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That'll Teach 'em

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Man I love this series (it's the third I think).

Kids from schools today (all predicted As and A*s at GCSE) give up a summer to go to a remade 50's Grammar School with staff acting as they would have then.

It's absolutely brilliant. Kids mouthing off at teachers who just stand there and shout back in their faces.

The music teacher getting the misbehaving lad to run around a tree over and over again was brilliant this week.

Apart from punishments and better strictness there's such a better balance than today. Kids are heavily praised for when they perform and actualyl punished for misbehaving.

It's even funnier when all these kids today who are getting all these great grades sat a 1950's exam and got 2/20 on average!

Shows how things have slipped.

15 yea olds not knowing where the clavicle is? Not doing long division (I did that at JUNIOR school), not knowing where the liver is and one kid thinking he didn't ned it to survive...

It really is startling as to how thick kids are today.

To the 16 year olds in here....You're all thick [/ranting over-generalization]

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it's good stuff, nowhere near as good as the first one though. None of the students have 'characters' that match up to those in the first series. Was it on today? If so...shit.

Last week I watched this quiz with a few on, on "More-4" following it. And scouse kid is actually pretty fucking clever. Though you wouldn't guess it.

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