit began his chopping raid before Irish whipping Edge into the ropes and hitting a clothesline. Late in the match, Edge would use a chair after the referee was knocked out. Jim Korderas was getting up as Edge was setting up for a Spear to cap it off. All of a sudden, the lights dimmed and red smoke rose from the floor. Edge turned around and was shocked as a message appeared on the TitanTron. It read: "The Boogeyman NEVER Forgets...." Then, Boogeyman was heard laughing over the P.A. System. The lights went back to normal as Edge turned around and was locked in the Crippler Crossface by Benoit! Edge was forced to tap out and Chris Benoit will face Kurt Angle later on tonight!

Smackdown came back from commercial with Edge irate in Theodore Long's office.

Edge: Did you SEE that?! The Boogeyman robbed me! I DEMAND a rematch with Benoit!

Theodore Long: Well playa, I can't do that for ya, but I'll tell you what I CAN do. I'm gonna give you a match that if you win, will make you one step closer to getting a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship.

Edge nods in approval.

Theodore Long: This Sunday at King of the Ring, we'll see "The Rated R Superstar" Edge take on...the BOOGEYMAN! In a HARDCORE match!

The fans explode as Edge's eyes are wide open and his jaw has dropped. Edge is scared to death as Smackdown's camera is back at ringside.

"My name is Finlay, and I LOVE to fight!"

Finlay's theme hits and he is set for one-on-one action against none other than the returning Undertaker. Finlay walked down the ramp to boos. The Irishman had his shillelagh in hand, and he'd need it to contend with the Deadman. Finlay walked in the ring and put the shillelagh by his corner as he awaited the entrance of the Undertaker. Sure enough, the funeral bell rang and the lights dimmed. Smoke rose up from the aisle as the Deadman was set to come out. The fans went wild as the Undertaker walked out from behind the curtain. His entrance took about five minutes before he even got in the ring. When he got inside the ropes, he took his hat and coat off before the match was set to start.

Michael Cole: There's a creepy aura in the arena every time the Deadman makes his entrance.

Tazz: Yeah, you gotta wonder what's goin' through the head of the guy in the ring when he sees that man walkin' down the ramp.

The bell was rung and the two competitors were set to face off. The two men stared each other down, with Finlay not backing down at all. He struck first with a cheap sucker punch, before pounding on the Undertaker, who fought back. Undertaker grabbed Finlay by the throat and tossed him into the turnbuckle, before beating Finlay to a pulp in the corner with punches to the head and stomach. Taker grabbed Finlay's arm and went up and hit "Old School!" The Deadman made the cover, but Finlay kicked out! Finlay would start to fight back with cheap tactics, such as eye gouges, chop blocks, and chokes. About four minutes after Finlay got control, he whipped Undertaker into the ropes and the Deadman came back and hit a huge DDT! A couple of minutes later, Finlay reached for the shillelagh, and ran at Undertaker with it. Taker ducked the shot and hit a Chokeslam! After that, he lifted Finlay up and that was it, Tombstone Piledriver! One, two, three and Undertaker will face Kane in the main event of tonight's show!

The camera went backstage, where Kid Kash and Alex Shelley were in each other's faces, throwing insults back and forth. All of a sudden, Kash snapped and the two began brawling. They swung hard punches at each other and were held apart by multiple referees. Shelley would break free and continue beating the hell out of the Cruiserweight Champion. As they were pulled apart, Shelley screamed "Kash, that belt is mine this Sunday!" Kash would reply with, "Over my dead body!"

After that, it was time for the first Quarterfinal matchup of the night. "Whatever" by Our Lady Peace hit and Chris Benoit walked out to the ring for the second time tonight. The Rabid Wolverine was looking to go to the King of the Ring Pay-Per-View and take on either the Undertaker or Kane in order to get a shot at the World Heavyweight Championship. But he'd have to get through Kurt Angle to do it. Angle's theme hit and he made his way down to the squared circle for what looked to be a terrific technical matchup. He got in the ring and handed his medals to the referee, who gave them to Tony Chimmel.

Michael Cole: This is gonna be an excellent matchup between two excellent technical wrestlers.

Tazz: Damn right Cole, these two can definitely go and we're gonna see that here tonight.

The match got underway and these two technical masters locked up. Angle locked in a side headlock on the Rabid Wolverine, who countered it into a back suplex. Angle ran at Benoit, and got an arm drag for his efforts. Benoit held the drag into an arm wrench, working on the shoulder and neck of the Olympic Hero. Angle would make his way to his feet and reverse the arm wrench into a hammerlock. Angle pushed Benoit off and as he turned around, hit a standing dropkick. These two had a nice mat wrestling battle, filled with all types of submission holds. Late in the match, Kurt Angle locked in the Ankle Lock on Benoit! But out came Booker T, steel chair in hand! Booker got in the ring and slammed the chair over the back of...Chris Benoit? The referee called for the bell and Benoit was announced the winner because of a DQ! Booker T pointed and laughed at Kurt Angle, who was in the ring as pissed off as ever! Angle had a fire in his eyes and went after Booker T, who fled backstage as Smackdown went to commercial.

As the camera faded back in, Kristal Marshall was backstage with "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton. Orton had his World Heavyweight Championship over his shoulder, perhaps for the last time.

Kristal Marshall: I'm Kristal and I'm backstage with the World Heavyweight Champion, Randy Orton. Randy, this has gotta be the question in a lot of people's minds: How do you feel about the possibility of facing the Undertaker at Summerslam for your championship?

Randy Orton: *smirks* The Undertaker? How do I feel about facing a man who I've beaten countless times? The Undertaker is the last thing on my mind. The thing I have to concentrate on...is this Sunday. Exactly 48 hours from this moment, I will be handing Batista the beating of his LIFE! *crowd boos* But I AM interested on who I'll be facing at Summerslam, so I'm gonna go watch the Quarterfinal match between Undertaker and Kane.

"Burn In My Light" hit and Randy Orton walked out to the announce table and picked up a headset. He sat down next to Tazz and Michael Cole. After Orton sat down, fireworks exploded and Kane's theme hit as he came down to the ring. As the Big Red Machine got in the ring, he stared a hole through Orton at ringside. But then, Kane turned around and Undertaker's legendary entrance was set to commence. The lights dimmed and purple smoke rose from the aisle. Undertaker's music hit and he walked out to the ring, with his brother Kane in the ring looking at him. When Undertaker got into the ring, the two brothers went to the middle of the ring and stared each other down.

Michael Cole: Look at these two titans, neither one giving an inch of ground to the other.

Tazz: Yeah, neither brother is backing down.

Randy Orton: Let them have their moment to shine tonight, because come Summerslam, no matter who I face, they're gonna get taken down.

Michael Cole: I think you're selling Batista short, Randy. He's defin--

Randy Orton: Stop right there, Cole. My match against Batista...is in the bag!

Randy Orton continued to talk trash about Batista as Undertaker and Kane were standing in the middle of the ring, cameras flashing. All of a sudden, Kane tried to attack Taker, but his punch was blocked and countered with a right hand. The Deadman got the early advantage with his quickness, with Kane could not keep up with. Undertaker used swift strikes to gain the advantage. Undertaker hit a vertical suplex to Kane and covered for two. Then, Kane got the advantage back with a huge clothesline. He would have some momentum for a little bit. The Big Red Machine went to the top rope and attempted a flying clothesline, which came up empty. In the end, Kane signaled for a Tombstone Piledriver, which was reversed and Undertaker hit a Tombstone of his own! He crossed the arms for the cover and got the 1, 2, 3! Orton looked on as Undertaker motioned for the World Heavyweight Championship as Smackdown faded from the air!

Smackdown Results

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Kurt Angle def. Booker T

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Kane def. Ric Flair

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Chris Benoit def. Edge

King of the Ring First Round Matchup

Undertaker def. Finlay

King of the Ring Quarterfinal

Chris Benoit def. Kurt Angle by DQ

King of the Ring Quarterfinal

Undertaker def. Kane

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IPB Image

July 16, 2006

On Sunday, July 16, 2006, Monday Night RAW and Friday Night Smackdown will present King of the Ring live on Pay-Per View from San Diego, California!

IPB Image

The main event of King of the Ring will be a World Heavyweight Title match. "The Legend Killer" Randy Orton will defend his belt against "The Animal" Batista. These two have had a long history together, ever since early 2003, when Evolution was formed, consisting of Triple H, Ric Flair, Batista, and Randy Orton. They were on good terms until mid-2004, when Evolution turned on Randy Orton for winning the World Heavyweight Championship. After both men were drafted to Smackdown in the 2005 Draft Lottery, they had no problems for a long time. Then, the former World Heavyweight Champion Batista had to give up the title belt because of injury. Kurt Angle would win it. Randy Orton won the belt at Judgment Day 2006 to win his second World Heavyweight Championship ever. Batista, who had returned at Backlash, has his sights set on the title belt. The two have had verbal battles week after week, but it all comes to a head this Sunday at King of the Ring!

IPB Image

The King of the Ring finals will happen this Sunday. The tournament will finish with either Rob Van Dam, Chris Jericho, The Undertaker, or Chris Benoit leaving with a title shot at Summerslam. Last week, Rob Van Dam defeated both Chris Masters and Shelton Benjamin, while Chris Jericho beat Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashley. On the Smackdown side, Undertaker beat Finlay and Kane, and Benoit took out Edge and Kurt Angle (by disqualification). The tournament will culminate this Sunday!

IPB Image

On RAW's side, we'll see "Mr. Monday Night", "Mr. Pay-Per-View", "The Whole F'n Show", "Mr. Money in the Bank" Rob Van Dam taking on "The Larger Than Life", "The King of the World", "The HUGE Rock Star", "Y2J" Chris Jericho. Rob Van Dam will look to make sure that Jericho does not cheat him out of a victory, as he did to both Rey Mysterio and Bobby Lashlet last week on RAW. Y2J will probably look to take the easy way out, but we'll see if RVD will let it happen.

IPB Image

There will also be an excellent matchup on the Smackdown side. The Deadman made his return to Smackdown last week, when he defeated Finlay in the first round of the King of the Ring tounrament, and Kane in the Quarterfinals. Chris Benoit made Edge tap out in the first round, and beat Kurt Angle by DQ to get into the semifinals of this tournament. Undertaker's mindgames may not play a part in The Rabid Wolverine's state of mind. We'll see on Sunday!

IPB Image

A few weeks ago on Smackdown, Edge had a match against Matt Hardy in which he was about to hit the Spear and get the win. But, the Boogeyman cost him the match by making the lights dim and laughing over the PA system. Hardy would win. Over the next few weeks, Edge would continually deny that he was afraid of the Boogeyman, yet through his actions, he showed he definitely was. He Speared the Boogeyman once, before he got back up! But then in a King of the Ring qualifying matchup, Edge cost the Boogeyman the match against Booker T. But then, the next week, the Boogeyman cost Edge his first round matchup against Chris Benoit. Theodore Long made this match last week, and declared it a Hardcore match as well! Is Edge really scared of the Boogeyman? We'll find out at King of the Ring!

IPB Image

A couple of weeks ago on Smackdown, MNM won a chance to get another shot at the WWE Tag Team Championships by defeating London and Kendrick in a non-title matchup. The next week, Joey Mercury beat Paul London, but the week after that, Brian Kendrick pinned Johnny Nitro. Last week, MNM attacked the Tag Team Champions backstage. We'll see if MNM can regain their gold this Sunday, when they take on Paul London and Brian Kendrick for the belts!

IPB Image

Alex Shelley and Kid Kash have had bad blood ever since Shelley made his debut in WWE. The Student of the Game challenged Kid Kash for his Cruiserweight Championship in a Fatal Fourway matchup along with Jamie Noble and Chris Sabin. Kash would pin Noble in that matchup, but Shelley would continue to contend for the belt. At Judgment Day, it was Kid Kash vs. Gregory Helms vs. Alex Shelley, in which Kash pinned Gregory Helms. But this time, it's only one-on-one, and Alex Shelley has never been pinned by Kash. Then again, Kash has never been pinned by Shelley. Who will get the first fall on the other this Sunday?

IPB Image

Ever since returning from injury, Ken Kennedy has been torturing Cruiserweights on Velocity and Smackdown. He's beaten up on Funaki, Super Crazy, and others. But the one that drew the line was Scotty 2 Hotty. Kennedy beat the hell out of him after a match on Smackdown, and was setting up for his top rope flipping Samoan Drop, the Green Bay Plunge, when Matt Hardy came out and made the save. Kennedy asked for a match, and received one from General Manager Theodore Long. This is Kennedy's Pay-Per-View debut. Will he win it?

Buy King of the Ring on Pay-Per-View to witness history in the making!

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IPB Image

Byte This opens up with highlights of the career of tonight's guest, "The Game" Triple H. It shows each of his World Championship victories. It begins at a RAW in 1999, where he pins Mankind for his first WWE Championship. Then, the first RAW in 2000, where he beat the Big Show for the belt. After that, Judgment Day 2000 was on the screen, when HHH defeated The Rock to win his fourth championship. Next, Wrestlemania X-8 was displayed, when The Game hit Chris Jericho with a Pedigree to capture the belt for the fifth time. At Armageddon 2002, Triple H beat Shawn Michaels in a 2 of 3 falls match to regain the belt for the seventh time. The next clip was his eighth championship win, when The Game beat Goldberg and Kane to win it. Then, Triple H was seen Pedigreeing Randy Orton to gain his ninth belt. The tenth clip showed him pinning Orton again, but this time in an Elimination Chamber to win the title for the tenth time. The final clip displayed Triple H hitting a huge Pedigree on John Cena and winning the WWE Championship for the eleventh time. The video went off with HHH holding the WWE Championship high in the air. After "The Power is Back" flashed across the screen, Byte This! faded in with Todd Grisham as the host. He began to speak.

Todd Grisham: Hello and welcome to another edition of Byte This! I'm your host, Todd Grisham, and tonight, I'll be here with "The Cerebral Assassin", "The Game", the WWE Champion, Triple H. But first, let's look back at both shows last week.

Footage played of RAW, where the end of each King of the Ring match was shown. After Jericho robbed Mysterio of the match at the end, Grisham cursed Y2J. After Grisham spoke a bit on that, the next video was played. This was a Smackdown video. It also showed their matches, and Todd talked about Booker T ruining the best pure wrestling match WWE has had in a long time. Grisham hyped the Semifinals tomorrow night after Undertaker was seen pinning Kane following a Tombstone. After Grisham gave his thoughts on the week that was, he moved on.

Todd Grisham: Let's move on. Let's introduce tonight's guest! He is a ten time WWE Champion, he's defeated all the greats, Shawn Michaels, the Undertaker, Ric Flair, Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, and even current World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton, he is "The Cerebral Assassin", "The King of Kings", "The Game", he is the WWE Champion, Triple H!

"Bow to the King" hit and Triple H walked out onto the set with his belt around his waist. HHH walked up to Todd Grisham, who started to talk.

Todd Grisham: Welcome to Byte This, Triple H. How are you?

Triple H: I'm damn good. No one's on my back for this title, I don't have any problems with anyone.

Todd Grisham: That may change tomorrow night, because Rob Van Dam and Chris Jericho are fighting on RAW's side for a chance to go to the King of the Ring finals and get a chance to face you at Summerslam. What're your thoughts on that?

Triple H: Well, I could care less if either one of them wins, because I've beaten them both before. The problem with the business nowadays, is that there aren't enough challengers for Triple H. Not like I'm ever gonna lose this belt. Whether it's Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, Rey Mysterio, or JBL, I will not lose this title. So if a Smackdown guy wins the tournament, that just makes it easier for me. I won't even have to lift a finger come Summerslam.

Todd Grisham: Triple H, I think you're taking Van Dam and Jericho too lightly, they look determined to get a shot at you.

Triple H: Shut up and continue with the show.

Todd Grisham: Ok, let's take a caller from one of our viewers. Jake from Topeka, Kansas, you're on Byte This.

Jake: Um...Triple H, who do you want to face as your next challenger for the WWE Title?

Triple H: Who do I WANT to face? Well...I always wanted to have a match with JBL. I'd like to have that match in the future.

Todd Grisham: I gotta say, that'd be a very intriguing matchup for sure. Another caller, Jerry out of Kansas City.

Jerry: Triple H, I'm really wondering on who your favorite opponent was to face in the ring?

Triple H: I'm not really sure, I've been in the ring with everyone, but I have to say Hulk Hogan. Even though he beat me, I'd always like to get back into the ring with him for a rematch.

Todd Grisham: That's it for us on Byte This, I'm Todd Grisham, and this was Triple H on Byte This! But before we go, King of the Ring, tomorrow night, 8 PM Eastern, 5 Pacific, live on Pay-Per-View! Goodbye, I'm Todd Grisham!

The camera fades out and a preview of each of the King of the Ring matches is shown, before it ends.

Notes: I couldn't really think of much to ask Triple H for some reason, so I just went with that.

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Guest BowToTheKing2006

Matt Hardy

Kid Kash ©

London & Kendrick ©




RVD Vs. Benoit (Benoit)


1. How many matches will NOT have clean finishes? 2

2. Will Undertaker tap out to Benoit, (and if he gets there) Jericho, or RVD? Yes

3. How many titles will change hands? No titles will change hands

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