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April 3, 2006, Recap

The Cerebral Assasin refused to take no for an answer. Less than twenty four hours after his loss to John Cena at Wrestlemania, the game was still the self proclaimed number one contender. His persuasion didn't go un-noticed by the champion, who allowed Triple H one more chance to face him for the WWE Championship. However, in order for this match to take place at backlash, Triple H must first defeat a hand-picked opponent by John Cena himself in RAW's main event. The opponent would actually be revealed to be John Cena, who figured he'd put an end to Triple H's arrogance by beating him once and for all and proving he's the better man. However, in a shocking turn of events, Edge nailed John Cena with a vicous Spear, allowing Triple H to pick up the win and a one on one rematch against John Cena at Backlash.

The fans seemed happy about the fact that Triple H would get another shot at re-claiming his throne and ending John Cena's title reign, which continued to add to the odd reactions he's been receiving from crowds lately. Cena, however, responded by just simply saying that it didn't matter what reaction he gets. He stated that he believed he was doing what was best for himself, Triple H, and the WWE by allowing this match to happen.

This very eventful, to say the least, edition of RAW also saw Kane and The Big Show defending their tag team titles against the Spirit Squad's Kenny and Mikey. What seemed like an easy title defense turned into a catastrophe early on, when each member of the Spirit Squad interfered in the match, despite being fought off successfully by the tag team champions. Just as Kane and The Big Show knocked off the non-participating members of the Spirit Squad, Mikey was able to take out Kane with a low blow, allowing Kenny to go one on one with The Big Show, which was still a pretty odds-against-him situation. All of a sudden, The Coach started running down to the ring, distracting The Big Show and allowing Kenny to hit him over the back of the head with a shot from a gold medal that was passed to him by Mikey. He then finishes him off with a top rope leg drop, winning the belts for his team.

Shawn Michaels came out in front of the sold out crowd in Chicago because he had an announcement to make regarding his match at Wrestlemania against Vince Mcmahon. However, as usual, the boss interrupted him just a few seconds into his speech and pranced around as arrogantly as ever. He went face to face with Michaels, and told him that he knew exactly what he was going to say. He said that if he was planning on retiring and leaving on a good note, he'll have to kiss his ass right here, right now, unless he wants to be forced to quit out of the company by being booked in one difficult match after the next. Michaels told Mcmahon that he already beat him last night at Wrestlemania, and that he doesn't have anything more to prove to him. Mcmahon, surprisingly, accepted the fact that Shawn Michaels is the better wrestler.. However, he did not accept the fact that Shawn Michaels proved himself at Wrestlemania. After a heated confrontation, Mcmahon announces that if Shawn Michaels wants him to get out of his life forever.. Then he must face both he and Shane Mcmahon in a match that will allow no disqualification rules, but only in favor of the Mcmahon. Shawn Michaels, reluctant, accepted the chalenge.

Rob Van Dam also came to the ring, announcing that he was EXTREMELY excited to win the money in the bank match at wrestlemania. Chris Masters and Carlito, still on the same page after their dissapointing loss to Kane and The Big Show, made sure Van Dam knew they thought it was un-just for him to earn a title shot by facing a bunch of "B show rejects" as Chris Masters referred to Lashley, Finlay and Matt Hardy. Carlito finished off by challenging Rob Van Dam to a handicap match on the spot in Chicago, and cornered him into coming up with the right answer. Shelton Benjamin, another money in the bank loser, made his way down to the ring to save Van Dam, which lead to an impromptu tag team match, as Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin were defeated by Chris Masters and Carlito when Masters made RVD tap out to the Masterlock. Oddly, Shelton Benjamin didn't seem too worried about his partner's conditions during, or after the match.

Newly crowned WWE Women's Champion Mickie James was also in action on RAW, as she took on Torrie Wilson in her first title defense, just twenty four hours after she took the belt home. This was a rather easy victory for James, who nailed Torrie with the Mick Kick very early on in the bout to retain her championship. After the match was over, Trish Stratus showed on the entrance ramp and began applauding the performance, leaving Mickie perplexed in the middle of the ring.

Chavo Guerrero also made a very surprising announcement, as he came out to the ring and challenged none other than "The Nature Boy" Ric Flair to a one on one match at backlash. Ric Flair came down to the ring seemingly ready to give Chavo a negative response, but heard what Guerrero had to say. Chavo cut a very heart warming promo on his uncle Eddie and how important it is for him to keep his memory alive. He says that Ric Flair actually wasn't his first choice, and that he'd love to have a match with Chris Benoit sooner or later to commemorate the late Eddie Guerrero, however, due to the fact that they're on seperate brands, that's not going to be possible. He mentioned Eddie's and Flair's out-of-character relationship, which turned this into somewhat of a worked shoot, and convinced Flair to give him a match at backlash. Chavo shook Flair's hand, then pointed to the sky to let Eddie know that his memory will always live.

Also, new RAW superstar Umaga made his debut, accompanied to the ring by Armando Alejandro Estrada, and defeating Eugene in a very quick bout. The 350 pound monster looks to make a huge impact on monday night RAW.

Quick Results:

Mickie James def. Torrie Wilson to retain the Women's Championship

Umaga def. Eugene

The Spirit Squad's Kenny and Mikey def. Kane and The Big Show to win the World Tag Team Championships

Chris Masters and Carlito def. Rob Van Dam and Shelton Benjamin

Triple H def. John Cena to earn a WWE Title Rematch at Backlash

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April 10, 2006, Recap

Triple H would reveal himself to be more of a mastermind than ever believed before. He entered the ring and called John Cena out immediately, because he had very important news he had to tell him. The two trash talk for a little while, before Triple H announces having talked to Mr. Mcmahon earlier in the day about some type of "equalizer" for the fact that Cena was able to hand pick Triple H's opponent last week. The Game announces that later on tonight, John Cena would be forced to face a Triple H hand picked opponent, who was ultimately revealed to be Edge. Edge came out to the ring during the Triple H/John Cena face off, and apologized to anyone who thought he was on Triple H's side because of his actions last week. Just like everyone else, Edge wants a shot at the gold, and he just thinks that he has worked out a good enough deal to get that if Triple H wins the belt. Despite his implications, he and Triple H double teamed John Cena at the end of the first segment. Later on in the main event, John Cena defeated Edge by disqualification when Triple H ran down and destroyed the champion with a series of sledge hammer shots to the head, not caring about what the referee thought. As a result of this selfish act, Edge, who believed he had the match won, speared Triple H, leaving both he and the current WWE Champion laying on the ground before walking off with Lita.

Rob Van Dam was once again harassed by Carlito and Chris Masters, who demanded a chance to win that money in the bank contract to face the WWE Champion at any time this year. They subtily pleaded with RVD, and claim that one of them would've actually won the match if they were both participating. Van Dam, as fair of a judge as ever, says that it might be possible that one of them could've won the match. However, only one of them could've won the match, and only won of them can get the chance to face him at backlash for his contract. Not knowing what RVD meant, Carlito and Chris Masters took place in another impromptu match, this one though, against each other. After a heated battle and a pretty good bout, a surprising finish saw Carlito and Chris Masters purposely DQ each other, forcing, by RVD's rules, to have a triple threat match for the money in the bank contract at Backlash.

Kane and The Big Show had a rematch for the tag team titles against Kenny and Mikey of the Spirit Squad, and once again, despite being outnumbered, the former tag team champions had the upper hand for most of the bout. However, after they had taken care of all three non-participating Spirit Squad members, Big Show accidentally hit Kane with a big boot, and was thrown out of the ring by the tag champs, who were able to double team Kane, and get some help from some of the other Spirit Squad members who had just recovered from outside to once again retain the tag team title belts. After the match, Kane and The Big Show argued about what had gone down, and after a great staredown and power struggle, Kane was able to chokeslam the 500 pound Big Show much to the disgust of most of the fans. Kane walked away, while Big Show stared him down from the ring, still laying on the mat.

Vince and Shane Mcmahon ridiculed Shawn Michaels's career for an entire segment. Vince continually mentioned how he and Shane will force The Heartbreak Kid into "throwing in the towel" once and for all, saying that this might be the good time that the fans don't have to see Michaels limping around and praying each and every week. Some type of "funeral" of Michaels's career began, but was interrupted when The Showstopper himself ran on the parade. Surprisingly, Michaels told Mcmahon that if he really wanted him out of the company so badly, then maybe it was time there was something bigger at stake. He announced that he was willing to put his professional wrestling career on the line at backlash.. But only if Vince would do the same, as he claimed the fans were more tired of his greasy, oiled up body than they are of the Heartbreak Kid. Mcmahon strangely accepts the challenge, however keeping the no disqualification rules in effect.

Shelton Benjamin also saw himself in a very precarious position on monday, as he was scheduled to defend his Intercontinental Championship against Goldust, but was informed that Goldust was not at the RAW arena due to a minor injury he suffered at a house show just a few days before that Shelton had no idea about. As a result, Shelton was forced to defend his Intercontinental Championship against the returning Test, who gave Benjamin a hell of a match. However, in the end, the champion retained by nailing Test with a northern lights suplex. Later on in the night, Shelton was told by Mr. Mcmahon himself that he would be defending the Intercontinental Championship at backlash in a "blast from the past" match, against none other than his old tag team partner.. Charlie Haas!

Chavo Guerrero and WWE legend Ric Flair teamed up this past monday night on RAW, just a few weeks before their big match at backlash, to take on Mitch and Johnny of the Spirit Squad, who didn't see Kenny at ringside due to the beating he suffered at the hands of Kane. Chavo and Flair were able to fight off whatever sort of interference tried by the other members of the Spirit Squad, and picked up the victory after Flair allowed Chavo to pin Mitch after delivering enough pain from the figure four. Chavo and Flair celebrated after the match, hugging, and dedicating the victory to Chavo's uncle, the late Eddie Guerrero.

We also saw some developments in the on-going rivalry between the now former women's champion Trish Stratus and Mickie James. Mickie continued to dress exactly like Trish, but this time was confronted about her actions during an interview with Todd Grisham by Trish herself. Trish kept asking Mickie intimate and embarassing questions, and it seemed like the fans were finally going to get an answer from the psycho champion, until all of a sudden, Mickie nailed Trish over the side of the head with a Mick Kick, and left her unconscious on the floor, being attended to by Todd Grisham, while the champ runs away.

Quick Results:

Chavo Guerrero and Ric Flair def. The Spirit Squad's Mitch and Johnny

The Spirit Squad's Kenny and Mikey def. Kane and The Big Show to retain the World Tag Team Championships

Shelton Benjamin def. Test to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Carlito drew Chris Masters to earn a triple threat match for RVD's Money In The Bank Contract

John Cena def. Edge by Disqualification when Triple H attacked Cena with a sledge hammer

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April 17, 2006, Recap

The rivalry between Triple H, John Cena, and Edge continued here on RAW, as Edge told Triple H to "suck it" and John Cena to "shove it". He got very angry at Triple H for interfering in the match in his match, and told him that he didn't need his help to beat Cena's ass, however it was too hard for Triple H to "hold himself back" from keeping his big nose out of other people's business. Triple H and Edge continued to go at it, ignoring John Cena, who interrupted the two by suggesting that they face each other in a match later on tonight to settle their differences. 'Aitch and Edge saw through Cena's plan to have them tear each other apart, and instead double teamed the champion, leaving him motionless in the middle of the ring. Vince Mcmahon came out to the ring and announced that he would finally put an end to this madness, placing Edge in the WWE Title Match at backlash against Triple H and John Cena, and making tonight's main event a six man tag team match that pitted Triple H, Edge, and John Cena as a team, taking on The Spirit Squad. Triple H and Edge tried to disrupt the team's momentum, but in the end, it was John Cena who nailed Triple H with an FU, and left Edge on the outside getting dismantled by Kenny and Mikey, the non-participant members of the squad. Johnny and Nick nearly picked up a victory against Triple H, but in the end, even without Cena, The self-proclaimed "king of kings" was able to pin Nick after a Pedigree, as John Cena walked away smiling, getting an incredible amount of heat for his actions.

The Big Show was looking for nothing other than revenge on Kane for the chokeslam he suffered at his hands last week after their world tag team title rematch, and he called the big red monster out but got no reply. Still, knowing that Kane was watching in the back, he called out his opponent for tonight, Rob Conway, and told Kane to watch what happens when you mess with The Big Show. Conway tried to fight his way into the match early on, but was immediately grabbed by the neck and chokeslammed to the mat, making Big Show the winner in nearly less than three minutes. Then, not even enough time for his music to hit over the PA, as Kane made his way into the ring from the crowd with a steel chair, and attacked The Big Show from behind, leaving him motionless on the ground after a couple of vicious chair shots for two weeks in a row.

Shawn Michaels was also forced to wrestle in a one on one bout with the sadistic monster, Kane, who convinced Mcmahon to give him a match against The Big Show, but only if he would take care of Shawn Michaels for him tonight. The match was over in less than a minute, as Kane completely ignored the referee's decisions, and began beating the hell out of The Heartbreak Kid, using all kinds of weapons he found at ringside. Then, just as he was about to chokeslam Shawn Michaels right through the announce tables, The Big Show's music hit over the PA, and Kane was distracted and left Shawn Michaels on the ground, turning his attention to the entrance ramp, but not seeing any sign of The Big Show. He then grabs a steel chair from ringside and turns back towards HBK, but gets nailed with a Sweet Chin Music onto the steel chair and into the head of the big red machine. Kane is left motionless on the ground for enough time to allow Michaels to run away, just before sitting up and screaming Big Show's name over and over again, exiting through the crowd and destroying everything in sight.

Rob Van Dam went head to head with the man who made him tap out just a few weeks ago, Chris Masters, with Carlito at ringside. In a bout basically carried by Van Dam, Chris Masters almost took the victory when he nearly locked in the Masterlock on Mr. Money In The Bank, who quickly slithered through Masters's legs, and rolled him up to pick up a victory, doing it quickly enough to avoid Carlito's attack after the bout. Later on in the show, Carlito and Chris Masters begged Vince Mcmahon to make it up for them next week, just six days away from Backlash. Mcmahon agreed to book Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels against Carlito, Chris Masters, and a tag team partner to be revealed next week.

Shelton Benjamin met up again with Charlie Haas, wishing him the best of luck in a tag team match they were participating in later tonight, re-uniting the world's greatest tag team. Later on in the show, Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas fought Goldust and Viscera in a decent tag team bout, which saw Haas pick up the win over the 500 pounder by making him tap out to the Haas Of Pain. After the match was over, Benjamin shockingly attacked his partner and walked off posing with his Intercontinental Championship belt.

Chavo Guerrero held a very heart felt interview with Jim Ross, announcing that there are only two things left in this industry that he wants to do before he calls it quits. He said that win or lose, he's waiting impatiently for his match against Ric Flair. He also challenged Chris Benoit to a one on one match at smackdown!'s next pay per view, Judgment Day, and announced that once those two took place, his career would be over. He spoke of how deeply sorry he felt for the fans, but in the end, the pain of knowing that Eddie Guerrero is no longer with him forces him to have to call it quits and move on to something new in his life. He showed a lot of respect for Ric Flair, Chris Benoit, Jim Ross, and the WWE fans, and got the crowd cheers he deserved.

Trish Stratus and Mickie James continued their odd rivalry, as Trish teamed with Torrie Wilson to take on Mickie James and Candice Michelle in a tag team match. As revenge from last week's attack, Trish hit a vicious chick kick to pin the women's champion and send her a message. After the bout was over, she got on the mic and told Mickie James to realize that she's nothing more than a psycho, dropping the microphone on her and walking off confidently, while Mickie began screaming as she regained consciousness.

Quick Results:

Trish Stratus and Torrie Wilson def. Mickie James and Candice Michelle

The Big Show def. Rob Conway

The World's Greatest Tag Team def. Goldust and Viscera

Rob Van Dam def. Chris Masters

Shawn Michaels def. Kane by Disqualification

John Cena, Triple H, and Edge def. The Spirit Squad's Mitch, Johnny, and Nick

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April 24, 2006, Recap

Triple H and Edge seemed to be more on the same page than ever, opening the show by burying John Cena in a pool of his own blood, getting a majorly positive crowd reaction after getting the job done on taking care of the champion. Mcmahon, who at first seemed disgusted by their actions, then congratulated the two for a job well done. When Edge left to prepare himself for his bout, Triple H got in Mcmahon's face, telling him that what he does from now.. He does for himself, and that Vince shouldn't think that taking care of Cena like that was any kind of favor. Edge later wrestled Eugene in a pretty easy one on one bout that saw the R Rated Superstar pick up the victory. However, after the match, Triple H decided to run in and nail Edge with a sledge hammer, standing tall and making sure both Edge and Cena were down and out less than a week before their WWE Title match.

Kane and The Big Show also had a very heated staredown as a part of their intergender tag team match, in which The Big Show teamed up with Trish Stratus, to take on the "most psychotic intergender tag team in the history of this industry", as Vince Mcmahon called it, of Kane and Mickie James. Oddly, after laying out the Big Show on the outside with a chokeslam onto a steel chair, Kane went back into the ring and gave Trish the biggest beating of her life, chokeslamming her straight to hell, then tagging in Mickie James for the pin, as the two walked away psychotically celebration. Later on in the show, The Big Show attacked Kane in the backstage area and left him motionless after a vicious and brutal attack with a steel chair, ended by a chokeslam that made Kane regret the moment he began this rivalry.

Shawn Michaels continued to suffer the wrath of Mr. Mcmahon and his son Shane, as he and Rob Van Dam were forced to participate in a handicap match main event against Carlito, Chris Masters, and a partner of their choice. Carlito revealed their partner to be the entire Spirit Squad, and the beating was certainly on. Michaels began fighting some of the spirit squad members, while RVD tried to deal with Carlito and Chris Masters, but despite being able to get the job done for the first few moments of the match, The Spirit Squad picked Rob Van Dam incredibly high up in the air and dropped him down, then allowing Kenny to jump up to the top rope and finish him off with a leg drop, while Carlito and Chris Masters tied Shawn Michaels to the ropes, and let him watch as each Spirit Squad member mounted RVD for the pin. After the main event was over, Mr. Mcmahon pranced his way down to the ring with his son Shane, and humiliated Shawn Michaels by beating the hell out of him while being tied up against the ropes. They then finished him off as Vince placed him on the announce table, and Shane hit a top rope elbow drop to knock him out.

Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas were both competing against T.N.T members, and watching each others' performance at ringside, as the matches went back to back. First, Charlie easily pinned Lance Cade when he debuted some sort of Perfectplex type maneuver to get him the win. Shelton wasted no time getting in the ring with Trevor Murdoch, but his job appeared to be much harder, as he toyed around with the former tag team champion and allowed him to gain some momentum, and almost pick up a win. Benjamin, however, won the bout with a surprising superkick out of nowhere, and a northen lights suplex to grab the pin. The two men formerly known as "The World's Greatest Tag Team" stood across each other in the middle of the ring, taunting and expressing their feelings for that belt and the demise of their friendship.

Chavo Guerrero had a very heart felt moment backstage in the RAW locker room, as he was shown shaking hands and hugging the other superstars of Monday Night RAW, it would appear that Mr. Mcmahon granted his wish to face Chris Benoit at Judgment Day in a match dedicated to the late Eddie Guerrero, but that would mean that Chavo would become a smackdown! superstar from backlash, leading into judgment day. The RAW superstars' goodbyes had Chavo's eyes almost watering in tears, and a very kind word from Shawn Michaels, who said "never.. never stop believing" lead to a round of applause by the WWE fans, and a thankful Chavo for everything that's been given to him on RAW.

Also, a video package for ECW One Night Stand 2 was shown late in the broadcast.

Quick Results:

Chris Masters, Carlito and The Spirit Squad def. Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels

Edge def. Eugene

Charlie Haas def. Lance Cade

Shelton Benjamin def. Trevor Murdoch

Kane and Mickie James def. The Big Show and Trish Stratus

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April 7, 2006, Recap

Rey Mysterio made his first appearance as the world heavyweight champion this past thursday night on Smackdown, cutting a thankful promo to all of the WWE fans for believing in him, praising Eddie Guerrero and making sure he knows, wherever he is, that his memory will always live with him. Daivari and Mark Henry interrupted Mysterio's title celebration. Daivari gave Rey a load of arab that certainly didn't sound very good, then challenged Mysterio to make his most difficult defense as a champion, against Mark Henry. Rey Mysterio seemed reluctant, but just as we expected him to refuse, he accepted the challenge to hear a huge crowd cheer. He said that Eddie Guerrero would've never backed down from a challenge, and Rey wants to follow in his foot steps as World Heavyweight Champion. Later on in the main event, Rey Mysterio successfully defended his World Heavyweight Champion, overcoming the odds once again, and defeating the much bigger and much stronger Mark Henry in an excruciating battle that nearly saw the champion lose his belt less than a week after he won it. Mysterio was however able to reverse his negative momentum, and nail Henry with two different 619s, hitting a springboard leg drop to get the pin.

Theodore Long made a huge announcement that re-instated the now defunct King of the Ring tournament, announcing that there will be qualifying matches starting live that night. Tonight, the two qualifying matches for the tournament would place Chris Benoit against Simon Dean, and William Regal against his former tag team partner, now bitter rival, Burchill. Long announce some other names that would be competing in this tournament in the next few weeks, including Kurt Angle, Matt Hardy, Orlando Jordan, Kid Kash and Lashley.

It was all but a celebration party for The Undertaker thursday night on Smackdown. Daivari called The Undertaker out and promised him that just like Rey Mysterio would learn, The Undertaker would learn the meaning of respect. He mocked both the champion and the future hall of famer, and told Taker to realize that it was time for someone new to take over the reign of Smackdown. Because Mark Henry wasn't able to take down the deadman's undefeated streak at wrestlemania just a week ago, Daivari promised that he'd have something so revolutionary.. so innovative, that it would tear The Undertaker apart and force him to retire once and for all. Taker stood in the middle of the ring, not even looking at Daivari, until quickly grabbing him by the neck and raising his head slowly, picking Daivari up off the ground and holding up in position for a chokeslam. However, all of a sudden, the shocking return of Sean O'Haire, helped save Daivari, as O'Haire landed a great shot over the back of The Undertaker's head with a vicious superkick. O'Haire then continued to inflict the agony on The Undertaker, even hitting a Seanton Bomb on top of a steel chair which was placed on Taker's chest to put him out for good, then walking off with Daivari, who raised his arm up high in the air.

JBL had a great United States Championship celebration party of his own, hosted by him and Jillian Hall, in which he invited any foreign born WWE superstar to challenge him for the U.S. Championship. He announced that things would change now that he's the U.S. Champion, and this belt will remain in the hands of a proud American for as long as there's a breath left in his body. He claimed that the title became a joke when Chris Benoit, A CANADIAN, won it, and he promised to bring it back to its old wcw glory days. He then went on to defeat Funaki in a very quick bout, using the clotheline from hell, then continuing to beat down Smackdown's Numba' One Announcer for a few instants.

The first two king of the ring qualifying matches proved to be two great bouts. Chris Benoit defeated Simon Dean to advance to the quarter final round, despite a surprising fight being put up by Dean mid way through the match. Dean still wasn't able to survive Benoit's deadly Crossface, advancing Benoit to the next round. The second qualifying match was set as well, as former tag team partner, William Regal and Burchill went head to head, in what revealed itself to be the match of the night. Burchill gained the upper hand early on with the crowd supporting him, mainly because of his ridiculous look and ring attire, with roaring shouts of "ARRG" after a big time maneuver. Despite his look, Burchill proved himself to be a fantastic in ring competitor, taking his former tag team partner to the limit. In the end, Regal's experience overpowered Burchill's energy, and the englishman was able to pick up the victory after a despicable low blow, rolling up Burchill's tights in the process.

The number one contendership for the WWE Tag Team Championships was also decided this thursday night, with very odd rules, placing Nunzio and Vito against Kendrick and Paul Londo, The Gymini and The Mexicools. The first two men to pick up a pinfall would be the two that would carry their team to a triple threat tag team title match in two weeks. Nunzio was the first to pick up a pin for his team, after hitting a quick Arrivederci on Paul London. Vito tried to wrap it up and give his team a one on one title shot by pinning Brian Kendrink, but the man formerly known as "Spanky" was able to duck under a big boot attempt, and roll up Super Crazy quickly enough to pick up a pinfall, setting up MNM vs. Vito and Nunzio vs. Kendrick and Paul London in two weeks for the WWE Tag Team Championships.

Boogeyman and Booker T's rivalry is still not over. While Booker T and Sharmell celebrated his entrance in the King of the Ring tournament, constantly referring to himself as "king Booker", they were surprised by one of the sadistic appearances by The Boogeyman. Boogeyman scared the couple a few times, even revealing a plate full of worms right in Booker's locker room. The 5-time WCW champion stormed out looking for Theodore Long, and then demanded to have The Boogeyman removed from the Smackdown roster. Just as Booker was finishing up his thoughts, The Boogeyman's head fell somewhere from the roof, yet his body was nowhere to be seen. Booker and Sharmell ran away like two wounded animals, as Long picked the head up and revealed a plastic life size toy of The Boogeyman's head.

Quick Results:

Chris Benoit def. Simon Dean in a King of the Ring qualifier

William Regal def. Burchill in a King of the Ring qualifier

John Bradshaw Layfield def. Funaki to retain the United States Championship

Nunzio and Vito and Brian Kendrick and Paul London def. The Gymini, and The Mexicools to become the #1 Contenders for the WWE Tag Team Championships

Rey Mysterio def. Mark Henry to retain the World Heavyweight Championship

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April 14, 2006, Recap

After missing the previous week's show, Randy Orton was the first man out to greet the Smackdown fans and tell them exactly how he felt about wrestlemania and about Rey Mysterio as the World Heavyweight Champion, and nothing good came out of his mouth on this night. He mocked Mysterio's credibility as a champion, and called his win at Wrestlemania a complete fluke. He said that the only reason why he wasn't on smackdown last week, was because he was saving himself from the embarassment of having to stare everyone in the face after letting smackdown's worst superstar defeat him; Mysterio came out and qiickly got in Orton's face, telling him that he's willing to give him, just like Mark Henry, a world heavyweight title shot.. TONIGHT. Angle interrupted the two, saying that if anyone deserved a shot at the belt, it was him, who wasn't even pinned at Wrestlemania. Theodore Long makes his way out and makes his final decision. He says that if Angle and Orton both believe they deserve a shot at the World Championship so badly, then they should prove it in a number one contendership match in tonight's main event.

Later on in the main event, Kurt Angle went head to head with Randy Orton for a chance to face Rey Mysterio at Judgment Day in almost two months. It a fantastic bout that went on for fifteen to twenty minutes. Near the end of the match, Rey Mysterio made his way to the top of the entrance ramp in street clothes, holding his world championship proudly on his shoulder. Both Angle and Orton taunted him when they gained an upper hand, but in the end, Orton, after landing on his feet on an Angle Slam attempt, was able to pick up the victory after a beautifully executed RKO on Kurt.

Sean O'Haire defeated Scotty 2 Hotty in an easy singles bout that lasted less than five minutes. O'Haire was looking very impressive and very in shape, but during his win celebration, The Undertaker ran down to the ring with a vengeance and beat the hell out of both O'Haire and his manager, Daivari with two vicious chokeslams. After a commercial break, Michael Cole and Tazz announced that in next week's main event, The Undertaker would be taking on Sean O'Haire and Daivari in a handicap match. O'Haire and Daivari were able to escape a full attack at the hands of the deadman, but next week, they sure won't be able to escape his revenge.

The King of the Ring tournament continues with two more qualifying matches, as Lashley defeated Kid Kash and Finlay defeated Jamie Noble in two pretty easy bouts. The screen showed the current brackets, with Lashley vs. Finlay, Chris Benoit vs. William Regal, and unknown competitors in the other two quarter final matches, which will see another one build up next week. Finlay attacked Lashley after his match, previewing what's to come when the two face each other to advance in the tournament.

JBL continues his journey to defend the U.S. Championship against foreign born smackdown superstars, defeating Sylvan in this week's edition after destroying Funaki last week. The match was a lot more difficult this week than it was against Funaki, but JBL came out with a victory after a six minute bout. After the match was over, JBL announced that next week, his journey would continue, as he defends his United States Title in not one, but TWO seperate matches against the number one contenders to the tag team titles, Nunzio, and then Vito.

William Regal, Booker T and Mark Henry defeated Chris Benoit, Paul Burchill and Matt Hardy in a fantastic match, definitely the best of the night. Regal and Benoit went at it as a preview of the king of the ring quarter finals, and repeated a performance they gave against each other in their previous meeting which was a match of the year candidate. Booker T continued his campaign to become "king Booker" by picking up an impressive pin on Matt Hardy after a scissors kick. However, after the match, The Boogeyman attacked Booker T and kidnapped Sharmell, leaving Booker motionless in the ring and taking his girlfriend with him. Later in the night, Booker T pleaded Theodore Long to fire The Boogeyman, as he doesn't have any business messing with people's lives. Long, instead, said that if Booker T wants The Boogeyman gone so badly, he should face him in a match at Judgment Day.. Loser leaves.

Quick Results:

Lashley def. Kid Kash in a King of the Ring qualifier

Finlay def. Jamie Noble in a King of the Ring qualifier

John Bradshaw Layfield def. Sylvan to retain the United States Championship

Sean O'Haire def. Scotty 2 Hotty

William Regal, Booker T and Mark Henry def. Chris Benoit, Paul Burchill and Matt Hardy

Randy Orton def. Kurt Angle to become the #1 Contender to the World Heavyweight Championship

IPB Image

April 21, 2006, Recap

Proud of himself for earning a world heavyweight title shot at Judgment Day after his win over Kurt Angle, Randy Orton made his way out to the ring with a new resolution in mind. He called out Rey Mysterio and taunted him and everything he stands for, but shockingly, didn't ask to make it official between each other for Judgment Day, he instead asked Rey if he could send him a message by beating Chris Benoit live tonight. The crowd went wild, but was taken down when Orton mocked Benoit because of his absence from the arena due to a minor elbow injury. Rey however said that if Orton really wanted a piece of the Rabid Wolverine, he could schedule it for as early as next week. Orton accepted and actually shook hands with Mysterio, but only before nailing him with an RKO and sending him sailing down to the mat in a hurry. Later in the evening, Orton begged Theodore Long to re-consider a decision he made, but it was never announced what that decision was.

Daivari and Sean O'Haire had a lot of explaining to do before the main event match handicap match between them and The Undertaker. O'Haire talked a lot about getting a second chance at greatness in the wwe, and Daivari talked mostly about screwing The Undertaker over by bringing in now not only the world's strongest man, but the world's most gifted athlete, referring to O'Haire, with him. Taker interrupted the little speech and started the match on his own, fighting both men off with ease. Taker had control of the match throughout, but was distracted when Mark Henry started running down to the ring to help out his buddies. Taker left O'Haire unguarded, and took Mark Henry down with a vicious chokeslam that got the crowd on its feet! Then, just as he was about to give O'Haire the same treatment, another surprising return, the return of ECW's former tag team champion, Roadkill ended the match early. Roadkill annihilated The Undertaker with a series of chair shots to the head, knocking him out and reducing him to a bloody pulp. How many more guys is Daivari going to have to bring in to stop the Deadman?

The King of the Ring tournament continued with a vengeance this week. In the first match, Booker T, without Sharmell, who's still in the grasps of The Boogeyman, defeated Orlando Jordan. A surprisingly quick bout it was, as Booker T barely had enough time to wrestle, and began looking for his wife once again after he finished off JBL's former protege. In the second qualifier of the night, The Road Warrior was defeated by none other than KURT ANGLE! Angle made his return to the king of the ring tournament, as he's already been to the finals twice, and has even won it once. He fought off a strong attack by The Road Warrior before finishing him off with an Angle Slam. Next week, a mystery entrant in the tournament will be revealed.

JBL once again continued to toy around with foreign born wwe superstars, facing both Nunzio and Vito in order for his United States Championship. While most thought JBL would show a great deal of courage to fight two matches in one night, he cheap shotted Nunzio with a clotheline from hell from behind as he was talking to Vito in the corner to pick up a three count, in likely the wwe's quickest match ever. Vito didn't find this too amusing, though, and took control of the situation, beating the hell out of Layfield for a couple of minutes, even getting a very close fall with a big boot. The fans kept getting behind the big man, but in the end, JBL's cheap tactics allowed him to score a low blow and a quick rollup on Vito to pick up the victory and retain his championship. Jillian Hall grabbed a microphone after the match and announced that next week, JBL would expand his horizons and take on any foreign born wrestler in the entire WORLD who thought he could step up to the plate. JBL didn't seem too pleased about the announcement.

Booker T continued his search for Sharmell and The Boogeyman, and kept running into different wwe superstars who kept giving him different directions. Angry as he was, when Funaki began telling him "OVA DEA" Booker decided to beat the living hell out of him for not learning to speak the english language and give him good enough directions. Regal, Burchill, Melina, Matt Hardy and Sylvan were also a part of this segment, each saying they had seen Sharmell in different places of the building. Not knowing where to go, Booker T runs out to the ring and calls The Boogeyman out once and for all. He tells him that if he gives back Sharmell, he's willing to take him on at Judgment Day in a loser leaves match. However, no answer is heard.

MNM defended the tag team titles by defeating the impressive young team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick in a pretty even bout. Vito and Nunzio were a bit too busy dealing with JBL to cash in on their tag team title shot, and the young duo took their shot at the belts and made a pretty nice run with it. Unfortunately, Melina's antics and MNM's experience ultimately lead to their victory.

Quick Results:

MNM def. Paul London and Brian Kendrick to retain the WWE Tag Team Championships

Booker T def. Orlando Jordan in a King of the Ring qualifier

Kurt Angle def. The Road Warrior in a King of the Ring qualifier

JBL def. Nunzio to retain the United States Championship, JBL def. Vito to retain the United States Championship

The Undertaker def. Sean O'Haire and Daivari by disqualification

IPB Image

April 27, 2006, Recap

Randy Orton had set up a main event against Chris Benoit, which was revealed by Theodore Long to be made into an ECW rules match, with Rey Mysterio watching with a close eye at ringside. This was also a rematch from the World Heavyweight Title match at Summerslam of 2004 between these two men. The bout was amazing, each wrestler using his major assets to add something to the mix, making this one of the best smackdown main events in a long while. Both men refrained from using many weapons as they didn't want to make "the network" too angry. Benoit held a major advantage mid way through the match, as he locked Orton in a sharpshooter while Rey Mysterio looked on with nothing but applause. However, Orton was able to use his cheap tactics, grabbing a stop sign from the outside and smashing Benoit over the back of the head to get out of the hold in a very innovative way. Orton them pointed to Mysterio and gave him a thumbs down, but saw Benoit quickly lock him into a crossface that was looking like the end of the match. Orton however managed to get out of it, and later won the match with a brutal RKO. As he was walking back up the ramp, he watched on and taunted both Benoit and Mysterio who were back in the squared circle.

Daivari, followed by his henchmen Mark Henry, Sean O'Haire and Roadkill made his way out to the ring and showed everyone the tape of them beating the hell out of The Undertaker in that four on one ambush in the handicap match last week. He went on about The Undertaker being over rated, and continued to blab in arab. The lights then went out and The Undertaker suddenly appeared in the ring right behind all four men. He attacked each of them, and was able to take them all out, except for Daivari, who once again escaped the vengeance of the deadman. Shockingly, Daivari, angry that his henchmen couldn't get the job done, grabs the microphone and announces that all three of them were going to have to face The Undertaker in upcoming weeks, and if they were to lose their matches, they'd no longer be using Daivari for their managerial services!

The King of the Ring tournament rolled onto its final qualifiers this week, and the surprises were certainly rolling on this night. Matt Hardy picked up an easy victory in the first qualifier against Sylvan, but the second match is what most have been talking about. Hardcore Holly was awaiting a "mystery opponent" in the final King of the Ring qualifier, when he hears "MISTERRRRRR KENNEDY." And the crowd erupts. Despite his majorly heel attitude, the crowd loved the fact that he made his return to the ring after a five month absence. Holly wasn't expecting it, and was taken by surprise and defeated quickly by Kennedy with a rollup from behind right out of the blue. Kennedy then grabbed the microphone and mocked Holly, the rest of the King of the Ring competitors, and talked about how he's glad to be back.. But he's not so glad about having to hear Michael Cole's announcing every week.

JBL continued his journey to take on foreign born wrestlers now in the entire world, as announced last week by his assistant, Jillian Hall. JBL listed a number of japanese wrestlers that the crowd never heard of, and capped it off with an "exactly" when he got no reaction to any of the names. He said facing wrestlers all around the world was pointless, and that he's done proving that America is where the U.S. title should be. He calls out Chris Benoit, whining about how he's only doing this to prove a point that he should never even think of holding the belt again. Instead of Benoit, out comes LANCE STORM, returning to the WWE and possibly looking like he's returning as an active wrestler. Storm ran in and destroyed JBL in the early going, but a visible low blow by the referee allows JBL to be disqualified but still retain his title. Looking shocked at what just happened, JBL snatches his U.S. Championship and screams at Jillian Hall for making that announcement. Storm stared JBL down from the ring as smackdown faded to a commercial break.

The opening match was also very interesting, as Kurt Angle, Lashley, and The Boogeyman defeated Regal, Finlay and Booker T when Kurt Angle made William Regal tap out to the ankle lock. The interesting story in this match, however, was the development of the Booker T/Boogeyman rivalry. Boogeyman didn't come out with his team on thursday, and only made a brief entrance with Sharmell in his arms at the top of the entrance ramp, causing Booker T to run to the back and chase him trying to find his wife again, basically making the match a tag team contest. The cameras kept following Booker around, as he follows The Boogeyman into a dark room which starts filling up with a massive amount of red-ish fog. The door lock, and the cameras break, and all that can be heard is the screams of help from Booker T inside of that room.

Quick Results:

Kurt Angle, Lashley and The Boogeyman def. William Regal, Finlay and Booker T

Lance Storm def. JBL by disqualification, JBL retains the championship

Matt Hardy def. Sylvan in a King of the Ring qualifier

Ken Kennedy def. Hardcore Holly in a King of the Ring qualifier

Randy Orton def. Chris Benoit in an ECW rules match

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April 29th, 2006

- Reports say that the WWE is planning on having Rob Van Dam cash in on his money in the bank title match at ECW One Night Stand, as planned since having him win the match at wrestlemania. What might be changing, though, is the title he decides to take a stab at. The original plan was for Triple H to regain his championship at backlash, defending it at one night stand against RVD. But recent crowd reactions to current WWE Champion John Cena, and even Triple H, could make everything change. Mcmahon has finally decided not to ignore the crowd, and has acknowledged the reactions his superstars have been getting. While the backlash main event is still undecided, Van Dam's title shot is likely to be downgraded to the Intercontinental Championship, although nothing is certain.

The card for a house show just a week from backlash in North Carolina, was announced this past thursday night. The confirmed matches saw Triple H and Edge teaming against John Cena and Rob Van Dam, Shelton Benjamin facing Charlie Haas for the Intercontinental Championship, Carlito taking on Chris Masters.

- The locker room is very excited about having numerous amounts of returns and debuts in the past few weeks of RAW and Smackdown. Many are said to be pleased with Umaga's in ring improvement from his days in 3 Minute Warning, and many of RAW's younger superstars are looking forward to facing returning guys like Charlie Haas and Test. Haas was also incredibly impressive in the past few weeks, showing that the time off in Japan worked wonders on his in ring talent, which was already a massive success.

- After this past week's RAW event, an altercation between Mikey of the Spirit Squad and Carlito erupted after the two had a heated confrontation of unknown origin. Reports say that the two have worked things out, and that the argument only escalated after Mikey accused Carlito of sometimes working a little too stiff on the newer guys.

- Chavo Guerrero will leave RAW for good this week, re-joining this smackdown brand and finishing his dream of facing Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio in Eddie's honor. Chavo is likely to take on Benoit at Judgment Day, but nothing can be sure as nothing has been decided yet in the King of the Ring tournament. Expect someone to be sent to RAW as part of some sort of trade.

-The WWE has been in contact with many ECW alumni for the ECW One Night Stand 2 event in June. The signings include: Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, Roadkill, Danny Doring, Sabu, Justin Credible, Lance Storm, Tajiri, Mike Awesome, Masato Tanaka, and Mikey Whipwreck. Nothing is certain yet, but it appears that some of these men have been signed for other purposes. For example, Roadkill and Lance Storm have already made their returns on the smackdown brand. Don't be surprised to see if any ECW alumni join either RAW or Smackdown!, but don't expect it to be for a long term deal.

Expect something major to happen in the bout between The Mcmahons and Shawn Michaels. The recent crowd reactions and teases hint a possible return of DX, which would mean a complete face turn by Triple H, helping Michaels overcome The Mcmahons and finally allowing for a new general manager to come in. Others say that Triple H might actually swerve run in and end up helping the Mcmahons beat Shawn Michaels, ending any rumors of a face turn. While it's also a possibility that Mick Foley could make a run in to help HBK, claiming that "Foley is God". Nothing is sure yet, but expect something major to happen.

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April 30, 2006, Recap

The show kicked off with the Intercontinental Championship match between Shelton Benjamin and Charlie Haas, in what was likely one of the best matches of the night. Haas tried to make his WWE return a successful one, as he was able to gain an upper hand and lock the Haas of Pain on Shelton after just a few minutes since the bout had begun, but Shelton was lucky enough to grab onto the bottom rope and save his Intercontinental Championship momentarily. The bout went on for another three/four minutes, with Shelton now seeing more of an advantage than his former tag team partner. Late in the bout, Shelton tried to put things away with the T-Bone suplex, but Haas was quickly able to counter it with a couple of hard shots to the gut of the champion, who was however able to fight it off and hit the T-Bone anyway, pinning Haas for a three count. Haas did however get a standing ovation from the crowd as he walked off, making his pay per view return with an incredible match.

The intense rivalry between Mickie James and Trish Stratus came down to a culminating point at backlash, as the current wwe women's champion defended against the former, in one of the best women's matches seen in a pretty long time. Mickie used her psycho tactics to take advantage of Trish early on, appearing to be more interested in trying to be like Trish than trying to beat her, which allowed Stratus to nail a chick kick on the champion, but only for a very close two count. Mickie James surprised Stratus just a few seconds later, hitting Trish with her own Mick kick out of nowhere and grabbing the pin to retain the championship.

Chavo Guerrero went head to head with one of WWE's most elustrious legends, The Nature Boy, Ric Flair, in a match he devoted to his late uncle Eddie Guerrero. The fans got behind both men in this bout, but gave Chavo enough strength to compete with Ric Flair at a main event level, proving himself to be a fantastic competitor. He gained an upper hand in this bout using Eddie's trifecta of suplexes on 'Naitch, and made a serious push to beat the legendary Ric Flair. Despite being a great guy, Flair could never stay away from his cheap tactics, and used a series of cheap maneuvers to take over the momentum of the match. Eddie did "lie, cheat and steal". Ric Flair had the figure four leg lock tighly placed on Chavo Guerrero in the middle of the ring, and nothing seemed to save him now. Chavo fought back as hard as he could, eventually reaching the bottom rope and getting a huge pop from the crowd. The match wasn't over yet, and Chavo was able to hit another series of suplexes to put Ric Flair down on the mat, picking up a VERY impressive win with Eddie's own Forg Splash. After the match was over, Chavo shook hands with the Nature Boy, and later proceeded onto say goodbye to most other WWE superstars, who wished him luck on the mackdown brand.

Two of the biggest athletes in the WWE today, Kane and The Big Show, also fought in a one on one contest to showcase their strength and prove who the better man is. Losing the tag team championships to the Spirit Squad just a few weeks ago caused Kane to go completely insane and attack his tag team partner. The bout was just what was expected, and prior to the match, Kane even told The Big Show that he'd enjoy knocking him out with one of the deadliest chokeslams anyone will ever see. The match went on for about nine/ten minutes, and saw Big Show holding an upper hand throughout, using his small, but important, size advantage to counter Kane's quickness. Show tried his best to nail a chokeslam for nearly an entire minute, but Kane was able to counter it every time, even hitting a cheap undetected low blow near the end of the bout. Just as the crowd was starting to get behind The Big Show, Kane decided to make things personal, and did indeed give The Big Show the most powerful chokeslam in the history of professional wrestling, right on top of the announcers table, which allowed him to drag the big man back into the ring and pin him for the victory.

Rob Van Dam put his Money in the Bank contract on the line on sunday as he took on Carlito and Chris Masters in a triple threat match. Things were looking very good for Carlito and The Masterpiece, as they kept using their partnership to corner Van Dam and make sure he wouldn't come up with the victory. The two used the handicap match-like atmosphere to their advantage, having RVD almost beat on a few occasions. The real trouble came, however, when Masters or Carlito tried to pin Van Dam and run away with a victory, as each of them kept pulling the other off on pin attempts. Van Dam was able to take advantage of a great opportunity, when Masters shoved Carlito, allowing RVD to superkick the Masterlock over the top rope without expecting a thing. Carlito was left in the ring to fight Van Dam in a one on one situation, and he quickly tried to pick up the pin and win the Money in the Bank briefcase. Carlito tried to hit his modified backbreaker twice, but RVD was able to counter it both times, the second time even being lucky enough for him to hit a spinning heel kick and put Carlito on the mat. Van Dam was looking for a five star frog splash to end the match, but he noticed The Masterpiece getting back up on the outside, and decided to take a huge chance and jump out on him instead! The match went on for another three to four minutes, until RVD was able to pick up an impressive win with a rollup on Carlito. Later in the show, RVD confronted Triple H about the possibility of him challenging for the WWE championship, as Triple H claimed that he was most definitely going to win it.

Vince and Shane Mcmahon made ridiculous accusations once again before this match to the way "God" has been helping Shawn Michaels win, and that without God's help, tonight, the force of evil will reign supreme and destroy Shawn Michaels and all that he stands for. Again, The Mcmahons were able to use any sort of weapon they wanted to, while Michaels was limited to pure wrestling ability and faith. The Mcmahons obviously held a huge advantage throughout this match, switching back and forth and destroying Michaels with steel chairs, ladders, tables, and anything else they could find, just toying around with the Heartbreak Kid now. Then, just had Vince had gotten a little carried away, Michaels quickly jumped back up to his feet and Sweet Chin Music'd the chair right back into Mcmahon's face. Shane tried to finish the job on his own, battling Shawn Michaels, but not being able to gain the upper hand any longer, as he can't win a one on one match against The Showstopper. Things were looking fantastic for Shawn Michaels, as he nailed a perfect Sweet Chin Music on Shane Mcmahon, and covered him. But just as the referee hit the two count, the lights mysteriously went out. Nothing was seen for almost ten seconds, until a devastating flame is shown erupting from the ring. The lights come back on, and show a table lit completely on fire, and Kane holding Shawn Michaels in the air with one hand, chokeslamming him into the deathly fire, as Kane would say "straight to hell." Shane covered Michaels to pick up the victory. Just as Mcmahon said, evil had prevailed, and he came in the form of the monster himself.

It was time for the WWE Championship match, one very anticipated bout between three very different, but very worthy RAW main eventers. John Cena was looking for something more to prove to the fans, who have kept booeing him despite great performances. His uncaring attitude helped him through the early goings, as the fans kept starting chants of D-X and Triple H, looking for The Game to regain his championship against John Cena. Edge tried to take advantage of the fact that he was sort of a third wheel in this clash of titans, and almost picked up a win early after Cena had knocked Triple H out of the ring, nailing him with a Spear and getting a very close two count. The crowd started to get behind Edge when they saw that he was trying to go after Cena, but they roared when Triple H got back into the dog fight and started beating the hell out of every person in sight. Mid way through the bout, Triple H was able to isolate Edge, and after hitting a series of nicely executed trademark maneuvers, he planned to put the finishing touches and plant a Pedigree right on Edge. Lita began to interfere, however, and after screaming from the apron, decided to run into the ring and charge at Triple H, but got caught in mid air with a brutal spine buster that left Lita on the mat and the fans in shock. As Edge started looking after Lita, Cena and Triple H went head to head, trading blows in the middle of the ring and hearing all sorts of reactions from the crowd. Cena gained the upper hand, and got Triple H up over his shoulders for an F-U, but Edge once again took advantage and charged at Cena, spearing him, knocking Triple H off his shoulders and knocking the champion down. Edge nearly picked up a victory there, but left an open door for Triple H to do the same. The Game got right back up to his feet, and being the cerebral assassin, used his momentum to Pedigree Edge to the mat. At this point, Hunter was the only standing man in this bout, and was looking to pick up a victory and regain his championship, when he does something completely unexpected. He walks to the outside of the ring and grabs a sledge hammer, waiting for either Edge or Cena to get up to create some chaos. The referee tries to take the sledge hammer away from Triple H, and Cena uses the opportunity to try and nail The Game from behind with a cheap shot, but Triple H ducks under it and ends up hitting Cena with a sledge hammer right to the forehead! Triple H drops the hammer, and begins walking out of the ring with a smile on his face. Cena and Edge are motionless, and Triple H has now completely walked out of this match and to the backstage area. Edge tried to pick up a cheap win after Aitch's sledge shot, but Cena was able to kick out, and later nail Edge with an F-U to pick up the win and retain the championship. The crowd booes, and Cena looks to the back, wondering where Triple H went, and why he gave up such an easy chance to win the match, as backlash comes to a close.

Quick Results:

Shelton Benjamin def. Charlie Haas to retain the Intercontinental Championship

Mickie James def. Trish Stratus to retain the WWE Women's Championship

Chavo Guerrero def. Ric Flair in honor of Eddie Guerrero

Kane def. The Big Show

Rob Van Dam def. Carlito and Chris Masters to keep his Money in the Bank contract

Vince and Shane Mcmahon def. Shawn Michaels

John Cena def. Edge and Triple H to retain the WWE Championship

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IPB Image

Date: May 1, 2006

City: Colombus, Ohio

1. The Game's explanation

RAW kicks off with nicely done pyros, and a theme song that makes the crowd go wild, as Triple H walks out of the curtains and starts things off. He slowly strolls down the ramp, sans WWE championship, and having to explain his actions at backlash after a very shocking turn of events. He slowly walks up the three steps and enters the ring through the second and third rope, waiting for the mood to ease up a bit before he could speak.

Triple H: Let's get something straight: I didn't walk out on the WWE Championship. You see, when you're as good as me, there are certain things in life that you just.. don't need. And as much as I'd like to become an eleven time world champion, I'd much rather sit back and watch you guys tear John Cena apart EACH.. AND EVERY.. WEEK.

The cheers are pretty loud, and cause 'Aitch to stop for a few seconds before continuing.

Triple H: I've done this before, I've been at the top.. And for the first time in maybe my entire career this past sunday, I realized that it's not that important to me anymore. I don't have anything to prove, John Cena DOES. See the way I see it, it's pretty simple. John Cena talks about "facing adversity" and all of his gangster crap, but the truth is that he couldn't be any more of a COWARD than he is. And..

Say no more, Hunter, Cena's theme hits over the PA and the champ makes his way out furious at Triple H's comments. He slides under the bottom rope and wastes no time, staring Triple H down and screaming staight into his eyes.

John Cena: Listen up, ya' crazy son of a bitch.

Triple H maintains his composure, while the crowd continues to give Cena mixed reactions.

John Cena: If ya' haven't gotten' the drift yet, 'Aitch, these aren't the easiest fans to please. YOU, of all people, should know 'dat. Wasn't it these same fans that were booeing you just a couple o' months ago? And now you're kissin' their asses like they were your best friends. I thought ya' were a "real man".. I thought'cha had "intensity". Let's face it, Hunter, ain't nothin' you can do to please this crowd.

Triple H: Hold on a second now, Cena. Nobody's asking you to please this crowd, hell as a matter of fact I don't think anyone wanted you coming over from smackdown in the first place!

The fans once again cheer madly for Triple H, as even Cena breaks a very small laugh.

John Cena: The fact is, Hunter.. I didn't come out hea' to argue with you.

Triple H: Why did you even bother to come down then? Did you miss the booes?

Now Cena changes his tone completely, and screams right at The Game.

John Cena: LET ME TELL YOU.. WHAT I CAME DOWN FOR. What happened last night.. It wasn't right. But contrary to what ya' believe, I ain't got nothin' to prove. There's fans that love me, and there's fans that hate me, that's life, I ain't tryin' to force nobody to like me. And the fact of the matter is, 'Aitch.. You had me beat.

Triple H: Let's skip the formalities, Cena. It was just a match, we'll have another chance to go mano a mano some day.

John Cena: NO. What I came here ta' say is..

Cena takes the title off of his shoulder.

John Cena: This belt belongs to you.

Cena extends the title to Triple H, the fans trying to give him insight as to whether or not he should do it. Triple H tries to reach out for the belt but quickly draws his hands back and looks away for a few seconds. Then, as soon as he turns around, he gets planted with a shot with the belt by Cena which gets a majorly bad crowd reaction. Cena then poses with the title, holding it over Triple H's body and screaming "IT'S MINE" over and over. (80)

2. The Spirit Squad's Johnny and Nicky vs. ???

Before this match could begin, Vince Mcmahon was standing at the top of the entrance ramp, staring down the Spirit Squad's Johnny and Nicky, to announce their opponents tonight.

Vince Mcmahon: Ladies and gentlemen, as you all know, Chavo Guerrero has now joined the smackdown brand. Now what you may not know, is that in order for him to do so, there would've had to be an official trade sending a Smackdown superstar right here.. ON RAW. So without further a-do, I present to you, RAW's newest, returning tag team..


Former Smackdown superstar Scotty 2 Hotty and Grandmaster Sexay walk out of the curtains to a loud cheer from the crowd, and quickly get in the ring to face off with Johnny and Nicky of the Spirit Squad. The two avoid a pair of clotheline attempts early on and are able to gain an upper hand with some double team manuevers to send Nicky and Johnny to the outside to recover with their other Spirit Squad buddies. Too Cool show absolutely no rust in the ring as a tag team. The Spirit Squad were re-grouping on the outside, as Sexay and Scotty leaped over the top rope and catapulted themselves on top of all five men on the outside. Some more spots were pulled off nicely by the two teams throughout the match, and Sexay and Scotty were forced to fight off many attempts of interference by the remaining three Spirit Squad-ers. However, an unlucky superkick by Mitch that ended up hitting Nicky, allowed Scotty 2 Hotty to hit him with the Worm, and Sexay to finish him off with a top rope leg drop, taking home the win for Too Cool. After the match was over, however, all five members of the Spirit Squad entered the ring and cleaned house, leaving Too Cool motionless in the middle of the ring, and prancing around like a couple of morons afterwards. (Too Cool, 75, **3/4, The Spirit Squad debuted their new gimmicks [obnoxious])

3. Deserving an opportunity

The cameras take us backstage, where Edge is livid after his loss at backlash, dragging Lita around by her arm and looking everywhere for something. He then storms into Mcmahon's office and interrupts an obvious business meeting with Candice Michelle, but not caring the least bit.

Edge: Mr. Mcmahon, I don't need to say much for you to know why I'm here. I know you saw what happened last night, and I know you're the one that'll put an end to it. Triple H really showed what kind of a sick, twisted, freak he really is, didn't he? Well unfortunately it was at my expense, and I want YOU to do something about it.

Vince Mcmahon: Well you certainly appear to be pretty fired up, Edge. I'll tell ya' what, you want me to do something about last night? Fine.

Edge: Ah ha, that's what I'm talking about.

Vince Mcmahon: Picture it: Tonight live right here in Colombus, Ohio, in the MAIN.. EVENT. It'll be Edge.. and Triple H, teaming up to face John Cena.. and Rob.. Van.. Dam.

Edge doesn't look as pleased as he did before he received that answer.

Edge: Is that for real? I want Triple H one on one and you put us on a team? I can't deal with the madness right now, let's go Lita.

Edge once again drags Lita out of the room, as Mcmahon gets back to his "business" with Candice.

Vince Mcmahon:[ Now.. Where were we?

Picture this: He mounts her. (84)

4. The disadvantages of obesity

Back in the ring we are, where an unpopular Matt Striker has taken over the squared circle and set up a class-like environment, with a board and a piece of chalk, and a desk in front of it, with a myriad of dictionaries and all kinds of books.

Matt Striker: Now as I'm about to make some pretty hefty accusations.. Let me apologize before hand to anybody with a kind heart.

He pauses to let the idea sink in.

Matt Striker: And now we can finally begin today's lesson. See I have to be completely honest here, I didn't think I'd have any substantial, compelling argument that you people here in Colombus would actually understand, so I went out and..

The crowd interrupts his monologue with a thunderous amount of booes.

Matt Striker: Hey, don't boo me, I'm trying to be a good sport. I'm trying to moderate my vocabulary for you people, and this is the way you treat me? Unacceptable! .. Now as I was saying, there is indeed something I saw last night in one of the matches at backlash that I would like to bring to everyone's attention. Roll the footage.

Footage of Big Show's bout with Kane starts playing, showing Big Show unable to scout the chokeslam that was coming to him, and being knocked out on the announcers' table by his former tag team partner, as the cameras go back to the live scene.

Matt Striker: Now I don't want to cause any trouble here, but being the great citizen that I am.. I can't overlook the fact that The Big Show is one of the major contributors to the slow downfall of this society. I mean suuure he can slap a few chests and knock around a few kicks, but is The Big Show really preparing himself for life.. AFTER wrestling? Let's be honest with each other, he could've easily avoided that chokeslam if he weighed about one or two hundred pounds less.

# BOOM #

Big Show's music hits, and Matt Striker now looks a bit worried, but still tries to maintain his composure. The Big Show slowly walks down to the ring and climbs in over the top rope, grabbing a microphone and smiling, while speaking to Striker.

The Big Show: Alright, why don't you do that presentation over again? You know.. with me actually IN the ring.

Matt Striker: I don't think that'll be necessary, but Big Show, please, don't take anything personally. I'm just trying to open the eyes of thousands of people who don't see the fatal flaws of american society!

The Big Show: Yeah, yeah.. I get it. Like terrorism? vandalism? alcohol? YOU.

Striker's eyes open as wide as they can, and The Big Show quickly drops his mic and grabs him up with just one arm, slamming him right through his own desk and completely knocking him out, leaving the ring with a smile on his face. (71, Matt Striker debuted his new gimmick [arrogant], it got a positive response. Matt Striker gained overness, The Big Show lost overness)

5. Umaga vs. Goldust

It's amazing that this match even lasted as long as it did, as Goldust got in absolutely no offense. Armando Alejandro Estrada gave his protege a nice little introduction, despite his annoying sound. Umaga quickly went to work on Goldust, knocking him down with various powerful maneuvers, including a nice looking frog splash from the top rope. The fans could sense that the match was on its way to a close, as Umaga had just destroyed Goldust with a running butt smash that almost snapped Goldust's neck in half. Umaga then uses a very sharp thumb to the throat to knock Goldust out completely and pick up a VERY easy victory. This young man's looking pretty impressive. (Umaga, 73, **, Umaga gained overness)

6. Revenge is sweet

Two of the crowd favorites on RAW, Maria and Shawn Michaels, are standing by in front of the RAW interview set, with Maria set to get Michaels's thoughts after what happened at backlash with the Mcmahons and Kane.

Maria: Shawn Michaels. Last night at backlash, you came THIIIIS close to winning a big match against Mr. Mcmahon, until Kane..

Shawn interrupts.

Shawn Michaels: If there's one thing I know about tonight it's that I don't want to hear a single word about Kane. Ya' see, Mcmahon thinks he has all of these cards up his sleeve, and he wants to talk to me about "the force of evil" prevailing at backlash. Well you know what, Maria? I'm not about to let Vince and Shane Mcmahon get away with this. Kane is a small problem here, I'm trying to get right to the root, right to the source. And I KNOW.. That the source is Mr. Vincent.. Kennedy.. Mcmahon. Now Maria, I know Vince Mcmahon. And I know that he ain't gonna' stop until he gets exactly what he wants. And right now, what he wants is for Kane to put an end to my career. And that's fine, hey, he can do what he wants. But let me tell you something Maria. I will END Vince Mcmahon, if it's the last thing I do, and..

All of a sudden, Michaels gets attacked from behind by Kane, who absolutely decimates him in front of the inteview set, dirving im head first into the mini screen, then storming off in anger, screaming. (92)

7. Chris Masters vs. Eugene

After feeling a bit "screwed" out of his triple threat match at backlash, Chris Masters decided to take his aggression out on the innocent Eugene. Masters played around with Eugene since the early goings, using some of the old school chops to the back of the head ala Razor Ramon, and some weak punches that did just enough to knock Eugene down. Masters then teased The Masterlock, but continued to toy around with Eugene, until he finally decided to lock the deadly maneuver in. Eugene was able to counter it before Masters could fully lock it in though, hitting a Rock Bottom for a close two count to make the match close. And angry Masters then put Eugene back in a very strong Masterlock, and forced him to tap out just a few seconds later. The Masterpiece celebrated his victory in the middle of the ring, listening to the thunderous booes of the crowd, until suddenly, Carlito comes running out from the crowd and shows up right behind Masters, nailing him with a modified inverted backbreaker that he uses so nicely, which takes Masters out. Carlito then takes out his trademark apple, and spits a huge chunk right on the face of Chris Masters, leaving the ring to something he's not very used to in his WWE career: the crowd's cheers. (Chris Masters, 76, **1/2)

8. WWE Unlimited

The WWE Unlimited cameras show Carlito walking backstage during the commercial break, being applauded for his actions to Chris Masters just a few moments ago. Just as he was chewing his apple, walking around like a cocky SOB, Chris Masters grabs him from behind out of nowhere with a Masterlock. He holds it in tightly, not allowing Carlito to break out of it, and holding onto it for almost two entire minutes. Referees and superstars come over, trying to stop Chris Masters from breaking all types of bones in Carlito's body, who releases the hold and allows the referees to help the king of cool back up.(72)

9. And STILL WWE Intercontinental Champion

Back in the ring, a red carpet is spread throughout the ring, with Shelton Benjamin and his very smooth sun glasses standing right in the middle, polishing up his Intercontinental championship after his great victory against his former partner, Charlie Haas, at backlash. He puts his microphone right up to his mouth, and receiving booes from the Colombus crowd, he speaks.


The crowd booes once again. Shelton's established himself as a semi-heel already, which is good.

Shelton Benjamin: Now I know y'all went out an' celebrated mah' victory last night, but I figured "hell.. Why not have an encore?" .. Wasn't too pleased 'bout it bein' in Colombus, Ohio, but hey, ya' take what'cha' can get.

Thunderous booes now, those traditional jokes are still effective. Suddenly, confetti start flying down from the ceiling, and Shelton acts as if he's the most shocked man in the world right now.

Shelton Benjamin: Oh my, now who would eva' think o' doin' that? Thanks you guys. Ya' see.. Fact is: I ain't got nothin' to prove anymore. I proved that I'm betta' than half the people on 'dat roster, and LAST NIGHT.. I proved that I'm betta' than my FORMER tag team partna'. Hell, if I were you guys, I'd be throwin' me a party too.

He pauses for a second, trying to get some support from the crowd, but not getting anything.

Shelton Benjamin: Now please, if ya'd like to join me in singin' a song for celebration, entitled.

Viscera's music suddenly hits over the PA, and the fans give him somewhat of a reaction. The world's largest love machine makes his way out with a microphone and enters the ring over the top rope, staring at Shelton Benjamin but smiling.

Shelton Benjamin: What in tha' hell are you doin' out here?

Viscera: I thought I heard you say somethin' about.. SINGIN' A SOOOONG.

Now the fans give Big Vis the reaction he was expecting, as he starts singin' the tune, looking at the Intercontinental Championship the entire way through.





Shelton looks at Vis with a puzzled expression, then waits for him to turn his attention elsewhere to nail him right in the face with the championship belt, taunting him on the way. All of a sudden, the fans start cheering, and Shelton begins to smile as he thinks it's all for him, when it's instead for Charlie Haas, who has just entered the ring behind Shelton with a steel chair and awaits for the champ to turn around. Shelton does, and gets nailed right in the face with a steel chair shot by Haas! Haas is a loose cannon! He's screaming in the middle of the ring, and looking to decimate Shelton, who luckily is able to roll out of the ring under the bottom rope, staring down a deranged Haas from the outside. (76)

10. Your new RAW General Manager?

Vince Mcmahon is standing backstage in his office, with a royal rumble-like object that superstars use to pick out their entrance number. He smiles, and acts as if he has the biggest announcement in the history of professional wrestling to make.

Vince Mcmahon: Ladies and gentlemen, what you see beside me with the beautiful Candice Michelle, is your new RAW general manager.

A bit of confusion caused by that statement.

Vince Mcmahon: What I mean is: Screw the interviews, screw the experience, just SCREW IT ALL. In this, are over fifty names of WWE and non-WWE superstars who could have a chance to be the NEW RAW General Manager!

Still a bit confused, the fans cheer.

Vince Mcmahon: And next week, right here on RAW, we will see the LIVE selection of one pivital ball that will decide the future of this company. Now you may think I've gone crazy, and you may think I belong in a mental institution, BUT.. The fact is: I AM REVOLUTIONARY. And this, my audience, is the beginning of a revolution. It could be anyone. From the range of.. Torrie Wilson and Chloe, The Spirit Squad, Doink The Clown.. To Shawn Michaels.. Triple H.. JOHN.. CENA.

The cheers very quickly turn into booes for the champ.

Vince Mcmahon: Now once the superstar is selected.. They will be called right down to that ring.. and they will be given TWO options. Due to the fact that being the RAW General Manager takes a lot of hard work and a lot of dedication.. I'm not gonna' allow anyone to decide to bail on it when the going gets rough. Therefore, IF the superstar accepts the position as RAW General Manager.. HE MUST RETIRE HIS PROFESSIONAL WRESTLING CAREER!

The fans don't seem too pleased about that, and being booeing Mcmahon.

Vince Mcmahon: Oh come on now, don't boo me. Wouldn't you all like to see John Cena out of that ring for good?

Not a tough crowd to please, as they start the cheers again for Mcmahon's joke.(90)

11. John Cena and Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H and Edge

John Cena's theme song interrupts Mcmahon's speech about the new general manager, and the champion makes his way out to the ring, followed by his possible challenger in a few weeks, Rob Van Dam. Triple H and Edge start the match apparently on the same page, working together on Cena like they did in the early goings of their match at backlash. Just like the usual tag team matches, there came a point where John Cena and Edge were both knocked out, and were both desperately trying to reach their corners for a tag which was made. Triple H and Rob Van Dam came into the ring, and RVD starts nailing The Game with a combination of forearm smashes to the head, irish whipping him but getting it reversed and getting nailed with a high knee to the face by the cerebral assassin. Cena also comes back into the action and goes after Triple H, the two exchanging blows right in the middle of the ring until 'Aitch could take the upper hand once again, irish whipping Cena and knocking him down with a spinebuster, looking to take advantage of the opportunity. Triple H once again goes ballistic, and runs to the outside, slowly grabbing a sledge hammer from underneath the ring and looking to destroy his opponents. Cena is the first one on his knees, and Triple H is looking to nail him right over the head with Edge looking on, but instead turns to his side and gives Edge a huge shot straight to the forehead that was completely unexpected! The referee doesn't know what to do, and neither does Cena, but Van Dam has now climbed the top rope and looking to hit a Five Star Frog Splash on Edge. Triple H gives him a thumbs up and smiles, and RVD leaps off and nails Edge with the Five Star, covering 1...2... OH MY GOD! Triple H nails RVD over the back with that sledge hammer multiple times. The referee calls for the bell, Van Dam and Cena have won the match, but Triple H continues to decimate Rob Van Dam in the middle of the ring, leaving him and Edge bloody, yet surprisingly not even TOUCHING John Cena. 'Aitch drops the sledge hammer and begins walking away, the cameras focusing on his cocky look and Cena's confused expression, as RAW goes to a close. (John Cena and RVD by Disqualification, 78, **1/4)

Overall Rating: 78

Attendance: 7,523

TV Rating: 6.86

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May 3rd, 2006

- WWE Smackdown! Taping Results (5/5/06)

- Chris Benoit beat William Regal in the first King of the Ring quarter final match in what proved itself to be yet another unbelievable bout between the two, great way to open the show.

- Cruiserweight Champ, Gregory Helms, returned from injury and cut a promo on how bad it feels to come back in a place like Cincinnati. He announced that although he's not ready to be in the ring yet, he'll be ready to defend his belt in a battle royal next week.

- MNM retained the WWE Tag Team Championships, beating Nunzio and Vito in a pretty nice bout with the help of Melina.

- Rey Mysterio came out to the ring to introduce Chavo Guerrero as Smackdown's newest superstar. The two cut a promo on keeping Eddie's dream alive, until Randy Orton interrupted and called both of them a farce, telling them that they'd never be there if it wasn't for Eddie Guerrero in the first place, gaining major heat from the crowd. The main event of Chavo Guerrero vs. Randy Orton was decided.

- Theodore Long granted Daivari's henchmen a chance to take down The Undertaker. I missed this segment, but I heard it was pretty funny.

- Lance Storm beat Orlando Jordan in a nice bout, and got a huge reaction from the crowd here in Cincinnati. JBL came out after the match and nearly fought Storm, but instead pushed Jillian in front of him like a coward and allowed Storm to superkick her instead, running away with his belt.

- Booker T cut a backstage promo on The Boogeyman and him kidnapping Sharmell, the match for Judgment Day was made official. The Boogeyman vs. Booker T, loser leaves. Sharmell suddenly returned to her husband after the match was made official. I didn't catch much of this either, so I don't know how exactly it happened.

- Ken Kennedy running into Lashley backstage. The big man doesn't really say much, and Kennedy keeps reluctantly mocking him, trying to get a reaction, with the possibility of them facing off in the next round. Some funny stuff here, best segment of the night.

- The Undertaker beat Roadkill in the first Daivari challenge match, sending Roadkill over to the velocity tapings for the rest of his career. Sad, but true. Next week, The Undertaker will take on Mark Henry in a wrestlemania rematch.

- Kurt Angle runs into Chavo Guerrero before his match, and wishes him the best of luck. They talked about Eddie for a bit, with Kurt saying he's right behind Chavo every step of the way, and he hopes that he beats Orton's ass tonight and shows him what passion in this business is all about.

- Randy Orton defeated Chavo Guerrero in a very engaging match that had the crowd involved since the beginning. Mysterio tried to help Chavo win in the end, but Orton picked up a victory with an RKO, and for the second week straight, defeated one of Eddie's closest friends. The only man left on the list, is Rey Mysterio.

- Ric Flair has been admitted into rehab after announcing publically that he had a major drug abuse problem, and will be missing the next two to three months to get himself back in shape. Expect Flair to come back near Summerslam and work his way into a storyline with current WWE Champion, John Cena.

- Many were impressed with Matt Striker's work with The Big Show this past monday night on RAW. Striker's home town hating promos, and constant mockary of other superstars, along with some pretty nice in ring work, has him compared to the Kurt Angle of the early days. If molded correctly, Striker can be a big star for the WWE, and is already looking to work a storyline with some of the major names on RAW, as hinted by the fact that he called out The Big Show this past monday night. Expect to see more of him in upcoming weeks.

- Val Venis suffered a minor, unreported injury just three weeks ago to his left elbow. He seems to be recovering quickly, and should be back to perform in upcoming weeks. His WWE career doesn't look like it'll last much longer, as Venis is looking to retire or tour the indy circuit in a couple of months/years. Be prepared for Venis to have a much more significant role on RAW when he returns from injury, as this could very well be his last stint with the company.

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- WWE Sunday Night Heat (3/4/06)

- Test defeats Johnny Parisi, Mitch defeats Val Venis, and Trevor Murdoch defeats Lance Cade.

- WWE Velocity (3/4/06)

- Paul Burchill defeats Sylvan, Kid Kash defeats Funaki, and Simon Dean and The Gymini defeat Steven Richards and The Mexicools.

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IPB Image

Date: May 5, 2006

City: Dayton, Ohio

1. Video package

Pretty simple. A video package was shown, hyping up the king of the ring tournament, which will unfold in the next couple of weeks. (B)

2. Chris Benoit vs. William Regal

What a fantastic bout between Chris Benoit and William Regal, who repeated a performance against each other of about a year ago that had fans chatting for weeks. Regal took advantage early on, trying to out-smart Chris Benoit in the chain wrestling, desperately trying to lock in submission moves of his own to counter those of his opponent. The two kept exchanging blows for nearly five minutes, with nobody gaining a clear advantage. Then, near the end of the bout, Regal thought he had things under control and had the match won for sure, as he tried to lock Benoit into the STF, but was reversed and tightly locked into a crossface by Benoit, picking up the win for the Rabid Wolverine. Great match, for a very promising King of the Ring tournament. (Chris Benoit, A*)

3. The champ is back

Gregory Helms is backstage by the Smackdown! interview screen, holding his Cruiserweight championship on his shoulder and polishing it smoothly before he begins to speak with an angry expression.

Gregory Helms: I'm sure you all missed me.. And the cruiserweight division. Because let's face it, it ain't nothing without me.

Let the boos begin.

Gregory Helms: Now I'm not cleared ta' wrestle yet, but I sure as heck am cleared to lay a verbal smackdown on my opponents next week. See, Theodore Long found it "fitting" for me to go out there in my FIRST MATCH BACK.. and defend my cruiserweight championship in a battle royal. Now sure that might make great ratings but.. let's take a look at the possible consequences. What if I were to go out there and God forbid GET HURT AGAIN!? What would THAT do to the ratings, Long?

Helms pauses to take another hard look at his belt.

Gregory Helms: Now I hope guys like Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, The Hooligans, I hope they're ready to be humiliated. Because next week, I'm walking out with this championship still around my waist, EVEN.. WITH AN INJURY. Now that, my friends, is bein' a champion. And all I gotta' say is.. If you think ya' got what it TAKES to be in MY league, then I BEG YOU to participate in tha' battle royal next friday night right here on smackdown.

A weird ending, with Helms hugging the championship into his arms. (C-)

4. MNM vs. Vito and Nunzio (Tag Team Championships)

Pretty nice tag team match between the most established team on Smackdown!, MNM, and one trying to establish itself, Vito and Nunzio. The Italians looked a lot like the Mamalukes of WCW, and were taken as legit contenders by the champs and the crowd as well. Vito and Nunzio nearly picked up a victory on a few occasions, one in particular near the end of the match, where Vito was able to give Johnny Nitro a big boot, and had him down for a three count, but Melina distracted the referee and allowed Mercury to hit a low blow on Vito, throwing him out of the picture, and getting Mercury back up to hit the Snapshot on Nunzio, retaining the tag team championships. (MNM, B-)

5. Chavito Heat

The World Heavyweight Champion, Rey Mysterio, made his way out next to a fantastic crowd reaction here in Dayton. He seemed excited, entering the ring and smiling at the fans that have stuck by him ever since wrestlemania.

Rey Mysterio: HOLA MIS AMIGOS!!

The crowd erupts, even though it's likely that half of them didn't know what he meant.

Rey Mysterio: What I came out hea' to do, is much bigger than this world heavyweight championship. It's much bigger than Randy Orton, Kurt Angle.. Wrestlemania. What I'm about to do is introduce one of my best friends in this entire company, and boy am I glad that he's here!

The fans start cheering, anticipating the arrival.

Rey Mysterio: Ladies and gentlemen.. Give a warm welcome to.. CHAVO.. GUERRERO!

A huge eruption once again from the crowd, as Chavo makes his way out to the ring to Eddie's old "Latino Heat" theme song, and enters the ring to stand side by side with Rey Mysterio in a very heart felt moment. He puts his hand on Rey's shoulder, and speaks.

Chavo Guerrero: Rey.. Gracias. If it wasn't for you, I don't even know if I'd be able to continue. After my uncle Eddie passed.. It's been really hard for me. And the only thing I wanna' do to make things right is let Eddie know that he'll never be forgotten. You, Chris Benoit, you're the guys that are keeping his dream alive EACH.. AND EVERY NIGHT, and I want to thank you.

More cheers this time for the Rabid Wolverine, who's still healing from soreness from his match against Regal earlier.

Rey Mysterio: No, no, Chavo. I have to thank YOU. You see, if you didn't believe in me to keep Eddie alive inside of me, I would've never won the royal rumble, and I would've never went on to wrestlemania to win the world heavyweight championship. And Chavo, as my gift to you.. What'd ya' say we give these people a title match right here TONIGHT!

Chavo looks as shocked as ever, and the crowd goes wild with the thought. But just before Chavo could even answer, Randy Orton's music hits and the number one contender makes his way out of the curtains and onto the entrance ramp. He's in street clothes, so he has no intention of making a run for the ring, and instead stands at the top of the ramp.

Randy Orton: Hold your horses, Mysterio. If I remember correctly, I am the number one contender to the world heavyweight champion. Not Chris Benoit, and not your little new found buddy Chavito. Now the way I see it, having the right to face you for the world heavyweight championship at Judgment Day, I also get to choose who faces you for that belt in the mean time. Now don't fret, I'll be reasonable.

The boos interrupt Orton for a few seconds.

Randy Orton: As a matter of fact, Chavo, I'll give you a chance to face Rey Mysterio NEXT WEEK for the world heavyweight championship.

The fans cheer, although they see something else behind this. Chavo also looks a bit perplexed.

Randy Orton: All you'll have to do to earn that.. Is beat ME.. Tonight.. In the main event. It's as simple as that, Chavito. Why don't you bring your ass down to that ring and "make your uncle proud".

Chavo Guerrero: Well Randy..

Randy Orton: Actually, on second thought.. I don't need your approval, because I already got Theodore Long to book the match tonight. So Chavo.. Good luck, 'cause you'll most certainly need it.

Orton shows a cocky smile and walks off, leaving Chavo and Rey speechless in the middle of the ring. (B-)

6. One more chance.. or so

The cameras pick things back up with Theodore Long talking on his cell phone, with Daivari and Mark Henry waiting to speak to the GM about something.

Thedore Long: Now I told ya', and don't make me tell ya' again, it ain't gonna' work out.

Long hangs the phone up and turns his attention to Daivari.

Thedore Long: Aight playas, how can I help you?

Daivari: *arab*

Thedore Long: What in tha' hell?

Daivari: THEODORE LONG.. WE.. WANT.. THE UNDERTAKER! Last week, he humiliated me and that fat punk of Roadkill, and we want him to PAY!

Thedore Long: So you wanna' see Roadkill take on The Undertaker.. Ta'night?

Long hangs the phone up and turns his attention to Daivari.

Daivari: ROADKILL!? Hahaha, I let that idiot go a week ago! What I want from you is.. Wrestlemania rematch. The Undertaker.. Versus.. Mark Henry. Make it happen.

Thedore Long: Ya' know what? You're on playa'! Let's see if that big boy can take down The Undertaker or if this is just anotha' one of ya' useless attempts.

Daivari is offended, but takes what Long gave him and steps away from the office. ©

7. Lance Storm vs. Orlando Jordan

Orlando hasn't really been performing too well as of late, and has been held back by the writers and not allowed to get much air time. This match was really a ticket to being on Smackdown for many weeks to come, and he used it very well. He and Lance Storm put up a very nice performance, giving Smackdown! its third straight engaging bout, something we haven't seen from the company in a while. Storm was able to pick up the victory after a superkick, as JBL ran down to the ring and tried to get a cheap shot in on the canadian hero. Storm nearly nailed JBL with a superkick, but Layfield pushed Jillian in front of him and made her take the hit, running away with his belt tightly gripped across his chest. (Lance Storm, B)

8. A guarantee.. By Booker T

Booker T is backstage by the interview set on his own, looking as exhausted as ever, as he's been looking for his wife for weeks now, but has had no luck finding her or The Boogeyman other than a glimpse of the two at last week's Smackdown.

Booker T: DAMNIT DAWG. I WANT MAH' WIFE BACK.. At some point.

He pauses.

Booker T: Hell you can even keep sharmell until Judgment Day, 'cause you gon' be forced to see me then, let me tell ya'. I got Theodore Long to book me and you in a match.. Loser leaves.. So I can finally get'cher ass OUTTA' THIS PLACE, YEAAHHHH! Your days of torturin' tha' Booka' man are ovah', sucka.

Just as he says that and starts laughing, a myriad of worms appear bursting out of the Smackdown! set behind him. He notices and screams.

Booker T: WHAT THA' HELL!?

Once again, red fog begins taking over the entire set, but this time Sharmell comes out of it, running towards her husband with open arms, then getting to him and holding him tight. The two look back at the fog and the worms and start running away, with Booker not even able to finish his promo.(B-)

9. Test of strength

Ken Kennedy is shown backstage, cocky as usual, with Kristal Marshall. She's struggling to open a jar, so Kennedy sees the opportunity to help her, and decides to offer his services.

Ken Kennedy: Here, let Kennedy handle it.

Kennedy grabs the jar with a cocky expression, but even he struggles to open it, using all of his strength to get it but not being able to.

Ken Kennedy: Wow. How the hell do they package these things?

Suddenly, Lashley walks by the scene, and without saying a word (big surprise), grabs Kennedy's jar and opens it in just one try, without even breaking a sweat. He then hands it to Kristal and walks off, as the cameras go back on Kennedy, who's looking furious.

Ken Kennedy: Well.. Well.. I SOFTENED IT UP FOR YOU!

Kennedy tries to make a few excuses, then leaves in shame. (B-)

10. Let's get out of here

Booker T and Sharmell are shown in the locker rooms, trying to grab their bags as quickly as they can to get away from The Boogeyman. Then, just as they had everything set, they make a run for the door, but are stopped when they see it opening on its own for them.

Booker T: Aww damn, I didn't ask for 'dis dawg.

All of a sudden, The Boogeyman stands in front of the door and stares down the two. The door shuts loudly, and the cameras don't show what happens inside. (B)

11. The Undertaker vs. Mark Henry

Not much to say about this match, as it was a big let down from their Wrestlemania bout, which isn't saying much in the first place. The Undertaker picks up the win with a powerful chokeslam, and tried to carry Henry throughout the match, but wasn't able to. The crowd was dead during this entire segment, it's likely that The Undertaker faces Sean O'Haire next week, and that Mark Henry has been "fired" by Daivari. At least it's an excuse to get the man off tv. (The Undertaker, C+)

12. I want Lashley.. or not

The cameras take us backstage, where Ken Kennedy barges in Theodore Long's office with the same unfuriated expression he had a few minutes ago.

Ken Kennedy: Mr. Long, this is VERY unprofessional of you!

Theodore Long: What is?

Ken Kennedy: We're competing in the quarter finals of the King of the Ring tournament and.. and.. and you haven't even shown anyone the brackets!

Theodore Long: That's 'cause there aren't any.

Ken Kennedy: Well, I wanna' know who I'm gonna' be facing after I beat Matt Hardy.

Long is annoyed, but looks through his papers, trying to find something.

Theodore Long: Ah, there it is. You're gon' be facin' the winner of Lashley versus Finlay.

Ken Kennedy: WHAT!? NO! I can't.

Theodore Long: And why not?

Kennedy starts sweating, he's getting nervous about the situation, and starts making excuses.

Ken Kennedy: I come from a big family of irish men, I can't take the chance of possibly facing Finlay.. and.. and what if I beat Lashley? Everyone's gonna' call me a racist, I can't let that happen. Please Mr. Long, make me.. I mean my family.. Happy.

Theodore Long: Fine then, you can face Chris Benoit.

Ken Kennedy: Actually.. I was thinking more of a by to the finals. You know.. Have the other guys fight in a triple threat, winner faces me?

Theodore Long: ..... Man get the hell outta' here.

Long basically kicks Kennedy out of his office. (C+)

13. Sending Chavo right back where he came from

Randy Orton is standing by with Josh Matthews for an interview just a few moments before his match with Chavo Guerrero later on tonight.

Josh Matthews: Randy Orton, you've been a man on a mission the last couple of weeks, taking Chris Benoit out in a hardcore match last week, and looking to do the same to Chavo tonight. But the question is.. Why make it so personal?

Randy Orton: Let me explain something to you, Josh. That world heavyweight championship is personal. All I'm doing is paving a perfectly smooth road for me to walk on and take it back from the most undeserving champion in WWE history at Judgment Day. Now let's analyze this for a moment here, Matthews. I'm one of.. Actually, I AM.. Smackdown!'s brightest young superstar, and I'd be great representing this company as one of the cornerstones of the Smackdown! brand. What has Rey Mysterio done to even get to where he is? I had to pay my dues, I wrestled guys like Chris Jericho, Edge, Shelton Benjamin, Chris Benoit, and then I captured that world heavyweight champion. Rey Mysterio went from facing Funaki on velocity to winning the royal rumble in just a matter of weeks.

Josh Matthews: Well, we have seen him defeat you, Kurt Angle, Mark Henry.. Don't you think he's proving himself as a legit champion?

Randy Orton: Well now that I think about it.. NO. I'M a legit champion, and I'm on my way to regaining my glory at Judgment Day, when I personally make sure that Rey Mysterio NEVER sees that championship belt again. And tonight.. Chavo Guerrero will fall to the same fate, THE FATE.. OF THE R.. K.. O!

The cameras zoom in on Orton, before cutting to a commercial break. (B)

14. I've got your back, buddy

Chavo Guerrero is seen walking backstage towards the ring, as he prepares to face Randy Orton in the main event, he's stopped by Kurt Angle, who smiles and pats him on the back.

Kurt Angle: Hey man, I'm glad you came here. Look I just wanna' make sure you know that.. No matter what, I've got your back.

Chavo Guerrero: Thanks man, it's appreciated.

Kurt Angle: Now go out there, and KICK THAT LITTLE PUNK'S BUTT!

Chavo and Angle smile, as the cameras quickly take us back to the ring for the match to begin. (B+)

15. Randy Orton vs. Chavo Guerrero

Chavo Guerrero started the match off with some early quick offense, nearly picking up pinfalls on two or three different occasions. He seemed like a legit main eventer in this match, the fans believed in him to pick up the win after he defeated Ric Flair at backlash. Mid way through the match, Chavo was nearly defeated by an RKO, but he was able to counter it into some sort of small package which nearly got the pin on a very close two count. The fans were getting behind Guerrero, starting "Eddie" chants that erupted throughout the arena, which lifted Chavo's spirit and allowed him to get Orton right where he wanted him. After a trifecta of suplexes, he climbed up to the top rope and gave a tribute to his late uncle by punching his chest a few times, then jumping off for a Frog Splash which Orton was able to roll out of. Then out of nowhere, Orton took advantage of the missed Frog Splash, and grabbed Guerrero as soon as he got back up to his feet, nailing a beautiful RKO for the three count after a hard fought battle. (Randy Orton, A)

16. The Staredown

Ater the match was over, Rey Mysterio came down to check on his friend, but Randy Orton nearly attacked him. The two stared each other down in the ring, with Orton taunting Mysterio with his own world heavyweight title belt, then walking off and staring him down from the ramp, as Smackdown! comes to a close. (A*)

Overall Rating: B-

Viewers: 1,226,300

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May 6th, 2006

- A lot of people backstage were impressed with Chavo Guerrero's work in Smackdown!'s main event against Randy Orton, and believe that it helped him establish himself as a major player on the Smackdown! brand. Chavo, Malenko, Benoit and Rey Mysterio are planned to work something in tribute to Eddie Guerrero at One Night Stand.

- WWE.com officially announced some of the wrestlers confirmed to appear at One Night Stand, the list includes The Sandman, Justin Credible, Little Guido, Al Snow, Tommy Dreamer, Super Crazy, Psicosis, Terry Funk, Sabu, Lance Storm, Taz, and of course, Rob Van Dam.

- The official RAW preview has been released by WWE.com.

Just one week after his surprising actions at backlash, the game continued to shock the masses by laying out everyone but John Cena last week on RAW. What will Triple H have to say about his actions this time? How will John Cena feel about what happened in the main event?

Also, Viscera is set to take on Shelton Benjamin for the Intercontinental Championship, with Charlie Haas banned from ringside. Can Big Vis realize his dream of become the champion?

Also, Matt Striker is set to go one on one with The Big Show after the altercation between the two last week, which saw The Big Show chokeslam Striker straight through the board he had brought into the ring. Can Striker pull off one of the biggest upsets seen in a while? Or will The Big Show plow over his opponent?

Tune into RAW at 9/8 central to find out

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IPB Image

Date: May 5, 2006

City: Detroit, Michigan

1. The New RAW General Manager

The show starts off, with Vince Mcmahon standing in the middle of the ring, ready to pick a name out and make the person whose name is on the ball the new General Manager of RAW. Pretty innovative for Mcmahon, but something must be behind it. He speaks as he spins the knob.

Vince Mcmahon: Ladies and gentlemen I'm sure you all know what this is for.. To decide the NEW GENERAL MANAGER OF RAW!

The crowd erupts at the idea.

Vince Mcmahon: And it was just a few months ago that Eric Bischoff was.. As I like to say.. FIRED!

More eruption from the crowd. Surprisingly, Mcmahon has come off as a face in this segment.

Vince Mcmahon: So I think it's time we all moved on to greater things and got a responsible man in charge of RAW, once and for all. Now I'm not going to waste any time, and I'll just stop in 3.. 2.. 1..

Mcmahon pulls a ball out and slowly opens it, anticipating the moment intensly.


Thousands of names being thrown out, as Vince opens the ball and puts somewhat of a fake shocked expression on his face.

Vince Mcmahon: My oh my.. It's.. VINCENT KENNEDY MCMAHON! Who would've thought.. I told you it was gonna' be someone responsible, didn't I!? Hahaha.


Shawn Michaels makes his way out of the curtains and onto the ramp with his own lottery, which he carries down to the ring, before grabbing a microphone and placing the lottery at ringside by Joey Styles, Jerry Lawler and The Coach.

Shawn Michaels: Now if there's anybody here that knows this man better than I do, please, let me know. 'Cause the moment I heard about this farse, I KNEW there something behind it all. Ya' see, Vince.. You promised these fans a random lottery to decide the NEW RAW General Manager, and knowing that you'd "oh so conveniently" cheat your way out of this.. I decided to bring out a lottery of my own. So come on down here, take your pick, and..

Vince Mcmahon: WHO THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU ARE, MICHAELS!? If you don't get the hell out of here right now..

Shawn Michaels: What? You'll have someone else cheap shot me from behind? Fine, I'm used to it with you by now. And for your information, I'll take Kane any time.. any place. Now Vince, if you don't want me to give you the hardest damn superkick you've ever even seen in your life, you better get yourself down here and pick a GM, before I do it for you.

Vince prances his way towards Michaels, still taunting him as he picks a ball out of the lottery object and quickly opens it, reading the name and this time really falling in shock, down on both of his knees, as he picks his microphone up and reads the name.

Vince Mcmahon: It's.. It's.. The new General Manager of RAW is.. It's.. It's Maria.

WHAT? The fans don't know how to react, but just as her music hits, the crowd erupts and gives her a huge standing ovation. Maria gets herself on the entrance ramp and starts jumping up and down in joy, screaming "I'M THE GM, I'M THE GM" as loudly as she could. She enters the ring, celebrating with Michaels and grabs his microphone, while Mcmahon still stands on the outside in shock.

Maria: Oh my God you guys!! Are you as excited as I am!?

The fans continue to cheer, looks like Maria has made a pretty good impression.

Maria: I just want to thank Vince Mcmahon for giving me this AWESOME opportunity! Yay, thanks Vince!

Mcmahon turns his attention to the ring, looking as if he's about to cry. He tries to enter, but Michaels forces him to stay out, then personally stats carrying the chairman to the backstage area, leaving Maria alone in the ring. Suddenly, as Michaels and Mcmahon were walking up..


Michaels and Mcmahon stop watching, and Mcmahon smiles as he realizes that Hunter's there to help him. Triple H and Shawn Michaels stare each other down, but The Game keeps walking down to that ring with his cocky attitude and his bottle of water, letting Michaels carry Vince away. He enters the ring and the fans predict him to try to intimidate Maria, as he gets in the "Triple H promo" mood. (C+)

2. The New RAW General Manager (continued)

Triple H gets pretty serious, as he starts talking to the new GM of RAW, still unbelievable to say it.

Triple H: Maria.. It's all fine and dandy that you're the General Manager, hell as a matterr of fact, I wouldn't give a damn if they called Doink The Clown to do the job. But I want you to know, Maria, that by accepting this job, you're taking a lot of responsibility on your shoulders. This entire ROSTER will rely on you to make the important decisions, and you'll always be called upon to make the right decisions under pressure.

Maria nods, as she knows that what Triple H is saying is true.

Triple H: Now I'm sure you've seen me kick some serious ass over the last couple of weeks, and I'm also sure that you saw me spare John Cena of the fate that Rob Van Dam and Edge suffered at my hands. Now I bet you're asking "why Triple H, why?"

Maria: I KNOW WHY! You want to look cool and save it for the pay pey view!

Triple H: Haha. You see, Maria, it's bigger than that. What I did last week was DESTROY everyone who thinks they have even the slightest of chance of being the next man to face John Cena for the championship. So I'm not asking you to give me this title match against Cena, I'm DEMANDING IT.

Maria looks intimidated, as Triple H gets extremely close to her, but doesn't let him force her to do anything.

Maria: You know what, mister? No! Nope, I'm not going to give you a title shot until you be nice to me. Actually, just to prove that I'm the bestest owner the WWE will ever have, I'm gonna' book you in a match! It'll be Triple H.. versus the tag team champions, THE SPIRIT SQUAD!

Maria quickly runs away, as she knows she probably triggered Triple H's wrath, walking off and leaving The Game angry in the ring. (C-)

3. Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera

Not much to say about this one. Viscera got somewhat of a reaction from the crowd, but most of it was for Shelton, who fought through the adversity of facing a five hundred pounder, and picked up a win after a beautiful superkick, and a top rope leg drop in a fairly short bout, retaining his Intercontinental Championship. (Shelton Benjamin, B-)

4. Loose Cannon

After the match is over, Shelton Benjamin is celebrating with his championship in the middle of the ring, until out of nowhere comes running Charlie Haas, who enters the ring under the bottom rope and starts engaging in some fantastic combat with Shelton, exchanging blows and a series of rights and lefts. He then clothelines his former partner over the top rope and catapults himself over as well. He then grabs the champ up by his head, and slams him against the steel steps, screaming and getting the fans behind him, as he leaves him down on the mat motionless, and walks away. (B-)

5. Your WWE Champion.. Eugene?

Maria is seen backstage, fixing her office up in cheerful colors and pink, and pictures of her and her poodle hanging everywhere, until Eugene walks in and starts jumping up and down, joined by Maria.



The crowd was looking a little dead by now, already.

Eugene: I just.. I just wanna' say CONGRATULATIONS 'cause you're gonna' be the bestest General Manager ever, a lot better than my uncle Eric.

Maria: Thanks Eugene, that's very nice of you! Your uncle never treated you right! But I will Eugene.


Maria: Go Maria? Go Eugene! Because tonight, it'll be you versus.. JOHN CENA.. For the WWE Championship!

Eugene opens his mouth wide, and now hugs Maria tightly.

Eugene: Oh my God, thank you, thank you!!

Eugene walks off quickly, as Maria giggles to herself. (C+)

6. Umaga vs. Val Venis

Yet another squash, with Umaga dominating for just about three to four minutes, then picking up a win after a monstrous shot to the neck with his taped up thumb, knocking Val Venis out completely for a three count. Umaga and his obnoxious manager, Armando Alejandro Estrada, celebrated the victory after the match. (Umaga, C)

7. Triple H? Oh hell no

John Cena is out in the middle of the ring after a commercial break with a microphone, getting yet again a mixed reaction from the crowd, and preparing himself to speak.

John Cena: I hope y'all are ready ta' boo me outta' this ring, 'cause I'm about to give you some BAAAD news.

The fans quiet down to hear what he has to say.

John Cena: I'm tha' WWE Champion, and guess what? From now on, I call the shots. I pick the challengers, I decide who tha' hell I wanna' fight, and I decide who's ass I'm gonna' kick next. Especially now that we got "Maria" in charge of RAW.

Cena laughs a little at the sadness of the GM situation.

John Cena: Well, my first act is to make sure that Triple H.. He ain't ever gonna' get a shot at this championship, EVER again. No matter how many times he begs, and no matter how hard he tries.. He ain't EVER gettin' close to tha' gold for as long as I've got it. And I'll tell y'all somethin', I'd be damn glad to be givin' Eugene the shots every week.

The fans now boo him completely, it's apparent that Cena's nearly establishing himself as a full pledged heel. (B)

8. Triple H? Oh hell no (continued)

Just before Cena could continue on with his monologue, "One of a Kind" hits over the PA, and Mr. Money in the Bank himself makes his way out to the ring to the joy of most fans here in Michigan. He stares down the champion and holds his briefcase up high.

Rob Van Dam: You can easily forget about Triple H, especially after what he did to me last week. But I hope you haven't forgotten about Mr. Money in the Bank, ROB.. VAN.. DAM. As a matter of fact, I believe I could be next in line if I decide to cash in on my title shot.. Even tonight.

Cena smirks.

John Cena: Well, sure, yeah, you could do 'dat. One problem though, I'm already facin' Eugene in a much more competitive match tonight.

Now Cena just breaks out in laughter.

Rob Van Dam: Laugh all you want, but we'll see who'll be laughing after Eugene kicks your ass and wins that WWE Championship!

The fans are loving that, although Cena isn't.

Rob Van Dam: Look, Cena. Win or lose, you have no say in whether or not I get my shot at the WWE Championship, because I've worked my ass off to obtain it and I'm not gonna' back down at this point! And I want YOU in the ring.. One on one.. At ECW.. ONE.. NIGHT.. STAND!

Now the fans go wild, as John Cena walks around the ring in circles trying to make a decision.

John Cena: Whoa, whoa, whoa there, hold on a second there tiger. I ain't "extreme" enough ta' be at One Night Stand, sorry ta' dissapoint you an' all.

Rob Van Dam: Don't you worry about that Cena. I already got the ok from Heyman to face you for the WWE Championship in front of a live crowd that would rip your head off if they ever had the chance to. And if you haven't understood yet, there's NOTHING you can do to save yourself. Now come on, go cry your sorrows to Maria, beg her to postpone the match.. It doesn't matter. Because whenever it happens, wherever it happens, I'm taking that belt and bringing it where it belongs.

Cena poses for a few seconds with the belt, flaunting it around in Van Dam's face, before he fakes a shot with it right to Van Dam's face, making RVD flinch. Cena laughs his way out of the ring and to the back, not saying another word about Van Dam's challenge. (A)

9. Kane vs. Grandmaster Sexay

What's with the squash matches tonight? Kane starts the match off just like everyone expected, absolutely dominating Sexay and looking to pick up and early victory. Kane knocks Sexay out completely with a chokeslam, but doesn't go for the pin, and instead decides to start inflicting more damage on his opponent, nailing two more chokeslams before finishing him off and pinning him for the three count. Sexay got absolutely no offense in this bout, but Kane looked particularly dangerous, and sadistic. (Kane, B-)

10. Revenge.. HBK style

After the match, just as Kane was about to inflict more damage on Grandmaster, Shawn Michaels made his way out from the crowd section, and entered the ring behind Kane. He waited for the big red machine to turn around, then planted him with a sweet chin music right to the head. Michaels quickly runs to the outside and grabs a steel chair, but notices that Kane had already sat up in the ring and had started the hunt. Kane climbs over the top rope and leaves the ring, chasing Shawn Michaels all through the crowd, the two beating the hell out of each other for a very long time all the way to the backstage area, until Michaels was able to knock dozens of boxes full of equipment on top of Kane, causing some of it to fall off, as Michaels walks off, content with his actions. (A)

11. Ban the chokeslam!

Matt Striker is shown standing in the middle of the ring with Chris Masters, with a microphone in hand, but no board and desk to "teach the crowd" this week, as both men were preparing for their tag team match.

Matt Striker: Now before Chris Masters and I engage in a culminating battle with my nemesis, The Big Show, and his, Carlito, I'd like to make a proposition to our new General Manager, Maria.. Heck to anyone who cares about the wrestlers' lives.

He pauses for a few seconds.

Matt Striker: Last week, I suffered minor injuries to a devastating, brutal maneuver called "The Chokeslam". And I have to admit, I was lucky, I know there's others that have suffered much worst consequences because of that careless move. So please, Maria, if you are listening, or Mr. Mcmahon, if you're still in the building.. Protect your superstars and do what I've been pleading you to do: BAN THE CHOKESLAM!

The fans boo, although Striker seems to be building himself up as a top superstar on RAW.

Matt Striker: Now please, take mercy on my soul and Chris Masters', if you have any regard for the superstars of RAW. Who knows what'll occur if I get hit with a chokeslam! I mean..

Suddenly, Big Show's music hits, and Show and Carlito interrupt Striker's promo, scaring Striker and Masters a bit, and entering the ring to let the bout begin. (C+)

12. The Big Show and Carlito vs. Matt Striker and Chris Masters

Big Show and Carlito started the match off with a huge advantage, cleaning house as soon as they got in the ring, and getting the fans behind them. The match then officially began as Matt Striker and Carlito started going head to head. Despite Carlito getting most of the offense in, Striker once again showed some great in-ring ability and was able to counter Carlito's maneuvers on more than one occasion. The two were able to tag in their partners after a double clotheline that knocked both of them down. Big Show quickly runs into the ring, clothelines Chris Masters down, does it yet again a second time. He then picks Matt Striker up off the ground and throws him to the outside over the top rope, raising his hand high up in the air for a chokeslam. Masters tries to sneak attack him with a Masterlock, but Carlito runs up behind him and dropkicks him into The Big Show, making the big man get extremely angry. Show turns around and grabs Masters by his neck, as Matt Striker starts trying to distract the referee, Masters nails an undetected low blow, and locks The Masterlock in on Big Show. Carlito tries to bring Striker back into the ring, but Striker suplexes him over the top rope and onto the outside, allowing Masters to get the win after The Big Show passes out to The Masterlock. (Matt Striker and Chris Masters, B+)

13. Let's take her out.. Together

The cameras show Vince and Shane Mcmahon talking in the RAW parking lot.

Vince Mcmahon: Shane, I have to tell you, I never thought this would happen! I was sure I put fifty balls with Vince Mcmahon on it, and fifty with Shane Mcmahon. I never thought Shawn Michaels would have the AUDACITY to pull something like this.

Shane Mcmahon: Dad, you signed a contract for this thing, the only way to get Maria off duty is to make her refuse to take the position. You did offer whoever got it the chance to do so.

Vince laughs and pats his son on the back.

Vince Mcmahon: Shane, you've just given me a fantastic idea! If Maria won't quit this job on her own.. WE'LL MAKE HER.

Shane catches his dad's idea, and laughs with him, while the crowd boos loudly. (A*)

14. Triple H vs. The Spirit Squad's Kenny and Mikey

This was a rather interesting match. Even though Triple H was only facing Kenny and Mikey, it seemed as if he was facing the entire Spirit Squad. He starts off nailing the tag team champions with a series of right hands, then throwing them over the top rope and on top of their buddies at ringside. The Game grabs a sledge hammer from underneath the ring, and gets back in there, daring any member of the Spirit Squad to come in and attack him. Mitch does from behind, but gets nailed with a sledge hammer shot right to the forehead. Johnny and Nicky take advantage and try to attack Triple H from the other side, but The Game quickly turns around and nails Johnny in the head with a sledge hammer, then kicks Nicky in the gut, and gives him a devastating pedigree. Kenny did get some offense in, hitting a top rope undetected missile dropkick to put Triple H down for a two count, but the king was a man on a mission on this night. After an eight minute bout, Triple H takes Mikey down with a Pedigree for the three count. He then celebrates his victory, holding the sledge hammer up high in the air. (Triple H, B)

15. Preparation

A pretty short segment here, with Eugene preparing himself for the upcoming title match against John Cena, lacing up his boots and still celebrating the fact that he's in this match. (B-)

16. John Cena vs. Eugene (WWE Championship)

Cena tried to toy around with Eugene for a little bit, but Eugene never let himself get down, and started putting up a great fight, scaring the champ a little. Triple H made his way down to ringside and at the announce table to call the match, just to distract Cena. The match went on for another four minutes, before chaos and mayhem broke through. After Cena nailed Eugene with an F-U, and was looking to put a quick end to the poor boy's dreams, Rob Van Dam made his way out to the ring. Triple H quickly took off his headset, and both men entered the ring exchanging right hands and beating the hell out of each other. Cena joins in and grabs Van Dam up for an F-U, with Triple H giving him a thumbs up. Cena turns and smiles at 'Aitch, almost as if they planned this together. Then, all of a sudden, The Game's thumbs up turns to a thumbs down, and he nails John Cena in the gut with a stiff kick, then gives him a Pedigree straight to the mat. The referee doesn't know what to do, Eugene takes advantage of the situation and puts an arm over the champion 1...2...kick out! Eugene can't believe it, but now gets himself hyped up as he knows he has a chance to win the title. RVD is back up, as is Cena, and the two start going at it, completely forgetting about Eugene. Van Dam gives Cena a spinning heel kick, making him turn around and get caught by a rock bottom by Eugene! RVD tells Eugene not to worry. He jumps up to the top rope, and lets Eugene get out of the way, but just as he was doing his thumb taunt, Triple H comes running at him and pushes him off the turnbuckle and onto the mat on the floor. Eugene watches the action as Triple H tries to take out Rob Van Dam once and for all. If Edge wasn't injured from last week, I bet he would've been here too by now. Cena takes advantage and regains consciousness, getting up, turning Eugene around and nailing him with an F-U, covering and retaining his title. (John Cena, A*)

17. Post match brawl

After the match is over, Triple H runs into the ring and stares down Cena, until the two begin exchanging a series of blows to the head. The Game irish whips the champ across the ring, catching him with a high knee to the head. He then tries to get Cena up and hit him with a Pedigree, but the champ counters it with a back body drop. The two keep fighting, until RVD climbs to the top rope, unscouted, and hits Triple H from behind with a top rope superkick. He then engages in a brawl with Cena, clothelining him over the top rope, then catapulting himself over with a somersault plancho! All three men are tired, as Maria makes her way out to the entrance ramp. She grabs a microphone and poses a little to the crowd before she spoke, the announced that John Cena would be defending his WWE Championship at One Night Stand against Rob Van Dam.. AND TRIPLE H! The crowd erupted, as the cameras focused on all three men still laying on the ground, tired after giving each other a brutal beating. (A*)

Overall Rating: A

Viewers: 1,743,168

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May 10th, 2006

- WWE Smackdown! Taping Results (5/12/06)

- Kurt Angle qualified for the next round of the king of the ring tournament, beating Booker T by count out in just five to six minutes, as The Boogeyman's mind games forced Booker and his wife to run away.

- Randy Orton came out and called Rey Mysterio, Theodore Long came out instead, though, and made Rey Mysterio vs. Randy Orton at Judgment Day a steel cage match. The crowd erupted.

- The Undertaker had a casket set up at ringside with most of the lights out in the arena. He called out Daivari, and said that maybe he should be the one to fight him, so he can take his place in the casket. Out of the casket surprisingly came SABU, who nailed The Undertaker with a series of chair shots and took him out. Great segment, the crowd was extremely pumped about the return of Sabu. Apparently they're building One Night Stand pretty big this year.

- Regal, Simon Dean, Nunzio and Vito had a segment where Nunzio and Vito were teaching the other two how to play poker before the cruiserweight battle royal. Not too bad of a segment, I guess, some pretty funny comments by Simon Dean.

- Gregory Helms retained the cruiserweight championship in a ten man battle royal involving Funaki, Kid Kash, Jamie Noble, Brian Kendrick, Paul London, Psicosis, Super Crazy, Chavo Guerrero, and Nunzio. Chavo was the last man out. Helms' celebration was a little over the top.

- Ken Kennedy was challenging Vito to a show of strength, after being humiliated by Lashley last week with Kristal's jar. Vito was unable to lift the weight up. Kennedy found a way to distract him, and changed it to a fake bar of foam, which he easily picked up to amaze Vito, who later discovered that it was just foam. Another funny segment by Ken Kennedy, this guy's got a future.

- JBL and Orlando Jordan beat Lance Storm and Paul Burchill, when JBL hit Storm with a low blow and a clotheline from hell to pick up the win. Lance continued to look good in the ring, it's too bad that this could quite possibly be a brief stint ending at one night stand.

- Highlights of last week's Benoit/Regal match were shown. Great stuff.

- Finlay cut a promo on his upcoming match with Lashley. Meh, the guy doesn't have too great of mic skills, this wasn't the greatest of promos.

- Lashley beat Finlay in a pretty nice bout, advancing him in the King of the Ring tournament.

- In another One Night Stand hype segment, Melina called out Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman, begging them to come face MNM next week for the tag team championships. She challenged them to a match in which the losers would have to be beaten by a whip, just so the fans could remember a little piece of ECW history. (referring to the beating Dreamer received at the hands of Sandman's cane in the mid 90s)

- Chavo wished Benoit and Rey good luck in their tag team match main event coming up. More Eddie references. Come on, let the guy die in peace.

- Randy Orton and Mark Henry beat Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio, when Randy Orton pinned the champion after a vicious RKO. Impressive victory.

- After the match, Randy Orton beat down Rey Mysterio in the ring, while Mark Henry looked like he nearly broke Benoit's back body slamming him against the steel post. Suddenly, a Batista video appeared on the titantron, which scared Orton, thinking Batista was back. Unfortunately, this was only a tease, the video ended with "BATISTA RETURNS" and some date or maybe it said "soon", I can't quite remember.

Overall, a pretty decent smackdown. The highest pop to Sabu's return, and the biggest boos for Randy Orton in any segment he was in. At least the guy can get himself over as a heel.

- Taz is scheduled to make an appearance at One Night Stand, whether he's in a match or not, but it's still very unlikely that he'll take a full time role as a wrestler, despite what some news sites have reported lately. Expect Taz to work something to promote One Night Stand in the next couple of weeks, however.

- A lot of people were impressed with the ratings RAW received compared to last week's. The John Cena vs. Eugene main event actually drew a lot of viewers in, and possibly, as odd as this sounds, Maria being the General Manager might actually be helping the ratings, as many are tuning in to see what she'll pull off next.

- Speaking of Maria, many believe that her job as General Manager might end as early as next week. Nobody expected her to keep the position for longer than a month at best, but after the increase in the ratings and the reaction she had from the crowd, she might be drawing viewers for the next two to three weeks as the RAW general manager. The plan is to force her to quit her job, but that might be scrapped after her success at the GM position.

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May 10th, 2006

- The official Judgment Day poster on wwe.com/judgmentday was released on wednesday. Although many haven't read the smackdown taping results, the poster possibly gives a bit spoiler to one of the event's biggest matches, with The Undertaker being the poster boy for this year's event, and a casket with the letters "ECW" printed on it.

IPB Image

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IPB Image

Date: May 12, 2006

City: Lousiville

1. Kurt Angle vs. Booker T (King of the Ring)

This match started out fantastically, with both men battling it out. But it was obvious that Booker T's mind was somewhere else, as after hitting an early scissors kick, he completely forgot to go for the pin and started looking around, hoping The Boogeyman wouldn't show up. Then, just as he was about to hit another scissors kick on the olympic hero, a great amount of red fog appeared in the ring, forcing Booker and Sharmell to run away to the back, and Booker to be counted out to give Angle the win to move on to the next round. (Kurt Angle, A*)

2. Steel Cage

Randy Orton is standing in the ring after a brief commercial break, holding a microphone close to his mouth, and looking left and right to the audience, with his usual cocky expression. He then steps away from the cockyness, and stares at the entrance ramp, pointing towards it with anger.

Randy Orton: Rey Mysterio.. I've beaten Chris Benoit, I've beaten Chavo Guerrero, and tonight.. I'LL BEAT YOU.

The crowd begins to boo.

Randy Orton: That's right. And I didn't just beat the entire "Eddie lives" gang, I've beaten The Undertaker, I've beaten Triple H, I've beaten them all. Who have you beaten, Mysterio? It was a fluke at the royal rumble.. And it was a fluke at wrestlemania.

He pauses.

Randy Orton: I'm Smackdown!'s best rising superstar, I'm the franchise guy, I'M the guy these people want to see with my head held high, holding the world heavyweight championship proudly on top of my shoulder. Mysterio.. You should've stayed in the cruiserweight division, where you belonged. So why don't you take your ass down to the ring, and let me get this over with right now.. I ain't waitin' 'till Judgment Day.

Mysterio doesn't show up. Instead, Smackdown!'s General Manager, Theodore Long, makes his way out of the curtains and onto the entrance ramp with a microphone.

Theodore Long: Let me holla' at'cha for a moment, playa'. I believe you're callin' out Smackdown!'s World Champion, Rey Mysterio.

Randy Orton: Damn right I am.

Theodore Long: Well let me tell you somethin', playa'. I am responsible fo' anything 'dat concerns this brand, as you already know. And as General Manager of Smackdown!.. I can't let you fight Rey Mysterio here tonight.

Orton looks confused, and the fans are actually on his side for once. They boo Long, as they'd love to see Orton and Mysterio go at it right here, live.

Randy Orton: Do you wanna' ask these people what they think? 'Cause it seems pretty clear that they want to see me kick Rey Mysterio's ass RIGHT HERE.. RIGHT NOW.

No they don't. So they boo.

Theodore Long: You wanna' kick Mysterio's ass so bad, Orton? Well let me lay it out for you to play it out. In TWO WEEKS.. At Judgment Day.. It's gon' be Randy Orton versus Rey Mysterio.. IN A STEEL CAGE.

The crowd erupts, although Orton doesn't look as pleased with that.

Theodore Long: HAVE A NICE DAY!

Big pop from the crowd for the Foley reference, as Long leaves. (B)

3. The Death of Daivari

The ring is set up beautifully, with purple lights and fog shattered throughout the arena, and a casket sitting against the top left turnbuckle, with The Undertaker standing in the middle of the ring, almost hovering over the casket. He then turns, but still doesn't say a word. The casket reads "DAIVARI" on it, in big black print. The Undertaker then interrupts his moment of silence for a few words.


The lights go out, and the fans now have absolutely no idea what's going on. When they come back on, however, Sabu is standing over the casket, leaning against the turnbuckle with a steel chair in hand. He waits for The Undertaker to turn around, throws the chair at him, then dropkicks him right in the face with it! The fans are going crazy for Sabu, who continues to use the chair to beat the hell out of The Undertaker, with Daivari screaming to him in arab at the top of the ramp. The fans' reaction changes suddenly, as they notice that Sabu's aligning himself with Daivari. The two walk off, only to see The Undertaker sit up and stare them down from the middle of the ring. (B-)

4. Shuffle up an' deal'

Backstage, in an APA-like table, we are shown Nunzio, Vito, William Regal and Simon Dean sitting around and playing a nice game of poker. Dean makes a move, as does Vito. Regal looks a bit confused, and looks both ways after throwing down his card.

Nunzio: You boys ready ta' see how a REAL pokah' playa' gets it done?

Nunzio lays his cards down on the table.

Nunzio: BOOM. Royal Flush, ladies and gentlemen. Now if you boys'll excuseh' me, I got a match to go win. Right Vito?

Vito stands and accompanies Nunzio out of the room, while Simon Dean and William Regal awkwardly stay in the same location, without saying a word.

Simon Dean: So uhh.. What do you got?

William Regal: Bloody hell. I don't even know how to play this darn thing!

Simon Dean: Looks like I win. YEAH, I WIN.

Dean runs away celebrating, oddly. (C+)

5. Cruiserweight Championship Battle Royal

This was one of the best quality matches of the night, with a lot of great cruiserweight action. Funaki was the first man eliminated, catapulted over the top rope by a vicious clotheline from The Mexicools. The Hooligans and The Mexicools went at it next, almost completely forgetting about the other competitors in the match. This came back to haunt Super Crazy, as Kid Kash shockingly threw him over the top rope during his battle with London. Kid Kash celebrated the elimination of Super Crazy, but was also taken by surprise by the champ himself. Gregory Helms did the same as Kid Kash, celebrating the victory and ignoring the competition. Jamie Noble took advantage and tried to take Helms out on his own, but was catapulted out over the top rope. The match went on for another five to six minutes, until Gregory Helms and Chavo Guerrero were the two men left in the bout. Chavo nearly continued to impress the GM with a title win in just his second night back on Smackdown!, but it was Helms, who in the end fought through and retained the championship, eliminating Chavo Guerrero. (Gregory Helms, C+)

6. Exageration

Gregory Helms is in the ring, celebrating like a mad man. He takes a bottle of water and pours it all over himself, hugging the referee, the bell keeper, the time keeper, Michael Cole and Tazz.. He just can't get over the fact that he retained the championship in his first match back. The fans boo. (B)

7. Demonstration of strength

Vito and Ken Kennedy are shown backstage in a weight room, with Vito trying to lift a very heavy piece of equipment, but not being able to. Kennedy then pushes him aside, and arrogantly hovers over the bar.

Ken Kennedy: Let me show you how it's done.

Kennedy clearly can't pick it up, but distracts Vito.


Vito QUICKLY turns his head and starts desperately for some cannolis, allowing Kennedy to switch the weights with a bar of foam.

Ken Kennedy: Well, guess not.

Kennedy lifts the "weights" quite easily, impressing Vito.

Vito: DAMN, amazin'.

Ken Kennedy: Yes I am.

He walks away, and Vito now tries to go lift the weights again, and sees that Kennedy was lying to him, and that they're really just made of foam. He laughs, then throws the bar away. (C+)

8. JBL and Orlando Jordan vs. Lance Storm and Paul Burchill

It was announced before this match that JBL would be defending his United States Championship against Lance Storm, which made the match that much more meaningful. Burchill looked pretty odd with the whole pirate gimmick continuing, but the fans loved him, and he seemed to be getting a great reaction. Storm adn Burchill worked wonderfully together as a team, nearly picking up the win on several occasions. Then, in the culminating point of the bout, Orlando's distraction to Lance Storm allowed JBL to sneak up from behind him and nail him with a Clotheline From Hell, picking up the win for his team and "proving himself" as the best in the U.S. division. (JBL and Orlando Jordan, B+)

9. Match Highlights

Highlights of the Benoit/Regal match from last week's Smackdown! were shown, and this was yet again another match of the year candidate. The fans were loving this segment, just because the match was so great that they still can't get the thought of it being topped in the tournament again. (A)

10. Lashley, eh?

The cameras take us backstage, where Finlay is standing by with Josh Matthews just a few moments before his King of the Ring qualifier against Lashley.

Josh Matthews: Finlay.. We've seen you and Lashley go at each other's THROATS for the past few weeks here on Smackdown!, now tonight, thanks to the King of the Ring tournament and a little luck in the brackets.. You might finally get to put an end to this rivalry. How do you feel about that?

Finlay: Ya' wanna' know how I feel, eh? Well, let me tell ya', Matthews. I feel like 'ah should be out there battlin' Lashley in a STREET FIGHT, that's how ole' Finlay feels 'bout the whole damn sitch'ation. But hey, I'll take what 'ah get, and 'ah got a ring and a ref. As long as 'dat's good enough ta' take down 'dat little puke, then I'm good ta' go.

Josh Matthews: Strong words by Finlay.. And that match.. IS NEXT.


11. Lashley vs. Finlay (King of the Ring)

Yet another pretty nice bout presented by Smackdown!, with Lashley and Finlay going at it. The two locked up in a series of combinations of rights and lefts from the early going, and despite Lashley's attempt to make this a fair wrestling match, this seemed more like a fight throughout. Finlay looked like he didn't even care too much about picking up the win, but was instead looking forward to beating the hell out of his opponent a lot more. Despite allowing Finlay to take control late in the bout and gain a major advantage, Lashley was able to turn things around completely with a powerful shoulder block, very similar to a Goldberg spear. Lashley then hit the Dominator to win the bout, but somehow, the fans got the feeling that their rivalry STILL wasn't over. (Lashley, B-)

12. ECW memories

In a pre-taped interview segment, Melina, Johnny Nitro, and Joey Mercury were standing in a dark room, with a very serious attitude and a very cocky look.

Melina: Well, well, well.. Who can step up next? You know, it's been so long since we've had somewhat of a challenge around here, don't you think boys?

They nod, like two well trained puppies.

Melina: So I think it's time we.. spice things up a little bit. Vito and Nunzio, The Hooligans, The Mexicools, been there, done that. But seeing how the ECW One Night Stand pay per view is coming up.. I figured we could add a little flavor to Smackdown! by challenging ECW's most advertised tag team.. Tommy Dreamer.. AND THE SANDMAN.

The crowd erupts, as MNM all show ear to ear smiles.

Melina: But not just in any match, oh no. See, because I'm so confident in the ability of my men, I'm willing to make this a.. singapore cane on a pole match? Come on, guys, this should be your forte. And then as a treat, maybe the winners can whip the losers thirty times on a bare back. Remind you of anything, Tommy? Hahahahaha.

Mercury and Nitro join her in laughing, as the challenge is now thrown out for next week's Smackdown!. (C+)

13. Preparation

A short segment showing Chris Benoit and Rey Mysterio preparing themselves for their match against Randy Orton and Mark Henry. Lacing up their boots, wishing each other good luck, the usual. (B+)

14. Randy Orton and Mark Henry vs. Rey Mysterio and Chris Benoit

Wow, a good match with Mark Henry in it. It's likely because Orton carried his entire team. Benoit and Mysterio worked extremely well together as a team, adapting to each other's style. Orton tried to fight the match on his own for most of the bout, thinking that just like he didn't need anyone's help last week beating Benoit one on one, he wouldn't need any help this week. Mysterio got the better of him, though, hitting a 619, and nearly nailing a west coast pop which surely would've gotten the win. Mark Henry saved his partner with a tough body slam on Mysterio that sent him to the outside. Benoit went right after Mark Henry, and the two ended up having a match of their own on the outside, with Henry actually body slamming Chris Benoit onto a steel post, nearly breaking his spine. Orton and Mysterio were back in the ring, and Randy fought the champ for about a minute or two, before picking up the win with an RKO, and taunting the crowd, thinking he had proved himself by pinning the champion, like he had promised. (Randy Orton and Mark Henry, A)

15. Adding insult to injury

Despite the match being over, Randy Orton sees an opportunity to take down Rey Mysterio, as Chris Benoit is laid out on the outside after the vicious attack by Mark Henry. The number one contender takes Rey up off the ground, and sets him up for yet another vicious RKO, which sends him straight down, head first, to the mat once again. Orton now continues to laugh, circling around Mysterio with a slow taunting walk that gets a lot of boos from the crowd. (A*)

16. Returning soon?

Orton, still circling around Rey, decides that it's time to take things a step further, and grabs the champion up once again for another RKO. He waits a few seconds before hitting it, but just as he locked his right arm on Rey's head, a familiar theme song started bursting throughout the arena from the PA. Orton quickly releases the hold on Mysterio, and places his attention on the titantron, with the fans going wild as now Batista's music is easily recognized. The screen reads "THE TRUE SMACKDOWN! CHAMPION.. BATISTA.. RETURNS!", scaring Orton, thinking that Batista was present at the arena. However, a swerve with the writing "SOON" doesn't get too over with the crowd. Orton still stood in shock in the middle of the ring, sending Smackdown! to a close. (A*)

Overall Rating: B+

Viewers: 1,245,471

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IPB Image

Date: May 15, 2006

City: Detroit, Michigan

1. Cleaning house

The show starts off with a bang, as Triple H makes his way out to the ring in his usual attire, ready to compete. He steps into the ring, still getting a confused reaction from the crowd, and a holds a microphone to his mouth firmly.

Triple H: You know I'm gonna' make this short and sweet. SCREW Rob Van Dam and his bank crap title shot, I came out here with just one thing in mind. I want John Cena for the WWE Championship, and I want him RIGHT HERE.. RIGHT NOW.

The crowd erupts.

Triple H: I've been on a journey to take back the belt that BELONGS to me since wrestlemania, and I'm feeling in the mood to kick me some Cena ass tonight. Call it a rematch, call it whatever he hell you want to, but I WANT IT.

Cena's music hits over the PA, and the champ makes his way out to the ramp in his street clothes, proudly holding the championship over his shoulder. He enters the ring and stares down Triple H.

John Cena: And here we are again! I mean I kicked 'yer ass at wrestlemania, and I was on the verge of kickin' your ass at backlash, but yet here you are again. Whinin' about not gettin' yet ANOTHER shot at the WWE Championship after YA' BLEW your last two. Hell if I were you, I'd be countin' my blessings that I'm even IN the match at One Night Stand.

Triple H: Excuse me? Champion or not, you're in no position to talk to me like that. You've got a lot of floor scrubbin' to do before you're at MY level.

The crowd chants at Triple H's comment.

John Cena: Aight, it's coo', it's coo'. Well, I'll make ya' a deal, Hunter. I give you a match RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW for tha' WWE Championship. But if you lose, you ain't even showing your face to One Night Stand.

Triple H: FINE! Let's do this Cena, get a referee down here, I'm ready.

Cena takes his shirt off and starts pumping the crowd up, expecting to see the match, as Maria's theme song hits over the PA to a much more warm welcome than the one she received last week. She enters the ring, despite being a little afraid of both men, and stands between them.


The crowd starts a "Maria" chant.

Maria: Aww. Well, I was sitting in my bedroom.. I mean, office.. polishing my nails and putting on my jammies when I overheard that a big bad wolf here wants a match at the WWE Championship. Now I already told this big bad wold to change his attitude if he wanted to get that shot, but what the heck do I know? What do you people think? Do you think we should see John Cena face Triple H for the WWE title?

The crowd most definitely erupts there. It'd be pathetic if they didn't.

Maria: Sounds like your mind's made up, COOL! Come on Jack Doan, let's get you down here to referee this match!

The fans are going insane, anticipating the fact that this match is actually going to happen. But then.. Surprise, it's Mr. Mcmahon. Prancing his way down the entrance ramp, cocky as ever. He enters the ring and stares at all three, trying to think of which to have a go at first. He briefly addresses everyone.

Vince Mcmahon: Now before we begin, I just want you to know that.. I'M PISSED OFF. I've had a bad day, and I haven't gotten any sleep in a week, worrying about how badly my ratings will drop with that SLUT as the General Manager of this very show.

Maria makes an OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE HE SAID THAT face.

Vince Mcmahon: So I'm already gonna' have you know that I'm not too please to be down here on such a nice evening. BUT, it's still my duty as the chairman of the WWE to see where there is an issue and do everything that's in my power to solve it.

Triple H: There isn't an issue here, Vince. John Cena and I were ready to get it on before this bimbo came and told me, ME, the KING that I had to EARN my title shot. As if main eventing PAY PER VIEW.. AFTER PAY PER VIEW.. Isn't good enough.

Vince Mcmahon: ... SHUT UP! I've heard enough out of you already. Triple H, you've got your shot at the WWE Championship, and you've got it at One Night Stand, and THAT'S ALL THERE IS TO IT! Now as far as tonight is concerned.. I know you want some action so, you've got it! Because in tonight's blockbuster main event, as a preview of One Night Stand: It'll be TRIPLE H.. ONE ON ONE.. WITH ROB.. VAN.. DAM.

The crowd goes wild, but Cena doesn't look as pleased.

John Cena: Whoa, whoa, hol' on just a second, Vince. I came out hea' 'cause I wanted ta' get into the action, not 'cause I wanted to sit in the back and watch Triple H and RVD beat tha' hell outta' each other. I mean, I'll wait 'till One Night Stand to whoop me some Triple H and RVD ass if I gotta', but I still want somethin' ta' do tonight.

Vince Mcmahon: Maybe if you weren't so eager to interrupt me, I would've gotten to you. Hell, actually, Cena, you can have the night off.

Although the crowd cheers, Cena looks as angry as ever.

Vince Mcmahon: Now if you could both do me a favor.. GET THE HELL OUTTA' HERE!

Cena and Triple H reluctantly walk out of the ring, leaving Mcmahon and Maria on their own. (A*)

2. Cleaning house (continued)

Mcmahon corners Maria, and hovers over her weak body.

Vince Mcmahon: Now as far as you're concerned, Maria. I'm going to give you a choice. See, I promised that I'd give the worker selected as GM the final decision on whether or not they were willing to keep their job. And being a man of my word, Maria, I'm giving you that choice RIGHT NOW.

Maria's about to answer, but Mcmahon interrupts her again.

Vince Mcmahon: And keep it in mind that if you DO decide to stay as the General Manager of RAW!.. It will not only be an incredible load on your shoulders, but there's gonna' be dozens of guys back there trying to make your life.. A LIVING.. HELL.

Maria: .. Well, I kinda' like being the GM, it's awesome! What do the fans think?

Maria turns her attention to the crowd, that goes nuts for her. She then looks back at Vince and shrugs.

Vince Mcmahon: Very well, then. I'm happy for you, Maria, I truly am. And to show you just how happy I am, I'm going to throw you a little celebration party, starting RIGHT NOW.

Maria jumps up and down from the excitement.

Vince Mcmahon: Yup, that's right, be excited.. Because I'm going to let you team up with your idol, Trish Stratus.

More jumping from Maria.


The jumping stops, and Mcmahon prances his way out of the ring, leaving Maria in the ring stunned. (C+)

3. Kane and Mickie James vs. Trish Stratus and Maria

Trish tried to carry her team throughout, trying her best not to let Mickie James tag in the big red machine. As predicted, though, Kane was tagged in by Mickie, and cleaned house, forcing Trish Stratus to tag in Maria. Maria tried her best to avoid Kane's attack, screaming when he grabbed a hold of her air on the outside of the ring. Kane then slammed her against the steel post, nearly making the General Manager cry in pain. He then threw her back into the ring, and got her up off the ground with one hand, holding her up for a chokeslam for about six seconds. The fans expected someone to come in for the save, but nobody did, and Kane chokeslammed Maria straight to hell, knocking her out and making the EMTs come for her. (Kane and Mickie James, B-)

4. Revenge

After the match, Kane admires Maria's motionless carcass as it's carried away by the EMTs, only to be surprised from behind for the second straight week by Shawn Michaels, who begins laying a beating on Kane, with a series of rights and lefts, and a clotheline that throws both men out of the ring. Michaels is able to give Kane a Sweet Chin Music on the outside, but knows, however, that it's only a matter of seconds before the big red machine stands back up. Kane sits up and HBK quickly nails him over the head with a very stiff steel chair shot, dropping the chair on top of him, and walking off. (A)

5. Special Guest Referee

Vince Mcmahon is seen re-adjusting Maria's office back into his own, putting up a picture of someone joining the "kiss my ass" club, but is interrupted when John Cena shows up behind him and turns him around quickly, staring him down.

Vince Mcmahon: The hell are you doing here? I thought I gave you the night off!

John Cena: LET'S GET SOMETHIN' STRAIGHT, MCMAHON. I'm tha' WWE Champion, I don't take the night off.

Mcmahon rubs his chin and contemplates.

Vince Mcmahon: You know what? You're right. You want action tonight? You've got it!

John Cena: Alright Vince! Now come on, who am 'ah facin'?

Vince Mcmahon: As a matter of fact - nobody. BUT since you barged in here demanding for some action, you can.. be the special guest referee to tonight's main event.

The camearas zoom in on Cena, who doesn't know how to react to the announcement. (A*)

6. And we are.. The Spirit Squad!

The Spirit Squad's annoying entrance brings things back to the ring, as all five members make their way out to the ring, preparing themselves for a new cheer. They stand in the middle of the ring in a single line.


Backflip from Johnny.


Jumping jacks from Kenny.

Mitch: MITCH!

Not too much of a move by Mitch, who just poses.


Some weird dancing, then a backflip.


Here it comes: The cheer.

Mitch: READEH? OK!










The crowd boos, and didn't get too much into the segment. (C-)

7. The Spirit Squad's Nicky, Johnny and Mitch vs. Too Cool and Viscera

Decent bout here, nothing too special though. Obviously Mikey and Kenny interfered and attacked Sexay and Scotty, allowing Mitch to get the pin on one half of Too Cool, The Grandmaster. All five men celebrated after the match, staring down the possible challengers for their belts. (The Spirit Squad, C)

8. Edge prepares

A small scene with Edge and Lita walking to the ring is shown. Edge is wearing a vest and his usual ring pants, but doesn't look like he's ready to wrestle. (A)

9. The Cutting Edge

After the commercial break, Edge is sitting in the middle of the ring with Lita on his left and a pair of cool shades. He doesn't look too pleased, however. The Cutting Edge logo is at the bottom left of the screen, and the fans are booing before the show can even begin.

Edge: Before we get started on tonight's Cutting Edge, I just want everybody to know how PISSED OFF I am at not being in that main event at ECW's One Night Stand. I worked just as hard as Triple H, if not harder, to get to the top.. And I get penalized because I was out last week? There's a real issue going on in the GM's office, and I don't care if that's Maria or Vince Mcmahon. I DESERVE to have a shot at that WWE Championship at One Night Stand. And don't even start the crap about how I don't belong there, because I think I proved myself enough at Wrestlemania by kicking the self-proclaimed hardcore legend's ass.

The fans start chanting "FOLEY! FOLEY!".

Edge: Keep 'em comin', morons, I don't care. All that matters to me is the fact that I WON that match at Wrestlemania, and that I have absolutely NOTHING to prove to YOU people, OR to Mick Foley. As a matter of fact, I think I'd rather never see his toothless face again.

Just as Edge finishes his sentence, "Crash!" hits over the PA, and Mick Foley makes his way out of the curtains and to the ramp with a barbed wire baseball bat in hand. He enters the ring, and still stops to listen to the "Foley! Foley!" chants, before speaking to an intimidated Edge.

Mick Foley: You know, Edge, as much as I hate to say this.. You're right. You did prove yourself at Wrestlemania by beating me in what was one of the greatest hardcore matches in the history of this sport, and you DO deserve to be at One Night Stand.

Edge: Yeah. Yeah, that's right, listen to the man, he knows what he's talking about.

Mick Foley: The only problem is, Edge, the main event is already booked up, and nobody really gave a damn about how badly you wanted a shot. And the fact is - You blew it at backlash.

The fans change their attitude towards Foley, cheering for him again.

Edge: What are you trying to say?

Mick Foley: What I'm trying to say is.. If you think you deserve to be at One Night Stand, then I'm sure you won't mind giving an old bastard like me the rematch I deserve!

Edge's attitude towards Foley now changes as well, but for the worst.

Edge: What do you think I am, crazy? You put me through hell at wrestlemania, Foley, and sure, I respect you. But I'd be a crazy man to want to go through that.. MAYHEM.. ever again.

Mick Foley: So what you're telling me is.. You're afraid?

Now Edge must prove his manhood, and laughs.

Edge: Afraid.. Of you? Come on, Foley, I'm pretty sure I beat your ass at Wrestlemania already, what's there to be afraid of?

Lita snatches the mic from Edge, and gets in Foley's face.

Lita: Look, my man is not going to face you in a match at One Night Stand, and I'm not going to take a face full of.. UGH.. dirty sock to my face!

Foley laughs, as does the crowd.

Mick Foley: Alright then, since I guess I couldn't persuade you with giving me a one on one re-match, I guess I'll have to move to option B. Edge, you might think that losing to you at Wrestlemania was the worst thing that could ever happen to me.. But you're a hell of a lot farther from the truth than you could ever imagine. You see, I THRIVE for that drop of blood pouring down my cheek, I LIVE for the pain that you put me through in that match at Wrestlemania, and I want to do it again!

Although without a microphone momentarily, Edge still says no and shakes his head.

Mick Foley: Now if you're not gonna' face me in a one on one match, I might as well offer you.. A TAG TEAM CONTEST. And let me finish, Edge. I'll even give you the option of picking ANY partner you want. You can pick anyone from the back, you can even go to Smackdown! and cry the blues to Kurt Angle or even The Undertaker if you really feel like that's what suits you best, IT DOESN'T MATTER.

Edge: I'm afraid I'll have to decline.

Foley looks disappointed.

Mick Foley: Then I guess I'll have to throw in another option. Not only will you be able to pick your tag team partner.. But you'll be able to pick mine!

Edge's face changes, as he talks it over with Lita and grabs the microphone.

Edge: You know what? Fine. You want me and a partner of my choice at One Night Stand? You got it.

Edge offers a handshake, and Foley reluctantly accepts it, but then gets nailed with a kick to the gut and an Edge-u-cution. Edge continues to beat the hell out of Foley, grabbinga steel chair from the outside and using it to nail Foley over the head over and over again, picking his head up off the ground and taunting him, then throwing him back down in a pool of his own blood. (A)

9. Take my advice

Carlito is walking backstage with an apple in his ring attire, preparing himself to go out and fight a match. He's approached by Chris Masters, walking the opposite direction.

Carlito: Well, well, well. If it isn't Triple B: big, bad, and brainless. Como estas, loser?

Chris Masters: Ha ha, very funny, Carlito. Look, I just came here to advise you not to go out there and wrestle tonight, maybe save yourself the humiliation.

Carlito: Humilation? Cah'lito can't be humiliated, he's too cool to be humiliated. You wanna' talk about humiliation? Le's talk about when Cah'lito beats your ass next week on RAW.

Masters breaks out in laughter.

Chris Masters: What makes you think I'd ever face you next week? Hahahaha. And plus, you're not even going to be out of the hospital by then.

Carlito: ... Eh?

Chris Masters: Just.. Don't say I didn't warn you. Have fun out there.

Masters once again laughs, while Carlito looks on a bit perplexed. (B-)

10. Carlito vs. ???

Well, as soon as Armando Alejandro Estrada made his way to the ring, it was clear who the opponent was. The devastating Umaga. The match seemd pretty competitive early on, as Carlito was the first opponent to be a threat to Umaga, knocking him down after three hard clothelines, and keeping the match close the whole way through. Then, Carlito nailed his inverted backbreaker on Umaga, and was looking to pick up an impressive win, when Estrada distracted the referee, allowing Chris Masters to run down to the ring, lock Carlito into The Masterlock, and allow Umaga to lock his thumb in on the throat of Carlito, right in the juggular. Masters quickly exits the ring, allowing Umaga to pick up the win. (Umaga, B-)

11. Shelton's hype

The cameras take us backstage, where Shelton Benjamin is talking to Todd Grisham before an upcoming Intercontinental Championship match.

Todd Grisham: Well, Shelton, after successfully defending your Intercontinental Championship last week againt Viscera, you face possibly one of the toughest challenges yet, a very PERSONAL match against Charlie Haas. Your thoughts?

Shelton Benjamin: My thoughts? Let me tell you somethin', Grisham. When you're the Intercontinental Championship, you ain't supposed to have puny little sons of bitches like you askin' what your thoughts are. Now Charlie Haas wants ta' come back and attack me week after week without an explanation? Fine, I ain't got a problem with it. But TONIGHT.. I plan ta' stop it once and for all, 'cause when I get done with my former tag team partna' tonight.. He's gon' be wheeled out on a stretcher.

Shelton shoves the microphone back in Grisham's chest. He's somewhat improving on his mic skills. (B-)

12. Shelton Benjamin vs. Charlie Haas (Intercontinental Championship)

What a fantastic technical match between two of the most promising young talents on RAW. Haas and Benjamin started off fighting on the outside, as Haas wouldn't even let the bell ring before starting the bout. They exchanged some blows and inflicted some damage using the steel steps, before entering the ring and officially starting the match. Nobody had control the entire way. Benjamin nearly picked up a win after a superkick, which only got him a close two count, while Haas nearly picked the win up by making Benjamin tap out to the Haas of Pain, which he was able to crawl out of by reaching for the ropes. Then, things got out of hand, and what the fans anticipated to be an exciting finish to declare a winner, this turned into an all out brawl. The two ran to the outside, and Haas clothelined both himself and the champion over the fan railing. The referee counts both men out, declaring the match a draw, but neither Haas or Benjamin cared too much, as they continued to fight through the back, until Haas was able to floor Benjamin with a steel chair shot, leaving proudly. (Draw, A)

13. Masters laughs

Carlito is walking backstage, holding his throat still in pain from the shot he took from Umaga. He sees Chris Masters, and starts walking towards him at a quick pace, without seeing Masters move.

Carlito: Come hea' you son of a bitch!

Just as Carlito reaches Masters, a flock of police officers appears in front of him, forcing Carlito to start back pedaling, as Masters looks on and laughs, mocking him for the loss.

Carlito: I'll get'cha Chris Masters, don'tcha' worry.

The cameras zoom in on Carlito, then quickly leave the scene. (B+)

14. Kane says: It's not over

The cameras take us to the parking lot once again, where Shawn Michaels and Kane are STILL battling from their brawl earlier, with Kane this time gaining an upper hand. Michaels has been destroying Kane week in and week out, and it was time for Kane to get some revenge. He sees Michaels's pick up truck parked just a few steps away, and drags him by his hair to the location, grabbing him up on top of the truck and holding him in mid air with one hand, dropping him down and chokeslamming him right on top of his own truck! Referees and EMTs rush to help Michaels, who's screaming and holding his back, while Kane slowly back pedals with a sadistic smile on his face. (A)

15. Rob Van Dam vs. Triple H w/ John Cena as Special Guest Referee

Wow, this match was packed with interesting events happening. It started out calmly, as Cena seemed to be as fair of a referee as the competitors could ask for. Van Dam tried to use his quickness to his advantage, while Triple H tried to use mat based wrestling and submission holds to prevent RVD from using his quickness. Then, as Triple H got fed up with the way the match was going, he went to the outside and grabbed a sledge hammer. He entered the ring again and tried to use it on Van Dam, but Cena quickly took it away from him and warned him to stop using it, allowing RVD to take advantage of the distraction, jump up to the top rope and nail The Game with a top rope superkick, and then a rolling thunder which got a VERY close two count. Now Van Dam tried to go to the outside and grabbed a steel chair, listening to the fans' chants of "ECW!", but as he entered the ring, Cena took the chair away from him as well and threw it to the outside. Then, just as Triple H was standing up, Cena and RVD's argument was used as a distraction for PAUL HEYMAN to run out of the crowd and into the ring, grabbing the steel chair and nailing The Game right in the head with it. Heyman then runs right back out of the ring, entering the crowd once again and leaving the scene. Cena turns around and wonders what happened, although it's likely that he heard and just let it happen. RVD climbed up to the top rope, and nailed a Five Star Frog Splash on a motionless Triple H, picking up a HUGE win over the ten time heavyweight champion. (Rob Van Dam, A)

16. Celebration? .. Or not

RVD is celebrating, jumping on turnbuckles, holding his Money in the Bank briefcase high, as Cena walks out of the ring and allows Van Dam to have his moment of glory. The two stare each other down, and RAW seems to be cutting to a close, until "NO CHANCE" hits over the PA, and once again Mr. Mcmahon prances down to the ring with a microphone. Triple H is laying motionless on the outside, beaten, while Mcmahon is now in the ring, staring down Rob Van Dam.

Vince Mcmahon: VAN DAM.. If you think I didn't see what just happened in here.. YOU'RE CRAZY. You think you can come into MY arena and just do as you please with your little ECW buddies? Theodore Long might let the madness go on in his brand, but hell I'm not gonna' stand for it!

Rob Van Dam: If you think I planned this, Mr. Mcmahon, you're very wrong. As a matter of fact, I had absolutely NO IDEA that this was going to go down.


Vince looks around in the crowd, still screaming.


All of a sudden, Paul Heyman's smiling face is plastered on the titantron, standing right in Mr. Mcmahon's office.

Paul Heyman: Well hello, Vince Mcmahon. Long time, no see.

Vince Mcmahon: HEYMAN! What the hell are you doing in there!?

Paul Heyman: Some things sure don't change, do they, Vince? See the moment I ran into that ring, I KNEW you'd be prancing your ass down there like a tough guy, going on about how "you're the boss" and everyone's gotta' follow your rules.

A brief pause by Heyman.

Paul Heyman: F*** THE RULES, VINCE.

The cameras zoom out, showing Heyman holding a lit match in his right hand.

Vince Mcmahon: PUT THAT DOWN, HEYMAN! I'm giving you one last chance to put that match down, and maybe I'll forget about this incident!

Paul Heyman: You want me to put the match down?

Vince Mcmahon: YES!!!

Paul Heyman: Fine, Vince, you win.

Heyman does put the match down, but he puts it down on a huge pile of business papers, lighting Vince's entire office on fire.


Paul Heyman: I'm doing what everyone else fails to do: I'm saying - SCREW YOU, VINCE MCMAHON.

Vince turns around, nearly crying that his valued possession are all up in flames. RVD throws a chair at him, and then nails him right in the face with a Van Daminator! The crowd goes wild! RVD has just planted Mcmahon with a Van Daminator! He then exits the ring, and starts walking backwards. Heyman then makes his way out as well, the two holding each other's arms high up in the air, with the image of Mcmahon's burning office on the titantron, and the huge chants of "EEE CEE DUB!" breaking out through the entire arena. What a RAW. (A*)

Overall Rating: A

Viewers: 1,750,048

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Guest XxX_Pepsi_twist_XxX

just read throught this there and I like it its a tad lifelike witch is good and im looking forward to seeing how it pans out

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May 17th, 2006

- WWE Smackdown! Taping Results (5/19/06)

- Randy Orton came out and talked about his match against Mysterio at Judgment Day with a table behind him, then a cage was lowered, and a bag full of thumb tacks was spread throughout the ring. Orton called any ECWer out to face him, to prove that JUST a cage does nothing to him.

- Randy Orton beat Dean Malenko in a complete squash, where Orton beat Blue Meanie after an RKO on a thumb tack filled table.

- Rey Mysterio then ran down after the match was over, and did a huge spot with a leap off the top of the cage on Orton, knocking him down and taunting him.

- In a hilarious scene, Booker T is running away from The Boogeyman, when he looks on a table and sees a plate full of worms, and looks like he's nearly about to cry. He grabs a hammer that was near him and starts smashing the worms, when all of a sudden, Nunzio and Vito are seen walking towards the table, in shock, as Booker was actually destroying his spaghetti. Nunzio then called Booker T crazy and told him he was getting ready to sue him.

- Johnny Nitro defeated Tommy Dreamer by disqualification, it was announced that MNM would defend the belts against Dreamer and Sandman at Judgment Day. The ECWers cleaned house after the match.

- JBL came out and mocked Canada, Lance Storm and any canadian wretler in the wwe. Storm then sneak attacked him from behind with the Canadian flag, getting a huge pop from the crowd on Ontario.

- Ken Kennedy cut a promo on Matt Hardy, and possibly advancing to the next round of the King of the Ring. This guy's got something going for him on the mic.

- Ken Kennedy beat Matt Hardy in a pretty good bout, then celebrated like a madman, as he couldn't even believe he's now a King of the Ring semifinalist.

- Daivari barged into Theodore Long's office only to find.. Jillian Hall! Hall was replacing Long for the day, as he was away on business which wasn't revealed. Daivari begged Jillian to make Sabu vs. The Undertaker at One Night Stand, but Jillian refused. She said that for Daivari to really prove he can beat The Undertaker, he must do it in Taker's "home". Finlay then entered as well, and begged for a title shot, Jillian said that because she was given full authority by Long, she'll decide the contender later.

- Chavo Guerrero, Chris Benoit and Paul Burchill beat Gregory Helms, Mark Henry and William Regal when Benoit nearly broke Henry's spine with a crossface, which looked like injured the big man.

- Kurt Angle mocked Lashley a little bit backstage for his inability to talk, he then told him he couldn't wait to see him and face him out there tonight. Apparently the first King of the Ring semifinal was on its way.

- The Undertaker was seen lurking in the shadows, despite Jillian saying he wasn't at the arena.

- Kurt Angle beat Lashley in a great match, one that could quite possibly put Lashley on the map as a top contender on Smackdown!, Angle won the match with an Angle Slam.

- Angle then cut a promo after the match, building himself up as the only man to ever win the King of the Ring twice, which will happen next sunday at Judgment Day. He also talked about how he's the only man to be in the finals three times, and went on and on until Batista's video showed once again. Apparently, they're gonna' keep airing these things randomly to throw the fans off on what his plans are when he returns. Angle was frightened.

- In a FANTASTIC backstage brawl, The Undertaker was able to lay out Sabu after throwing him off the top of a backstage set straight into a casket with a chokeslam. Some incredible spots by Sabu, who was also left bloodied after this segment. The casket read "ECW" in it, and The Undertaker did a "cut throat" whispering ECW after he locked Sabu in his casket.

- Batista is expected to be back in action in either June or July. Possibilities that he makes an appearance at Judgment Day are high, although not certain. He will, however, make a return on Smackdown! in the coming weeks for certain, as his promo videos have suggested.

- The plan is to keep Sabu, Lance Storm, Tommy Dreamer, The Sandman, The Blue Meanie etc., only as a way to hype up the One Night Stand pay per view. The workers have no full commitment to the WWE, and are expected to be gone in the next few weeks. Chances that some of them stay, though, are likely, as many have been impressed with Lance Storm's recent work, and Tommy Dreamer's Smackdown! appearance gained a lot of attention from the crowd.

- The GM situation on RAW still seems a bit confusing, as Maria still hasn't officially refused to take the position. Some believe that Mcmahon will keep the job, others say that he'll appoint his son Shane as the new general manager, while others believe he might even call up guys like Dusty Rhodes, or even bring back Eric Bischoff, as unlikely as that sounds. Chances are that an active worker might take some time off of wrestling to become an authority figure on RAW, possibly because of injuies that need to heal, while still keeping themselves on the air. More news as we get it.

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Ok so I've just read the whole of this diary over the past couple of days and overall I'm enjoying it. I'm still not sure but I think I may have enjoyed the recaps just a little bit more than how you're doing your shows now but the new format is certainly growing on me and you seem to have the characters down for their promos and skits. Now onto a few more random points;

- It seems to me like HHH walking out of the match and giving Cena the victory was a way to keep the belt on Cena while still making HHH look strong and seemed as if you really want HHH to be the king of kings but don't want to rip the belt straigt of Cena. Still since then your "bigging up" of HHH and how good he is certainly working but it still seems a little bit odd to me.

- Cena's heel turn was a bit of a damp squib and maybe could have been written with a bit more impact but with the way his popularity is decreasing I suppose anything is good enough and it didn't need to be a massive swerve heel turn so good job.

- Maria on Raw certainly gives you the chance to make some interesting matches but I'm more interested in seeing who you pass the GM title onto as she can't be GM for long if you hope to continue seriously, or at least that's what I think.

- You seem to have a penchant for making Heel/Heel v Face/Face tag matches with respective rivals and although it does happen it seems a little too much like trying to find a way to squeeze feuds into a show. I'm primarily thinking of Striker/Masters vs Show/Carlito. As well as numerous 3/4 man tags on SD and although I know they are used a lot in real life maybe a little bit of overkill for my liking.

- On SD I'm glad to see Rey looking strong as a weak champion is the worst thing any show can have.

- Lance Storm return seemed like a last chance shock/desperation effort and although Diaries don't have to be ultra realistic I would have liked to have seen someone else come in, somebody who hadn't semi-retired.

- This brings me onto my final point and biggest grievance. You really seem to be trying to shoehorn ECW into things with no real reason. Ortons challenge seemed very random despite the cage reference as did MNM's, both just seemed like trying to get ECW to make an appearance to promote ONS and it isn't really necesarry. ONS would sell itself and unless you plan to use it for a storyline or carry on with ECW afterwards I wouldn't bother with it. Sabu seems the most plausible entry as the maniac who the Undertaker can't beat but Roadkills inclusion was pretty pointless and Henry's situation has left me a little confused, although that could be because I'm slightly intoxicated, as to where he lies in regards to 'Taker and Davairi.

Overall so far I would say C+/B-. Interesting so far and I'm waiting to see the payoff of everything as I think that will decide if this diary will sink or swim.

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- It seems to me like HHH walking out of the match and giving Cena the victory was a way to keep the belt on Cena while still making HHH look strong and seemed as if you really want HHH to be the king of kings but don't want to rip the belt straigt of Cena. Still since then your "bigging up" of HHH and how good he is certainly working but it still seems a little bit odd to me.

- Cena's heel turn was a bit of a damp squib and maybe could have been written with a bit more impact but with the way his popularity is decreasing I suppose anything is good enough and it didn't need to be a massive swerve heel turn so good job.

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IPB Image

Date: May 19th, 2006

Venue: Copps Coliseum, Ontario


Smackdown! started up this week with Randy Orton in the middle of the ring, hyping up his cage match against Rey Mysterio in less than two weeks at Judgment Day. He mocked the crowd a little, and called Mysterio one of the less credible champions in the history of the industry.

" Just because I'm being so kind, I'm gonna' give any one of those ECW punks a chance to come and defend the honor of their buddy, Rey Mysterio, or maybe the late Eddie Guerrero, whoever the hell they want to. I just want not only Rey Mysterio, but every single one of his little ECW buddies to know that they can't come in here and take over MY home. "

Orton dropped the microphone and had the cage lowered, with a table and a bag of thumbtacks behind him.

(A, this segment lifted the crowd)

Cage Match: Randy Orton vs. Dean Malenko

* Malenko came out and accepted Orton's open challenge, as he's probably the best guy to defend the honor of Rey and Eddie Guerrero as well. Orton seemed pleased to see Malenko, as he could now finish his quest of defeating every Eddie Guerrero associated man in the WWE. Malenko surprisingly started out with a good amount of offense early on, but Orton quickly took control of the bout after one or two minutes with a vicious powerslam.

* Orton toyed around with Malenko a bit, before deciding that the pain was too much to bare with even for a guy like him. He placed the thumb tacks on the table, and gave Malenko a terrifying RKO that sounded throughout the entire arena, giving him the pin and the victory.

(Randy Orton, B, this segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd, Randy Orton looked good out there)


Orton went a little overboard with the celebration, mocking Malenko who was still on the mat, and telling the fans to see what just happened as a preview of things to come for Smackdown! Then, Rey Mysterio showed up out of nowhere from behind, climbed up the steel cage, and waited for Orton to see him to leap off and nail him with a cross body which didn't look all that good. The fans were still into it, however.

(A, this segment lifted the crowd)


Booker T was seen running backstage, looking everywhere to see if The Boogeyman was anywhere in sight. He continued to run, until he finally found a room he could hide in. This is the first time we ever see Booker T cracking a smile in this entire segment, as he feels like he's safe. He takes a few breaths, and looks around the room, but sees a plate full of worms on the table right next to him!

(A, this segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd, this segment lifted the crowd)

Booker screams and looks as if he's on the verge of crying, constantly asking "WHY GOD WHY!?". Then, out of anger, Booker T grabbed a hammer he saw just a few steps away, and started smashing the worm plate into a thousand pieces. The cameras show Nunzio and Vito walking towards the table, looking at Booker T like he was a lunatic, and getting into a heated argument with him.

" What tha' hell' you doin'? That's my spaghetti ya' moron. And let me tell ya' somethin', NOBODY messes with Nunzio's spaghetti, a'ight? Not even you, hot shot. "

" You mean to tell me, that these ain't worms? "

" WORMS!? You're hangin' out with The Boogeyman a little too much, eh? If I were you, I'd just get tha' hell outta' here before things go downhill fa' you. 'Cause let me remind you.. NOBODY messes with Nunzio's spaghetti. "

Booker looked like he was about to cry again, as he probably felt like The Boogeyman was making him go insane. He then walked away, while Nunzio sang somewhat of a serenade to his broken plate of pasta.

(B, this segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd. )

Singles Match: Johnny Nitro vs. Tommy Dreamer

* It was announced before this match that MNM would be defending their tag team championships against Tommy Dreamer and The Sandman at Judgment Day. Dreamer came out with The Sandman at ringside, and he and Johnny Nitro engaged in a pretty great bout, definitely better than what was expected. Mercury constantly tried to run in, but Sandman took him down a few times and didn't allow him to interfere.

* Then, just when Nitro thought he had gained an upper hand, and was looking to put an end to the match, Sandman was able to throw a singapore cane into the ring, and Tommy Dreamer carelessly started beating the hell out of his opponent, getting himself disqualified, but continuing to beat down Nitro with no remorse. Dreamer and Sandman celebrated to a loud "EEE CEE DUB!" chant breaking out throughout the arena.

(Johnny Nitro via Disqualification, B+, this segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd, Tommy Dreamer debuted the Extremist gimmick)


JBL was in the ring after a commercial break, holding the United States Championship high up in the air and parading it around to the crowd in Ontario, just to piss them off a little bit.

" Do ya' see this belt, you ignorant morons? Does it look like it says "Canadian Champion" on it? No it doesn't, it looked ta' me like it says "United States Champion" John Bradshaw Layfield. Ain't that special? .. Now I'm sure y'all are sittin' there, waitin' for your Canadian hero to show up and lay a beatin' on me, but I think he's thought it over again after that clotheline from hell 'ah gave him last week, and has decided to call it quits. As a matter of fact, 'ah might as well introduce my new challenger for the United States Championship.. ORLANDO JORDAN! "

The crowd continued to boo, until they spotted Lance Storm running out of the crowd with a Canadian flag, and running into the ring behind JBL, who continued to build up Orlando as the challenger. Layfield turned around, and was nailed right in the forehead with that flag, making the crowd erupt in one of the biggest pops of the night. Storm added insult to injury, throwing the flag on top of JBL and celebrating with the U.S. Championship.

(B+, this segment lifted the crowd)


Ken Kennedy was backstage with Josh Matthews, getting ready for his upcoming match against Matt Hardy for the King of the Ring tournament.

" Ken Kennedy, we've seen you sort of.. "prove your strength" in some odd manners in the last couple of weeks. Was it all just a way to psyche out Matt Hardy? "

Kennedy looks at Matthews like he's a complete moron, and well, he likely is.

" What'd you just say to me? Let's get something straight, buddy. I AM the strongest man on Smackdown! Ask Mark Henry, even he'll tell you. Nothing "odd" about that, now is there? "

" Well, you did pretend you were picking up weights with a piece of foam.. "

" Foam? The only foamy things around here are your cheap shoes and your breath. "

Matthews looks perplexed.

" My breath is.. Foamy? "

" Yeah, you heard me. You wanna' have the spanish inquisition now? Jeez. Anyway, I'm sure what you really wanted to know was how I plan on beating Matt Hardy tonight and winning the King of the Ring tournament, right? Well, it's simple. Tonight, I'm gonna' go out there, and I'm gonna' do whatever I can to beat Hardy's butt back to RAW. And if I gotta' cheat, fine, I don't care if it's wrong. Morals don't bother me, failure bothers me. But apparently you're fine with it. "

Kennedy quickly walks away, still leaving Matthews wondering what the hell that was all really about.

(C+, this segment suffered as it came across as a let-down after the previous segment, this segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd)

King of the Ring Quarter Final: Ken Kennedy vs. Matt Hardy

* Kennedy did his usual mocking of the announcing and introducing, and went on to do his own. He looked pretty good in the ring, as he hadn't been wrestling much because of his injury. He and Hardy locked up early on, and gave a pretty even bout throughout, with Hardy nearly picking up a win after a second rope leg drop, just to see Kennedy's foot barely reach the bottom rope.

* Hardy thought he had the match under control, and tried to hit the Twist of Fate on Kennedy twice, until Kennedy found the perfect way to counter it. He reversed it into an armbar, then changed that up into a rollup, putting his feet on the second rope for leverage as the ref counted to three. Kennedy exited the ring jumping up and down screaming "WOOO, I'M KING OF THE RING!", although nothing's decided yet.

(Ken Kennedy, B+, this match lifted the crowd. Ken Kennedy is improving in Rumble skills, Technical skills, Flying skills, and Performance skills)


Daivari was waking backstage into Theodore Long's office, but just as he entered it, he noticed that Jillian Hall, not Theodore Long, was the person in there. Daivari initially refuses to speak to her, until he finds out that Theodore Long has gone off for some business, and she's in charge for the night. Daivari then opens up.

" I need you.. Or whoever.. To make this match between Sabu and The Undertaker.. AT ONE NIGHT STAND! "

Daivari smiles, as Jillian looks a bit perplexed.

" How do I put it? .. NO! You've been wanting to get revenge on The Undertaker for weeks now, how unfair of an advantage would it be for Sabu to be at One Night Stand? Don't you want Sabu to face The Undertaker in his territory? "

" .. No. "

" Well, that's too bad, 'cause I'm not changing it. Now go on, leave. "

(C+, this segment suffered as it came across as a let-down after the previous segment, this segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd)

As soon as Daivari walks out of the office, Finlay barges into it in his street clothes, with a very angry expression on his face.

" JILLIAN, I heard you were in charge fer' the night, and I just wanted ya' to consider me to face Rey Mysterio for the WWE Championship, TONIGHT. "

" Listen, Finlay. I don't know if I'm fit, no pun intended, to make that kind of decision. But I'll tell you what? Let me call Mr. Long, and let me see what how he wants me to deal with this, ok? "

Finlay walks away as well, as Jillian lets out a deep breath as a sign of relief

(C-, this segment benefitted greatly from a hot crowd, this segment brought the crowd's mood down, Finlay is developing better performance skills)

Six Man Tag Team Match: Chris Benoit, Chavo Guerrero and Paul Burchill vs. Gregory Helms, William Regal and Mark Henry

* Henry came out without Daivari, and is apparently looking to break out of his managerial services. Helms and Chavo went head to head in the early goings. The match was actually getting quite boring, before Burchill and Regal got mixed into the action and started mocking each other. Regal doing the "ARRG" was pretty funny, until getting nailed by Burchill with a big boot right after it.

* All six competitors broke out in a huge fight now on the outside of the ring, leaving Mark Henry and Chris Benoit to go head to head, with Benoit looking for revenge on Henry for nearly tearing him apart last week against that steel post. Benoit was able to lock Henry into a crippler crossface, and forced him to tap out, but didn't release the hold for at least another fifteen seconds after the bell rang, possibly even injuring Mark Henry.

(Chris Benoit, B+, Chris Benoit looked good out there, this match lifted the crowd)


Kurt Angle was walking backstage, putting his red, white and blue mouthpiece on tightly, just a few moments before his King of the Ring semi final match against Lashley. Then, just as he was talking to a couple of backstage workers, he spotted Lashley himself sitting in a corner, lacing up his boots and preparing himself. Angle walked over, and put his hand on Lashley's shoulder.

" Hey, buddy, I just wanted to say.. Good luck out there tonight! "

Kurt offers a handshake, but Lashley completely ignores it.

" Jeez, you don't say much, do you? "

It seemed like a joke at first, but Angle appeared to be getting truely annoyed by Lashley's silence.

" Listen here, pal. I'm Kurt Angle, I'm an olympic champion, and I won that gold medal, in case you didn't know, WITH A BROKEN FREAKIN' NECK. So you can take your little NCAA wrestling titles and whatever else you've got, and you can SHOVE IT.. RIGHT UP YOUR.. "

Lashley stands and shuts Kurt's mouth with his hand, staring him down from a very close distance, then whispering something to Kurt.

" Do your talking in the ring, Kurt. "

Lashley walked away, and left Angle to be angry at himself and whispering "son of a bitch" quietly.

(A, the performance of Kurt Angle looked good, this segment lifted the crowd, Lashley is improving at acting, Lashley is learning to show more charisma, Lashley is developing better performance skills)


A very short segment with The Undertaker shown lurking through the hallways of Smackdown!, in the shadows. The fans really got behind it, however, as they knew he was likely after Daivari and Sabu.

(A*, this segment lifted the crowd)

King of the Ring Semi Final: Kurt Angle vs. Lashley

* WOW, that's all that can be said about this amazing bout between an already established fantastic all-around worker such as Kurt Angle, and a very similar up and comer, such as Lashley. After a great Benoit/Regal bout, this King of the Ring tournament is really shaping up to be something fantastic to watch. The two started scouting each other out early on, then began to counter almost every move the other tried to pull, letting the fans slowly build up the great contest this was shaping up to be.

* Kurt Angle looked like he was on his way to winning the match, as he took off his shoulder straps and locked the Ankle Lock on Lashley for a good fourty seconds. Lashley, however, was able to counter it in the end and nearly pick up the win after a rollup. A few seconds later, Lashley was actually able to Spear Angle down to the mat, but only to pick up a very close two count. The fans started going at each other as well, trying to dominate each other's "Lashley!" or "Angle!" chants. Lashley then grabbed Angle up for a Dominator, and looked to be picking up the win, but the olympic hero stepped behind him and Angle Slammed the big man down, picking up the win.

(Kurt Angle, A*, Kurt Angle and Lashley have great chemistry, and it showed in their performances, the match suffered because of the lack of selling on display, the announcing job done by Tazz was pretty weak, the announcing quality wasn't up to the same standard as the match, the match deserved better colour commentary, this match lifted the crowd)


After the match was over, Angle had Tony Chimel pass him a microphone, and despite being out of breath, still had something to say to the Ontario crowd.

" You see what just.. Happened? I did my talking in the ring, just like Lashley asked me to. And not only am I going to be the ONLY man to win the King of the Ring tournament.. TWICE, but after that.. I am your next WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION, WOO! "

He paused for a second to take a few breaths.

" And when I beat Chris Benoit, or Ken Kennedy, then I'll finally have proven myself as the elite of Smackdown! After having defeated THE best superstars in this entire industry, I'll finally.. "

Just like Orton last week, Angle is interrupted by a video hyping Batista's return, saying "COMING BACK.. SOON" at the end, and scaring Angle off just like it scared Orton. The fans gave the video a huge pop, hoping Batista would be back on that night.

(A*, this segment lifted the crowd)


After the fans thought Smackdown! was over, there was still something major to happen. Daivari and Sabu were walking backstage towards Daivari's pick up truck, trying to get the hell out of the arena, pissed off that Jillian Hall wouldn't postpone the match with The Undertaker. Daivari gets in the driver's seat, while Sabu is suddenly taken from a man in a long vest. Daivari is seen walking out of the truck when he sees that Sabu had dissapeared, but had no idea where to start looking. The cameras took us back on top of a platform in the backstage area, near the lights and electricity. The man takes off the hood and reveals himself to be The Undertaker. Taker had Sabu laying motionless on his knees, then got right back up to his feet and looked down, showing a floor full of electricity with a casket on top of it. Taker was able to chokeslam Sabu into the casket and make the electricity start flashing back and forth, making him look more sadistic than he already did as Smackdown! comes to a close.

(B-, this segment suffered as it came across as a let-down after the previous segment, The performance of The Undertaker was fantastic, Sabu looked dreadful in this segment)

Overall Rating: A

Viewers: 1,344,902

Well, I'd like to know what people think of the new format. I think it's easier to read, as it's pretty much just a summary of what happened, just in a bit shorter form than the full results I usually write.

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